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dimanche 16 septembre 2007

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 16 septembre 2007: 6e anniversaire des attaques du 11 septembre

6e anniversaire des attaques du 11 septembre

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- 16 septembre 2007: Dossier du 9/11 pour souligner le 6e anniversaire des attaques à New-York en 2001, et dans un deuxième temps faire le point sur la situation au Moyen-Orient, sur la crise financière qui fait rage dans le monde et surtout aux USA et d'autres nouvelles très surprenantes

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9/11: What you're not being told

Aviation Reality on 9-11 (30:13)

9/11: Major Italian TV network: conclusive evidence that WTC Building 7 was demolished with explosives

"Seven is Exploding"

LNI: on entend l’explosion très fort vers la fin du vidéo


9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

Bombs, explosions, secondary explosions, explosive devices....how many more times do we need to hear these words being said by 9/11 witnesses before we start asking questions about what really happened on that awful day?

This video shows that many actual 9/11 witnesses heard and saw explosions going off inside the towers, long before they actually fell. These witnesses include police, firemen and mainstream media reporters.

And what is even more shocking is the fact that all of this has been ignored by the mainstream media.

We really need to wake up to the facts and ask questions. If we don't, what does that say about us?


9/11 WTC Building 7


9-11 Justice


A brief but carefully presented and supported criminal indictment of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Richard Myers, and Condoleeza Rice for murder in the events of 9-11, presenting all the best evidence in a concise but powerful manner. It includes Larry Silverstein's admission that the explosives were used; and Norman Mineta's identification of Dick Cheney as the person who gave the order not to scramble jets, or fire any weapons in defense of the Pentagon.

9/11 - Suspicious Evacuations and PowerDowns prior to 9/11


9/11 First Responder Heard WTC 7 Demolition Countdown

In a taped interview with us after the event, McPadden made it clear that he and onlookers clearly heard "three, two, one" from the radio before the building collapsed. We will be releasing that tape over the next week.

See also The BBC reported WTC-7 had collapsed while it was still standing

9/11 Flight 93 Rare Footage

Ultra-rare news footage from the crash site of United Flight 93 which has never been seen again since 9/11.


YouTube - 911 wtc Giuliani Warned

Better clip that includes the word "collapse", at about 1:05 into the video.

Activists Confront Giuliani Over 9/11

This is the video in which Giuliani claims he was NOT given advance warning of the World Trade Towers collapse, directly contradicting what he said to Peter Jennings.

911 wtc Giuliani Warned


Activists Confront Giuliani Over 9/11

Raw Video

An activist asks the former NYC mayor, "How do you sleep at night?"


BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell

BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell


"Keep your eye on that building, it'll be coming down soon."


The 911 Solution the Big Clue Everybody Missed

The 911 Solution the Big Clue Everybody Missed


Two major 9/11 anomalies have been thoroughly documented, specifically:

1) The stand down of US air defense on the morning of 9/11 that ... all » permitted commercial jet aircraft to fly erratically and in restricted air space without challenge

2) Overwhelming physical evidence that World Trade Center buildings #1, #2, and #7 were brought down by controlled demolition

A third significant anomaly has not been discussed, let alone acknowledged: the reporting by the major US TV news networks in the first few hours immediately after the attacks.


1. MSNBC presented an elaborately detailed story about the lifestyle and anti-US philosophy of Osama bin Laden - while both towers were still burning and long before Bin Laden had been accused by anyone.

2. Fox News featured a "man in the street" eye witness who explained in strangely formal language the science behind why the towers collapsed when most engineers and firemen were utterly baffled and in shock by what had just taken place.

3. CBS featured a Bush administration insider (and not identified as such) as a guest who actively worked to dissuade Dan Rather (and viewers) from speculating that there must have been explosive charges placed in the buildings for them to have collapsed the way they did.

How was it that these stories - based on no fact, no research and no inquirry - appeared in full blown form so quickly on US news networks and then became part of the core myths of what happened on 9/11?

Were these stories prepared in advance?

There's an old intelligence saying that "once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action."

Because most of these clips ran only once and were not repeated after they'd done their job, it made it difficult, if not impossible, for viewers to analyze them critically.

Now, thanks to the magic of video tape and a few people who immediately started taping the news after the attacks, we have this important evidence that at the very least these attacks appear to have been anticipated and prepared for by forces that have the ability to exert strong influence over the output of the newsrooms of major US news networks.


Another Firefighter Testifies On Explosions Inside WTC



wtc meteor


Les curieuses anomalies constatées au WTC 1 et 2, avec en arrière plan ces révélations pour le moins surprenantes

911 Eyewitness - Intense heat and bright flashes indicate nuclear explosions


The aftermath of the twin towers demolition reveals a heat source which is not even addressed by the official 911 Commission's report. Video tape shows bright explosive flashes. Nearby cars are turned into charred wrecks but not crushed by falling debris. A military expert in Finland concludes that small nuclear devices were involved in the destruction of the twin towers

Here's the video that Google Video pulled down!


911 call from WTC 2


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$20 bucks - Google Video

CNN: Mystery 9/11 aircraft was military 'doomsday plane'

9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton told CNN he was aware of the incident and that it had simply never seemed important enough to make it into the commission's report. He called conspiracy theories involving government complicity in 9/11 "ludicrous."

Why was the E4-B available to fly to the 9-11 targets, but no fighters?

'There was a young man who came in and said to the vice president "The plane [Flight 77] is 50 miles out" [from Washington], "The plane is 30 miles out", and when it got down to "The plane is 10 miles out" the young man also said to the vice president "Do the orders still stand?", and the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?"'

Dancing Israelis Filming 9/11 Attack: "Our Purpose Was to Document the Event."

This is interesting in that the comments section seems loaded up with obvious Israeli shills trying to dismiss this.

But keep two things in mind. If ones purpose is to document an event,m one must have advance notice of what is about to happen.

Second, the video shot by these Israelis is among the evidence classified by the US Government. Reports persist that this video includes a shot of the first impact on the towers, which would prove that these Israelis, some of whom were identified as Mossad, had known the targets in advance. Absent that reported first impact on the tape, it is hard to imagine a reason for the tape to be classified by the US Government, given the otherwise saturation media coverage of any and all videos of that day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dancing Israelis Filming 9/11 Attack: "Our Purpose Was to Document the Event."


Stardust Memories

Couldn't they have saved all the trouble and just poured some kerosene on it? That certainly produced the exact same effect on WTC-7. - M. R


The Third Stage

They promised us a “Hundred-Year War”. Here's how they launched it:

A collection of short mainstream media and independent film clips on the evolution of 9/11 skepticism.



Michael Collins: 911 General Strike Gains Momentum

911 General Strike Gains Momentum

The 911 General Strike called by a coalition of antiwar, 911 Truth, and pro impeachment groups is gaining strength with gatherings scheduled across the country and rapidly expanding activity on the Internet, where the idea originated.

Announcement Of 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal

International Lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, who is a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur International War Crimes Tribunal, will make a public call for an International Citizen's 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal. He will speak at Ready for Mainstream, a 9/11 Anniversary Conference (Sept.8-9, 2007) at Cooper Union, 7th St and 4th Avenue, New York.

According to Independent Scientist Leuren Moret and Alfred Webre, 9/11 was a False Flag Operation to provide a pretext to engage in Genocidal & Ecocidal Depleted Uranium (DU) bombing of Central Asia (Afghanistan and Iraq) in order to secure vast oil and uranium reserves; to roll out a Terror-based National Security state-system world-wide; to implement the final stages of a world Depopulation policy; and to trigger a World War III conflagration

9/11 Truth Movement: Only Growing Stronger – And the Media are Frightened to Death!

The corporate media have launched a desperate attempt to eliminate all discussions about the official body of evidence related to the events of 9/11. Just watch how they are trying frantically to get Rosie O’Donnell fired from ABC’s The View. Also think back to when the media launched a broad based attack against the character of Charlie Sheen for daring to publicly question the official story of 9/11. Rosie, however, is a much greater problem for the criminals in the media. She is on a daily network TV program with a large audience that doesn’t even know that questions and disturbing facts about 9/11 exist.

Let’s understand one thing: the 9/11 truth movement is doing nothing but growing. People who have been exposed to the actual evidence and understand the ramifications of what it reveals are not waking up one morning and suddenly deciding that they believe the official story. The dynamic works like this: those who are not aware of the evidence believe the official story. Once they start poking around they realize that the official story about the attacks could not possibly be true, and they discover the plethora of evidence that was hidden and misrepresented by the Bush administration, the 9/11 Commission and the corporate media. 9/11 truthers are not suddenly coming across new information that causes them to suddenly believe the official story. It’s a one way flow. The evidence speaks for itself.

Why The Truth About 9/11 Is Censored By The Media

Newly Unearthed Footage Exposes 9/11 Media Scripting

Yet more archive news footage unearthed from broadcasts on 9/11 offers further evidence that the media were being fed a script in which a cover story was quickly groomed to offset questions about the highly suspicious collapse of the twin towers.

Two weeks ago we highlighted BBC World footage from September 11 in which a correspondent reports the collapse of Building 7 as it remains standing in the live shot behind her head. New footage unearthed from Britain's Channel 5 news coverage provokes more questions about 9/11 scripting in a similar vein.

The 9/11 Truth Domino Effect

The 9/11 lie is in critical condition

American Airlines - "9/11 Didn't Happen"

WikiScanner discovered that American Airlines changed their Wikipedia entry to state that Flights 11 and 77 never flew on 9/11.

That's an odd change to make!

The Evidence is in

Professor Steven Jones presenting his X-ray spectrometry evidence from samples taken at the WTC site. They dramatically show a PERFECT MATCH for the highly specialized compound "thermate" (used for cutting through steel) found in the WTC debris. (And no, thermate was NOT used during the clean up operation...this stuff was in the building, and ignited, prior to collapse.) If you're new to this information, you might want to check out "Molten Metal" and "Fire Initiated Collapse - Primary Arguments Against"

Senator Mark Dayton Confirms V.P. Dick Cheney Gave Shootdown Orders on 9/11

We know from Mineta's testimony that Cheney ordered a stand-down with regard to the plane that hit the Pentagon. So, the only reason for Cheney to order Flight 93 shot down is if the crew had regained control of the aircraft and Cheney could not allow it to land and not have the "correct" terrorists on board.

FLASHBACK: Sept. 11's Moments of Crisis, Part 2

Just after 9 a.m. ET on Sept. 11, 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney was in his West Wing office when two or three agents came in and told him "Sir, you have to come with us," according to David Bohrer, a White House photographer who was there.

This confirms Mineta's testimony that Cheney was in the command center just after 9, and contradicts the official 9-11 report's conclusion that Cheney did not arrive at the command center until moment's before 10AM.

Mineta Confirms Cheney Ordered Stand Down

Mineta says Vice President Cheney was "absolutely" already there when he arrived at approximately 9:25 a.m. in the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations Center) bunker on the morning of 9/11. Mineta seemed shocked to learn that the 9/11 Commission Report claimed Cheney had not arrived there until 9:58-- after the Pentagon had been hit, a report that Mineta definitively contradicted.

How Could They Plant Bombs in the World Trade Center?

Recently, a smart, accomplished person told me:

"I don't believe that the World Trade Center could have been destroyed by controlled demolition . . . how could they have possibly planted bombs without anyone seeing them?"

In fact, there were plenty of opportunities to plant bombs in the World Trade Center. For example:

Bomb-sniffing dogs were inexplicably removed from the Twin Towers five days before 9-11

The Twin Towers had been evacuated a number of times in the weeks preceding 9/11

There was a power down in the Twin Towers on the weekend before 9/11, security cameras were shut down, and many workers ran around busily doing things unobserved.

And -- as an interesting coincidence -- a Bush-linked company ran security at the trade centers, thus giving it free reign to the buildings.

These are just a few of the known, public examples of opportunities to plant bombs. There were undoubtedly many additional opportunities available to skilled operatives.

See also this video.




9-11 Research: Tower Blueprints

Independent Investigators Release Suppressed Blueprints of Destroyed World Trade Center Tower

Smoke Did NOT Come from WTC 7

911 - L’ignoble vérité

The seventh tower

"WTC7 collapsed exactly like a house of cards. If the fires or damage in one corner had played a decisive role, the building would have fallen in that direction. You don't have to be a woodcutter to grasp this."...

Below the Belt

There is substantial evidence that explosions occurred well BELOW the areas impacted by the planes hitting the Twin Towers on 9/11. Indeed, according to some witnesses, some of these explosions occurred before the plane even hit the building:

The 911 Mystery Plane

New details of 9/11 Mystery plane over D.C.

Okay, so here we have confirmed that one of the United States' most advanced airborne command and control aircraft was orbiting over Washington DC while the attack on the Pentagon was underway.

More than any other facility, this aircraft would have had the means to order in fighter aircraft to prevent the attack ... if prevention had been the desired outcome.

'There was a young man who came in and said to the vice president "The plane [Flight 77] is 50 miles out" [from Washington], "The plane is 30 miles out", and when it got down to "The plane is 10 miles out" the young man also said to the vice president "Do the orders still stand?", and the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?"'

THE FLIGHT 93 FRAUD- Smoking Gun Evidence






If your going to show me pictures of a rusted little engine, dont.



Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials Question the 9/11 Commission Report


Many well known and respected senior U.S. military officers, intelligence services and law enforcement veterans, and government officials have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report or have made public statements that contradict the Report. Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. This website is a collection of their statements. It is not an organization and it should be made clear that none of these individuals are affiliated with this website.

Listed below are statements by more than 90 of these senior officials. Their collective voices give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed. These individuals cannot be simply dismissed as irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by their decades of service to their country, demonstrate that criticism of the Report is not irresponsible, illogical, nor disloyal, per se. In fact, it can be just the opposite. (continued below)

9/11 Truth Festival presents the case for an "unimpeachable" investigation into 9/11

The house was sold out, with people sitting in the aisles. No mainstream media showed up, of course.

Demand a New 9/11 Investigation!

Professors Question the 9/11 Commission Report

Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy

Canadian Professor disputes official representation on 9/11

Cal-Tech Physicist weighs in on the collapse of the World Trade Center

Major new US scientist signs on to explosives used on wtc

Former Bush Speechwriter Hints at 9/11 Inside Job

A GOP insider, former Bush 41 speechwriter and close friend of the Bush family writes in his new book that before 9/11, the Neo-Cons in control of the Bush administration were eager to seize upon a manufactured provocation to go to war - just as LBJ had done with the Gulf Of Tonkin in 1965, and questions the official 9/11 story.

Mainstream Journalist: I Was Wrong On 9/11 Truth

Christopher Bollyn Emerges: First Interview Since Being Forced Into Hiding

Charlie Sheen Responds To New York Post Hit Piece

John Kerry: Building 7 Was Deliberately Demolished

Former Fed Analyst Questions M1 Currency Component Spike Prior To 9/11

Rare Blood Cancer Hits 9/11 Responders

Sheen/O'Donnell Attack Dogs Are Bushite Neo-Cons On The Payroll

Rosie Sounds Off On WTC Demolition & Destruction Of Crime Scene

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n-nT-luFIw Michael Moore breaks his silence

Raising questions about 9/11 gets an Army sergeant demoted for “disloyalty.”

China's Tallest Building Catches Fire, Does Not Collapse

Shanghai's World Financial Center, the tallest building in China upon completion, defied all known physics yesterday afternoon when it caught fire but did not collapse, a modern day miracle in light of the commonly accepted premise that since 9/11, all steel buildings that suffer limited fire damage implode within two hours.

Former Deutsche Bank Building on Fire in Lower Manhattan

"Any second that building is gonna collapse, just like the World Trade Center. Yessiree bob, that fire is gonna bring that sucker down, JUST like the World Trade Center. Any second now. Yep. Look at her burn. Any second. Any second. Gonna come right down into its own footprint. Any second.... Wanna go get a beer?"

7 Alarm Fire - Deutsche Bank NYC

Conspiracy Theories, Myths, Skepticism, and 9/11: their Impact on Democracy

The earliest reference to chemical reaction as the source of heat for 9/11 that I have heard of was made by Mike Rivero on his website “What Really Happened” where he mentioned thermite. Dr Derrick Grimmer responded to this with a paper on the same website dated 26 Nov 2003. This paper seems to have disappeared but a version which the author says has been slightly improved, dated 20 June 2004, can be found at the “Physics 911” site: http://www.physics911.net/thermite

FOX News Threatens Sheen & Cuban Not to Make Film

Report that Actor Might Narrate Theatrical Version of Loose Change Prompts Mafioso O'Reilly to Warn Against Film's Distribution-- "You're Not Gonna Come Back"

onBBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Continues

911 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

A new documentary film has been released that's a direct response to the BBC's "Conspiracy Files" program that aired on 18th February 2007.

Following the BBC's pathetic attempt at debunking the 911 truth movement, this powerful film utterly debunks the program's methods and "impartiality" -- the bedrock upon which the BBC was supposedly founded.

Co-produced and narrated by ex-MI5 agent and whistleblower David Shayler, this is a brilliant piece of filmmaking. It methodically dissects the BBC's bogus Conspiracy Files program using the latest 9/11 truth evidence and arguments. It is tight, cogent, hard-hitting and to the point all the way through, and literally hammers the BBC to the ground.

Understanding the History Channel Hit piece

History Channel Fraudsters Pass Off Joke Website as Representative Of 9/11 Truth

As part of a catalogue of dirty tricks employed to smear the truth movement in its 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction special, The History Channel used screenshots of an inane parody website and passed it off as representative of people asking questions about the official story.

History Channel, 9/11 Conspiracies Suicide-Swipe.

Oops, they did it again. They did it right in the middle of the road at high noon where the whole world could see every blemish on their big, fat, lying asses. Most of you would have to be at least as stupid as they think you are not to be made uncomfortable by such a poorly executed farce. This was overkill to the max. This was absurdity at a level never seen before and it will stand as compelling evidence of near smoking gun proof that the official version of what happened on 9/11 is a lie.

Intrepid Museum, History Channel Support Troops With DoD Help

Just a reminder that the History Channel has a very cozy relationship with the Department of Defense (if you hadn't already figured that out from their recent 9-112 propaganda).

History Channels partnership with NYC government

It seems that history may be for sale to the highest bidder.

History channel was running a show on the Spartans, and veered off to claim that present day Israelis showed the same virtues as the ancient Spartans. At that point the remote jumped into my wife's hands and switched the TV to the Graham Norton show on BBC ... which was an improvement over anything History Channel might have been showing that night.

History Channel Hit Piece: Dirty Tricks, Malicious Lies & Journalistic Fraud

The History Channel 9/11 special that aired last night was by far the worst hit piece we have ever witnessed, a completely savage, dishonest and deceptive abomination, replete with dirty tricks, malicious lies and a level of journalistic fraud that goes way beyond simple bias.

MP3: Alex Jones Responds to the History Channel Hit Piece

A 9/11 "Smoking Gun" Hidden In Plain Sight

Rumsfeld "Deserted His Post" On Morning Of 9/11

But according to a new book. 'Rumsfeld' by Andrew Cockburn, the then defence secretary was so unconcerned, and unsurprised, after learning that two jet airliners had crashed into the World Trade Centre towers that he continued with regular CIA briefing.

It gets weirder than that. Changes made to the rules of engagement over the United States only months before 9-11 forbid air commanders from intercepting aircraft over the US without the express permission the Secretary of Defense. But that permission was never granted by Donald Rumsfeld, who was unreachable during the critical time between the first hijacking and the impact into the World Trade Towers.

Giuliani Caught In Bizarre Building 7 Lie

Rudy Giuliani has been caught in a bizarre lie about WTC 7, in which he claims the building collapsed in stages over a sustained period of time, when in reality the structure fell in under seven seconds. Giuliani also reveals that he expected the twin towers to collapse but "not in the way they did."

More proof the Israelis were shadowing the 9/11 hijackers

More proof the Israelis were HANDLING the 9/11 hijackers?

The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund: cui bono?

“In the case of at least one of these security defendants, Huntleigh USA, there would seem to be a serious conflict of interest for the judge [be]cause the airline security company who is responsible for the shocking security lapses at both the Boston and Newark airports on 9/11 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Israeli company (ICTS), headed by Israelis with clear ties to Israel’s military intelligence agency, the Mossad.


“On July 26, 2002, the US House of Representatives passed the Homeland Security Bill and slipped in a last minute provision for complete corporate immunity for the three foreign-owned security companies. Likewise, the Senate voted to shield the three security companies from corporate responsibility on November 19, 2002. These congressional votes prevent any legal investigation to discovery into the security failures of these foreign companies on 9/11.”

Perception and belief are
tightly bound together.

You can literally see things
that are not there...and fail
to see things that are.

Magicians practice an art
that works with this mental
phenomenon to create illusions.
It's called misdirection.

Movie special effects directors
are expert at this art.

The military has also mastered it
to deceive enemy forces.

They all create illusions and
edit reality.

Our brains do this too.

Every day. Every moment. Otherwise,
we'd spend so much time analyzing
every scene and setting in our
lives we would not be able to

Sometimes though, our edited version
of reality is inaccurate.

A very common mistake the brain
makes is to connect unrelated events

Read the following and pay close
attention to what is actually being

"I saw a big plane flying low...

Then I heard a huge explosion...

When I looked at the World Trade Center,
it was on fire."

Did this person say that he saw a plane
strike the World Trade Center?


Surprisingly, it's very difficult
to find a single REAL eye witness who
saw planes actually hit the Twin Towers
on 9/11.


What about the videos, you ask?

Videos don't lie.

Oh really?

A few facts:

* No LIVE video ever showed planes striking
the twin towers.

* Actual *immediate* live eye witnesses on the
scene said the buildings exploded and said nothing
about planes hitting the buildings

* Many people who claimed to "see" the strikes
to the news media actually saw them on TV
or heard a plane overhead, heard an explosion
and made an ASSUMPTION as to what happened.

* All videos released to date showing
the plane strikes - including so called
amateur ones - show obvious signs of

* The interaction between the aluminum
hulled planes and the solid steel frames
of the World Trade Center as portrayed
by the processed videos absolutely defies
all known laws of physics.

Don't assume anything.




BTW, it was not necessary for the news media
to be complicit in the fraud.

Being the lazy f***s that they are, they simply
did what they always do:

1. Played the video provided to them and

2. Repeated what everyone else was saying

Worst case, logistically, it would take only
one dominant person per network control
room to "sell" the story to the anchors.
Five people at FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and
you're done.

The reality of TV news "reporting" is that
once the train leaves the station on a
version of a story - and there is "video" to
back it up - that story becomes THE story,
nearly impossible to question or even
analyze rationally.

(It is interesting to note that Fox News
managed to *find* an obviously scripted
man-in-the-street eye witness who affirmed
that he not only saw the planes hit the
buildings, but also he knew the science
behind what no real engineer or fire
control expert understands to this day...
why the towers fell.)

Seven short films + one from Brasscheck TV:


- Brasscheck

P.S. In memory of those murdered, the victims,
the rescuers,and all the families effected.

P.P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails
and videos with your friends and colleagues.
That's how we grow. Thanks.

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