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mardi 15 juin 2010



Quoi de plus important que la santé? Ici se trouvent une multitudes d'articles importants qui informent grandement sur une grande variété d'aspect se reliant à la santé. Je suis certain que vous en apprendrez beaucoup en les consultant. N'hésitez surtout pas de les archiver sur votre ordinateur!

Seeds - How To Criminalize Them

Now, watch how they will be able to easily criminalize seed banking and all holding of seeds.

Antibiotic Prescription is Someomes Immoral - A Deadly Germ Unleashed by Antibiotics

The New York Times Tara Parker-Hope - on Health -For years, health officials have sounded the alarm about overuse of antibiotics and the emergence of so-called “superbugs” that resist treatment. But the spread of a deadly germ linked with antibiotic use shows just how immediate the threat really is.

The culprit is Clostridium difficile, a bacteria that can cause life-threatening infection, diarrhea and stomach pain. What is so frightening about C. difficile is that it is typically triggered by a round of antibiotic use.

CDC Confirms First Case Of Marburg Fever In Colorado

After repeat testing, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed at the end of last month that a man treated last year in a Colorado hospital had contracted Marburg hemorrhagic fever, the first known case in the United States.

Created - Artificial Human Bone Marrow In A Test Tube

Artificial bone marrow that can continuously make red and white blood cells has been created in a University of Michigan lab.

Ecstasy 'no more dangerous than horse riding'

Taking ecstasy is no more dangerous than riding a horse, according to the head of the Government's drug advisory body.

Webmaster's Commentary:

But when you have a government that is neck deep in illegal drugs, they have to prove how moral they are by banning even beneficial drugs!

How to Save New Brain Cells

Thousands of new cells are generated in the adult brain every day, particularly in the hippo­campus, a structure involved in learning and memory.

Within a couple of weeks, most of those newborn neurons will die, unless the animal is challenged to learn something new. Learning—especially that involving a great deal of effort—can keep these new neurons alive.

Although the neurons do not seem to be necessary for most types of learning, they may play a role in predicting the future based on past experience. Enhancing neurogenesis might therefore help slow cognitive decline and keep healthy brains fit.

Major study on cancer and cellphones set for release

By The Associated Press

GENEVA - A major international study into the link between cellphone use and two types of brain cancer has proved inconclusive, according to a report in a medical journal due to be published later this week.

The study of almost 13,000 cellphone users found no increase in risk of developing meningioma — a common and frequently benign tumour — and only "suggestions" of increased risk for gliomas — a less common but deadlier form of cancer — from heavy long-term use.

The 10-year study, which was conducted by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer, concluded that "biases and error prevent a causal interpretation" directly blaming cellphone radiation for increased risk of developing glioma.

Shocking truth about AIDS exposed on World AIDS Day with "House of Numbers" un-cut footage

Sleeping for less than six hours can cause early death, study finds

Researchers find 'unequivocal' link between lack of sleep and increased risk of premature death

Top Ten Natural Ways to Remove Heavy Metals

Toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and uranium are pervasive in much of the environment. While it may not be possible to completely avoid exposure there are many safe, organic and affordable products that...

Overlooked 150 Year Old Household Cleaner a Remedy for Swine Flu?

Derived from a 100% pure natural-occurring mineral, this versatile everyday substance has been around for years and could be a remedy for common colds and other illnesses.

A Silenced Drug Study Creates An Uproar

The saga of Study 15 has become a case study in how drug companies can control the publicly available research about their products, along with other practices that recently have prompted hand-wringing at universities and scientific journals, remonstrations by medical groups about conflicts of interest, and threats of exposure by trial lawyers and congressional watchdogs.

Even if most doctors are ethical, corporate grants, gifts and underwriting have compromised psychiatry, said an editorial this month in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the flagship journal of the American Psychiatric Association.

False Positives: The Dark Secret of the Drug Testing Regime


Posted in Speakeasy Main by Scott Morgan on Mon, 04/23/2007

The New Scientist has an excellent story on student drug testing which reveals, among other things, that the stupid tests don't even work:

What's more, such tests can flag kids who are "clean" and miss genuine users. A study led by [director of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Children's Hospital Boston, Sharon] Levy and published this month in Pediatrics (DOI: 01.1542/peds.2006-2278) examined recent drug tests of teenagers being treated for substance abuse. Of 710 drug tests performed, 85 gave incorrect results, either because the urine sample was too dilute to interpret properly, or because the test picked up prescription medicines.

"Drug tests can be very difficult to understand and interpret," says Levy. "There are lots of circumstances under which a kid could be using drugs and not test positive or have a positive test when they are not using drugs."

The tests were wrong 11.9% of the time. That's unbelievable. If 12 students out of 100 are getting bogus results, these tests aren't even close to being useful. And while follow-up tests can sometimes set things straight, consider this:

Don’t Believe the Hype -- Fructose Truly is Much Worse Than Glucose

New research shows that there are big differences in how the sugars fructose and glucose are metabolized by your body. Overweight study participants showed more evidence of insulin resistance and other risk factors for heart disease and diabetes when 25 percent of their calories came from fructose-sweetened beverages instead of glucose-sweetened beverages.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I can personally attest to this one., I thought I was going hypo-glycemic because I was starting to have these major sugar crashes that felt like going into insulin shock. I was on the verge of going to the doctor when I read one of these articles about high-fructose corn syrup, which is not only in various beverages, but has become as ubiquitous as MSG and Aspartame because it is cheap and has a good shelf life. HFCS is even found in ketchup these days.

Anyway, to keep the story short I dropped all HFCS out of my diet and not only did the sugar "crashes" stop but I have started losing weight again.

If you must have a cola every now and then try the new Pepsi "Natural". It's pretty good.

Healthcare industry spending $1.4 million - a day - on lobbyists

The healthcare industry is spending upwards of $1.4 million each day on average to lobby members of Congress on health care legislation, a report issued by Common Cause this week reveals.

“The top recipients of health industry campaign contributions from 2000 to 2008 are new Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) and Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AK) at $7.3 million and $6.3 million respectively,” National Journal reports. “All of the campaign finance data used in the report came from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The health care industry's "acquisitions" will simply vote as they're told, the hell with what people may really want or need in terms of health care.

Countries like Belgium have publicly and privately funded health care, and they have made it work. As reported in:


"You can be assured of the highest-quality medical care in Belgium, regarded as among the best healthcare systems in Europe. As in most countries, the system divides itself into state and private, though fees are payable in both, so you need to ensure that you are adequately covered through either the state insurance and/or private insurance. The advantages of the state mutuelle/mutualiteit scheme is that you can choose any doctor, clinic or hospital you like, in any location and without referral, according to your needs in much the same way as you can with private insurance."

If a country like Belgium can make something like this work, why can't the US?!?

Les crèmes solaires dangereuses pour la santé : vers un scandale des filtres chimiques ?

Il convient d’être prudent avec les crèmes solaires qui contiennent des filtres chimiques. Ces derniers, contenus dans la grande majorité des produits vendus et destinés tant aux adultes qu’aux enfants, suscitent des inquiétudes de la part des experts de la santé et de l’environnement.

Marijuana Chemical May Fight Brain Cancer

The active chemical in marijuana promotes the death of brain cancer cells by essentially helping them feed upon themselves, researchers in Spain report.

Guillermo Velasco and colleagues at Complutense University in Spain have found that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, causes brain cancer cells to undergo a process called autophagy. Autophagy is the breakdown of a cell that occurs when the cell essentially self-digests.

The team discovered that cannabinoids such as THC had anticancer effects in mice with human brain cancer cells and people with brain tumors. When mice with the human brain cancer cells received the THC, the tumor growth shrank.

Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist

The same microbiologist, who declined to speak on the record and who recounted extensive fungus work at Fort Detrick, also stated that researchers at Israel's Institute for Biological Research, located in Ness-Ziona about 20 km from Tel Aviv, have worked with the Cryptococcus gatti fungus. They also report that mysterious Israeli-American scientist Joseph Moshe, 56 years old, may have conducted covert studies with the fungus while he was recently living in California. This report concerning Moshe is especially interesting because Moshe was briefly in the international spotlight in 2009 when he was the subject of a spectacular chase and arrest by the LA police department and SWAT team, assisted by the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, US Army and several other unidentified federal officials.

Proof That Vaccines Didn't Save Us


History shows us that vaccines did NOT eradicate the diseases that plagued humanity. That is a common misconception -- in actual fact, it was better sanitation and hygiene in the cities that prevented the spread of diseases. These charts, from official sources, show us that vaccines (1) were not responsible, and are not necessary, for eliminating infectious diseases, (2) are not effective, and (3) are dangerous.

How £300million was squandered on swine flu jabs that we didn't need

Ministers ordered 90million doses of a vaccine last year at a cost of £540million as panic over the illness gripped the country.

But as the 'pandemic' failed to materialise it soon became clear that the order was far too large.

The Department of Health tried to get out of the enormous contract but the drug firm, GlaxoSmithKline, refused to back down.

Yesterday the Government announced it had signed a compromise deal that caps the number of shots of Pandemrix at 34.8million - but, astonishingly, at twice the price first agreed.

Spain Withdraws Gardasil After Illnesses

Spanish health authorities have withdrawn tens of thousands of doses of Gardasil, a vaccine against the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), after two teenagers who received the shots were hospitalized.


"Certains représentants de l'Etat sont corrompus"



A 77 ans, le Pr Philippe Even -qui préface le livre choc du Dr Sauveur Boukris Ces médicaments qui nous rendent malades- continue à mener, en franc-tireur, son combat pour une médecine et des experts indépendants de l'industrie pharmaceutique. L'ancien doyen de la faculté de Paris-V explique ce qui peut changer la donne.

Allez-vous prêcher dans le désert encore longtemps?

Je ne mène pas de croisade contre les laboratoires pharmaceutiques. Comme mes confrères, j'ai vécu dans l'innocence jusqu'à être nommé, en 1981, membre de la commission chargée d'autoriser les nouveaux médicaments. Et là, je suis tombé des nues. Dans cette instance, la décision se prend sur la base d'un dossier préparé par l'industriel. Personne d'autre, autour de la table, n'a d'expérience quant au médicament proposé. Pouvez-vous imaginer un procès dans lequel on donnerait seulement la parole à la défense? Au cours des sept années passées dans cette instance, j'ai découvert l'ampleur des mensonges de l'industrie pharmaceutique. Les représentants de l'Etat s'en accommodent. Certains, parce qu'ils sont naïfs, comme je l'étais moi-même. D'autres, parce qu'ils ont mis le doigt dans l'engrenage. D'autres encore, parce qu'ils sont corrompus.

Rien n'a changé depuis?

Arrest ordered for mom of boy, 13, resisting chemo.

"It’s absolutely crazy. It’s very disappointing," James Olson, the attorney representing Brown County Family Services. "We’re trying to do what’s right for this young man."

Webmaster's Commentary:


I might believe that if there was an absolutely clear proof that chemotherepy is a guaranteed cure for cancer.

But there is cause to doubt. My mother underwent chemotherepy for her cigarette-induced cancer and it didn't save her. Quite the contrary it made her very sick and wrecked the quality of whatever life she had left.

There is evidence of far more effective cancer cures in other nations which are denied here in the US in order to preserve the established cancer industry in the US which seeks not a cure but more costly treatments.

This is a government that has been torturing children in Iraq. Clearly, their only concern is to force this child to financially support the status quo. Given the disasters of the 1976 flu vaccine, which killed more people than the flu did, and the Bayer hemophilia medicine laced with AIDS. and the Baxter flu vaccine with live Avian flu in it, the mother is justified in doubting whether the chemotherepy, despite its hefty price tag, will actually be of any benefit.

Cannabis - top 10 most common myths

Cannabis is probably the world’s most popular casual use drug that is illegal in most nations. It has become so widespread that many people wouldn’t think twice about asking to light up at a friend’s or to smoke in public places. It is an ancient drug that has been used throughout history for medical, magical, and pleasurable purposes. Thanks to the scare-tactics of propaganda in the 1960s and 1970s, there are many myths surrounding the drug - this list intends to put things straight once and for all.

Codex Alimentarius - How the global elite will control your food supply

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and the “World According to Monsanto,” should be required viewing and are related to the Codex. In the U.S. and in the Codex GMO’s do not require labeling making in impossible to know what you are eating.

Did Psychiatric Drugs Kill Michael Jackson?

Was Michael Jackson’s fatal cardiac arrest the result of psychiatric drugs?

In a May 2009 study, which was largely ignored by the mainstream US media, Jussi Honkola, MD,at the University of Oulu, Finland concluded that people who suffered fatal cardiac arrest were more likely to have taken antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs than those who survived.

“Our study shows that medications may negatively impact a person’s chance of surviving an acute coronary event such as a heart attack,” Dr. Honkola warns. “With more people taking medications such as painkillers and antidepressants, the public needs to understand the potential risks and serious consequences.”

How to Increase Your Natural Growth Hormone Production

Pesticides Shown to be Huge Parkinson’s Disease Risk

In previous animal studies and cell cultures, researchers have shown pesticides spark a neurodegenerative process that leads to Parkinson’s disease. The UCLA scientists, however, are the first to provide evidence for a similar process in humans.

But a new study just published in the American Journal of Epidemiology by University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) scientists appears to be the “smoking gun” that places pesticides at the top of that list. They found that exposure to a combination of two widely used pesticides increased the risk of Parkinson’s disease by an incredible 75 percent.

For their study, the UCLA researchers enrolled 368 longtime residents of Central Valley who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and 341 other PD-free residents as a control group. Their analysis found that people who lived within 500 meters of fields sprayed with two pesticides, maneb and paraquat, between 1974 and 1999 had an extraordinary 75 percent increased risk for Parkinson’s. What’s more, people who were diagnosed with PD by the age of 60 or younger were found to have been at much higher risk because they had been exposed to maneb, paraquat or both in combination between 1974 and 1989, during the time they were children, teens or young adults. In these people, early pesticide exposure had increased their risk for the disease by four to six times.

Plastic Water Bottles May Pose Health Hazard

With all of the bad press swirling around certain types of plastic lately, regular old plastic water bottles have maintained a reputation as safe, at least as far as human health is concerned. New evidence, however, suggests that plastic water bottles may not be so benign after all.

Reducing conscious awareness in humans reduces suicide -Psychiatrists

BBC Health - "Large-scale trials involving the addition of lithium to drinking water supplies may then be feasible, although this would undoubtedly be subject to considerable debate. Following up on these findings will not be straightforward or inexpensive, but the eventual benefits for community mental health may be considerable."

Scientists Identify Lethal New Virus

Scientists have identified a lethal new virus in Africa that causes bleeding like the dreaded Ebola virus.

Stop! Read This BEFORE You Get that Mammogram... Video: Stop! Read This BEFORE You Get that Mammogram…

Vital information that every woman needs to know.


Learn the truth about mammograms, hormone replacement therapy, vitamin D levels, breast cancer, and more.

The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

People say if farmers don’t want problems from Monsanto, just don’t buy their GMO seeds.

Not so simple. Where are farmers supposed to get normal seed these days? How are they supposed to avoid contamination of their fields from GM-crops? How are they supposed to stop Monsanto detectives from trespassing or Monsanto from using helicopters to fly over spying on them?

Monsanto contaminates the fields, trespasses onto the land taking samples and if they find any GMO plants growing there (or say they have), they then sue, saying they own the crop. It’s a way to make money since farmers can’t fight back and court and they settle because they have no choice.

Beyond Golden Rice: The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term agenda behind Genetically Modified Food

Here comes into play the promotion of ‘global warming’. By claiming global warming will affect all nations and all peoples, and coupling the supposed climate hazard to the necessity of GM-crops lest the third world starve and die by the lack of it, the different pieces of this diabolical puzzle come together. The spectre of global climate change hangs over the world food situation, they claim, and the anticipated resistance might well be lessened if the people are adequately bamboozled into accepting the Foundation’s genetically modified foods program for fear of a vengeful God raining his wrath onto their heads.

Thousands at risk of human form of mad cow disease after haemophiliac's death

A haemophiliac in his 70s who recently died was found to be infected with variant Creutzfeldt-Jackob Disease (vCJD) although this did not cause his death.

He had received proteins to help his blood clot from a donor who later died from vCJD and it is thought this is how he became infected.

Experts said until now there was only a theoretical risk that vCJD could be transmitted in this way but it had now become a reality.

How Aspartame Became Legal - The Timeline

In 1985 Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle, the chemical company that held the patent to aspartame, the active ingredient in NutraSweet. Monsanto was apparently untroubled by aspartame's clouded past, including a 1980 FDA Board of Inquiry, comprised of three independent scientists, which confirmed that it "might induce brain tumors."

The FDA had actually banned aspartame based on this finding, only to have Searle Chairman Donald Rumsfeld (currently the Secretary of Defense) vow to "call in his markers," to get it approved.

Neurosurgeon warns of Aspartame danger to pilots

In the light of deaths of American Airline pilots who heavily used aspartame Dr. Blaylock gives this warning.

We continually receive complaints from pilots about seizures, cardiac problems, vision loss, vertigo, confusion, disorientation, etc. associated with consumption of Equal/ aspartame/NutraSweet/Spoonful/Canderel/E951, etc Aspartame is a compound of phenylalanine, aspartic acid and a methyl ester which converts to methyl alcohol in digestion: wood alcohol, 1 ounce is a fatal dose, then into formaldehyde! Mission Possible Aviation.

I have reviewed reports from airline and private pilots concerning effects of aspartame on various physiological systems. Several of these are related to the nervous system, which puts this in category of great concern to the pilot as well as the general public. The more common complaints include disorientation, difficulty thinking and concentrating, visual blurring or even monocular blindness, seizures and heart failure. It is well known that the ingredients in aspartame, as well as its breakdown products, have deleterious effects on the nervous system and retina.

KILLER Psychotropic drugs have struck again - Pharmaceutical companies should be prosecuted - shuttered

San Francisco Chronicle Disbelief among those who know Tracy suspect - Kevin Fagan - Demian Bulwa -Melissa Huckaby just doesn't seem to make sense as a child rapist and killer.

Authorities and relatives say she has grappled with depression over the years, and before she was arrested last year in Tracy on theft charges, she had a "pre-existing diagnosis" and was on prescription medication for mental health issues, Fox said. Also, sources say, she tried to commit suicide by swallowing razor blades in the week leading up to her arrest.

Health of England's honey bees under threat

England's honey bee colonies are dying at an alarming rate due to disease and a lack of coordinated response by health authorities, a parliamentary report concluded on Tuesday.

England and Wales have around 250,000 colonies of honey bees, which contribute around 200 million pounds to the economy since they are solely responsible for pollinating nearly 40 commercial crops.

How many shots for swine flu?

Relax! The Swine Flu is the Least of Your Worries

I'd just like to share the good news that in spite of all the stories that are coming out about the very questionable safety of the swine flu vaccine, that's no longer a cause for concern. Now that the media have told us that there is a shortage, the only important question is "How can I get my hands on it?" And now that the media have admitted that the evil banks have already reserved vaccine for their employees, the next most important question is "How come those nasty banks get priority over me?" We have to thank the media for making it so clear that safety is no longer an issue.

Remarquez la campagne de PR:

- La plus grande campagne de vaccination au Québec, comme si c’était un évènement à célébrer, un moment historique magique à vivre

- On joue avec notre sentiment d’insécurité en jouant avec la sensation de rareté des vaccins et d’attendre votre tour, augmentant votre désir d’avoir votre dose vous aussi. C’est comme si c’était « une chance », que vous aviez gagné le gros lot.

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