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dimanche 28 octobre 2007

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 28 octobre 2007: État policier/ Moyen-Orient/ USA et PKK/ Feu en Californie/ Taser

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 28 octobre 2007: État policier/ Moyen-Orient/ USA et PKK/ Feu en Californie/ Taser

Cette semaine, on fait notre tour du monde habituel de l'actualité mondiale, on touche au dossier de la santé, et plus particulièrement d'une nouvelle cure pour le cancer qui semble être prometteuse, et ensuite on débale rapidement le sujet de la torture utilisée par les États-Unis et ses tortionnaires alliés. On fait aussi un retour sur le réchauffement climatique, question de tout mettre en perspective.

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 28 octobre 2007:

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This Halloween dress as “V” and go “Trick or Truth”ing and celebrate World Peace Week Nov, 5 - 11th

This Halloween dress as “V”
and go “Trick or Truth”ing and celebrate World Peace Week Nov, 5 - 11th

Quand on dit que tout ce qu'on entend durant des élections est de la bullshit!!!
Regardez ce vidéo!!!




A very interesting clip on the popular website Facebook. Includes who has money in it, its origins(including US government offices) and their privacy policies and terms of agreement which state they can use and profit from any of the information you post on the site. Check it out! Original source: http://www.albumoftheday.com/facebook (more) (less)

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Feux en Californie

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Part 2. Federal funds for firefighting water tankers were cut to fund Iraq war.

Here is another article showing how Bush cut funding for fire-fighting here in the US so that he could spend the money on his war in Iraq.

FEMA Meets the Press, Which Happens to Be . . . FEMA –

Very smooth, very professional. But something didn't seem right. The reporters were lobbing too many softballs. No one asked about trailers with formaldehyde for those made homeless by the fires. And the media seemed to be giving Johnson all day to wax on and on about FEMA's greatness.

Of course, that could be because the questions were asked by FEMA staffers playing reporters.


Olbermann: "I heard Al Qaeda causes night to fall"

MSNBC host Keith Olbermann says the realistic threat of terrorism is being so overstated by the Bush administration — and in turn, by Fox News — that it’s downright funny.

Fake Al Qaeda

I am relinking this because in what has to be one of the lamest attempts to exploit a natural disaster in history, the Bush administration is sending up trial balloons trying to claim that the wildfires running out of control in Southern California are a terror plot by Al Qaeda!

Folks, the fires are out of control because just as was the case in Louisiana, Bush slashed funding for needed infrastructure in order to spend on his wars. In Louisiana it was neglecting the levees. In Southern California it was neglecting to clear dead brush from high risk areas, plus the funding for needed water drop aircraft was cut. and in both states, most of the National Guard and their heavy equipment are in Iraq.

So now Bush, in order to save his sorry ass from the consequences of having AGAIN gambled with a major American city AND LOST, is trying to pin the blame on "The Toilet."

FBI: al-Qaeda detainee spoke of fire plot

The FBI alerted law enforcement agencies last month that an al-Qaeda terrorist now in detention had talked of masterminding a plot to set a series of devastating forest fires around the western United States.

The last report from the International Space Station is that the remains of the WRH Bovine Excrement Meter just missed the shuttle Discovery on their way into outer space.

Film at 11.


This memo is actually from 2003, but FOX News is claiming this is a new development.

Even for Bush, this is pretty low. Bush is desperate to distract from the fact that, like Louisiana, Southern California is taking it in the teeth from a natural disaster because federal funds for wildfire control and needed equipment were cut, and the money spent on the wars in Iraq. In both cases, Bush sent most of the National Guard to Iraq.

And remember, Al Qaeda (translation: "The Toilet") is actually a phony front for CIA and Mossad.

With no new evidence, Fox continues to ask: Did al Qaeda burn California?

Fox & Friends, the conservative cable channel, was panned Wednesday for breathlessly reporting a sketchy, four-year-old FBI memo as if it offered new information linking America's enemies in the "Global War on Terror" with a plot to burn down southern California.

The morning team was back at it Thursday, as anchor Alisyn Camerota introduced a segment on the fires that again mischaracterized and over-inflated warnings from a 2003 interview with an al Qaeda detainee.

"No evidence" is the motto these pathetic excuses for news readers live by!

If you can't lie through your teeth with a straight face, you have no place among the FOX staff.


Over 700 Calif. homes burned; more evacuations ordered


President Bush gambled with the Mississippi river region. He literally bet the safety of all those people living along the Mississippi River and the city of New Orleans itself that he could send the National Guard on his little war in Iraq.

Bush bet he could take all those resources intended to protect New Orleans from a natural disaster and spend them on his war in Iraq, and he LOST that bet, and in the process, he destroyed New Orleans. The damage from Katrina was orders of magnitude worse than it would have been had the levees been properly maintained, and the resources left in place to deal with the catastrophe.

I warned at the bottom of this article that Bush had likely stripped the rest of the nation for not only National Guard but the material resources needed to deal with disasters.

Malibu is sadly proving the point. Most of the California National Guard is in Iraq. along with most of their heavy equipment and supplies. And, just as funding was cut for flood control to pay for the war, federal funding for wildfire prevention was cut, again to fund the war.

So, now we see that Bush has not just gambled New Orleans on his war, he has indeed bet the entire country. Never mind the danger from mythical terrorists, we as a nation are now totally defenseless against real dangers from natural disasters that really do happen and they do not harm us because we are free; they harm us because we are STUPID and unprepared!

The only good news is that this is probably the wake up call for Hollywood that those of us in the film industry that were sounding the warning about Bush 7 years ago weren't just nuts and kooks to be kept off of film crews when Senator McCarthy called and denounced us as communists (or whatever the current incarnation of that dirtiest of dirty tricks is these days). All of you celebrities who stood by Bush, insisted the war was just, believed the obvious lies about WMDs and 9-11; that smoldering ruin which used to be your home is your reward for your loyalty. It isn't just the "dark" neighborhoods in New Orleans that got trashed, now it's the homes of the rich and famous.

And I hope you are as pissed as I am!

***** Police State Rules in NJ High Schools

On the morning of Friday, October 12, 2007, Steinert High School in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, was flooded by police with five drug-sniffing dogs accompanied by a prosecutor and school officials. The whole student body (1,625 students ) was arrested by being detained in various classrooms and forced to wait while the search of their lockers verified that each student was innocent of drug possession. Every locker got searched. And every student was under technical arrest until cleared of drug possession, approaching unlawful imprisonment.

In Hamilton Township, New Jersey, a drug-free environment is a rights-free environment. From the failed and embarrassing search at Steinert High School, Hamilton's "zero tolerance" proves its zero intelligence.

Police state terror, coming to a school near you. This kind of behavior is simply indulged in to "soften up" future generations into understanding that they have no rights, and that police rummaging through their belongings with no probable cause is perfectly normal.

Wake Forest Taser Study Ignores the Elephant in the Room, 294 Dead and Counting

A recent study on Tasers lead by Wake Forest University Medical School gives a false sense of safety to a proven dangerous, and at times lethal, weapon, says Bay Area activists. Community leaders and civil rights advocates are condemning the study as insufficient, misleading, and not truly independent of law enforcement bias.

Bush wars to cost 40 times higher than original estimates; $8,000 per man, woman child in US

New estimates show Iraq, Afghanistan will cost US $2.4 trillion; White House refuses to provide estimate.

...While homeless vets sleep in our streets.

Iran bomb would take '3-8 years' to build

"I cannot judge their intentions, but supposing that Iran does intend to acquire a nuclear bomb, it would need between another three and eight years to succeed," Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), told France's Le Monde newspaper.

"I want to get people away from the idea that Iran will be a threat from tomorrow, and that we are faced right now with the issue of whether Iran should be bombed or allowed to have the bomb," he said.

"We are not at all in that situation. Iraq is a glaring example of how, in many cases, the use of force exacerbates the problem rather than solving it."

SAS raiders enter Iran to kill gunrunners

BRITISH special forces have crossed into Iran several times in recent months as part of a secret border war against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Al-Quds special forces, defence sources have disclosed.

The unreported fighting straddles the border between Iran and Iraq and has also involved the Iranian military firing mortars into Iraq. UK commanders are concerned that Iran is using a militia ceasefire to step up arms supplies in preparation for an offensive against their base at Basra airport.

The fighting comes amid an increase in US and British intelligence operations against Iran. Britain’s forces have more than 70 Farsi experts monitoring Iranian communications, and the intelligence is shared with the United States.

Lebanese sources: Troops open fire on IAF planes over Lebanon

Israel probably figured we would all be watching California burn, and not notice they were up to their usual provocations.

Turkey Intensifies Border Operations

Turkey has ramped up military operations along its southern border with Iraq, with aircraft reportedly bombarding the mountainous terrain on Wednesday, part of a growing confrontation that threatens to open a new northern front in the Iraq war.

Turkey: U.S. objections won’t stop Iraqi move

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday that U.S. objections would not stop Turkey from crossing into Iraq to eliminate Kurdish rebels. The Turkish military said it had killed more than 30 insurgents who were poised to launch an attack on the border.

President Abdullah Gul said Turkey is running out of patience with the Kurdish separatist attacks. A steady stream of U.S.-made Turkish fighter jets roared into the skies near the Iraqi border, loaded with bombs.

Turkish President Gul knows all too well that the US is incapable of defending Iraq's northern border (in light of the fact that we're barely holding on to Baghdad), and impotent to stop the PKK cross-border raids into Turkey.

Turkey not only focus of Kurdish guerilla fighting

DEADLY raids into Turkey by Kurdish militants holed up in northern Iraq are the focus of urgent diplomacy, with Turkey threatening to invade Iraq and the United States begging for restraint while expressing solidarity with Turkish anger.

But out of the public eye, a chillingly similar battle has been under way on the Iraqi border with Iran. Kurdish guerillas ambush and kill Iranian forces and retreat to their hideouts in Iraq. The Americans offer Iran little sympathy. Tehran even says Washington helps the Iranian attacks, a charge the US denies. Whatever the truth the conflict, like the Turkish one, has explosive potential.

Creators of US foreign policy have spawned a monster of their own making, and have no one else but themselves to blame for the way the region has careened out of control since the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

This administration absolutely wins the all-time booby prize for creating the horrifically unintended consequences which could erupt into either a larger regional war, or perhaps another world war.

PM Erdoğan to press Olmert to give up supporting Iraqi Kurds

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will bring the issue of Israeli experts' training of military forces in the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq to the agenda in his talks with his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Olmert, scheduled to take place today in the British capital.

A senior Turkish governmental official, speaking with Today's Zaman on Monday on condition of anonymity, said Erdoğan was carrying Turkish intelligence reports concerning Israeli activity in northern Iraq -- where Israeli experts have been training Iraqi Kurdish military forces -- to London.

So let me get this straight: our "great friend and only true democracy" in the region, Israel, has been providing military training to the PKK?

And according to Seymour Hersh's November 2006 article, the US has also been supporting this organization, which is on its own terrorist watch list?

Attacks by the PKK have also happened in Northwestern Iran in recent months, but Turkey seems to have born the brunt of them, and is now threatening to invade Iraq.

If the thought by US and Israeli tacticians was that these attacks would destabilize Iran, it was a complete failure in judgment.

Welcome to the wild, wacky world of unintended consequences, courtesy of both this administration and that of Israel.

Turkish Prime Minister warns US: we will attack Kurdish rebels in Iraq

Turkey will launch military action against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq despite frantic appeals for restraint from America and Nato, its Prime Minister has told The Times.

A Turkish attack on PKK bases in northern Iraq would also cause a serious breach with Washington. Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country of 75 million people, has Nato’s second-largest army, is a key ally in America’s “war on terror” and provides a vital supply route for US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Washington is absolutely impotent here. There is nothing they can do, having already cast the die with the extraordinarily thoughtless recklessness with which the whole Iraqi occupation has been conducted.

When future historians write about this time, they may well award this administration history's booby prize for catastrophic, unintended consequences, resulting from never having thought the entire process of attack and occupation through.

Turkish troops, weapons head toward Iraq

Dozens of Turkish military vehicles loaded with soldiers and heavy weapons rumbled toward the Iraq border on Monday after an ambush by guerrilla Kurds that killed 12 soldiers and left eight others missing.

This appears about to get very ugly very quickly.

Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000

Which means that this list is for all real intents and purposes, totally useless.

Tracking your tots schooling through microchips in their uniforms

Students at a secondary school in South Yorkshire are being tracked by microchips sewn in their uniforms as part of a trial.

The radio frequency identification system monitors pupils' movements, and automatically logs their attendance on the teacher's computer. It can also alert teachers if a student is likely to misbehave.

Memo to parents in the UK; if you have never considered home schooling up until this point, now might be a really good time to take a look at it.

THIS, from the country that gave the world the Magna Carta: unflipping believable!

Ruling Allows Radioactive Metal in Household Products

The result: 100,000 tons of radioactive metals to be sold as scrap metal for use in items ranging from frying pans to baby carriages, said Wenonah Hauter, director of Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project.

Byron J. Richards -- FDA Approves Viral Adulteration of Our Food ...

Last summer the FDA approved a viral cocktail to be sprayed on foods we eat. The first virally contaminated foods entering our food supply with the blessings of the FDA will be luncheon meat and poultry. Live viruses will be sprayed on foods such as cold cuts, sausages, hot dogs, sliced turkey, and chicken.

With unfettered free trade and harmonization of laws and standards, who knows what has ended up/will end up on Canadian store shelves in the future. Canadian Action Party recommends that you buy organic and/or unprocessed foods wherever possible. If you don't understand what's on the label...don't buy it! We can't count on our current governments to look out for our well being. We need to stay healthy and strong so we can fight back!!!

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