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dimanche 11 mars 2007

9/11 - Mouvement 9/11/ Les médias/ La main d`Israël

9/11 - Mouvement 9/11/ Les médias/ La main d`Israël

Israel and 9/11: The disappearing story that's too hot to handle

Part One

"They may have known things they
didn't tell us before September 11th"


Part Two

"It's virtually impossible to make a call in the US
without Amdocs (an Israeli company) making a record of it"


Part Three

"One Israeli company controls the US's entire eavesdropping system"


Part Four

"Somehow the bad guys had the cops' beepers, cell phones
- even home phones - under surveillance"


PART II The Disinformation

They rigged it with the Mossad's help on 911

I am so sick of having to explain away the utter nonsense that is attached to the truth about 911. Everything from Space aliens and reptilian fish people, to neo-Nazi groups have attached themselves to the 911 conspiracy. It is a classic tactic of deceivers to purposely leak disinformation which will mix truth with lies in order to discredit the truth. Don't fall for disinformation. And don't just follow every word someone says, people like Chomsky, Jones, Ruppert, Raimondo, Rivero and others are not always right, everyone makes goofs now and then. Help these people don't just parrot them.

911, Iraq, PNAC All roads lead to Israel

Let me now throw in a 5th scenario

5 The Neocons Made it happen with the assistance of a foreign government, the same government where PNAC was first written, and who we have caught spies from who have been stealing secrets from us about Iran, and who made up the shadow government of the OSP which is who cherry picked and fabricated the lies told about Iraq in order to start the war.

This coincides with my theory. 9-11 was a joint operation between US and Israeli intelligence. Then Israel turned around and started blackmailing the Us Government with exposure.

ISRAELIS were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed...

The High-Fivers:More proof the Israelis were shadowing the 9/11 hijackers

Gatekeepers Bury Dancing Israeli Movers And Bogus Art Students On DN!

The Voice of the White House - December 27, 2006

Israeli 9/11 Hijacker Believed Planes Were Being Landed By Remote Control

Cockpit Recordings Paint Chilling 9/11 Picture

Excerpts of a transmission from the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11 believed to have been made by hijacker Mohamed Atta. The tape recordings were played for the first time at the final public hearing of the federal panel reviewing the September 11th attacks.

Are Zionists Behind Banning of Truthful 9/11 Scientist?

Iran says U.S., Israel ordered September 11 attacks

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 06 – The Supreme Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps accused the Bush Administration and the Israeli security service Mossad of ordering the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, DC.

BBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Begins

Two versions of 9/11: The Conspiracy Files?

BBC Pressured to Air 9/11 Hit Piece?


BBC Hit Piece a Tissue of Lies, Bias and Emotional Manipulation

BBC's 9/11 Conspiracy Files: Points Which Were Ignored

Debunking the BBC's 9-11 Conspiracy Files

Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9-11

9/11: The Case Isn't Closed

Coming Close to a Breakthrough on 9/11?

It's Worth A Mention

"5% of the people think. 10% of the people think they think. The rest would rather die than think." Anon

9/11 Truth Has Already Won the Debate

Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story

Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story
Only 16% now believe official fable according to New York Times/CBS News poll
Truth Movement has the huge majority of opinion

POPULAR MECHANICS: Re: 9/11 Debunking the Debunkers —"The Charles Goyette Show", Wed Aug 2

Click Here to listen to Show

Les avions du 11 septembre sont rentrés directement dans les salles informatiques sécurisées des deux tours

How You and I Will Stop World War III

The full title could have been How You and I Will Stop World War III And Force Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice to Resign by Exposing the Truth About 9-11. My plan is simple. One or more of us with experience writing dialogue will rely upon those of us with in depth knowledge of what really happened on 9-11-2001 to write a stage play in which actors read verbatim the words of firefighters, EMTs, facilities engineers, janitors, cops, FBI agents, news reporters and others who can testify to the explosions they saw and heard on 9-11 inside the WTC. A facilities engineer and several janitors heard an explosion on one of the subbasement levels of the North Tower, WTC 1, prior to the first plane hitting the building. William Rodrigues saw Felipe David's skin burned off his body by a blast that had come up the elevator shaft. On a different subbasement level a facilities engineer named Mike Pecoraro went to investigate the first blast not knowing what had happened. He suspected a transformer or other electrical problems. What he found was that a 50 ton hydraulic press had been torn to shreds. And he also found a 300 pound fire door had been crumpled by the blast as if it were aluminum. Remeber that both of these events happened prior to the plane hitting Tower 1. If you read the 9-11 Commission Report, which included five Democrat and five Republican members, you did not read the testimony of Rodrigues and Pecoraro. Nor did you read the oral histories of 503 men and women firefighters and EMTs who worked at the WTC sight on 9-11. Their oral histories were taken down by Thomas von Essen, the New York Fire Chief. They were not released until Mayor Bloomberg lost a Freedom of Information Act case in 2005 which he had appealed to the New York State Supreme Court.

In addition to the oral histories of the 503 firefighters and EMTs we have the tapes and transcripts of the firefighters' radio broadcasts from inside World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2. They saw and heard bombs going off. They reported that the fires were almost under control and that the buildings would collapse if another bomb went off. Many of these testimonies were not included in the Fire Department's 503 oral histories, because these men died from the explosion induced collapse of the World Trade Center.

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