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vendredi 11 juin 2010

Palestine, Israël et Holocauste


Palestine, Israël et Holocauste

Voici une série d'articles chocs sur Israël, la Palestine et l'Holocauste.

En passant, selon des experts militaires américains, 20 000 soldats déployés partout en Palestine et Israël pourraient être suffisant pour faire respecter la paix et une solution de deux États reconnus.


You won't often see this admitted


Blair declares Occupied West Bank 'open for business'

Note that he is pushing the occupied portion of Palestine, not the Palestinians' portion.


Blair to lead campaign on climate change

"Global Warming could become irreversible within 45 minutes" - Bliar

Israel Report: Most Police Killed in Gaza War Were ‘Terrorists’

As the war went on the civilian toll in Gaza dwarfed the toll against the police working for the Hamas-run government. Still, criticism of the indiscriminate destruction of police stations and the killing of police en masse was enough of a thorn in then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s side to order an investigation into the background of the slain police. Now, roughly four months after the end of the siege, the report claims that the vast majority of those police, though indeed indiscriminately killed, happened to be “terrorists” of one stripe or another.

Webmaster's Commentary:

And if you believe that, I have a diamond mine in Topeka to sell you!!



Video: final footage of Reuters journalist killed in Gaza

After medical examinations of Shana's body, Reuters said that Israel had used a controversial type of tank shell which scatters metal darts, or flechettes, around the surrounding area after exploding, risking civilian casualties. Israel refused to comment on the report, but stated that the weapons were not illegal.

Neither was anything the Nazis did, but that didn't make it acceptable.


Israel used depleted uranium in offensive on Gaza

Action of Citizens for the total Dismantling of Nukes (ACDN) said Saturday that it has just produced a 33-page report concluding that the presence of as much as 75 tons of depleted uranium in Gaza soil is highly probable to the Israeli "Operation Cast Lead" offensive.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Yet another aspect to Israel's "final solution" for Palestinian Gazans; dumping a toxic substance known to cause high rates of cancer and birth defects, just as has happened in Iraq, courtesy of the US bombing campaigns there.

Ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children - a report

Today, DCI-Palestine is releasing a report which documents the widespread ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children at the hands of the Israeli army and police force ? Palestinian Child Prisoners: The systematic and institutionalised ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children by Israeli authorities.

Most of these children were arrested from villages near the Wall and illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. There is evidence that many children are painfully shackled for hours on end, kicked, beaten and threatened, some with death, until they provide confessions, some written in Hebrew, a language they do not speak or understand.

Israel Threatened by Shoes, Toilet Paper And Laundry Detergent

ISRAEL APPARENTLY considers toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap and shoes threats to its security—why else would it add these mundane and harmless items to a laundry list of basic necessities not allowed into Gaza? Nor is the exclusion of these necessities a harmless idiosyncrasy—for, with the exception of goods that are smuggled in (see Jan./Feb. 2009 Washington Report, p. 19), nothing can enter or leave the Gaza Strip without Israeli approval. The besieged and battered 25-mile-long stretch of land, regularly referred to as the world’s largest prison, is home to 1.5 million inadvertent inmates, nearly two-thirds of whom are under the age of 18.


With its own municipal development plan in place since 1969, the Jewish quarter and its modern buildings are expanding, out and over the city. Another layer is being added on top of the many below. Jerusalem is changing character, yet again, in the hands of new rulers.

“The Israelis want this city to be a Jewish city,” said Yasser Qous, a guide who runs alternative tours around the Old City. “But the history of Jerusalem is far too complex to narrow it down to one people. The city must remain diverse and open, a spiritual centre for three religions and home to dozens of peoples.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

United Nations Resolution 252: "...‘declares invalid’ Israel’s acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital"

United Nations Resolution 267: "...‘censures’ Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem"

United Nations Resolution 271: "...‘condemns’ Israel’s failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem"

United Nations Resolution 298: "...‘deplores’ Israel’s changing of the status of Jerusalem"

United Nations Resolution 476: "...‘reiterates’ that Israel’s claims to Jerusalem are ‘null and void’

United Nations Resolution 478: "...‘censures (Israel) in the strongest terms’ for its claim to Jerusalem in its ‘Basic Law’

Palestine 1948

Map of the Palestinian towns depopulated by the invasion of 1948.


Strange Maps: Palestine's Island Paradise

Webmaster's Commentary:

Map shows how Israel is intentionally fragmenting Palestine to prevent the formation of a Palestinian state.

UN report: 60,000 Jerusalemites at risk of their homes being demolished

Sixty Thousand Palestinians living in occupied Jerusalem are at risk of their homes being demolished by Israeli occupation authorities according to a report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The report notes that since the occupation of east Jerusalem by Israel in 1967 it has illegally annexed it, restricted Palestinian development and confiscated over one third of its area in favour of building Israeli settlements in violation of international humanitarian law.

Webmaster's Commentary:

And.... just where are those families whose homes are scheduled to be demolished supposed to go?!?!?

Eight Palestinians killed in Israel Air Force strikes in Gaza

Eight Palestinians were killed in two Israel Air Force strikes in the Gaza Strip hours after Hamas declared an end to Egypt brokered six months truce with Israel, media reports said.

Three armed Hamas insurgents were killed in an air strike on Tufah in the southern Gaza Strip and 5 other Palestinians were killed in the northern Gaza Strip, Israel Radio was quoted as saying by the Palestinians sources.

Webmaster's Commentary:

It appears that the IDF is warming up for a major assault against Gaza.

IOF artillery shells Palestinian hospital

Two IOF artillery shells slammed into the Wafa'a hospital east of Gaza city at dawn Wednesday severely damaging the ground floor, X-ray department and the laboratory, the hospital administration said in a press release.

The shelling also severed electricity, water and telephone lines, it said, strongly denouncing the act especially when the hospital serves hundreds of aged persons, wounded and handicapped.

Winning the hearts and minds of Palestinians, one bombed hospital at a time.

Israel destroying Gaza's farmlands

On the morning of 4 May 2009, Israeli troops set fire to Palestinian crops along Gaza's eastern border with Israel. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) reported that 200,000 square meters of crops were destroyed, including wheat and barley ready for harvest, as well as vegetables, olive and pomegranate trees.

Israel Guilty of War Crimes; Palestinians are Winning the Legitimacy War

Finally is the issue of the tactics and weapons that were used. There is a lot of eye-witness evidence that prohibited targets were struck, including several UN buildings; that civilians were deliberately targeted in an act of vengeance, apparently; and that legally dubious weapons were used in contexts where civilians were exposed to them, such as phosphorous bombs and a weapon called DIME, which involves a very intense explosive power that makes surgical and medical treatment impossible. So there's a whole bunch of issues that together create quite an inventory of violations of the law of war as well as violations of the UN Charter.

Putting Gaza Back in the Cage


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Settlers burn 3,000 olive trees in southern Nablus

Fires set by Israeli settlers in southern Nablus olive groves are up this year, reports journalist Ali Daraghmeh. "This year settlers south of the city of Nablus burned about 3,000 olive trees. The settlers are also burning cars and beating farmers. This week four people were hospitalized."

Webmaster's Commentary:

I takes ten years for an olive tree to grow large enough to bear a crop.


The first instance of a shoe being used to make a point, that I recall, was when then Premier Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union banged his shoe on the podium at the United Nations. It was a bang heard around the world. His point was made….

The second more recent incident was the shoe that was thrown at President Bush in Iraq last week….

Today, in Bil’in, shoes were carried by protesters during the weekly anti apartheid demonstration. It happened in Palestine so you most probably won’t be reading about it in your local press…. but here is a report of the situation…


Documents sur l'histoire d'Israël



Terrorism and the origins of Israel

Last month the National Archives, formerly known as the Public Record Office, released MI5 Security Service files showing that Zionist terror groups planned to set up cells in London and assassinate the post-war Labour government’s British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin.

Assassin boss also Israeli hero

YEHOSHUA Zettler, the commander in Jerusalem of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, or Lehi — known to the British as the Stern Gang — who planned and supervised the assassination of the United Nations mediator Count Folke Bernadotte in 1948, has died in Israel. He was 91.

Pre-state Jewish underground leader dies at 91

Yehoshua Zettler, one of the founding members of a violent pre-state Jewish movement and mastermind of the assassination of a top U.N. envoy in 1948, has died in Israel. He was 91.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Pretty much everyone else would consider this guy a terrorist.

Facility 1391: Israel's secret prison

It has been removed from maps and airbrushed from aerial photographs. But Facility 1391 certainly exists - you just have to ask the Palestinians and Lebanese who have been imprisoned and tortured there.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Obviously, not erased from EVERY map!

View Larger Map


'Israel guilty for collapse of truce'

In its 2009 annual report, formally released on Thursday, Amnesty International places sole blame on Israel for the breakdown in the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas that led to Operation Cast Lead.
Hamas gunmen take part in a...

The London-based organization accuses Israel of breaking the six-month cease-fire on November 4, 2008, when "Israeli forces killed six Palestinian militants."

Flashback May 1948: Zionists poison water supply in Acre, Palestine, and then use poison gas in Gaza; 1947: Zionists release Cholera in Egypt and Syria; depopulation of 530 Palestinian villages, etc.....

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel has a long history of poisoning civilian populations.

Israel is controlled by religious fanaticism

Not very long ago, during Rabbi Meir Kahane's racist rantings, the late writer and journalist Amos Elon gave me a copy of a letter Lord Rothschild sent to Herzl in August 1902. In the letter, Rothschild explains why he refuses to support the establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. He writes that he "should view with horror the establishment of a Jewish colony pure and simple; such a colony would be Imperium Imperio; it would be a Ghetto with the prejudice of the Ghetto; it would be a small petty Jewish state, orthodox and illiberal, excluding the Gentile and the Christian."


Two Israeli officers have testified that troops in the West Bank beat, bound and blindfolded Palestinian civilians as young as 14. The damaging disclosures by two sergeants of the Kfir Brigade include descriptions of abuses they say they witnessed during a search-and-detain operation involving hundreds of troops in Hares village on 26 March. The testimonies have been seen by The Independent and are expected to add fuel to the controversy over recent remarks by Colonel Itai Virob, commander of Kfir Brigade, in which he said violence against detained Palestinians was justified in order to accomplish missions.


An Israeli government committee has rejected a draft bill that would have required Israelis to take an oath of loyalty.

The legislation committee on Sunday scrapped the bill, which had been tabled by the Yisrael Beitenu party, led by Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister.

Israeli Massacres: Details and Numbers

Although the Image that Israel distributes about herself is that of an oppressed nation, it is with heavy hearts that we present these crimes that stand for themselves for the brutality of the Israeli Army and the heartlessness of its soldiers who seem to have a thirst for blood.

Israeli Parliament OKs Bill to Outlaw Denial of Israel as ‘Jewish State’

In a vote of 47 to 34, the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) has given initial approval to a new bill that would criminalize opposing Israel’s status as a “Jewish state,” punishable by up to a year in prison. The bill is aimed at Israeli Arabs who object to their status as second-class citizens in the nation.

Jewish Talmudic Quotes - Facts Are Facts

Talmudic Quotes

The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinions of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven.

Rabbi Menachen, Comments for the Fifth Book

Jehovah himself in heaven studies the Talmud, standing: he has such respect for that book.

Tractate Mechilla/Me'ilah

R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs.

A family lost in white phosphorous shelling

By the time Ghada's husband reached the house, his brother Ahmad and some relatives had only minutes ago rushed into the house, carrying away the dead sons and their father on a cart, seeking for an ambulance help. Ahmad (Umm Muhammad's son) said: "By the time we heard the blast, my relatives and I took my father and brothers on a cart, thinking we could save their lives. I didn't know that they all were dead by the time we arrived! We were looking for an ambulance but an Israeli tank appeared in front of us; the Israeli soldier who got out of it ordered us to leave the bodies and run for our lives ... while running away I looked back to see him pouring down sand on them."

Webmaster's Commentary:

So this is the kind of taken by the IDF in the 2009 Israeli assault on Gaza, the same IDF characterized in March of this year by IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi as "... the most moral army in the world."?!?!?!?

Rethinking the Costs of Peace

By asking earlier this month for $2.775 billion in military aid to Israel in his FY2010 budget request, it would seem that on this important policy issue President Obama?s commitment is more rhetorical than substantive. Since 1949, according to the Congressional Research Service, the United States has provided to Israel more than $100 billion in military and economic assistance. In 2007, the United States and Israel signed an agreement for $30 billion in additional military aid through FY2018.

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks (text version)

And, at that time, mind you, there were 80 to 90 million Germans and there were only 460,000 Jews. . . less than one half of one percent of Germany were Jews. And yet, they controlled all of the press, they controlled most of the economy, because they had come in and with cheap money -- you know the way the Mark was devalued -- they bought up practically everything.

Well, in 1933 when Germany refused to surrender, mind you, to the World Conference of Jews in Amsterdam, they broke up and Mr. Untermeyer came back to the United States -- who was the head of the American delegation and the president of the whole conference -- and he went from the steamer to ABC and made a radio broadcast throughout the United States in which he said:

How Many Secret Prisons Does Israel Have?

The United Nation’s watchdog on torture has criticised Israel for refusing to allow inspections at a secret prison, dubbed by critics as “Israel’s Guantanamo Bay”, and demanded to know if more such clandestine detention camps are operating.

In a report published on Friday, the Committee Against Torture requested that Israel identify the location of the camp, officially referred to as “Facility 1391”, and allow access to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Findings from Israeli human rights groups show that the prison has in the past been used to hold Arab and Muslim prisoners, including Palestinians, and that routine torture and physical abuse were carried out by interrogators.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Remember that the Red Cross were allowed access to the Nazi concentration camps at all times.

Is Quoting the Talmud Anti-Semitic?

Should one be defined as anti-Semitic for quoting from Talmud texts that preach for committing or justifying crimes? Texts that define the Talmud supporters – at least – as collaborators, or even instigators to commit, a crime?

This question is a serious one, since the modern State of Israel forces on its citizens the religious views of the Pharisees descendants, namely the rabbis. The rabbis act according to the Talmud teachings. In such a way, Israel is accepting the Talmud and its teachings. What does that mean?

Israel's Netanyahu holds firm on Gaza blockade

"We are being asked to ease the living conditions of the population and allow goods and equipment in, but we have other priorities in the Gaza Strip," a senior official quoted Netanyahu as telling a cabinet meeting.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We want to starve them to death so we can take the place over, you silly!"

Barak: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza

"There is no hunger in Gaza," Barak said, adding that the only goods not being let through are materials that could potentially be used by terrorist groups, namely building supplies.

Settlers Rampage in WB, Savage Palestinians

Hardline settlers believe the Jewish people have a God-given, biblical-era right to live on the land, though most of the more than 280,000 Israelis who live in the settlements dotting the West Bank are there for economic reasons.

More than 164 Jewish-only settlements have been built in the occupied West Bank since 1967, eating up more than 40 percent of the occupied Palestinian territory.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So this same "God" tells illegal Israeli setters to burn Palestinian fields, cut down Palestinian olive trees, and shoot Palestinian civilians?

Folks, this is a "God" with a severe mental illness - or at least, the people listening to this "God" have a severe mental illness.

And don't forget: every single one of your tax dollars which goes to support Israel goes to support just this kind of behavior, because the Israeli government will generally do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Why are these Israeli rabbis so filled with hate and bloodlust?

A Jewish rabbi living in the West Bank has called on the Israeli government to use their troops to kill all Palestinian males more than 13 years old in a bid to end Palestinian presence on this earth.

Israel plans to build hotel on the site of East Jerusalem kindergarten and market

The Israeli government claims that the new hotel will improve the economy in the Wadi Joz neighborhood - the same neighborhood where dozens of demolition orders have been issued to Palestinians for the demolition of their homes by Israeli forces. The home demolitions willrender these people homeless, and hardly in a position to benefit from a massive hotel built for tourists.

Since the area is east of the Green Line and therefore internationally seen as occupied territory, the hotel would be a settlement and illegal according to international law.

Webmaster's Commentary:

United Nations Resolution 127: " . . . 'recommends' Israel suspends it's 'no-man's zone' in Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 250: " . . . 'calls' on Israel to refrain from holding military parade in Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 251: " . . . 'deeply deplores' Israeli military parade in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250".

United Nations Resolution 252: " . . . 'declares invalid' Israel's acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital".

United Nations Resolution 267: " . . . 'censures' Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 271: " . . . 'condemns' Israel's failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 298: " . . . 'deplores' Israel's changing of the status of Jerusalem".

United Nations Resolution 476: " . . . 'reiterates' that Israel's claim to Jerusalem are 'null and void'".

United Nations Resolution 478: " . . . 'censures (Israel) in the strongest terms' for its claim to Jerusalem in its 'Basic Law'".

United Nations Resolution 517: " . . . 'censures' Israel for failing to obey UN resolutions and demands that Israel withdraw its forces from Lebanon".

Israeli forces shoot Ni?lin demonstrator in the head with tear-gas projectile

At 2:30, one Palestinian youth, aged 20, was shot in the head with a tear-gas canister from around 10 meters as he was standing near a home on the outskirts of the village. He was bleeding profusely from his head and had to be taken to Ramallah hospital. The tear-gas canister shattered part of his skull and he had to undergo surgery.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Wow, shooting an unarmed kid in the head with a tear gas canister has really got to make IDF soldiers feel sooooooo butch!

And remember: this kind of obscene violence against Palestinians is supported by your tax dollars: doesn't this make you feel proud?!?!?!?!


How long does it take to create still another generation of Israelis that are full of hatred for their Palestinian Brothers? Yet, the Jerusalem Post seems prepared to take that chance as they proudly defend the concepts of racism and hatred.

New IDF Weapon Defends Soldiers against Psychological Warfare

The field of psychological warfare has developed dramatically the last few years due to various factors including the development of the media in Israel and worldwide. Terror organizations increasingly photograph and film attacks on IDF forces and publish them on television stations.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So now, all pro-peace, humanitarian organizations in and around Israel, documenting abuses of Palestinians, are to be considered "terrorists"?!?

The Armageddon Lobby: Dispensationalist Christian Zionism and the Shaping of US Policy Towards Israel-Palestine

This article investigates the history of contemporary Christian Zionism in the United States and the impact of this movement on US policy issues related to Israel-Palestine. Dispensationalist Christian Zionists, often described the 'Armageddon lobby', make up the largest voting bloc in the Republican Party and have become a mainstay in US politics.

Dossier Holocauste:


I am not in the camp of ‘Holocaust Deniers’ after having lost the entire paternal side of my family in the camps. I do, however, resent those that are cashing in on the Jewish suffering that took place during the last World War. I resent that those who are involved in the ‘Holocaust Industry’ ignore the fact the millions of others suffered as well…. it wasn’t only Jews.

Those that suffered were not given a ‘green light’ to inflict suffering on others…. BUT, that is exactly what the case is in Israel today. Jewish survivors of the Holocaust receive a cheque every month from the German government. Palestinian survivors of the Nakba receive NOTHING from the government of Israel. THAT I find offensive.

The Decalogue of Inconvenient Facts about the World War II Holocaust

Holocaust denier guilty of contempt

The former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Jeremy Jones, launched a civil action against Frederick Toben after he published claims on the Adelaide Institute's website that the holocaust never happened.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Note that the defenders of the orthodoxy never EVER suggest having an open debate where both sides present their evidence before the public. The strategy continues to be to use the courts, rather than science, to make sure that one and only one point of view is ever allowed to be seen.

'Catholics, gypsies suffered more than Jews'

A Brazilian archbishop has suggested that Catholics and gypsies had been more intensely victimized than Jews during the Second World War.

"The Jews talk about six million people killed. But how many Catholics were victims of the Holocaust? They were 22 million in all," Archbishop Dadeus Grings, from Porto Alegre in southern Brazil, told advertising magazine Press & Advertising.

Holocaust museum: Sunday's opening in Skokie to have powerful message of hope amid the horrors

Webmaster's Commentary:

Every Holocaust museum is a monument to people who REFUSED TO STAND UP AND DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST TYRANNY IN GOVERNMENT and instead demanded the rest of the world step in to protect them!

Every Holocaust museum is a testimonial to people who chose to remain silent and inactive even as their neighbors were being rounded up and sent to slave labor camps.

Every Holocaust Museum is a reminder of all the Jewish people who could have stood up to stop Hitler and decided not to.

Is that an ideal we want to teach our children in museums? To knuckle under, to go along, to bow, to obey, even when you know the leadership of the nation is on a dangerous and destructive path?

Israel demands money and unconditional support from the rest of the world with the claim that "we" let it happen. But in truth, isn't it the people who were there in Germany, closest to the crimes that bear the blame for allowing "it", whatever "it" really was, to happen?

Every Holocaust museum is an attempt to re-write history, to transfer the blame for one people's inaction and cowardice onto the rest of the world.

Where are the museums in every American city to the American soldiers who DID step in, often at loss of life, to stop Hitler from completing whatever his plans were?

Why are we not seeing Museums to them in every American city?

Are the lives of Americans somehow less important?

ADL slams archbishop who said more Catholics than Jews died in Holocaust

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has
condemned the words of a Brazilian Catholic Archbishop who suggested in a magazine interview that "more Catholics than Jews have died in the Holocaust, but this is usually not told because Jews own the world's propaganda."

Webmaster's Commentary:

In July 1990 the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland, along with Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, reduced the estimated number of victims at Auschwitz from the four million figure engraved on the plaques down to just over 1 million. That is a reduction of almost 3 million.

Yet the claimed 6 million figure, claimed to include the Auschwitz numbers, was never revised downward. At that moment, any claims to knowing the numbers of victims are discredited.

Indeed, over the years, estimates of the total number of victims who died (of all causes) in the slave labor camps have run from 8 million during the Nuremberg trials, down to 140,000 calculated from the camp records of the International Red Cross, down to as low as 74,000 by more recent scholars.

The only thing that can be deduced from the wide variance is that we do not really know how many died (of all causes) in those slave labor camps.

But we do know lies are being told. Camp inmates were not made into soap and lampshades. There was no Camp Walszak despite Hoess's coerced confession. There was no electrical machine that simply vaporized corpses to leave no trace. And ground penetrating radar shows that there are no mass graves at Treblinka.

That being said, the Catholics too have secrets to hide about WW2. Google the word "Ustashi" some time.

Auschwitz Museum Director Reveals 'Gas Chamber' Hoax

In a dramatic and unprecedented videotaped interview, Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum admitted on camera that 'Krema 1,' the alleged 'homicidal gas chamber' shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp, was, in fact, fabricated after the war by the Soviet Union -apparently on the direct orders of Josef Stalin.

What Piper said - in effect and on camera - was that the explosive 1988 Leuchter Report was correct: no homicidal gassings took place in the buildings designated as 'homicidal gas chambers' at Auschwitz.

NY pol: Holocaust memorial should only honor Jews

A New York politician says only Jews persecuted during the Nazi reign should be honored at a Holocaust memorial in Brooklyn.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (HY'-kihn) opposes markers at the memorial honoring other victims of the Nazis. They include homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, the disabled, political prisoners and Gypsies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

According to the records of the International Red Cross, Jews represented only about 20% of the population of the Nazi slave labor camps. If we set aside the claim that the Jews were specifically targeted for extermination, then for every one Jewish survivor of the Nazi camps, there should be four other non-Jewish survivors of the camps. If we stipulate the intentional extermination of the Jews, then the ratio should of course be considerably higher.

So, where are they? Where are the homosexual survivors, the Jehovah's Witness survivors, the disabled survivors, the political prisoner survivors, and the Gypsy survivors of the death camps? There should be at least four of these for every one Jewish survivor of the slave-labor camps.

And why shouldn't all the victims of the Nazis (and the typhus) be on a memorial? Is Assemblyman Dov Hikind a racist?

Just as they denied genocide of Armenians, Zionists deny Communist-perpetrated genocide of

Ukrainians, all to advance a Jewish-exceptionalist agenda

Dr. Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Simon Weisenthal Center in Jerusalem, claimed in a recent interview that the push in many countries formerly under Communist control or domination to recognize the millions of 20th Century victims of Communism as on par with the victims of Fascism by passing official resolutions comparing Stalinism to Nazism is an attack on the allegedly “unique” nature of the Holocaust.

Video: Ukraine famine engineered by Communists and covered up by Western collaborators


Webmaster's Commentary:



There was TOO a holocaust. There was, there was, there WAS!!!!!!!!!

Webmaster's Commentary:

As this article admits, a major problem is that there is no physical evidence for many of the claims made by the orthodox holocaust industry.
This article mentions that there are no signs of mass graves at Treblinka, then claims a top secret Nazi unit (for which there is also no evidence) went around digging up the bodies and burning them. No mention is made of the fact that ground penetrating radar shows that the soil underneath Treblinka has remained undisturbed since the last ice age, and that there are no traces of ash which should be present from such large fires.

As the current kerfuffle with Israel's claim of a secret deal with Bush (not to mention the USS Liberty and the Lavon affair) Israel has a well-deserved reputation for lying to the world for their own ends, and THIS, rather than "anti-Semitism", is the core reason for questioning the "revealed" history.

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