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samedi 22 septembre 2007

Le Nucléaire: Quelques faits troublants à connaître...

***The man who saved millions of lives

A computer error almost started WW3. A man who refused to act like a computer stopped it.

Iran demands UN inspectors visit Israel to investigate its nuclear capability

I second the motion. All in favor?

Islamic nations push through IAEA vote against Israel

Islamic nations, targeting Israel's undeclared nuclear arsenal, pushed through a U.N. atomic watchdog resolution on Thursday urging all Middle East nations to renounce atomic weapons.

The vote was 53-2 but with 47 abstentions by Western and developing states, highlighting reservations that the resolution politicized the International Atomic Energy Agency's work.

The decision was non-binding but symbolized international tensions over Israel's presumed nuclear might and shunning of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and it frayed the traditional consensus culture of the Vienna-based IAEA.

Russia wants Israel to join NPT - FM Sergei Lavrov

"We believe that the practical implementation of a nuclear-free zone will become possible only when all countries in the region, including Israel, join the NPT and subject their activities to the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)," Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with Syrian Arab News Agency, published Friday by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Foreign Minister Lavrov, the sane, thinking people of the world wish you every possible success with this very logical and reasonable endeavor.

Iran and Israel face off over nuclear weapons

Iran called for UN inspectors to be dispatched to verify whether Israel has nuclear weapons, in a heated showdown with the Jewish state at a meeting of the UN atomic agency Friday.

Reported on the 12 December 2006 edition of Der Spiegel on-line, English edition: "Deliberately or unwittingly, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has broken with Israel's decades-old tradition of keeping quiet about whether it has nuclear weapons. His comments in an interview with a German TV station at the start of his three-day visit to Europe have prompted resignation calls from opposition politicians in Israel."

So, in fact, last December, Olmert let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

And if Israel really doesn't have nuclear weapons (nudge nudge, wink, wink), why did the Israeli government imprision Mordechai Vanunu for telling the world about what was going on at Dimona?

And if Israel truly has no nuclear capability, why not open up the Dimona facility for an IAEA inspection?

Investigate Israeli Nuclear Capacity Now

We are extremely concerned about the possibility that Israel, a country which refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NTP), possesses the capacities to develop and export nuclear weapons and technologies.

'Stop Dimona' says Blix

WMD Commission head says Israel and Iran 'should both end fuel-cycles'

LUXEMBOURG - Israel should comply with the same demand being made of Iran, to cease its nuclear fuel-cycle and stop enriching uranium, Hans Blix, Chairman of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission (WMDC), told Ynetnews Thursday.

Blix had earlier delivered a speech at the International Conference on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe being held in Luxembourg, where he warned that the "world is sleep-walking into nuclear rearmament."

Israeli Nuclear Threats and Blackmail

Which gets us back to the question of why there is a radiation "hot spot" at the Israeli consulate in New York City.

If Israel can ignore the IAEA, why should anyone else listen?

Media reports on Monday suggested that this week’s annual conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will include a serious discussion of Israel’s presumed nuclear capabilities. One can only hope that this takes place, that the long-running grievances of Arab and other countries are finally given their just due. With accusations relating to weapons of mass destruction having been a large part of the US pretext for invading Iraq and Iran now facing heavy pressure over similar claims, the double standard involving the Jewish state ­ which has steadfastly refused to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) ­ has become too obvious to ignore any longer.

Humans In Secret Radioactive Tests

DOZENS OF people drank, inhaled or were injected with radioactivity as part of a series of secret experiments carried out by the nuclear industry in the 1960s, according to official documents passed to the Sunday Herald.

Britain was not alone in these kinds of activities: they also happened in the US as well.

It happened in the US most generally with people experiencing extreme developmental disabilities who were considered "expendable".

Humans in secret radioactive tests

Tests exposing humans to radioactive caesium, iodine, strontium and uranium were conducted despite doubts about their legal and ethical implications. One proposal even envisaged injecting plutonium into elderly people to help assess contamination risks.



Hiroshima To Iraq - 61 Years Of Uranium Wars A Suicidal, Genocidal, Omnicidal Course

The conduct of secret nuclear wars since 1991, through the use of depleted uranium weaponry by the United States and Great Britain with their allies, has taken place in the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan2 and Lebanon.3 It has been carried out for the express purpose of destroying the public health and mutilating the genetic future of vast populations in oil rich and/or pipeline regions.

Carpet and grid bombing with depleted uranium weaponry in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan has guaranteed permanent radioactive terrain contamination. The recent discovery that U.S. depleted uranium bombs dropped by Israel on Lebanon in 2006 contained enriched uranium4,5 suggests covert testing of fourth generation nuclear weapons.

The United States and its allies are fully aware that this weaponry violates the Geneva and Hague Conventions and the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol.6 It meets the definition of WMD in the U.S. Code7 in two out of three categories. And its use violates U.S. military law.8 since the U.S. is a signatory to The Hague and Geneva Conventions.

The blueprint for depleted uranium radioactive poison gas weaponry ­ dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets ­ was contained in a declassified memorandum9 dated Oct. 30, 1943. It was addressed to Gen. Leslie Groves, who was head of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. effort to build atomic bombs in World War II.

The recommendation for development of depleted uranium as kinetic energy penetrators was never mentioned in the Groves memo. It was specifically for depopulation.

The Groves memo makes it clear that in 1943, U.S. scientists recommended using radioactive poison gas weapons in order to contaminate the air, water, soil, food, environment and the blood of exposed populations. The long-term contamination is permanent, since uranium-238 has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, making contaminated areas uninhabitable for eternity.

For populations that must continue to live in contaminated areas, the long-term effects are lingering illnesses and mutilation of their DNA. Widespread depleted uranium contamination of DNA in populations results in the potential mutilation of future generations. Mutations induced in the DNA of a single egg or sperm which form a fertilized egg are expressed and repeated in every cell of the developing organism, and defects are passed on to all future generations11.

Not only are U.S. and allied soldiers exposed and civilian populations genocidally targeted, but the depleted uranium pollution is now global.12,13 In reality, we are all Gulf War veterans.

Depleted uranium poison gas weaponry, used on a regional scale, meets U.S. National Security Council goals as stated in the "Global 2000 Report: Vision of a Gloomy World" (1980).14 This report recommended that depopulation in third world countries was imperative to the U.S. government purpose of securing mineral and other strategic resources.

Global atmospheric pollution from depleted uranium particulates will result in massive depopulation on a global scale. By increasing death rates and decreasing birth rates globally, more than 2 billion people will be eliminated.

Depleted uranium is the ideal weapon to bring about the New World Order, which is global depopulation. In just a few years it has turned Planet Earth into a Death Star

Nuclear Dump

Canada okays plan for nuclear waste depot

OTTAWA (AFP) - The Canadian government has approved a plan for a below-ground nuclear waste depot that is backed by the nuclear power industry but branded by environmentalists as dangerous.

Tenn. Nuclear Fuel Problems Kept Secret

A three-year veil of secrecy in the name of national security was used to keep the public in the dark about the handling of highly enriched uranium at a nuclear fuel processing plant - including a leak that could have caused a deadly, uncontrolled nuclear reaction.

The leak turned out to be one of nine violations or test failures since 2005 at privately owned Nuclear Fuel Services Inc., a longtime supplier of fuel to the U.S. Navy's nuclear fleet.

Chernobyl Fungus Feeds On Radiation

Casadevall and his co-researchers then set about performing a variety of tests using several different fungi. Two types - one that was induced to make melanin (Crytococcus neoformans) and another that naturally contains it (Wangiella dermatitidis) - were exposed to levels of ionizing radiation approximately 500 times higher than background levels. Both of these melanin-containing species grew significantly faster than when exposed to standard background radiation.

Living in Chernobyl Less Risky Than Passive Smoking—Study

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