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vendredi 9 août 2013

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Refroidissement climatique:


Ice Core Data shows Arctic has Experienced Unexpectedly Warm Periods

An international team of researchers drilled a core more than 444 feet into the bed of Lake El’gygytgyn — pronounced El’gee-git-gin, but generally called just Lake E — in northeastern Russia about 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
Lake E was formed about 3.6 million years ago by a meteor that hit the region, leaving an 11-mile wide crater that has since been filling with sediment. The region is not glaciated, so the bottom of the lake has not been disturbed.
The core yielded data about conditions in the region for the last 2.8 million years, almost 30 times as long as the 110,000 years covered by cores drilled in the Arctic ice sheets.
Individual layers of the core can be dated from magnetic field data left behind by the regular shifts in the Earth’s magnetic field. Data from pollen yields information about annual temperatures and rainfall.
Researchers know that there have been recurring periods of higher temperatures and increased rainfall in the Arctic, called interglacials, but those have been relatively modest, involving temperature increases of a couple of degrees Fahrenheit.
The team reported in the journal Science that they found periods with much more extreme changes, which they called super interglacials.
They found that temperatures in two of the super interglacials, one 400,000 years ago and one 1.1 million years ago, were as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than during normal interglacials about 12,000 and 125,000 years ago.
There was also about 12 inches more rainfall during the super interglacials. With such increased temperatures and rainfall, the team said,Greenland’s ice sheet could not have existed in its current form.
Simulations using state-of-the-art computer climate models show that neither changes in the Earth’s orbit nor high levels of greenhouse gases could produce such changes alone.
The team compared their results to those from the Antarctic Geological Drilling Project and found that periods when the West Antarctic ice sheet melted coincided with the super interglacials in the Arctic. They offered two potential explanations for how the two polar regions could be connected:
First, reduced glacial ice cover and loss of ice shelves in Antarctica could have limited formation of cold bottom water masses that flow into the North Pacific Ocean and upwell to the surface. Fewer movements of such masses could lead to warmer surface waters, higher temperatures and increased precipitation on land.
A second possibility, they say, is that disintegration of the West Antarctic ice sheet may have led to significant increases in global sea level, allowing more warm surface waters to reach the Arctic Ocean through the Bering Strait.
Whatever the cause, they concluded, it is clear we need to learn much more about the Earth’s climatic past.
The El’gygytgyn Drilling Project is part of the International Continental Drilling Project sponsored by the U.S., Germany, Austria and Russia.


Rise and fall of underwater volcano revealed

As many as 32,000 underwater mountains have been identified around the world and the majority are believed to be volcanic in origin. Several thousand of these may be active but a combination of ocean depth and remoteness means that very few have been studied.
I have pointed out before that nobody knows how many active volcanoes there are on the floor of the oceans. Hence, nobody knows how much heat is poured into the oceans by volcanoes. It therefore follows that it is actually impossible to calculate the extent of the human contributions to ocean warming, even though that is a claim the carbonazis make all the time.


Arctic Fraud : Worse Than It Seems

Thanks to the work of skeptics, two key government documents have been dug up – which tell us that Arctic sea ice extent was much lower prior to 1979.
In 1990, the IPCC published the graph below based on NOAA data. It shows us that Arctic ice extent in 1974 was almost two million km^2 less than 1979


NASA Satellite Debunks Melting Glacier Myth

The story of melting glaciers has been told ad nauseam by climate catastrophists and the scientifically gullible news media for years. This blog has reported on the purported “rapid melting” of the Himalayan glaciers several times before (see “Himalayan Glaciers Not Melting” and “Himalayan Glacier Disappearance Overstated”). It is true that glaciers melt, they are the primary source of water in a number of regions around the world.
As I have often stated, this is an interglacial period, ice is supposed to melt. Otherwise there would still be a mile of ice on top of New York City. But despite evidence to the contrary, warmists continue to claim that glaciers are disappearing at an alarming rate.


Robert Welch in 1974 reveals New World Order Agenda

In 1958, then later here in 1974, Robert Welch reveals the NWO agenda to induce the gradual surrender of America's sovereignty to various international organizations.

Agenda 21: Full Spectrum Domination

The peace-loving tree huggers at the UN have devised a plan for the world. The friendly folks a the UN's Department for Sustainable Development have a master plan for us all.
Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.
So let's see if we understand this correctly. A plan of action. Got it. To be taken globally...okay - everyone must participate. In every area in which human impacts on the environment....yep, that covers everyone and everything in the entire world. It's a warm fuzzy way to take over the world! Group hug, anyone?


UN Agenda 21 and the Public School Curriculum vs. Local Control of the Schools

Only global poverty can save the planet, insists WWF - and the ESA!

Extremist green campaigning group WWF - endorsed by no less a body than the European Space Agency - has stated that economic growth should be abandoned, that citizens of the world's wealthy nations should prepare for poverty and that all the human race's energy should be produced as renewable electricity within 38 years from now.
Most astonishingly of all, the green hardliners demand that the enormous numbers of wind farms, tidal barriers and solar powerplants required under their plans should somehow be built while at the same time severely rationing supplies of concrete, steel, copper and glass.
The WWF presents these demands in its just-issued Living Planet Report for 2012. It's a remarkable document, not least for the fact that it is formally endorsed for the first time by the European Space Agency (ESA) - an organisation which would cease to exist in any meaningful form if the document's recommendations were to be carried out.

Smoky Mountains National Park - A UN "World Heritage" and "Biosphere Reserve". My research into those meanings and UN - U.S. National Parks.

I have spent many hours researching what the meaning of some plaques I read and photographed when I was up in the Smoky Mountains a couple of weeks ago.
Did you know they are a "UN WORLD HERITAGE" site and a "UN Biosphere Reserve?" Along with most of our other "National Parks"?
Extensive research at the link - what the meaning is and who really does "own and control" the U.S. National parks and the areas around them.
Lots of information in the article.
Here are the pictures I took and what the plaques say:

I thought "What the Hell is a UN World Heritage site?"  The way it read to me is that the Smoky Mountains are not actually a National Park of the United States and thus the People of the United States are not the owners, but is controlled by the United Nations.

Did our U.S. government give up our national park to the UN in 1983?

I am sure the average person who reads the plaques think "Oh, how awesome these mountains are considered 'World owned mountains and are protected through the UN.'

But for those of us who know about the UN Agenda 21, we know that it means the U.S gives up Sovereignty to the UN to become a "One World Government and control of land and resources."

Needless to say the above plaques disturbed me and I wanted to know exactly what their meaning was.

I have now done the research and have found the U.S. government has given the UN control of most of our National Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Redwood Forest, Mammoth Caves, Statue of Liberty, Olympic National Park, the Everglades, the list goes on.  Here is the map of the 21 sites that the U.S. has allowed the UN to have as "World Heritage" sites.

Properties inscribed on the World Heritage List (21)


It is true that you will not find any UN documents clearly stating that the world body controls or owns American soil through the World Heritage Site Treaty. It is also true that you will not find blue-helmeted UN soldiers standing guard over any of the sites.

To fully understand the threat to American sovereignty posed by the UN designation of World Heritage Sites, one must first link this program to a series of other treaties and policies, and how they impact American sovereignty. Above all, one must understand that many in our government see such programs as another tool to build massive federal land-control programs.

There is strong evidence of close collaboration between the U.S. Park Service and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Committee. There is also strong evidence that the designation of UN World Heritage Sites goes hand in hand with the Administration’s Sustainable Development program. That program is nothing less than a massive federal zoning program that dictates property development on the local level, in the name of protecting the environment. The goal of Sustainable Development is to lock up vast areas of American land, and shield it from private use.

The designation of United Nations’ World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves can and does result in the centralization of policy-making authority at the federal level, particularly by the Executive Branch. Once a UN designation is made and accepted by the Federal Government there is literally no opportunity for private American land owners to dispute it or undo the designation.

Private property rights literally disappear, not only in the officially designated area, but worse, in buffer zones OUTSIDE the designated area. Not only has the federal government been using these treaties and agreements to limit access to, and use of these lands to all Americans, but they also have used the UN designations to limit use of private property OUTSIDE the boundaries of the site.
That is exactly what happened outside of Yellowstone National Park (a World Heritage Site) when UNESCO delegates were called in by the Park Service in an attempt to stop the development of a gold mine - located OUTSIDE the park. The UNESCO delegates declared Yellowstone to be the first “endangered” World Heritage Site and called for a protective buffer zone of 150-MILES IN DIAMETER AROUND THE ENTIRE PARK. The buffer zone would stop development and access to millions of acres of private property. Such is the purpose of the World Heritage Sites.

Moreover, in becoming party to these international land-use designations through Executive Branch action, the United States is indirectly agreeing to terms of international treaties, such as the Biodiversity Treaty - a UN treaty that has never been ratified by the United States Senate.

Nevertheless, in 1994, the U.S. State Department published the “Strategic Plan for the U.S. Biosphere Reserve Program.” Taken straight from the unratified Biodiversity Treaty, the State Department program is to “create a national network of biosphere reserves that represents the biogeographical diversity of the United States and fulfills the internationally established roles and functions of biosphere reserves.”

A chief tactic used by the UN and the Federal Government when designating a biosphere reserve or a World Heritage Site is to rarely involve or consult with the public and local governments. In fact, UNESCO policy actually discourages an open nomination for World Heritage Sites. The “Operational Guidelines for the Implementations of the World Heritage Convention” states:

“In all cases, as to maintain the objectivity of the evaluation process and to avoid possible embarrassment to those concerned, State (national) parties should refrain from giving undue publicity to the fact that a property has been nominated inscription pending the final decision of the Committee of the nomination in question. Participation of the local people in the nomination process is essential to make them feel a shared responsibility with the State party in the maintenance of the site, but should not prejudice future decision-making by the committee.”

In other words, the nominating committee is to hide the fact that a massive land grab is about to take place. Then, at the appropriate moment, the committee is to involve some local yokels to make them think they have something to say about the grab, then send them away, so that the committee can move ahead, unhindered. They aren’t suppose to worry about the fact that private landowners have just lost control of their property.

This is not the way the U.S. Constitution says things should be done. This is how despots at the United Nations run things. The Administration is allowing them to do it for the sake of more Federal power.
By allowing these international land use designations, the United States promises to protect the sites and REGULATE surrounding lands if necessary to protect the UN-designated area. Honoring these agreements forces the Federal Government to PROHIBIT or limit some uses of private lands outside the international designated area UNLESS OUR COUNTRY WANTS TO BREAK A PLEDGE TO OTHER NATIONS.

In a nutshell, here is the real game being played. Through such policies, the Federal Government is binding our nation to international treaties and agreements that stipulate that the United States will manage these lands in a prescribed manner in order to achieve certain international goals and objectives. In other words, we have agreed to limit our right of sovereignty over these lands.

That is why it is charged that World Heritage Sites are an infringement on United States sovereignty. You won’t find the smoking gun by reading the treaties. It can only be found in understanding the “intent” and the “implementation” of the policies.
So, when you go to our gorgeous "National" Parks, you will now know they are not really National Parks but are UN controlled "World" Parks. 

Green Germany: Half A Million Families Sitting In The Dark

Many households in Germany are no longer able to pay their electricity bills. As a result, around half a million households are sitting in the dark.


Global Warming, R.I.P

In a remarkable monograph, Roy W. Spencer presents hard evidence that 75% of the observed warming since the start of the 20th century is due to natural processes. He offers a detailed model describing how one of these processes, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), operates in the real world. Most importantly, he demonstrates that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a minor contributor to a global climate largely insensitive to man-made CO2.
Thanks to this highly skilled climatologist and his The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled The World's Top Climate Scientists, we can now taunt the often corrupt and overtly political planetary high priests with this: PDO means AGW is DOA.


20 Signs That Dust Bowl Conditions Will Soon Return To The Heartland Of America

For decades, the heartland of America has been the breadbasket of the world. Unfortunately, those days will shortly come to an end. The central United States is rapidly drying up and dust bowl conditions will soon return. There are a couple of major reasons for this. Number one, the Ogallala Aquifer is being depleted at an astounding pace. The Ogallala Aquifer is one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the entire world, and water from it currently irrigates more than 15 million acres of crops. When that water is gone we will be in a world of hurt. Secondly, drought conditions have become the “new normal” in many areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and other states in the middle part of the country.
This is one of the many reasons for growing and preserving as much food as you possibly can, in case of shortages.
Even if you live in a condo or apartment, you can manage to use pots in which you can cultivate fruits and vegetables appropriate to the climate in which you live.


Arctic doomsday vault grows a few seeds bigger

Chick peas, fava beans and other seeds from a facility in Syria are among the 25,000 new samples being deposited this week in an Arctic seed vault built to protect food crops from wars and natural disasters, officials said Tuesday.
The latest additions mean that the Svalbard Global Seed Vault -- a master backup to the world's other seed banks -- has now secured more than 740,000 samples since it opened in a remote Norwegian archipelago in 2008.
That represents an estimated three-quarters of the biological diversity of the world's major food crops, said Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which maintains the vault with Norway's government and the Nordic Genetic Resources Center.


Data Tampering: GISS Caught Red-Handed Manipulating Data To Produce Arctic Climate History Revision

The raw data of the Arctic did not tell the story they wanted to hear, and so GISS took it upon themselves to rewrite it.


Montenegro almost cut off by heavy snow

The heaviest snowfall in Montenegro in 63 years has sealed off hundreds of villages, shutting down roads and railways and closing the main airport in the tiny Balkan state on Saturday.
The government has said it is considering introducing a state of emergency throughout the country.
The snow virtually sealed off the capital Podgorica, closing its airport and hampering rail and road traffic. At 52 centimeters (20 inches) high, it was the worst fall in the capital since 1949.


Horror Winter In Northern Africa


Extreme cold weather hits Europe

Frigid temperatures have gripped Europe in the last week, with the mercury reaching as low as 35 degrees Celsius below zero. After what had been a relatively mild winter, the sudden cold caught many unprepared. Eastern Europe is hardest hit, with over 100 deaths in Ukraine, and with over 11,000 people in remote villages cut off by snow in Serbia. Most of the fatalities recorded have been homeless people found frozen to death outside, and emergency tents with hot meals have been set up to help them in several affected countries. Russia and Poland are mobilizing help for the homeless. Travel in Romania has been chaos as a blizzard hampered efforts to clear both rails and roads. Recorded temperatures in Italy were the lowest in 27 years.
Al Gore: Snow is a thing of the past


New Ice Age to Begin in 2014

“Forecasters predict that a new ice age will begin soon,” says this article on russia-ic.com.
“Habibullo Abdusamatov, a scientist from the Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences considers that the sharp drop in temperature will start on the Earth in 2014.
“According to the scientist, our planet began to “get cold” in the 1990s. The new ice age will last at least two centuries, with its peak in 2055.
“It is interesting, that the same date was chosen by the supporters of the theory of global warming.


Agenda 21 Forum for the Future Fully Exposed: Post Industrial World Order

Agenda 21 has been broken up and repackaged as three new organizations:
America 2050, Forum for the Future, and the Rewilding Project. The re-branding of Agenda 21 also allows the globalists to advance another older concepts that has been in the works for a long time, mainly The North American Union.
Through these three organizations, the globalists have implemented and started executing a strategy that will bring about an Orwellian state where all 50 states are merged into mega regions and where people are rationed food, water, and energy. Get ready... get set....


Durban climate deal leaves difficult road ahead

The so-called Durban Package will, for the first time, bring all greenhouse-gas users into a common legal regime under the UN flag, in the aim of cranking the carbon combat into higher gear.
And there, just as I warned you, is the doorway to global dictatorship, a dictatorship brought into being by fraud, which means a dictatorship that can never allow freedom of speech, freedom of inquiry, a dictatorship that will have to be history's worst tyranny merely to survive its own creation.


Scientists sound alarm over Southern Ocean warming

You do realize that it is summer down there, right? :)
Actually, this is a repeat of Ramses BS about the Hittites, knowing the Egyptian people couldn't check up on him. Too many people are able to walk down to the beach and take temperature readings for themselves, so this cock and bull story about how the oceans are getting much warmer .... someplace you can't get to to verify for yourself, is the latest hail-Mary pass to sell the carbon tax and the global government agenda in a demonstrably cooler world.


Climategate 2.0: The team of climate “scientists” knew about the junk data of Mann’s hockey stick

So much agenda-driven corruption and so little scientific method…
Email 2383 contains further evidence that everyone in the world of paleoclimate knew the Hockey Stick was a duffer.
From: Tim Barnett [[2]mailto:XXXXXXXXXXX@ucsd.edu]
Sent: 11 October 2004 16:42
To: Gabi Hegerl; Klaus Hasselmann
Cc: Prof.Dr. Hans von Storch; Myles Allen; francis; Reiner Schnur; Phil Jones; Tom Crowley; Nathan Gillett; David Karoly; Jesse Kenyon; christopher.d.miller@noaa.gov; Pennell, William T; Tett, Simon; Ben Santer; Karl Taylor; Stott, Peter; Bamzai, Anjuli
Subject: Re: spring meeting
not to be a trouble maker but……if we are going to really get into the paleo stuff, maybe someone(s) ought to have another look at Mann’s paper. His statistics were suspect as i remember. for instance, i seem to remember he used, say, 4 EOFs as predictors. But he prescreened them and threw one away because it was not useful. then made a model with the remaining three, ignoring the fact he had originally considered 4 predictors. He never added an artifical skill measure to account for this but based significance on 3 predictors. Might not make any difference. My memory is probably faulty on these issues, but to be completely even handed we ought to be sure we agree with his procedures. best, tim
It’s interesting how much evidence there is now that the Hockey Stick was known to be a problem.
I think herein I will refer to Mann’s hockey stick as the Hockey Schtick — not science, just a gimmick to promote an alarmist’s agenda.


Climategate 2 shows more AGW chicanery

New and explosive revelations continue to emerge from the Climategate 2 emails, two weeks after the 5,000-plus emails were first publicly unveiled. While Climategate 2 does not share the “novelty factor” of Climategate 1, the contents of the Climategate 2 emails are at least as appalling as Climategate 1. Most importantly, the Climategate 2 emails show scientists at the forefront of global warming activism acknowledging serious flaws in alarmist global warming theory, working together to hide data contradicting alarmist global warming theory, and taking concerted and nefarious action to ruin the careers of scientists and peer-reviewed science journal editors who publish studies and data that undermine alarmist global warming claims.

UN trapped in climate turmoil

The man-made warming activists at the UN are trapped in turmoil over how to deal with the earth’s lack of warming since 1998. A couple of weeks ago, the UN climate panel circulated a draft statement that would have admitted we’re unlikely to have any further earth-warming for the next 30 years “because climate change signals are expected to be relatively small compared to natural climate variability.”
The BBC’s environmental reporter Richard Black reported that he’d received a copy of that draft. Black said he expected member governments to reject the statement, however, because it would embarrass the first-world governments’ green energy subsidies and taxes agenda. It would also have finally killed the world’s climate-terror campaign.
Dennis T. Avery, a senior fellow for the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., is an environmental economist. He was formerly a senior analyst for the Department of State.


Let them die of cold, school shuts off heat in fear of global warming


Ridiculous stuff GW culmembers are doing to reduce their 'carbon footprint'
Psuedo science is a live and well, that's why horoscopes get a full page in news papers. In general people are gullible and stupid.

Furious parents vented their anger at a headteacher who turned off his school's heating on one of the coldest days of the year.
Pupils at Ansford Academy in Castle Cary, Somerset, were forced to grip their pens through thick gloves and wear their coats and hats in class as temperatures dropped to 1C.
The school's headmaster, Rob Benzie, shut down the radiators as an experiment to show students how the school could cut its carbon footprint.
But staff and parents condemned the plan, branding it 'barbaric' and 'beyond stupid'.
One teacher said: 'It was absolutely ridiculous I have never experienced working in such cold conditions.
'I am all for saving the environment but to conduct an "experiment" as the head calls it on such a cold day is beyond stupid.
'The kids were complaining, no one was working properly some of them could not even write because they could not grip a pen through woolly gloves.
'We have a number of pupils with mental and physical disabilities here and they really struggled with the cold.
'It was unnecessary and in my opinion barbaric.'
Temperatures dropped as low as one degree Celsius in Castle Carey last Friday - the coldest of the winter so far.
One father said: 'I was just shocked when I found out what had happened.
'I have never heard of such a ridiculous idea. Turning off all the heating in December is just mental.
'The kids could get sick I can't believe any of them learnt anything.
'I know when I am cold I can hardly function. I'm absolutely furious with the school.'
But headteacher Mr Benzie, 52, defended the day, saying it was 'a success.'
'We turned off the heating as an experiment to see if we can lower our carbon footprint,' he said.
'We allowed pupils to wear as many jumpers as they liked and everyone seemed to be happy enough although it did get pretty chilly.
'We gave letters to pupils to take home to their parents informing them about the eco day.
'We only had one complaint and that came from a member of staff but they just got on with it in the end.'
Mr Benzie said he hoped to repeat the eco day again next term.
'I considered the day a success, said.
'In fact I believe we have too much heating.
'On occasions I have had to turn it down as too much heat can make the students fall asleep.
'The idea was actually thought up by a small group of pupils from our student eco-group.


Top Cities Invest in Winter Weather Equipment

With another snowy season upon us, three major cities announced upgrades to their winter weather equipment, which will help better prepare the roads for travel when the weather hits. Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago have all readied themselves for the upcoming season by purchasing new slow plows and other equipment.
Gosh DARN that global warming!


Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels in Satellite Era

Where are the headlines? Where are the press releases? Where is all the attention?
The ice melt across during the Antarctic summer (October-January) of 2008-2009 was the lowest ever recorded in the satellite history.
Such was the finding reported last week by Marco Tedesco and Andrew Monaghan in the journal Geophysical Research Letters:
A 30-year minimum Antarctic snowmelt record occurred during austral summer 2008–2009 according to spaceborne microwave observations for 1980–2009. Strong positive phases of both the El-Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode (SAM) were recorded during the months leading up to and including the 2008–2009 melt season.
Figure 1. Standardized values of the Antarctic snow melt index (October-January) from 1980-2009 (adapted from Tedesco and Monaghan, 2009).

The silence surrounding this publication was deafening.

Chinese 2,485 year tree ring study shows natural cycles control climate, temps may cool til 2068

A blockbuster Chinese study of Tibetan tree rings by Liu et al 2011 shows, with detail, that the modern era is a dog-standard normal climate when compared to the last 2,500 years. The temperature, the rate of change — it’s all been seen before. Nothing about the current period is “abnormal”, indeed the current warming period in Tibet can be produced through calculation of cycles. Liu et al do a Fourier analysis on the underlying cycles and do brave predictions as well.
In Tibet, it was about the same temperature on at least four occasions — back in late Roman times (those chariots!), then again in the dark ages (blame the collapse of industry), then in the middle ages (the Vikings?), then in modern times (blame the rise of industry).
Clearly, these climate cycles have nothing to with human civilization. Their team finds natural cycles of many different lengths are at work: 2-3 years, 100 years, 199 years, 800 years, and 1,324 years. The cold periods are associated with sunspot cycles. What we are not used to seeing are brave scientists willing to publish exact predictions of future temperatures for 100 years that include rises and falls. Apparently, it will cool til 2068, then warm again, though not to the same warmth as 2006 levels.

 Amplitudes, rates, periodicities and causes of temperature variations in the past 2,485 years and future trends over the central-eastern Tibetan Plateau [Chinese Sci Bull,]

Climate research, predictions, Lui et al 2011
Figure 5 Prediction of temperature trends on the central-eastern Tibetan Plateau for the next 120 years. Blue line, initial series; orange line, calibration series, 464 BC–834 AD; purple line, verification series, 835–1980 AD; red line, forecasting series, 1980–2134 AD. (Click to enlarge)


On Solyndra: President's Blackberry Off Limits

Congress isn't getting a glimpse of what's on President Barack Obama's Blackberry - or any more internal White House communications related to the bankrupt solar company Solyndra, which received a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Wait a moment. The cops can copy off your smart phone without a warrant when they pull you over for a traffic ticket, but the President's Blackberry is safe from a Congressional investigation?
Can you say "Double Standard?"
Can you say "Dictatorship?"


SOLYNDRAGATE: Huge Email Dump Implicates Obama And Rahm In Bankruptcy Scandal

The emails, obtained by several news organizations, implicate the most senior levels of the Obama administration in the scandal, which has tainted the White House since the solar company went bankrupt last month, leaving taxpayers on the hook for a $534 billion federal loan.
One email, obtained by the Washington Post, suggests that Obama and/or his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was actively involved in trying to get Solyndra's loan application approved in time for a September 2009 press conference.


Corporate Cronyism: Solyndra and Evergreen Solar

If pleading the "Fifth" smells, the Solyndra drama will prove the stereotype applies in this instance. A good old-fashioned scandal in an election year pumps up the media juices. The timeline on Solyndra tells only part of the history. The linkage of corporate cronyism dodges the real world result of "Green Energy" frauds. These shams can be traced back to the Enron schemes, especially their industrial wind model that defrauds the public...

Is Solyndra owned or connected to the Israeli company Israsol?


Solyndra hired Rice consulting firm

Fast running out of money just two years after winning a half-billion dollars in federal loan guarantees, solar panel maker Solyndra LLC this spring looked overseas to India in hopes of finding new business to turn the company around.
Solyndra, which only months earlier had hosted President Obama during a tour of its headquarters, hired the Rice Hadley Group, a consulting firm founded by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


More solar companies led by Democratic donors received federal loan guarantees

A Daily Caller investigation has found that in addition to the failed company Solyndra, at least four other solar panel manufacturing companies receiving in excess of $500 million in loan guarantees from the Obama administration employ executives or board members who have donated large sums of money to Democratic campaigns.


Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan

It’s as if Solyndra never happened. The Obama Administration is giving $737 million to a Tonopah Solar, a subsidiary of California-based SolarReserve. PCG is an investment partner with SolarReserve. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law happens to be the number two man at PCG.


Every Day In 2011 Has Been Cooler Than 2010

There must be less CO2 in the air this year.
Every Day In 2011 Has Been Cooler Than 2010




Merci pour votre intérêt pour l'émission et surtout, pour votre aimable et courtois commentaire qui bien qu'il exprime un désaccord avec mes propos, est fait d'une façon tellement amicale et en étalant vos arguments de façon rationnelle.

Les gens ont tendances à se crier des noms au lieu de converser!

Alors il est un plaisir de vous répondre brièvement.

Je crois comprendre que vous avez découvert l'émission assez récemment de part le fait que j'ai dans le passé souvent parlé des changements climatiques en expliquant bien les raisons pourquoi le RC causé par l'homme est une fraude scientifique, de la fausse science. Les exemples que vous avez énoncé, provenant de l'émission, n'étaient que des exemples de ce que j'avance. Il est évident qu'il manque une vue d'ensemble si vous n'avez qu'entendu cette partie de mon exposé.

Il est bien sûr impossible de dire que parce qu'un hiver a été particulièrement froid que cela signifie qu'il n'y a plus de réchauffement, ou qu'il y a refroidissement global du climat. En s'entend sur cela.

J'aurais des centaines de pages de documents très fiables et vérifiables à vous montrer pour supporter mon point de vue, non pas qu'un seul argument. Mais pour vous dire vrai, la seule chose qu'on a à étudier, c'est les données empiriques des satellites et des senseurs océaniques qui montrent tous qu'il y a aucun réchauffement depuis maintenant une décennie et qu'en fait, ces dernières années, le climat global s'est légèrement refroidit, malgré le fait que les taux de CO2 ont continué d'augmenter, détruisant ainsi le faux lien entre CO2 émis par l'homme et RC.

Le facteur humain est en vérité extrêmement faible. Les changements climatiques sont largement et principalement naturels et cycliques.

Je remarque de plus en plus d'éminents scientifiques, météorologues et géologues qui commencent à déclarer que nous commençons probablement en fait une mini ère glacière qui pourrait durer des décennies. Certains de ces gens étaient en plus d'anciens fervents supporteurs du RC causé par l'homme est les gens se ravisent. Et on ne parle pas des vendus corrompus qui sont payés par des intérêts privés.

Alors voilà rapidement pour vous répondre, mais j'ai un gros dossier sur le climat qui devrait être traité sur une émission bientôt et qui apportera beaucoup d'information.

Je tiens à vous remercier pour votre ouverture d'esprit et curiosité, ce courage aussi de vous exposer à des points de vue différents.

Une petite anecdote en terminant: il y a plusieurs années de cela, j'étais aussi certain que vous que le RC causé par l'homme était vrai, jusqu'à ce que je commence mes propres recherches et creuser le fond de l'histoire. J'ai dû me rendre compte à l'évidence et changer mon fusil d'épaule! Tout ça pour vous dire que je ne suis pas partis d'une idée préconçue ou un préjugé qui me rendrait biaisé. Je cherche ce qui est vrai. Si ça contredit ce que je pensais et bien, je change mon paradigme de pensée.


François Marginean


Depuis près de deux ans maintenant, la théorie selon laquelle ce sont nos émissions de gaz carbonique qui sont responsables de changements climatiques est tranquillement en train de se faire découdre. Même que le programme CLOUD du CERN a récemment démontré que l’influence du soleil sur les rayonnements cosmiques aurait une bien plus grande influence sur le climat que le CO2. Le soleil a une influence sur le climat? Qui l’eût cru! Malgré tout, nos gouvernements ne cessent de multiplier les mesures contre les émissions de carbone

Un nuage menaçant

Reynald Du Berger
Par Reynald Du Berger
(Collaboration spéciale)

On soupçonnait déjà que les rayons cosmiques atteignant la Terre jouaient un rôle important dans la formation des nuages en basse altitude. Mais on n’avait jamais étudié auparavant le phénomène en laboratoire. CLOUD (Cosmic Leaving Outdoor Droplets) est cette grande expérience du CERN débutée il y a plus d’un an à Genève et regroupant quelque 17 instituts de recherche de 8 pays différents, principalement d’Europe et d’Amérique. Elle vise à étudier, dans une chambre spéciale à atmosphère hyper-controlée, la formation des nuages sous l’effet d’ensemencement par les rayons cosmiques.
De façon simplifiée, disons qu’aux taches solaires, est associé un champ magnétique qui protège la Terre du bombardement par les rayons cosmiques provenant de l’espace. Plus les rayons cosmiques atteignant la Terre sont abondants, plus cela favorise la formation de nuages en basse altitude, et plus la couverture nuageuse de basse altitude est importante, plus les températures sont basses. Les premiers résultats de CLOUD viennent tout juste d’être publiés dans la revue scientifique Nature, et tendent à confirmer cette hypothèse. Nous sommes en ce moment dans un creux solaire jamais atteint depuis 50 ans. Si la tendance se maintient, en 2014 il n’y aura plus aucune tache solaire et cette année-là devrait donc être particulièrement froide. On peut même anticiper un petit âge glaciaire analogue à celui que nos ancêtres ont connu aux 17ième et 18ième siècles (La Tamise avait gelé à plusieurs reprises), qui pourrait débuter d’ici une trentaine d’années. Le soleil et non les GES émis par vos voitures a toujours été et restera le moteur principal des changements climatiques -mis à part quelques soubresauts volcaniques comme par exemple celui du super-volcan Toba il y a 74 000 ans-. Bref, c’est le refroidissement qui nous guette… rien de bien réjouissant!
Ces premiers résultats de CLOUD sont le premier pavé important, pavé de nature rigoureusement scientifique, jeté dans la marre des réchauffistes du GIEC, dont les rapports alarmistes reposent très peu sur les observations scientifiques mais surtout sur des modèles climatiques sur-simplifiés. CLOUD permet aussi de mieux comprendre les processus chimiques impliqués dans la formation de ces nuages. Les périodes où la Terre connait un réchauffement coïncideraient avec celles des périodes d’activité solaire maxima et vice versa. Or il se trouve que les observations actuelles sont en harmonie avec cette hypothèse, contrairement aux prédictions des modèles du GIEC. Les prêtres du réchauffisme qui célèbrent leur culte dans les temples de cette nouvelle religion climato-alarmiste que sont les Universités de Pennsylvania State et d’East Anglia ainsi que la NASA ont toujours été hantés par le spectre de cette hypothèse des rayons cosmiques. C’est donc une première flèche, et elle est de taille, qui leur est ainsi décochée dans leur talon d’Achille climatique. La douleur est lancinante.
L’expérience est loin d’être terminée. Un nuage gris, menaçant et de plus en plus gros apparaît dans l’azur des réchauffistes. L’orage n’est pas loin. Mes prévisions de climato-sceptique : effondrement imminent du déjà fragile édifice du GIEC et ensuite de la précaire Bourse du carbone à laquelle le vert et naïf Québec vient de s’inscrire.

CERN Finds Sun, Not Man, May Be Cause Of Global Warming (Neener Neener!)

Hindsight being 20/20, and yours truly being, shall we say, iconoclastic, today's headlines and a little research led to an enthusiastic livingroom 'neener-neener' dance on behalf of CERN's Dr. Kirkby, for Transmitting the Light of Actual Science to the bloggers, theorists, and scientists that, because of his work, are now better armed against the lock-step, carbon-trading, guilt-mongering heathen.
In 1998 he was ridiculed for daring to question Global Warming. and his research was suddenly shelved. Nine years later, CERN picks up where it left off, and the results were in this July.


Clear link between solar activity and winter weather revealed

Scientists have demonstrated a clear link between the 11-year sun cycle and winter weather over the northern hemisphere for the first time.
They found that low solar activity can contribute to cold winters in the UK, northern Europe and parts of America. But high activity from the sun has the opposite effect.
The study helps explain why the UK has been gripped by such cold winters over the last few years: the sun is just emerging from a so-called solar minimum, when solar activity is at its lowest.


Arctic Has Gained One Manhattan Of Ice Every 30 Seconds For The Last 30 Days


Arctic Has Gained One Manhattan Of Ice Every Two Minutes For The Last 30 Days
This is due to cold weather, right at the 1958-2002 mean.
Arctic Has Gained One Manhattan Of Ice Every Two Minutes For The Last 30 Days



Webmaster's Commentary: 
At 31 seconds into the video, Al Gore is claiming that Big Oil and Big Coal are spending millions of dollars to promote lies about the climate, and one of the illustrations of the "lies" is a sign at right saying "CO2 is natural". The Al Gore implication being that CO2 is NOT natural, which is absurd.

Honduran Farmers Slaughtered In Name Of Global Warming

23 farmers in Honduras were slaughtered in cold blood by hired mercenaries as they tried to protect their land from being seized by a corporation who wanted to use the land to produce biofuels as part of a United Nations-accredited EU carbon trading scheme.
Obama Buffett“Protests erupted in July when six international human rights advocacy groups presented a report to the EP detailing what they called murders and forced evictions of peasants in El Bajo Aguán Valley of northern Honduras, ” reports the New American.
“The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) report accuses UN-sanctioned palm oil mills of stealing farmland from Honduran natives and killing or wounding them when they attempt to defend their property.

Western, Central Mass. get 1st frost warnings

With days still left in the summer of 2011, parts of the state faced their first frost advisory and a freeze warning yesterday.
--It looks like Mike's forecast of a cold early winter was right on target ...

‘Arctic sea ice melting at fastest rate in 40 years’

The Arctic is gaining ice at the fastest rate on record for early September, while the press reports the exact opposite.


Al Gore returns with new climate campaign

Al Gore claims the temperature of the Earth's interior is "millions of degrees" (40 seconds into the clip).
It’s actually 5000 to 9000 degrees Celcius


‘Fertility Management’: Al Gore promoting fewer children to curb pollution

related: China to count Abortions as Carbon off-set Credits.- EU and UN Approve / Applaud


UN Demands $76 Trillion for “Green Technology”

With the Western nations continuing their downward economic spiral, the advocates of the United Nations’ redistributionist schemes also continue to exploit the environmental agenda in their effort to fundamentally alter the global economy to serve their own ends
With the Western nations continuing their downward economic spiral, the advocates of the United Nations’ redistributionist schemes also continue to exploit the environmental agenda in their effort to fundamentally alter the global economy to serve their own ends.
Despite the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 2009 to achieve its goal of a treaty binding the industrialized world to an economic suicide pact, the "voluntary" agreements are still a threat to the West. The UN is engaged in an effort to use the imagined environmental crisis as the justification for a program of sweeping economic redistribution that would shift trillions of dollars from the industrialized nations to the Third World. The UN is now demanding an “investment” of $1.9 trillion per year in “green technology” to meet the goals that the internationalists have set for the nations of the world. An AFP story entitled “World needs $1.9tn a year for green technology:UN” sets forth the lament of an elite for whom “real money” is measured in tens of trillions of dollars:
"Over the next 40 years, $1.9 trillion (1.31 trillion euros) per year will be needed for incremental investments in green technologies," the UN Economic and Social Affairs body said in its annual survey.
In other words, the costly “feel good” language adopted at Copenhagen — though far from the crushing obligations a treaty would have imposed — still means the World Bank and the United Nations will be playing the role of an international collection agency, metaphorically beating on the doors of various heads of state until they “cough up” the demanded funds.
The cost of “going green” continues its steady upward climb with every new pronouncement from the UN. As reported for The New American in March 2010, the UN plan would eventually cost $45 trillion, with most of that cost coming from the First World:
According to the Earth Summit 2012 website, the goals of the conference will be in line with the Copenhagen agenda: Wrapping economic redistribution in a green mantle.
The United Nations General Assembly agreed to a new Earth Summit in December. The Summit will be in 2012 and will be hosted by Brazil. The themes are the Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, the institutional framework for sustainable development, emerging issues and a review of present commitments.
The term “sustainable” in such a context is usually a buzzword for “governmentally controlled.” Although the plan is still wrapped in green, the dream of “poverty eradication” is coming to the fore.

Now, the $45 trillion has grown to an even more incomprehensible $76 trillion (based on the proposed 40 years of spending $1.9 trillion per year).

Now, the $45 trillion has grown to an even more incomprehensible $76 trillion (based on the proposed 40 years of spending $1.9 trillion per year). Calling such a reckless demand “outrageous” and “unsustainable” still falls short — what is demanded is nothing less than the conversion of much of what remains of the economies of the developed world into a means of funneling wealth to the World Bank, which will, ostensibly, redistribute those funds to the Third World.
The human cost of such redistributionist schemes is regularly ignored. The shaky “science” of anthropogenic global warming is so full of holes than it has lost much of its credibility in the eyes of so many people that it is often perceived to be the pet theory of environmentalist fanatics, scientists who have staked their careers on the theory, and politicians (and others) who stand to profit either financially or politically from the schemes that have been hatched to ameliorate its supposed effects.
The problem for the environmentalists and the internationalists is that panicking nations may no longer be willing to sacrifice their future for the sake of a theory that is steadily unraveling.


Waxman calls for national climate-change-education push

The top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday urged Energy Secretary Steven Chu to launch a national climate-change-education campaign.


World Bank to suggest CO2 levy on jet, shipping fuel

BONN, Germany, June 5 (Reuters) - The World Bank will suggest a global levy on jet and shipping fuel in recommendations to G20 governments later this year on raising climate finance, a senior official said on Sunday.
Developed countries have already written off chances of agreement on a new binding deal at a U.N. conference in Durban this year, placing a new focus on piecemeal efforts including fund-raising.
The whole global warming scam is merely a doorway to global government.


Carbon Taxes and Climate Fraud (The Australian Carbon Tax Debate)

The "Australian Carbon Tax" is completely unnecessary. Most significantly there are huge contradictions between the global warming claims being made in the media, in support of the tax, and the hard science that is used to support the position. The problem for those advocating a human induced warming hypothesis is the undistorted long-term temperature record plus recent monitoring that shows much hotter conditions during the last two thousand years and a cooling during the last decade. The correlation between human carbon producing activity and climate change is not at all established.
Even as the Australians are being hit with a major tax supposedly to fight global warming, Australia is sinking into another record cold winter.


"Cap and Trade Good for Hiding Carbon Taxes"

John Bryson, President Obama’s nominee to head the Commerce Department, told a University of California Berkeley audience in 2010 that a cap and trade system was a good way to hide a carbon tax from the public. “Greenhouse gas legislation, either with a tax or with cap and trade – which is a more complicated way of getting at it but it has the advantage of politically sort of hiding the fact that you have a tax – but that’s what you’re trying to do,” he added.


UN may switch blue helmets to green, then launch climate change peacekeeping wars

Mike Adams
Natural News

The United Nations may soon announce that merely by changing the color of its soldiers’ helmets from blue to green, it can intervene in the business of sovereign nations under the guise of so-called “climate change peacekeeping.”
As you consider this, keep in mind that the current bombing of infrastructure in Libya is also brazenly called “peacekeeping.” In fact, there’s hardly a military campaign that’s been conducted in the last hundreds years that wasn’t sold to the public as a way to create “peace.” Now, the UN is on the verge of “waging peace” wearing green helmets instead of blue helmets. The invocation of all things “green,” it seems, provides justification for just about anything these days… including war...


UN security council to consider climate change peacekeeping

Special meeting to discuss 'green helmets' force to intervene in conflicts caused by rising seas levels and shrinking resources
Suzanne Goldenberg

A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change...


Undercover police officer unlawfully spied on climate activists, judges rule

Three senior judges have ruled that the undercover police officer Mark Kennedy unlawfully spied on environmentalists and arguably acted as an "agent provocateur".


Could the Net be killing the planet one web search at a time?

Editor's Note: If all else fails, maybe there will be a call to shut down the Internet to save the planet from global warming?
Alex Roslin
Postmedia News/Vancouver Sun

It's Saturday night, and you want to catch the latest summer blockbuster. You do a quick Google search to find the venue and right time, and off you go to enjoy some mindless fun.

Meanwhile, your Internet search has just helped kill the planet. Depending on how long you took and what sites you visited, your search caused the emission of one to 10 grams of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Sure, it's not a lot on its own — but add up all of the more than one billion daily Google searches, throw in 60 million Facebook status updates each day, 50 million daily tweets and 250 billion emails per day, and you're making a serious dent in some Greenland glaciers.


Murdoch Scandal Reveals “Covert” Operations by East Anglia’s CRU

Straight to the children
Climate Research Unit, East Anglia University
Climate Audit
Steve McIntyre

Editors Note: The idea that a East Anglia's CRU is compelled to hire a public relations firm over questions regarding its scientific research is absurd. Their research should stand on its own.

Today brings news of the arrest of the managing director of a firm hired by the University of East Anglia’s CRU (Climatic Research Unit) to carry out “covert” operations (h/t reader Chu here). Neil Wallis of Outside Organisation was arrested today in connection with the spreading News of the World scandal.

Last year, Wallis’ partner at Outside Organisation , Alan Edwards, was profiled in Music Week in a story that led with:
Don’t tell the conspiracy theorists. But one PR company was at the centre of the Michael Jackson funeral, Climategate and Naomi Campbell’s appearance at Charles Taylor’s trial in The Hague.
Edwards is described as the “man who has also helped shape the careers of Amy Winehouse, Blondie, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff, David Bowie, Spice Girls, David Beckham, P Diddy, Kevin Pietersen and Shayne Ward” and the man who masterminded PR for Naomi Campbell’s trial. Outside Organisation’s handling of Climategate for CRU was described as “more covert”.
Less apparent is its work in the corporate field, where its activities tend to be rather more covert. [my bold]
“We don’t advertise a lot of the things we do,” says Edwards, who was called in by the University of East Anglia when Climategate blew up. “That was really interesting. It’s very high level, and you’re very much in the background on that sort of thing.”
The university’s Climatic Research Unit wanted Outside to fire back some shots on the scientists’ behalf after leaked emails from the unit gave climate change skeptics ammunition and led to an avalanche of negative press about whether global warming was a real possibility.


Armed Troops Burn Down Homes, Kill Children To Evict Ugandans In Name Of Global Warming

Armed troops acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against “global warming,” a shocking illustration of how the climate change con is a barbarian form of neo-colonialism.

The evictions were ordered by New Forests Company, an outfit that seizes land in Africa to grow trees then sells the “carbon credits” on to transnational corporations. The company is backed by the World Bank and HSBC. Its Board of Directors includes HSBC Managing Director Sajjad Sabur, as well as other former Goldman Sachs investment bankers.

The company claims residents of Kicucula left in a “peaceful” and “voluntary” manner, and yet the people tell a story of terror and bloodshed.

Villagers told of how armed “security forces” stormed their village and torched houses, burning an eight-year-child to death as they threatened to murder anyone who resisted while beating others.

“We were in church,” recalled Jean-Marie Tushabe, 26, a father of two. “I heard bullets being shot into the air.”

“Cars were coming with police,” Mr. Tushabe said, sitting among the ruins of his old home. “They headed straight to the houses. They took our plates, cups, mattresses, bed, pillows. Then we saw them getting a matchbox out of their pockets.”

“But in this case, the government and the company said the settlers were illegal and evicted for a good cause: to protect the environment and help fight global warming,” reports the New York Times.

An Oxfam report documents how the British outfit has worked with the Ugandan government to forcibly expel over 20,000 people from their homes using terror and violence as part of a lucrative scramble for arable land that can be used to satisfy the multi-billion dollar carbon trading ponzi scheme, which is worth $1.8 million a year to the company.

“I no longer own any land. It’s impossible to feed my children – they have suffered so much. Some days all they eat is porridge from maize flour. When people can’t eat well their bodies become weak – there have been lots of cases of malaria and diarrhoea. Some days we don’t eat anything at all,” said former farmer Francis Longoli, whose land was stolen by New Forests.

As we have previously documented, the manufactured threat of man-made global warming is being used as a tool of neo-colonialism in the third world, not only through the seizure of land and infrastructure, thereby preventing poor nations from using their resources to develop, but by literally starving poverty-stricken people to death.


There has been no global warming since 1998

Actually the paper Reconciling anthropogenic climate change with observed temperature 1998-2008 [PDF] by a team led by Robert Kaufmann at the Department of Geography at Boston University demonstrates no such thing. What it shows – yet again and in excelsis – is the chutzpah and threadbare desperation of the “scientists” involved in the Great Global Warming Boondoggle. Rather than admit that their Ponzi scheme is dead in the water, they try to dazzle us with new imaginative theories which prove that, even though they’re wrong they are in fact right.


Hiding The Inconvenient Satellite

Hiding The Inconvenient Satellite
The most sophisticated sea level satellite is Envisat. It doesn’t show any sea level rise since it was launched in 2002, so our friends in the sea level community tried to hide it by painting it almost invisible yellow and not normalising the data properly.
The animation above corrects those problems, and shows how completely bogus the claimed trend is.


World Temperatures Did Not Rise from 1998 to 2008, While Manmade Emissions of Carbon Dioxide from Burning Fossil Fuel Grew by Nearly a Third

Reuters notes:
Smoke belching from Asia's rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulphur's cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared, a U.S. study said on Monday.
World temperatures did not rise from 1998 to 2008, while manmade emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuel grew by nearly a third, various data show.
The researchers from Boston and Harvard Universities and Finland's University of Turku said pollution, and specifically sulphur emissions, from coal-fueled growth in Asia was responsible for the cooling effect.
Sulphur allows water drops or aerosols to form, creating hazy clouds which reflect sunlight back into space.
Sulphur aerosols may remain in the atmosphere for several years, meaning their cooling effect will gradually abate once smokestack industries clean up.
The study echoed a similar explanation for reduced warming between the 1940s and 1970s, blamed on sulphur emissions before Western economies cleaned up largely to combat acid rain.
"The post 1970 period of warming, which constitutes a significant portion of the increase in global surface temperature since the mid 20th century, is driven by efforts to reduce air pollution," it said.
Other climate scientists broadly supported Monday's study, stressing that over longer time periods rising greenhouse gas emissions would over-ride cooling factors.
The study also argues that natural variables become more significant when man-made warming and cooling (sulfur dioxide) trends cancel each other out:
"Anthropogenic activities that warm and cool the planet largely cancel after 1998, which allows natural variables to play a more significant role," the paper said.

Natural cooling effects included a declining solar cycle after 2002, meaning the sun's output fell.
Indeed, given that scientists now say that the sun may be headed into a lengthy period of low activity, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Global warming advocates will point to the portions of the report stating that warming will re-start once China cleans up its coal industry and the low period of solar activity has ended. Global warming skeptics will point to the end of the warming trend despite increased C02 output as disproving mainstream global warming models. One thing is for sure: climate is not a single equation, but a complicated series of interactions between different forces, and - whatever our beliefs on this issue - we should all strive to make sure that we do more good than harm.


No Global Warming In The Last Ten Years

Global greenhouse gas emissions have risen even faster during the past decade than predicted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other international agencies. According to alarmist groups, this proves global warming is much worse than previously feared. The increase in emissions “should shock even the most jaded negotiators” at international climate talks currently taking place in Bonn, Germany, the UK Guardian reports. But there’s only one problem with this storyline; global temperatures have not increased at all during the past decade.
The evidence is powerful, straightforward, and damning. NASA satellite instruments precisely measuring global temperatures show absolutely no warming during the past 10 years. This is the case for the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes, including the United States. This is the case for the Arctic, where the signs of human-caused global warming are supposed to be first and most powerfully felt. This is the case forglobal sea surface temperatures, which alarmists claim should be sucking up much of the predicted human-induced warming. This is the case for the planet as a whole.
If atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions are the sole or primary driver of global temperatures, then where is all the global warming? We’re talking 10 years of higher-than-expected increases in greenhouse gases, yet 10 years of absolutely no warming. That’s 10 years of nada, nunca, nein, zero, and zilch.
NASA satellite instruments cannot be infected with politics like the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can be and has been.
This is where my skepticism on man made global warming comes from. It’s time for a group of non partisan scientists begin again, and give us data that we can trust.


4 Recent Scientific Blows to the Global Warming Theory

By: ActivistPost

The science behind the anthropogenic global warming theory appears to be falling apart with each new scientific study. Global warming, now often referred to as "climate change," is still reported as fact in every establishment publication despite increasing evidence to the contrary. It's difficult to argue that the climate is not shifting in some noticeable way, yet recent reports clearly show that the science is not as settled as some global warming advocates would suggest.


New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.
Study co-author Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer flying on NASA's Aqua satellite, reports that real-world data from NASA's Terra satellite contradict multiple assumptions fed into alarmist computer models.
"The satellite observations suggest there is much more energy lost to space during and after warming than the climate models show," Spencer said in a July 26 University of Alabama press release. "There is a huge discrepancy between the data and the forecasts that is especially big over the oceans."
In addition to finding that far less heat is being trapped than alarmist computer models have predicted, the NASA satellite data show the atmosphere begins shedding heat into space long before United Nations computer models predicted.
The new findings are extremely important and should dramatically alter the global warming debate.
Scientists on all sides of the global warming debate are in general agreement about how much heat is being directly trapped by human emissions of carbon dioxide (the answer is "not much"). However, the single most important issue in the global warming debate is whether carbon dioxide emissions will indirectly trap far more heat by causing large increases in atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds. Alarmist computer models assume human carbon dioxide emissions indirectly cause substantial increases in atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds (each of which are very effective at trapping heat), but real-world data have long shown that carbon dioxide emissions are not causing as much atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds as the alarmist computer models have predicted.
The new NASA Terra satellite data are consistent with long-term NOAA and NASA data indicating atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds are not increasing in the manner predicted by alarmist computer models. The Terra satellite data also support data collected by NASA's ERBS satellite showing far more longwave radiation (and thus, heat) escaped into space between 1985 and 1999 than alarmist computer models had predicted. Together, the NASA ERBS and Terra satellite data show that for 25 years and counting, carbon dioxide emissions have directly and indirectly trapped far less heat than alarmist computer models have predicted.
In short, the central premise of alarmist global warming theory is that carbon dioxide emissions should be directly and indirectly trapping a certain amount of heat in the earth's atmosphere and preventing it from escaping into space. Real-world measurements, however, show far less heat is being trapped in the earth's atmosphere than the alarmist computer models predict, and far more heat is escaping into space than the alarmist computer models predict.
When objective NASA satellite data, reported in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, show a "huge discrepancy" between alarmist climate models and real-world facts, climate scientists, the media and our elected officials would be wise to take notice. Whether or not they do so will tell us a great deal about how honest the purveyors of global warming alarmism truly are.


The "Hockey Stick" Debate: New Study Finds "Substantial Uncertainty" With Temperature Reconstructions Using Natural Proxies

Since 1998, climate scientists have attempted to reconstruct global annual temperature over the last millennium using natural proxies such as tree rings and ice cores. However, a new study finds substantial uncertainty in these reconstructions.


Huge Discrepancies Between Global Climate Predictions and Hard Data

Global warming may occur slower and correct itself faster than computer models have been predicting, a new study says.
The study, published in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing by Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist in the Earth System Science Center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, reports the atmosphere may shed heat much faster than previously thought — a potentially serious problem for the computer models used to predict global climate trends.


80% Of World's Climate Data Not Computerized

According to a study led by the Rovira i Virgili University the scientific community to access and analyze only 20% of the recorded climate information the world has on hand. The rest... well it's never made it into digital format.
In a world that is reliant on information being accessible via computer, having 80% of the historical climate data ever recorded exist offline is a serious problem to understanding and predicting the path and impact of future climate change.
In a press release, Manola Brunet, lead author of the study and a researcher at the URV's Centre for Climate Change, states that in Europe, some records go back as far as the 17th century, but only a small fraction is available to researchers.
The computer models are running on just 1/5 the available information. And as the below article on cosmic rays shows, the models do not actually include all factors.


Venus: 96 percent CO2, No Greenhouse Effect

Scientific theory says it's only necessary for one observable example to show a theory wrong. And all you have to do is observe Venus through satellite data and compare it to earth. Venus with it's atmosphere containing 96.5 percent carbon dioxide has the same atmospheric temperature vs. atmospheric pressure as Earth with it's 0.04 percent carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has no observable effect on temperature.


Oceans Are now Blamed for Lack of Global Warming Trend

Editor's Note: In addition to volcanoes, China, aerosals and the burning of fossil fuels, oceans are now fingered for the reason why global warming hasn't manifested in the way it was so definitively predicted 10 years ago.
With the scramble to implement policy in the face of a changing reality, advocates for anthropogenic global warming have turn to hysterical tactics to justify the need to curb CO2. They have recently dismissed all skeptics by categorizing them as white male conservatives and suggested that space aliens are a good reason to tax us whenever we exhale.
Recently, HSBC has hired troops to clear land in Uganda to realize carbon tax credits. Indigenous homes were burned to the ground and at least one 8-year old child was burned to death as a result.


World's leading climate sceptic sees his funding melt away fast

The world's most high-profile climate change sceptic is set to have his funding scrapped.
Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and bête noire of climate change activists around the world, has been told that the incoming Danish government will cut off his £1m a year funding.
Mr Lomborg, whose 2001 book suggested the planet should adapt to global warming rather than wasting resources trying to prevent it, has made his name by accusing scientists and others of exaggerating the extent and effects of climate change.
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More proof that climate change isn't science, but politics.


Polar Bear Population Much Higher Than in 20th Century: Is Something Fishy about Extinction Fears?

The International Business Times Inc.
If polar bears had any clue of the scale of speculation about the extinction threat they are facing due to climate change, they would have probably said "you're kidding, right?"
If you think statistics are a pointer towards the growth or decline of a species, it will be interesting to have a look at the estimates published in a report by U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, in 2008. "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that the polar bear population is currently at 20,000 to 25,000 bears, up from as low as 5,000-10,000 bears in the 1950s and 1960s. A 2002 U.S. Geological Survey of wildlife in the Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain noted that the polar bear populations 'may now be near historic highs.'"


God save our polar bears ... from Junk Science!

Arctic scientist who exposed climate threat to polar bear is suspended
US government conducts 'integrity inquiry' on federal biologist amid lobbying by oil firms for Arctic permits

"This is a cautionary tale with a deeply chilling message for any federal scientist who dares to publish groundbreaking research on conditions in the Arctic."
I would hardly characterize Monnett's conclusions about the dead polar bears as "groundbreaking research"; I would not even call it science. It is not science to conclude without any apparent investigation that the bears drowned because of global warming. In fact, there was no proof provided that the bears did indeed drown. For one thing, they are strong swimmers and can travel that way for miles.


Ice age threat should ease EPA global warming regs

Rather than spiraling into a global warming meltdown, we may be heading into the next ice age.
The U.S. National Solar Observatory, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and astrophysicists across the planet report that the nearly all-time low sunspot activity may result in a sustained cooling period on Earth.

The news has sent global warming theory advocates scrambling to discount and explain away the impact on global temperatures. However, the "news" is not really that new.
Many reputable scientists have been warning for decades that we are nearing the end of the 11,500-year average period between ice ages. And the last similar crash in sunspot activity coincided with the so-called "Little Ice Age" in the 1600s that lasted nearly a century.


President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic: "What is in Danger is our Freedom; the Climate is Okay."

Vaclav Klaus is one of the worlds leading critics of global warming ideology; he published a book "Blue Planet in Green Shackles" in 2007 & He is currently on a speaking tour of Australia.
Amazing Speech! Lord Monckton in the audience..


Czech President says the climate change movement is a threat to democracy

"They don't care about resources or poverty or pollution. They hate us, the humans. They consider us dangerous and sinful creatures who must be controlled by them." -- Vaclav Klaus on the climate change doctrine...


Climate change should be removed from the national curriculum

Tim Oates said schools ought to choose whether or not to teach the subject as he called for the curriculum to “get back to the science in science”.
Mr Oates, whose review will be published later this year, told a newspaper the syllabus should be stripped back to focus on core areas of scientific knowledge such as gravity and oxidation.


UK faces more harsh winters in solar activity dip

Britain is set to face an increase in harsh winters, with up to one-in-seven gripping the UK with prolonged sub-zero temperatures, a study has suggested.
The projection was based on research that identified how low solar activity affected winter weather patterns.
Ah yes, how the carbonazis have fallen! Ten years ago Al Gore and his minions launched a propaganda campaign to lie you into thinking the world was getting warmer and that you were to blame, with redemption possible only through sacrifice of freedoms and money (mostly the money). In 2000 the UK met office, part of the Warmista cabal, proclaimed that snow was a thing of the past! And here we are, with record snow (the California ski resorts were open July 4th) and consequently record floods.
We could be generous and simply state that the climate alarmists were flat-out wrong, and that we should cease listening to them on that point alone. But the climategate emails confirmed that the deceptions were intentional. Too much money and political capital had been invested in the push for a carbon tax to let a little thing like reality get in the way!
So, in service to their agenda and greed, the carbonzis lied! They falsified the data. They searched for ways to, as they put it, "Hide the decline!"
Only now after three harsh winters in a row has the corporate media been grudgingly forced to retreat on the claims of global warming, all the while pretending they were never a part of the propaganda campaign in the first place.
I want you all to remember this. Not out of ego, or a push for donations, but because in the coming weeks the same corporate media that insisted that you were all destroying the Earth unless you agreed to surrender your money and freedoms to a global environmental authority, are going to be equally insistent about a lot of other things, such as the 'need' to invade [pick a nation], that Greece is not really in violation of the UN Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man when they help Israel impose a Soviet style starvation blockade on Gaza, or how the gods favor the private central bankers or any one of a thousand other lies that serve the money junkies.
And every time the media feeds you more manure, please keep in mind that over the last ten years the corporate media lied to you about the world getting warmer, while the alternative media was telling you the truth.
We were right, they were wrong. We told you the truth, they fed you lies.
Now you know who to trust.


Is Britain about to be plunged into a Little Ice Age?


Scientists think Britain and Europe could be in for a chilly few years predicting a 'Little Ice Age' could be on its way in just a few decades time.
Average temperatures in Britain could fall by two degrees centigrade, according to the study led by Mike Lockwood, professor of space environment physics at Reading University, because of a drop in the amount of sunspot activity.
Sunspots are darker patches seen in the sun's surface which are caused by small areas of magnetic activity which disrupts the normal flow of intensely heated gases.
Scientists have discovered that a drop in sunspots could block winds that can keep Europe from excessive cold in winter
But last year, Professor Lockwood discovered that a drop in sunspots could block winds that can keep Europe from excessive cold in winter, according to the Daily Telegraph.
Professor Lockwood's team looked at the sun's activity of the past 9,300 years using Met Office data.
His findings, published by the Institute of Physics, (IoP) showed that in the next 50 years there is a one in 10 chance of the sun returning to conditions seen between 1645 and 1715 when the River Thames in London regularly froze over, as did the Baltic Sea.
Known as the Maunder Minimum during these years astronomers could not see any sunspots and Europe endured unusually harsh winters which came to be known as the Little Ice Age.
Professor Lockwood's findings could mean the average winter temperature could drop below 2.5C, compared to the average British winter now of 5C, the newspaper reported.
In June, three different studies all concluded that sunspot activity looks set to decline over the next 10 years.
Experts said the next upswing in sunspot activity, which follows an 11-year cycle, will not be as strong as normal - or might not even happen at all.
The findings were presented at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society's solar physics division.


Hiding The Decline In Sea Level

When warmists don’t like data, they simply throw it out – or hide it best they can. A great example is the Aviso “multi-mission” sea level graph, which purports to support the idea that sea level is rising almost 3 mm/year.
But if you look closely at the graph, you can see that the most sophisticated satellite (Envisat) has been painted an almost invisible shade of light yellow.
Below, I hue shifted the same graph, and it becomes clear why they did this trickery. There has been essentially no sea level rise for the last seven years.
As Omnologos pointed out, there is a second ugly trick being done here. The Envisat data was plotted not normalised. The graph below normalises it – which makes it clear that they have a big problem.

Sea-level rises are slowing, tidal gauge records show

ONE of Australia's foremost experts on the relationship between climate change and sea levels has written a peer-reviewed paper concluding that rises in sea levels are "decelerating".

Changing Tides: Research Center Under Fire for 'Adjusted' Sea-Level Data


Is climate change raising sea levels, as Al Gore has argued -- or are climate scientists doctoring the data?
The University of Colorado’s Sea Level Research Group decided in May to add 0.3 millimeters -- or about the thickness of a fingernail -- every year to its actual measurements of sea levels, sparking criticism from experts who called it an attempt to exaggerate the effects of global warming.
"Gatekeepers of our sea level data are manufacturing a fictitious sea level rise that is not occurring," said James M. Taylor, a lawyer who focuses on environmental issues for the Heartland Institute.
Steve Nerem, the director of the widely relied-upon research center, told FoxNews.com that his group added the 0.3 millimeters per year to the actual sea level measurements because land masses, still rebounding from the ice age, are rising and increasing the amount of water that oceans can hold.
"We have to account for the fact that the ocean basins are actually getting slightly bigger... water volume is expanding," he said, a phenomenon they call glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA).
Taylor calls it tomfoolery.
"There really is no reason to do this other than to advance a political agenda," he said.
Climate scientist John Christy, a professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, said that the amount of water in the ocean and sea level were two different things.

Arctic Ice Decline Stopped Five Years Ago

Arctic ice area declined from 1988 to about 2006, and since then has been flat, corresponding to the shift in the PDO.
The amount of multi-year ice reported by NSIDC shows a similar pattern.

People Starving In Greenland From Too Much Ice And Snow

While the media, government and scientists continue to report that Greenland is melting, people are starving because of too much ice, snow and cold.
Svend Erik Hendriksen from Greenland sent this over.

Romm Reports That Sea Level Is Rising 6-12 Inches Per Decade

Meanwhile back in the real world – Europe’s Envisat satellite reports plummeting sea level over the last 18 months, with the current level being the lowest in their eight years of data.

The next climate debate bombshell - MUST READ!!!!!

CERN in Geneva—will soon announce that more cosmic rays do, indeed, create more clouds in earth’s atmosphere. More cosmic rays mean a cooler planet
Dennis Avery
Canadian Free Press

Get ready for the next big bombshell in the man-made warming debate. The world’s most sophisticated particle study laboratory—CERN in Geneva—will soon announce that more cosmic rays do, indeed, create more clouds in earth’s atmosphere. More cosmic rays mean a cooler planet. Thus, the solar source of the earth’s long, moderate 1,500-year climate cycle will finally be explained.

Cosmic rays and solar winds are interesting phenomena—but they are vastly more relevant when an undocumented theory is threatening to quadruple society’s energy costs. The IPCC wants $10 gasoline, and “soaring” electric bills to reduce earth’s temperatures by an amount too tiny to measure with most thermometers.

In 2007, when Fred Singer and I published Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years, we weren’t terribly concerned with cosmic rays. We knew the natural, moderate warming/cooling cycle was real, from the evidence in ice cores, seabed sediments, fossil pollen and cave stalagmites. The cycle was the big factor that belied the man-made warming hysteria of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

When Willi Dansgaard and Hans Oeschger discovered the 1,500 year cycle in the Greenland ice cores in 1984, they knew immediately that it was solar-powered. They’d seen exactly the same cycle in the carbon 14 molecules in trees, and in the beryllium 10 molecules in ice cores. Both sets of molecules are formed when cosmic rays strike our atmosphere. The cycle had produced a whole series of dramatic, abrupt Medieval-Warming-to-Little-Ice-Age climate changes.

The IPCC, for its part, announced that the sun could not be the forcing factor in any major climate change because the solar irradiation was too small. IPCC did not, however, add up the other solar variations that could amplify the solar irradiation. Nor had the IPCC programmed its famed computer models with the knowledge of the Medieval Warming (950–1200 AD), the Roman Warming (200 BC–600 AD), or the big Holocene Warmings centered on 6,000 and 8,000 BC.

The IPCC apparently wanted to dismiss the sun as a climate factor—to leave room for a CO2 factor that has only a 22 percent correlation with our past thermometer record. Correlation is not causation—but the lack of CO2 correlation is deadly to the IPCC theory.
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Scientists Gagged From Interpreting Study That Links Climate Change To Cosmic Rays

Head of the world’s leading physics lab has issued a gag order preventing scientists from stating their interpretation of a study that links historical climate changes to cosmic rays.
For years now scientists and physicists have presented study after study showing data, along with their personal interpretations, supporting the hypothesis that the alleged Global Warming phenomenon is due to man-made environmental factors affecting climate change.
Now, a major scientific experiment to conducted study the interaction between cosmic rays and cloud formation reveals that historical climate patterns coincide with the penetration of cosmic rays into the earth’s atmosphere.
However, the Chief of world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva who conducted the study has prohibit scientists from presenting their own interpretations of the CLOUD experiment.
Scientists Gagged After Study Links Climate Change To Cosmic Rays
Scientists Gagged After Study Links Climate Change To Cosmic Rays
The UK’s Register suggests one reason that the “gag order” may have been issued is because the experiment invites a politically unacceptable hypothesis on climate change, or to say it another way, the study shows that Global Warming may not be a human caused phenomenon.
Under any interpretation the data can simply not be ignored since the study reveals that at the least cosmic rays play some part in climate change and Global warming.
Assuming that Global warming is is occurring, the question of whether cosmic rays are the sole cause or just a contributing factor along with man-made and other issues is really just a red herring.
The real issue here is why are scientist being ordered not to give interpretations of data that would suggest a theory that is contradicts the politically popular view? Is science not allowed to suggest an alternate hypothesis to the man-made Global warming theory even when the data shows otherwise?
Science needs to be factually unbiased and provide information that is independent of a politics.
Many critics of Global warming, and the theory it is man-made, already believe the studies supporting have been fabricated for politicians who paid for skewed data so they can push through their own political agendas.
Clearly this gag order will do little to quiet those skeptics.
The study will also raises another interesting question about the effect that the man-made cloud seeding operations conducted by the government will have on the climate over time.

Climate change sceptics should get less BBC coverage and be challenged 'more vigorously', says report on science output

Opponents of global warming should be given less coverage by the BBC than the climate change lobby, the corporation will rule.
The BBC is set to publish a report tomorrow on its science output announcing changes to rules on impartiality.
Following the overhaul, programme makers and broadcasters will be compelled to give less prominence to those who oppose the scientific community's majority view.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide 25 percent faster than previously thought, say scientists

The so-called climate change "experts" that still cling to the mythical theory of man-made global warming are having an increasingly difficult time defending this flailing position. New findings published in the journal Nature reveal that plants, which absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen, actually absorb CO2 about 25 faster than previous estimates assumed they did.
The findings are hugely significant, of course, because they help further debunk the myth that CO2 is an overabundant environmental pollutant responsible for destroying the earth.

Polar bear cubs dying as climate change melts Arctic and forces them on long swims

Polar bear cubs forced to swim long distances with their mothers as their icy Arctic habitat melts have a higher mortality rate than cubs that didn't have to swim as far, according to a study.
Changes in Arctic ice between July 2 and July 17. The desperate polar bears are having to swim through three metre thick ice.
Mike Rivero
I hate to be the one to point this out but polar bears float. That fur is hollow in order to insulate them from the cold, and a side benefit is that it is quite buoyant. Then there is the adipose tissue which is also less dense than water. The photo at the top of this page proves my point. Despite the helicopter downdraft, the bear is floating almost half out of the water. If it wanted to, it could go to sleep and not drown, and as always open water is where the bears get their food, so the bear will not starve. It is perfectly at home.
Three harsh winters in a row, record flooding from record snows, and still the Carbonazis are selling this global-warming kool-aid to push through a carbon tax..

Sun's Output to Fall ... Leading to a Mini Ice Age?

The Register notes:
What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which could mean that the Earth – far from facing a global warming problem – is actually headed into a mini Ice Age.
Average magnetic field strength in sunspot umbras has been steadily declining for over a decade. The trend includes sunspots from Cycles 22, 23, and (the current cycle) 24. Credit: NSO/AAS
The announcement made on 14 June (18:00 UK time) comes from scientists at the US National Solar Observatory (NSO) and US Air Force Research Laboratory. Three different analyses of the Sun's recent behaviour all indicate that a period of unusually low solar activity may be about to begin.
This could have major implications for the Earth's climate. According to a statement issued by the NSO, announcing the research:
An immediate question is whether this slowdown presages a second Maunder Minimum, a 70-year period with virtually no sunspots [which occurred] during 1645-1715.
As NASA notes:
Early records of sunspots indicate that the Sun went through a period of inactivity in the late 17th century. Very few sunspots were seen on the Sun from about 1645 to 1715. Although the observations were not as extensive as in later years, the Sun was in fact well observed during this time and this lack of sunspots is well documented. This period of solar inactivity also corresponds to a climatic period called the "Little Ice Age" when rivers that are normally ice-free froze and snow fields remained year-round at lower altitudes. There is evidence that the Sun has had similar periods of inactivity in the more distant past.
During the Maunder Minimum and for periods either side of it, many European rivers which are ice-free today – including the Thames – routinely froze over, allowing ice skating and even for armies to march across them in some cases.
"This is highly unusual and unexpected," says Dr Frank Hill of the NSO. "But the fact that three completely different views of the Sun point in the same direction is a powerful indicator that the sunspot cycle may be going into hibernation."
According to the NSO:
Penn and Livingston observed that the average field strength declined about 50 gauss per year during Cycle 23 and now in Cycle 24. They also observed that spot temperatures have risen exactly as expected for such changes in the magnetic field. If the trend continues, the field strength will drop below the 1,500 gauss threshold and spots will largely disappear as the magnetic field is no longer strong enough to overcome convective forces on the solar surface.
In parallel with this comes research from the US Air Force's studies of the solar corona.
While Hell freezes over, the Carbonazis, trapped by their ego and greed, will die rather than admit they were wrong about global warming.

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade

What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which could mean that the Earth – far from facing a global warming problem – is actually headed into a mini Ice Age.
Average magnetic field strength in sunspot umbras has been steadily declining for over a decade. The trend includes sunspots from Cycles 22, 23, and (the current cycle) 24. Credit: NSO/AAS
Ice skating on the Thames by 2025?
The announcement made on 14 June (18:00 UK time) comes from scientists at the US National Solar Observatory (NSO) and US Air Force Research Laboratory. Three different analyses of the Sun's recent behaviour all indicate that a period of unusually low solar activity may be about to begin.
The Sun normally follows an 11-year cycle of activity. The current cycle, Cycle 24, is now supposed to be ramping up towards maximum strength. Increased numbers of sunspots and other indications ought to be happening: but in fact results so far are most disappointing. Scientists at the NSO now suspect, based on data showing decades-long trends leading to this point, that Cycle 25 may not happen at all.
This could have major implications for the Earth's climate. According to a statement issued by the NSO, announcing the research:
An immediate question is whether this slowdown presages a second Maunder Minimum, a 70-year period with virtually no sunspots [which occurred] during 1645-1715.
As NASA notes:
Early records of sunspots indicate that the Sun went through a period of inactivity in the late 17th century. Very few sunspots were seen on the Sun from about 1645 to 1715. Although the observations were not as extensive as in later years, the Sun was in fact well observed during this time and this lack of sunspots is well documented. This period of solar inactivity also corresponds to a climatic period called the "Little Ice Age" when rivers that are normally ice-free froze and snow fields remained year-round at lower altitudes. There is evidence that the Sun has had similar periods of inactivity in the more distant past.
During the Maunder Minimum and for periods either side of it, many European rivers which are ice-free today – including the Thames – routinely froze over, allowing ice skating and even for armies to march across them in some cases.
"This is highly unusual and unexpected," says Dr Frank Hill of the NSO. "But the fact that three completely different views of the Sun point in the same direction is a powerful indicator that the sunspot cycle may be going into hibernation."

Scientists predict rare 'hibernation' of sunspots

For years, scientists have been predicting the Sun would by around 2012 move into solar maximum, a period of intense flares and sunspot activity, but lately a curious calm has suggested quite the opposite.
According to three studies released in the United States on Tuesday, experts believe the familiar sunspot cycle may be shutting down and heading toward a pattern of inactivity unseen since the 17th century.
We are talking about a new "Maunder Minimum" which coincided with the "Little Ice Age". So, contrary to the prognostications of the Carbonazis, the world is headed into a chill, not warming.
Did I mention it snowed here in Hawaii last week? :)

Solar scientists forecast more Arctic winters as sun stays in


Prof Mike Lockwood of the University of Southampton has closely studied the implications of a quiet sun, and will publish new findings within weeks.
He has already established that low solar activity causes high altitude jet stream winds to twist back on themselves during winter months. This channels bitterly cold Arctic air and frigid winds from the Russian Steppes across northern Europe and on to Ireland.
“Our evidence shows that low solar activity makes it easier for something called ‘jet stream blocking’ to occur,” he said yesterday.


Qualifiant ce phénomène de «très inhabituel et d'inattendu», l'astronome a estimé que cela «affecterait un grand nombre de choses, de l'exploration spatiale au climat terrestre».
Ainsi, dans le passé, une faible activité magnétique solaire prolongée a coïncidé avec des glaciations sur notre planète. Pendant ces périodes, l'atmosophère terrestre se refroidit et se contracte et les tempêtes magnétiques près des pôles (aurores boréales), des phénomènes qui peuvent perturber les systèmes de communication terrestres, se raréfient.
«Le fait que trois observations totalement différentes du Soleil pointent dans la même direction est une solide indication que le cycle des taches solaires pourrait s'acheminer vers une hibernation», ajoute Frank Hill.
Les résultats de ces études ont été dévoilés à la conférence annuelle de la division de physique solaire de l'American Astronomical Society, réunie cette semaine à l'Université du Nouveau-Mexique.

L'âge de glace bientôt de retour?

CLIMAT - Le Soleil pourrait connaître une baisse d'activité dans les prochaines années et refroidir le climat sur Terre...

Et si en fait, on allait vers une période de glaciation ?

Le directeur adjoint du NSO, Frank Hill, affirme que le cycle solaire actuel pourrait bien être le dernier de plusieurs décennies dont l'activité est au maximum, s'ils ne se sont pas trompés. L'astronome ajoute que ce phénomène est non seulement inhabituel, mais aussi très inattendu. Toujours selon lui si cela se confirme cela affectera durablement notre climat terrestre et aussi l'exploration spatiale.
Si une faible activité solaire se prolonge, une glaciation se produit sur notre planète. Cela découle du refroidissement de l'atmosphère et de sa contraction. Des tempêtes magnétiques (aurores boréales) se déchaînent près des pôles ce qui peut perturber les systèmes de communication terrestre.
Alors allons nous vers un second "Minimum de Mauder", en se souvenant de la période de 70 ans sans aucune tâche solaire au 17e siècle qui a plongé l’Europe dans un petit âge glaciaire.
Ce qui inquiète Frank Hill, c'est que les trois observations très différentes donnent la même indication celle d'un acheminement vers une hibernation du Soleil.


Forest density study blows hole in excess CO2 myth and the supposed need for carbon taxes

According to the report, much of the damage caused by increases in CO2 and deforestation has been made up for by naturally increasing forest densities, at least as far as CO2 is concerned. Based on a survey of 68 different nations, the report explains that between 2000 and 2010, the amount of carbon stored by forests in both North America and Europe has actually increased dramatically, even though the overall land area of these forests has remained largely unchanged.
Even in areas of Africa and South America where massive deforestation efforts have cleared much of the land, increasing forest densities in those that remain have made up for much of that loss.

(NaturalNews) We have all heard it before. Humans are supposedly producing too much carbon dioxide (CO2), which is contributing to "global warming" -- and the only solution, of course, is to have the United Nations (UN) distribute carbon use credits and implement carbon taxes to offset an impending global disaster. However, a new study published in the online journal PLoS One helps debunk this myth by showing that the natural world is basically taking care of this excess CO2 naturally, without the need for increased government control over individuals.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of the way trees and other plants function knows that they require CO2 in order to survive. And upon absorbing CO2, plants naturally release oxygen for humans and animals to breathe. This cycle has been going on since the beginning of time, and it continues to occur today, despite the plethora of human environmental abuses that appear to have damaged and obstructed the earth in many other ways.

According to the report, much of the damage caused by increases in CO2 and deforestation has been made up for by naturally increasing forest densities, at least as far as CO2 is concerned. Based on a survey of 68 different nations, the report explains that between 2000 and 2010, the amount of carbon stored by forests in both North America and Europe has actually increased dramatically, even though the overall land area of these forests has remained largely unchanged.

Even in areas of Africa and South America where massive deforestation efforts have cleared much of the land, increasing forest densities in those that remain have made up for much of that loss.
"Higher densities means world forests are capturing more carbon," said experts from both Finland and the US in response to the report. And the US is a perfect example of this, as its timberland area increased by only one percent between 1953 and 2007, while its actual volume of growing stock increased by a whopping 51 percent during the same time.

Sources for this story include:


Contradictory Studies: UN Climate Body Struggling to Pinpoint Rising Sea Levels

The United Nations' forecast of how quickly global sea levels will rise this century is vital in determining how much money might be needed to combat the phenomenon. But predictions by researchers vary wildly, and the attempt to find consensus has become fractious.

It is a number which will ultimately establish how billions in taxpayer money will be spent -- and it is one which is the subject of heated debate, both among politicians and scientists.


Sea Level Plummeting : Lowest Level Since At Least 2004


The latest data has been added to the Aviso site, and sea level is dropping through the floor. Europe’s Envisat satellite has been collecting data since 2004, and now shows that sea level is the lowest it has been since they started collecting data.
Since the start of the year, sea level has dropped almost 10 mm.
NASA tells us that 2010 saw record melt in Greenland, and that huge amounts  of water poured into the sea.


72% Of The US Below Normal Temperatures In May


Climate midgets (McKibben, Cook, Romm, etc.) have been claiming that the extreme US weather this month is due to warming. They say that warm air holds more moisture, so we get more rain and violent weather.
The warm air only exists in their mind though.
Flattening the color scheme, it becomes clear that the extreme weather has occurred in cold areas, and that more than 70% of the country has been below normal temperatures this month.
When the air is colder the saturation vapor pressure of water drops, so rain and snow form.
As is normally the case, climate alarmists are not interested in actual data or actual science.


Worst of Winter 2011-2012 Aimed for Chicago

The AccuWeather.com Long-Range Forecasting Team has Chicago right in the middle of where the worst of winter 2011-2012's snow and cold is expected to be.
"Last winter was nasty in Chicago. This winter could be just as bad," warned AccuWeather.com Expert Long-Range Meteorologist Bob Smerbeck.


May Was Cold In The US

Our friends have been blaming the severe weather in May on warm air from global warming. This is a brilliant theory, except that it was the 25th coldest May on record in the US.
Unfortunately, many climate experts lack access to the Internet and can’t look these things up themselves. The UN has a fund to provide computers for underprivileged climate experts.


Gallup: Fewer Americans, Europeans View Global Warming as a Threat

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Gallup surveys in 111 countries in 2010 find Americans and Europeans feeling substantially less threatened by climate change than they did a few years ago, while more Latin Americans and sub-Saharan Africans see themselves at risk.


Belief in Global Warming at New Low; Gore Launches Re-Education Project

“Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics.” - C.J. Keyser
Activist Post
On Monday, UPI announced the findings of a recent Harris poll that revealed a record low amount of people believe the global warming theory. Only 44% of the 2163 people polled say they believe that CO2 is warming the earth:
Only 44 percent say they 'believe the theory' that carbon dioxide emissions are warming the Earth, down from 51 percent in 2009 and 71 percent in 2007, but most movement has been into the 'not sure' column.


The Glaciers Of Norway And Alaska Lost Half Their Size Between 1902 And 1952

CO2 was less than 315 ppm, yet Alaska lost half of her glaciers in only 50 years. Showing once again how spectacularly dishonest the alarmist position is.
How is reducing CO2 to 350 ppm going to stop glaciers from melting? There isn’t one shred of evidence to support that idea.


Climategate: Another Global Warming Crisis Canceled For Lack Of Evidence

The New Age Eco Fascist like Al Gore finally getting discredited on daily bases for trying to push us in to an ecological dictatorship and trying to profit from carbon taxation pushing the entire world in to a new type of tax slavery. ( Like we don’t have enough taxes already. ) Forbes article explains the false claim of a declining global phytoplankton population:
Global warming alarmists and their allies in the media were ringing the alarm bells last summer after a study in the journal Nature claimed the global phytoplankton population had declined by 40% since 1950. The alarmists and their media allies aggressively focused attention on the study and made the additional assertion that global warming and carbon dioxide emissions must be to blame.
A just-released follow-up study in Nature, however, shows flaws in the original study and documents that the global phytoplankton population has risen, rather than fallen, over the past several decades. Perhaps the alarmists and their media allies could be given a pass, except they should have known the truth even last summer.
The theory advanced by global warming alarmists is that carbon dioxide emissions, the alleged instigator of the modest rise in 20th century temperatures, cause oceans to become harmfully acidic. Even a small increase in ocean acidity, the alarmists claim, can have devastating impact on marine life. This ocean acidification theory is very convenient for global warming alarmists because it allows them to claim a major global warming-related crisis even when global temperatures fail to rapidly rise or rise in a manner that does not produce temperature-related crises.
Read Entire Article: http://blogs.forbes.com/jamestaylor/2011/04/27/another-global-warming-crisis-canceled-for-lack-of-evidence/


The UN “disappears” yet another inconvenient climate claim, and once again, botches the cover up

It seems there’s a purge on at the UN to remove failed climate claims. Last week it was the 50 million climate refugees that never materialized and was covered up, this week it’s the poor of Africa they’ve “disappeared”. This one I stumbled upon quite by accident, doing some research for my previous story: World opinion on global warming: not so hot
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Winston Smith fails to Orwellize an embarrassment to the state yet again! Time for another visit to room 101?


CRU Refuses FOI Request for Yamal Climategate Chronology

Probably no single issue damages the reputation of the climate science community more than the refusal to show the data that supports their work, even under an FOI request. The public believes that scientists who purport to be concerned about the future of the planet should not place their own financial interests, including future grants, ahead of this concern, particularly when their research has been done with public funds.


Europe Braces for Serious Crop Losses and Blackouts

Record dry spring could drive up wheat prices, and lack of water may force nuclear reactors to shut down
Jeremy Lovell and ClimateWire
Scientific American

LONDON -- One of the driest spring seasons on record in northern Europe has sucked soils dry and sharply reduced river levels to the point that governments are starting to fear crop losses and France, in particular, is bracing for blackouts as its river-cooled nuclear power plants may be forced to shut down...


Snow Falling in Colorado on Eve of Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice


A winter storm advisory has been posted in the mountains of Colorado above 10,000 feet until 6 p.m. local time, and at least one tornado was reported in Kansas, according to the weather service. The Northern Hemisphere summer starts at 1:16 p.m. New York time tomorrow.


Switzerland sees record September snowfall

Snow fell in the Swiss Alps overnight on Sunday to levels unseen for the month of September, Swiss weather agency Meteosuisse reported on Monday.
In the ski resort of St Moritz, in the southeast canton of Grison, a total of 45 centimetres (nearly 18 inches) of snow was recorded on Monday morning, it said.


Chili, ou quand il neige dans l’un des deserts les plus aride du monde

7 juillet 2011 | Auteur: Jo

L’intense vague de froid qui touche l’Argentine et le Chili depuis plusieurs jours est remontée jusqu’à l’Uruguay ou 6 personnes sont mortes par hypothermie.

Au Chili, la neige perturbe la vie des habitants de 4 régions septentrionales du pays, là où se trouve le désert d’Atacama (un des déserts les plus arides du monde).
On relève par endroits des épaisseurs de 80 cm de neige, une situation plus vue depuis 20 ans alors que dans ce désert on ne voit la pluie que 2 à 4 fois par siècle.
Dans ces régions, des centaines de personnes sont isolées à cause des accumulations de neige, et des milliers sont privées d’électricité.
Dans la région de Trapaca, des tempêtes de sable se sont déclenchées, affectant également la ville d’Iquique.
Cette tempête de neige qui affecte le nord du Chili laisse perplexes les météorologues du pays puisque cette région est plutôt sujette à des températures élevées et à très peu de précipitations.
Dans tous ces pays, y compris en Bolivie, ce sont pas moins de 30 personnes qui ont perdu la vie.
Source: www.meteo-world.com

VIDÉO sur Nature alerte

Il neige dans le désert maintenant…


Tough Times For Arctic Alarmists

We have been hearing lots of rumours of record low ice in 2011, but alarmists long sought Arctic Armageddon is falling apart very rapidly. The green area (2011 ice not present in 2007) is expanding rapidly and the red area (2007 ice not present in 2011) is shrinking rapidly. Weather forecasts for the Arctic look cold for the indefinite future, so it is likely to just get worse.

Gore and Climatists Get Ready to Hibernate: Another Record Breaking Winter is Coming

It seems now that, in the face of more and more record-breaking winters, increased polar ice cover and an endless string of academic scandals, that Al Gore and the global warming/climate change movement are having their own Berlin bunker moment.


Times Atlas 'wrong' on Greenland ice

Leading UK polar scientists say the Times Atlas of the World was wrong to assert that it has had to re-draw its map of Greenland due to climate change.
Publicity for the latest edition of the atlas, launched last week, said warming had turned 15% of Greenland's former ice-covered land "green and ice-free".
But scientists from the Scott Polar Research Institute say the figures are wrong; the ice has not shrunk so much.
Imagine my shock

Times Atlas publishers apologise for 'incorrect' Greenland ice statement

HarperCollins says it stands by the accuracy of the maps, but the media release suggesting 15% of Greenland's permanent ice cover had melted was incorrect.

Atlasgate: 'A Killer Mistake That Cannot Be Winked Away'

The publishers of the world’s most prestigious atlas have been caught out by Cambridge scientists exaggerating the effects of climate change.

Snow comes early to Austria

Big snow turns to big slush

* First snow in Greytown, Wairarapa, since the 1940s.
* 45cm of snow in central Christchurch.
* Light snow in Nelson, Motueka, and Wellington.
* Airports, roads, hospitals closed, power cut.
* Coldest July day on record in Banks Peninsula (-1.2C).
* 12cm of new snow at Turoa skifield; -10C on upper slopes.


It's official: Territory chill sets record for books

The weather bureau has confirmed the Northern Territory has experienced its lowest average minimum temperature for June since records began in 1950.
"Pay no attention to that snow and ice, it's really hot. Hot hot hot! Hotternheck!" -- The Goracle
"Pay no attention to that snow and ice, it's really hot. Hot hot hot! Hotternheck!" -- ABCNNBBCBS


Chile - 'White earthquake'

A snowfall so fierce that Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter called it a "white earthquake" buried communities, blocked roads, cut off food supplies, and wreaked havoc on basic utilities in Chile's central Araucania region.
Following four days of non-stop snowfall piling as high as nine feet (2.7m) in some areas, President Sebastián Piñera declared much of the region a disaster area on Wednesday.
Although this part of the country is no stranger to cold weather, Piñera described the current polar front as the worst the region has seen in 30 years


Montana ultra-marathon race cancelled due to snow

The race director of a 100-mile ultra-marathon foot race through the Flathead National Forest has cancelled the event due to lingering snow on the route that he says would make the course too dangerous for runners and likely prevent anyone from finishing within the required 36-hour limit.
Brad Lamson said that portions of the course for the Swan Crest 100 have deep snow that is concealing signs that mark trail intersections.
He said he’s convinced the snow won’t melt in time for the event scheduled for July 29.


Rare heavy snow snarls S.African transport

An unusually heavy snowfall that blanketed large parts of South Africa snarled transport on Tuesday, halting trains and leaving thousands of motorists stranded after highways closed.
The winter storm also brought high winds that played havoc with shipping and delayed air transport. The military dispatched a helicopter to pluck crew members from a cargo ship that ran aground off the east coast.
Parts of South Africa usually receive a dusting about once or twice a year but the storm that hit large parts of the eastern half of the country on Monday and Tuesday dumped up to 60 cms (2 feet) in some areas.


Cold summer sets 10-year record

IF IT were a battle between rain and shine this summer, those who bet on cooler, wetter weather would be walking home with fuller pockets now— albeit soggy ones.
This year marks the coolest start to summer in a decade, and also the most consecutive days of rain.


What’s to Be Done With 15 Feet of Snow in June? Utah Knows

Tom Smart for The New York Times
“I have skied for 72 years, and I’ve never skied snow like this in June,” said Eric Jucker, 75, a Swiss citizen who travels back and forth from Laguna Beach, Calif., to Salt Lake City.
Martin Martinov, a Bulgarian biophysicist living in Park City, Utah, got off the tram Friday and said, “I’ve never seen snow like this that you didn’t have to hike to get to at this time of year.”


Freak cold weather grips southern Brazil

The southern parts of Brazil, a tropical country, have been stricken by cold snaps since Monday, driving down temperatures to record-low levels and bringing snow in some areas, a local weather service has reported.
The weather monitoring department of Santa Catarina state said the temperature fell to 8.8 Celsius degrees below zero in the small town of Urupema on Tuesday, while in Cambara do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul state, along the southern border, the temperature dropped to minus 6.2 degrees.


Cold Spell Damages Crops, Causes Deaths

An influx of cold polar air in the last week has produced record low temperatures throughout Bolivia and severely damaged crops in least five departments of the country. The freeze hurt almost all edible crops grown in the areas affected and has already resulted in increased prices for those items in large cities. According to reports, the ice and snow of last week most affected Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Tarija, Potosí, and La Paz. In all of these areas the cold compounded with hurricane-force winds lasted three days. Several cities also registered record low temperatures.


Record Cold Autumn In Australia


Spring was coldest on record, UW researcher says

All that collective griping about the weather just got validated by some cold facts: The spring of 2011 was the chilliest on record for the state.
James Johnstone, a research associate with the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean in the UW College of the Environment, said the average high temperature from April through June was 60.4 degrees Fahrenheit, beating the previous average of 61.6 degrees in 1955.


Energy consumption reaches record high due to cold blast

According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), the cold weather that hit the continent four days ago is expected to continue until at least Thursday of this week.
The surrounding areas of Buenos Aires suffered some of the lowest temperatures, with -4 degrees in Dolores, -2.6 degrees in Tandil, -1.5 degrees in Ezeiza and -1.2 degrees in Mar del Plata, with a wind chill of -5 degrees.

Cold fronts bring July records

The weather bureau has revealed a series of cold fronts caused Tasmania's extreme weather conditions last month, bringing record low temperatures and huge swells.
The extreme conditions reached their peak on the 23rd, when Liaweenee in the Central Highlands recorded minus 11.2 degrees overnight, the second coldest July temperature on record.

Cold snap brings near-record low temp

Last week's cold snap has seen Timaru record its second lowest temperature for July since records began in 1906.
On July 26, the minimum air temperature recorded in Timaru was -7.8 degrees Celsius. It was also the fourth-lowest minimum temperature for any month since 1906, according to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa).


Bering sea water temperature, headed down


Apparently, not all the Arctic is warming to script. This is an interesting graph from PICES, titled The Bering Sea: Current Status and Recent Events.
Fig. 1 Time series of water temperatures at the Bering Sea mooring M2 (56.87°N, 164.03°W). Top panel: Daily depth-averaged water column temperatures. Bottom panel: Daily temperature anomalies at M2 (blue = negative and red = positive, left ordinate) and the percent of ice cover over the mooring (ellipses, right ordinate). Figure courtesy of Phyllis Stabeno and Nancy Kachel, NOAA.
It is accompanied by this text:
Normally, a moderate El Niño (as in winter 2010) would have resulted in a warmer Bering Sea and La Niña in winter 2011, and weakening in spring would have supported cooler conditions. However, in recent years it appears that the location of the Aleutian Low had more influence on the Bering Sea in 2010 and 2011 than did the intensity of the low or the ENSO connection.
Additionally, the report suggests the ecosystem of the Bering sea is not so bad after all, with plankton and fish volume on the rise.
There’s too much to reproduce here, read the entire article at PICES here:


Record Growth Of Arctic Ice Continues – As The Press Continues To Talk About Record Lows

North Pole temperatures have been normal to below normal all summer.

Coldest summer in 20 years wipes out two-thirds of the common blue butterfly

Butterfly numbers have fallen after the coldest summer in two decades, a survey shows.
In particular, nearly two thirds of the common blue species were wiped out.
Numbers of all butterflies were down 11 per cent on last year as winds and heavy rain devastated their reproductive patterns.
The figures come from more than 34,000 people who joined the Big Butterfly Count, organised by the Butterfly Conservation charity.


Southern Chile buried beneath up to 6 feet of snow

A massive snowstorm has dumped some six feet (2 meters) of snow on Chile’s Araucancia region, leaving many without power and communities completely cut off from the rest of the country.
Television footage showed homes almost completely buried in the snow.
“We are completely cut-off without anything," sauid a resident. "There are no cell phones and no radio.“


Cold snap in Chile puts summer citrus outlook in question

A cold snap in Chile is leaving summer citrus importers unsure of what they’ll be bringing to the states in upcoming weeks.
David Mixon, chief marketing officer for Seald Sweet LLC, Vero Beach, Fla., said Chile’s citrus-growing areas had an unseasonable cold snap over the July Fourth weekend.


No surprises here: Perth's on another record cold spell

Perth is on track to breaking another weather record as low daytime temperatures continue this week.
Weatherzone meteorologist Robert Wood said widespread cloud cover was contributing to the "massive reduction" in day-time temperatures experienced across WA so far this month.
Perth is set to record its second day in a row where the mercury won't reach 14 degrees, which hasn't occurred for 13 years.

Global Warming? Tell that to spaniards.

Sneezing and coughing. An unexpected cool air has risen, in midsummer, cardigans and pullovers sleeping in a drawer. "So far in July temperatures have been recorded about three tenths below the average minimum of the month" said Angel Rivera, a meteorologist and spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). "If the trend continues, one can say that July is one of the coolest summer of the century," he predicts.

Thousands stranded by worst snows in Bolivia for 20 years


Freak cold weather grips southern Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO - The southern parts of Brazil, a tropical country, have been stricken by cold snaps since Monday, driving down temperatures to record-low levels and bringing snow in some areas, a local weather service has reported.


No degree of doubt: deep chill of winter has arrived

Canberrans woke to a thick fog yesterday morning after another overnight below minus 5 degrees.
From midnight to 10am yesterday, temperatures remained in the minuses, with the lowest recorded at 5am in Tuggeranong at an icy minus 5.4degrees.
Cooma residents also shivered through a cold night the coldest July night on record at minus 10.1degrees.


Deep Snow Delaying Opening of Sunrise Area at Mount Rainier National Park

Too much snow will keep the Sunrise area in Mount Rainier National Park closed through the Fourth of July weekend and until at least July 8, according to park officials. Also, the White River Campground won't open until July 1.


Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in the West

Epic snow pack in parts of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and California is forcing many tourists to abandon the annual rites of launching their summer holidays with a camping trip. Others plan to take advantage of prolonged skiing and snowshoeing this strange spring.


Hawaii’s Mauna Kea summit blanketed with 3 inches of snow

Snow on the summit of Mauna Kea: it’s not exactly a rare sight during a Hawaiian winter. But how about in June? With just a few days removed from the official start of summer, the summit of the Big Island’s biggest mountain was covered by white after a passing thunderstorm dropped inches of ice at the 13,000 foot level.


Best Australian snow depth since 1990

As you can see from the pic which is from the Perisher snowcam today there is a lot of snow in the Australian snowfields at the moment.
Perisher Blue snowfields reports this morning that “The Spencer’s Creek snow depth reading is 158.9cm, the best it’s been since 1990 for this time of the season!”.


Skiing on the Fourth of July


May 2011: Globe Warms, But U.S. Cools

I suspect that over in Europe, they are seeing news stories about how the Earth is getting warmer, only it just happened to be cool where they were.
Enough is enough. Global Warning and the grab for Carbon Taxes is as legitimate as Killer Bees or Y2K. The money junkies are hoping that now we are in summer you will have forgotten the record-setting snow (leading the the record-setting flooding) all over the northern hemisphere! They really think you are that stupid where you will ignore the evidence of your own senses and believe as you are ordered to believe, thus to give them the money you are ordered to give to them.
To believe is to be their slaves. To be free is to tell the snake-oil salesmen to shove their carbon-cult where the sun don't shine!


Temperatures Rise Following Rare African Snow Events

Light snow fell in areas close to Johannesburg, South Africa, on Thursday morning as temperatures dipped across much of south and south-western Africa.
Cold rain, sleet and light snow was recorded in the vicinity of Johannesburg, which has only recorded five snowfall events since 1956.

Record Calif. snowpack raises summer flood fear

More snow than has ever been recorded this close to summer is blanketing Donner Summit, creating a potentially dangerous situation when the snow begins to melt, hydrology experts said Tuesday.
A summer heat wave could cause melting snow in the Sierra to cascade down from the mountains all at once, overwhelming reservoirs and river channels and causing widespread flooding, California water officials warned.


Tourists in Wales were left frozen and shocked when snow started to fall, despite it being mid-June.
The blizzard-like conditions had holidaymakers running for shelter in Snowdonia - just as it was being announced that large parts of Wales and England are officially suffering a drought.


China raises flood alert to top level, 555,000 evacuated

Central authorities have raised the disaster alert to the highest level 4, and the government is describing the floods in some areas, such as eastern Zhejiang province's Qianting River area, as the worst since 1955.
Record flooding comes from record snow. You know, the stuff the Carbonazis said was a thing of the past?


Record snow makes Yosemite waterfalls spectacular

Water, water everywhere — and it's a spectacular sight.
Record Sierra snowfall over the winter now means record snow melt as temperatures rise, swelling Yosemite National Park's iconic waterfalls, streams and rivers to their most turbulent level in years.


May Wetter and Cooler Than Normal In USA

Last month, the contiguous United States had dramatic shifts in regional temperatures, but overall May was slightly cooler and wetter than normal.


Phil Jones recants his recantation. Says you all just imagined that record snow last winter!

Did I mention it snowed here in Hawaii this last week?
And Namibia on Tuesday!
BBC are pussies; they will not allow comments on the article.

IMAGES of snow covering mountains, roads, sheep and homes close to the Namib-Naukluft Park on Tuesday took Namibia by storm yesterday.

Reports and photographs of the snowfall circulated rapidly and widely across the Internet and inboxes bulged with rare images depicting snow in areas usually associated with heat and dust, not biting cold and white blankets of snow.
John Rabie from Namibgrens Guest Farm close to the Spreetshoogte Pass where the majority of snow and rain fell, described the scenes of low clouds, mist and snow on Tuesday.
“It was ice cold, especially as the wind was blowing,” he said.


First Level Breached In Birds Point By Army Corps Of Engineers, New Madrid Seismic Zone

Army Corps of Engineers officials have just announced that they have blown the first levee in Birds Point Missouri along the New Madrid Seismic Zone.
MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO KFVS-The first levee at Birds Point has been breached. It happened just after 10 p.m.
It was a quick blast of a series of explosions. The Birds Point blast was felt at the Wardell, Missouri helicorder. Helicorders are similar to seismographs.
Heartland News is receiving calls from around the Heartland of viewers who felt the blast.


Levee explosion flooding causes lost winter wheat, corn crops

Levee explosion may cost farmers in southeast Missouri $300 million
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
"I've got 8,000 acres underwater. I've got a winter wheat crop underwater. I've got corn that's 4 inches high underwater," said Ed C. Marshall, who farms wheat, corn, soybeans and grain sorghum in the area. "I was six weeks away from harvesting that wheat."
The corps-engineered deluge also swamped millions of dollars in farm infrastructure, from culverts to irrigation pivots. Tens of thousands of gallons of diesel and liquid fertilizer sit in flooded tanks.

Flood waters peak in southern US city

Early Tuesday, the flood levels reached 47.85 feet -- which have not been witnessed since the 1930's -- and are expected to stay very close to that level for the next 24 to 36 hours.
Which is what you get when all that snow the global warming cultists insisted was a thing of the past melts, and cities and counties, who believed the global warming cultists and so were not prepared for the hard winters, get hammered.


Levee blast means lost year for Missouri farmers

Blasting open a levee and submerging more than 200 square miles of Missouri farmland has likely gouged away fertile topsoil, deposited mountains of debris to clear and may even hamper farming in some places for years, experts say.
All this water came from massive amounts of melting snow. You know, the white stuff that the carbonazis insisted was a thing of the past due to "Human Caused Global Warming (reg trademark Saint Al of the Gore).
So, local cities and communities, trusting the same Federal government who lied to us all about Saddam's 'nooks', spent what little tax revenues they had preparing for the wrong climate.
and here we are today, three harsh winters in a row, record snow across America all winter and now that it is melting, record flooding, with nobody downstream ready to deal with it.
Thanks a bunch Carbonazis. You couldn't have wrecked the place any worse if you tried.

Army Corps Battles Rising Mississippi From Memphis To New Orleans

New Orleans (CNN) -- Waging war against historic flooding in eight Midwestern and Southern states, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers opened a spillway north of New Orleans on Monday in an effort to calm the rising Mississippi River.
A crowd gathered near the entrance to the Bonnet Carre spillway to watch workers use cranes to slide open the gates to the flood control system. The spillway, like another that could be opened next week, is designed to divert floodwater away from New Orleans and slow the raging river to protect the low-lying city.

Three Million Acres May Be Flooded in Louisiana

Three million acres, an area almost the size of Connecticut, may go under water as the Mississippi River flooding moves south and threatens Louisiana.
The rising water has interrupted coal shipments to power plants in Tennessee, flooded more than 100,000 acres of Missouri cropland, forced thousands from their homes and prompted the Corps to open the Bonnet Carre Spillway to reduce the river’s force through New Orleans.

On the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, there are 11 refineries with a combined capacity of 2.5 million barrels a day, or 13 percent of U.S. output, according to Andy Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates LLC in Houston.


Miss. River Flows Over La. Levee, Flooding Crops,Coast Guard To Close Mississippi

BUNCHE'S BEND, La. – Water from the swollen Mississippi River poured over a century-old levee Thursday, flooding 12,000 acres of corn and soybeans despite farmers' frantic efforts to shore up the structure. Downstream, officials with the Port of New Orleans said the Coast Guard could close the river to ships as early as Monday, halting traffic on one of the world's busiest commercial waterways.


Islands in the stream: The extraordinary homemade dams holding back the Mississippi as desperate residents try to save their homes

We've all undertaken home improvements but these residents in flood-stricken Mississippi have had to embark on major construction projects just to protect their houses and livelihoods.
These homes in Vicksburg are all situated along the Yazoo River, a tributary of the overflowing Mississippi River, and their owners have surrounded themselves with tons of earth and sand.
With questions over whether the main levees that protect the area from floods would hold, these farmers took no chances and have so far saved their homes and crops from destruction.
This is beyond belief: the people who have had to do this are obviously completely expendable to this administration.


US states inundated with flood waters from the swollen Mississippi River (15Pics)

About 3 million acres of farmland in four southern US states have been inundated with flood waters from the swollen Mississippi River and its tributaries.
The historic Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad Station is surrounded by floodwater in Vicksburg, Mississippi


'Mississippi floods worse than that of 1927'

The latest Mississippi floods, which are even bigger than the disastrous 1927 flood, threaten the southern cities of the United States, says Danny Schechter of mediachannel.org.
"The last [disastrous] flood, the great flood of 1927 killed hundreds, made many homeless. Now this one is even bigger”, said the veteran media critic in an interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Sunday.


Largest-Ever Dead Zone 'a Disaster in the Making' for La. Fishermen

Paul Quinlan
New York Times

Louisiana's shrimpers expected 2010 to be a good year. Instead, they got the oil spill. Although many found temporary jobs working cleanup for BP PLC, hopes for recovery turned to 2011.
Now the swollen Mississippi River is expected to deliver another heavy blow to a seafood industry already on the ropes: a massive flush of fertilizer, animal manure, treated sewage, pesticide and urban runoff...

Scientists predict this polluted wash will give rise to the Gulf of Mexico's largest-ever "dead zone," a large swath of ocean devoid of fish, shellfish and other marine life.

"It's a disaster in the making," said Clint Guidry, a third-generation Louisiana fisherman and president of the Louisiana Shrimp Association. "Everybody paid their taxes and fixed their boat up, and they were ready to go back to work this year. It's not looking good."

Read Full Article


Lack of media coverage and indiference of the Obama Administration to the flooding in the Midwest











I will tell you why the media is no longer paying attention to the massive flooding hitting our nation. Because like Katrina, and like the Gulf Oil Disaster, and like last weekend's DNS attacks, the current flooding proves that the US Federal Government has, in their devotion to taking care of Israel, not taken any care at all of the United States. The current flooding, like Katrina, and like the Gulf Oil Disaster, and like last weekend's DNS attacks, proves that the Federal Government is very good at dealing with phony monsters they themselves create to scare you into wars of conquest, but totally inept and incompetent at dealing with the real world.
And more to the point, the record flooding is the melt from the record snow across the north, something that was not supposed to happen at all according to the global warming/ carbon tax cult. And because the carbonazis are inevitably going to try their fraud again this summer, heavy snow and floods from melted snow are simply not being reported as incompatible with political doctrine and tax policy.


United States Nuclear Power Plants Threatened By Spillway Flooding

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said on Friday it anticipates opening the Morganza Spillway on the western bank of the swollen Mississippi River to divert floodwaters into theAtchafalaya River basin and protect Baton Rouge, Louisiana, New Orleans and refineries from flooding.
It appears that not only are refineries in danger, but three nuclear power plants are also in danger of being flooded:
* Entergy’s 1,176-megawatt Waterford nuclear plant in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana
* 978-megawatt River Bend nuclear plant in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, and
* 1,268-megawatt Grand Gulf nuclear station in Clairborne County, Mississippi


Secret Louisiana flood chemical contamination delayed, Mandatory evacs

Louisiana residents are warned to prepare for intensive chemical contamination from 1000's of oil wells soon to be under water, despite the flooding in the battered Cajun country moving down river slower than predicted, the crest now expected at Butte LaRose, the midpoint of the river basin, on May 27 at 24.5 feet, and at Morgan City near the Gulf of Mexico on May 29 at 11 feet. Mandatory evacuations are in effect for some communities.
Continue reading on Examiner.com: Secret Louisiana flood chemical contamination delayed, Mandatory evacs - National Human Rights | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/secret-louisiana-floo...


Roses are a no-show for Portland Rose Festival (Due to the cold weather.)

A season of record rainfall and well-below average high temperatures make 2011 the latest-blooming rose season in memory. Only six days rose above 60 degrees; on average, there are 26.
"A rose! Ah, ha, ha!" whooped Hillary Joseph, bending over to inspect a button of orange, the only color bobbing in an aggressive sea of green at the International Rose Test Garden at Washington Park, where the great majority of approximately 8,500 roses are certain to be a no-show for the Portland Rose Festival.
Thomas Wickboldt, Joseph's friend from San Francisco, was good-natured about missing Portland's iconic flower. "Since it's the City of Roses, it would be nice to see the roses. But it's not that big of a deal."


Record snow makes spectacular Yosemite waterfalls

Record Sierra snowfall over the winter now means record snow melt as temperatures rise, swelling Yosemite National Park's iconic waterfalls, streams and rivers to their most turbulent level in years.
Yosemite Falls, the nation's tallest, is spewing enough water to fill a gasoline tanker truck every two seconds. The force of water at Bridalveil Falls across the valley kicks up a mist that clouds the meadow below.
It means that until the peak melt around mid-June, visitors will experience more treacherous beauty in Yosemite than even the travel brochures promise.


Record Snowpacks Could Threaten Western States

For all the attention on epic flooding in the Mississippi Valley, a quiet threat has been growing here in the West where winter snows have piled up on mountain ranges throughout the region.
In California, officials staged three days of flood training last week, including on Twitchell Island in the Sacramento Delta.
Thanks to a blizzard-filled winter and an unusually cold and wet spring, more than 90 measuring sites from Montana to New Mexico and California to Colorado have record snowpack totals on the ground for late May, according to a federal report released last week.


Snowing in Britain!

Snowdon under 'snow' in JuneThis was the scene on top of Snowdon at lunchtime on Friday
But if you thought this photograph was taken in the dark days of winter then think again.
The wintry scene, at the Snowdon Mountain Railway's terminus near Hafod Eryri, was photographed at 1300 BST on Friday - in the middle of June, days before the start of Wimbledon and just over a week before the summer solstice.


Wipe them all out! Australia considers cull of 1.2million camels 'to save the planet'

Australia is considering proposals to kill all the wild camels that roam the outback as part of its contribution to fighting global warming.
The 1.2 million camels, considered pests by farmers and conservationists, each produce a methane equivalent of one ton of carbon dioxide a year.
That makes them collectively one of the Australia's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.


800-Mile-Wide Hot Anomaly Found Under Seafloor off Hawaii

Scientists say they've found solid evidence of a giant mass of hot rock under the seafloor in the region. But it's not a plume running straight from the core to the surface—and it's hundreds of miles west of the nearest Hawaiian island.


FEMA asks for return of disaster aid

Associated Press
Dead broke and living in a FEMA trailer following the 2008 flood, Van Fleet repeatedly submitted paperwork and made countless phone calls arguing his case. After seven months, the agency finally gave him more than $20,000, which he said gave him his life back and allowed him to move into a house.
Then in March, a letter arrived from the government with a shocking message: He should never have gotten the money. And he had just 30 days to pay it all back.
The agency is asking Van Fleet and thousands of other Americans who were victims of natural disasters to return more than $22 million in government aid, acknowledging it mistakenly made payments to many people who were ineligible.
Particularly after the horrors of FEMA "assistance" post Hurricane Katrina, this agency needs to be disbanded immediately; the degree of hopeless incompetency with which it behaves gives it absolutely zero credibility.


Scientist Flips, Blows Global Warming to Bits

David Evans is a scientist. He has also worked in the heart of the AGW machine. He consulted full-time for the Australian Greenhouse Office (now the Department of Climate Change) from 1999 to 2005, and part-time 2008 to 2010, modeling Australia’s carbon in plants, debris, mulch, soils, and forestry and agricultural products. He has six university degrees, including a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. The other day he said:
"The debate about global warming has reached ridiculous proportions and is full of micro-thin half-truths and misunderstandings. I am a scientist who was on the carbon gravy train, understands the evidence, was once an alarmist, but am now a skeptic."
And with that he begins a demolition of the theories, premises and methods by which the AGW scare has been foisted on the public.
The politics:
"The whole idea that carbon dioxide is the main cause of the recent global warming is based on a guess that was proved false by empirical evidence during the 1990s. But the gravy train was too big, with too many jobs, industries, trading profits, political careers, and the possibility of world government and total control riding on the outcome. So rather than admit they were wrong, the governments, and their tame climate scientists, now outrageously maintain the fiction that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant."


"Surface at the Pole" proves ice was thin at the North Pole back in 1960.


Snow on May 16. Seriously.

- Idaho Statesman

You can rub the sleep out of your eyes and pinch yourself as much as you want, but what you saw this morning falling from the sky was snow.
Snow that was currently sticking to the ground above 3,200 feet at 8 a.m. Snow that was falling with rain during the morning commute in the Boise area.
The good news is that it isn't sticking below that 3,200 feet.
Monday morning was especially wet in the Boise area. The National Weather Service measured .17 of an inch of rain since midnight, but the vast majority of that rain began falling after 6 a.m.
The bad news, for those of us who like warm and sunny Boise weather in spring, is that the National Weather Service forecast shows a unseasonably cold and wet week ahead.
The estimated high temperature for Boise area Monday is 57 degrees. The normal high temperature for May 16 is 71 degrees.


Snow falls as Sydney braces for more cold weather

Snow has fallen in parts of central western NSW as temperatures plummeted below zero overnight.
In the video report, it says temperatures are already colder than the record set last winter, and this is only the middle of their autumn!


READER PHOTOS - Global Warming in Wyoming, May 11, 2011

Interstate 70 west of Denver re-opened after crash on snow-covered stretch

Several traffic mishaps on I-70 in the mountains west of Denver shut down the highway this morning in both directions.


Global Warming hits Nevada, May 10, 2011


Spring snowstorm sweeps through state

A winter storm warning is in effect for large parts of Northern New Mexico as a wintry storm kicks up winds and plunges temperatures across the state.


6 inches of snow blankets North Spokane County

April 27, 2011 - Snow, even this late in spring, is not unusual... this much snow is!


Snowy Saturday worst in 15 years

Saturday's weather wallop was not only a record for April - it was close to the most snow that's ever fallen in Cranbrook in a 24-hour period.


Snow slams into Poland


Agenda 21: Colo. wilderness areas would increase by thousands of acres under new bill

Well, it certainly sounds like Agenda 21 is alive and well in Colorado. And it so happens to be in the same area that the supposed New World Order future Capital/Base/Control center is rumored to be located. Interesting.
U.S. Rep. Jared Polis marked Earth Day by
reintroducing a bill that would designate thousands of acres in Eagle
and Summit counties as federal wilderness.


UN Embarrassed by Forecast on Climate Refugees

Six years ago, the United Nations issued a dramatic warning that the world would have to cope with 50 million climate refugees by 2010. But now that those migration flows have failed to materialize, the UN has distanced itself from the forecasts. On the contrary, populations are growing in the regions that had been identified as environmental danger zones.


Eco-friendly bulbs loaded with lead, arsenic

So-called eco-friendly LED light bulbs are loaded with lead and arsenic that can contaminate the environment and pose long-term health risks. Of course, the safest bulbs of all, the incandescent, have been banned in America.

Leading German Meteorologist Calls Fighting Climate Change ‘A Senseless Physical Endeavour’ – Calls for halt of all state-funded climate research

Dr Wolfgand Thüne:
“For decades billions of US dollars of taxpayer money have been pumped into climate research without getting any detectable progress. Climate experts still have not even succeeded in delivering the physical proof of the claimed “greenhouse effect”.
The meteorological fact is that at no point on earth and at no time of the year do either the daily or yearly air temperature and CO2 concentrations causally correlate. There is no correlation! Also a radical reduction of ‘greenhouse gases’ in Europe, or ”achieving a ‘CO2-free Europe’, would have absolutely no impact on the weather over the course of the annual seasons.
No state, already under a mountain of debt, can morally justify the burning of  billions, and yes trillions, on the ‘protection of the global climate’ without leaving proof of having any effect whatsoever.
The correlation between the CO2-value in Hawaii and the annually calculated ‘global temperature’ is a fictitious correlation that imposters as causal effect, but is in reality only a make believe correlation.
Humankind would be helped in practical ways if 20% of research resources were instead devoted to better weather forecasting and the remaining 80% devoted to combating hunger and poverty.”



Love reading stories like this - What say you Al Gore?
Demand for carbon allowances plummeted to an all-time low at the quarterly auction of the 10-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  The numbers are striking – and raise serious questions about the viability of RGGI, the nation’s only mandatory CO-2 cap and trade program:
  • RGGI managed to sell just 30 percent of the allowances, or permits, it offered for sale at the June 8 auction.
  • The auction raised only $25 million, a fraction of the record high of $117 million set two years ago.
  • The price per allowance was $1.89, the minimum allowed by RGGI.
The June auction is the first since Gov. Chris Christie announced New Jersey is quitting RGGI.  The state plans to participate in the next two auctions scheduled for Sept. 7 and Dec. 7 before it pulls out of the program at the end of the year, according to a letter from Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin.  NJDEP will continue to require electric generators in the state to have RGGI permits for CO-2 emissions through Dec. 31, 2011.
However, the remaining nine RGGI states have not decided whether to honor New Jersey permits sold after this month’s auction.  “Additional information regarding other New Jersey allowances will be issued” before the September auction, according to RGGI.


Merciless Green Austerity System On The Agenda For The UN’s 2012 Earth Summit

The United Nations flag with the grid over the globe is an important clue for those who monitor world affairs. They are tightening their grip on the earth and laying out their control grid piece by piece. The previous Earth Summit in 1993 produced an insidious action plan entitled Agenda 21.
This plan was carried out and allowed the United Nations to acquire and control resources from around the globe and coerce local, state and federal governments to do their bidding for the sake of the earth.
In 2012, they meet again in Rio but the media campaign has already kicked off. Initial recommendations have been released by participating working groups and they are comprehensive enough to give Eco-Zealots wet dreams.


Global temperature still headed down- UAH: negative territory

The global temperature has fallen .653°C (from +0.554 in March 2010 to -0.099 in March 2011) in just one year. That’s a magnitude nearly equivalent to the agreed upon global warming signal agreed upon by the IPCC. It is quite a sharp drop.


Latest Peer-Reviewed Research: The Warming of The Medieval Period Remains Unprecedented

Read here. Scientists analyzing maximum latewood density (MXD) datasets from Scandinavia determine that the Medieval Warming was unprecedented in its duration, at least 100 years in length.
In contrast to the modern era, this study, by Gunnarson et al., revealed that there were similar temperature increases from 1910 to 1940's, and one that started in the late 1990's. Neither of these very short-term warmings have MDX temperature reconstructions exceeding the Medieval Period.
"Working in the same general area, researchers combined these older historical MXD data with "recently collected MXD data covering AD 1292-2006 into a single reconstruction of April-September temperatures for the period AD 1107-2006,".....report "there is a steep increase in inferred temperatures at the beginning of the twelfth century, followed by a century of warm temperatures (ca. 1150-1250)," which falls within the temporal confines of the Medieval Warm Period; and they state that "the record ends with a sharp increase in temperatures from around 1910 to the 1940s, followed by decreasing temperatures for a few decades," after which they indicate that "another sharp increase in April-September temperature commenced in the late 1990s," during what is commonly known as the Current Warm Period. Thus, they say that "the two warmest periods are the mid to late twentieth century and the period from AD 1150-1250," and they emphasize that the temperatures of both of these periods have been so similar that "it is not possible to conclude whether the present and relatively recent past are warmer than the 1150-1250 period."" [Björn E. Gunnarson, Hans W. Linderholm, Anders Moberg, 2011: Climate Dynamics]
Additional climate-history and peer-reviewed postings. Historical temperature charts.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
And Polar Bears are STILL HERE!!!!!!!


Polar expedition to document global warming delayed ... due to extreme cold!


Multi-Year Ice Has Grown More Than 30% In The Last Three Years

NSIDC has changed their color scheme, but you can see that the area of thick, older ice has greatly increased since 2008. The lack of MYI (multi-year ice) in 2008 led Mark Serreze to bet on an ice-free pole that summer.


Coolists 3 – Warmists 0

Co2 driving the climate is a joke, a ruse – tantamount to saying Mexico drives the world economy. Sure it is a factor, but a small one. When I look at all the people running around with CO2 reduction as their new religion, I just shake my head. Duped! What a con-job.
This brings up our Climate Bet here with warmist Rob Honeycutt, who boldly bet $5000 that the 2011-2020 decade will be even warmer than the previous 2001-2010 decade. So far the first three months of the new decade are slam dunks for the COOLIST column, and have opened up an early lead 3 – o.
2011 01 -0.010 -0.055 0.036 -0.372
2011 02 -0.020 -0.042 0.002 -0.348
2011 03 -0.099 -0.073 -0.126 -0.345


David Evans, Carbon Accounting Modeler, Says It’s a Scam

Scientist who was on the carbon gravy train was once an alarmist, but is now a skeptic. He now admits man-made global warming is ‘a scam’.
Dr David Evans’ address to the Anti-Carbon-Tax rally, Perth Australia, 23 March 2011.


NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming

A study from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland looking at climate data over the past century has concluded that solar variation has made a significant impact on the Earth’s climate. The report concludes that evidence for climate changes based on solar radiation can be traced back as far as the Industrial Revolution.
Some researchers believe that the solar cycle influences global climate changes.  They attribute recent warming trends to cyclic variation.  Skeptics, though, argue that there’s little hard evidence of a solar hand in recent climate changes.
“A new research report from a surprising source may help to lay this skepticism to rest.  A study from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland looking at climate data over the past century has concluded that solar variation has made a significant impact on the Earth’s climate.  The report concludes that evidence for climate changes based on solar radiation can be traced back as far as the Industrial Revolution.
Past research has shown that the sun goes through eleven year cycles.  At the cycle’s peak, solar activity occurring near sunspots is particularly intense, basking the Earth in solar heat.  According to Robert Cahalan, a climatologist at the Goddard Space Flight Center, “Right now, we are in between major ice ages, in a period that has been called the Holocene.” ” Read More: http://www.dailytech.com/NASA+Study+Acknowledges+Solar+Cycle+Not+Man+Responsible+for+Past+Warming/article15310.htm


No Sea Level Rise For The Past 50 Years

While the IPCC and its boy
scouts present wilder and wilder
sea level predictions for the near
future, the real observational
facts demonstrate that sea level
has remained virtually stable for
the last 40-50 years.


Ancient “Hyperthermals” aka global warming, more frequent than previously thought

March 19, 2011
Bursts of intense global warming that have lasted tens of thousands of years have taken place more frequently throughout history than previously believe, according to evidence gathered by a team led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego researchers.
Richard Norris, a professor of geology at Scripps who co-authored the report, said that releases of carbon dioxide sequestered in the deep oceans were the most likely trigger of these ancient “hyperthermal” events. Most of the events raised average global temperatures between 2° and 3° Celsius (3.6 and 5.4° F), an amount comparable to current conservative estimates of how much temperatures are expected to rise in coming decades as a consequence of anthropogenic global warming. Most hyperthermals lasted about 40,000 years before temperatures returned to normal.
The study appears in the March 17 issue of the journal Nature.
“These hyperthermals seem not to have been rare events,” Norris said, “hence there are lots of ancient examples of global warming on a scale broadly like the expected future warming.  We can use these events to examine the impact of global change on marine ecosystems, climate and ocean circulation.”
Sediment samples in the lab of Richard Norris obtained by the Ocean Drilling Program reveal the mark of "hyperthermals," warming events lasting thousands of years that changed the composition of the sediment and its color. The packaged sediment sample on the left contains sediment formed in the wake of a 55-million-year-old warming event and the sample on the right is sediment from a later era after global temperatures stabilized.

The hyperthermals took place roughly every 400,000 years during a warm period of Earth history that prevailed some 50 million years ago. The strongest of them coincided with an event known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, the transition between two geologic epochs in which global temperatures rose between 4° and 7° C (7.2° and 12.6° F) and needed 200,000 years to return to historical norms. The events stopped taking place around 40 million years ago, when the planet entered a cooling phase. No warming events of the magnitude of these hyperthermals have been detected in the geological record since then.

Sediment samples in the lab of Richard Norris obtained by the Ocean Drilling Program reveal the mark of "hyperthermals," warming events lasting thousands of years that changed the composition of the sediment and its color. The packaged sediment sample on the left contains sediment formed in the wake of a 55-million-year-old warming event and the sample on the right is sediment from a later era after global temperatures stabilized.

Kilimanjaro regaining its snow cap

“Global warming” has nothing to do with this, it’s all about rainfall, deforestation, and evapotranspiration. I’m not ashamed to say: “We told you so”, several times:


Ships icebound in Gulf of Finland.

Twenty seven ships, including big oil tankers, are waiting for help after becoming trapped in meters-thick ice in the Gulf of Finland.  
The Gulf froze over after a thaw and a subsequent freeze. 
There is more cold weather in the forecasts.
Icebreakers are hurrying to the rescue.

Exceptionally Mild Greenland Forecast : Close To All-Time Record Cold Tonight (-81F)

Alpine Meadows Ski Resort Closed -- Too Much Snow!!!!!!!

Another Blow To Global Warming Eco Fascists: Scientists drill through 2 kilometers of Greenland ice, find butterflies & lush forests

“What we’ve learned is that this part of the world was significantly warmer than most people thought,”


Read here. Scientists examined the climate model output and compared it to the abrupt warming experienced in the Northern Hemisphere post-1980. The researchers determined that the rise in temperatures was associated with both an increase in the Arctic Oscillation and a simultaneous weakening of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, neither of which were influenced by human CO2.
From the their analysis, they found that the IPCC models were unable to simulate even these major climate patterns successfully.
"The researchers report finding that the emergence of an AO-like pattern in the late 1980s and the concomitant weakening of the previously prevailing PDO-like pattern -- occurring in tandem -- were what led to the "accelerated warming in the Northern Hemisphere." And they say that these results, together with results obtained from current IPCC/CMIP3 models, "do not support the scenario that the emerging influence of the AO-like pattern in the 1980s can be attributed to the anthropogenic greenhouse effect."...state in their concluding paragraph that "this study indicates the importance of the changing behavior of the decadal fluctuations in the recent climate regime shift," and they highlight what they call "the insufficient capability of the present state-of-the-art IPCC/CMIP3 models in simulating this change." [Tzu-Ting Lo, Huang-Hsiung Hsu 2010: Atmospheric Science Letters]
Additional climate-model and peer-reviewed postings.

Climate advisor (Eco Fascist) Han Schellnhuber declares human society needs to be managed by elite group of ‘wise men’ — He Will ‘Unveil A Master Plan For A Transformation Of Society’

The English edition of Der Spiegel has a recent interview with Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. In this interview Schellnhuber announced that he would unveil his “Master Plan” for transforming society – one no doubt that suits his world view. In Schellhuber’s view, human society needs to be scaled back and managed by an elite group of “wise men” who know what is best for the rest.
It’s time for “wiser men” to think for the rest of us.  Your message, Mr Schellnhuber, has not been well received because it is anti-democratic and authoritarian. Your kind of thinking is a threat to the principles of Germany’s Constitution and so belongs under government observation.

German ministers and scientists finally abandon the global warming hype and preach ‘climate disruption’ claims as last hope for new raft of taxes.

I guess having electricity when you need it is sooooo last century … UK families will have to get used to “only using power when it was available”.
Welcome to Great Britian-stan!

Something interesting is happening with UAH satellite temperatures. Not only is March, 2011 the coldest since at least 2003 – but this is the only year where temperatures have been declining during March.

Snow and strong winds continued to cause problems in many parts of Greece on Wednesday, including in Athens where schools, ports and some roads remained closed for a second day.
Several islands, including Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Andros and Tinos are suffering severe power cuts as a result of the weather. The Public Power Corporation (PPC) said that it could take until Friday to restore power to some parts.

About three quarters of the country will be colder than normal for the next three months, according to Phillips.
"March is going to roar in like a lion in parts of the Maritimes where they're talking about heavy snowfall and blizzard kind of conditions," said Phillips.
"On the Prairies it's more like frozen mutton because they're going to see one of the coldest beginnings to March they've ever seen across that region," he said.
Temperatures will be 18 to 20 degrees colder than normal Tuesday and Wednesday on the Prairies, he said.
British Columbia, the Yukon, the Prairies, the Northwest Territories, most of Ontario, and a good chunk of Nunavut will see colder temperatures during spring.
"We've done a lot of plowing and shovelling and pushing in some areas of Canada and it looks like they're going to continue that," said Phillips.
Eastern Nunavut, most of Newfoundland and eastern Nova Scotia will enjoy a warmer than normal spring.
Western Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Labrador, southern Quebec and eastern Ontario will have near normal temperatures, he said.
Southern B.C., most of Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Nunavut will see a wetter than normal spring while precipitation will be near normal in northern Ontario and most of the Prairies.
But at least Canadians have something to put themselves in a sunny mood.



British Gas is to announce record annual profits of more than £720million on the back of punishing price increases and the coldest winter in 120 years.
City analysts believe the 2010 figure will be up by 21 per cent – £130million – on the previous year.
The ‘big freeze’ is believed to have added £80million to the operating profits of Britain’s biggest energy supplier, which has 16 million customers.
British Gas turned the screw on customers by announcing a 7 per cent increase in gas and electricity tariffs just as snow and ice swept across the country.


For the second year in a row, the winter temperature when averaged across the contiguous United States came in below the average temperature for the 20th century. This marks the first time since the winters of 1992-93 and 1993-94 that two winters in a row have been below the long-term normal, and it makes for the coldest back-to-back winter combination for at least the past 25 years.

After examining climate data extending back nearly 100 years, a team of Government scientists has concluded that there has been no significant change in average temperatures or rainfall in the United States over that entire period.


New paper: Urban Heat Island effect accounts for 56% of warming in urban areas over past 55 years


A paper published last week in the journal Atmospheric Environment finds that the urban heat island effect accounts for 56% of the total temperature increase in South Korean city stations over the past 55 years. Warmists constantly downplay the urban heat island (UHI) effect as insignificant, but as this paper and several others show, the UHI does cause very significant biases with stations reporting higher or rising temperatures because they are poorly sited.


Which Decade Had The Most Extreme Weather?

Tough call.




Earth is currently in a long-term warming trend. After a regional nuclear war, though, average global temperatures would drop by 2.25 degrees F (1.25 degrees C) for two to three years afterward, the models suggest.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
This is not a joke! These assholes are suggesting that if the United States (still the only nation to actually use nuclear weapons against population centers) were to nuke somebody, it would save us all fro the peril of human-caused global warming!


There’s lot of gloom and doom being pushed, trying to link food prices to climate change by the usual howlers. As shown above, food prices surged to record levels in February despite February wheat and rice prices being essentially flat. Yet, February corn prices are up significantly even with 2010 being the 3rd largest U.S. corn crop ever. Why? Well part of the reason is that our cars now have a mandated, growing and voracious appetite for corn based ethanol.


NASA and the ESA agree, and so does the Russian space agency, Roscosmos—the sun is headed for a Grand Solar Minimum and a Grand Cooling will commence.

The aptly named Grand Cooling is exactly what it implies: the sun is going to cool. That cooling will also cool off the Earth. It will last from 30 to 50 years.

What exactly does global cooling mean? Well for one, Al Gore was sure wrong! The Earth isn't going to warm, it's going to get colder. Much colder. So cold a little or full-blown Ice Age will ensue. As a matter of fact, some scientists claim we're already in the early stages of an Ice Age.

Read Full Article

Image from SMHI, Photo Radarsat-2 © MacDonald, Dettviler & Associates 2011
Ice in the Baltic, click for larger image, Image from SMHI, Photo Radarsat-2 © MacDonald, Dettviler & Associates 2011
This morning’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper had dramatic satellite photos of the frozen-over Baltic Sea, where the ice has moved a considerable distance in just two weeks.
We asked oceanographer Lisa Lind of the Swedish Weather Service SMHI what's going on, and where is Spring?
"It's been a really rapid increase in the last four or five days" (3:03)
Anyone living in Sweden right now knows it’s been a long cold winter. This morning’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper had dramatic satellite photos of the frozen-over Baltic Sea, where the ice has moved a considerable distance in just two weeks. Oceanographer Lisa Lind of the Swedish Weather Service SMHI says this is the worst Baltic ice since something like 1987.

The ice cover on the Baltic Sea is now at it widest extent since 1987, and it is expected to freeze over even more, according to Finnish meteorologists. Furthermore, warmer temperatures and high winds in coming weeks are likely to create pack ice and further problems for shipping.
According to the meteorologist from Finnish news portal YLE, Toni Hellinen, the extent of the ice cover now being seen on the Baltic Sea is relatively rare, writes LETA.
"It was actually last in 1987 that there was such extensive ice cover, only about once every quarter of a century is there such widespread ice. In terms of statistics we could say that the situation is rare," says Hellinen.

Oh yes! That's global warming all right!

After 12 feet of new snow in a week, the Caltrans crew were working hard to (more)


The Met Office link-buries the CET

The Central England Temperature Record has been getting some inconvenient attention as of late. Joe D’Aleo at ICECAP pointed out recently:
The Central England Temperature record is one of the longest continuous temperature record in the world extending back to the Little Ice age in 1659. December 2010 was the coldest December in 120 years with an average of -0.7C just short of the record of -0.8C recorded in December 1890 and the Second Coldest December Temperature in the entire record (352 years).


E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP

E.L. Rothschild LLC, a private investment company led by Chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire a 70% interest in Weather Central, LP (www.wxc.com). The world's leading provider of interactive weather graphics and data services for television, web, and mobile, Weather Central's highly accurate and personalized forecasting offers businesses and consumers a truly unique suite of science-driven weather information products. The company will continue to operate under CEO and founder, Terry Kelly, as well as current management. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
So, one of the major players in the carbonazi global warming scheme is now in a position to distort weather information being sent out to the public!


Evil Oceans Produce 16 Times As Much CO2 As Humans

Maybe we can tax the oceans?


Flanked by the panjandrums of our European government, the Prince of Wales once again held forth in Brussels last week on the favourite bee in his bonnet, global warming. He bemused MEPs with a welter of dubious statistics, called for a drastic reduction in our economic standard of living and ended with a swipe at those heretics of our time, the “climate change sceptics” who are corroding public debate by daring to “deny the vast body of scientific opinion that shows beyond any reasonable doubt that global warming has been exacerbated by human industrialised activity”.

(NaturalNews) Leading scientists have called for World War II-style rationing in First World countries to avert catastrophic global warming, in a series of papers published by the United Kingdom's Royal Society. "The Second World War and the concept...

British researchers say the discovery of deep-sea volcanic vents in the Antarctic’s Southern Ocean suggests they’re more common than previously thought.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
How many active undersea volcanoes are there?
Don't worry that you don't have the answer; it's a trick question. Nobody knows. And there is the problem, because the carbonazis have been screaming about ocean temperatures as part of their human-caused global warming religion. But if one does not know how many active volcanoes are underneath the ocean, or how large they all are, one cannot determine what, if any, warming is coming from geological process. Hence any claims about human impact are of necessity SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guessing).

With the upper Midwest warming up from a deep freeze and one of the snowiest winters in decades, state officials from Nebraska to North Dakota are thinking of spring time — and flooding.
Along ice-choked Midwest waterways, officials hope the deep snowpack will melt gradually enough for the runoff to be absorbed by rivers and remain within the protective dikes and levee systems that could be overwhelmed by a rapid thaw.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Global warming, my astrolabe!

The heaviest snowfall in more than a century on South Korea's east coast is causing widespread chaos.
Hundreds of houses have collapsed under the weight of the snow. One newspaper described it as a snow bomb.


Super Bowl Storm: Seven Injured As Ice Falls off Cowboys Stadium

The week-long party that traditionally leads up to the Super Bowl was brought to a standstill in Dallas by a winter storm that coated the area with ice, and sent temperatures plunging into the teens. Around the stadium in Arlington, sub-zero wind chill readings were recorded, and the region has received an additional 3 to 6 inches of snow over the last 24 hours.
Since a major storm Tuesday, which temporarily shut down Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, temperatures have remained below freezing, keeping portions of the city frozen, and preventing city crews from clearing all the roads.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
The stadium was built without protective awnings over the entryways to guard against falling ice because such ice has not been a part of the region's history, and because of assurances that the world is heating up. Latest word is that the roof of the stadium, intended to be open for the game tomorrow, is now frozen shut. The roof was built without de-icing systems or heaters, because again, the government has been telling everyone the world is getting warmer.


A $200-million wind farm in northern New Brunswick is frozen solid, cutting off a potential supply of renewable energy for NB Power.
The 25-kilometre stretch of wind turbines, located 70 kilometres northwest of Bathurst, N.B. has been completely shutdown for several weeks due to heavy ice covering the blades.


Temperatures dipped close to all-time record lows in a number of locations over the Imperial Valley of California and other agricultural areas Thursday morning, with another freeze occurring Friday morning.

Northeast farmers see their livelihoods buried

Losses still are being totaled by the state Agriculture Department. Commissioner Steven Reviczky says no one can remember a more destructive winter.
The Northeast is suffering through one of its most brutal winters in years, with cities all along the seaboard reporting snow piling up at a record-setting pace. Connecticut has been especially hard-hit, with Hartford reporting 81 inches since Dec. 1, compared with an average of 46 inches, according to the National Weather Service.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Global warming, my astrolabe!
And a memo to that reprehensible excuse for a human being, Al Gore; no matter how loudly you continue to trumpet that global warming is the cause for this horrendously cold weather, thinking people are tuning you out, because they understand that what you are selling is based solely on potential profits from carbon exchanges, but not science.

The charity blamed the price rises on reduced production because of bad weather...
Webmaster's Commentary: 
You know, those three hard winters in a row the government insisted we did not need to prepare for?


Snow in the US: the biggest winter storm in decades hits North America (26Pics)

Millions of Americans face the daunting task of digging out from under mountains of snow as a massive two-day winter storm that had stretched 2,000 miles (3,000 kilometres) makes its way off the East Coast. The storm - one of the largest since the 1950s - has ground travel to a halt, and authorities warn that road conditions remain treacherous.
Three images from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASA's Terra satellite were combined to create this image of the storm system. The storm stretched for more than 2,000 miles from Texas and New Mexico to the northeastern state of Maine.

America: 'So much snow there's almost nowhere to put it'

AMERICA'S midwest is shivering in -30C temperatures after being blasted by the same weather system which is affecting Scotland.
An enormous winter storm brought two feet of snow, crippled airports and stranded drivers in downtown Chicago.


World of two halves! Map shows most of Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and ice

Plus de réchauffement climatique...

A new satellite map by the government agency NOAA shows the extent of the snow blanketing a vast area from the west coast of Canada to eastern China
A new satellite map by the government agency NOAA shows the extent of the snow blanketing a vast area from the west coast of Canada to eastern China

Hundreds of drivers on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, which was blasted by 20 inches of snow, abandoned their cars in an almost apocalyptic scene as authorities closed the road
Hundreds of drivers on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, which was blasted by 20 inches of snow, abandoned their cars in an almost apocalyptic scene as authorities closed the road

At first glance it looks like a graphic from a Discovery Channel programme about a distant ice age. But this astonishing picture shows the world as it is today - with half the Northern Hemisphere covered with snow and ice.


America braces for NEW snowstorms as country digs out from 'bomb scene' blizzard of ice and snow that crushed buildings and killed 12


Gosh DARN that global warming!

(NECN: Peter Howe, Easton, Mass.) - Employees and others looked on as a building collapsed in Easton, Mass. Wednesday morning, overcome by the weight of a month of snow.


The Triton Technologies building on Eastman St. in Easton, Mass. slowly fell Wednesday morning. NECN reporter Peter Howe and his crew looked on.

The two photos present a "during and after" of the collapse. Onlookers could hear the building slowly giving way. No one was hurt in the incident. Dozens of collapses are being reported across Southern New England today, as weeks of snow cave in roofs.



Extreme Cold Blasts Arizona

Baby it's cold outside! Arizona is being hit with extreme cold and it's only going to get colder.
With a daytime high of just 44 degrees, Phoenix recorded its coldest daytime high in more than 25 years and set a daily and monthly record for a cold high temperature.
A rare hard freeze warning (widespread temperatures below 28 degrees) is in effect for the Valley from late tonight into Thursday morning.
CBS 5 chief meteorologist Chris Dunn says tonight's lows could make it the coldest night in more than 20 years in Phoenix.


We Need States to Start Criminal Anti Trust Investigations Against General Electric,The EPA and the White House. Or We will Have More Rolling Blackouts.

July 23, 2011

Texas froze last Winter so we do not exceed our Carbon Footprint and Now Detroit Bakes for the Same Reason.THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ROLLING BLACKOUTS!


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ordered Powers plants to do rolling blackouts through the day to compensate the use of power. I wonder if these new EPA regulations and the US government now taking over issuing plant permits for power plants and oil refineries had anything to do with it. I am getting really suspicious.
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Texas trying to meet EPA mandated limits on greenhouse gases to fight global warming ... by letting Texans freeze!


More Rolling Blackouts Likely in Texas Again Tonight During Snowstorm

There is no reason to have anymore rolling black outs. Winter comes once a year to Texas and these companies should be prepared for the season. I still think it was over the new EPA rules mandated power companies to shut down plants or pay high fines for going over their limit in green house gases. While the Texas legislator in Austin is now in session. Not only should they draft legislation to dismantle the ERCOT. They should also amend to that law to throw the EPA out of Texas too.


Rolling blackouts nearly statewide in Texas

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas ordered utilities to rotate electrical outages to compensate for a power shortage linked to the extreme cold weather.
The order took effect Wednesday morning, a day after an ice and snow storm blanketed parts of Texas.
ERCOT had no timetable for when the rotating outages would end.
The ERCOT region includes Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Abilene and the Rio Grande Valley. ERCOT manages the flow of electricity to about 22 million Texas customers.
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As you sit in the dark and cold tonight, I hope you will all be appropriately grateful that your tax dollars, instead of preparing for this harsh winter, went to buy paved roads, illegal settlements, and weapons for Israel.
Because after all, when the government tells you that the Earth is getting warmer, to look forward to a mild winter, that snow is a thing of the past, and therefore there is no need to waste your tax money on silly things like winter preparation, you as a loyal American will believe them, and wear your frostbite as a medal of your fanatical devotion to the state and all it stands for!


Gas company explains cause of shortage

New Mexico Gas Company is speaking for the first time about why tens of thousands of New Mexicans have no natural gas service.
The company blames supply and demand, and a lack of pressure to push the gas through the pipelines.
Power blackouts in Texas have cut off power to compressors in West Texas that feed gas into New Mexico.


Gov. Martinez declares a state of emergency

Governor Susanna Martinez has declared a state of emergency in regards to the widespread natural gas outages reported throughout the state.
New Mexico Gas Company officials say up to 24,000 customers statewide are without natural gas Thursday.
The primary areas affected include Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Espanola, Otero County, Taos, Red River, Questa, Silver City, Santa Clara Pueblo, Okway Owingeh Pueblo and portions of San Ildefonso Pueblo.
The utility says the demand is high because of the extremely cold weather across New Mexico.
The company also says rolling blackouts in West Texas have impeded the delivery of natural gas coming into New Mexico.


Low gas pressure closes schools, leaves area residents with no heat - shelter open

SILVER CITY Rolling power blackouts in west Texas caused a drop in gas pressure which led New Mexico Gas Company to shut off gas to about 300 Silver City residents and shut down area schools as well.
Grant County Manager Jon Saari said Thursday morning that the gas company advised him that 300 residents in the Indian Hills area would be shut off so the company could monitor gas pressure.


Mexico supplies electricity to wintry Texas

Ciudad Juarez mayor Hector Murgia said the temperatures of around minus 13 degrees centigrade (8.6 Fahrenheit) were the lowest recorded in almost 50 years.
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It's global warming, I tell you. It's global warming! Y'all gonna FREEZE to death, I mean, burn to death,.... Freezer burn, yeah, that's it, freezer burn if you don't pay me billions of dollars in carbon taxes!"

Customers fume while SW Gas gradually restores service

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - For people waiting since Thursday for gas, hot water and heat, a map on the Southwest Gas web site Sunday held some bad news. It's how Southwest Gas broke the news that for an area west of Sabino Canyon Road it'll be at least Monday before technicians come to turn on the gas.
"It's really unfortunate, we actually just got back from the hotel. We were thinking after 48 hours away we would get some heat," Dr. John Daniel said. "And the first night we spent it was kind of unbearable. We had the dual Snuggie thing, the Snuggie on front and the Snuggie on back and that didn't really work. So, my wife got fed up so I said we could go away and get some warm water and give the kids baths."

Taos County prepares for fifth night without gas

People in heat-starved Taos County are starting to take matters into their own hands after five days in the cold, many relighting their furnaces themselves instead of waiting for the gas company.
Residents are raiding the wood pile and heaping up the blankets as they prepare for another night in the deep freeze made almost unbearable by the shortage. It’s gone as long as six days for some in a state that’s one of the biggest natural gas producers in the nation.
“Our community is frustrated right now, and while I understand New Mexico natural gas is making every good faith effort to get this restored, at this point it’s not good enough because a good majority of our constituents are without heat,” said Taos Mayor Darren Cordova.


14 Years Of Unstoppable Global Warming


January 2011 was right at the mean and the median for January temperatures.


The record-setting snow and cold afflicting much of the nation in recent weeks doesn’t seem to jibe with Al Gore’s dire warnings about global warming. But Gore has an explanation for what’s causing the wintry conditions: global warming.
Gore then quoted an article by Clarence Page in the Chicago Tribune in early 2010: “In fact, scientists have been warning for at least two decades that global warming could make snowstorms more severe. Snow has two simple ingredients: cold and moisture. Warmer air collects moisture like a sponge until it hits a patch of cold air. When temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of moisture creates a lot of snow.
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35 zoo animals freeze to death in northern Mexico

Thirty-five animals at a zoo in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua have frozen to death during the region's coldest weather in six decades.

Clovis zoo giraffe euthanized after 4-month stay

CLOVIS, N.M. (AP) - Clovis city officials say a giraffe the city bought from an Ohio company has been euthanized at the Hillcrest Park Zoo.
Parks and Recreation Director Bill Bizzell confirmed the giraffe's death Saturday to the Clovis News Journal.
The animal, named Jay, had been at the zoo for about four months. City Manager Joe Thomas says Jay was found down in his pen and veterinarians were consulted before a decision was made to euthanize him.
He says he didn't know if Jay's condition was related to the weather, which dipped to freezing temperatures this week.

Carbon price battle is lost, say experts

Political experts believe the battle to sell the carbon tax to the Australian public has been lost and the Prime Minister can do nothing to change voters’ minds on the issue.
A poll by ReachTel has shown a week of public campaigning on the climate change reform by Julia Gillard has failed to sway voter opinion on the tax in the past seven days.
Despite the issue dominating the news cycle for the past week, support for the carbon tax (32.4 per cent) remained 28.6 points behind support against the reform (61 per cent) over the past seven days.

European carbon market reopens but traders stay away

Attempts to end the chaos inside Europe's emissions trading scheme (ETS) stumbled today when the market reopened, only for minimal trading to take place.
Traders were said to be worried that business could remain polluted by the theft of carbon credits in Austria and elsewhere that forced a shutdown of the scheme on 19 January, at the estimated cost of £90m in lost business.
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Probably this isn't helping either!

Obama issues global warming rules in January, exempts GE-powered plant in February

Last month, the Obama EPA began enforcing new rules regulating the greenhouse gas emissions from any new or expanded power plants.
This week, the EPA issued its first exemption, Environment & Energy News reports:
The Obama administration will spare a stalled power plant project in California from the newest federal limits on greenhouse gases and conventional air pollution, U.S. EPA says in a new court filing that marks a policy shift in the face of industry groups and Republicans accusing the agency of holding up construction of large industrial facilities.
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So, Obama's limits to greenhouse gases, which resulted in the rolling blackouts in Texas and the shut off of natural gas supplies into New Mexico, will be waived for a California plant being built by Obama;s good buddy GE CEO Jeff Immelt!

Earth the same temperature now as 30 years ago — and decreasing

Mini Ice Age Coming?


A six year old boy in Laval Quebec was punished and excluded from a class contest because his lunch was made with a Ziploc bag.
That’s right, Eco Fascists throughout the world are actually indoctrinating our children that they will be punished if they do not take care of the environment while at the same time destroying our planet through the use of pesticides, chemtrails, and genetically modified foods.
“Felix explained with lots of emotion and tears in his eyes that there was a simple condition to entering the drawing: Don’t use a Ziploc bag in their lunch,” his father, Marc-Andre Lanciault wrote on his French-language blog, “Notre Vie” [Our Life] reported ABC News.


As the Met Office desperately tries to salvage its reputation, another of this 'warm' winter's ice disasters is unfolding in the Sea of Okhotsk, writes Christopher Booker.
First it was a national joke. Then its professional failings became a national disaster. Now, the dishonesty of its attempts to fight off a barrage of criticism has become a real national scandal. I am talking yet again of that sad organisation the UK Met Office, as it now defends its bizarre record with claims as embarrassingly absurd as any which can ever have been made by highly-paid government officials.

Nigel Rios writes in with a great compendium of Time Magazine covers that illustrate the history of that magazine’s global warming coverage from the 1970?s to the present. It’s worth the click.


2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming?

Britain and Europe have been hit hard for the third straight record-breaking winter season. Labeled by experts as the coldest winter in 100 years and set to blow well into 2011, it is already raising some very interesting questions about the new ideological split we are witnessing throughout society in the much celebrated green debate.


The sun went spotless yesterday, the first time in quite awhile. It seems like a good time to present this analysis from my friend David Archibald. For those not familiar with the Dalton Minimum, here’s some background info from Wiki:
The Dalton Minimum was a period of low solar activity, named after the English meteorologist John Dalton, lasting from about 1790 to 1830.[1] Like the Maunder Minimum and Spörer Minimum, the Dalton Minimum coincided with a period of lower-than-average global temperatures. The Oberlach Station in Germany, for example, experienced a 2.0°C decline over 20 years.[2] The Year Without a Summer, in 1816, also occurred during the Dalton Minimum. Solar cycles 5 and 6, as shown below, were greatly reduced in amplitude.

This is something you really don’t expect to see this far into solar cycle 24.
But there it is, the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite shows the sun as a cueball:
The Ap index being zero, indicates that the sun’s magnetic field is low, and its magneto is idling rather than revving up as it should be on the way to solar max. True, it’s just a couple of data points, but as NOAA’s SWPC predicts the solar cycle, we should be further along instead of having a wide  gap:
The Ap index generally follows along with the sunspot count, which is a proxy of solar activity.
And here’s the daily Ap geomagnetic data. The Ap is bumping along the bottom:
Graph by Jan Alvestad

Although solar cycle 24 began almost 3 years ago (officially on January 4, 2008), the sun continues to be unusually quiet at this point in the solar cycle with predictions of maximal sunspot activity repeatedly adjusted downward. A key indicator of solar magnetic activity, the Ap Index (average planetary magnetic index) has reached the lowest absolute values, lowest 5 year moving average values, and by far the highest number of continuous months ? 10 since record keeping by NOAA began in 1932:

The experiment has a long and bumpy history. The idea is to test the theory that cosmic rays spur the formation of particles in the air that nucleate clouds, in turn making skies cloudier and the planet cooler. Researchers have noted a dearth of sunspots (which is linked to more cosmic rays) during the ‘little ice age’ of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and a peak in sunspots (linked to a drop in cosmic rays) during the late 1980s, when global cloudiness dropped by about 3% (see Nature‘s feature on the project). No one knows how big this effect might be, and the idea that it might account for a big chunk of the warming over the last century is highly controversial.
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The short version is that the Carbonazis tried to suppress this experiment, because it posed a threat to their religious doctrine that humans are to blame for all climate shifts. But the experiment is being run and indications are that it confirms cosmic rays significantly influence cloud cover, which in turn significantly influences how much of the sun's heat reaches the Earth's surface.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
More solar activity = stronger magnetic field = less cosmic rays = less clouds = less heat reflecting back into space = more warmth on Earth.

Physicist U.R. Rao says carbon emission impact is lower than IPCC claim
A key belief of climate science theology — that a reduction in carbon emissions will take care of the bulk of global warming — has been questioned in a scientific paper released by the Environment Ministry on Monday.
Physicist and the former ISRO chairman, U.R. Rao, has calculated that cosmic rays — which, unlike carbon emissions, cannot be controlled by human activity — have a much larger impact on climate change than The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims.
In fact, the contribution of decreasing cosmic ray activity to climate change is almost 40 per cent, argues Dr. Rao in a paper which has been accepted for publication in Current Science, the preeminent Indian science journal. The IPCC model, on the other hand, says that the contribution of carbon emissions is over 90 per cent.
This means that increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere are not as significant as the IPCC claims. Of the total observed global warming of 0.75 degrees Celsius, only 0.42 degrees would be caused by increased carbon dioxide. The rest would be caused by the long term decrease in primary cosmic ray intensity and its effect on low level cloud cover.
This means that predicting future global warming and sea level rise is not as simple as the IPCC makes it to be, since it depends not only on human activity, but also significantly on the unpredictability of cosmic ray intensity.
“We conclude that the contribution to climate change due to the change in galactic cosmic ray intensity is quite significant and needs to be factored into the prediction of global warming and its effect on sea level raise and weather prediction,” says the paper.

  ‘Unidimensional focus on carbon emissions put additional pressure on countries like India'
  Increased solar activity caused 9 p.c. decrease in cosmic ray intensity, resulting in less cloud cover
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"Look, he is just a physicist; what does he know?" -- Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC and former train driver
"Look, he is just a physicist; what does he know?" -- Al Gore, politician and greedy bastard.

Piers Corbyn, most famous for predicting our current weather anomalies by using a Solar Lunar predictive method, explains here how the Climate Warming scare was a contrived hoax.

This is yet another nail in the coffin for the climate cultists and more proof that freezing temps worldwide will lead to a dramatic rise in food prices.
Food prices ARE rising yet major food corporations do not want to be the first to raise prices so dramatically so consumers have not seen as much of an increase.

The IPCC and Climategate scientists, such as Michael Mann, teamed up to rid the world of the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age in an effort to convince the world's politicians and mainstream press that the modern warming was "unprecedented." Literally, Mann and his colleges presented a temperature history that had erased the warming and cooling extremes prior to the modern era.
The result of that effort was two fold: one, the infamous 'hockey stick' portrayal of historical temperatures as being a time of little temperature variation was blatantly contrary to known history and evidence; and two, the recognition by other scientists and a minority of the public that climate science had become the complete victim of the governing elites' political agenda.

EurekAlert! carried a study with unfounded global warming claims that the planet would warm by 2.4C by 2020
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They are only doing what Al Gore told them to!
"I believe it is appropriate to have an 'over-representation' of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience." - Al Gore

EPA caught lying about global warming.


From the EPA website :
The portion of North America covered by snow has generally decreased since 1972


Video at source (and comments are open). :)

Scientist Scott Mandia forwarded to AFP an email he said he sent to Hisas ahead of publication explaining why her figures did not add up, and noting that it would take "quite a few decades" to reach a warming level of 2.4 degrees Celsius.
"Even if we assume the higher end of the current warming rate, we should only be 0.2C warmer by 2020 than today," Mandia wrote.
"To get to +2.4C the current trend would have to immediately increase almost ten-fold."
Mandia described the mishap as an "honest and common mistake," but said the matter would certainly give fuel to skeptics of humans' role in climate change.

Junk science has long been the staple food feeding the AGW scam, from Climategate through to the fear fantasy that was the 2007 IPCC report, the science was found wanting.
Now the Universal Ecological Fund have produced an AGW Fear text that is so ludicrous even the Guardian can see it for what it is, junk science.
Argentine based Universal Ecological Fund are predicting that by 2020 global temperatures will have risen 2.2C, that’s around 7 times the predicted warming rate that Nasa’s junk science has come up with
The study, by an NGO based in Argentina, claimed the planet would warm by 2.4C by 2020 and projected dire consequences for global food supply. A press release for the Food Gap study was carried by EurekAlert!, the news service operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) , and the story was picked up by a number of international news organisations on Tuesday.
“This is happening much faster than we expected,” Liliana Hisas, executive director of the Universal Ecological Fund (UEF) and author of the study, said of her findings.
But, in an episode recalling criticism of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), when the UN climate science body wrongly claimed the Himalayan glaciers would melt away by 2035• , the UEF claims about rising temperatures over the next decade were unfounded
Reading between the lines it is starting to look like The Guardian acknowledges Glaciergate, as it makes reference to Glaciergate and the UEF report in the same breath.
In an email, Gavin Schmidt, a Nasa climatologist wrote: “2.4C by 2020 (which is 1.4C in the next 10 years – something like six to seven times the projected rate of warming) has no basis in fact.”

Industry lobbyists behind ‘scientific’ claims in IPCC press release

The entire world will soon depend on renewable energy so governments ought to start subsidizing these industries immediately. So said the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a report released Tuesday. The study’s conclusion was such a blockbuster that the panel issued a press release last month previewing the finding. “Close to 80 percent of the world’s energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century if backed by the right enabling public policies a new report shows,” it proclaimed.
Since this statement was supposedly based on actual scientific research, Steve McIntyre, editor of the Climate Audit blog, did what the IPCC must have assumed nobody would bother doing. He checked the sources cited in the report. He discovered the IPCC’s banner claim was not the work of prestigious and disinterested scientists toiling away in a laboratory, but of hacks with a political agenda and direct financial stake in the issue.

The 80 percent claim was lifted directly from a paper entitled, “Energy evolution 2010 – a Sustainable World Energy Outlook,” whose primary authors included Sven Teske from Greenpeace and Christine Lins from the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC). According to the latter group’s website, it is “the united voice of the European renewable energy industry.” EREC speaks on behalf of the companies that make windmills, solar panels and other uneconomic forms of energy that rely upon heavy government subsidies to turn a profit. Not surprisingly, the IPCC’s primary goal has been to browbeat governments around the world into pouring taxpayer cash into this rent-seeking industry.

In addition to being the source of the 80 percent claim, the Greenpeace activist also happened to be a primary author of the relevant chapter of the new IPCC report, “Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation” (SRREN). The incestuous relationship is not limited to Mr. Teske. Greenpeace and the renewable-energy lobby jointly released a version of the “Energy evolution” report that contained a forward by Rajendra K. Pachauri, the IPCC’s director general.
The IPCC sees nothing wrong with this arrangement. “The IPCC relies on a wide range of expertise including authors from the business sector as well as from NGOs and academia,” IPCC spokesman Rockaya Aidara told The Washington Times. “Sven Teske is one of nine lead authors of Chapter 10 of the SRREN. Two coordinating lead authors have overseen the process of writing this chapter. It was a balanced team work with different views and expertises represented.”

Claims of balance are hardly credible when the process is infiltrated by ideologues and industry insiders looking to apply the veneer of science to their craven grab for other people’s cash. Fortunately, the days when leftists could get away with passing off their global-warming scare stories unchallenged are over. Skeptics smell blood and closely examine every document, frequently identifying gaping holes in logic and credibility.

Kiwi-gate, the final chapter

New Zealand’s Climate Science Coalition has issued a press release detailing the end of the Kiwi-gate affair.
The outcome is that data published in 2009 by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) entitled  ‘Are we feeling warmer yet’ has been abandoned and replaced with real, unadjusted data that shows a picture that warmists don’t want you to see:
NIWA makes the huge admission that New Zealand has experienced hardly any warming during the last half-century. For all their talk about warming, for all their rushed invention of the “Eleven-Station Series” to prove warming, this new series shows that no warming has occurred here since about 1960. Almost all the warming took place from 1940-60, when the IPCC says that the effect of CO2 concentrations was trivial. Indeed, global temperatures were falling during that period.
The dishonesty behind the original data was in the adjustments, of course:
Almost all of the 34 adjustments made by Dr Jim Salinger to the 7SS have been abandoned, along with his version of the comparative station methodology.
When the Climate Science Coalition announced its intention to sue, the green establishment rushed to NIWA’s defence:
University of Otago pro-vice chancellor of sciences Keith Hunter has also backed Niwa, saying taking court action against it was “stupid,” while the Environmental Defence Society (EDS) said it may join court action in support of Niwa.  “On the face of it, it’s hard to see how the issue can properly be brought before the court,” said EDS chairman Gary Taylor. “We have no doubts that the science behind global warming predictions is robust and reliable and would wish to support the institute in any way that we can.”
How do you prefer your crow Mr. Taylor?
That NIWA was forced to correct their temperature records to reveal no warming when the initial report was crafted to support the warmist narrative is significant.  The Climategate affair was damning in its revelations of peer-review process corruption and bullying but the establishment whitewashed the truth with ‘investigations’ to give Phil Jones et al cover.  Not so with Kiwigate, where NIWA admitted it could not support its own data in a statement of defence.
The correction of the record is a good win for the Climate Science Coalition and for science in general.

The scientists doing the fabrication are usually employed by the government agencies or universities, which thrive and exist on taxpayer research dollars dedicated to global warming research. A classic example of this is the New Zealand climate agency, which is now admitting their scientists produced bogus "warming" temperatures for New Zealand.

Climate Science Coalition Vindicated
BoMshell: feeble support from Aussie peers
NIWA has abandoned the official national temperature record and created a new one following sustained pressure from the NZ Climate Science Coalition and the Climate Conversation Group.
Spokesman for the joint temperature project, Richard Treadgold, Convenor of the CCG, said today: “We congratulate NIWA for producing their review of the NZ temperature record — more than a year after we challenged it — and we think it’s great that NIWA have produced a graph with full details behind it.
“But we note that, after 12 months of futile attempts to persuade the public, misleading answers to questions in the Parliament from ACT and reluctant but gradual capitulation from NIWA, their relentless defence of the old temperature series has simply evaporated. They’ve finally given in, but without our efforts the faulty graph would still be there.”
Mr Treadgold described the replacement as a full exoneration of the criticism levelled at the Coalition by NIWA, saying: “All we ever asked for were the adjustments and the reasons for them. The discourteous reproaches and misleading academic references we received from them were surprising. For them finally to agree with us, throw away the series and recreate it is a complete vindication for us.”
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Snow falling on New South Wales the first day of summer probably didn't hurt.

Read here and here. Climate "scientists" across the world have been blatantly fabricating temperatures in hopes of convincing the public and politicians that modern global warming is unprecedented and accelerating.
The scientists doing the fabrication are usually employed by the government agencies or universities, which thrive and exist on taxpayer research dollars dedicated to global warming research. A classic example of this is the New Zealand climate agency, which is now admitting their scientists produced bogus "warming" temperatures for New Zealand.
"NIWA makes the huge admission that New Zealand has experienced hardly any warming during the last half-century. For all their talk about warming, for all their rushed invention of the “Eleven-Station Series” to prove warming, this new series shows that no warming has occurred here since about 1960. Almost all the warming took place from 1940-60, when the IPCC says that the effect of CO2 concentrations was trivial. Indeed, global temperatures were falling during that period.....Almost all of the 34 adjustments made by Dr Jim Salinger to the 7SS have been abandoned, along with his version of the comparative station methodology."
A collection of temperature-fabrication charts.

Shearman has penned several books on global warming, such as ‘Climate Change as a Crisis in World Civilization: Why We Must Totally Transform How We Live ‘ and ‘The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy‘. His argument is that overpopulation and industrialization are causing an ecological disaster which requires a total change of lifestyle for everyone on the planet. As democracy isn’t up to the challenge, an authoritarian government must (obviously) be imposed to save us from ourselves.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
The reason there is so much political power behind the global warming hoax, enough to wrest both a Nobel Peace Prize and an Academy Award for Al Gore's fake documentary, is that over and above the vast sums of money to be gained by the plotters, the created need for a global environmental authority is the third pillar on which the push for a global government is founded; the other two being the global pandemic which fizzled last year and the global financial disaster, which is popularly viewed as caused by globalism rather than to be saved by it. So, with the other two pillars already cracked and rotted, global warming is seen as the best chance for the imposition of a new global government. And don;t take my word for it!
"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis..." - David Rockefeller, Club of Rome executive member
"Climate change makes us all global citizens, we are truly all in this together." - Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister
"We are close to a time when all of humankind will envision a global agenda that encompasses a kind of Global Marshall Plan to address the causes of poverty and suffering and environmental destruction all over the earth." - Al Gore, Earth in the Balance
"The concept of national sovereignty has been immutable, indeed a sacred principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation." - UN Commission on Global Governance report
"Democracy is not a panacea. It cannot organize everything and it is unaware of its own limits. These facts must be faced squarely. Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical nature of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected representatives to make competent decisions at the right time." - Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution
"The emerging 'environmentalization' of our civilization and the need for vigorous action in the interest of the entire global community will inevitably have multiple political consequences. Perhaps the most important of them will be a gradual change in the status of the United Nations. Inevitably, it must assume some aspects of a world government." - Mikhail Gorbachev, State of the World Forum
"In my view, after fifty years of service in the United Nations system, I perceive the utmost urgency and absolute necessity for proper Earth government. There is no shadow of a doubt that the present political and economic systems are no longer appropriate and will lead to the end of life evolution on this planet. We must therefore absolutely and urgently look for new ways." - Dr Robert Muller, UN Assistant Secretary General
"Nations are in effect ceding portions of their sovereignty to the international community and beginning to create a new system of international environmental governance as a means of solving otherwise unmanageable crises." - Lester Brown, WorldWatch Institute
Do you get it? Do you see what the agenda has been all along? It is about money and power and global domination of the billions by the few. The danger for the future of humanity is great. A global government brought into creation through fraud and deception is a global government that cannot ever allow freedom of speech, freedom of thought, or freedom of inquiry. A global government brought into creation through fraud and deception will have to be history's greatest tyranny merely to survive the darkness of its own birth.

In response to a previous FOIA request, U.Va. denied these records existed. However, during Cuccinelli's pre-investigation under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act ("FATA"), a 2007 law passed unanimously by Virginia's legislature, which clearly covers the work of taxpayer-funded academics, U.Va. stunningly dropped this stance. For this reversal, the taxpayers of Virginia owe Cuccinelli a debt of gratitude.
Still, the school has spent upward of half a million dollars to date fighting Cuccinelli's pursuit, now before the Virginia Supreme Court. However, Virginia's transparency statute FOIA gives the school one week to produce the documents, and offers no exemption for claims U.Va. is using to block Cuccinelli's inquiry.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
One of the bright stars of the global warming cult may turn out to be a crook!

How do we know there’s a scientific consensus on climate change? Pundits and the press tell us so. And how do the pundits and the press know? Until recently, they typically pointed to the number 2,500 — that’s the number of scientists associated with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Those 2,500, the pundits and the press believed, had endorsed the IPCC position.
To their embarrassment, most of the pundits and press discovered they were mistaken — those 2,500 scientists hadn’t endorsed the IPCC’s conclusions, they had merely reviewed some part or other of the IPCC’s mammoth studies. To add to their embarrassment, many of those reviewers from within the IPCC establishment actually disagreed with the IPCC’s conclusions, sometimes vehemently.

Institutionally biased to the Left, politically correct and with a rudderless leadership. This is Peter Sissons’ highly critical view of the BBC in his new memoirs, in which he describes his fascinating career over four decades as a television journalist. Here, in the latest part of our serialisation, he reveals how it was heresy at the BBC to question claims about climate change

The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere keeps going up and up, but public interest in climate change is sinking. Environmentalists are trying to come up with new ways to make the issue sexy. But shock tactics can backfire all too easily.
Climate change used to make headlines. But these days the issue appears to have largely fallen off the radar.
World leaders recently negotiated a new climate agreement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, but public interest in the issue was limited. It was a marked contrast to the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, which had been declared of historic importance in the runup to the meeting, only to then fail spectacularly. The theft of e-mails from the University of East Anglia had badly damaged the image of climate research shortly before the summit.
Environmentalists and scientists are concerned about the massive drop in public interest in the topic over the last year. Now they are looking for new strategies to turn the tide. They're searching for so-called "mind bombs" -- highly emotional images that reduce a complex problem down to one core message.
Fountains of Blood
Some environmental organizations are placing their bets on the shock factor. One commercial in a campaign by the British-based environmental organization 10:10 showed a teacher blowing up two students who were skeptical about cutting their carbon emissions, with fountains of blood spraying the others in the class. Other 10:10 videos have the same fate befalling recalcitrant office workers and footballers. But the campaign proved a dud -- it sparked massive protests and was quickly withdrawn.
Climate researchers confirm a noticeable decline in interest. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director of the respected Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, recalls that his telephone used to ring off the hook whenever extreme weather conditions set in. Now hardly anyone calls, he says.
Global warming as an issue is a "loser" in media terms, an editor at the daily newspaper Tagesspiegel recently explained on a German TV show.

Botched Strategy
A survey of 13,000 people in 18 countries, presented by German international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle at the Global Media Forum in Bonn in June, suggests that ordinary citizens are less interested in climate change than was previously thought. The survey showed, for example, that only one in three Dutch people are concerned about climate change -- even though the Netherlands is considered especially at risk from rising sea levels.
British science magazine Nature identified two reasons for this loss of credibility. One was mistakes, made public around a year ago, in the UN's 2007 climate report. The other was the so-called "Climategate" scandal involving the e-mails stolen from the climate researchers at the University of East Anglia. This leaked correspondence revealed trench warfare that caused scientists to withhold some data and defend their own results at all costs.
Communications researcher Martin Ludwig Hofmann at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences believes that the scandal caused serious damage. "The communication strategy up until now relied primarily on scientists' credibility," Hofmann says. The London Times deemed the PR damage to be worse than that suffered by BP after its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Prof. Shearman’s book makes no attempt to hide it’s fascist ideals. The introduction reads:
In short, Shearman and Smith argue that liberal democracy – considered sacrosanct in modern societies – is an impediment to finding ecologically sustainable solutions for the planet.
In other words they think we need fascism to save the planet.
Shearman and his co-author Gary Sauer-Thompson, in ‘Green or Gone’ propose the formation of an ‘elite warrior leadership’ to force the people to change their lifestyles.

The man who 'invented' Global Warming and thinks killing YOU will save the planet!


So is AGW the most serious threat facing the world today, so far as Tickell is concerned? Well, almost. There is one other threat that he sees as even more urgent than AGW – the human race itself. Specifically, those feckless, irresponsible classes and nations that continue to breed at more than the replacement level of 2.1 children (Tickell, it should be noted, has three children. Considerations of overpopulation do not apply to his class, of course (1)). For him, overpopulation is the driving force behind AGW: we are a cancer on the planet. In language which we would normally expect to come from extremists, Tickell lays out his vision of the rest of the world.

The nation's most prominent publicly funded climatologist is officially angry about this, blaming democracy and citing the Chinese government as the "best hope" to save the world from global warming. He also wants an economic boycott of the U.S. sufficient to bend us to China's will.
NASA laboratory head James Hansen's anti-democracy rants were published while he was on a November junket in China, but they didn't get much attention until recently.
According to Mr. Hansen, compared to China, we are "the barbarians" with a "fossil-money- 'democracy' that now rules the roost," making it impossible to legislate effectively on climate change. Unlike us, the Chinese are enlightened, unfettered by pesky elections. Here's what he blogged on Nov. 24:

Webmaster's Commentary: 
I begin to see why the Carbonazis are still pushing global warming even as Japan braces for another 39 inches of snow. Global Warming was a key component of the push for Agenda 21. If the public comes to understand that the dire forecasts for hotter climate were flat-out wrong, then all the other prognostications supporting Agenda 21 come into doubt. Agenda 21 loses its veneer of trying to save the world and stands exposed as just another plot for a group of elites to rule the world for their own benefit.
P.S. Any warmistas who truly feel that Earth can only be saved by reducing the human population are hereby invited to leap off the top of the nearest tall building.

The real question, however, is why has the Met Office become so astonishingly bad at doing the job for which it is paid nearly £200 million a year – in a way which has become so stupendously damaging to our country?
The answer is that in the past 20 years, as can be seen from its website, the Met Office has been hijacked from its proper role to become wholly subservient to its obsession with global warming. (At one time it even changed its name to the Met Office “for Weather and Climate Change”.) This all began when its then-director John Houghton became one of the world’s most influential promoters of the warmist gospel. He, more than anyone else, was responsible for setting up the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and remained at the top of it for 13 years.
By far the biggest story of recent days, of course, has been the astonishing chaos inflicted, to a greater or lesser extent, on all of our lives by the fact that we are not only enjoying what is predicted to be the coldest December since records began in 1659, but also the harshest of three freezing winters in a row. We all know the disaster stories – thousands of motorists trapped for hours on paralysed motorways, days of misery at Heathrow, rail passengers marooned in unheated carriages for up to 17 hours. But central to all this – as the cry goes up: “Why wasn’t Britain better prepared?” – has been the bizarre role of the Met Office.

12.11 Although the probability of severely cold winters in the UK is gradually declining, there is currently no evidence to suggest similar changes in extremes of snow, winds and storms in the UK.
12.12 We have also explored whether or not the occurrence of two successive severe winters influences the probability of a third in succession – in other words, is there any evidence of clustering? There is some small influence from year to year but these matters are still very uncertain and it would be safer to assume that there is statistical independence between one winter and the next.
12.13 In other words, we are advised to assume that the chance of a severe winter in 2010–11 is no greater (or less) than the current general probability of 1 in 20.


Global warming, the heating of the atmosphere by increased amounts of industrial gases, is now accepted as a reality by the international community. Average temperatures in Britain were nearly 0.6°C higher in the Nineties than in 1960-90, and it is estimated that they will increase by 0.2C every decade over the coming century. Eight of the 10 hottest years on record occurred in the Nineties.
However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event".
"Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said.

Today things are indeed very different. Suddenly all the talk of warm winters in central Europe has disappeared from the media radar. Instead all the talk is now about hard winters coming to Europe – due to global warming, of course.

Christopher Booker
As we count the cost of the freeze, Government prepares for global warming
The authorities continue to prepare for 'rising temperatures' despite a succession of unprecedentedly cold winters.
As we emerge, temporarily perhaps, from weeks of the coldest weather since records began – with snow disasters right round the northern hemisphere, from the US and Europe to China and Mongolia – more examples come to light of how the cost of extreme cold is far greater than that of warming. We already have a £9.6 billion backlog to cover repairs to roads damaged in previous winters, and the price of repairing the potholes and crumbling asphalt caused by this winter’s even more intense cold threatens to raise that by billions more (even though Government cuts will trim that budget by 15 per cent).
In Northern Ireland, 80,000 households were deprived of water by burst mains operated by the state-owned Northern Ireland Water. Yet as recently as October it published a strategic plan wholly obsessed by the need to transform its infrastructure to meet the challenge of global warming.
Another frozen chicken which came home to roost was the crisis confronting many of the eight million homes now heated by condensing boilers, made compulsory by John Prescott in 2005 as a way of reducing Britain’s carbon footprint. What Mr Prescott failed to do was impose, on this tightly regulated industry, any requirement that the pipes to take away the resulting water should not be placed on the outside of buildings. (Responsibility for this crucial system failure has since been passed to the Health and Safety Executive.)
The result is that up to a million external pipes froze in December, shutting off the heating. In Yorkshire alone, British Gas reported 60,000 emergency call-outs, at up to £300 a time – costing householders a fortune thanks to Mr Prescott’s obsession with global warming.
Meanwhile, two days before Christmas, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs published a 130-page document warning how Britain’s infrastructure will “struggle to cope with climate change” between 2030 and 2100, as our road, rail and water networks are threatened by “floods, rising temperatures and higher sea levels”.

What Eschenbach says is so pure and simple and obvious you’d need to be as dumb as Chris Huhne not to get it:
The theory linking man-made CO2 with dangerous global warming is dead. It has been falsified. It has run smack bang into a “null hypothesis.” It has met its Waterloo. It has bought the farm. It has gone for a Burton. It has cashed in its chips, fallen off its perch, gone south, gone west, shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the Choir Invisible. Man-made Global Warming has ceased to exist.

Britain’s largest exam board has been accused of “brainwashing” pupils by forcing them to use an inaccurate temperature graph that exaggerates the scale of global warming.
Climate experts have accused AQA of “scientific illiteracy” and “propaganda” after a graph in its most recent Geography GCSE exam paper contained a series of inaccuracies which magnified the rise in global temperatures.
The graph wrongly presented the current warm period as the hottest on record and pinpointed the world’s current average temperature at 59.5 degrees Fahrenheit (15.3C), when it has in fact never risen above 58.1F (14.52C).

Australia was told to prepare for droughts as a result of climate change, and let down its guard against flooding, writes Christopher Booker

Climate Predictions That Kinda Sorta Maybe Didn't Work Out...

Adapted and rearranged from Fox News
1 “By the year 2000 the United Kingdom will be simply a small group of impoverished islands, inhabited by some 70 million hungry people … If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000.”
Ehrlich, Speech at British Institute For Biology, September 1971
2 “In ten years all important animal life in the sea will be extinct. Large areas of coastline will have to be evacuated because of the stench of dead fish.”
Ehrlich, speech during Earth Day, 1970
3 “[By] 1995, the greenhouse effect would be desolating the heartlands of North America and Eurasia with horrific drought, causing crop failures and food riots…[By 1996] The Platte River of Nebraska would be dry, while a continent-wide black blizzard of prairie topsoil will stop traffic on interstates, strip paint from houses and shut down computers.”
Michael Oppenheimer, published in “Dead Heat,” St. Martin’s Press, 1990
4 “If present trends continue, the world will be … eleven degrees colder by the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us in an ice age.”
Kenneth E.F. Watt, in “Earth Day,” 1970
5 “Arctic specialist Bernt Balchen says a general warming trend over the North Pole is melting the polar ice cap and may produce an ice-free Arctic Ocean by the year 2000.”
Christian Science Monitor, June 8, 1972.
6 “Using computer models, researchers concluded that global warming would raise average annual temperatures nationwide two degrees by 2010.”
Associated Press, May 15, 1989
7 “By 1985, air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half.”
Life magazine, January 1970
8 Within a few years “children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” Snowfall will be “a very rare and exciting event.” (I covered this prize example in detail on this page.)
David Viner, East Anglia CRU, 2000
9 In June 2007, Tim Flannery warned Brisbane that its “water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months”.  Last month Brisbane recorded the wettest December in 150 years.
10 But of course, who could forget the Australian BOM which predicted that “The national outlook for total rainfall over spring (September to November), is neutral for most of the country” which was promptly followed by record downfalls and widespread floods with some areas getting 400% of the average rainfall. The only part of the country the BOM predicted  “a wetter than normal spring” was in South West WA (which recorded one of its driest springs since measurements began).
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Aug 2010
Read the original story at Fox News

But this is what most people see: If it’s an arctic freeze, it’s global warming. If it’s unseasonably mild, it’s global warming. If it rains harder than normal, why that is exactly what we would expect with global warming! Drought? Ditto. Heat wave–well of course, the earth is warming! Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail, nor sleet, nor baking sun, nor hurricanes, nor lack of hurricanes–or for that matter, any unusual weather pattern or condition–can stop some some global warming scientists from blaming global warming. Whatever it is. Wherever it is. Whenever it is.
And that, is precisely why fewer and fewer people are paying attention.

Britain's winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.
Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain's culture, as warmer winters - which scientists are attributing to global climate change - produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Gettin' harder to hide the decline, isn't it?

Alex Hill, the chief government adviser with the Met Office, told The Scotsman there was no future for skiing in Scotland because climate change would see winters become too warm for regular snowfall.
Environmental groups last night agreed with this claim. However, although members of the ski industry agreed that climate change was having an impact, they said the industry could survive.
But Mr Hill said: “Put it this way: I won’t be investing in the skiing industry.

Stop checking the facts: “Your Internet search has just helped kill the planet”

So why are they being so irrational about this? Why all the hating on searching for information? It could just be innumeracy, which is of a piece with their buying into anti-CO2 alarmism in the first place. But maybe they really are trying to stop their minions from checking the facts for themselves.
That would actually make sense from their point of view, and why else would they omit the figures that put the energy costs of online searches into perspective? It seems that the eco-religionists really are trying to minimize Google searching, just as they want to drastically reduce car driving, plastic bag use, and butt wiping. Avoidance of information search has apparently been added to their list of eco-sacraments.

THE COLD spell Ireland and the rest of northern Europe has been experiencing may, paradoxically, be the result of global warming, rather than evidence it is not happening, according to the most recent scientific research.
The Journal of Geophysical Research suggested a link between diminishing levels of sea ice in the Arctic and an increased probability of harsh winters across Europe, saying these “do not conflict the global warming picture, but rather supplement it”.
And if you believe that I've got a watch to sell you.

As Britain braces itself for the coldest winter since 1927 the warming alarmists have already worked out the cause, Global Warning or Climate Change or Climate Disruption.
Now the eco mentalists at the Potsdam Institute reckon that using their dodgy computer model and junk science they can prove just that
The overall warming of the earth’s northern half could result in cold winters. The shrinking of sea-ice in the eastern Arctic causes some regional heating of the lower levels of air – which may lead to strong anomalies in atmospheric airstreams, triggering an overall cooling of the northern continents, a study recently published in the Journal of Geophysical Research shows. “These anomalies could triple the probability of cold winter extremes in Europe and northern Asia,” says Vladimir Petoukhov, lead author of the study and climate scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. “Recent severe winters like last year’s or the one of 2005-06 do not conflict with the global warming picture, but rather supplement it.”
You have to grant a certain grudging respect to these people, no matter how ludicrous their statements all roads eventually lead to Anthropogenic Global Warming, sheer brazen effrontery does not even get close!
“Our simulations reveal a rather pronounced nonlinear response of air temperatures and winds to the changes of sea-ice cover,” Petoukhov, a physicist, says. “It ranges from warming to cooling to warming again, as sea ice decreases.” An abrupt transition between different regimes of the atmospheric circulation in the sub-polar and polar regions may be very likely. Warming of the air over the Barents-Kara Sea seems to bring cold winter winds to Europe. “This is not what one would expect,” Petoukhov says. “Whoever thinks that the shrinking of some far away sea-ice won’t bother him could be wrong. There are complex teleconnections in the climate system, and in the Barents-Kara Sea we might have discovered a powerful feedback mechanism.”
Somebody needs to educate these junk scientists about the difference between a conditional (might) and an absolute (will), but then again their minds are made up and they are only looking for a cause that matches their effect.
Here is what Piers Corbin has to say.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Desperation on the cusp of madness, and a demonstration why belief must be abandoned as a model for thought and behavior.

There are several ways to describe the relation between winter temperature and snowfall….
* Colder winters are three times more likely to be snowier than the median.
* Snowy winters are three times more likely to be cold.
* Warm winters are three times more likely to have less snow than the median.
* Less snowy winters are three times more likely to be mild.
One way the relation between snowfall and winter temperature CANNOT be described is that warmth leads to more big snowstorms and greater total winter snowfall.

The not-so-obvious short answer is that the overall warming of the atmosphere is actually creating cold-weather extremes.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
This op-ed did not have a place for comments (big shock there). Here is the letter I just sent to the New York Times, which they probably will not print, but you should post anywhere you see more of this warm = cold nonsense.

I hope the New York Times is smart enough to understand that this claim that global warming makes cold weather is not science, but science fiction; a plot device lifted from the science fiction movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, and interestingly enough the same film Al Gore stole computer-generated ice cracking from for his so-called “documentary”.
The global warming cult and its financial arm, the “Carbonazis”, have invested a huge amount of time and money and political capital selling the need for a carbon tax to the world, to fund the new global environmental authority as a step towards global government. But three harsh winters in a row have sounded the death knell for the warmista predictions, and this “hot climate makes cold weather” nonsense is a Hail Mary pass to save the agenda in the face of harsh winter reality setting in, by claiming that the cold weather is what the theory of global warming predicted.
Yet we know this is nonsense. Back in 2000 the Hadley CRU (the institution at the heart of the Climategate email and software scandal) stated “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”.
In 2008, scientists were claiming there would be no ice at the North Pole.
Also in 2008, the warmistas were claiming that winter as a whole no longer existed!
Interesting fact: the Chairman of the Met Office board, Robert Napier, is or has been:
* Chairman of the Green Fiscal Trust*
* Chairman of the trustees of the World Centre of Monitoring of Conservation
* a director of the Carbon Disclosure Project
* a director of the Carbon Group
* Chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund UK
He is also a member of the Green Alliance.
Entire careers and funding have been built on the theory that the Earth is getting warmer, and people like JUDAH COHEN, whose blurb indicates is part of the global warming establishment, are writing now that heat causes freezing in an effort not to lose their jobs and funding despite having totally blown predicting what was going to happen.
There is more at stake here than just academic tenure and scientific funding. Around the world, local governments struggling with the harsh economy have heard the constant proclamations of warmer winters and have slashed their budgets for winter preparations, secure in the knowledge they would not need as much road grit, ploughs, or fuel oil as previous winters.
The result is that the disaster of these last three winters has been magnified by lack of adequate preparation. Already Britain has sold out of standard snow tires and is running out of road grit. Budgets for winter contingencies are already exhausted across Europe, and most tragic of all, the millions of people made homeless by the Wall Street excesses of the last ten years are freezing to death as heating fuel for shelters and warming centers runs out. Dozens have died just in Santa Barbara California.
The blood of all those dying in winter accidents on unprepared roads, or freezing to death, is on the hands of those academics, media pundits, and scientists, who all signed onto the global warming agenda because it was fashionable and trendy and the source of vast amounts of research grants, together with the investors who planned to do to the entire world with carbon what Enron had done to California with electricity; force people to buy a carbon credit, a mythical commodity literally created out of thin air that was planned to fuel the next great Wall Street bubble.
The New York Times does itself and its readers a grave disservice when it runs op-ed pieces by environmentalists with clear conflicts of interest, especially when said op-ed ignored a decade of predictions of warmer winters to claim that record cold is what their pet science-fiction theory actually predicted, and that one can make ice by heating a pan of water on the stove.
Shame on the New York Times for not exercising due diligence in vetting these global warming propaganda pieces. One would almost think the Times has reverted to those pre-Titanic days when you reported that intelligent life was building the canals on Mars!
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
War is Peace
Warming is Cooling
(Apologies to George Orwell)
Michael Rivero

Scientists have established a link between the cold, snowy winters in Britain and melting sea ice in the Arctic and have warned that long periods of freezing weather are likely to become more frequent in years to come.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
If global warming were behind the cold winters, then why did the climate scientists predict the winters would become milder and eventually free of snow? Back in 2000 the Independent reported that Hadley CRU claimed "Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past".
The plain fact is the Earth is not doing what the "carbonazis" predicted it would, and now the scammers are trying to protect their carbon credit scheme with this silly idea that you can make ice by boiling a pan of water!

Climate Craziness of the Week – Attention citizens! You Are Thinking The Wrong Thoughts

Those of who have long been in denial about the realities of global warming and the credibility of the IPCC, can now feel relieved, there may be hope for us yet. The diagnosis has been made; we have a psychological problem, which so far has failed to respond to the millions upon millions of dollars spent in “communicating” climate change to the masses.
However, the process of our redemption is already underway: A new publication called “Communicating climate change to mass public audiences” has just been presented to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, by the “Climate Change Communication Advisory Group”.
Facing Climate Change is the first national conference to specifically explore ‘climate change denial’.
This conference aims to strengthen our awareness of the challenge facing us and to enhance our capacity for effective decision-making and action. It will do this by bringing together a group of people – climate change activists, eco-psychologists, psychotherapists and social researchers – who are uniquely qualified to assess the human dimensions of this human-made problem.
Professor Paul Hoggett is helping to organise the conference, he said, “We will examine denial from a variety of different perspectives – as the product of addiction to consumption, as the outcome of diffusion of responsibility and the idea that someone else will sort it out and as the consequence of living in a perverse culture which encourages collusion, complacency, irresponsibility.”
Read the entire essay here (PDF)

Walrus Desperatus By Medius Doofus – The Latest Media Hoax


Yet, it’s not enough to report only about melting sea ice. An additional instrument has to be found to emotionalize the event. This year that instrument is no longer the polar bear, trapped on a single tiny chunk of ice. That’s out. The new symbol of climate doom this year is the lovable walrus – odobenus rosmarus.
Practically every major German media outlet has reported on the “plight” of the poor walrus, “forced to flee” to the Alaskan beaches because of the “dramatic” ice melt. It’s the latest unprecedented event that’s proof of anthropogenic global warming.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
"No, really, it does. Honest!" -- Saint Al of the Gore

A (Not Quite) Complete List Of Things Supposedly Caused By Global Warming

agricultural land increase, Afghan poppies destroyed, Africa devastated,  Africa in conflict, African aid threatenedAfrican summer frost, aggressive weeds, air pressure changesairport malaria, Agulhas current, Alaska reshaped, movesallergy season longer, alligators in the Thames, Alps melting, Amazon a desert, American dream endamphibians breeding earlier (or not)anaphylactic reactions to bee stingsancient forests dramatically changed, animals head for the hills, animals shrink, Antarctic grass flourishes, Antarctic ice grows, Antarctic ice shrinks, Antarctic sea life at risk,   anxiety treatment, algal blooms, archaeological sites threatened, Arctic bogs melt, Arctic in bloom, Arctic ice free, Arctic ice melt faster, Arctic lakes disappear, Arctic tundra to burn, Arctic warming (not), Atlantic less salty, Atlantic more salty,   atmospheric circulation modified, attack of the killer jellyfish, avalanches reduced, avalanches increasedBaghdad snow, Bahrain under waterbananas grow, barbarisation, beer shortage, beetle infestation, bet for $10,000,  better beer, big melt faster, billion dollar research projects, billion homeless, billions face risk, billions of deaths, bird distributions change, bird loss accelerating, birds shrinking, bird strikes, bird visitors drop, birds confused, birds decline (Wales), birds driven north, birds return early, bittern boom ends, blackbirds stop singing, blackbirds threatened, Black Hawk downblood contaminated, blue mussels return, bluetongue, brain eating amoebae, brains shrink, bridge collapse (Minneapolis), Britain one big city, Britain Siberianbrothels struggle, brown Ireland, bubonic plague, budget increases, Buddhist temple threatenedbuilding collapse, building season extension, bushfires, business opportunities, business risks butterflies move northcamel deathscancer deaths in England, cannibalismcaterpillar biomass shift, cave paintings threatenedchildhood insomnia, Cholera, circumcision in decline, cirrus disappearance, civil unrest, cloud increasecoast beauty spots lost, cockroach migration,  coffee threatened, cold climate creatures survive, cold spells (Australia), cold wave (India), computer models, conferences, conflict, conflict with Russiaconsumers foot the bill, coral bleaching, coral fish suffer, coral reefs dying, coral reefs grow, coral reefs shrink , coral reefs twilight cost of trillions, cougar attackscrabgrass menace cradle of civilisation threatened, creatures move uphill, crime increase, crocodile sex, crops devastated, crumbling roads, buildings and sewage systems, curriculum changecyclones (Australia),   danger to kid's health, Darfur, Dartford Warbler plaguedeath rate increase (US), deaths to reach 6 million, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, depression, desert advancedesert retreatdestruction of the environmentdisappearance of coastal citiesdisasters, diseases move from animals to humans, diseases move north, dog disease, Dolomites collapse, dozen deadly diseases, drought,   ducks and geese decline, dust bowl in the corn belt, early marriages, early spring, earlier pollen seasonEarth biodiversity crisis, Earth dying, Earth even hotter, Earth light dimming, Earth lopsided, Earth melting, Earth morbid fever, Earth on fast track, Earth past point of no return, Earth slowing downEarth spins faster, Earth to explode, earth upside downearthquakes, earthquakes redux, earthquakes redux 2, El Niño intensification, end of the world as we know it, erosion, emerging infections, encephalitis, English villages lost, equality threatened, Europe simultaneously baking and freezing,  eutrophication, evolution accelerating, expansion of university climate groups, extinctions (human, civilisation,  logic, Inuit, smallest butterfly, cod, ladybirdspikas, polar bears,   possumswalrus,   toadsplants, salmon, troutwild flowers, woodlicea million species, half of all animal and plant speciesmountain speciesnot polar bears, barrier reef, leaches, salamanders, tropical insects) experts muzzled, extreme changes to California, fading fall foliage, faintingfamine, farmers benefit, farmers go under, farm output boostfashion disaster, fever, figurehead sacked, fir cone bonanza, fish bigger, fish catches drop, fish downsize,  fish catches rise, fish deaf, fish get lost, fish head north, fish stocks at risk, fish stocks decline, five million illnesses, flames stoked, flesh eating disease, flood patterns change, floods,  floods of beaches and cities, flood of migrants, flood preparation for crisis, Florida economic decline, flowers in peril, fog (more) in San Franciscofog (less) in San Franciscofood poisoningfood prices rise, food prices soar, food security threat (SA)football team migrationfootpath erosion, forest decline, forest expansion, frog with extra heads, frostbite, frost damage increasedfrosts, fungi fruitful, fungi invasion, games change, Garden of Eden wilts, geese decline in Hampshire, genetic diversity decline, gene pools slashed, giant oysters invade,  giant pythons invade, giant squid migrate, gingerbread houses collapse, glacial earthquakes, glacial retreat,  glacial growth, glacier grows (California), glacier wrapped, global cooling, global dimming, glowing cloudsgolf course to drown, golf Masters wrecked, grandstanding, grasslands wetter, Great Barrier Reef 95% dead, Great Lakes dropgreat tits cope, greening of the NorthGrey whales lose weight, Gulf Stream failure, habitat loss, haggis threatened, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome,  harmful algaeharvest increase, harvest shrinkage, hay fever epidemic, health affected, health of children harmed, health risks, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes (Australia), heat waves, hibernation affected,   hibernation ends too soon, hibernation ends too late, HIV epidemic, homeless 50 million, hornets, high court debates, human development faces unprecedented reversal, human fertility reduced, human health risk, human race oblivion, hurricaneshurricane reduction, hurricanes fewer, hurricanes nothydropower problems, hyperthermia deaths, ice age, ice sheet growth, ice sheet shrinkage, icebergsillegal immigration, illness and death, inclement weather, India drowning, infrastructure failure (Canada)industry threatened, infectious diseases,  inflation in China, insect explosion, insurance premium rises, Inuit displacement, Inuit poisoned, Inuit suing, invasion of catsinvasion of crabgrass, invasion of herons, invasion of jellyfish, invasion of king crabs, invasion of midges island disappears, islands sinking, itchier poison ivy, jellyfish explosion, jets fall from sky, jet stream drifts north, Kew Gardens taxed, kidney stones, kidney stones again, killer cornflakes, killing us, kitten boom, koalas under threat, krill decline, lake and stream productivity decline, lake empties, lake shrinking and growing, landslides, landslides of ice at 140 mph, lawsuits increaselawsuit successful,  lawyers' income increased (surprise surprise!)lawyers want more, legionnaires' surgelives saved, Loch Ness monster dead, locust plagues suppressed, Lopsided Earth, lush growth in rain forests,   Malaria,   mammoth dung melt, mango harvest fails, Maple production advanced, Maple syrup shortage, marine diseases, marine food chain decimated, Meaching (end of the world), Mediterranean rises, megacryometeors, Melanoma, Melanoma decline, methane emissions from plants, methane burps, methane runaway, melting permafrost, Middle Kingdom convulses, migration, migration difficult (birds), migratory birds huge losses, microbes to decompose soil carbon more rapidly, minorities hit, monkeys on the move, Mont Blanc grows, monuments imperiled, moose dying, more bad air days,   more research neededmortality increased, mountain (Everest) shrinking,  mountaineers fears,  mountains break up, mountains green and flowering,   mountains taller, mortality lower,  Myanmar cyclone, narwhals at risk, National security implications, native wildlife overwhelmed, natural disasters  quadruple, new islands, next ice age, NFL threatened, Nile delta damaged, noctilucent clouds, no effect in IndiaNorthwest Passage opened, nuclear plants bloomoaks dyingoaks move northocean acidification, ocean acidification faster, ocean dead zones unleashed, ocean deserts expand, ocean waves speed up, oceans noisier, opera house to be destroyed, outdoor hockey threatened,   ozone repair slowed, ozone rise, Pacific dead zone, penguin chicks frozen, personal carbon rationingpest outbreaks, pests increasephenology shiftsplankton blooms, plankton destabilisedplants lose protein, plants march northplants move uphill polar bears aggressive, polar bears cannibalisticpolar bears deaf,   polar bears drowning,   polar bears eating themselves,   polar tours scrapped, popcorn rise, porpoise astray, profits collapseprostitutionpsychiatric illness,   puffin decline radars taken out, railroad tracks deformed, rainfall increase, rape wave, refugeesreindeer endangered, release of ancient frozen viruses, resorts disappear, rice threatened, rice yields crash,  rift on Capitol Hill, rioting and nuclear war,   river flow impacted, rivers raised, roads wear out, robins rampant,   rocky peaks crack apart, roof of the world a desert, rooftop bars, Ross river diseaseruins ruined,  Russia under pressure, salinity reduction, salinity increaseSalmonella,  Salmon Decline,  satellites accelerate, school closures, sea level rise, sea level rise faster, seals mating more, sewer bills rise, severe thunderstorms, sex change, sexual promiscuity, shark attacks, sharks booming, sharks moving north, sheep shrink, shop closures, short-nosed dogs endangeredshrinking ponds, shrinking shrine, ski resorts threatened, skin cancer, slow death, smaller brains, smog, snowfall increase, snowfall heavy,   soaring food prices, societal collapse, soil change, songbirds change eating habits, sour grapes, space problem, spectacular orchids, spiders invade Scotland, squid aggressive giants, squid population explosion, squid tamed, squirrels reproduce earlier, stingray invasion, storms wetter, stormwater drains stressed, street crime to increasesubsidence, suicide, swordfish in the Baltic, Tabasco tragedy, taxes, tectonic plate movement, teenage drinking, terrorism, threat to peace, ticks move northward (Sweden), tides rise, tigers eat people, tomatoes rot, tornado outbreak, tourism increase, trade barriers, trade winds weakened, traffic jamstransportation threatened, tree foliage increase (UK),   tree growth slowed, trees in trouble, trees less colourfultrees more colourful, trees lush, tropics expansion, tropopause raised, truffle shortagetruffles down, turtles crash, turtle feminised, turtles lay earlier, UFO sightings, UK coastal impact, UK Katrina, uprooted - 6 million, Vampire bats, Vampire moths, Venice flooded, violin decline, volcanic eruptions, volcanic eruptions redux, Iceland volcano eruption,   walrus pups orphanedwalrus stampede, war, war between US and Canada, wars over water, wars sparked, wars threaten billions, wasps, water bills double, water scarcity (20% of increase), water stress, weather out of its mind, weather patterns awry, Western aid cancelled outWest Nile fever, whales lose weight, whales move north, whales wiped out, wheat yields crushed in Australiawildfireswind shift, wind reduced,  wine - harm to Australian industry, wine industry damage (California) wine industry disaster (US) wine - more English, wine -  England too hot, wine -German boon, wine - no more French wine passé (Napa), wine stronger, winters in Britain colder, winter in Britain dead, witchcraft executions, wolves eat more moose, wolves eat less, workers laid off, World at war, World War 4, World bankruptcy, World in crisis, World in flames, Yellow fever.

Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home

* A year from now you won't be able to sell your house. Yes, you read that right.
The caveat is (there always is a caveat) that if you have enough money to make required major upgrades to your home, then you can sell it. But, if not, then forget it. Even pre-fabricated homes ("mobile homes") are included.
* In effect, this bill prevents you from selling your home without the permission of the EPA administrator.
* To get this permission, you will have to have the energy efficiency of your home measured.
* Then the government will tell you what your new energy efficiency requirement is and you will be forced to make modifications to your home under the retrofit provisions of this Act to comply with the new energy and water efficiency requirements.

A seven-month-old baby girl survived three days alone with a bullet in her chest beside the bodies of her parents and toddler brother.
Argentines Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their children before killing themselves after making an apparent suicide pact over fears about global warming.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
Okay Carbonazis; take a look at this face...

... because the blood of this baby and her family is on your hands, the end result of your campaign to convince people the end of the world was at hand from carbon dioxide.
Remember in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting how all the media and politicians were pointing fingers of blame? Remember the calls to "tone down the rhetoric?" Think we will see the media excoriate the global warming cult over this shooting the way they tried to go after the Tea Party? Think we will see the media tell the global warming cult to "tone down the rhetoric?"
Note that the MailOnline shut off comments almost immediately.

Electric cars may not be so green after all, says British study

ELECTRIC cars could produce higher emissions over their lifetimes than petrol equivalents because of the energy consumed in making their batteries, a study has found.
An electric car owner would have to drive at least 129,000km before producing a net saving in CO2. Many electric cars will not travel that far in their lifetime because they typically have a range of less than 145km on a single charge and are unsuitable for long trips. Even those driven 160,000km would save only about a tonne of CO2 over their lifetimes.
The British study, which is the first analysis of the full lifetime emissions of electric cars covering manufacturing, driving and disposal, undermines the case for tackling climate change by the rapid introduction of electric cars.
The study was commissioned by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, which is jointly funded by the British government and the car industry. It found that a mid-size electric car would produce 23.1 tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime, compared with 24 tonnes for a similar petrol car. Emissions from manufacturing electric cars are at least 50 per cent higher because batteries are made from materials such as lithium, copper and refined silicon, which require much energy to be processed.
Many electric cars are expected to need a replacement battery after a few years. Once the emissions from producing the second battery are added in, the total CO2 from producing an electric car rises to 12.6 tonnes, compared with 5.6 tonnes for a petrol car. Disposal also produces double the emissions because of the energy consumed in recovering and recycling metals in the battery. The study also took into account carbon emitted to generate the grid electricity consumed.

Mercury Vapor Released from Broken Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Can Exceed Safe Exposure Levels for Humans, Study Finds


ScienceDaily (July 6, 2011) — Once broken, a compact fluorescent light bulb continuously releases mercury vapor into the air for weeks to months, and the total amount can exceed safe human exposure levels in a poorly ventilated room, according to study results reported in Environmental Engineering Science, a peer-reviewed online only journal published monthly by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Energy-saving light bulbs were at the centre of a fresh health scare last night after researchers claimed they can release potentially harmful amounts of mercury if broken.
Levels of toxic vapour around smashed eco-bulbs were up to 20 times higher than the safe guideline limit for an indoor area, the study said.
It added that broken bulbs posed a potential health risk to pregnant women, babies and small children.

Texas Tells Feds: Shove Your Light Bulb Ban

State lawmakers have passed a bill that allows Texans to skirt federal efforts to promote more efficient light bulbs, which ultimately pushes the swirled, compact fluorescent bulbs over the 100-watt incandescent bulbs many grew up with.
The measure, sent to Gov. Rick Perry for consideration, lets any incandescent light bulb manufactured in Texas - and sold in that state - avoid the authority of the federal government or the repeal of the 2007 energy independence act that starts phasing out some incandescent light bulbs next year.

Those light-emitting diodes marketed as safe, environmentally preferable alternatives to traditional lightbulbs actually contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially hazardous substances, according to newly published research.
“LEDs are touted as the next generation of lighting. But as we try to find better products that do not deplete energy resources or contribute to global warming, we have to be vigilant about the toxicity hazards of those marketed as replacements,” said Oladele Ogunseitan, chair of UC Irvine’s Department of Population Health & Disease Prevention.

A 10-year study found that King penguins with the metal rings had 39 per cent fewer chicks and 16 per cent lower survival rates than those fitted with transponders under the skin.
It is feared that flipper bands, used to identify the birds, cause physical damage and drag under the water.
Research published in Nature suggests birds with flipper bands respond differently to the climate by arriving later on Possession Island, off Antarctica, than those untouched.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
So, our wonderful environmentalists stick these radio tags on penguins, which may be killing them, and in any event slows down the penguins to the point where the radio data is meaningless, because it doesn't reflect the behavior of the non-tagged penguins.
That about cover it?

Greenpeace lost no time, of course, in pointing the finger squarely at global warming, and issued a press release, demanding Israel abandon construction of a new coal power station, and calling for all comrades to join the “international struggle”.
The cause of this particular fire was, sadly enough, the good intentions of a participant in the Rainbow Festival that was being held at the site. For ecological reasons, she burned toilet paper she had used so as not to leave it in nature, and in normal circumstances, that would have been the thing to do. However, due to the strong winds and the unseasonable hot air, the dry grasses caught on fire immediately, and the fire spread in four different directions simultaneously.

3,149 UK Wind Turbines – Produced Less Than 0.5% Of UK’s Electricity Needs

During the cold snap, the 3,149 UK wind turbines were nearly useless. At times delivering less than half of a percent of the UK’s electricity needs.
Maybe 1,000,000 wind turbines would do the job, as long as there aren’t any calm days?
Would there be any birds or tourists left in the UK?

If the money for wars was spent on inventions for energy we won't need oil.
Bore hole technology is cool, drill down 20 meters to the earths core, and use the heat, just as they do in Iceland.
Simple, 24/7 energy... AND
In the summer when it's hot you reverse the heating so that it becomes air conditioning, houses have a constant temperature in winter and summer.
Do you see any mines that need central heating? There you go.
In new houses, when they dig the foundations, they can lay the pipes, even about 7 foot down is enough - below the frost and can be used as basic heating (low, but stable).

Simple Math

If 0.5% is 1/200, then 200 X 3,149 wind turbines would generate 100% of the UK's electricity. Anybody want to see 629,800 wind turbines crowding the UK countryside? I didn't think so.

Environmental scientists have been criticised for exaggerating the size of an “island” of plastic waste said to be swirling around in the Pacific Ocean after a study finds that it is 200 times smaller than claimed.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
"I believe it is appropriate to have an 'over-representation' of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience." - Al Gore, Climate Change activist
"It doesn't matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true." - Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace

This collection strongly indicates that in Italy, like elsewhere, the average reader of newspapers would have had all the reasons to believe in a “global cooling consensus” for much of the 1970?s and even later.

By David Derbyshire
The threat to tropical rainforests from climate change may have been exaggerated by environmentalists, according to a new study.
Researchers have shown that the world's tropical forests thrived in the far distant past when temperatures were 3 to 5C warmer than today.
They believe that a wetter, warmer future may actually boost plants and animals living the tropics.
The findings, published in the respected journal Science, come from a study of pollen trapped in rocks during a natural period of global warming 56.3million years ago.
The extreme warm spell - called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum - saw global temperatures soar by 6C (11F) within a few thousand years.
The cause of the PETM is unknown. However, some scientists believe it was triggered by the release of vast amounts of carbon dioxide from volcanic activity over a few thousand years.
The injection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere set off a spiral of events that warmed the climate and led to even more greenhouse gas entering the atmosphere, they say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Over the last five years, satellite altimetry shows average sea level rising at 1.96 mm/year. This number is likely too high, but is considerably lower than the 3.1-3.3 mm/year normally claimed.

Environmentalists 'exaggerated' threat to tropical rainforests from global warming

By David Derbyshire
November 2010

The threat to tropical rainforests from climate change may have been exaggerated by environmentalists, according to a new study.
Researchers have shown that the world's tropical forests thrived in the far distant past when temperatures were 3 to 5C warmer than today.
They believe that a wetter, warmer future may actually boost plants and animals living the tropics.
The findings, published in the respected journal Science, come from a study of pollen trapped in rocks during a natural period of global warming 56.3million years ago.
Daintree National Park in Queensland, Australia. The threat to tropical rainforests from climate change 'has been exaggerated by environmentalists'
Daintree National Park in Queensland, Australia. The threat to tropical rainforests from climate change 'has been exaggerated by environmentalists'
The extreme warm spell - called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum - saw global temperatures soar by 6C (11F) within a few thousand years.
The cause of the PETM is unknown. However, some scientists believe it was triggered by the release of vast amounts of carbon dioxide from volcanic activity over a few thousand years.
The injection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere set off a spiral of events that warmed the climate and led to even more greenhouse gas entering the atmosphere, they say.

Trees: sucking up the carbon

Forests in many regions are becoming larger carbon sinks thanks to higher density, U.S. and European researchers say in a new report.
In Europe and North America, increased density significantly raised carbon storage despite little or no expansion of forest area, according to the study, led by Aapo Rautiainen of the University of Helsinki, Finland, and published in the online, open-access journal PLoS One.
Even in the South American nations studied, more density helped maintain regional carbon levels in the face of deforestation.

First, the blackbirds fell out of the sky on New Year's Eve in Arkansas. In recent days, wildlife have mysteriously died in big numbers: 2 million fish in the Chesapeake Bay, 150 tons of red tilapia in Vietnam, 40,000 crabs in Britain and other places across the world. Blogs connected the deadly dots, joking about the "aflockalypse" while others saw real signs of something sinister, either biblical or environmental.
The reality, say biologists, is that these mass die-offs happen all the time and usually are unrelated.
Federal records show they happen on average every other day somewhere in North America. Usually, we don't notice them and don't try to link them to each other.

Texas health officials are trying to determine what killed dozens of birds whose remains prompted a temporary shutdown of 10 blocks of downtown Austin.
Police closed a section of downtown for several hours Monday after 63 birds were found dead in the street, but officials said preliminary tests found no threat to people.
Workers in yellow hazardous-materials suits tested for contaminants in a cordoned-off area near the state Capitol and the governor's mansion before authorities finally gave the all-clear in the afternoon.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
This story is from 2007, which confirms that these events do happen all the time, without needing to scream "Chemtrails", or "HAARP", or "shifting magnetic fields", or "UFO invasion!" The birds and fish that are dying are in most cases simply perishing from hypothermia, albeit cyanide is the most likely cause for the bird deaths in Italy reported further down the page.

What is Global Warming?

Let's get something straight; the climate is supposed to change. In 4 1/2 billion years, there has never been a time when the Earth's climate remained exactly the same. Careful study of the geological and paleontological record shows that the climate is always changing; that the Earth is always getting warmer or colder in long hundred thousand year cycles.
At present the earth is far colder than the Cretaceous but far warmer than the ice ages. Given that the Earth has only recently come out of the Little Ice Age, it stands to reason we should be getting warmer. It is this idea that the Earth can or should be locked into a particular configuration that is artificial and unnatural. And who was to decide what the ideal temperature of earth should be? What is ideal for people living at the equator is hardly ideal for people living in the polar regions.
Global warming cultists like to talk about the balance of nature. This is a very romantic term, and sounds worthy of preservation. But there is no balance of nature. Nature is change. Nature is chaos. Nature is one life form going extinct while another evolves into being. Nature has never been in balance; it is in fact careening through time colliding with the landscape.
Is there really a crisis? Would it really be a bad thing if the Earth were getting warmer?
Warmer temperatures mean longer growing seasons. Longer growing seasons mean more food. And at a time when much of the world's population are going hungry, more food is a good thing.
Is carbon dioxide really such a bad thing? Carbon dioxide occurs naturally. The major sources are volcanoes and respiration from animal life on Earth. As carbon dioxide increases plant life which uses carbon dioxide for photosynthesis will grow more abundantly. Again, producing more food. There are even companies which will install carbon dioxide enhancement systems for commercial greenhouses because it has been proven that increased carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth and larger crops.
Is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas? Yes, it is. But it is not the only one. Water vapor is by far the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Methane is also a greenhouse gas, more potent than carbon dioxide. But you cannot tax water vapor, and methane is produced by termites and deep-sea microbes, which are far too intelligent life forms to submit to carbon taxes, so the global warming cultists have settled on carbon dioxide as the villain because a portion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be traced to human activity.
How much atmospheric carbon dioxide comes from human activity? Not including respiration, human contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide is .28% of the total atmospheric carbon dioxide.

A closer look at the numbers

Now this may not seem like very much, and indeed it isn't. With volcanoes producing far more carbon dioxide than humans, one wonders what all the fuss is about regarding our cars and industry. But the global warming cult has a handy explanation. The global warming cult likes to claim that natural sources of carbon dioxide are already balanced out by natural sinks for carbon dioxide. Volcanoes are offset by trees. The carbon dioxide emitted by sea life is absorbed by seaweed. By claiming that there is no natural counterpart to human caused carbon dioxide the global warming cult tries to claim that .28% of atmospheric carbon dioxide contributed by human activity is upsetting the balance of nature. But as we pointed out before, there is no balance of nature. It is a romantic notion, but simply not reality. Experiments with enhanced CO2 in greenhouses confirms that as CO2 levels rise, plants will grow larger, absorb more CO2, driving levels back down again.

The Global Warming Fraud

So how do we know we are dealing with a fraud? As noted above, climate change is something that is supposed to happen. The world is always getting warmer or colder. The promotion of a change in the climate as a threat to humankind requiring the paying of taxes and submission to authority is a manufactured construct.
How do we know an agenda is involved? Simple. If the global warming alarmists were really only interested in the welfare of the Earth, one would expect them to be delirious with joy that the threat of anthropogenic global warming doesn't really exist after all. But quite to the contrary, those whose paychecks are dependent on the global warming industry are in a total panic to reassure us that, yes, there is a real danger, and it is all our fault!
Another reason we know Anthropocentric Global Warming is a hoax is that Scientific Method is supposed to allow for others to double-check the work leading to the theory. In other words, starting with the same data and applying the same methods, I should get the same results. But in the case of Anthropocentric Global Warming, this is impossible. The CRU, in response to Freedom of Information Requests for the raw data on which they based their dire predictions of doom, first stalled, then admitted they had destroyed the raw data! We mere mortals are expected to simply take their word their conclusions are accurate. I have to wonder with all the tens of millions of dollars in funding CRU enjoyed, why they could not purchase an extra hard drive to save that raw data!
In ancient times rulers ruled by what ever lie would convince the people that they needed to be ruled. One very common dodge was rule by divine right. I am your ruler because God said so. But as mankind has evolved and become more sophisticated, and understands that the idea of God is more a metaphor than reality, rulers intent on using deception to rule their people have had to come up with more convincing myths. Obey me and I will save you from the Communists. Obey me and I'll save you from the terrorists. Obey me and I will save you from global warming. And so forth...
So the push to sell global government on the basis of human caused global warming is just another variation on the theme of I am the ruler because the gods hath decreed it so.
Maybe it's time for humans to evolve past this latest deception.
As for the actual evidence calling into question the claims of human caused global warming, we can start with the very small percentage of atmospheric carbon dioxide actually created by human industry. The attempt by the global warming cult to claim that natural carbon dioxide is not a problem because nature balances it out, but human caused carbon dioxide is a threat, betrays the agenda of of taking something that occurs naturally and focusing the blame for it onto humans in order to guilt them out of money and obedience.
We have previously documented that temperature sensors used to generate the data that supports the claim of human caused global warming have been placed in the outflow of building air conditioners and in one notable instance right next to a trash incinerator. Clearly given that these are all sources of heat, the readings from these temperature sensors cannot be used to assume that we are measuring the temperature of anything other than air-conditioning outflow and the incineration of trash.
It has been documented and ruled in a British court of law that Al Gore's film and inconvenient truth contained numerous factual errors. In one notable case, a film sequence showing the destruction of the polar caps, turned out to be a fake; a computer-generated sequence from the science-fiction movie the "Day after tomorrow".
Much of the sensationalist media coverage of the issue of human-caused global warming has been exposed as a fraud. A story which claimed Polar Bears were drowning because of global warming was exposed as a fraud in which pictures of summer melt were presented as mid-winter scenes, along with the ludicrous claim that polar bears could not swim to shore to save their own lives.
Then there was the recent video-taped admission by the head of Greenpeace that the claim that Greenland would lose its ice in 20 years was merely a propaganda hoax!
The list of problems supposedly caused by human-caused global warming, from Acne to Prostitution, is endless, with more nonsense being added every day!
The major problem that the global warming cultists have faced is that the Earth has actually been cooling for almost 12 years now. The global warming cultists attempted to re-brand by avoiding the term global warming and saying their agenda was to deal with climate change. Not just any climate change of course but sudden climate change, again the fault of humans, again requiring taxes and obedience to a global authority to solve. But re-branding as the climate change cult did not secure the fact that the predictions for a warming globe were simply not panning out. It was at this point that institutions dependent on funding to study human caused global warming began to adjust their data in order to, as CRU put it, "conceal the decline". Otherwise, trust in the climate scientist was going to be undermined by the fact that they had obviously totally blown which way the temperatures of earth were going, predicting that they were going up when in fact they were demonstrably in decline.

IPCC predictions in yellow/orange, real world in blue/green

Blue line is the raw data. The red line is the "value added" data the IPCC is using.
In one of the CRU emails leaked by a whistle blower, Dr. Phil Jones, head of the CRU (until forced to step down) openly admits the Earth is getting cooler!
"This is from an Australian at BMRC (not Neville Nicholls). It began from the attached article. What an idiot. The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998. OK it has but it is only 7 years of data..."
Clearly from the above Dr. Phil Jones is well aware that the Earth has been cooling for 7 (now 11) years and is clearly biased against allowing that information to be made public. Ultimately, Phil Jones did admit on the record that there has been no warming since 1995.
In the end, the most obvious evidence that the global warming cultists got it wrong, is to look out your doors and windows this winter. Snow has come early to much of the Northern Hemisphere this winter. Ski resorts have opened early, and it looks to be a very hard winter. As of December 11th, 2009, 50% of the United States was under snow. On the same date last year, only 29% of the United States was under snow. The same global warming cultists who would point to temperature extremes 10 years ago as proof of their claims, now insist that early snows and frosts and ice should not be construed as evidence of global cooling. Clearly there is a bias at work here.

In a vote of 7-0, The most prolific climate revisionist editor ever at Wikipedia, with over 5400 article revisions has been banned from making any edits about climate related articles for six months.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
William Connolley (or associates using his login credentials) altered and in some cases deleted entirely articles that challenged the orthodoxy of human-caused global warming. Typical examples were editing articles on the Roman and Medieval warm periods to downplay the positive benefits warmer temperatures had, and any articles that suggested increased CO2 would result in faster plant growth and more food for a starving world.
People are still wondering why there is so much political power behind this push to sell global warming. More than mere money is at stake, as seen by the fact that the warmistas were able to wrangle both a Nobel Peace prize and an Oscar for a "documentary" ruled by the British Courts as containing numerous lies and misrepresentations.
Beyond the money to be made from a carbon bubble, the push for a global government and for the implementation of Agenda 21 itself rests on the public being convinced their present lifestyles are a threat to the planet, in order to persuade the people to accept a reduced standard of living so that the Wall Street barons can upgrade to $250,000 wrist watches and $500 hamburgers.
If the dire prediction of global warming fizzles, as it clearly has after three harsh winters in a row, the credibility of the other doomsday claims craters right alongside it, and Agenda 21 / Global Government stands revealed for what they are; just another world power grab by sociopathic money-addicts intent on standing atop pyramids built to there everlasting glory and screaming, "I am the king of the world! Gaze on my works ye mighty and despair!".

Climate Change Poetry from Mr. Awesome.
This is a new low even for Al Gore as he reads a personal global warming poem to a CNN reporter.
The problem for Gore is that his home is a carbon-sucking machine; he traveled on more than 200 private jet flights last year (return & departure); his voice and inflection are impossible to bear, and he's the most smug, bastard ex-politician I've ever come across.
Other than that, he just sucks as a poet...
Don't skip this one...not for the love of Karma...

Prince Charles, James Cameron & Robert Redford: Eco-Hypocrisy On A GRAND Scale

Hypocritical bastards, always preaching and never following their own advice.

NASA Scientist Accused of Using Celeb Status Among Environmental Groups to Enrich Himself


The NASA scientist who once claimed the Bush administration tried to "silence" his global warming claims is now accused of receiving more than $1.2 million from the very environmental organizations whose agenda he advocated.
In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Washington, D.C., a group claims NASA is withholding documents that show James Hansen failed to comply with ethics rules and financial disclosures regarding substantial compensation he earned outside his $180,000 taxpayer-paid position as director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
Unflipping believable.

Vid: Mainers Oppose Agenda 21 and Gateway 1 Corridor Action Plan


US Senate votes down ethanol subsidies

WASHINGTON (AFP) - (AFP) - The US Senate voted Thursday to end a $6 billion subsidy for ethanol in a move that appeared largely symbolic but sends a message about the growing unease on support for the biofuel made mostly from corn.
In a 73-27 vote, the Senate approved an amendment to end a 45 cent per gallon credit given for blending ethanol into gasoline and scrap a hefty tariff on ethanol imports.
The outcome for the measure remains uncertain, since the broader bill would need to pass the Senate and the House of Representatives, but lawmakers said a broad coalition supports the move to help curb the massive budget deficit...