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lundi 15 octobre 2007

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 14 octobre 2007: le réchauffement climatique et actualité mondiale

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 14 octobre 2007: le réchauffement climatique et actualité mondiale

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Cette semaine, nous fesons un retour sur le réchauffement climatique et tous les mensonges qui s'y rattachent... On va vider, entre autre, la question d'Al Gore et de son film sur le sujet. Mieux vaut y voir clair avant de se faire taxer pour du CO2....

Dans l'actualité, nous touchons à l'IRAA et le piratage et partage de la musique, de l'Iran/bombes nucléaires/USA/Israël, les plus gros exercices anti-terroristes et de désastres naturels en Amérique du Nord et de leurs contenus, Blackwater et l'extrême droite religieuse aux USA, les plus hauts taux d'emprisonnement dans le monde, les aéroports: là où on est tous assumés comme étant des terroristes potentiels, la Birmanie et la descente en enfer, les bases militaires US dans le monde et quelques chiffres étonnants.

Accompagné de très bonne musique qui vous transporte, comme d'habitude!


  • MANIFESTATION, samedi le 27 octobre
    • départ à 13h, du Square Dorchester (coin Peel et René-Lévesque)
    • rassemblement à partir de 12h30
  • Instruments de mobilisation disponibles bientôt ici même !

Journée d’action pan-canadienne contre la guerre :samedi le 27 octobre 2007

La guerre en Afghanistan s’aggrave de jour en jour. Le Gouvernement du Canada et ses alliés de l’OTAN nous disent que la sécurité et la reconstruction progressent et que l’Occident est en train de gagner la bataille pour le cœur et l’esprit des Afghans. La réalité est beaucoup plus sombre. Il est maintenant clair que la reconstruction n’est qu’un écran de fumée et que la résistance à l’occupation progresse. Chaque mois supplémentaire que les soldats canadiens demeurent à Kandahar, la violence s’accroît.

Il est temps de mettre fin au bain de sang – non pas en 2009, comme le suggèrent les politiciens – mais maintenant. Le Collectif Échec à la guerre et l’Alliance canadienne pour la paix appellent la population du Québec et du Canada à manifester le 27 octobre 2007 et à réclamer le retour immédiat des troupes canadiennes.

Ce jour-là, au Canada et aux États-Unis, nous marcherons pour mettre fin à la guerre. En effet, nos amiEs aux États-Unis ont lancé un appel à l’organisation d’événements, le même jour, pour en finir avec la guerre en Irak. Nous marcherons donc ensemble pour stopper la violence que nos gouvernements sont résolus à perpétuer.

Le tour du Monde avec LNI

-Split court says candidates can lie

Government has no business trying to stop political candidates from deliberately lying about each other in campaign ads, a divided state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Seattle Times Olympia bureau

OLYMPIA — Government has no business trying to stop political candidates from deliberately lying about each other in campaign ads, a divided state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Admit it, you're not surprised.

-Recording Industry Association of America

Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

La Recording Industry Association of America (ou RIAA) est une association interprofessionnelle qui défend les intérêts de l'industrie du disque américaine.

C'est la RIAA qui assure la certification or ou platine des "singles" et albums aux États-Unis.

La RIAA est un groupe d'échange représentant l'industrie de la musique aux Etats-Unis. Ses membres principaux sont en parties des privés issus de labels et de maison de disques. Environ 90% des maisons de disques existantes font partie de la RIAA.

Elle a été formée en 1952, principalement pour administrer et gérer tout ce qui se passe durant la création et l'enregistrement de vinyls. La RIAA a ensuite continué, les années suivantes, à participer et administrer les standards techniques pour l'enregistrement de la musique, et la reproduction, ceci étant valable pour les bandes magnétiques, les cassettes, les cds et les programmes informatiques basés sur les technologies numériques.

Elle s'occupe ce qui concerne la collection, l'administration et la distribution des licences musicales, ainsi que les royalties. Elle est aussi responsable de la certification or ou platine des "singles" et albums au USA.

Les objectifs principaux de la RIAA consistent à protéger les droits de la propriété individuelle ainsi que les droits des artistes, selon le Premier Amendement.

Its letters to music sharers have led to thousands of settlement over the last few years.

- Since 2003, record companies have filed some 26,000 lawsuits over file-sharing

Now, following its recent success in the jury civil trial Capitol Records, et al v. Jammie Thomas, (Sony BMG, Arista Records LLC, Interscope Records, UMG Recordings Inc., Capitol Records Inc. and Warner Bros. Records Inc.) which resulted in a jury verdict of $222,000 in damages.

From a PR point of view, this makes the RIAA look really bad, going after a single working mom while the real problem are the phony CD manufacturers whose products one finds at every flea market in America.

RIAA Hits a Sour Note With Its File-Sharing Witch Hunt

The RIAA, faced with plummeting CD sales and increasingly restive artists, wanted to "send a message" to all the lowlifes out there who download music for free and undercut their profit margins.

The message, apparently, is this: "We're idiots."

RIAA accused of ‘Failure to Warn’

“In what has to be one of the most outrageous verdicts ever recorded in America, without a shred of hard evidence, judge Michael J. Davis virtually instructed the jury to find Jamie Thomas guilty of copyright infringement, saying she must pay close to a quarter of a million dollars,” p2pnet said recently, and the case continues to generate headlines around the world.

But she, Michelle and Bobby are fighting back and as they do so, the members of the multi-billion-dollar organised music cartel, Vivendi Universal (France), Sony BMG (Japan and Germany), EMI (Britain), and Warner Music (US), are slowly but steadily haemorrhaging what little credibility they had in their claims that they’re being “devastated” (the word they use) by file sharers.

The RIAA has given itself a huge black eye in this case, and perhaps this is why so many top recording stars are feeling that the time has come to bypass the middleman and sell direct/digital to their audience. Led Zeppelin has joined the new paradigm as of today.

P2P researchers: Use a blocklist or you will be tracked... 100% of the time

…their first victim, Thomas, turns out to be a single American Indian mother of two making a measly $36,000 a year…

Here's an industry so bloated with executives and middlemen, all of them greedily slurping up profit like bluepoint oysters, that the people who actually write the songs and play the music -- the "talent" -- are getting royally screwed in the royalty department. It's been like that for years. The Dylans and the Stones of the world might be able to rise above it and name their price, but for the rank and file it's "Dance to our tune, or go back and rot in that crummy little club."

The usurious nature of the business is the main reason that the average CD, which at most costs a couple of bucks to produce, routinely sells for upwards of $20. Sometimes the songwriter makes out all right (forget about the singer or the musicians), but licensing and contracts have been sufficiently rigged by the boys in legal to ensure that the lion's share of the carcass goes to people who have absolutely nothing to do with the actual music.

The RIAA might have given a clue during testimony by music industry lawyers in the Thomas case. During the case Jennifer Pariser, the head of litigation for Sony BMG, was called to testify. Pariser noted that music labels make no money on bands touring, radio, or merchandise, so they are particularly vulnerable to file sharing. She went on to say that when people steal music the label is harmed.

Pariser believes in a very broad definition of stealing that is echoed by many supporters in the RIAA. She believes that users who buy songs are entitled to one, and only one copy. Burning CDs is just another name for stealing, in her mind. "When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." Making "a copy" of a purchased song is just "a nice way of saying 'steals just one copy'."

-Another possible avenue of legal action for the RIAA is the pursuit of businesses that play unauthorized music in stores. The Performing Rights Society (PRS), Britain's version of the RIAA, may give the RIAA some possible ideas with its pending litigation. The PRS is suing the Kwik Fit Group, a car repair shop in Edinburgh, for £200,000 in damages. The case revolves around the complaint that Kwik Fit employees brought in personal radios which they played while working on cars, which could be heard by colleagues and customers. The PRS says this amounts to a public "performance" and should have entailed royalties.

The possible implications if this litigation succeeds are numerous. The RIAA could pursue retailers like Borders Books who play music in their restrooms or on their store floors. They could also seek action against small businesses that have radios in their stores.

RIAA moves to reduce artist royalty payments

Listening Post: Radiohead Fans Aren't Stiffing the Band for In Rainbows

Some artists are beginning to wise up to this. Thanks to technology (and when have you ever heard the Luddite say that?) bands are discovering that they can, in effect, become their own publishers, cut out the middleman and go directly to their audiences.

Radiohead is the latest band to offer an album's worth of music online, for free. Fans are being asked to pay what they feel is fair, and my guess is that most people will kick in something. Given the chance to be reasonable, we usually will.

Theft of content is a moral issue, and in a nation where the President is seen to lie about other countries in order to invade and steal their oil, it is hard to convince a kid that copying a file in any kind of big deal.


Report: Cheney ordered nuking Iran

A new report has linked the mysterious flight of a nuclear armed B-52 bomber to the US Vice President's secret plan to attack Iran.

The report by Webster Tarpley published on Rense website on Saturday claimed that many analysts believed those weapons were destined to be used in a nuclear blitz on Iran, which may have been scheduled for September 6, the day that Israel launched its own aerial attack on Syria.

Many sources (see Wayne Madsen Report, September 24) agree that the transfer of these nuclear weapons to Iran was blocked by US Air Force personnel, backed up by anti-Cheney factions in the intelligence community, who refused to obey an illegal order.

Labor Day weekend incident was a revolt by US Air Force and other US intelligence agencies against Bush-Cheney plans for pre-emptive nuclear and conventional strike on Iran.

US, NATO and Israel Deploy Nukes directed against Iran

Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games

Vigilant Shield 2008 (15 to 20 October, 2007) is designed to deal with a "terrorist" or "natural disaster" scenario in the United States. The operation will be coordinated in a joint endeavor by the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security.

Yet, VS-08, which includes a massive deployment of the US Air Force resembles a war-time air scenario rather than an anti-terrorist drill. The VS-08 war games extend over the entire North American shelf. Canadian territory is also involved through Canada's participation in NORAD.

These war games are being conducted at an important historical crossroads, amidst mounting US pressures and threats to actually declare a "real war" on Iran.

Moreover, the announcement by NORTHCOM of the VS-08 war games-anti-terror drills coincided with a declaration by the Bush administration in early September that military action against Iran is being contemplated at the highest echelons of the US government and Military.

"Linked Exercises"

The administration is talking about "linked exercises", where war scenarios are conducted simultaneously and in close coordination with civilian anti-terrorist drills. This central concept --which underlies the "Global War on Terrorism"-- has a direct bearing on the conduct of the US led war in the Middle East. At the same time, the process of "domestic security" has become entrenched and integrated into military planning.

The 'linked exercises" provide an environment which favors the militarization of civilian institutions. They also impart the military with a further opportunity to interfere in domestic civilian law enforcement and judicial functions.

The conduct of the anti-terrorist exercise is intended to justify the need to retaliate against an illusive outside enemy (Al Qaeda), even if the US is not attacked.

But there are indications that the administration has envisaged from the standpoint of military planning, for several years now, a scenario of a second major terrorist attack on America . According to Pentagon officials referring to a classified military document:

"Another [second 911] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity that is lacking today to retaliate against some known targets [Iran, Syria], according to current and former defense officials familiar with the plan." (WP 23 April 2006).

The above Pentagon statement suggests that a "Second 911" attack characterised by a "mass casualty producing event" is part of military doctrine and planning. A real "false flag" attack or even the threat of a terrorist attack could be used as a justification to wage war on Iran.

Targeting Russia and China

VS-8 is based on a scenario of confrontation with Russia and China. The Bush administration has accused Tehran of supporting Islamic terrorism, while also pointing to the fact that Iran in fact has the support of both China and Russia.

While the contents of VS-08 have not been released, last year's Vigilant Shield exercise (Vigilant Shield 07), which simulated the outbreak of a major war, contemplated four hypothetical enemies: Ruebek (Russia), Churya (China), Irmingham (Iran) and Nemazee (North Korea).

TOPOFF 4: Selective Propaganda directed at "Top Officials"

This year's VS-08 exercise combines the VS-08 hypothetical war scenario over the North American shelf with the conduct of major domestic anti-terrorist drills under TOPOFF 4.

TOPOFF is a propaganda operation intended for at top decision makers. The objective is to build a consensus among key decision makers that America is threatened by Islamic terrorists, using an improvised nuclear device.

These terrorists are, according to recent statements, supported by Tehran. The presumption is that the Islamic terrorists, rather than the US, UK or Israel, have the required military capabilities and constitute a real nuclear threat.

These various anti-terrorist scenarios are intended to build a consensus among key top officials in the US and its coalition partners that the terrorist threat is not only real but the terrorists would be attacking America in a "Second 911" as part of a broader process of military confrontation, in which a number of enemy countries including Ruebek, Churya and Irmingham would be involved.

We are not, however, dealing with a classical media disinformation campaign. While the TOPOFF exercise has been casually mentioned in press reports, it is not the object of extensive media coverage. In fact very few people are aware of these exercises.

With regard to TOPOFF, the consensus building process is "internal", it does not pertain to the public at large. The disinformation campaing is intended for key decision-makers within these various governmental and nongovernmental bodies. It includes more than 10,000 participants in important decision-making positions (federal and State officials, law enforcement, fire departments, hospitals, etc), who may be called to act in the case of an emergency situation. These individuals in turn have a mandate to impose the "Global War on Terrorism" consensus within their respective organizations, --i.e. with their co-workers and colleagues, as well as with the people working under their direct supervision.

In other words, this consensus building process reaches out to tens of thousands of people in positions of authority. The antiterrorist agenda and exercises thus become a "talking point" within numerous governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

In turn, the holding of these antiterrorist exercises supports the National Security doctrine of "preemptive war", --i.e. that America has to legitimate right to self defense by intervening in foreign lands including Iran and that America must defend itself against terrorists.

It also sustains the myth of WMD in the hands of terrorists, being used against America, when in fact the US is the largest producer of WMD, with a defense budget of more than 450 billion dollars a year.

The objective is to sustain the war and national security agenda --and of course the possibility of martial law-- within the governmental, nongovernmental and corporate business sectors. Ultimately, the objective is develop across the land, an unequivocal acceptance by key officials (and of their coworkers and subordinates), from the federal to the local level, for an emergency situation, where civil liberties and the rights of citizens would be suspended.

-Blackwater: Murder for Hire

Right Wing Christian Dynasty creates its own private army

Blackwater: armée privée d'une dynastie Chrétienne de la droite

New Orleans: Two Years Post-Katrina

After more than two years since the city of New Orleans was flooded by faulty levees that failed after the storm surge from Hurricane Katrina, we take a trip around town to take some photographs of the "progress."

(Was this the ultimate plan all along?

The federal government is considering buying out as many as 17,000 homes along the Mississippi coast...

The land could be converted into wetlands or other public uses, such as golf courses ...

... the Army Corps plan envisions allowing casinos, hotels and restaurants to continue operating on the coast from Bay St. Louis to Biloxi.)

Rice Issues New Rules for Blackwater USA

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ordered federal agents on Friday to ride with Blackwater USA escorts of U.S. diplomatic convoys in Baghdad to tighten oversight after a shooting in which private guards are accused of killing 13 Iraqi civilians.

She also ordered video cameras installed in Blackwater vehicles.

-US: Prison Central

Vineyardsaker has a provocative post on Ahmadinejad’s description of America as a “big prison.” He posts this chilling data (emphasis added):

Incarcerations per 100,000 population (sample):

1014____Texas (in 1999) (governor George W. Bush)
715_____United States of America (2001)
584_____Russian Federation
189_____Hong Kong (China)
142_____United Kingdom: England & Wales

-A Random Weapon in the War on Terror

Security officials at Los Angeles International Airport now have a new weapon in their fight against terrorism: complete, baffling randomness. Anxious to thwart future terror attacks in the early stages while plotters are casing the airport, LAX security patrols have begun using a new software program called ARMOR, NEWSWEEK has learned, to make the placement of security checkpoints completely unpredictable. Now all airport security officials have to do is press a button labeled "Randomize," and they can throw a sort of digital cloak of invisibility over where they place the cops' antiterror checkpoints on any given day.

This is not about safety: it is about again cowing the legitimate traveler into deeper and deeper layers of submission and humiliation.

-737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire

By Chalmers Johnson, Metropolitan Books. Posted February 19, 2007.

With more than 2,500,000 U.S. personnel serving across the planet and military bases spread across each continent, it's time to face up to the fact that our American democracy has spawned a global empire.

The following is excerpted from Chalmers Johnson's new book, "Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic" (Metropolitan Books).

Once upon a time, you could trace the spread of imperialism by counting up colonies. America's version of the colony is the military base

It is not easy, however, to assess the size or exact value of our empire of bases. Official records available to the public on these subjects are misleading, although instructive. According to the Defense Department's annual inventories from 2002 to 2005 of real property it owns around the world, the Base Structure Report

The total of America's military bases in other people's countries in 2005, according to official sources, was 737.

Interestingly enough, the thirty-eight large and medium-sized American facilities spread around the globe in 2005 -- mostly air and naval bases for our bombers and fleets -- almost exactly equals Britain's thirty-six naval bases and army garrisons at its imperial zenith in 1898. The Roman Empire at its height in 117 AD required thirty-seven major bases to police its realm from Britannia to Egypt, from Hispania to Armenia. Perhaps the optimum number of major citadels and fortresses for an imperialist aspiring to dominate the world is somewhere between thirty-five and forty.

Using data from fiscal year 2005, the Pentagon bureaucrats calculated that its overseas bases were worth at least $127 billion -- surely far too low a figure but still larger than the gross domestic products of most countries -- and an estimated $658.1 billion for all of them, foreign and domestic (a base's "worth" is based on a Department of Defense estimate of what it would cost to replace it). During fiscal 2005, the military high command deployed to our overseas bases some 196,975 uniformed personnel as well as an equal number of dependents and Department of Defense civilian officials, and employed an additional 81,425 locally hired foreigners.

The worldwide total of U.S. military personnel in 2005, including those based domestically, was 1,840,062 supported by an additional 473,306 Defense Department civil service employees and 203,328 local hires. Its overseas bases, according to the Pentagon, contained 32,327 barracks, hangars, hospitals, and other buildings, which it owns, and 16,527 more that it leased. The size of these holdings was recorded in the inventory as covering 687,347 acres overseas and 29,819,492 acres worldwide, making the Pentagon easily one of the world's largest landlords.

These numbers, although staggeringly big, do not begin to cover all the actual bases we occupy globally. The 2005 Base Structure Report fails, for instance, to mention any garrisons in Kosovo (or Serbia, of which Kosovo is still officially a province) -- even though it is the site of the huge Camp Bondsteel built in 1999 and maintained ever since by the KBR corporation (formerly known as Kellogg Brown & Root), a subsidiary of the Halliburton Corporation of Houston.

The report similarly omits bases in Afghanistan, Iraq (106 garrisons as of May 2005), Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, and Uzbekistan, even though the U.S. military has established colossal base structures in the Persian Gulf and Central Asian areas since 9/11. By way of excuse, a note in the preface says that "facilities provided by other nations at foreign locations" are not included, although this is not strictly true. The report does include twenty sites in Turkey, all owned by the Turkish government and used jointly with the Americans.

- Only now, the full horror of Burmese junta's repression of monks emerges

Harrowing accounts smuggled out of Burma reveal how a systematic campaign of physical punishment and psychological terror is being waged by the Burmese security forces as they take revenge on those suspected of involvement in last month's pro-democracy uprising.

The first-hand accounts describe a campaign hidden from view, but even more sinister and terrifying than the open crackdown in which the regime's soldiers turned their bullets and batons on unarmed demonstrators in the streets of Rangoon, killing at least 13. At least then, the world was watching.

The hidden crackdown is as methodical as it is brutal. First the monks were targeted, then the thousands of ordinary Burmese who joined the demonstrations, those who even applauded or watched, or those merely suspected of anti-government sympathies.

The scale of the crackdown remains undocumented. The regime has banned journalists from entering Burma and has blocked internet access and phone lines.

Mark Farmaner of the Burma Campaign UK says the number of dead is possibly in the hundreds. "The regime covers up its atrocities. We will never know the true numbers," he said.

At the weekend the government said it has released more than half of the 2,171 people arrested, but exile groups estimate the number of detentions between 6,000 and 10,000.

In Rangoon, people say they are more frightened now than when soldiers were shooting on the streets.

"When there were demonstrations and soldiers on the streets, the world was watching," said a professional woman who watched the marchers from her office.

"But now the soldiers only come at night. They take anyone they can identify from their videos. People who clapped, who offered water to the monks, who knelt and prayed as they passed. People who happened to turn and watch as they passed by and their faces were caught on film. It is now we are most fearful. It is now we need the world to help us."

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