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lundi 22 octobre 2007

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 21 octobre 2007: Lobby israélien aux USA et machines à voter

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 21 octobre 2007: Lobby israélien aux USA et machines à voter

Pour ceux qui doutent encore du fait que les deux dernières élections aux USA ont été volé par Bush, et beaucoup d'articles qui documentent la puissante main du lobby israélien sur la sélection des candidats US, sur la politique étrangères US, crimes et réseaux d'espionnages et plus encore.

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 21 octobre 2007:

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Cette semaine nous nous penchons sur la campagne des candidats pour les partis Républicans et Démocrates aux É-U, et du cas de Ron Paul en particulier, la vedette du peuple et l'horreur de l'establishment, ainsi que les influences malsaines des médias de masse et du lobby israélien (AIPAC).Tout cela avec notre tour du monde dans l'acualité et de la bonne musique!

Ohio poll workers indicted for fudging 2004 recount

So, we STILL do not know who really won that election.

Prosecutor: Ohio county rigged recount

"The evidence will show that this recount was rigged, maybe not for political reasons, but rigged nonetheless," Prosecutor Kevin Baxter said. "They did this so they could spend a day rather than weeks or months" on the recount, he said.

In the HBO special "Hacking Democracy", Bev Harris concluded that the recount had been rigged.

If the recount was rigged, then we still do not know who really won the 2004 election.

Bush's people lied us into a war. Think they were being honest about the elections?

Ohio poll workers indicted for fudging 2004 recount

2004 Election

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  10. Transparent lobbying for e-voting reform this week
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  12. Parties seek to reform Florida elections
  13. Whistleblower: Diebold doesn't care about election security
  14. Diebold tries to evade North Carolina election law
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  18. Diebold quits North Carolina
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  23. Was the 2004 election stolen?

The Future of America Has Been Stolen

Investigative reporter Greg Palast says 4.5 million votes will be shoplifted in 2008, thanks largely to the “Rove-bots” that have been placed in the Justice Department following the U.S. Attorney firings. Being the guy who uncovered the voter “purge lists” of 2000 that disenfranchised black voters, he’s worth listening to, even if the mainstream press chooses not to.

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.

by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Diebold machines are H.I.V-positive

TRENTON, N.J. - A Princeton University computer science professor added new fuel Wednesday to claims that electronic voting machines used across much of the country are vulnerable to hacking that could alter vote totals or disable machines.

In a paper posted on the university's Web site, Edward Felten and two graduate students described how they had tested a Diebold AccuVote-TS machine they obtained, found ways to quickly upload malicious programs and even developed a computer virus able to spread such programs between machines.

Touch-screens fail security tests, Diebold retaliates

Diebold has also been participating in orchestrated smear campaigns against Black Box Voting and its founder, Bev Harris, using fake Internet "screen names," identity theft (posing as board members of Black Box Voting to post defamation), organizing fake news Web sites smearing election integrity advocates in general and Black Box Voting/Bev Harris specifically. Some Diebold employees tag-team with the Diebold smear squad to point elections officials toward the cyberlibel. The Diebold Internet smear squad also includes an individual from North Carolina.

Black Box Voting, together with a team of volunteer researchers, has now obtained documents and photographs which directly tie these Internet libel campaigns to Diebold. A more detailed article on the Diebold Internet smearing, accompanied by documents and photographs, will be published here after the dust has settled on the Diebold touch-screen security failures.

I want you to think about something. Diebold makes automated teller machines that never lose a penny while working across the country. They are not "riggable". They include paper audit trails.

So if the company that makes such secure ATMs makes a voting machine open to rigging, with no audit trails, and able to be reprogrammed by anyone using it, doesn't that HAVE to be by design?

The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds

It's still 6 months before the mid-term elections and already signs of rampant vote fraud are appearing in state primaries.

So, let us look back at the 2004 election, in which it appears the Presidency might have actually been stolen, setting our nation onto a path to war paved with lies.

Security of electronic voting is condemned

Paperless electronic voting machines used throughout the Washington region and much of the country "cannot be made secure," according to draft recommendations issued this week by a federal agency that advises the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

The assessment by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, one of the government's premier research centers, is the most sweeping condemnation of such voting systems by a federal agency.

In a report hailed by critics of electronic voting, NIST said that voting systems should allow election officials to recount ballots independently from a voting machine's software. The recommendations endorse "optical-scan" systems in which voters mark paper ballots that are read by a computer and electronic systems that print a paper summary of each ballot, which voters review and elections officials save for recounts.

Ohio's 2006 vote count now includes a higher percentage of uncounted ballots than in 2004, and a statistically impossible swing to the Republicans

The percentage of uncounted votes in the allegedly "fraud free" 2006 Ohio election is actually higher than the fraud-ridden 2004 election, when the presidency was stolen here. A flawed voting process that allowed voters to be illegally turned away throughout the morning on Election Day may have cost the Dems at least two Congressional seats and a state auditor's seat.

The GOP tried to steal another election, but vote fraud only goes so far, and cannot reverse a landslide.

New security glitch found in Diebold system

Armed with a little basic knowledge of Diebold voting systems and a standard component available at any computer store, someone with a minute or two of access to a Diebold touch screen could load virtually any software into the machine and disable it, redistribute votes or alter its performance in myriad ways.

Here are the details. Built into the software that runs the Diebold machines is a piece of code called an interpreter. This is similar to the BASIC language found on older computers like the Apple II, the Commodore 64, etc. The interpreter accepts instructions written in a specific language, translates them into executable instructions, and then executes those instructions.

What Black Box voting has found is that when a memory card is inserted into the Diebold machines, the software quickly checks the memory card for files written in that special language. If none are found, the machine operates normally and can pass all inspections and tests for accuracy. But, if the particular memory card inserted into the machine, on election day, has a file written in that special language, that file is read by the interpreter and the instructions carried out. Such a program can change vote results, erase audit trails, and even erase the program file on the memory card to conceal what has been done. The person inserting the card may not even know what is going on.

There is no reason for such an interpreter system to be in a voting machine. The theory of a voting machine is that the software is locked in and unchangeable. All it does is count button presses and save the record. There is no legitimate need for an on-board interpreter that looks for an executes programs on the vote tabulation memory cards.

The point is this; this interpreter proves that the problems with the voting machines are not "glitches". They are intentional functions designed into the systems, with the sole purpose of stealing elections for whomever the owners of the machines are working for.

Election workers sentenced for rigging '04 recount

I agree with the judge. The supervisors had to know, and the reason is a simple one. There is one and only one reason to rig a recount and that is to protect a rigged election. This case is prima fascia proof that the Ohio election which gave Bush a second term was fraudulent. The people running and ruining our nation have no legal right to be there. - M. R.


They changed the name.

Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002, Whistleblowers Say

(APN) ATLANTA – Top Diebold corporation officials ordered workers to install secret files to Georgia’s electronic voting machines shortly before the 2002 Elections, at least two whistleblowers are now asserting, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

Former Diebold official Chris Hood told his story concerning the secret “patch” to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., for Kennedy’s second article on electronic voting in this week’s Rolling Stone Magazine.


Banned BBC Documentary - Bush Stole 2004 Elections

Note that DBT, which generated the list barring 22,000 Democratic voters, is owned by ChoicePoint.


There is no 'conspiracy', this Nazi shouldn't even be president! You doubt he's a Nazi? Do some research on Prescott Bush, here's a start

Lobby israélien

James Petras' New Book: The Power of Israel in the United States

James Petras is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York. He's a noted academic figure on the US Left and a well-respected Latin American expert and longtime chronicler of the region's popular struggles. He's also an advisor to the landless workers in Brazil and the unemployed workers movement in Argentina. Along the way, he managed to find time to write many hundreds of articles and 62 books published in 29 languages including his latest one in which he discusses another vital world region he has extensive knowledge of and has written frequently about - the Middle East and specifically the state of Israel and its relations with its neighbors, the Palestinians and, most importantly and the subject of this book, the US.

Petras' powerful new book is titled The Power of Israel in the United States. It's a work of epic writing and essential reading documenting the enormous influence of the pro-Israeli Lobby on US policy in the Middle East. It focuses like a laser to assure that policy conforms with Israel's long-term goal for regional hegemony. The Lobby's influence is broad and deep enough to include officials at the highest levels of government, the business community, academia, the clergy (especially the dominant Christian fundamentalists/Christian Zionists) and the mass media. Petras shows how together they're able to assure the full and unconditional US support for all elements of Israel's agenda going back decades even when that agenda harms our interests such as the unwinnable war in Iraq, any future one against Iran if it's undertaken, and the appalling and brutal subjugation and colonization of the Palestinian people that serves no US interest whatever. In spite of it, the Lobby is able to get the US to go along with Israel unconditionally with no serious opposition to it tolerated.

'This One Is So Hot': The Censorship of Walt and Mearsheimer

A couple of comments. This is a sad business. Two distinguished profs who have both spoken at the Council before are disinvited regretfully/squeamishly by a respected professional friend, and informed that they might only speak if someone else comes to counter their statements. The old "context" argument used against Rachel Corrie and everyone else. Your views are too toxic to be heard unless we "balance" them.

Letter from John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt: The Israel Lobby

Analysis: New Study Reveals AIPAC's Long Criminal History

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee from the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal.

See Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals

Comment Chomsky a occulté l'influence du lobby pro-israélien sur la politique des États-Unis

Pour consulter la première partie de cette étude : cliquez ici: « Le contrôle des dégâts : Noam Chomsky et le conflit israélo-israélien »
Pour la seconde, cliquez ici : « Contrairement aux théories de Chomsky, les États-Unis n'ont aucun intérêt à soutenir Israël »

Dans cette dernière partie de son étude de l'œuvre de Noam Chomsky, Jeffrey Blankfort montre comment le maître a volontairement occulté le rôle de l'AIPAC. Ce puissant lobby mobilise la communauté juive états-unienne pour faire pression sur le Congrès et obtenir un soutien sans faille à Israël, souvent au détriment des intérêts nationaux états-uniens.

S'il est des constantes à Washington, ce sont bien l'ascendant de l'Aipac sur le Congrès et le pouvoir combiné des deux cités sur la Maison-Blanche, quand il est question du Moyen-Orient. Même si ce lobby et ses laquais du pouvoir législatif ne remportent pas absolument toutes les batailles, ils finissent par être victorieux dans toutes les guerres, comme en attestent les trois ex-présidents encore de ce monde Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter et George Bush père, qui finirent grands perdants aux élections.

Fondée en 1959, d'année en année, cette organisation prend de l'ampleur et gagne en puissance. Basée à Washington, avec des bureaux dans l'ensemble des États-Unis, avec ses 85 000 membres gonflés à bloc, un personnel de 165 personnes et un budget annuel de 33,4 millions de dollars [1], l'Aipac est le pinacle d'un ensemble massif d'organisations sionistes et de Comités d'action politique [les PACs – Political Action Committees] partout dans le pays, allant du national au local, voués à la pérennisation du statut privilégié dont Israël jouit dans la capitale fédérale.

Le contrôle des dégâts : Noam Chomsky et le conflit israélo-israélien

Contrairement aux théories de Chomsky, les États-Unis n'ont aucun intérêt à soutenir Israël

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protest Annual AIPAC Convention

"All Candidates are pro-Israel"

Who are we going to vote for on the Republican side? You have Brownback, Gilmore, Gingrich, Giuliani, Hagel, etc.

On the Democratic side, you have Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Obama, Edwards, Gravel and the list goes on.

What is the common link to all these candidates? All the hopefuls for the office of the president have put the interest of Israel ahead of the best interest and security of the United States. Why?

Israel ranks the US candidates

The American Establishment Sends Israel a Warning

That this article is published, at this critical moment of time, when others are calling for another war to protect Israel´s hegemonic position in the Middle East is indeed meaningful. That it was published in the Chicago Tribune, a mainline media outlet, is a sure sign, that something is changing in the American power-structure and even slowly but certainly in the media.

Seymour Hersh: 'Jewish Money Controls Presidental Candidates'

When stuff like this is said openly you know that Zionist control over America is waning.

Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals

So here is the mother of all scandals.

For two years, the FBI has suspected AIPAC of spying for a foreign country, and for those two years (and for decades before) that group suspected of spying for Israel has been reshaping the US Congress for the benefit of a foreign government.

And THAT is the mother of all scandals.


AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran

Now, as Israeli calls for a U.S. attack on Iran become more shrill by the day, AIPAC recognizes that the American people profoundly distrust Vice President Cheney and the nest of neocon liars he has sheltered. The Bush-Cheney war machine has been pretty well exposed, and that must worry the warmongers within the group. Israeli Defense Force chief artillery officer Gen. Oded Tira has griped that "President Bush lacks the political power to attack Iran," adding that since "an American strike in Iran is essential for [Israel's] existence, we must help him pave the way by lobbying the Democratic Party (which is conducting itself foolishly) and US newspaper editors. We need to do this in order to turn the Iran issue to a bipartisan one and unrelated to the Iraq failure."

Major loophole in Democrats' ethics bill will benefit controversial lobbying groups

Imagine my shock. AIPAC is exempt from many of the restrictions of the new ethics legislation.

For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s Foreign Policy’


Well, Israel certainly wants war! But that is Israel. Why would the US Congress, which supposedly exists to serve the will of the AMERICAN people, be obeying the will of Israel?

Well, maybe because Israel's lobbying/spying organization, AIPAC, is PAYING THEM TO!

You heard me. Members of AIPAC, the organization suspected of spying for Israel, donate vast sums of money to the members of US Congress. And the US Congress has sold our young men and women in uniform to go off and fight and die in wars Israel has created.

But for Americans, the real question isn't the classified information that went to Israel, it is what came back the other way.

Larry Franklin worked in the Pentagon Office of Special Plans, from which issued much of the now-discredited claims used to justify the war in Iraq. As it turns out, the OSP was getting their information from primarily two sources. The first was Ahmed Chalabi, the bank embezzler who would be king and didn't care how it came about. The second, and more damning source, was the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon! As the Office of Special Plans poured out the lies that led to war, Israeli officers up to the rank of General, were repeatedly escorted inside the Pentagon to the Office of Special Plans. At no time were they required to sign in!

No matter how hard you rub, you cannot polish a turd.

The Israel Lobby's Campaign For War

The Mossad in the CIA

The U.S Congress Democratic Caucus president would be Israeli military intelligence officer

The Honeymoon is Over: Saudi Arabia files for Divorce

“The problem is that [Prince] Bandar has been pursuing a policy that was music to the ears of the Bush administration, but was not what King Abdullah had in mind at all,” said Martin S. Indyk, a former United States ambassador to Israel who is now head of the Brookings Institution’s Saban Center for Middle East Policy.

Zionist control over the media wanes

New pro-Israel lobby as alternative to AIPAC

I suspect this may be part of the "rebranding" Israel is trying for. They intend to let the scandal-ridden AIPAC fade away while the real focus of pro-Israeli lobbying will shift to the new organization.

Muslim Women Files Complaint with DOJ Against Israeli Lobby!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007, the National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) filed a formal complaint with the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Criminal Section, and also with the Executive Office for the United States Attorneys at the US Department of Justice. The complaint alleges that as a result of misleading and false information provided to US law enforcement agencies, the media and also to various governmental bodies, various Jewish organizations and individuals have sought to create an environment in the US that is hostile towards US Muslims, resulting in the deprivation, and violation of Muslim civil liberties and civil rights.

"Remember folks, hate is BAD... Unless you hate Muslims. That's okay. In fact we encourage that around here." -- Official White Horse Souse

ZOG, again

Nancy Pelosi’s no dummy. She’s been outed as a crazed Zionist, so she can hardly go around placing other crazed Zionists in positions of power in order to finalize the Zionist Occupation Government. Total Israeli control over America can’t be allowed to be that obvious. Thus the head-fake over Murtha. By pretending to support John Murtha as majority leader, she managed to have crazed Zionist Steny Hoyer installed without a hint of Pelosi fingerprints on the maneuver. The American media bought the trick hook, line and sinker, describing the whole mess as a great embarrassment to her. Ha! A crazed Zionist would hardly want a staunch anti-Iraq-war guy like Murtha in power, even though Americans clearly voted for an anti-war position. Who cares what the voters want, if Israel wants something different? In one of the most bizarre instances in modern American political skullduggery, Murtha was disqualified because he was swiftboated as an alleged bribe recipient, on the basis of a videotape showing him refusing a bribe. In all the confusion Hoyer slid in, and nobody noticed the feint.

Study finds U.S. Jews distance selves from Israel

Young U.S. non-Orthodox Jews are becoming increasingly lukewarm if not alienated in their support for Israel in a trend that is not likely to be reversed, according to a study released on Thursday.

Citizen stuns congresswoman: "Why should we divide Iraq for israel?"

Bush’s War Heating Up—Attack on Iran Imminent

Rep Watson - Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

"Both parties are owned by AIPAC."

Congressional Representative Diane Watson @ a Town Hall on Iraq and Blackwater held on Oct 14, 2007 in LA. Panel was California Assembly Majority Leader Karen Bass, Paul Eaton, a retired U.S. Army general who was in charge of training the Iraqi military from 2003 to 2004 and Rep. Watson (CA-33).

Rep. Watson was presented with a copy of the book "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy " authored by Mearsheimer and Walt. In this clip, question raised to Rep. Watson & General Eaton was about the influence pro-Israel lobbyist have on American foreign policy.

Bush assures Israel Iran seen as threat

"Yessir, yessir, if you say they are a threat, then by golly they are a threat. We ll kill them for you. I mean, we'll have our kids kill them for you. Yessir."

Bombing Iran for Israel

A collection of news links demonstrating once again that Israel is pushing the US towards another Mideast war.

Pro-'surge' group is almost all Jewish

Four of five members of the board of a campaign promoting President Bush's policies in the Iraq war are Republican Jews.

Close to a dozen members of both houses of Congress were in Israel this week

Running for the Knesset?

America needs leaders who place America first, second, and third.

Giuliani's proposal for endless Middle East wars on behalf of Israel

In London this week, Rudy Giuliani proposed what is probably the single most extremist policy of any major presidential candidate, certainly this year and perhaps in many years:

Rudy Giuliani talked tough on Iran yesterday, proposing to expand NATO to include Israel and warning that if Iran's leaders go ahead with their goal to be a nuclear power "we will prevent it, or we will set them back five or 10 years." . . . .

While Giuliani did not explicitly address the implications for Iran of adding Israel to NATO in his speech, his aides later highlighted a 2006 Heritage Foundation paper by Nile Gardiner, a former Thatcher aide who was announced as a new Giuliani adviser yesterday.

What is of concern here is that candidates for the 08 presidential election seem to be in a "groveling contest" as to who can be a better US president for Israel than for the people of the United States.

Any candidate truly worth considering has to put the US first, second, and third in the conception of any foreign policy issues, period, end of discussion.

Ex-AIPAC staffers say Condi leaked them classified info

Friday April 28, 2006

Ex-AIPAC staffers say Condi leaked them classified info

AIPAC trial date moved AGAIN!!!!

Wow is what most of you are saying right now. Followed by a 'figures Confused . So what it is that 7 times? 8 times? it has been "postponed?" I don't even remember. Don't hold your breath folks there won't be a trial this year. Please find somethng to hurl across the room. The next trial date is set in 2008.

The Final Act of Submission By Scott Ritter

"... if we are to continue to permit AIPAC to operate as an undeclared agent of a foreign nation, and to influence American foreign and national security policymaking at the expense of our Constitution, then we should acknowledge our true status as nothing more than a colony of Israel, pull down the Stars and Stripes and raise the Star of David over our nation’s capitol. While representing the final act of submission, it would also be the first truly honest act that occurred in Washington, D.C. in many years."

Another Spy Story Suppressed to Save Israel

Israeli Spying: The Mother of all Scandals

So here is the mother of all scandals.

For two years, the FBI has suspected AIPAC of spying for a foreign country, and for those two years (and for decades before) that group suspected of spying for Israel has been reshaping the US Congress for the benefit of a foreign government.

And THAT is the mother of all scandals.

Think about that as billions of your tax dollars flow to Israel while your roads and schools crumble and decay and services are cut.

Think about that as the coffins come home with your loved ones inside.

Think about that when you and a million of your fellow citizens march down the streets of America opposing wars built on lies and deceptions and wonder why the government just doesn’t want to listen to you any more.

UPDATE: While AIPAC still holds influence (too much, IMHO) over our government, many of AIPAC's pet congresscritters went down to defeat this election as voters realized they were not comfortable with candidates who accepted money from an organization that is spying for a foreign government, and which may have had a hand in the lies that sent our kids to war.

By 2008, AIPAC should be the kiss of death for US politicians. America needs leaders who place America first, second, and third.

The Israel connection

The majority of American citizens want the troops out of Iraq. What are "our representatives" in Congress doing? They are ignoring us. That's because Israel, the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, and the Jewish-owned and operated media shilling for Israel are all wielding a power over this once-great nation grossly disproportionate to their numbers. The Jewish lobby controls our politicians, and the Jewish media protects the president and spreads Israeli propaganda. Fortune magazine placed AIPAC as the second most powerful lobby in Washington and behind AARP.

Israel receives more U.S. aid than any other nation. Contributions to AIPAC are tax-deductible. Wealthy Jewish professionals contribute millions to both AIPAC and Israel, providing a virtual unlimited cash pool to fund American politicians' campaigns.

I have a hunch that the same political pattern was occurring in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.


One alleged radiation hot spot on Manhattan's east side has the potential for becoming a political hot spot: A strong radiation spike from the area of the Israeli Embassy. Officials would not comment on why they thought that particular area allegedly showed such a stunning peak in radiation.

Has Israel... I mean has Al Qaeda (nudge nudge wink wink) smuggled a nuclear weapon into the US?

Jewish Membership in Congress at All-Time High

That explains THIS

Israeli billionaire Saban biggest donor to US politicians

Communications tycoon has donated at least USD 13 million to American politicians. As a close friend of the Clintons he contributed to the Democrats, but President Bush has not been deprived either

Israel lobby wants Pentagon purged of anti-zionists

Midas Ears

Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel

Oh yes, by all means let us shovel more of our young people into the meat grinder for good ol' Israel!

Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel

Never mind that staying in Iraq will hurt the United States. That just isn't important, after all, right Dick?

"Knesset-Congress-Senate" committee considers military option for Iran

Clinton would use violence against Tehran

Hillary Clinton today moved to secure her position as the most hawkish Democrat in the 2008 presidential race, saying she would consider the use of force to compel Iran to abandon its nuclear programme.

In an article for Foreign Affairs magazine intended as a blueprint for the foreign policy of a future Clinton White House, the Democratic frontrunner argues that Iran poses a long term strategic challenge to American and its allies, and that it must not be permitted to build or acquire nuclear weapons.

The article was not really for domestic consumption: it was to assure her Israeli masters that of all the possible candidates from either party, she would be the most likely to embrace a pre-emptive first strike against Iran to neutralize it, as Israel wants the US to do.

Hillary Clinton calls Iran a threat to U.S., Israel

Calling Iran a danger to the U.S. and one of Israel's greatest threats, U.S. senator and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said "no option can be taken off the table" when dealing with that nation.

"U.S. policy must be clear and unequivocal: We cannot, we should not, we must not permit Iran to build or acquire nuclear weapons," the Democrat told a crowd of Israel supporters. "In dealing with this threat ... no option can be taken off the table."

With all the AIPAC money she has received, Clinton is doing the perfect marionette imitation, dancing to her master's tune (and that master doesnt' care whether this Republic continues or collapses).

Hillary: "We Stand With Israel Now and Forever"

U.S. too often follows Israel's lead

There is an open secret in Washington. I learned it well during my 22-year tenure as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. All members swear to serve the interests of the United States, but there is an unwritten and overwhelming exception: The interests of one small foreign country almost always trump U.S. interests. That nation of course is Israel.

Sen. Obama: U.S. must support Israel's right to self defense

United States Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat from Illinois who is competing for his party's presidential nomination, told Haaretz on Thursday that the United States should help protect Israel from its "dangerous" enemies.

In his speech, Obama intends to remove any doubts that the Democratic Party's donors and constituents, many of whom are Jewish, may have about his support for Israel.

It appears that the primary, critical component for political success in the US is not who will be the best candidate for the US , but who will be the best candidate for Israel.

Obama is off my list of potential candidates. America needs leaders who place America first, second, and third. Obama has proven himself just another whore from that bordello on the Potomac.

Obama Set For Big Jewish Push

With millions of campaign dollars at stake as well as votes in a handful of key primary states, the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is poised to dramatically increase its Jewish outreach.

That includes the recruitment of top Jewish donors and advisers, and an expected major speech on Israel and the Middle East that a Democratic insider said “will set the baseline and establish Sen. Obama as a reliable, strong supporter of Israel.”

Too bad he doesn't seem all that worried about supporting AMERICA.

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

Giuliani sends sharp warning on Iran

"Israel says we should do this!"

Edwards: 'Iran must know world won't back down'

Obama would consider missile strikes on Iran

Hillary shifts right with talk of military strike on Iran

Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

The nuclear-tipped bunker-busters would be used only if a conventional attack was ruled out and if the United States declined to intervene, senior sources said.

Israel is trying to blackmail the US into attacking Iran first by threatening to go nuclear.

AIPAC thwarts attempt to prevent war with Iran

According to ABC News (See footnote 2), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other leaders agreed to remove the requirement concerning Iran after conservative Democrats as well as other lawmakers worried about its possible impact on Israel.

It’s possible impact on Israel? You must be kidding me Madam Speaker. What about the possible impact on the United States? What about the impact on our men and women in uniform and their families? What about the impact on our national debt? What about the impact on the people of Iran and the Middle East? These are of no concern to Pelosi apparently. She is only interested in preserving her political career, as is the case with the overwhelming majority of politicians in the U.S. Congress. And these politicians each understand that to protect their political careers – they must serve Israel first via the Israel Lobby in the United States – and not necessarily the interests of the American people.

22 Jewish Leaders Arrested Calling for Removal of Iran at UN

Israel frets over Iraq report, dispatches FM to Washington

If there was any doubt just who has been behind the push for war, this should finally make it clear who is sending your children off to die in war.

Who Is Planning Our Next War?

Bush may be sending signals, but the Israelis are preparing for war. The London Sunday Times reports that Israeli pilots have been making the 2,000-mile run to Gibraltar to train for strikes with bunker-busting nuclear bombs on Iran's heavy water plant at Arak, the uranium hexaflouride facility at Isfahan and the centrifuge cascade at Natanz.


Israel's war, says Bibi, must be sold as America's war.

Israel's war, says Bibi, must be sold as America's war.

Israel's war, says Bibi, must be sold as America's war.

Israel's war, says Bibi, must be sold as America's war.

Top Dem Wesley Clark Says ‘N.Y. Money People’ Pushing War With Iran

Retired general Wesley Clark drew harsh criticism this week after reportedly saying that “New York money people” are pushing America into a war against Iran.

By Tuesday, Clark, a past and likely future Democratic candidate for president, was working to assure Jewish groups that he was in no way attempting to advance an antisemitic conspiracy theory. But the controversy still had Jewish organizations bracing for a new wave of claims that they are the driving force behind any future military strikes against Tehran.

If the shoe fits...

The Coming Attack on Iran

In other news reports Israeli General Oded Tira is quoted as follows: "President Bush lacks the political power to attack Iran. As an American strike in Iran is essential for our existence, we must help him pave the way by lobbying the Democratic Party (which is conducting itself foolishly) and US newspaper editors. We need to do this in order to turn the Iranian issue to a bipartisan one and unrelated to the Iraq failure."

A reminder just WHO is sending your kids off to die in their wars.

A reminder just WHO is sending your kids off to die in their wars.

Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran: paper

So Israel, who finally admits having nuclear weapons and therefore is not the helpless nation shaking in fear before its neighbors, is now threatening to launch a nuclear attack against Iran, which does not have nuclear weapons, because Israel thinks that since Israel lied about having nuclear weapons all these years, Iran must be lying too, even though Iran has gone along with all the inspections by the IAEA.

This is called "projection"; accusing others of the crimes one is guilty of to deflect criticism and punishment

Because there is only one nuclear-armed party to this confrontation, and that is Israel, planning an unprovoked attack against another nation.

U.S. defense secretary to visit Israel

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates will visit Israel next week for a series of meetings with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz on the strategic situation in the Middle East.

Translation: Gates will be getting his marching orders on Iran.

When Does Opposition to Israel or the Israel Lobby Indicate Anti-Semitism?

The Voice of the White House for March 12th 2007

If the Cluster Bombs Don't Nail Them

"I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.


What happens to a group like the ADL or any other hate group associated with the infamous Lobby when there is no one left to hate? Think about it.... groups whose sole existence is based on the destruction of any group or individual they label as an enemy.... what happens when the 'enemy' is gone? What would a professional hate monger like Abe Foxman do to continue collecting his salary?

Remember what happened when people were paid to find and kill witches? Millions died. Not one real witch able to actually ride a broomstick over the rooftops or turn herself/himself into an owl was ever found. Not one.

Millions died.

Peres Boasts Israelis Are 'Buying Out Manhattan'

If this is correct, then why is the US government still shelling out billions of YOUR tax dollars to fund Israel?

The hate that (used to) dare not speak its name

Fire destroys Neturei Karta synagogue, rabbi's residence in NY

A fire deemed suspicious destroyed a New York suburban synagogue of an anti-Zionist Jewish group heavily criticized for attending a conference last year where participants debated whether the Holocaust occurred.

Now, who would do a thing like that?

Congressman Under Fire for Mentioning AIPAC

Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) has again come under fire from local Jewish organizations for remarking in a magazine interview that the "extraordinarily powerful" pro-Israel lobby played a strong role promoting the war in Iraq.

"We do NOT wield any power in the US, and we'll wreck the career of anyone who says we do!" -- AIPAC

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