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mardi 9 décembre 2008

Les compagnies pétrolières, la Banque Mondiale et l'armée US

Les compagnies pétrolières, la Banque Mondiale et l'armée US

Voilà quelques pistes de réflexion que je soumets à vous analyse. Il existe un triangle de pouvoir et d'intérêts communs, de collusion entre les compagnies pétrolières, la Banque Mondiale et la machine militaire étasunienne. Pour certains ceci ne sera guère une grande révélation, mais de comprendre comment peut être des plus intéressant.


Oil companies and the World Bank

Merchants of misery

The World Bank helps poor countries, right?

Not quite.

As this two part video shows, World Banks loans come with "conditions."

Not only that, but they seem to be designed not to strengthen the borrowing countries, but to make it easier to extract - you guessed it - oil and other resources from these countries.

The U.S. Military as an Oil Acquisition Service

Conspiracy theorist: “A psychologically disturbed person who poses a danger to society by virtue of the fact that he frequently questions or refuses to accept the views or opinions of society’s authorities” – The consensus definition of ‘conspiracy theorist’ promoted by society’s authorities.

A brief and incomplete history of U.S. military and CIA actions to secure access to foreign oil

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