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samedi 15 avril 2006

ISRAEL - Tueries, destruction et crimes continuent

ISRAEL - Tueries, destruction et crimes continuent

Recognizing Israel for what it is

Condi Rice a visite quelques pays du Moyen-Orient pour essayer de les convaincre d'isoler le Hamas qui fut democratiquement elu par les palestiniens qui en ont marre de se faire detruire par Israel.
Le but d'Israel, des Etats-Unis et maintenant du Canada et de l'europe est de punir collectivement les palestiniens pour avoir voter democratiquement en coupant les fonds monetaires, et Israel va meme plus loin en coupant l'approvisionnement en nourriture dans la Bande de Gaza.

C'est une tentative deliberee, au nom de la lutte contre le terrorisme (mon oeil), d'affamer des civiles, ce qui constitue un crime international grave.

Condi Rice spent the better part of her recent visit to the Middle East trying to persuade Egyptians and Gulf Arabs to join the American-Israeli efforts to isolate Hamas and impose economic sanctions on the Palestinians. To put it mildly, she was told to take a hike.

After democratic elections in the occupied territories resulted in a massive shift to the Palestinian right, Washington joined Tel Aviv in formulating a policy geared to starving the Palestinians as collective punishment for their bad voting habits. In trying to market her obscene scheme to an unreceptive audience in Cairo and Saudi Arabia, Condi once again demonstrated her total allegiance to the Israeli agenda.

Why Do the Illuminati Hate Jews?

Cet article est laisse a votre jugement. Je l'ai annexe ici car je pense que certaines personnes pensent que les juifs sont a la tete d'organisations de pouvoir et qui controlent aux plus aux echelons. Il est un fait remarquable que plusieurs postes de hauts calibres sont occupes par des juifs, comme des banquiers internationaux, dans les medias et l'industrie du cinema americain et dans le gouvernement aux USA. Ce qui est particulier en soi.

Mais en realite, il se trouvent aussi certaines personnes qui se cachent sous le couvert de juif mais sont en fait tres loin de l'etre, ne suivant pas du tout la religion judaique, mais en fait etant des suivants du Talmud, qui se resume a l'inverse total du Torah, que les vrais juifs pratiquent.

Il est tres interessant de savoir que ce sont des sionnistes (posant en juifs) qui haient les juifs qui ont finance les Nazis pour les eliminer et avancer leur agenda.

Beaucoup de vrais juifs sont contre l'etat d'Israel et les dirigeants qui la controlent.

"I read too much out there that falls for the lie that the conspiracy is Jewish at its highest levels. Granted, it appears that way, and a lot of data is hard to argue with, but I have first-hand knowledge of the depth of Jew-hatred among people who are the real thing. These people (at least the ones I knew) are not Zionist Bankers, but totally Gentile."
To all appearances Jews have a disproportionate role in the Illuminati New World Order. How do we account for this apparent contradiction?

Illuminati defector
Svali offers a clue. Illuminati Jews have renounced their Jewish beliefs and background. She says the Illuminati hate Israel.

"The Illuminati are racist in the extreme... Yes, there are some very powerful Jewish people in this group. For instance, the Rothschild family literally runs the financial empire in Europe (and indirectly the States), and are a well-known Jewish family...But to rise to power in the Illuminati, a Jewish person would be forced to renounce their faith, and to give their first allegiance to Lucifer and the beliefs of the Illuminati."

Following the research of Rabbi Marvin Antelman,
Barry Chamish has exposed the heresies of Sabbatai Zvi and Jacob Frank that created a schism in European Jewry in 17th and 18th century respectively. This was essentially a satanic movement that turned Jewish teaching on its ear. Everything that was forbidden by God was now permitted. Sin and not righteousness was the way to salvation. Sexual depravity (especially wife swapping orgies) was encouraged as a means to destroy the family and the social fabric. They wanted a clean slate on which to redesign society.
A fierce hatred developed between satanic Jews and the rabbis who tried to expel the heretics from the community. This schism was partially reflected in the divide between western Jews who shed their religion for "secular humanism and reason" and eastern Jews who largely remained Orthodox. Many secular Jews became radicals as they tried to replace religion with belief in a worldly utopia. The Illuminati duped them with their fraudulent Communist/Socialist dream. "Change the world" was and is their deceptive motto.

The satanic leader Jacob Frank (1726-91) formed an alliance with the Rothschilds, the power behind the Illuminati. They started the Reform and Conservative schools of Judaism, which posed as "liberation from the confines of Jewish inner law and ghetto." They encouraged Jews to assimilate, inter-marry, change their names and even convert to Christianity. They tapped selected followers to advance their satanic agenda by subverting Christian civilization from within.

easily brainwashed

Cet article soutient que les juifs sont facilement "lavable du cerveau" a cause du contexte dans lequel ils evoluent. Voici la traduction de l'extrait que j'ai mis ci-bas:
Les enfants juifs apprennent dans leur enseignement que les juifs ne sont pas aime a cause de mauvaises choses ou des choses qu'ils auraient fait par eux-meme et qu'ils sont persecute parce que les gens sont irrationels, anti-semites. Les explications pour ces etranges comportements incluent l'envie, rejet de faute sur eux ou a cause de la Crucification du Christ.

L'enfant juif grandit pensant qui est un etranger et que la societe est deficiente. Comme un idealiste, il veut "changer le monde" pour que ce genre d'injustice ne puisse se produire. Ainsi il devient a son insu un instrument facilement manipulable par l'elite globaliste.

En fait, je dirais qu'ils sont victimes de campagnes de desinformation et de propagande depuis le jeune age, tout comme nous le sommes. A croire une histoire distortionnee ainsi qu'en des ennemis illusoirs.

Jewish children are taught that Jews are disliked or hated due to no wrong-doing or fault of their own. Jews have been persecuted because of an irrational gentile trait, anti-Semitism. Explanations for this weird behavior include envy or scapegoating, or the Crucifixion of Christ.

The Jewish child naturally grows up feeling that he is an outsider and society is flawed. An idealist, he wants to "change the world" so this type of injustice cannot occur. Thus unwittingly he becomes a pliant instrument of the
Jewish power elite's "revolutionary" or globalist agenda.

Why Orthodox Jews are opposed to the Zionist "State

Pourquoi les juifs orthodox sont contre l'etat sionniste.

Destruction of Voice of Palestine’s building. Reporters without Borders indignant at that new act of war against Palestinian media

Dans un effort calamiteux de reduire au silence les medias palestiniens, l'armee israelienne a simplement detruit la station de television et de radio de l'autorite palestinienne. Voila tout, pas plus complique que ca. Maintenant imaginez si ca se produisait dans un autre pays, le monde entier serait indigne. Mais quand ca arrive en Palestine, a cause d'Israel, tout les medias et le monde n'en ont rien a cirer.

In a letter addressed to Defence minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF - Reporters Without Borders) got indignant at the destruction, by Tsahal, of the television and radio building of the Palestinian authority, in Ramallah. "This action is utterly unacceptable, whatever the judgement we may have about the content of the programs broadcast by Voice of Palestine. We protest against that deliberate policy of eliminating all official Palestinian point of view on the conflict.
After having refused to renew the press cards of Palestinian journalists working for the foreign press, the Israeli government is reducing to silence the media of the Palestinian authority", affirmed Robert Ménard, RSF General secretary. Further to these mass violations of press freedom by the Israeli government, Reporters Sans Frontières has decided to produce a document listing these acts unworthy of a democracy to the Commission of human rights at the United Nations in Geneva.According to the information collected by RSF, on 19 January 2001 at dawn, the Israeli army exploded the television and radio building in Ramallah.

A column of tanks belonging to Tsahal encircled the seven-storey building sheltering the Voice of Palestine. The Palestinian employees had gone out of the building a few minutes before. The Israeli army seized some materials. Then, the soldiers blew up studios and premises. The explosion destroyed most of the building that was still ablaze in the morning.

Le Conseil de Sécurité des Nations -unies demande la fin de l’occupation et rejette le plan unilatéral d’Israël.

Maintenant, remarquez bien la quantite phenomenale d'articles plublies par les medias divers, juste en une couple de semaines sur l'etat de la situation en Israel et la Pelestine. Quand toutes ces informations la sont mises ensemble, comme tous les articles que vous trouverez dans cette edition sur Israel, il est stupefiant de se rendre compte la quantite incroyable de crimes, crimes de guerres et contre l'humanite qu'Israel est responsable a chaque semaine, en pleine face du monde entier, et en toute impunite.

A toute les fois qu'une resolution de l'ONU est en chemin, tous les pays du monde la supportent, mais les USA sont toujours la, le seul pays du monde, a imposer leur veto contre. A ce jour, Israel a defie ainsi plus de 65 resolutions de l'ONU, et vous trouverez d'autres exemple frais de ceci plus bas.

Le Conseil de Sécurité des Nations -unies a tenu mardi soir 28 mars une session ouverte pour étudier la situation au Moyen-orient, y compris la question de la Palestine.
Les intervenants ont insisté sur la nécessité de mettre fin à l’occupation israélienne, du retrait israélien de tous les territoires palestiniens occupés en 1967 y compris Jérusalem -est, et de trouver une solution à la question des réfugiés basée sur la résolution 194 des Nations -unies afin d’ouvrir la voie à l’établissement d’un état palestinien indépendant avec Jérusalem pour capitale.
Tous les orateurs ( sauf Israël) ont affirmé leur refus des actions israéliennes unilatérales menées dans le but de définir les frontières finales d’Israël.
Ils ont aussi déclaré que le peuple palestinien ne doit pas être puni pour ses choix démocratiques et qu’il fallait lui tendre la main et l’aider.

U.N. Report: Jews are Terrorists, Not Palestinians

Rapport de l'ONU: Les Juifs sont les terroristes, non pas les Palestiniens. Ouch..

Jewish settlers are terrorizing Palestinians with impunity, attacking children on their way to school and destroying farmers' trees and crops, a U.N. expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict said in a report.
John Dugard, a South African lawyer, called the withdrawal of Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip last summer a positive step. But the Jewish state effectively controls Gaza through targeted killings and sonic booms from warplanes flying over the region, Dugard said in a report prepared ahead of next week's annual meeting of the 53-member U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Amnesty International Calls On Israel to End Settlements and Constructing Apartheid Wall

Amnestie Internationale demande a Israel d'arreter les colonies illegales (occupation) et la construction du Mur de l'Apartheid la Bande Ouest et Jerusalem Est. Ils demandent aussi l'arret de mesures de represaille contre les palestiniens a cause de l'election du Hamas, car ceci se somme a etre une punition collective, crime de guerre pour la force d'occupation israelienne.

- Amnesty International called on Israel to end expanding settlements and constructing the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The amnesty, in a letter sent to all the Israeli candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections said," these practices are regarded as a violation of human and international laws and that settlements and the Wall are against international law and a violation for the Palestinians' basic human rights."

They also pointed out that these practices affect Palestinians' life as well as all their accommodation, health, education, and employment rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.Furthermore, it called for ending all these measures at once, calling on Israel not to impose punitive measures against the Palestinian people as a reply to Hamas victory in the latest parliamentary elections, pointing out that the international law prevents Israel, as an occupation authority, from using collective punishment against Palestinians.

Israeli Wall in the West Bank: Post-Occupation Strategy to Deny Sovereignty to the Palestinian State

Plus ce ce mur debile qu'Israel est en train de finir de construire autour de la Palestine, ayant pour but d'annexer encore plus de terres illegalement et fixant ainsi unilateralement ses frontieres, en pleine defiance des lois internationales.

"The basic purpose of international law is to protect the sovereignty of state and self-determination of occupied nation. Israeli Wall is the product of Israeli defiance of international law and benign neglect of liberal democracies to its crime against humanity."

Constructive discussions or academic talks on Israel need an unbiased attitude, juridical approach and humanist values towards the Arabs particularly the Palestinians who have been losing their campaign for freedom and sovereignty despite the expansion of the United Nations and assertive world community guided by the US, European Union and their liberal partners—Canada and Australia. It is undeniable that the UN has failed over five decades to rescue the Palestinians from the Israeli occupation and related crimes committed on the pretext of security for Israel.
It is tragic to note that nations and states claiming to be key partners against war on terrorism have always maintained ‘benign neglect’ attitude towards terrorism against the occupied Palestinians since 1948. What is quite disturbing in the Third Millennium is that post-1989 shift in international relations and post-9/11 world order, which seem to institutionalize the phenomenon of giving ‘free hands’ to those countries who possess unconventional war machines, influence globalized corporate sectors and members of the UN Security Council.

Le « mur » israélien est construit, sur l’aquifère palestinien le plus riche

Nazlet Isa, au nord-ouest de la Cisjordanie, est traversé par le « mur » israélien. Le bourg palestinien est construit sur l’aquifère ouest, l’une des ressources en eau les plus riches de la région. Pour les Palestiniens, il ne s’agit pas d’une coïncidence.

A poignant atlas of Palestinian dispossession and exile

Pour comprendre ce qu'ils se sont fait voler comme terres et l'exile du peuple palestinien.

Israel starts work on new settlement

Mais coute que coute, Israel continue de batir des developpements domiciliaires sur des terres confisquees aux palestiniens, les chassant de leurs terres ancestrales et leurs maison et les donnant a des colons israeliens. Ca c'est a facon dont ils fonctionnent en immobilier, en Israel. Assez drastique et criminel merci.

The Israeli government has begun to develop facilities for what eventually could be the largest settlement project in the West Bank since 1967.
On Monday, Israeli officials confirmed that Israel was building a police headquarters and "other facilities" in what it calls the E-1 area, extending from East Jerusalem to the settlement of Maali Adomim, the largest in the West Bank.

In addition to 3550 settler units, the planned development would include a road network, six hotels and a park.

Non-Jews would not be allowed to live or buy land in the settlement.

Israeli Defense Minister: Israel will take 20% of remaining Palestinian land

Et les plans d'expension ne se terminent pas ici. Les projets d'annexions du terrotoire palestinien continue en grand. Le plan etant d'empecher toute nation palestinienne possible. La Grande Israel.

"When we talk about Israel's permanent or future borders it includes the Jordan Valley, Maale Adumim, Gush Etzion, Ariel, Kedumim-Karnei Shomron and Rehan-Shaked", said Israeli Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz in a speech this week in Jerusalem. The areas he mentioned comprise 20% of the West Bank, home to 3.5 million Palestinians, many of them refugees from what is now Israel.Settlements have expanded exponentially in the West Bank since 1993, when the 'Camp David' accord was supposed to bring 'peace' to the region.

250,000 Israeli settlers now live illegally (according to international law) in settlements in the West Bank, an area occupied militarily by Israeli forces since 1967. Those West Bank settlements are what Mofaz was referring to in his speech, defining what 'Israel' will look like when 'final borders' are decided upon.
With Israeli forces going ahead with Annexation Wall construction in an accelerated mode since the Palestinian elections January 25th, the Wall is now surrounding many parts of Palestinian land.
Instead of being built upon the 'green line' armistice border of 1967 between Israel and the West Bank, the Wall snakes through Palestinian land, protecting 'settler-only' roads and highways, cutting apart Palestinian communities, and completely surrounding some towns and cities, like Qalqilia in the northern West Bank.

Israel gives military free rein

Comme des politiques d'aggressions pareilles ne manquent pas de creer de la resistance, il faut l'ecraser. Alors Israel vient de lever toutes restrictions que l'armee avait pour intensifier la lutte contre les mechants "terroristes". Maintenant tous les coups sont permis. Assez vicieux...

Israel says it has lifted all restrictions on its military and that it is intensifying its war against alleged terrorists, including al-Qaida.

Food runs low in Gaza after Israel closes key crossing

Donc ils leur refusent le droits d'exister, leur volent leurs terres et maisons ou les detruisent, lache l'armee lousse dans le tas, les enferment dans une prison geante, et un coup qu'ils sont cernes, ils leurs coupent les vivres, les rapaces, question de les affamer, ces palestiniens nuisibles.

A "PUNITIVE" shortage of basic foodstuffs in Gaza overshadowed a meeting last night in which the Hamas movement was due to present its cabinet list to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority president.

Posted Mar 20, 2006 08:14 AM PSTCategory: ISRAEL

Israel's actions are a war crime under international law. -M.R. WRH

Les Palestiniens subissent de la part de l’Europe une punition collective inacceptable

Alors que le gouvernement Hamas fait des ouvertures au monde, la Commission de l’Union Européenne vient de décider de geler les fonds qu’elle apporte en aide à l’Autorité Nationale Palestinienne.
Après les décisions iniques du Canada et des Etats unis de rompre les liens avec le gouvernement palestinien et de ne plus le financer, cette position indigne de l’Europe révèle encore la politique de deux poids deux mesures qui la caractérise en ce qui concerne la Palestine.

UN aid workers: Gaza on verge of disaster

Meme les organisations d'aide de l'ONU avertissent que la Bande de Gaza est sur le bord de connaitre une catastrophe humanitaire a cause du manque d'argent (coupe par nos gouvernements et Israel) et de nourriture car Israel ferme le point de transition entre la Bande de Gaza et l'Egypte, amenant la nourriture.

United Nations aid organizations are warning that the Gaza Strip is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster due to a lack of money and food.
David Shearer, head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told Foreign Ministry officials that if there is no significant change in the situation, Gaza will face a humanitarian crisis as bad as the one in Kosovo.

A report by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) warns of a lack of basic food supplies due to the frequent closures of the Karni crossing that are preventing goods from reaching Gaza from Egypt. The report also said there has been a significant increase in the number of hungry people since financial aid has been halted.
World Bank statistics show that if there is no dramatic change, 75 percent of Palestinians will be below the poverty line within two years. The current rate is 56 percent, compared to 22 percent in 2000.

Israel launches triple air strike on Gaza Strip

Cet article et les deux suivants documentent comment Israel a comme simple politique de lancer des attaques militaires dans des zones civiles contre des civiles tout comme sur les lieux presidentiels palestiniens. Une nation pour la paix quoi.

Israeli military stands by its policy on shelling populated areas

There has been no change in policy," an Israeli military spokesman said, speaking on customary condition of anonymity. "We will continue to fight them (the rocket launchers) intensely, while trying to avoid hurting innocent civilians." Hadil Ghraben was killed and 13 other people were wounded when two shells blew huge holes in a concrete block house in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday afternoon.

Israel Fires Missiles into Abbas' Compound

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli warplanes fired three missiles into the presidential compound of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday, wounding two people and leaving deep craters in the ground. Abbas was not there at the time.

Hamas terms Israel's death threat to Haneya as terrorism

Ces trois textes suivants documentent les menaces de morts d'Israel contre les gens du gouvernement palestinien, le Hamas. Des menaces de morts mes amis.

Mike Wwhitney: Gangland violence is making us safer.

GAZA, March 7 (Xinhuanet) -- The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said on Tuesday that Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's targeted killing threat to Palestinian prime minister-designate Ismail Haneya was terrorism.
"Mofaz statements represent a clear and formal terrorism," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told reporters in Gaza.

Gangland violence is making us safer.
That's the message we hear today from Israel's Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, who not only defended the practice of "targeted assassination" but threatened to use the controversial tactic against Palestine's new Prime Minister-designate, Ismail Haniya.

"We will continue the targeted killings at this pace," Mofaz stated. "No one will be immune."
Mofaz's comments were made in response to Israel's air-strike against two Palestinian suspects yesterday in Gaza City. The attack killed three bystanders"one child and two teenagers.The Defense Minister used the attack to warn the new Hamas cabinet that the same strategy will be applied to leading members of the government if suicide-bombings in Israel resume.

Israeli: Hamas PM Should Fear for His Life

Israeli Official: Incoming Hamas PM Should Fear for His Life; Olmert Vows Settlement Spending Cut

Israel's defense minister warned Tuesday the incoming Hamas prime minister would be assassinated if the Islamic militant group resumes attacks, but the acting Israeli premier also pledged a drastic cut in spending on Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy

Maintenant, les 9 articles suivants rapportent tous des evenements recents ou des enfants palestiniens ont trouve la mort a cause de l'armee israelienne. Et ou est le scandal dans les medias? Silence total, meme de nos propres gouvernements. Personnes n'osent agie contre Israel, car si on critique Israel, ont est traite d'anti-semites.... Pourtant, les enfants sont la cible des balles. Beaucoup d'enfants palestiniens sont retrouve avec une balle non pas perdu dans le corps, mais dans la tete. Il y a meme des fois ou les soldats israeliens vont vider leur chargeur a munition dans le corps de l'enfant. Mais ils ne sont jamais reprimende pour ca. C'est business as usual...

We discovered that an AP cameraman had filmed the entire incident. This cameraman had then followed what apparently is the usual routine. "The trend toward secrecy is the greatest threat to democracy." - Associated Press CEO, in a speech about the importance of openness “The official response is we decline to respond." - Associated Press Director of Media Relations, replying to questions about AP

Palestinian Teen Shot For Throwing Stones

Sixteen year old Kamal Khalili was shot in his chest with live ammunition at 11:00 this morning in Balata Camp while throwing a stone at Israeli soldiers. He is now brain dead.

Hospital probed over baby release

Israel's justice ministry is investigating a hospital that allegedly held a newborn baby as a "guarantee" until a bill was paid.

UNICEF: "Sad day for children of Gaza

GAZA CITY –UNICEF said Monday was a sad day for the children of Gaza, after five were killed in conflict-related incidents. In the first incident, two brothers, aged 14 and 15, were killed instantly when they were exposed to an unexploded device in a pond in Bereij, south of Gaza City.
Later in the day, two brothers, aged 11 and 15, and a 14-year-old boy were killed as bystanders during an air attack. Monday's tragic incidents bring the year's death toll of Palestinian children to conflict-related violence to 11.

Britain condemns Israel over fatal shooting of a child

The Foreign Office condemned Israel yesterday after a young Palestinian girl was killed in a what her family describe as a hail of bullets in the northern West Bank on Friday.

Girl, 8, is killed in Israeli raid

Two Palestinian Teenagers Killed By Israeli Occupation Forces

Two killed, including a child, in Israeli re-invasion of Balata Refugee Camp

Ibrahim Al Sheikh Issa, 16, and Mohammad Ahmad Al Natour, both sixteen, were killed early this morning in their home, Balata Refugee Camp. The boys were defending their home with rocks.

11 enfants palestiniens otages des soldats israéliens à Naplouse

Une des pratiques courantes de l’occupant israélien est d’envahir des habitations, d’en prendre les habitants en otages, de les garder emprisonnés à l’intérieur et de transformer les lieux en base militaire.

Palestinian Health Care Conditions Under Occupation

Lisez ces chiffres a propos du nombre de personnes agressees ou tuees qui sont pourtant des gens de la sante comme des docteurs, le nombres de centres hospitaliers attaques, de personnes mortes aux "checkpoints" imposes aux palestiniens, au nombre de femmes enceintes qui ont accouche a ces "checkpoints" car on leur refuse passage en ambulance vers l'hopital et le nombres de bebes morts ainsi. Ils tirent meme sur les ambulances ces gens-la vous savez. C'est arrive souvent.

Y'a t'il une seule autre nation au monde qui puisse faire de telles horreurs sans se faire sanctionner et sermoner????? Y'a t-il quelque justification possible pour ca?

Members of the Ibdaa Health Committee are on tour in the US. They are educating Americans on the devastating health conditions of Palestinians and health care workers in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

The facts on the ground are shocking, yet the international community ignores Israel’s widespread violence and warfare against the Palestinians. The violence against health care workers, the health care system and the Palestinian infrastructure are equally appalling.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 36 health care workers have been killed, 447 health providers have been wounded and 129 patients have died at Israeli checkpoints. How? There have been 375 attacks on health care centers, 383 attacks on ambulances, with 38 ambulances destroyed altogether.
Palestinian women in labor have not been left out of the equation of military occupation. Since September 28, 2000, at least 67 women have given birth at Israeli checkpoints. As a result, 39 newborns died or they were delivered stillborn.

According to a map from the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem there are over 100 established checkpoints throughout the West Bank, an area totaling 5,970 sq. km, and this figure does not include flying checkpoints and barriers, such as roadblocks, razed roads, dirt mounds, etc. When Israel completes construction of the wall, approximately 33 per cent of villages within the West Bank will be denied “…free and open access to their health care system,” per the IHC. Moreover, 81 per cent “…of people living in isolated zones and enclaves cannot access primary health clinics, medical centers, and hospitals as needed.”

There are instances where Palestinians need access to urgent medical care, but Israeli forces will not allow Palestinian ambulances to cross the checkpoint. When this happens Palestinians are forced to transfer to an Israeli ambulance, which costs anywhere from 350 New Israeli Shekels (NIS) – 650 NIS ($80 USD – 150 USD).

Keep in mind that an estimated 50 per cent of Palestinians in the West Bank live below the poverty line ($2 USD per person/day). The average unemployment rate for Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza combined is over 60 per cent.

La justice britannique accuse l'armée israélienne de crimes de guerre

La justice bitannique qualifie de crimes de guerre l'assassinat par l'armée israélienne de James Miller et Tom Hundrall.

Chicago court hears chilling tales of torture

Et bien oui, c'est parce que ca s'adonne a la torture comme passe temps, ces soldats israeliens la. C'est politique gouvernementale, business as usual.

URGENT : L’armée israélienne encercle la prison de Jéricho

La loi s'est pour les autres. Quand les dirigeants israeliens veulent attraper leurs "suspects", meme s'ils sont emprisonne dans une prison etrangere, c'est pas grave. Pas besoin de demander a ce qu'ils soient livre, ils encerclent la prison avec l'armee, et apres avoir blesse beaucoup de monde avec leur niaiseries, ils defonsent les murs avec des bulldozers!
Ou il y a de la gene, il n'y a pas de plaisir...

Les forces israéliennes ont encerclé mardi 14 mars la prison de Jéricho en Cisjordanie et exigent la reddition de six détenus palestiniens dont Ahmed Saadat, incarcéré dans la prison de Jéricho pour son implication dans l’assassinat d’un ministre israélien en 2001. Saadat est le secrétaire général du Front populaire de libération de la Palestine (FPLP) et député au Conseil Législatif Palestinien. Quatre autres membres du FPLP sont également détenus dans cette prison.
Selon un accord conclu entre Israéliens et Palestiniens, Saadat ainsi que ces autres détenus sont placés sous la responsabilité internationale des Etats-Unis et de la Grande-Bretagne.
Selon des déclarations de responsables palestiniens, les gardiens britanniques et américains avaient quitté l’établissement un peu plus tôt dans la journée ce qui confirme une opération concertée.
Le bâtiment pénitentiaire est encerclé par des blindés et plusieurs dizaines de jeeps tandis que deux hélicoptères survolent le site.
L’opération a été lancée à la suite d’informations faisant état du projet de Mahmoud Abbas de libérer Ahmad Saadat et ses complices, selon la radio israélienne.
Un Palestinien, un membre des services de sécurité de la prison, Abou Al-Amine, a été tué par balles dans l’opération, a-t-on appris de source sécuritaire palestinienne. Dix-huit autres Palestiniens ont été blessés.
Les militaires ont appelé par haut-parleurs les détenus palestiniens à se rendre. Des bulldozers de l’armée ont commencé à démolir les murs d’enceinte du complexe où se trouve la prison.

Euro Parliament Criticizes Israel

Brussels, Mar 15 (Prensa Latina) The European Parliament, legislature for the European Union, Wednesday criticized the "useless and unequal" Israeli attack on a Palestinian prison in Jericho after US and British inspectors had left.

U.S. may veto bid for UN condemnation of jail siege

Mais c'est correct, l'oncle Sam va utiliser son veto pour eviter une condamnation de l'ONU contre le siege de la prison.

U.S. blocks UN draft pressing Israel to end attacks

Et l'oncle Sam va encore bloquer d'autres initiatives de l'ONU pour forcer Israel a arreter ses attaques militaires sur des cibles palestiniennes. Laissez les donc les massacrer, on aime ca comme ca nous, le gouvernement americain.

By Irwin Arieff
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States on Thursday blocked a U.N. Security Council statement drafted by Arab nations and aimed at putting pressure on Israel to stop military strikes on Palestinian targets.

Israeli Elections: What Happened?

Olmert: Hamas is not a threat to Israel

Report: Hamas will recognize Israel

Ces trois articles ci-haut sont en rapport avec les elections recentes qui ont ete tenues en Israel, donnant pour vainqueur le parti Kadima, cree par le maintenant commateux et mort cervical Ariel Sharon, qui est officiellement dirige par Olmert maintenant.

Ce dernier a declare que le Hamas n'etait pas une menace pour Israel, mais ils coupent quand meme l'argent et les vivres.

Le plus interessant c'est de voir que le Hamas a declare qu'il reconnaitrait Israel, si Israel retournait a ses frontieres orginales de 1967, chose qu'Israel ne fera jamais, tout en continuant de reconaitre la Palestine comme etat. Imagine...

Pas facile de negocier avec ces gens la....

According to a Thursday report on Al-Jazeera, the Hamas government will recognize Israel if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders. Hamas officials close to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh expect Haniyeh to announce the change in the organization's platform in the next few days, Army Radio reported.

Back when the UN created Israel, the very same resolution also created a Palestinian state. Israel immediately refused to recognize Palestine since it sat on land Israel coveted, namely Jerusalem. Arab nations (and the Palestinians) responded by refusing to recognize Israel. Israel made it easier by refusing to officially draw their own borders, and that's been the root cause of all the unrest ever since.
Israel wants to be recognized but refuses the same right to the Palestinians. So, with HAMAS now willing to recognize Israel, the burden shifts to Israel to recognize the right of the Palestinians to also have their own nation. And I fully expect we will see Israel continue to act like the suggestion of a Palestinian state is the most ridiculous idea in the world. - M. Rivero WRH

Israeli Sub fleet chief: We can hit targets overseas

Israel declare dans les medias: on a les moyens de frapper des cibles outre-mer... c'est tellement rassurant.

In exclusive interview with Ynet, commander of army's most advanced, secret war machine fleet says submarines may be used in missions abroad; there's no room for women in unit, he states.

The debate over Free Speech and the holocaust rages on

Le debat sur l'Holocauste et la libre expression fait rage. Cet evenement historique est le seul au monde qui soit illegal et criminel d'investiguer et de rechercher. Si vous avez le malheur de poser des questions, vous pouvez etre enferme en prison.

Truth needs to laws to support it. Throughout history, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma. As it was in Galileo's time, laws that forbid asking questions protect not the truth, but vested interests.
Nobody jails people who claim to have seen bigfoot. Nobody arrests people who think Elvis is still alive. Only in this one area is the mere asking of a question or the performance of a laboratory test grounds for imprisonment for a crime deemed so evil that even the truth is not allowable as a defense.
History is full of atrocities. And for all those atrocities save one, the victims themselves cry out for more examination, more study, more research. Only in this one area do the victims work so hard to punish anyone who wishes to take a closer look. We are all asked to buy the used car of Holocaust politics without being allowed to check out just what kind of engine is under that hood.

Like most Americans, I grew up believing the orthodox accounts of the history of WW2. But more than anything else, it is the manner in which historians, chemists, and researchers are punished for asking a question that has caused me to suspect some dark and terrible secret is being hidden from the general public, and in an age where we were all lied to about Iraq's mythical weapons of mass destruction, the idea that we can be lied to on such a grand and horrific scale has become mainstream. - Michael Rivero WRH

Holocaust Denial In Court Again

You don't see people who claim Elvis is still alive arrested and locked up. People who claim to have seen Bigfoot are not hauled before the courts. Folks who claim to have been taken for a ride in a UFO are not subject to media smear campaigns. Only on this one topic are those who refuse to accept the orthodox accounts subject to political repression. - M.Rivero WRH

Christian Radio Host Fired For Criticizing Israel

Un animateur de radio aux USA est renvoye parce qu'il a commis le haut crime de critiquer Israel!!!!!

The unAmerican thought police operating on American soil have struck once again. This time their victim is veteran Christian evangelist Dale Crowley, Jr. who has been the host of two popular radio programs broadcast over WFAX 1220-AM radio in the Washington area for the last 20 years.

Crowley was told by Doris Newcomb, president and general manager of WFAX, that his Saturday morning broadcast, "Focus on Israel," was terminated immediately. He was not even given an opportunity to bid farewell to his longtime listeners.

The program was canceled by the WFAX management because supporters of Israel had complained to the radio station about Crowley's criticisms of Israel.
Over the years Crowley has been critical of Israel. He has dared to broadcast facts about efforts by the Israeli government to curtail the work of Christian missionaries in the Holy Land.

IDF officer cancels UK studies leave for fear of arrest:

The IDF commander of the Gaza division, Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi, has cancelled plans to study in the U.K. after warnings from the military that he could be arrested for war crimes.

Britain's dirty secret

Des documents revelent que la Grande Bretagne a aide Israel a faire la bombe atomique dans les annees 60, lui fournissant le materiel necessaire.

Exculsive - Secret papers show how Britain helped Israel make the A-bomb in the 1960s, supplying tons of vital chemicals including plutonium and uranium. And it looks as though Harold Wilson and his ministers knew nothing about it. By Meirion Jones

Purim 5766 - And Still Going Strong

Evenement historique sanglant celebre a chaque annee par des juifs, alors qu'ils ont ete victimes eux-memes de violentes politiques. Pourquoi si peu de cas lorsque ce sont eux qui commettent les massacres?
Doubles standards ou hypocrisie?

Some weeks ago, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while denying that a Holocaust against the Jews took place during World War II, stated that there was indeed a "holocaust" that took place in Iran some 2,000 years ago, in which the Jews killed thousands of people.

To this day, it is still celebrated year in and year out with singing and drinking. He was, of course, talking about the story of Purim.Some might indeed mistakenly come to the conclusion that all killing is a bad thing. In fact, we find even among fellow liberal Jews that the holiday of Purim can make them blush and feel uncomfortable, for here we find the
Jews celebrating the downfall of their enemies after killing some 75,000 of them. Now how un-Jewish is that?

-- Je prend encore le soin ici de mentionner que je n'ai aucun sentiment anti-semite ou anti-americain ni contre aucun autre peuple sur terre. Mais je suis entierement tres critique de la nation qu'on appelle Israel (particulierement les gens qui en sont au pouvoir) et ses politiques tres aggressives et violentes contre un peuple qui en est victime depuis plus de 50 ans.

Peu importe la race, un criminel est un criminel. Ce n'est pas la race qui fait un criminel nuisible, mais bien ses actions.
Ultimement, ce sont les juifs qui en seront les victimes aussi, car les represailles seront dirige vers eux, meme si ce ne sont pas les vrais responsables, car le pouvoir en Israel est controle par les sionnistes, qui ne sont pas des juifs, mais se servent de ce couvert pour agir et condamner toute critique comme etant anti-semite.

Paix a tous

lundi 10 avril 2006

Le cote sombre du Canada

Le cote sombre du Canada

Annonce speciale:

Ne manquez pas le nouveau video que j'ai ajoute cette semaine, dans la section video:

- The Century of the Self

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.
Episodes: One Happiness Machines
Adam Curtis, The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Britain and the United States. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests?Freud provided useful tools for understanding the secret desires of the masses. Unwittingly, his work served as the precursor to a world full of political spin doctors, marketing moguls, and society's belief that the pursuit of satisfaction and happiness is man's ultimate goal.

Charge contre les Etats-Unis d'une sénatrice canadienne

La chasse aux phoques au Canada est bien peu de choses face au "massacre quotidien de personnes innocentes en Irak" et à la "déstabilisation du monde entier" par les Etats-Unis, a estimé une sénatrice canadienne piquée au vif par les critiques contre cette pratique.

Mme Céline Hervieux-Payette, sénatrice libérale, a lancé cette charge en réponse à une lettre d'une famille américaine, envoyée à tous les membres du Sénat et les informant qu'elle annulait ses vacances au Canada pour protester contre la pratique "horrible" et "inhumaine" de la chasse aux phoques.

Dans sa réponse, la sénatrice n'"y est pas allée par quatre chemins", comme elle l'a dit elle-même au quotidien La Presse.

Ce qu'elle trouve "horrible" à propos des Etats-Unis, écrit-elle, c'est "le massacre quotidien de personnes innocentes en Irak, l'exécution de personnes -surtout de race noire - dans les prisons américaines, la vente massive d'armes de poing tous les jours aux citoyens américains, la déstabilisation du monde entier par la politique étrangère agressive du gouvernement américain".

"Some people call me Maurice"

Maurice Strong est un homme puissant, a la solde des Rockefeller, qui se tient dans l'ombre, ne faisant pas souvent les manchettes. Cet homme milliardaire est conseiller special du Secretaire-General de l'ONU, conseiller senior du President de la Banque Mondiale, directeur de la Fondation du Forum Economique Mondial, est a l'origine des sommets de la Terre, d'ou vient la theorie du rechauffement climatique a cause de l'activite humaine.

Il a ete Secretaire General de la Banque Mondiale et directeur de la Fondation Rockefeller.

Il est un leader des Bilderberger, de la Commission Trilaterale, du Council on Foreign Relations et du Club de Rome. Il est un des leader du New Age mouvement, et des gens comme les Kissingers, Mc Namaras et Rothschilds visite son site New Age.

Bref, si vous ne connaissiez pas ce personnage, il est temps que vous preniez le temps de le faire. Ce sont des gens comme ca, avec leur reseau d'amis elitistes qui controlent la politique et les gouvernements des pays. Paul Martin etait une facade de Maurice Strong.

Lorsque vous comprendrez que ces gens tres puissants et constituant l'elite globaliste, le Nouvel Ordre Mondial sont derriere les organismes gerant la planete comme la Banque Mondiale, l'ONU, les Bilderbergers, le Sommet de la Terre qui pousse l'idee que le rechauffement climatique est du a l'activite humaine, le CFR et Commission Trilaterale, vous commencerez a comprendre ce qui se passe et pourquoi. Ceci est tres concret et vous avez maintenant quelques noms, pas juste des noms vagues comme le NWO ou l'elite, ou l'Establishment. Bien sur, je ne pretend pas connaitre tous les noms. Il serait dangeureux de vouloir trop simplifier une situation qui est somme toute assez complexe. Mais nous connaissons certains acteurs aux commandes de ce systeme.

Ce sont eux qui constituent le vrai gouvernement parrallele mondial qui controle nos gouvernements paravents.

Maurice Strong isn't often in the news, but he's frequently behind it. So his stepping down as special UN envoy to Korea while his ties to a businessman implicated in the oil-for-food scandal are investigated provides a good opportunity for us to wonder just who this character is.

The broad strokes: The Canadian Strong is an oxymoronic billionaire socialist who serves as Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and as Senior Advisor to the President of the World Bank. He is also, among many other things, Chairman of Strovest Holdings, Chairman and Director of Technology Development Corp, Director of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum ["Davos"] and Chairman of the Earth Council.

Strong's former appointments include Secretary General of the World Bank and Director of the Rockefeller Foundation. He is a leading Bilderberger, and member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and Club of Rome.

Strong wasn't born to privilege, but was cultivated by David Rockefeller whom he met at 18, when he took a job as assistant pass officer in the Security Section of the United Nations. A year later Strong was an investment analyst, and at 25 he became vice-president of Dome Petroleum.
What else is Maurice Strong? An environmentalist and patron of New Age beliefs and religious syncretism. He and his wife have been developing tens of thousands of acres in Colorado as a model "international spiritual community," called the Baca, of which the
Manitou Institute forms a part.
In other words, Strong is the
stuff of nightmares for revanchist conspiracy theorists who hear the whirr of the UN's black helicopters: a gilded Rockefeller socialist linked to the Lucis Trust; a proponent of one world religion and government. For instance:In 1978, a mystic informed Hanne and Maurice Strong that "the Baca would become the center for a new planetary order which would evolve from the economic collapse and environmental catastrophes that would sweep the globe in the years to come."
The Strongs say they see the Baca, which they call 'The Valley Of the Refuge Of World Truths ,'" as the paradigm for the entire planet and say that the fate of the earth is at stake. Shirley MacLaine agrees - her astrologer told her to move to the Baca, and she did. She is building a New Age study center at the Baca where people can take short week-long courses on the occult!

Apparently, the Kissingers, the Rockefellers, the McNamaras, the Rothschild's, and other Establishment New World Order elitists all agree as well, for they do their pilgrimage to the Baca - where politics and the occult - the New World Order and the New Age - all merge. Watch Maurice Strong and watch the Baca!

Yesterday the pond, today a takeover of the Internet

Maintenant que vous en connaissez un peu plus sur cet homme, voyez ceci, le dernier ne de ces hommes: un nouveau internet appelle ManyOne.

C'est suppose revolutionner l'internet. Mais j'ai comme un feeling qui me dit que tout ca sonne trop beau et pur. Je pense que l'internet actuel ne plait pas a l'elite car leurs crimes et leurs mensonges sont constamment exposes et defaits.

Google alert: below-the-radar Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, like The Terminator, is back. Strong, oddly silent since moving to Beijing, resurfaced yesterday as a leader of the all-new Internet. It’s an all-new net that promises to dazzle the masses.
The man who saved the world from greenhouse gas emissions is saving us from the Internet. We’re not making this up.
With the recent failure of the United Nations to do the same thing, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
Strong, whom United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and Canada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin depend on as senior adviser, is part of yesterday’s launch of the "socially responsible business model platform for the digital universe." (http://ManyOne.Net).
Touted as a "PBS of the Web", the bold new venture is called ManyOne Networks.

The Torture Judge

Choc: selon le Juge Federal David Trager, responsable du dossier de Maher Arar, ce canadien qui fut deporte et torture par erreur a cause des autorites americaines dans le cadre de leur lutte contre le terrorisme (a la con), la justice ne peut rien pour lui et a rejete son recours judiciaire.

Alors soyez en bien conscient: si la CIA vous kidnappe par erreur (ou non) et vous envoit vous faire torture a l'etranger pendant des mois ou annees, et bien vous ne pouvez rien contre cela, ni aucun juge, c'est tant pis pour vous. Dans le genre debile, ca commence a etre difficile a battre....

Essentially you have a judge saying that assuming that U.S. officials sent Mr. Arar to be tortured, a judge can do nothing about it.
Georgetown University law professor David Cole, New York Law Journal, February 17

In a startling, ominous decision—ignored by most of the press around the country—Federal District Judge David Trager, in the Eastern District of New York, has dismissed a lawsuit by a Canadian citizen, Maher Arar, who, during a stopover at Kennedy Airport on the way home to Canada after vacation, was kidnapped by CIA agents.

The Hypocrisy of Canada's "Tolerance"

Article sur la fausse tolerance du Canada.

Le Canada suspend son aide et tout contact avec le gouvernement du Hamas

US severs all ties with Hamas

L'hypocrisie du gouvernement canadien ne prend pas de conge. Les palestiniens ont democratiquement elu leur gouvernement, mais ca ne plait pas aux pays occidentaux, alors ils sont punis, prive de leur subventions. Ceci est tellement hypocrite et sale. On assiste a un genocide et nettoyage des palestiniens par Israel, et le Canada ne dit rien a propos de ca, mais lorsque les palestiniens en ont assez de se faire eliminer et votent pour le Hamas dans des elections libres, ils sont l'objet de represailles.

Du territoire restant aux palestiniens en 1948, apres l'etablissement d'Israel en terre arabe, Israel a illegalement en a annexe 78% en surperficie.

Depuis le tout debut de cette histoire, c'est Israel qui a toujours refuse de reconnaitre la Palestine et qui opere un nettoyage ethnique systematique. C'est Israel qui possede illegalement la bombe nucleaire et qui est violation de plus de 60 resolutions de l'ONU.

Mais c'est la Palestine qui est punie par le Canada. Incroyable.

PM visits Canadian troopsHarper spent his second day in turbulent Afghanistan with a clear message to doubters back home.

Et pendant ce temps, notre Harper national se promene en Afghanistan ou le Canada participe a la guerre contre le terrorisme (en carton), participant a un crime de guerre et contre l'humanite.

Human trafficking report blasts Canada, UK

Comme vous l'avez vu dans les photos en tete du ce mail, le Canada pretend toujours etre bon et pur et proteger les gens comme les victimes de traffic d'humains, mais en realite est la cible de critiques severes racontant que le Canada ne fait que tres peu pour venir en aide a ces gens.

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada does a terrible job of helping the victims of human trafficking and usually deports them rather than offering help, a Canadian non-governmental organization said on Wednesday.

Notes: Over 70 CIA-linked landings in Canada

Sans compter qu'il devient de plus en plus clair que le Canada collabore directement avec le programme americain de deportation de gens vers des lieux ou ils seront torture, comme le montre ce document qui rapporte que plus de 70 vols de la CIA sont passe par le Canada en direction de d'autres destinations vacances-tortures....


Pour la premiere fois depuis 1817, la Garde Cotiere americaine va armer ses navires de patrouilles sur les Grand Lacs avec des machine-guns. C'est la militarisation de notre frontiere qui s'amorce.

For the first time since 1817, U.S. Coast Guard vessels on the Great Lakes are being outfitted with weapons – machine-guns capable of firing 600 bullets a minute.
Until now, coast guard officers have been armed with handguns and rifles, but the vessels themselves haven't been equipped with weapons.

The War of 1812 saw violent battles on Lake Erie and Lake Huron between U.S. troops and British forces, which were largely composed of militias from Britain's colonies in what is now Canada. After the war, the United States and Britain – and later Canada – agreed to demilitarize the Great Lakes waters.

The Rush-Bagot Treaty of 1817 allowed each country to station four vessels, each equipped with an 18-pound cannon, to safeguard the Great Lakes. The antiquated treaty has recently been reinterpreted because of U.S. concerns about customs violations, human smuggling and international terrorism.

Photos show one-third of forests chopped up

Selon une recente etude a l'aide de photos satellite couvrant le Canada en entier, c'est le tier de nos forets canadienne qui ont ete coupe par les mega-corporations qui trouvent qu'une foret ca vaut plus quand c'est couche et mort. Quand allons arreter cette folie dementielle chers citoyens????

EDMONTON (CP) - Roads, logging, energy development and other industrial activities have already chopped up almost one-third of Canada's forests, according to a report to be released Wednesday by Global Forest Watch. In a report compiled from more than 1,000 NASA satellite photos, the organization found that nearly all intact forest left in Canada was in the territories and the northern parts of the provinces. Nearly two-thirds of that undisturbed forest was found in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and the Northwest Territories.
Alberta, with only four per cent of Canada's intact forest, has allowed activity in nearly all its woodlands, the report found.

It's the first time a study has taken a uniform look at how much untouched forest is left and where it's located, said Forest Watch director Peter Lee.
"There've been many regional studies, but nothing that's been done nationwide," he said.
"Government and industry do not ask those kinds of questions. They don't want to know the answer."

Lee's report used Landsat photos with enough detail to pick out objects 28 metres in size. It defined an intact forest as an untouched area of at least 100 square kilometres in the northern boreal forest and 50 square kilometres in the temperate forests of the Maritimes, southern Ontario and B.C.

Arab firm in US spotlight also leases Cdn port

La meme compagnie arabes qui devait acheter des ports aux USA qui a fait sensation il y a quelques semaines s'occupe aussi de ports canadiens.

Ahhh ce plusse beau pays de monde qui en arrache....

Une chance qu'on a la reine au moins pour nous consoller et nous faire rire...

mardi 4 avril 2006

Un pays en profond bouleversement: USA

Un pays en profond bouleversement: USA

The Most Powerful Weapon in the World

No pictures of the family leading ordinary lives. Every image is draped with flags or patriotic messages of support. This is not by chance. The producers don't care about who these people are. They only care about what they represent.

This man's life and the lives of his sons were consumed by the fear and intolerance fabricated by the media, all in the name of an abstract notion of freedom and nationalism that simply does NOT represent reality.

Wakeup America. This is the height of fascism. You're being manipulated and controlled by the media to serve a war machine that feeds corporate interests.

Admin. Spends $1.62B On PR, Ads, Bush Admin.'s Propaganda Effort Is Unprecedented

L'administration Bush a depense presque 2 milliards de dollard en publicite, fausses nouvelles, propagande et relations publiques. N'est-ce pas assez surprenant? Cet un effort de controle de l'information et de la pensee sans precedent.
En fait, Bush a deja emprunte plus d'argent que tous les presidents US de l'histoire combine. (voir charte ci-haut!)
Il s'agit en fait d'une passation de la richesse du domaine publique vers des mains privees. Un vol en plein jour quoi.

Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug Associated Press serves as a cover-up for U.S. losses

Parce que la peur, ca rapporte gros a ceux qui savent la manipuler contre les masses.
Imaginez le conflit d'interet hallucinant: Donald Rumsfeld, le secretaire de la Defence US qui fait un profit de 5 millions$ grace a ses actions dans la compagnie pharmaceutique qui produit le non-efficace Tamiflu, le vaccin contre la grippe aviaire.
Pour bien comprendre pourquoi et comment c'est la mega industrie de l'elevage intensif qui est la source du probleme du H5N1, lisez sans faute ce rapport:
Qui est le dindon de la farce ? et Un rapport de GRAIN établit que l’industrie avicole mondiale est à l’origine de la crise de la grippe aviaire .

The U.S. Department of Defense claims that the total number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq through Tuesday, March 21 since the start of the war on March 19, 2003, was 2,319. But according to information uncovered previously as part of an inquiry by the Government of Puerto Rico and confirmed by El Diario/La Prensa's review of multiple documents, including official reports issued by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior, more than 4,076 troops under U.S. command have been killed in 799 days of battle. This information contrasts with the limited information on casualties reported by the Associated Press and the U.S. military authorities, which focus only on U.S. uniformed troops.

Experimental weather modification bill - fast tracking - for passage in US Senate and House of Representatives

Pour ceux qui sont encore sceptique qu'on puisse modifier le climat volontairement, et que le savoir faire et les experiences sont deja existantes depuis des decennies!
Le "Senate Bill 517" et le "U.S. House Bill 2995" permettraient l'experimentation sur la modification du climat par des methodes artificielles.

U.S. Senate Bill 517 and U.S. House Bill 2995, a bill that would allow experimental weather modification by artificial methods and implement a national weather modification policy, does not include agriculture or public oversight, is on the “fast track” to be passed early in 2006. This bill is designed to implement experimental weather modification. The appointed Board of Directors established by this bill does not include any agricultural, water, EPA, or public representatives, and has no provisions for Congressional, State, County, or public oversight of their actions or expenditures.

Weather Modification may adversely impact agricultural crops and water supplies. If the weather is changed in one state, region or county it may have severe consequences in another region, state or county. And who is going to decide the type of weather modification experimentation and who it will benefit or adversely impact?

This experimental weather modification bill will impact residents across the United States not just in California. Many current and ongoing weather modification programs (47 listed by NOAA in 2005), including the one in Wyoming that is designed to increase the snowpack, may be diverting rainwater away from Oklahoma and Texas, two states that are currently fighting fires caused by a lack of rainfall.
We have no idea what the unintended consequences of the Wyoming action or other experimental weather modification programs might be now or in the future.

US to test 700-tonne explosive -

Les USA vont tester une bombe de 700 tonnes qui serait capable de detruire des bunkers profondement enterre.
J'ai deja lu que l'effet de la bombe quand elle explose ressemble beaucoup a une explosion d'une mini bombe nucleaire telle que developpe par les americains. L'idee serait de confondre l'une pour l'autre histoire de cacher l'emploi reel de bombes nucleaire par l'armee US en Iran par exemple.
Parce qu'apres tout, combien d'avion peut vraiment transporter une bombe qui pese 700 TONNES!

Tegnelia said the test was part of a US effort to develop weapons capable of destroying deeply buried bunkers housing nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
Mar 30, 2006 01:32 PM PSTCategory: COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS

Or a cover story for the use of small nuclear weapons on Iran. After all, how many US aircraft can carry a bomb that actually weighs 700 tons? Michael Rivero WRH

Number of Illegal Immigrants Hits 12M

12 millions d'immigrants illegaux aux USA! Une strategie evidente d'obtenir de la main d'oeuvre pas cher et aussi question de faire baisse la masse salariale de tous sous pression d'un trop grand nombre d'ouvriers pour le nombre de job reelle selon Thom Hartmann:

Thom Hartmann: Illegal Workers: the Conservatives Secret Weapon

US cow tests positive for mad cow disease

Ca fait longtemps qu'ils y a des cas de vaches folles aux States, mais ca commence a sortir officiellement dans les mass medias....

Alaska hit by 'massive' oil spill

Oil Gushes into Arctic Ocean from BP Pipeline

Terrible repandement de petrole en Alaska provenant d'une pipeline trop vieille qui a rouille.
Et ces malheureux veulent percer dans le refuge naturel de l'Alaska pretendant que l'industrie petroliere est propre et securitaire....

Judge Rules Teachers Have No Free Speech Rights in Class

Un juge decrete que les professeurs n'ont pas de droit a la libre expression en classe, mais un evangeliste, Pat Robertson par contre, lui peut declare que l'Islam veut conquerir le monde entier et que les islamiques radicaux sont des satanistes!

Evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson calls radical Muslims 'satanic'

Evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson said Monday on his live "700 Club" television program that Islam wants to take over the world and is not a religion of peace, and that radical Muslims are "satanic."

Georgetown Law Students Turn Backs To Gonzales

Ca c'est excellent: les etudiants en droit de Georgetown ont tourne le dos a Gonzales en signe de refus et de protestation contre le chef de la cour supreme. Quand les gens s'unissent, c'est toujours fascinant et rejouissant de voir le pouvoir qu'on a ensemble.

W.House pushes more schools to drug-test students - Yahoo! News

Des etudiants atheletes, musiciens at autres qui participaient a une activite d'ecole pourraient etre sujet a des tests de depistage de drogue de facon aleatoire et obligatoire.

Student athletes, musicians and others who participate in after school activities could increasingly be subject to random drug testing under a program promoted by the Bush administration.

Stun gun linked to 150 deaths in US by Amnesty

Le fusil Taser lie a la mort de 150 personnes au US selon un rapport d'Amnestie, ces armes cense etre securitaire et non mortelle...

Recruiting as a pyramid scheme

Pain in the Brain

A lire... comment on peut etre tranquillement intoxique par des produits chimiques comme le fluor dans le l'eau qui rend les gens deficients intellectuels.

The Setup To Destroy America

Il est clair que le setup pour detruire les Etats-Unis est en place et execute de facon efficace, le but etant d'affaiblir et isoler le pays dans le but d'etablir un pouvoir dictatorial fasciste.

The Fed Officially Kicks Off the Next Recession

La Fed qui controle l'economie americaine, controle par des banquiers prives qui impriment l'argent, est en train de mettre en place les conditions inevitables pour la venue d'une grave depression economique. Et c'est voulu. Et ca enrichi les banquiers prive encore plus, qui rafflent des interets eleves et saisissent du vrai immobilier et des terres.

It is official. A recession is coming. How do I know? Because this week new Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke gave an official warning to bankers about commercial real estate loans. That is always the kickoff to a recession. It is the starter's gun, the national anthem before a ballgame, the opening hymn at a church service. Here is how it works.

The endlessly repeating cycle of inflation, recession, inflation, recession, is a gigantic heartbeat that pumps real wealth from the general population into the pockets of the ultra-wealthy elite. Michael Rivero WRH

America's war on the web

Imagine un monde ou un pays pourrait controler et fermer tout reseau de communication comme les telephones cellulaires ou l'internet a volonte, ou un monde ou des guerres seraient mene sur internet, bombarde par des faux reportages et de la disinformation prepare par des militaires....
Bienvenue dans ce monde.. maintenant.
Le Pentagone s'en va en guerre direct sur l'internet avec un budget de 383 millions $.

While the US remains committed to hunting down al-Qaeda operatives, it is now taking the battle to new fronts. Deep within the Pentagon, technologies are being deployed to wage the war on terror on the internet, in newspapers and even through mobile phones. Investigations editor Neil Mackay reports

IMAGINE a world where wars are fought over the internet; where TV broadcasts and newspaper reports are designed by the military to confuse the population; and where a foreign armed power can shut down your computer, phone, radio or TV at will.
In 2006, we are just about to enter such a world. This is the age of information warfare, and details of how this new military doctrine will affect everyone on the planet are contained in a report, entitled The Information Operations Roadmap, commissioned and approved by US secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld and seen by the Sunday Herald.
The Pentagon has already signed off $383 million to force through the document’s recommendations by 2009.

Caught on Film: The Bush Credibility Gap

Comparez les declarations de Bush dans le passe avec ce qu'il declare aujourd'hui dans cet article. Vous serez foudroye de prendre conscience a quel point cet homme ment constament.

There Are Criminals, and Then There Are CRIMINALS

By Cindy Sheehan 03/11/06 "ICH" -- -- As I lie here in bed recuperating from the injuries that I received from a federal agent and the NYPD in front of the US Mission to the UN (USUN) the other day, I have had time to reflect on the experience, the state of our union and its descent into a fascist state.

Kabuki Congress

Conservatives Are Jumping Ship: Bush Is Going Down

Basic Statistics for United States Imperialism

Statistiques deconcertantes a propos de l'Empire US.

Globalism and the New World Order: The Emerging Global Village

Le globalisme et le nouvel ordre mondial: l'emergence du village global. L'implantation d'un regime planetaire de controle militaire et de libre marche globalisant est bien reel.

Neocons Commence World War Three

Les Neocons commence la 3e guerre mondiale. Derniere etape avant l'implantation defenitive du NWO. Voyez les articles suivant qui tracent les actions militaires traduisant la volonte clair de dominer le monde militairement.

In Bushzarro world, the invasion and occupation of Iraq was first about Saddam’s illusory weapons of mass destruction, and then in lieu of actually finding any weapons the excuse shifted to altruism, a mawkish desire to bestow democracy on benighted Iraqis (who pretty much pioneered civilization 12,000 years ago as Mesopotamians and didn’t need any help from the neocons). In fact, the invasion had nothing to do with either of these things, as some of us said in late 2002, about the time the Straussian neocons began making serious noise about invading Iraq and killing thousands of people.

Instead, the invasion of Iraq was all about destroying Iraqi society and nationalism. It was a coup de grâce delivered after twelve years of brutal, immoral, sadistic, and medieval sanctions designed to break the Iraqis down. It has everything to do with defeating secular Arab nationalism and in this respect the occupation (and destruction) of Iraq is an Israeli project. Both Syria and Lebanon loom large on the Straussian neocon hit list precisely because they represent Arab nationalism.

US Navy prepares aircraft carrier strike group for "major training exercise"

Cuba et le Venezuela sont sur la liste noire des globalistes. Castro, Chavez et le peuple ne sont assez soumis aux interets des globalistes.
Un mega exercice militaire americain va se produire dans les Caraibes pour impressionne la revolution sud americaine.
Le peuple fait sa volonte et sa derange...

The Virginian-Pilot (Jack Dorsey): The (US) Navy will send an aircraft carrier strike group, with four ships, a 60-plane air wing and 6,500 sailors, to Caribbean and South American waters for a major training exercise, it was announced Monday.
Some defense analysts suggested that the unusual two-month-long deployment, set to begin in early April, could be interpreted as a show of force by anti-American governments in Venezuela and Cuba.

Pentagon 'hedge' strategy targets China - Nation/Politics - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

Ensuite ce sont la Russie et la Chine qui viennet sur la liste noire...

La douleur maximale est le but de la nouvelle arme des Etats-Unis

UN Pushes For Global Taxes

Gouvernement mondial qui se prepare.. mais pas par le peuple ni pour le peuple. L'ONU qui propose un systeme de taxation global!!!!

Shocking Guantánamo Suicide Letter Just Declassified and Released by The U.S.

Alimentation forcée et contention des grévistes de la faim de Guantanamo Bay

Before and After Abu Ghraib, a U.S. Unit Abused Detainees

USATODAY.com - 8,000 desert during Iraq war

Members of US Congress demand Impeachment Inquiry

Depleted Uranium - US Lung Cancer Rates Soar

200,000 People in U.S. Terror Database

Agent Orange: the legacy of a weapon of mass destruction

USATODAY.com - Decades later, Marines hunt Vietnam-era deserters

The true U.S. history of human medical experimentation

Dick Cheney hangs out with Israel's spies

Trahison direct punissable par condamnation a mort aux USA. Cheney qui se promene avec des espions israeliens! Ayoye!