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samedi 22 septembre 2007

Provocations US et Israël au Moyen-Orient/ Blackwater Iraq/ Répression/Taser aux USA

Provocations US et Israël au Moyen-Orient/ Blackwater Iraq/ Répression/Taser aux USA

Comme si 40 ans d'occupation illégale, de répression, d'apartheid ne suffisait pas, Israël a déclaré cette semaine la Bande de Gaza une entité terroriste globale, et en mesure de répression, a décidé, à l'horreur de la communauté internationale (toujours indifférente quand même) de couper les déplacements, l'électricité et le pétrole pour la Bande de Gaza. Même les enfants qui commencent l'année scolaire n'ont pas de matériel comme livres, cahiers, crayons!. Les 1.5 million de palestiniens qui crèvent déjà de faim et qui sont déjà terrorisés quotidiennement par l'armée la plus lâche du monde, l'IDF, vont se voir puni collectivement, en pleine défiance des traités et accords internationaux dont Israël fait partie. Pendant ce temps, la seule "démocratie" nucléaire du Moyen-Orient ne cesse de provoquer ses voisins en violant leur espaces territoriaux et aériens, comme ce fut le cas cette semaine du Liban, à deux reprises, et de la Syrie la semaine passé, en y laissant tomber des bombes.

Comment ce fait-il que ce pays qui utilise la terreur et les exécutions sommaires, politiques, la punition collective et qui est le seul pays du monde à n'ait pas encore défini ses propres frontières, peut-il encore opérer sans être sévèrement puni par la communauté internationale et surveillé de proche par des casques bleus de l'ONU?

Oh, est-ce parce que les juifs ont subit un holocauste? Mais diable, je ne savais pas que ça leur donnait le droit d'exécuter leur propre génocide sans être préoccupés d'être poursuivit en justice. Shit, c'est tellement cool tout ça, je vais faire en sorte que quelqu'un attaque ma famille, et ainsi je vais avoir une license de tuer tous ceux que je n'aimerai pas, parce que je suis une victime, même après 60 ans plus tard!

Gaza teen crushed to death by israeli bulldozer

The death brings to 5,866 the number of people killed since the start of the second Palestinian uprising in in September 2000, the vast majority of them Palestinians.

Palestinians left helpless by Israelis, World Bank warns

The Palestinian economy is starting to "hollow out" as Israeli closures and an unprecedented flight of capital leave an already deeply impoverished Gaza and the West Bank dependent on aid, the World Bank will tell international leaders next week.

Translation: Israel has the economy in Gaza precisely where they want it: imploding.

Israel sets stage to shut off power and water supplies to Gazans

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas blasted Israel's decision Wednesday and said it would increase the suffering of its 1.5 million residents.

"This arbitrary decision will contribute to reinforcing the asphyxiating blockade that's hitting 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza and aggravate their suffering," said a spokesman for the Palestinian presidency.

"The decision of the Israeli government comes back to make the Palestinian people pay for acts they have nothing to do with and for which they do not carry any responsibility," the statement added.

Collective punishment is an activity the Israeli government has taken to new, horrific heights in their treatment of Gazan Palestinians.

Analysis: Gov't tries to buy time before large-scale Gaza invasion

The idea behind the economic sanctions is part of a larger plan to weaken Hamas's rule over Gaza and the hope that if the civilians in Gaza begin to suffer, they will pressure Hamas into stopping the rocket fire and accepting some sort of cease-fire with Israel.

Translation: Israel is "softening up" Gazan Palestinians (by stopping electricity, water, and food from entering) for the kill.


After 40 years of the most brutal occupation in the modern history of the world, after every attempt of genocide against the local population, the government of Israel voted today to declare the Gaza Strip an "enemy entity," approving among other things the disruption of power and fuel supplies to the Strip. They also decided not to disrupt the water supply to the besieged nation.... how humanitarian of them..... like the water will reach it's destination without the pumps that have been turned off???

Israel plans for total isolation of Gaza Strip

Among the proposed measures is to cut-off electricity, water and fuel supplies gradually.

Crossings will be closed to prevent the entry of goods and people into the Gaza Strip. People will only be permitted access to Gaza through Egypt.

Doing this will constitute one of the most evil and horrific displays of collective punishment the Israeli government has ever attempted against the Palestinian people.

And the world appears to be blind, deaf, and dumb to what is happening here.

Hamas says Gaza sanctions declaration of war

"They aim to starve our people and force them to accept humiliating formulas that could emerge from the so-called November peace conference," Barhoum said, referring to a U.S.-sponsored meeting expected to be held in two months.

Collective punishment: Israel's legacy to the world in the 20th and 21st centuries.

'Israeli warplanes raid' Lebanon


The surrounding terrain is flat barren desert, with visibility extending for miles. It is difficult to see how smugglers, insurgents or anything that moves could penetrate here. This is also where CNN claimed Israel punched "a big hole in the desert" by attacking North Korean nuclear materials. But the big hole could be in CNN's story.

Welcome to Planet Gaza

It is one of the most scandalous instances of collective punishment anywhere in the world in recent times. And what is the response of the high-minded "international community"? It's the standard "three monkeys" - willfully deaf, dumb and blind.

This Thursday, the Israeli cabinet's decision to declare the 8-kilometer-wide, 23km-long, arid Gaza Strip a "hostile territory" has started to be translated by facts on the ground. The Israel Defense Forces have begun "gradually" to cut the supply of fuel and electricity to the 1.5 million population, one of the highest densities on Earth, 50% of them already living under the poverty line, 50% of them under-15s, 33% of them refugees.


The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) deplores the unanimous decision by the Israeli cabinet to impose sanctions on supplies of electricity, fuel and other basic goods and services to the civilian population of Gaza, and calls upon the international community to prevent this crime against humanity from being carried out. Indeed, the very legal framework invoked by Israel to carry out this illegal and immoral act - declaring Gaza a "hostile entity" within a "conflict short of war" - has absolutely no standing in international law. The collective punishment of an entire civilian population, by contrast, is explicitly prohibited.

This Israeli organisation has my respect, and demonstrates clearly that not all Israelis are in lock-step agreement with the Israeli government concerning its actions against Gazans.

United Nations Reveals that Israel Has Been Lying

It took the UN long enough to realise that Israel does nothing but lie to cover up the crimes they commit. They lie to the United States, they lie to the European Union, to the UN itself and even to their 'self proclaimed partner in peace,' Kapo Abbas.... just how long did they think they could get away with this?

And in this instance, it's only about increasing roadblocks, rather than removing them.... makes one wonder what else they might be lying about... But, read the following from HaAretz regarding the roadblocks...

Israel Will Pay a Price

They didn’t bomb anything. Once they were spotted by our defense systems and we started attacking them, they threw their ammunition because this makes them lighter. And they threw their additional fuel tanks, which were not empty by the way, and they made a U-turn and they left. You’ve got to understand, they were flying in the extreme northern part of Syria, on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Americans warned on travel to Syria

The department has urged Americans to stay away from Syria amid threats of Islamic insurgency attack. Officials said the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad might be unable to stop attacks on Americans in the country.

This is what the State Department does routinely right before a country is about to have military action taken against it.

And trust me, the warning has nothing to do with "...threats of Islamic insurgency attack".

Israel scrambles warplanes to intercept 'Syrian' birds

Israeli fighter pilots scrambled warplanes on Friday after radar spotted a potential airborne enemy flying from Syria only to discover the culprits were migratory birds, army radio reported.

"We will nuke Damascus to teach those birds a lesson."

Army weighs 'complete' Gaza pullout

A day after the cabinet defined the Gaza Strip as "hostile territory," The Jerusalem Post learned Thursday that the IDF is working on a proposal that calls for a "complete disengagement" from the Gaza Strip - involving the closure of all border crossings with Israel and the transfer of all responsibility over the Palestinian territory to Egypt.

I am sure Egypt is eager to take over care of Gaza now that Israel has pounded the place into dust and totally impoverished its people.

This is a typical Israeli behavior, to create a huge mess and then dump it on someone else to clean up.

Israeli military attacks on the Gaza Strip will come "sooner or later", Israeli transport minister says

Israeli transport minister, Shaul Mofaz announced on Friday that expected Israeli military attacks on the Gaza Strip "will come sooner or later."

It appears as though the Israeli government has decided that once they have starved and dehydrated the Gazans enough through the shutdown of water, food, and electricity, they'll be really easy to massacre.

Sept 25, Bush will speak at UN, expected to present lying justifications for attack on Iran

Russian nuclear fuel for Iran: Mottaki

After months of wrangling, Russia is set to ship nuclear fuel to Iran’s Bushehr facility, Iranian official media said.

Iran state television quoted Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki as saying, “Nuclear fuel for this power plant, inspected and sealed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, is ready.” He added that cooperation between Russia and Iran for the Bushehr power plant is now “moving.”

When Bush addresses the UN on the 25th, some observers are expecting to hear him say that Iran has already enriched uranium weapons grade, rather than power plant grade, which is the absolute antithesis of what the IAEA has found.

If Bush and his minions are planning a strike on Iran, they will have to do it before Russia's nuclear fuel is delivered, otherwise, they will be creating a massive radiation leak in the region.

ElBaradei warns against striking Iran

Invoking the war in Iraq, the chief UN nuclear inspector criticized talk of attacking Iran as "hype" Monday, saying such options should only be considered as a last resort and only if authorized by the UN Security Council.

Saying only the UN Security Council could authorize the use of force, ElBaradei urged the world to remember Iraq before considering any similar action against Teheran.

What this man is saying is completely logical and intelligent: which is why it will be ignored and rejected by the US and Israel.

US Iran report branded dishonest

The UN nuclear watchdog has protested to the US government over a report on Iran's nuclear programme, calling it "erroneous" and "misleading".

North Korea-Syria nuclear ties: déjà vu all over again?

"Once again, this appears to be the work of a small group of officials leaking cherry-picked, unvetted "intelligence" to key reporters in order to promote a preexisting political agenda. If this sounds like the run-up to the war in Iraq, it should. This time it appears aimed at derailing the U.S.-North Korean agreement that administration hardliners think is appeasement. Some Israelis want to thwart any dialogue between the U.S. and Syria."P "The real story is how quickly the New York Times and the Washington Post snapped up the bait and ran exactly the story the officials wanted, thereby feeding a mini-media frenzy. It appears that nothing, not even a disastrous and unnecessary war, can break this Pavlovian response to an "intelligence scoop."

The Bovine Excrement Meter just fell out on the floor with this one

Okay folks, this is pure booga booga to scare us into accepting a "pre-emptive" strike on Iran.

But ask yourself, why would Iran, which clearly wishes to avoid war, carry out such an attack? Yes, they have missiles, and yes they would probably use them if attacked. But why would Iran carry out an unprovoked attack on anyone, knowing that this would give the US the excuse it needs to invade and conquer the place?

A final note about uranium enrichment. It is NOT a trivial exercise to go from the 3% enrichment required for nuclear power stations to the 95% enrichment required to make a nuclear weapon. The IAEA is watching Iran's power station construction project and so far that is all they seem to be building. And, as I have pointed out many times, Iran has the legal right to build power stations and to process fuel rods for them under the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, a treaty that both the United States and Iran (but not Israel) have signed. Therefore, when Bush demands that Iran cease enrichment for their power stations, it is Bush who is in violation of international law.

Take a careful look at that circle drawn in the illustration. That circle is the maximum range of Iranian missiles. See any part of the United States in that circle? No? That means that Iran is NOT a military threat to the United States, and even if they could reach us with their missiles, the US certainly can reach Iran with missiles; missiles with far greater range and missiles which actually do have nuclear warheads.

So Iran is NOT and cannot be a threat to the United States. If Iran is a threat to the United States, then all that nuclear detrrent our parents paid for (and we are still making payments on) was a total waste of money. Those bombs on the planes, missiles in the silos and subs, all are worthless as the deterrent we were promised they would be.

Of course, Israel is inside that circle on the map, but that's Israel's problem. Israel does have nuclear weapons, estimated at between 200-400 warheads, some of them built using fissionables from the US Savannah River plant, the rest with materials created at the Dimona Reactor weapons plant. Those warheads can be delivered by aircraft (supplied by the United States) and by harpoon missiles (also supplied by the United States) launched from submarines (supplied by Germany).

So why is the United States again spending money and the blood of our children to attack the nations which are a threat to Israel? What strange power does Israel hold over our government that our children are sent out to die doing the dirty work of Tel Aviv? Upon what meat doth this our Israel feed that it has grown so great?

Bolton: U.S. Backs Israeli Preemption

The United States would stand behind any preemptive attack by Israel on neighboring countries believed to have nuclear weapons programs, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said in an interview published in Israel's daily Yediot Acharonot on Tuesday.

Translation: "Attack anyone you want to; we'll let you use our kids to stop the bullets coming back atcha! Hey, that's what they are FOR!"

Un autre sale traître qui semble être le choix de Bush pour devenir le chef suprême de la justice aux USA, un crotté à double nationalité (sionniste israélien et américain) qui a aidé à couvrir la vérité sur le 9/11, donc un autre criminel complice du meurtre de plus de 3000 personnes au USA. Mais qu'est-ce que vous voulez, quand la mafia contrôle le gouvernement, on retrouve toute la famille en poste!

Bush Nominates 9-11 Zionist Judge as Attorney General

It is widely reported that President George W. Bush will nominate former Manhattan federal Judge Michael [Bernard] Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general.

With the fraudulent "War on Terror" in full swing and with 9-11 cases in legal limbo, this is a critical appointment at a crucial time.

As I had expected, Bush has appointed a radical Zionist with close ties to the State of Israel. Mukasey, if confirmed as U.S. Attorney General, will protect the Zionist state and its agents who are suspected of involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11.

Mukasey already has a long record of doing this as the presiding judge of other cases closely connected with 9-11, such as the Larry Silverstein insurance claims against the insurers, the Jose Padilla "dirty bomber" case, and the first WTC bombing case.

Mukasey is clearly a man who is already deeply engaged in the cover-up of 9-11.

As the Associated Press wrote, "Mukasey Has Long Terror Resume."

Faux débats pour éviter de parler de Ron Paul, le candidat le plus aimé et le plus proche du peuple qu'on a vu aux USA depuis très très longtemps. Le mec parle carrément de fermer la CIA, le lobby israélien à Washington, de ramener les soldats américains à la maison, de fermer le FED, etc. Le pouvoir en place a déjà tué un autre président comme ça, en plein jour et devant les caméra (Kennedy) pour vouloir faire moins que ça. Ils font tout pour empêcher les américains de supporter Ron Paul, que l'establishment ne contrôle pas. Et s'il finissait par être élu, comme le montre tous les sondages, lourdement en sa faveur, il sera assassiné aussi je pense. Mais on saura qui l'aura fait, et j'espère que son sacrifice ne sera pas en vain cette fois...

The Addition of Alan Keyes

This may be discomforting for some to consider, but elections are mostly scams perpetrated by the ruling elite to con average, unsophisticated people into thinking that they control the government. This is best evidenced by the farcical presidential elections held every four years, where the establishment fields two interchangeable candidates as your "choice."

Romney targets gay marriage in new ad

Here we go.

None of the candidates wants to talk about the war, so here comes the usual circus of drumming up "manufactured" issues to give the candidates something to bash each other with, while not daring to question the real rulers of this nation who want to continue sending your sons and daughters to die in wars against Israel's proclaimed enemies.

So, the conventional wisdom goes, let us NOT talk about the war because th wear cannot be as important as gays who want to get married, or illegal immigrants, or horror of horrors, GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!

Keep the people distracted. Give them issues to argue about that don't really matter at all. Because the war will go on regardless of whether gays get married or not, or illegal immigration continues, or the Earth gets warmer or cooler.

And keeping the war going is what matters, right?

No matter what the voters want.

Les fusils Taser, un vrai fun noir pour les policiers!

Regardez bien cette liste de personnes sauvagement électrocuté par les Tasers, arme qui devient de plus en plus populaire parmis les policiers pour contrôler les civiles et la dissidence. C'est absolument choquant de voir comment la population est progressivement perçu comme étant l'ennemi, de la part d'une police de plus en plus militarisé physiquement et psychologiquement. Ce sont nos gouvernements et le complexe militaro-industriel, avec les banquiers qui sont responsables de millions de morts de par le monde, et c'est nous qui goûtons à 50 000 volt dans le corps lorsque nous nous opposons à ces outragant actes meurtriers??? Et avec notre argent par-dessus le marché??!!

Mes amis, quand allons décider qu'on en a eu assez de tout cela? Nous sommes responsables de par notre indifférence et notre inaction. Sommes nous devenus les allemands du temps d'Hitler, qui n'arrivaient pas à regarder la réalité en face et de l'affronter? Ne manquez pas les prochains articles et l'émission de L'Autre Monde de cette semaine et de la semaine prochaine pour saisir l'ampleur de la situation. Techniquement, légalement, les États-Unis sont une dictature où les arrestations arbitraires, la torture, les prisons secrètes et les tribunaux militaires sont du quotidien.

Bush a officiellement des pouvoir dictatoriaux et est au-dessus des lois, il EST la loi.

Le Canada est déjà en train d'être intégré à l'Union Nord Américaine, à travers le PSP, projet du CFR, une création du vrai gouvernement parallèle, les Bilderberg et les banquiers internationaux comme la famille Rothschild et Rockefeller, aidé par les sales traitres à la Mulroney, Paul Martin, Paul Desmarais, Maurice Strong, Stephen Harper, et les autres.

Bon appétit....

Tasered student nets worldwide attention

It does make the US look rather bad.

Democracy and Dissent Tasered Into Submission

A taser is just a fancy name for a cattle prod. Except the taser is actually worse. But the mainstream media doesn't want to use the word "cattle prod" because that exposes too much of the current government attitude towards the people.

student tasering another view


UCPD taser a student in the library

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times

"One, she's in a wheelchair. Two, she's schizophrenic. Three, they're using a Taser on a person that's in a wheelchair, and then four is that they tasered her 10 times for a period of like two minutes," Alexander said.

Deputies subdue autistic boy with Taser

Give a cop a taser, and everyone he encounters will need zapping!

Fox anchor: 'officers should be commended' for tasering student

Students are SUPPOSED to ask questions.

Politicians are SUPPOSED to answer them.

At least that is how it works in a free society.

Meanwhile, please Drop FOX NEWS a line and let them know what you think of Gregg Jarrett's commentary

Run away the ray-gun is coming : We test US army's new secret weapon

Silent Guardian is making waves in defence circles. Built by the U.S. firm Raytheon, it is part of its "Directed Energy Solutions" programme.

One thing is certain: not just the Silent Guardian, but weapons such as the Taser, the electric stun-gun, are being rolled out by Britain's police forces as the new way of controlling people by using pain.

And, as the Raytheon chaps all insist, you always have the option to get out of the way (just as you have the option to comply with the police officer's demands and not get Tasered).

But there is a problem: mission creep. This is the Americanism which describes what happens when, over time, powers or techniques are used to ends not stated or even imagined when they were devised.

Mercenaires et contracteurs privés de la guerre, ceux qui profitent du chaos et des guerres meutrières

Cette semaine une très laide réalité a enfin pris la scène médiatique lorsque des hommes de Blackwater, qui gère des mercenaires privés en Iraq et dans plusieurs pays du monde, incluant les États-Unis, ont ouvert le feu sur des civils et ont fait 11 morts. Blackwater a soutenu avoir ouvert le feu en défence contre une attaque, alors que les témoins de la scène et les rapports préliminaires du gouvernement iraquien affirment qu'il n'y avait aucun danger et que les mercenaires de la mort ont juste ouvert le feu en premier lorsqu'une voiture roulant lentement s'est trop approché de leurs véhicules, à leur goût . Alors ne voulant prendre de chance, ils ont descendu la famille et les enfants de la voiture ainsi que plusieurs autres passants malchanceux de se trouver sur le chemin de Blackwater, une entité étrangère armée dans leur propre pays.

L'Iraq est indignée et le gouvernement a voulu annuler les permis d'opération de la compagnie, mais que représente 11 morts de gens à la peau brunâtre pour une compagnie qui profite de contrats se chiffrant dans les centaines de millions de dollars et qui est chargée de la protection des déplacements des officiels, diplomates et autre personnes de la Zone Verte vers d'autres endroits dans Bagdad? Rien. 0. Niet. Pas une larme. Cet événement n'est qu'un parmis des centaines d'autres. N'oubliez pas que c'est 4 mercenaires de cette compagnie qui furent brûlé vif et attaché à un pont à Falloujah par la résistance iraquienne, ville qui fut par la suite rasé à titre de revenge à plus de 70%, et attaqué en plus avec des armes chimiques par l'armée US.

Cette industrie en pleine expension, qui opère en dehors de toutes conventions internationales sur les règles d'engagement des hostilités, règles de guerre, lois, immunisée de tout procès par décret de Paul Bremer en 2003, se chiffre à environ 120 milliards de dollars annuellement. Des armées privées au service, et loyales qu'à ceux qui les paient. Un point c'est tout. Blackwater a été crée par un ancien Navy Seal en Caroline du Nord, et a maintenant pour but d'étendre ses opération à l'intérieur même des USA, avec ses deux nouveaux bureaux en Illinois et en Californie. C'est la même compagnie qui durant l'ouragan Katrina patrouillait les rue de la Nouvelle-Orléans pour désarmer les américains au lieu de les aider. Des mercenaires privés, armés de fusils et sub-machine guns qui patrouillent les rues de l'amérique!

Et croyez moi, ils n'ont rien à cirer de tirer sur la population. Payés à 1000$US par jour, ils obéïssent les ordres avec un grand sourrir, surtout qu'un grand nombres d'eux sont carrément des étranger recrutés de par le monde, des tueurs nés.

Je pense qu'on a un sérieux problème, et on est mieux de réagir rapidement avant que tout ça ne dérape encore plus rapidement.

Les eaux troubles de Blackwater

Après l’énième massacre à Bagdad par les mercenaires de Blackwater (eau noire, NdT), le gouvernement irakien vient de retirer sa licence à cette société, en annonçant qu’il allait revoir le statut de toutes les « compagnies de sécurité » étrangères qui opèrent dans le pays. Chose assez difficile : « La société Blackwater - écrit le New York Times (18 septembre)- joue un rôle central dans les opérations étasuniennes en Irak ».

Blackwater est la plus grande des sociétés « contractuelles militaires privées » qui opèrent en Irak et Afghanistan. Fondée en 1997 par un ex-commandant des Navy Seals, elle est composée de cinq compagnies spécialisées. Elle se définit comme « la compagnie militaire professionnelle la plus complète du monde », qui compte parmi ses clients, outre des sociétés multinationales, le Pentagone et le Département d’Etat. Elle est spécialisée en « imposition de la loi, maintien de la paix et opérations de stabilité ». Une fois sur le terrain, elle a pratiquement une licence pour tuer : un document du commandement Us, rendu public par le New York Times (avril 2004), autorise les compagnies militaires privées en Irak à utiliser la « force létale », en autodéfense mais aussi pour la « défense (de) propriété », et pour « arrêter, détenir et fouiller des civils ». On ne sait pas exactement à combien se monte le personnel de Blackwater en Irak : peut-être 1500 hommes mais, d’après le NYT, « il est impossible de savoir le nombre exact ».

Iraq: Blackwater guards fired unprovoked

BAGHDAD - Iraqi investigators have a videotape that shows Blackwater USA guards opened fire against civilians without provocation in a shooting last week that left 11 people dead, a senior Iraqi official said Saturday. He said the case was referred to the Iraqi judiciary.

Making a killing: how private armies became a $120bn global industry

In Nigeria, corporate commandos exchange fire with local rebels attacking an oil platform. In Afghanistan, private bodyguards help to foil yet another assassination attempt on President Hamid Karzai. In Colombia, a contracted pilot comes under fire from guerrillas while spraying coca fields with pesticides. On the border between Iraq and Iran, privately owned Apache helicopters deliver US special forces to a covert operation.

This is a snapshot of a working day in the burgeoning world of private military companies, arguably the fastest-growing industry in the global economy. The sector is now worth up to $120bn annually with operations in at least 50 countries, according to Peter Singer, a security analyst with the Brookings Institution in Washington.

Iraqi Report Says Blackwater Guards Fired Firsts

Immunite des companies privees de securite decrete par Bremer et Bush

A preliminary Iraqi report on a shooting involving an American diplomatic motorcade said Tuesday that Blackwater security guards were not ambushed, as the company reported, but instead fired at a car when it did not heed a policeman’s call to stop, killing a couple and their infant.

Blackwater: winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis one dead family at a time.

Iraq expels American security firm

The Iraqi government announced Monday it was ordering Blackwater USA, the security firm that protects U.S. diplomats, to leave the country after what it said was the fatal shooting of eight Iraqi civilians following a car bomb attack against a State Department convoy.

Blackwater security firm banned from Iraq

That's a huge part of the US presence in Iraq!

The owners of Blackwater are big
contributors to George Bush.
They operate their own private
army in Iraq making huge profits
as a US military contractor. 
Now, the Iraqi government has just told
Blackwater to pack their bags and leave
the country after some of their hired guns 
murdered eight Iraqi civilians in cold blood. 
Some background on Bush's private
army - which may soon be heading
home to North Carolina and in search
of a new mission.  

Blackwater: Shadow Army

The Nation's Jeremy Scahill describes the rise of Blackwater USA, the world's most powerful mercenary army.

Related Video

Iraq expels American security firm


Iraq Revokes Security Firm's License

ABC News

U.S. says Blackwater still under contract in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Wednesday that the embassy could use another security firm for protection and vowed not to allow Iraqis to be killed again in 'cold blood'.

Al-Maliki, the US puppet, is absolutely helpless in requesting that Blackwater be replaced.

The heads of Blackwater, and the people in the US government who awarded this contract, are just too cozy to let a little thing like the massacre of innocent people get in the way of all that money.

US resumes Blackwater convoys in Iraq

American convoys under the protection of Blackwater USA resumed on Friday, four days after the U.S. Embassy suspended all land travel by its diplomats and other civilian officials in response to the alleged killing of civilians by the security firm.

Blackwater 'arms smuggling probe'

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether staff from US security company Blackwater smuggled weapons to Iraq, according to reports.

Irak : ces mercenaires d’un nouveau genre

180,000 private contractors flood Iraq

While having contractors on and around the battlefield is not new, the situation in Iraq raises questions about whether U.S. troops have become so dependent on contract help they could not function properly in their absence.

"If the contractors turn tail and run, we've still got to be able to fight," said Steve Schooner, co-director of the government procurement law program at George Washington University and a former military lawyer.

The presence of thousands of private sector security guards adds another component to the debate. Employees for Blackwater and other companies are engaging the enemy in combat, a sharp departure from previous conflicts.

Anyone feel a draft?

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