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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mercredi 17 juin 2009

Détentions préventives & militarisme d'Obama, guerre à l'Internet, effondrement de la version officielle du 9/11


L'Autre Monde 18 juin 2009: Détentions préventives & militarisme d'Obama, guerre à l'Internet, effondrement de la version officielle du 9/11

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L'Autre Monde 18 juin 2009

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Émission du 18 juin 2009:

Cette semaine nous discutons des "évidences" qui ont été obtenu par torture mais qui sont la base justificatrices de la version officielle du 9/11 et de la guerre en Irak et en Afghanistan.

Nous abordons aussi l'actualité mondiale et la descente continue dans un état policier aux États-Unis, même sous Obama avec toutes sortes de mesures répressives et douteuse dont la plus préoccupante qui est un projet de loi permettant à Obama d'opéré un programme de "détention préventives".

Obama et le Pentagone veulent aussi se donner les moyens de faire la guerre aux médias alternatifs et à l'Internet. Finalement, nous jetons un coup d'oeil au dossier nucléaire où plusieurs nouvelles sont à découvrir.

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Tour du monde LNI:

Newsweek’s Evan Thomas: Obama Is ‘Sort of God’

Newsweek editor Evan Thomas brought adulation over President Obama’s Cairo speech to a whole new level on Friday, declaring on MSNBC: “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

Dobson And Disgraced WH Staffer Pay Bush Tribute: He Was ‘The Instrument In God’s Hand’ That Kept Us Safe

“George W. Bush kept us safe. Providence kept us safe. But George Bush was the instrument in God’s hand as the leader of the free world.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

Clear proof we need psychological testing of all politicians.

Bush's Shocking Biblical Prophecy Emerges: God Wants to "Erase" Mid-East Enemies "Before a New Age Begins"

The story has now been confirmed by Chirac himself in a new book, published in France in March, by journalist Jean Claude Maurice. Chirac is said to have been stupefied and disturbed by Bush's invocation of Biblical prophesy to justify the war in Iraq and "wondered how someone could be so superficial and fanatical in their beliefs".

In the same year he spoke to Chirac, Bush had reportedly said to the Palestinian foreign minister that he was on "a mission from God" in launching the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and was receiving commands from the Lord.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Time to face facts, people; all those family members you mourn and remember today died because Bush was hearing voices in his head!

Don Robertson; please take note.

Bush Told Journalist in 1999 “I’m Going to Invade Iraq”

Two years before the 9/11 attacks on America, George W. Bush told a Houston journalist if elected president, “I’m going to invade Iraq.”

Bush made the comments about starting an aggressive war to veteran Houston Chronicle reporter Mickey Herskowitz, then working with Bush on his book “A Charge To Keep,” later brought out by publisher William Morrow.

This disclosure was uncovered by Russ Baker, an award-winning investigative reporter when he interviewed Herskowitz for his own book, “Family of Secrets” (Bloomsbury Press) about the Bush dynasty. However, Baker says, when he approached The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times with the potentially devastating story to President Bush prior to the 2004 presidential election, they declined to publish it.

Russia to charge NASA $51 mln for seats on Soyuz spacecraft

Russia's Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and NASA have agreed on a new price for ferrying U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) after 2012, a Russian space official said on Wednesday.

NASA will now pay $51 million for a single seat on Soyuz spacecraft.

NASA earlier said it planned to buy up to 24 seats aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft to fly U.S. astronauts to the ISS after the space shuttle is retired in September 2010.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I don’t know about you, but I think it shows how far the USA has fallen that the nation that put the first man on the Moon now has to hitch a ride on Russian rockets to the Space Station.

Will designer brains divide humanity?

WE ARE on the brink of technological breakthroughs that could augment our mental powers beyond recognition. It will soon be possible to boost human brainpower with electronic "plug-ins" or even by genetic enhancement. What will this mean for the future of humanity?

This was the theme of a recent Neuroscience in Context meeting in Berlin, Germany, where anthropologists, technologists, neurologists, archaeologists and philosophers met to consider the implications of this next stage of human brain development. Would it widen the gulf between the world's haves and have-nots - and perhaps even lead to a distinct and dominant species with unmatchable powers of intellect?

9/11: All In One Chunk

Webmaster's Commentary:

Now that the official US Government story of 9-11 is exposed as being founded on confessions extracted under torture, it is time to go back and look at the FACTS in the case.

One of the Main Sources for the 9/11 Commission Report was Tortured Until He Agreed to Sign a Confession that He Was NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO READ

Four of them said they gave information only to stop the torture. Although details were redacted in all the detainees’ testimony, the tribunal permitted the inclusion of a letter from a detainee’s father in one case, citing what he claimed was American torture of his son.

This torture only stopped when Majid agreed to sign a statement that he wasn’t even allowed to read.

Indeed, as legal experts have pointed out, and 9/11 Commission Director Zelikow tacitly acknowledges, evidence based on torture is not reliable.

Obama Admin May Permit 9/11 Suspects To Plead Guilty In Capital Cases

A plan under consideration by the Obama administration would permit Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detainees facing the death penalty to plead guilty without a full trial, it has been reported.

This option would principally be aimed at a group of detainees accused of planning the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, five people who have already indicated they prefer this resolution of the case, The New York Times said in a story posted late Friday on its Web site.

One advantage of permitting guilty pleas by defendants in the Sept. 11 case would be that the government would not have to expose harsh interrogation techniques during full trials that would otherwise have to be carried out, the Times said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

There can be only one standard of legal justice in this country, and that has to be for everyone, from "the worst of the worst" (whatever that really means) to kind human beings arrested for demonstrating against these brutal wars without end which Obama seems to have embraced without hesitation.

And who are these 5 guys, who have "...already indicated they prefer this resolution of the case"? Names, Please!!

If these confessions were extracted under torture, in the normal course of American law, these cases would be thrown out of court fast enough to make your head spin.

The government doesn't want these guys to ever, ever have the chance to say to the American people - and the world - just how these confessions were obtained.

So the government is going to grant them their "....self-proclaimed desire for martyrdom."??

This government wants these 5 men dead just as fast as it can be arranged, period, end of discussion, so that the world will never know that these people confessed under torture to create a geopolitical means to an end.

Obama Warns not to challenge Official 9/11 Story

Webmaster's Commentary:

"It will be a crime to claim that the Easter Bunny does not really exist!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Obama: Zero to Bush in 8.4 seconds!

See 9/11: All In One Chunk


The Secret Service at Booker Elementary:
The Dog That Did Not Bark

Let the truth be told, though the state may fall!


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Powell aide says torture helped build Iraq war case

(CNN) -- Finding a "smoking gun" linking Iraq and al Qaeda became the main purpose of the abusive interrogation program the Bush administration authorized in 2002, a former State Department official told CNN on Thursday.

The allegation was included in an online broadside aimed at former Vice President Dick Cheney by Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff for then-Secretary of State Colin Powell. In it, Wilkerson wrote that the interrogation program began in April and May of 2002, and then-Vice President Cheney's office kept close tabs on the questioning.

"Its principal priority for intelligence was not aimed at preempting another terrorist attack on the U.S. but discovering a smoking gun linking Iraq and al Qaeda," Wilkerson wrote in The Washington Note, an online political journal.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Substitute the phrase "...creating a smoking gun" for "...discovering a smoking gun" in the 2nd paragraph, and that's precisely what was done.

As has been know from the times of the Catholic Inquisition, torture is great for creating confessions to anything the torturer wants to hear, in order to get them to stop torturing.

And that is precisely why it was done: to create a false confession to get the American people to sign on to a completely immoral and illegal war.

Cheney: Execute Terrorists If Cuba Prison Must Close

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that the only alternative to holding some suspected terrorists indefinitely would be to execute them, arguing against the Obama administration's plans to close the Guantanamo detainee prison.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Here is the problem. Bush and Cheney are basing their entire justification of torture and imprisonment of these individuals on the assumption these are the "worst of the worst." Yet the claim is made that they cannot be tried through the normal justice system and sent to regular prisons.

It is clear that the real issue is that these people still stuck in Guantanamo may not be guilty of anything except exceedingly bad luck. They may be among those kidnapped at random and sold to the US forces for the reward money, then tortured into confessing something.

Once they are allowed to go free and tell their side of the story, and the rest of the world sees they are just regular folk caught up in the US torture machine, it will be yet another nail in the war crimes gallows for Bush and Cheney, and another body-check to US credibility.

So, Dick's solution is to silence these "live liabilities", permanently!

Maybe he'll just take them quail hunting.

New York Times - Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan

President Obama told human rights advocates at the White House on Wednesday that he was mulling the need for a “preventive detention” system that would establish a legal basis for the United States to incarcerate terrorism suspects who are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried, two participants in the private session said.

Webmaster's Commentary:


Obama Proposes New Law: ‘Prevention Detention’ - Heading Toward a Dictatorship?

Vidéos :


Facts and myths about Obama's preventive detention proposal

Far more significant, "preventive detention" allows indefinite imprisonment not based on proven crimes or past violations of law, but of those deemed generally "dangerous" by the Government for various reasons (such as, as Obama put it yesterday, they "expressed their allegiance to Osama bin Laden" or "otherwise made it clear that they want to kill Americans"). That's what "preventive" means: imprisoning people because the Government claims they are likely to engage in violent acts in the future because they are alleged to be "combatants."

Obama: Still Opposed to Truth Commission

Dick Cheney's displeasure and Nancy Pelosi's discomfiture may have revived the idea of setting up a "truth commission" to look into the Bush-era counterterrorism policies, but President Barack Obama still wants no part of it.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The reason is simple. any investigation into the use of torture is eventually going to get to the case of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi, the man tortured into confessing a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam; the sole justification for the invasion of Iraq.

If the entire pretext for war with Iraq is shown to be a fraud to the entire world (like we don't already know) then selling a new war in Iran for his Israeli masters becomes more difficult for Obama.

Along with that little problem of the entire government being delegitimized by lying us all into a war of conquest.

Feds want secrecy over alleged torture flights

The Obama administration increased its defense Friday of secrecy surrounding an alleged CIA program of torture flights, asking a federal appeals court to set aside its ruling allowing foreign captives to sue a Bay Area company that reportedly helped plan the flights.

President’s Detention Plan Tests American Legal Tradition

President Obama’s proposal for a new legal system in which terrorism suspects could be held in “prolonged detention” inside the United States without trial would be a departure from the way this country sees itself, as a place where people in the grip of the government either face criminal charges or walk free.

Webmaster's Commentary:

".....TESTS American legal tradition"???

This plan pushes that tradition off a cliff, and into the abyss of dictatorship! There is absolutely no grey area here.

Obama Out-Bushes Bush on Preventive Detention

If George Bush had had the gall to propose changing the laws of the United States to allow people to be detained for long periods without even the intention of putting them on trial, progressives across the nation would be howling that the fascist hordes were at the gates. And they would be right. Even the do-nothing, scared-of-nearly-everything Congressional Black Caucus would be up in arms. George Bush and Dick Cheney empowered to imprison people without trial? Progressives everywhere would be justified in crying out against the threat to civilization as we know it. But when Barack Obama last week proposed the very same thing, preventive detention without trial, there was relative silence. People pretended it was just another Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This country is sliding into dictatorship, but most Americans cannot or will not see it.

And why??

The "pitchman" for this agenda is amazingly telegenic beyond belief, and that alone is a quality we put above the critical thinking necessary for an evaluation of what is being proposed by this administration..

Unfortunately, the agenda Obama's preaching is still the same time-released poison were were getting from Bush & Company; the only "change" has been that of appearance, not substance.

Privatization of 'Obama's War'

"By hiring foreign nationals as mercenaries, you turn the entire world into your recruiting ground. You intricately link corporate profits to an escalation of warfare and make it profitable for companies to participate in your wars.

"In the process of doing that you undermine US democratic policies. And you also violate the sovereignty of other nations, because you're making their citizens combatants in a war to which their country is not a party."

Military spending sets new record

Global military spending rose 4% in 2008 to a record $1,464bn (£914bn) - up 45% since 1999, according to the Stockholm-based peace institute Sipri.

In contrast with civilian aerospace and airlines, the defence industry remains healthy.

"The global financial crisis has yet to have an impact on major arms companies' revenues, profits and order backlogs," Sipri said.

Obama May Allow Even More Arms Exports Than Bush

Experts and military contractors say that the Obama Administration’s quest to build more and more coalitions across the world is going to mean boom times for the arms export industry, even as the world’s economy faces a crippling recession.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Just about the only things other countries seem to want to buy from the US these days are our weapons systems.

Obama’s new war doctrine: ‘Cyber dominance’

The US military is moving ahead with plans to create its first “cyber command” designed to bolster America’s potential to wage digital warfare as well as defend against mounting cyber threats, officials said on Friday.

After President Barack Obama announced Friday his plans to overhaul cyber security policy, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was expected to soon formally propose the new cyber command that will be overseen by a four-star officer, Pentagon officials told AFP.

The move reflects a shift in military strategy with “cyber dominance” now part of US war doctrine and growing alarm over the perceived threat posed by digital espionage coming from China, Russia and elsewhere.

Pentagon Cyber Command seen as threat to civil liberties

Although the article’s conclusion that cybersecurity is nothing more than a “euphemism for keeping the rabble in line” is not widely shared, even the experts interviewed by the Times expressed unusually strong fears of a threat to civil liberties.

Peace activist Frida Berrigan — the daughter of renowned Vietnam War protester Philip Berrigan — told the Times of her concern that “if the Pentagon and the military services see cyberspace as a battlefield domain, then the lines protecting privacy and our civil liberties get blurred very, very quickly.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

And which people constitute this "rabble", as defined by this government?

1. People who employ logic, critical thinking, and have the capacity for research.

2. People with the willingness and courage to ask the desperately "need to be asked" questions which might "embarrass" the government

3. People who refuse to drink the koolaid of fear being pumped into our glass endlessly by corporate media.

4. People who understand that the moral backbone of this country is expressed and enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

5. People who share their logic-based conclusions with others, many times through the internet.

If you qualify here, understand that this government is very, very afraid of you.

Cybersecurity Is Framework For Total Government Regulation & Control Of Our Lives

he Obama administration’s new Cybersecurity system will only make the Internet more vulnerable to attack, while creating the framework for a massively upgraded government surveillance grid that will control and regulate every aspect of our daily lives through the implementation of “smart” technology.

Obama’s announcement of the new cybersecurity grid dovetails with a recently introduced Senate bill, the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, that would hand the president the power to shut down the entire Internet in the event of a “cybersecurity” crisis.

US newspaper ad revenue slide continues

US newspaper advertising revenue fell more than 28 percent in the first quarter of the year with both print and online posting declines, according to the Newspaper Association of America.

The weak revenue figures for the first quarter come on the heels of the worst year ever for the US newspaper industry. The US newspaper industry has been struggling with competition from free classified ad sites such as Craigslist and the migration of readers to free sites online.

The industry has been hit by a wave of bankruptcies, job cuts and closures over the past few months including a bankruptcy filing by the Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other major papers.

US Colonel Advocates US 'Military Attacks' on 'Partisan Media' in Essay for Neocon, Pro-Israel Group JINSA

A new report for a leading neoconservative group which pushes a belligerent “Israel first” agenda of conquest in the Middle East suggests that in future wars the US should make censorship of media official policy and advocates “military attacks on the partisan media.”

By Jeremy Scahill

A new report for a leading neoconservative group which pushes a belligerent “Israel first” agenda of conquest in the Middle East suggests that in future wars the US should make censorship of media official policy and advocates “military attacks on the partisan media.” (H/T MuzzleWatch) The report for JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, was authored by retired US Army Colonel Ralph Peters. It appears in JINSA’s “flagship publication,” The Journal of International Security Affairs. “Today, the United States and its allies will never face a lone enemy on the battlefield. There will always be a hostile third party in the fight,” Peters writes, calling the media, “The killers without guns:”

Of course, the media have shaped the outcome of conflicts for centuries, from the European wars of religion through Vietnam. More recently, though, the media have determined the outcomes of conflicts. While journalists and editors ultimately failed to defeat the U.S. government in Iraq, video cameras and biased reporting guaranteed that Hezbollah would survive the 2006 war with Israel and, as of this writing, they appear to have saved Hamas from destruction in Gaza.


Although it seems unthinkable now, future wars may require censorship, news blackouts and, ultimately, military attacks on the partisan media. Perceiving themselves as superior beings, journalists have positioned themselves as protected-species combatants. But freedom of the press stops when its abuse kills our soldiers and strengthens our enemies. Such a view arouses disdain today, but a media establishment that has forgotten any sense of sober patriotism may find that it has become tomorrow’s conventional wisdom.

The point of all this is simple: Win. In warfare, nothing else matters. If you cannot win clean, win dirty. But win. Our victories are ultimately in humanity’s interests, while our failures nourish monsters.

It is, of course, very appropriate that such a despicable battle cry for murdering media workers appears in a JINSA publication. The organization has long boasted an all-star cast of criminal “advisors.” Among them: Dick Cheney, Richard Perle, James Woolsey, John Bolton, Douglas Feith and others. JINSA, along with the Project for a New American Century, was one of the premiere groups in shaping US policy during the Bush years and remains a formidable force with Obama in the White House.

How the spooks took over the news

........ The Pentagon has now designated "information operations" as its fifth "core competency" alongside land, sea, air and special forces. Since October 2006, every brigade, division and corps in the US military has had its own "psyop" element producing output for local media. This military activity is linked to the State Department's campaign of "public diplomacy" which includes funding radio stations and news websites. In Britain, the Directorate of Targeting and Information Operations in the Ministry of Defence works with specialists from 15 UK psyops, based at the Defence Intelligence and Security School at Chicksands in Bedfordshire.

In the case of British intelligence, you can see this combination of reckless propaganda and failure of oversight at work in the case of Operation Mass Appeal. This was exposed by the former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter, who describes in his book, Iraq Confidential, how, in London in June 1998, he was introduced to two "black propaganda specialists" from MI6 who wanted him to give them material which they could spread through "editors and writers who work with us from time to time".

US and Russian warships line up in dispute over Georgia

Webmaster's Commentary:

"How about here? Can we start a war here?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Cdn intelligence service confesses to using unreliable witness in secret trial of alleged "terrorist."

Further to my blog entry entitled: CSIS: Nothing but trouble and shame

The information of which CSIS failed to inform the court was that the source who fingered Mohamed Harkat FAILED HIS LIE DETECTOR TEST.

Ladies and gentlemen, this whole "terror" thing has been patently revealed as a farce designed to keep Canadians thinking we are in danger of attack by Muslims, and to thereby justify the slaughter of Muslims in Afghanistan.

National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09)

NLE 09 is a White House directed, Congressionally- mandated exercise that includes the participation of all appropriate federal department and agency senior officials, their deputies, staff and key operational elements. In addition, broad regional participation of state, tribal, local, and private sector is anticipated. This year the United States welcomes the participation of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom in NLE 09.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Training the foreign troops to come in and round up us "uppity" Americans?

Local military, civilian police training builds skills

Security forces Airmen kicking in doors were only part of the action during a joint training exercise, where 21st Security Forces Squadron Airmen teamed with members of the Colorado Springs Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff's Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, among other police agencies.

The training combined classroom instruction with field training exercises where agencies practiced various special weapons and tactics techniques, explosive entry techniques and tactical movement. Explosives were incorporated to add to the realistic nature of the scenarios.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Why is this "training" important for civilian law enforcement officers?!?

Take a good, hard look at the picture in the upper right: this is a manifestation of just how terrified this government is of its population; all of it.

État policier:

Homeland Security to scan fingerprints of travellers exiting the US

From June, US Customs and Border Patrol will take a fingerprint scan of international travellers exiting the United States from Detroit, while the US Transport Security Administration will take fingerprint scans of international travellers exiting the United States from Atlanta.

Car computer that makes speeding history!

Scientists have developed an in-car computer that they claim could soon make it impossible for motorists to speed beyond the permissible limit.

A team in Britain has developed the Intelligent Speed Adaption system that detects the speed limit and automatically slows the car if it is being driven too fast on a busy road,



Now the controll will be complete. any device which is capable of that is a device which is capable of being controlled by the "authorities". Plus the reality that it will be manufactured by bottom dollar bidders who are certain to make an inferior product makes this a product to avoid before it is developed.

Mike Rivero

What happens when you have an emergency, like needing to get an accident victim or a delivering mother to the hospital emergency room. This gizmo slows you down, the patient(s) die, and the lawyers have a field day.


SECTION 1. Chapter 134, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by adding a new section to part III to be appropriately designated and to read as follows:

"§134? Pocket knives; sale prohibited; penalty. Any person who knowingly manufactures, sells, transfers, possesses, or transports a pocket knife in the State shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

As used in this section:

"Pocket knife" means a knife with a blade that folds into the handle and which is suitable for carrying in the pocket."

Right then, fall into line you 'orrible little pupils! Government wants the military to run state schools

The Armed Forces will be drafted in to run state schools under plans to drive up discipline and respect in classrooms.

Ministers are in talks with defence chiefs about taking over a handful of schools and turning them into military academies.

Alongside daily lessons, pupils would be expected to take part in activities such as drills, uniformed parades, weapons handling and adventure training.

MoD Schooling....


This doesn't fix the problem of discipline outside the classroom though.
Successive governments and their academic advisors and policy makers have created a generation of parents brought up on the "I'm alright Jack" attitude, where selfishness reigns and individual responsibility has been replaced by an ever more pervasive nanny state. If the parents lack a responsible attitude then so will their children who, from an early age, learn that doing what the hell they like is encouraged. After all, self expression is to be encouraged isn't it? I saw all this happening in my late school years back at the end of the 70's, where a new breed of teaching staff were coming in full of ideas about self expression and allowing the children to get away with just about anything. 20 years later those same teachers, now part of the pipe smoking tweed jacket wearing brigade, all of a sudden started crying foul when the kids beat them up and ignored their authority. A case of reaping what you sow.
Successive education policy makers change the playing field just about every year to suit another set of ideas, in what is nothing more than one big social engineering study.

So, apart from trying to paint a rosy picture of military life in the schools (minus blood and guts, missing limbs and psychological disorders)what discipline will this bring to the children? Probably not much when the first MoD teacher gets hauled before a judge for violating the human rights of some little turd, who probably needed a slap anyway but will get a nice big compensation payout for the trauma caused by real discipline.
It is the job of the parents, above that of the schools and state, to instill discipline in their children, but when the current generation of parents have been brainwashed into thinking otherwise then what hope is there?

Do You Support the Constitution? YOU'RE A TERRORIST SUSPECT!

From those same lovable folks who brought you the crimes and abuses of COINTELPRO comes the following brochure, printed at taxpayer expense by the FBI and intended to be issued to law enforcement, requesting that the Joint Terrorism Task Force be called in the event suspicious behavior is witnessed.

And what is "suspicious behavior"? Defending the Constitution!

Webmaster's Commentary:

Something to remember while Obama talks about his new preventive detention program.

Little Brother is watching you: Police launch DVD to teach primary school pupils how to spot terrorists

Primary schoolchildren are set to be taught how to spot potential terror suspects as part of a police strategy to tackle extremism.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Note the equating of "extremism" (i.e. opposing the wars) and "terror."

Hitler had the little kiddies spying on their parents, too!


Police State Study Ranks US As 6th Worst In The World

A study designed to rank countries in terms of how aggressively they monitor their populations electronically, has placed the US as 6th and the UK as 5th on a global index.

The two countries lag behind only China, North Korea, Belarus and Russia in terms of governmental surveillance.

The report, titled The Electronic Police State, (PDF link) was compiled from information available from different organizations such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Reporters Without Borders, Freedom House, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and The Heritage Foundation.

52 countries were rated on 17 criteria with regard to how far down the line they are toward a total electronic police state.

The study was undertaken by a private company called “CryptoHippie“, which specializes in privacy technologies.

“In an Electronic Police State, every surveillance camera recording, every e-mail you send, every Internet site you surf, every post you make, every check you write, every credit card swipe, every cell phone ping… are all criminal evidence, and they are held in searchable databases, for a long, long time,” the report states.

“Whoever holds this evidence can make you look very, very bad whenever they care enough to do so. You can be prosecuted whenever they feel like it – the evidence is already in their database,” the report continues. “Perhaps you trust that your ruler will only use his evidence archives to hurt bad people. Will you also trust his successor? Do you also trust all of his subordinates, every government worker and every policeman?”

“If some leader behaves badly, will you really stand up to oppose him or her? Would you still do it if he had all the e-mails you sent when you were depressed? Or if she has records of every porn site you’ve ever surfed? Or if he knows every phone call you’ve ever made? Or if she knows everyone you’ve ever sent money to?” the report asks.

“This system hasn’t yet reached its full shape, but all of the basics are in place and it is not far from complete in some places,”.

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

America's richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a 'disastrous' environmental, social and industrial threat.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"How do we kill off all those useless eaters, CHEAPLY???"


Nuclear Weapons Spending Topped $52 Billion Last Year

According to a new report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (brought to my attention by Steven Aftergood), spending on US nuclear weapons infrastructure and related programs surpassed $52 billion in 2008. "That's a floor, not a ceiling," said study co-author Stephen Schwartz, who noted that the figure does not include costs associated with classified nuclear weapons or intelligence-related programs.

Webmaster's Commentary:

For all the talk about Iran's threat to the world, only one nation has ever actually used a nuclear weapon against the civilians of another country.

That nation is the United States.

North Korea’s Nukes: Paid For By The U.S. Government

Clinton, Rumsfeld and Bush played key role in arming Stalinist state, CIA asset AQ Khan helped provide means for Stalinist state to build nuclear arsenal, with the protection of Uncle Sam

Webmaster's Commentary:

Playing the "Saddam" gambit; give them WMDs, then declare war on them because they have WMDs.

Administration acknowledges Israel's nukes?????

A US official last week broke a long-standing taboo by referring to Israel’s nuclear weapons in a speech at the United Nations, and Joe Biden, vice-president, delivered a message to the biggest US pro-Israel lobby group that he warned they were “not going to like”.

He told the lobby group’s annual conference: “You’re not going to like my saying this, but [Israel should] not build more settlements, dismantle existing outposts, and allow the Palestinians freedom of movement ... ”

On the same day, Rose Gottemoeller, US assistant secretary of state, told a non-proliferation meeting at the UN: “Universal adherence to the NPT [nuclear non-proliferation treaty] – including by India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea – remains a fundamental objective of the United States.”

Urging the four non-signatory nuclear weapon states to join the worldwide treaty did not represent a radical change in policy from previous administrations, but one expert said naming Israel marked a “major shift”. Since the US discovered Israel’s nuclear weapons ­programme in the 1960s, Israel has consistently refused publicly to confirm or deny that it has a nuclear arsenal.

“This is a very big issue to take on,” Stephen P.Cohen, a former Middle East adviser to the US National Intelligence Council told the Financial Times. He linked the naming of Israel to Mr Obama’s policy of opening dialogue with Iran, which Israel, western and Arab states fear is poised to join the nuclear weapons club.

Israel Reacts With Shock, Dismissal at US Calls to Join NPT

Yesterday’s comments by Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller, suggesting that the Obama Administration would like every nation, including Israel to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) came as a considerable shock to the Middle Eastern nation, which has for the past 40 years kept its nuclear arsenal one of the most poorly-kept secrets in the world.

Israeli officials dismissed the call, citing Iran’s membership in the NPT as proof that the pact is not “a miracle cure for the world’s ills.” The Israeli Foreign Minister has reportedly contacted the US for confirmation, unwilling to believe that a US officials could possibly suggest they should be a party to the non-proliferation agreement.

The US Army blows Israel’s nuclear cover

We could say it was the best-known secret in the world that was finally officially revealed, i.e., that Israel has nuclear weapons, despite the US’s “policy of ambiguity.” Those of you who are really surprised raise your hand.

Is Obama Taking on the Israel Lobby?

Assistant secretary of state Rose Gottemoeller’s surprise announcement that the US would like every nation – including Israel – to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) sent shockwaves from Tel Aviv to Brooklyn, confirming the worst fears of the Obama-haters who make up the radical fringe of the Lobby. You’ll recall that the first thing accused Israeli spy Steve Rosen, AIPAC’s former chief lobbyist, did when he resurfaced was to set up an “Obama Watch” blog on the web site of the crazed Daniel Pipes, one of the main perpetrators of the “Obama-is-a-secret-Muslim” meme. Expect the attacks on the President coming from the Lobby to intensify.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I do not see Obama's request that Israel sign the NNPT as standing up to the lobby at all. More and more Americans are now aware that financial and military aid to Israel is illegal under the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act. If Obama pursuades Israel to sign the NNPT, then he can go on sending them billions of your tax dollars every year with which to drop white phosphorus on school kids.

'There Is No Reason to Discuss Israel's Nuclear Weapons'

SPIEGEL ONLINE: American politicians don't normally talk about Israeli nuclear weapons. Should they continue to be taboo?

Jeffrey Herf: Of course. There is no reason to discuss Israel's nuclear weapons any more than there is reason to discuss the nuclear weapons of other American allies, such as Britain and France.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I think we can end the deception here. Israel is a nuclear power and any US politician refusing to acknowledge that reality may be assumed to be working for Israel.

Israel Demands IAEA Action on Iran, Syria, Not Itself

Webmaster's Commentary:

Okay, so pay very close attention to this.

Israel refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow the AIEA to inspect the weapons lab at Dimona, yet feels they have a right to say where the IAEA should go!

Israel needs a good dose of humble.

Barack Obama: Iran must meet nuclear deadline

US President Barack Obama has told Iran it has until the end of the year to respond to his diplomatic outreach over stopping its nuclear programme.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The United States is breaking a major treaty here. Under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, WHICH IRAN HAS SIGNED ALONG WITH THE UNITED STATES, Iran has the right under international law to build nuclear power stations and to make the fuel rods for them. Indeed, under article IV of that treaty, the United States is obligated to help Iran build those facilities, which would be a perfect way to make sure that it is only a power station. The IAEA inspectors have repeatedly confirmed that all they can find is a power station under construction.

The US is breaking this treaty obligation at the behest of Israel, a nation which has NOT signed the NNPT nor allows inspections of its nuclear facilities, even though it is well known Israel has been developing nuclear weapons underneath their facility at Dimona.

It should be pointed out that Israel made the same accusations against Iraq as it now makes against Iran, leading to Israel's bombing of the power station at Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, and about the same time it was confirmed that there never had been any WMDs in Iraq (despite all the confessions under torture to the contrary), IAEA inspectors visiting the ruins of the Osirik reactor confirmed that it had been a power station and ONLY a power station.

So why is the US Government willing to break a major treaty on the word of Israel, whose prior record for accuracy is ... zero?

Kerry defends Iran's right to enrich Uranium

US Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator John Kerry supports Iran's legal right to enrich uranium under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

During an interview with the UK's Financial Times published on June 11, John Kerry, the Senior Democrat on foreign policy in the US Senate, called the longstanding demand that Iran stop enriching uranium as ”ridiculous.”

He reiterated that asking Iranians to give up their rights within the NPT was bombastic diplomacy and wasted energy.

Napolitano : ADL trains DHS personnel on "hate and terrorism" groups

Thu, 04/23/2009
Napolitano on DHS partnering with ADL....
1. The ADL has been "training" DHS personnel about "hate" groups and others, which is more than a bit worrisome because the ADL's definition of "hate" isn't trustworthy
[1] From adl.org/PresRele/TerrorismIntl_93/5033_93.htm
The Department of Homeland Security has contracted with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to provide its specialized training and expertise on extremism, hate groups, domestic and international terrorism, and civil liberties to high-level agency personnel.

Complete silence from the Anti-Defamation League on racist Obama hate video

I noticed that as of June 6, 2009, the Anti-Defamation League had not yet issued a statement condemning the Zionist hate video that surfaced on June 3, 2009 and since created a firestorm on the internet. I created a response video to note that there was a complete non-response on the issue by the ADL, and to offer some commentary to the video in general. Mondoweiss, the group that made the original video, has some very interesting commentary on the ongoing controvery this has caused, as well as Gawker, who broke the story about Huffington Post censoring the video .

Rabbi: Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews

Our new president did not tell a virulent anti-Semite to travel to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington to kill Jews, but he is most certainly creating a climate of hate against us.

It is no coincidence that we are witnessing this level of hatred toward Jews as President Barack Obama positions America against the Jewish state.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel claims to be America's only friend in the middle east, but apparently that friendship only exists so long as the USA gives Israel everything Israel wants. The friendship is only as good as the last check.


Peled proposes Israeli sanctions on US

Israeli Minister without a Portfolio Yossi Peled is advocating for a new approach to the U.S. in Israel until President Barack Obama changes policies on Jewish Settlements and Iran. Amongst his suggestions is a sanctioning of U.S. military equipment, selling sensitive technology to America’s enemies and put domestic political pressure on Democratic candidates by asking American Jews not to donate to them.

Complete silence from the Anti-Defamation League on racist Obama hate video

I noticed that as of June 6, 2009, the Anti-Defamation League had not yet issued a statement condemning the Zionist hate video that surfaced on June 3, 2009 and since created a firestorm on the internet. I created a response video to note that there was a complete non-response on the issue by the ADL, and to offer some commentary to the video in general. Mondoweiss, the group that made the original video, has some very interesting commentary on the ongoing controvery this has caused, as well as Gawker, who broke the story about Huffington Post censoring the video .

9/11 Truth Activist Sues Glenn Beck and Fox News for Defamation

The complaint will note that - on October 22, 2007 - Beck suggested that those identifying themselves as associated with the 9/11 truth movement are "dangerous" "anarchists" who deny the Holocaust, and are "the kind of group that Timothy McVeigh would come from."

The suit will also note that during Beck’s June 10th broadcast Beck linked the murder of the Washington D.C. holocaust museum guard with "9/11 truthers."

As I have previously written, suing people for defamation who falsely claim that 9/11 activists are terrorists could be a good way to stand up to these bullies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Make it class-action and I will gladly join.

Glenn Beck’s Outrageous Lie: Racist Von Brunn is “Hero of 9/11 Truthers”


The Two Face Glenn Beck - “911 truthers want to Destroy the Country”

Glenn Beck - 9-11 truth movement wants to destroy America


Okay, this whole story is starting to smell kinda funny.

A. They sure got the name of the guy damned quick. Reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks, where they knew within what seemed like seconds who the perps were.

B. The guy was 100% expendable. The U.S. media is publishing pictures from years ago, where he looks all young and healthy, for some weird reason, while the foreign media is showing him as an old man:

Webmaster's Commentary:

The reason the US media is showing a young photo of Brunnm is that as he looks today he is just not that credible as the face of a new domestic terror threat.

The Daily Kos Does it Again

Not unlike Glenn Beck’s idiotic attempt to equate white supremacists with 911 Truth, Daily Kos joins the bandwagon by falsely suggesting that Von Brunn was a supporter of Ron Paul and his political beliefs.

Conveniently, the Daily Kos contributor, using the pseudonym ‘Lefty Coaster’, notes that the alleged gunman posted an anti-Semitic tirade on the Yahoo Message Board ‘Ron Paul for President’.

Besides the obvious fact that the politics of Ron Paul has nothing whatsoever to do with Von Brunn’s obsessive preoccupation with Jews, Daily Kos suggests a kinship with no basis in reality. After the quoted tirade, Von Brunn signs off with an explicit ‘Heil Hitler’- which doesn’t really sound like somebody endorsing the views of the anti-tyranny, individual liberty-promoting Ron Paul.

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