Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mardi 16 juin 2009

Vidéos: La voiture à hydrogène sur la route bientôt et l'incroyable gymnaste

déos: La voiture à hydrogène sur la route bientôt et l'incroyable gymnaste

Deux vidéos pour vous: La première vous met au parfum du prochain véhicule à hydrogène qui va se retrouver sur la route très bientôt, du moins au Japon. Voilà la voiture électrique que General Motors avait créé et ensuite complètement retiré du marché et détruite aurait pu accomplir pareille chose il y a quelques décennies. Les Japonais vont maintenant le faire.

La deuxième vidéo montre un gymnaste-practicien d'art martiaux d'une agilité et aux sauts absolument renversant! Ne la manquez pas, vous serez étonnés de voir le potentiel humain à l'oeuvre!

Zero-emission car to hit roads soon

The world's first mass-produced zero-emission minicar, the "i-MiEV", is all set to debut in Japan next month, which promises to usher in a new age of driving that does not require fossil fuel.

Developed by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, the car has neither an engine nor a muffler and does not need an internal combustion engine because it runs on a motor charged with electricity.

The i-MiEV can travel 160 kilometers on its lithium-ion battery pack, but it will take 14 hours to fully recharge the battery from a 100-volt household power outlet.

It emits no carbon dioxide. Even when taking into account CO2 emissions at the power plants that generate the power needed for charging the car, it emits only about one-third of the CO2 of a gasoline minicar.

Why haven't you heard of this car?


Reported by Reuters

Reuters Asia reported on the existence of this car last year.

I bet you haven't heard of it.

Why not?

The "hydrogen cell" technology pushed by Bush & Co. is a preposterous
over-complication of a simple idea.

Hydrogen is already in water and the energy from hydrogen can be released from water in the car. There's no reason on earth to produce hydrogen centrally, truck it around and create hydrogen fillings stations.

The fact that Obama & Co. are not all over this is a sign of how profoundly compromised he is by the oil industry. There are already several replacements for gasoline powered cars ready to go right now.

We know what the hold up is.

Unbelievable Matrix-Like Acrobatics


There are many forms of exercise, and the combination of cardio and mental focus involved in martial arts and gymnastics can greatly help both your mental and physical health.

Few, however, are likely to be able to compete with the likes of Damien Walters, a tumbler, gymnast and martial artist. Watch him display his truly amazing skills in this show reel.

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