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dimanche 7 octobre 2007

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 7 octobre 2007: Univers parallèles/Birmanie/Moyen-Orient/Doubles standards/États policiers

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 7 octobre 2007: Univers parallèles/Birmanie/Moyen-Orient/Doubles standards/États policiers et plus!

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- 7 octobre 2007: Cette semaine, nous parlons du 9/11, des doubles standards, de la privatisation de tout, un peu d'actualités diverses, de la Birmanie et ceux qui supportent les régimes répressifs, de l'Iran, Syrie, Israël, USA et des provocations à la guerre, Blackwater et ses connexions, l'histoire du B-52 et des 6 têtes nucléaires aux USA,et on fini par terminer le dossier de l'état policier/dictature/loi martiale aux USA. Beaucoup de bons morceaux de musique aussi cette semaine! Ça va groooover!


You are cordially invited to the conference,

9/11, 2001 Let the Truth Be Exposed

20 octobre 2007

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the conference entitled 9/11, 2001, Let The Truth Be Exposed. Our speakers include Webster G. Tarpley, U.S.-based writer and historian, author of "Synthetic Terror",


Connie Fogal, Leader of the Canadian Action Party and B.C.-based Lawyer specializing in constitutional, human rights, and environmental matters. The CAP leader's presentation, "Let's take back our country", will expose the extent to which the events of 9/11, 2001 are being used as a pretext for the collapse of both, the rule of law in Canada and the country itself.

9/11 Power Point French lecture from American historian and author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Webster Tarpley.

Centre St-Pierre, #100, 1212 Panet, Mtl, Metro Beaudry, Free, Donations Welcome, 6 - 10 pm, Bi-Lingual Q&A Period

Also: Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party

Message from Connie Fogal: 9/11 a terror psy-op and lets reclaim our country

5 Stars - Robert D. Steele (Ex-CIA)

"I am forced to conclude that 9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war ..." more


"They lied, they all lied." - Patty Casazza (9/11 widow) more


Click here to learn about the only party in Canada to address 9/11


Learn more


Pilots for 9/11 Truth : www.pilotsfor911truth.org

Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth : www.ae911truth.org

Scholars for Truth : www.st911.org


Gladio (BBC FILM)

Terrorstorm (Alex Jones Film)


Parallel universes exist - study

Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists.

Parallel universes exist - study

Press Association
Wednesday September 26, 2007

Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists described by one expert as "one of the most important developments in the history of science".

The parallel universe theory, first proposed in 1950 by the US physicist Hugh Everett, helps explain mysteries of quantum mechanics that have baffled scientists for decades, it is claimed.

In Everett's "many worlds" universe, every time a new physical possibility is explored, the universe splits. Given a number of possible alternative outcomes, each one is played out - in its own universe.

Privatisation du système de santé : La CSN demande un débat public

On payait 980 millions$ en 2001 pour les médicaments, aujourd’hui on paie 3 milliards$. En Nouvelle Zélande, il y a 10 ans, ils ont négocié le prix d’achat des médicament à 70% moins cher. On peut en faire autant!

L’hôpital d’Amir Khadir paie 30% moins cher ses médicaments que la RAMQ, si elle se donnait la peine de négocier le prix des médicament de Big Pharma, on sauverait 1 milliard de dollars au Quebec seulement.

Le but encore ici est de tout privatiser, en faisant passer les sociétés d’état comme étant moins bonne que le privé à faire rouler les choses, alors que la privatisation est loin d’etre meilleur, et en fait, dégrade les services généraux à la population tout en leur coutant encore plus cher, et fini par créer une système a deux standards : des services rapides et professionnels aux riches et une système laissé à l’abandon et a la dégéneration pour la masse, tout au profit du secteur privé encore.

Parti conservateur du Canada

Né le 20 avril 1959 à Toronto, Stephen Harper a étudié à l'Université de Calgary, où il a obtenu un baccalauréat (1985), puis une maîtrise (1991) en économie. Il a été élu en 1998 à la présidence de la Coalition nationale des citoyens, un groupe de pression de droite.

Par Maude Barlow
Alternatives. mardi le 10 janvier 2006.

L'assurance-maladie, il faut la détruire

M. Harper aime présenter une image modérée, mais ce n'est pas un accident si la droite dure applaudit son projet et les valeurs qui le sous-tendent. Avant de devenir chef du Parti conservateur, M. Harper a été président de la Coalition nationale des citoyens (CNC). Créée en 1967 par un groupe qui détestait l'idée du système universel d'assurance-maladie, la Coalition a longtemps fait campagne contre les services publics, les syndicats, le bilinguisme, l'école publique, les programmes d'équité pour les femmes et les minorités. En 1995, la CNC proclamait que la démocratie était une institution anglo-saxonne. Dans le « Firewall Manifesto » publié en 2000, la Coalition suggérait à l'Alberta de se retirer du système de pensions et du système d'assurance-maladie canadiens.

Amir Khadir à Tout le monde en parle

Privatisation du système de santé : La CSN demande un débat public

Crowd swipes dying man's groceries

The sight of an old man being hit by a truck in Arizona touched off a feeding frenzy among witnesses who allegedly stole the dying victim's groceries.

Not only were the man's groceries taken, but the only person who tried to help him also had his own bags taken.

That is not going to leave a good impression on the rest of the world.


Questions Raised Over Terror Exercise

The nation is preparing for its biggest terrorism exercise ever next week when three fictional "dirty bombs" go off and cripple transportation arteries in two major U.S. cities and Guam, according to a document obtained by The Associated Press.

Yet even as this drill begins, details from the previous national exercise held in 2005 have yet to be publicly released - information that's supposed to help officials prepare for the next real attack.

One has to wonder why, in 24 months, the administration is either uable, or unwilling (or both) to release info from the 05 exercise.

Blackwater hires PR giant in image seiges

Public relations giant Burson-Marsteller has vast experience steering companies through tough times. But there's a limit to how much it can help Blackwater USA, a new client that's been battered by negative publicity.

Selling Blackwater's mercenaries as "kinder, gentler killers": this will be an interesting pitch indeed.

Terrorist cell discovered in North Carolina!

A massive terrorist cell has been uncovered based inside the United States. Their recruitment spans from South America to Asia and they have billions in finances. Run and lead by open religious fanatics bent on spreading their bigotry through violence this terrorist group literally stands above the law as they can not be brought to court in any country. President Bush cried for help as he did not know how to stop them.

Blackwater boss has inquisitors in his pocket

Like the company he founded, Erik Prince does not seem to answer to anybody.

He argued that Blackwater was merely doing in Iraq what the State Department hired it to do - and if there is a problem it is a lack of rules governing private contractors. In making this case, he was aided by aimless questioning by some Democrats, while Republicans were content to go easy on a big donor.

Mr Prince's father helped to bankroll the religious-conservative movement, and his sister, Betsy DeVos, is a big Republican fund-raiser. Mr Prince himself has given $US236,000 to Republican candidates and conservative causes - typical of a military contracting industry that, the Centre for Responsive Politics says, has given nearly $US1 million to members of the oversight committee since 2003 - 83 per cent of it to Republicans.

"Accountability" for Blackwater, my astrolabe!

Many of the committe members were "friendlies", who found their political careers enhanced by contributions from both Prince and other military contractors.

They simply won't eat their own, no matter how bad things might get.

And imagine this scenario: all police forces in the US becoming privatized, like Blackwater.

Think about that one very carefully, remembering what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Waxman questions State Dept. actions after drunken Blackwater contractor killed Iraqi VP's guard

Blackwater Portrayed as Out of Control

Isn’t it against the law for a US citizen to help fund any organization involved in terrorist activities?

Does that mean we should stop paying Federal taxes?

Man Bush chose to lead Pentagon contracting probes left under fire to become Blackwater COO

The private security firm Blackwater USA, which has faced mounting criticism following an incident earlier this month in which armed guards from the group purportedly killed 11 unarmed Iraqi civilians, has numerous links to the White House as well as many current and former Republicans.

The connections include the firm's chief operating officer Joseph Schmitz, who was tapped by President Bush in 2002 to "oversee and police the Pentagon's military contracts as the Defense Department's Inspector General."

Serving until 2005, Schmitz went on to preside over "the largest increase of military-contracting spending in history" and joined Blackwater just a month after his departure from the Pentagon, according to Van Heuvelen.

The "Cronyocracy" continues.

What is the Iraq war's carbon footprint?

We are updated on a daily basis about the ever mounting human cost of the Iraq war, but even the US military is now starting to ask questions about how much oil the "war over oil" is consuming.

And it is indeed immense: according to a report in Energy Bulletin earlier this year, the Pentagon is the single largest consumer of oil in the world. If the Pentagon was a country, it would be the 36th biggest consumer of oil. The US military officially uses 320,000 barrels of oil a day, but this total only includes "vehicle transport and facility maintenance". What about the 130,000 US contractors in Iraq rebuilding the ruined infrastructure?

Funny how "The Cult" harangues us to use less fuel, but never expresses the sentiment of how much fuel we could save and how much CO2 we could prevent by shutting down the war machine.


Démocratie et à-côtés : la course aux richesses du Myanmar a commencé

par Piergiorgio Pescali Mondialisation.ca, Le 28 septembre 2007

Il manifesto.it

La démocratisation du Myanmar mettrait fin aussi à l’embarrassante situation de nombreux pays européens qui, bien qu’invoquant le boycott, continuent à avoir d’énormes intérêts dans la zone asiatique. Les multinationales qui ont contourné l’embargo sont désormais des dizaines : le groupe Total, français, avec les malaisiens Petronas, assure un milliard de dollars par an, tandis que Singapour a insufflé un milliard six cent millions de dollars dans 72 projets touristiques élitistes auxquels l’Italie participe massivement par le biais de divers tours operators.

C’est grâce à tous ces projets que les réserves monétaires birmanes ont été renflouées : selon le FMI elles se monteraient maintenant à un milliard de dollars (en 88 elles n’étaient que de 89 millions).

Je pense que ce serait une excellente "initiative citoyenne" de boycotter délibérément les manifestations auxquelles nous invitent nos médias. Quand on voit la quantité de manipulations auxquels ils se livrent, jouant sur les bons sentiments pour nous faire adhérer à l'agenda occidental du moment, la vraie résistance consiste par commencer en leur disant: Non. Par "manipulation" je ne veux pas dire que la situation n'est pas terrible en Birmanie, mais la question des priorités se pose. Pourquoi focalisent-ils leur attention sur la Birmanie, dont nous ne sommes pas responsables, et pas sur l'Irak, qui est la plus grande catastrophe humanitaire de notre temps (d'après les rappport les plus récents, un million de morts, trois à quatre millions de réfugiés), et dont nos alliés américains sont directement responsables? A quand une manif pour demander que les Américians se retirent du Moyen Orient, cessent leurs menaces contre l'Iran et leur soutien à Israël? On peut être certain qu'aucun média ne serait favorable à celle-ci. Et, étant donné les rapports de force, dans lesquels la soumission intellectuelle des progressistes à l'agenda médiatique joue un grand rôle, personne ne se risquerait à organiser une telle manif. Pourtant, en étant dirigée contre nos alliés et pas contre nos "ennemis" (la Chine), elle aurait au moins le mérite de l'honnêteté.

Myanmar soldiers hunt for pro-democracy protesters

The monk's tale: 'We cannot turn back'

"We cannot turn back now. Whether it takes a month, a year or more, we will not stop." With his russet-red robes pulled around his knees, rocking back and forth on a low, wooden stool, the senior monk spoke quietly but determinedly.

In the now-tranquil, tree-filled courtyard in central Rangoon, it is not of these atrocities that the monk, in his early sixties and wishing to remain anonymous, wants to speak. It is the atrocities which the Burmese people have suffered. The people are living under rulers busy enriching themselves with natural gas, timber, diamonds and rubies while spending less on health care per head than nearly any other country on earth. They are living in poverty more akin to sub-Saharan Africa than Asia.

| Burmese monks 'to be sent away'

Thousands of monks detained in Burma's main city of Rangoon will be sent to prisons in the far north of the country, sources have told the BBC.

About 4,000 monks have been rounded up in the past week as the military government has tried to stamp out pro-democracy protests.

The monks have been disrobed and shackled, the sources told BBC radio's Burmese service. There are reports that the monks are refusing to eat.

Thousands of protesters and monks missing in secret gulag of the generals

With its rusty barbed wire fence, dense tropical foliage and acreage of decaying buildings, the former Government Technology Institute in Rangoon would be a spooky place at the best of times. In the past week, however, if reports circulating in Rangoon are correct, it has been transformed from an abandoned ruin to a place of mass suffering and repression.

According to Western diplomats and at least one Burmese government official, the technical institute has become a temporary concentration camp for 1,700 of the victims of last week’s brutal suppression of the democracy uprising. It provides a partial answer to one of the lingering questions about the Burmese junta’s crackdown: where are the monks, democracy activists and journalists who have been rounded up and spirited away over the past six weeks?

La timidité européenne en Birmanie s’appelle Total

L ’Europe, tout comme le reste du monde, a redécouvert la répression en Birmanie, vieille de 45 ans. Le problème est que l’Union Européenne, tout comme les Usa, continue à oublier que ses entreprises aussi contournent l’embargo imposé à ce pays.

Selon la Fédération internationale des droits de l’homme, le groupe français Total, en coopération avec les étasuniens de Chevron Texaco, est le principal partenaire commercial de la junte militaire. L’entreprise française contribue pour 7% au budget du régime en échange de l’accord pour l’exploitation exclusive du gisement de gaz de Yadana, et du gazoduc qui transporte le gaz jusqu’en Thaïlande. C’est justement pour ce gazoduc que Total et Unocal, ensuite racheté par Chevron, ont fini en procès pour travail forcé : les adjudications étaient gérées par des entreprises de parents des généraux qui obligeaient la population à travailler en recourant à la force. Pour échapper aux accusations Total demanda en 2003 un rapport sur sa filiale birmane à un bureau de conseil au curieux nom de Bk Conseil.

Et dire que le gaz ne représente pas que la principale ressource pour le régime, mais aussi la base de son pouvoir. Un système d’oppression rodé avec la complicité économique de Total, Chevron Texaco, des Thaïlandais de Pttep, des Malaisiens de Petronas, des Japonais Nippon Oil tandis que la Chine et l’Inde s’intéressent aux réserves inexplorées sur lesquelles lorgnent aussi les Coréens de Daewoo.

Israeli military aid to Burmese regime: Jane's

The Burmese junta currently shooting unarmed protestors received a cynical plea for restraint from the Israel government on Sept. 29. According to the Israeli paper Ha'aretz, the Israeli foreign ministry announced "Israel is concerned by the situation in Myanmar, and urges the government to demonstrate restraint and refrain from harming demonstrators." The article ended by pointing out that "Israel denies selling weapons to Burma or Myanmar."

Except that they lied. Israel sold weapons BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS, to the Burmese Junta.

Israel sold weapons to Myanmar Junta, then lies about the sales.

Now hold on to your seats as this may come as a shock, but Israel has been lying thru its teeth about weapon sales to the Burma/Myanmar junta that is violently opposing a peaceful uprising, by shooting Buddhist monks.

Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle

Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle, a former intelligence officer for Burma's ruling junta has revealed.

The most senior official to defect so far, Hla Win, said: "Many more people have been killed in recent days than you've heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand."

Mr Win, who spoke out as a Swedish diplomat predicted that the revolt has failed, said he fled when he was ordered to take part in a massacre of holy men. He has now reached the border with Thailand.

International narcotics agenda behind Myanmar instability

For the past month, the military government of Myanmar has been the focus of increasingly strident demonstrations, resulting in violent military crackdowns in recent days.

From Iraq to Burma Hypocrisy Rules the West

To cut to the chase, what is the difference between Bush and Brown on one hand and the murderous Burmese government on the other? Bush and Brown are actually worse. They pretend to be democrats concerned with what people actually want. The Burmese government doesn't pretend to be anything but a military dictatorship. Moreover, the Burmese government is clean by comparison as it hasn't committed acts of naked aggression--war crimes under the Nuremberg standard--by invading other countries and attempting to occupy them.

Despite all the killing Bush has accomplished, he thirsts for yet more blood. Iran is in his and Israel's sights. All indications are that Bush is going to attack Iran.

Report: Russia Evacuates Entire Bushehr Staff

Iranian and Israeli news outlets are reporting that Russia has evacuated its entire staff of nuclear engineers and experts who were working at the Bushehr nuclear reactor, increasing speculation that the United States is preparing an imminent military attack on Iran.

Israel admits air strike on Syria

Syria’s Illusory Nukes: More Propaganda

As suspected, Israel’s claim of a raid against a Syrian nuclear facility is a load of hooey. "Israel did not strike a nuclear weapons facility in Syria on Sept. 6, instead striking a cache of North Korean missiles, current and former intelligence officials say," writes Larisa Alexandrovna for Raw Story. "American intelligence sources familiar with key events leading up to the Israeli air raid tell Raw Story that what the Syrians actually had were North Korean No-Dong missiles, possibly located at a site in either the city of Musalmiya in the northern part of Syria or further south around the city of Hama." Of course, considering "American intelligence sources" are notorious liars, turning weather balloon trailers into chemical weapons labs, this admission is suspect as well. For all we know, Israel bombed a mule team, if that.

Why Did Israel Attack Syria?

It should hardly need pointing out that we are again in a hall of mirrors, as we were during the period leading up to America's invasion of Iraq and have been during its subsequent occupation.

But even by those standards, an attack on Iran is insane. And I say that quietly, I don't mean it to be heard as rhetoric. Of course it's not only aggression and a violation of international law, a supreme international crime, but it is by imperial standards, insane in terms of the consequences.

"Lost" B-52 nuke cruise missiles were on way to Middle East for attack on Iran

WMR has learned from U.S. and foreign intelligence sources that the B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, were destined for the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

However, elements of the Air Force, supported by U.S. intelligence agency personnel, successfully revealed the ultimate destination of the nuclear weapons and the mission was aborted due to internal opposition within the Air Force and U.S. Intelligence Community.

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