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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mercredi 31 octobre 2007

Torture- Deux vidéos extraordinaires

Deux vidéos qui valent vraiment la peine d'être visionnés!!! Vous ne perdrez pas votre temps, et ça va vous rejoindre j'en suis certain!

John Pilger: 'The War on Democracy'

'The War on Democracy'

'The War on Democracy' is John Pilger's first major film for the cinema - in a career that has produced more than 55 television documentaries. Set in Latin America and the US, it explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.

"The film tells a universal story," says Pilger, "analysing and revealing, through vivid testimony, the story of great power behind its venerable myths. It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror".

Taxi to the Dark Side

Taxi to the Dark Side

Must Watch Award-Winning Documentary

The film documents how Rumsfeld, together with the White House legal team, were able to convince Congress to approve the use of torture against prisoners of war. Taxi to the Dark Side is the definitive exploration of the introduction of torture as an interrogation technique in U.S. facilities, and the role played by key figures of the Bush Administration in the process.

Over one hundred prisoners have died in suspicious circumstances in U.S. custody during the "war on terror". Taxi to the Dark Side takes an in-depth look at one case: an Afghan taxi driver called Dilawar who was considered an honest and kind man by the people of his rustic village. So when he was detained by the U.S military one afternoon, after picking up three passengers, denizens wondered why this man was randomly chosen to be held in prison, and, especially, without trial?

Five days after his arrest Dilawar died in his Bagram prison cell. His death came within a week of another death of a detainee at Bagram. The conclusion, with autopsy evidence, was that the former taxi driver and the detainee who passed away before him, had died due to sustained injuries inflicted at the prison by U.S. soldiers.

The documentary, by award-winning producer Alex Gibney, carefully develops the last weeks of Dilawar’s life and shows how decisions taken at the pinnacle of power in the Bush Administration led directly to Dilawar’s brutal death.

dimanche 28 octobre 2007

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 28 octobre 2007: Dossier santé

L'Autre Monde: liens pour l'émission du 28 octobre 2007: Dossier santé

Cette semaine, on fait notre tour du monde habituel de l'actualité mondiale, on touche au dossier de la santé, et plus particulièrement d'une nouvelle cure pour le cancer qui semble être prometteuse, et ensuite on débale rapidement le sujet de la torture utilisée par les États-Unis et ses tortionnaires alliés. On fait aussi un retour sur le réchauffement climatique, question de tout mettre en perspective.

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 28 octobre 2007:

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L'Autre Monde 28 octobre 2007

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DCA, the cancer drug that companies had no interest in testing: Ordinary people step up to fund the first trials

Even though the drug shrinks cancerous tumours, no pharmaceutical companies wanted to fund human trials because they couldn't make enough money selling it. And that's when Peace River stepped in.

Even though the drug shrinks cancerous tumours, no pharmaceutical companies wanted to fund human trials because they couldn't make enough money selling it. And that's when Peace River stepped in.

DCA has been in use for decades. But it has recently been shown to fight cancer by attacking the metabolism of malignant tumours in studies on rats.

To date, the town in northwestern Alberta has collected $250,000 — a large chunk of the $800,000 in grants and donations generated worldwide to fund the clinical trial of dichloroacetate, or DCA.

DCA has been in use for decades. But it has recently been shown to fight cancer by attacking the metabolism of malignant tumours in studies on rats.

In January 2007, the academic journal Cancer Cell published a University of Alberta doctor's findings that showed the compound shrinks tumours without damaging healthy cells. But because the drug sells for so little, at $2 a dose, no drug company was willing to support human trials and DCA's patent expired.

So people in Peace River began their fundraising campaign.

Cancer therapy cuts side effects

Scientists say they have developed a way to deliver lethal drug doses to tumours without causing side-effects, such as nausea and hair loss.

The Australian team has used nanotechnology to create tiny particles which specifically attack cancer cells, but leave healthy tissue unaffected.

The particles - or mini-cells - are tagged with anti-cancer antibodies so they zero in on their target.

The research features in the journal Cancer Cell. It is hoped the technique could treat tumours in the breast, ovaries, colon and lungs.

So far it has been used in mice and dogs, and the researchers plan to begin human trials shortly.

Are Cancer Cures Being Hidden From the Public?

According to a 2005 poll reported by the American Cancer Society, 27% of Americans agree with the statement: "There is currently a cure for cancer but the medical industry won't tell the public." Another 14 percent are uncertain.

If a cheap and effective cure for cancer appeared, hospitals would go out of business, collapsed by the debt they incurred for the expensive diagnostic and treatments systems they purchased. There is a huge financial incentive to develop continuous treatments rather than one-time cures. This is why nobody is searching for a cure for the common cold, because there is far more money to be made off of cold TREATMENTS. Nobody wants to cure AIDS; they want to TREAT it, continuously, for however many years the patient remains alive.

Local business stops online sales of cancer drug

A local pest control company that made international headlines selling an unapproved cancer drug online stopped doing so when agents from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Office of Criminal Investigations in Oakland visited Sonora last month.

The fact that the drug is proven to shrink tumors is, of course, irrelevant. The problem is that it's INEXPENSIVE, and therefore a threat to the multi-billion dollar cancer industry in the US.

More info about dichloroactetate is HERE


Cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice

The active compound in marijuana, THC, can slow the growth of lung tumours and reduce the spread of the cancer in mice, a preliminary study reveals.

Of course, the cancer industry, making the payments on those really expensive machines and drugs, will never allow something this simple and cheap to reach the marketplace.

Chlorine in the bathwater is linked to cancer


What this article fails to mention is that the nicotine in cigarettes, which was artificially boosted by tobacco companies to make cigarettes more addictive, suppresses the body's ability to remove damaged cells. Hence, the cancer cells being created by the Polonium from the cheap fertilizers were left to grow unchecked.

Health">Talcum powder 'poses cancer risk to women'

Soda Ingredients Linked to Cirrhosis and Cancer

YouTube - Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century

For over 100 years conventional medicine has seized control of the US health care system and as a result we have over 800,000 people who are killed by interacting with this system. It is likely that over 50 million Americans have died prematurely from this abuse.

Du bon manger

La grippe aviaire: une aubaine pour "Big Chicken" *

La crise de la grippe aviaire continue de faire rage. Il y a un an, alors que les gouvernements s’entêtaient à mettre en place des équipes de surveillance dans les zones humides et que l’Organisation pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (FAO) montrait d’un doigt accusateur l’abondante volaille élevée à la ferme en Asie et en Afrique, GRAIN et d’autres groupes faisaient remarquer que c’était bien l’élevage de volaille industriel à large échelle et le commerce mondial de la volaille qui propageaient la grippe aviaire - et non les oiseaux sauvages ou ceux de basse-cour. Aujourd’hui, tout le monde le sait, même si on ne fait pas grand chose pour contrôler la source industrielle du problème, et les gouvernements continuent à débiter impudemment la théorie de l’oiseau sauvage afin d’échapper à leurs responsabilités. Il y a à peine quelques semaines, les autorités moscovites ont attribué aux oiseaux migrateurs un cas de grippe aviaire aux abords de la ville – au beau milieu de l’hiver russe.

Cependant, un aspect bien plus sinistre de la crise de la grippe aviaire commence à devenir plus apparent. L’année dernière, nous alertions sur le fait que la grippe aviaire servait à favoriser les intérêts de puissantes compagnies, mettant en danger les moyens d’existence et la santé de millions de personnes. Aujourd’hui, plus que jamais, l’agrobusiness utilise cette calamité pour consolider ses chaînes alimentaires ferme-usine-supermarché alors que ses concurrents des petites fermes sont criminalisés. De leur côté, les sociétés pharmaceutiques exploitent les bonnes volontés investies dans la base de données mondiale des échantillons de grippe pour profiter des marchés captifs prêts à tout pour avoir des vaccins. Deux agences des Nations Unies – la FAO et l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS) – sont au centre de cette affaire, utilisant leur stature internationale, l’accès aux gouvernements et le contrôle sur les financements des donateurs pour favoriser les programmes des compagnies.

Mise à mort du secteur de l’élevage à petite échelle.

The True Food Shopping Guide

This list is from 2003, but it's a good starting point.

US to Meatpackers: Don't Do Mad Cow Test

The Bush administration said Tuesday it will fight to keep meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease.

The Agriculture Department tests less than 1 percent of slaughtered cows for the disease, which can be fatal to humans who eat tainted beef. But Kansas-based Creekstone Farms Premium Beef wants to test all of its cows.

Larger meat companies feared that move because, if Creekstone tested its meat and advertised it as safe, they might have to perform the expensive test, too.

Forgive me, but isn't this the same administration which said the other day that China should open its doors to US beef?

What is this administration - and larger cattle operators - so terrified of regarding this testing, if our cattle food chain is so safe?

The new rules of imperialism: Economic warfare, consumer products and disease exports

Wal-Mart threatens to sue independent lab that found toxins in its toys

Wal-Mart Attacks Lab Tests that Found Lead, Chromium in Pet Toys

The people who were all gung-ho to jail Zundel often said that even if what Zundel said was true, it was still against the law to say it, and thus he should go to jail. Even one of the judges at Zundel's trial in Germany said that truth was not a defense.

So now we see the fallout from such a principle. A lab has found toxic materials in products sold by Wal-Mart. The toxins are unquestionable there, and it was the lab's job to report them, but still Wal-Mart is suing to silence them. Again, the fact that the defendant is telling the truth is no longer a defense.

Nationwide Revolt Against Dangerous Vaccines Accelerates

Concerned parents across the U.S. are leading a nationwide revolt against unnecessary, untested and dangerous vaccines as CDC records show a growing amount of religious exemptions on vaccine forms, following a media blitz by Jenny McCarthy in which she blamed a vaccine for causing her son's autism.

Far from the biased and prejudiced context in which the Associated Press headline framed it - 'Parents take a shot at lying on vaccine forms' - the move comes as a result of increased understanding and education about the dangers of vaccines.

Most recently, actress and model Jenny McCarthy's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show and numerous other prime time TV programs has spurred women to seriously investigate the link between autism in babies and young children and vaccinations.

Texas Governor Perry took Merck money before mandating cervical vaccine

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) says that it's just a coincidence that he and eight other lawmakers received donations of $5,000 each from Merck lobbyists just a few days before mandating the drug giant's HPV cervical cancer vaccine for all females in Texas ages 12 and up.

Officials say drug caused Nigeria polio

A polio outbreak in Nigeria was caused by the vaccine designed to stop it, international health officials say, leaving at least 69 children paralyzed.

Bayer Documents: AIDS Tainted Blood Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs


Doctors acquitted in Canada tainted-blood trial

Merck's Gardasil For Boys: How Will Those Ads Play?

Big Pharma wants to sell a vaccination for females to males.

Anything for a buck, right guys?

Serious Bowel Problems Reported in 28 U.S. Babies After Getting RotaTeq Vaccine

The FDA today announced that 28 U.S. babies reportedly developed a potentially deadly bowel problem after getting the RotaTeq vaccine.

The babies developed intussusception, a serious and potentially life-threatening condition in which the intestine gets blocked or twisted.

XDR TB in South Africa traced to lack of drug susceptibility testing

In South Africa, the 2001 implementation of the World Health Organization’s anti-tuberculosis program may have inadvertently helped to create a new strain of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB). In a new study published in the December 1 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, currently available online, researchers tracked the developing drug resistance of one particular strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis over 12 years. They found that at the time of the 2001 adoption of the DOT+ strategy for multi-drug resistant strains, the strain was already resistant to one or more of the drugs mandated by that strategy, thus allowing the strain to survive and develop resistance to additional drugs.

The WHO does make mistakes. Many researchers remain convinced that the AIDS virus was accidentally created by the smallpox vaccinations program, during which cowpox from cows infected with bovine leukemia virus was cultured using livers from sheep infected with the Visna virus. The AIDS virus resembles a merging of the Leukemia and Visna viruses and contains characteristics of both.

Shot may be inadvertently boosting superbugs

A vaccine that has dramatically curbed pneumonia and other serious illnesses in children is having an unfortunate effect: promoting new superbugs that cause ear infections.

On Monday, doctors reported discovering the first such germ that is resistant to all drugs approved to treat childhood ear infections. Nine toddlers in Rochester, N.Y., have had the germ and researchers say it may be turning up elsewhere, too.

Please take a good, hard look at the cost/benefit ratio on various vaccinations your health care professional wants to give your kids, and be armed with the info when you walk through that health care professional's door.

Drugs giant faces criminal charges over clinical trial

Army admits it dumped 64 million pounds of chemical weapons at sea

Study links antidepressant with birth defects

The Food and Drug Administration is warning that a study has suggested that the antidepressant Paxil may be associated with birth defects.

A retrospective study found increased numbers of babies born with birth defects to women who were taking Paxil during the first trimester of pregnancy, as compared with women on other antidepressants, according to the FDA and the company.

I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer

'Frankenstein farming' fears

Carol Tucker Foreman, of the Consumer Federation of America, said the FDA was ignoring research showing cloning results in more animal deaths and deformities than other reproductive technologies.

Years ago, I was a consultant for an Amiga software company that was driven out of business when a virus that was too new to be detected by their anti-virus system got into their company and onto the master disk for a new game. The master disk went to duplication and every single copy of the game had the virus on it. The company was driven out of business. Thanks hackers. Thanks a whole bunch.

Now, let us suppose that the cow providing the master DNA for a cloning operation carries a disease that can be transferred to humans, similar to Mad Cow, but so new that none of the standard tests detects it. That cow gets duplicated a few million times, and every copy carries this new disease. Because of the cloning, this new disease appears suddenly all over the nation, not just one or two isolated spots as would be the case with a natural disease process.

Or, since nobody will spend the money to clone a normal cow, we can assume that the animal being cloned has already been tinkered with genetically to produce some desired trait, yet carries ancillary genetic damage undetected by the current tests.Cloning allows that genetic error to gain wide penetration into the human population before it presents itself.

Anyone recall the Thalidomide catastrophe?

Monsanto's GM corn MON863 shows kidney, liver toxicity in animal studies

A variety of genetically modified corn that was approved for human consumption in 2006 caused signs of liver and kidney toxicity as well as hormonal changes in rats in a study performed by researchers from the independent Committee for Independent Research and Genetic Engineering at the University of Caen in France.

Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human

The perfect American voter!

Monsanto Dumped Toxic Waste in UK

Evidence has emerged that the Monsanto chemical company paid contractors to dump thousands of tonnes of highly toxic waste in British landfill sites, knowing that their chemicals were liable to contaminate wildlife and people. Yesterday the Environment Agency said it had launched an inquiry after the chemicals were found to be polluting underground water supplies and the atmosphere 30 years after they were dumped.

You just have to love how expendable people appear to be to a company like Monsanto.

Monsanto's GM corn MON863 shows kidney, liver toxicity in animal studies

US Attorney General orders Monsanto to reveal secrets

In Germany, Monsanto had suppressed the evidence of serious damage to the liver and kidneys of rats in their own GM MON863 maize trials until ordered to release this evidence by a German Court.

GM crop failure a warning, says US adviser

The 10-year CSIRO trial was abandoned when tests found the peas were making mice seriously ill.

This brings us back to the collapse of bee colonies. The claim that cell phones are the cause is easily disproven by the fact that the collapse began in isolated pockets, then progressed state-to-state. Had cell phones been the cause, the collapses would have appeared everywhere simultaneously. So, we are back to looking at GM crops as the probable cause of the bee colony collapse.

GM crops cause 'breakdown' in Indian farming systems

Environment">Sick people used like laboratory rats in GM trials

USDA Finds Contaminants in Commercial Rice Supply

Investigators with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have found that trace amounts of genetically engineered rice made their way into two commercial varieties of long-grain rice, according to a USDA .

APHIS investigators also determined the agency did not need to pursue any further enforcement action against Bayer CropScience, which developed and field-tested the GE rice line. However, the USDA said it does plan to make some changes to better protect against any GE contamination in the future.

Translation: we know this happened, but are institutionally incapable of preventing this from happening in the future.

Also, we have absolutely no idea how this GE rice will affect humans, but will continue to allow Bayer CropScience to continue their work, even without knowing the risks.

USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes

Genetic Engineering of Foods: Is Fish Protein In Your Ice Cream?

OGM: l'industrie surestimerait les coûts de l'étiquetage obligatoire

U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world, report says

US medical care is the most expensive in the world, and yet the quality of the care itself is in marked decline.

Supplier Expands Beef Recall To 5.7 Million Pounds In E. Coli Scare

David Goldman, acting administrator of the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, announced on Saturday that the recall would be expanded to include products with sell-by dates from April 6-April 20. The beef, sold in 11 Western states, was distributed by California-based United Food Group LLC.

And all this while the FDA is reducing - not expanding - inspections that might keep the food chain more safe in this country.

If those sell-by dates are from April 6th throught April 20th, a good percentage of this meat has already made its way to consumers' freezers.

U.S. labs mishandling deadly germs

American laboratories handling the world's deadliest germs and toxins have experienced more than 100 accidents and missing shipments since 2003, and the number is increasing steadily as more labs across the country are approved to do the work.

The mishaps include workers bitten or scratched by infected animals, skin cuts, needle sticks and more, according to a review by The Associated Press of confidential reports submitted to federal regulators. They describe accidents involving anthrax, bird flu virus, monkeypox and plague-causing bacteria at 44 labs in 24 states. More than two-dozen incidents were still under investigation.

Isle security tight for deadly viruses

Coal-fired power stations 'poison fish with mercury'

Scientists have found the first proof that dangerous levels of mercury in fish come directly from coal-fired power stations and factories.

They say it takes only three years for particles of the toxic metal to float through the atmosphere after being expelled as a by-product of burning coal, fall into the oceans and contaminate marine life.

Is your make-up killing you?

My lovely wife suffered severe joint pain for 8 years, pain that limited not only her ability to walk but her ability to perform music. After the doctors had wasted years (and a lot of money) failing to do anything but dope her up with pain pills, we finally realized that it was her cosmetics (and some household products) that were causing the pain through chemicals that would degrade into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) while sitting on the shelves.

Once we got all those chemicals out of our house, my wife's pain went away and she is once again able to walk without problems and perform her music.

And one more thing, ladies. Since I am happily married and don't intend to seduce any of you, I can be totally honest and tell you that we guys DON'T like all that paint and powder. We want to be with human beings, not painted dolls. Most guys won't say that on a date because they know if they do not admire the "artwork", their chances of "fullfillment" will decline.

Personally, I find it amusing that women who will decry the Arab practice of concealing a woman's face behind a cloth think nothing of concealing their own faces behind chemicals!

You are never more pretty than when you are healthy and happy with yourself.

Cleaning products increase asthma risk, claims new research

USING cleaning sprays and air fresheners in the home just once a week can significantly increase the risk of asthma, researchers said yesterday.

Cocktail of additives found in child medicines

New aspartame data to be presented at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC, USA

The effect of aspartame administration on oncogene and suppressor gene expressions.

Common Chemicals Pose Danger for Fetuses, Scientists Warn

More Dangerous Than Smoking? Death by Soda

Lowest Food Supplies In 50-100 Years

Today, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its first projections of world grain supply and demand for the coming crop year: 2007/08. USDA predicts supplies will plunge to a 53-day equivalent- their lowest level in the 47-year period for which data exists. "The USDA projects global grain supplies will drop to their lowest levels on record. Further, it is likely that, outside of wartime, global grain supplies have not been this low in a century, perhaps longer," said NFU Director of Research Darrin Qualman.

In the US, HALF of all food produced is simply thrown away. That level of waste is not sustainable or conscionable.

UK Government lab blamed for foot-and-mouth

Blunders at a government-run laboratory have been blamed for last month's outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, which cost British farmers more than £30m. A combination of leaking pipes, rows over who should pay for repairs, poor checks on vehicles leaving the site and unexpected flooding was the most likely cause of the virus escaping, two official inquiries concluded in reports published yesterday.

Last night, farmers' leaders threatened legal action against the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs over the mistakes. Peter Kendall, of the National Farmers' Union, said he found it indefensible that standards were so lax, given that "those concerned were handling some of the most dangerous animal viruses on the planet".

Microchip implants cause fast-growing, malignant tumors in lab animals: Damning research findings could spell the end of VeriChip

The Associated Press will issue a breaking story this weekend revealing that microchip implants have induced cancer in laboratory animals and dogs, says privacy expert and long-time VeriChip opponent Dr. Katherine Albrecht.

Mobile phones boost brain tumor risk by up to 270 percent on side of brain where phone is held

70 women 'die each year from cancer after taking HRT

The UK-sponsored Million Women Study now suggests HRT resulted in 1,300 extra cases of ovarian cancer between 1991 and 2005.

Of these women, 1,000 died of the disease.

New Triclosan Problems

Ok, so triclosan is some scary shizzizle. So what's this new thing you learned, Mad Biologist? Here it is: triclosan reacts with chlorine to form chloroform, a nasty carcinogen. Look at some dental products: they contain triclosan. And most water is chlorinated. Rinse well, kids. As you can see, this is becoming a real problem. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to tell you: triclosan plus chlorine plus uv light can equal dioxin.

Pig-human chimeras contain cell surprise

I don't know why they were surprised by this. Viruses are known to fuse DNA with their host cells spontaneously; the origin of the concerns about bird flu mutating into a human-infectious form. It has long been theorized that the HIV was accidentally created by the 1950 smallpox vaccination program when cowpox from cows with bovine leukemia was cultured on sheep livers infected with the sheep visna virus. The DNA from the two diseases fused into the HIV virus, which still shows similarity to both of the original viruses.

Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits village

Villagers in southern Peru were struck by a mysterious illness after a meteorite made a fiery crash to Earth in their area, regional authorities said today.

Pill can delay a baby far longer than you want

To those considering going on the pill, please do some due dilligence, and ask your health care providers the hard questions about what happens when you decide to go off the pill and begin a family.

If that health care provider balks, or doesn't give you what you need to make the most informed decision possible, FIRE THEM, and find someone else who will!

Sainsbury's takes the Aspartame out of cola

Experts sound ebola alarm …

Congo Officials Confirm Ebola Outbreak

Congo's last major Ebola outbreak struck in Kikwit in 1995, killing 245 people. Kikwit is about 185 miles from the site of the current purported outbreak.

12 years and 185 miles. And nothing in between. Doesn't sound like the usual pattern for an infectious disease.

Lethal type of dengue fever hits Mexico

U.S. deaths from staph infections surpass AIDS

Britain bottom of the list

» How did Canada do?

GENEVA (AFP) - A new UNICEF report puts Britain and the United States at the bottom of the table of the best wealthy countries for children.

The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland topped the standings in Wednesday's report into which were the best countries for children in the world's 21 industrialised powers.

A new United Nations study suggests Canada lags behind other industrialized nations when it comes to child welfare.

Waiting for death in fetid cancer villages

T HAS been a long time since the Feng Chan He, the River of Fertility, in Xiditou ran clear and locals could swim and fish.

Today it is fetid and silted up, a casualty of the factories that line its banks and that brought unprecedented prosperity to this poor farming district near the port city of Tianjin.

This week a government survey revealed that air and water pollution combined with widespread use of food additives and pesticides had made cancer the country's top killer last year. The survey of 30 cities and 78 counties, published by the Ministry of Health, said deaths from cancer had risen 19 per cent in cities and 23 per cent in rural areas.

At least in China, the issue is out in the open.

In the US, any info on "cancer clusters", and what might cause them, is classified information, held tightly by the Federal Government.

USA Disses UN Human Food Rights

The government of President George W. Bush shamed the United States into international isolation after it rejected a UN resolution defending the human right to food.

As near as I can figure out, the reason the US opposed this measure is that it would have been followed by a UN demand that Israel not interfere with food getting into Palestine.

Was The "Spanish Flu" Epidemic Man-made?

Mueller said the flu started as a US army bacteriological warfare weapon that somehow infected US army ranks at Camp Riley KA in March 1918, and spread around the world.

This would explain why this flu, which clearly began in the US, was labeled "The Spanish Flu" in the media.

70 women 'die each year from cancer after taking HRT

The UK-sponsored Million Women Study now suggests HRT resulted in 1,300 extra cases of ovarian cancer between 1991 and 2005.

Of these women, 1,000 died of the disease.

For those currently on this therapy, or if you care about a woman who is, it might be a good idea to re-examine the other options to this treatment now.

Programmed For Obesity: Early Exposure To Common Chemicals Can Permanently Alter Metabolic System

Pass the butter ... Please

Microwave popcorn linked to severe lung disease?

Hospital Infections Kill More Than Cars, AIDS, Breast Cancer

Federal government launches marketing campaign for psychiatric industry

Leading Psychiatrist Admits Normal Children Are Diagnosed With Mental Disorders

Millions Of Chickens Fed Tainted Pet Food

At least 2.5 million broiler chickens from an Indiana producer were fed pet food scraps contaminated with the chemical melamine and subsequently sold for human consumption, federal health officials reported yesterday.

Officials emphasized that they do not believe the tainted chickens -- or the smaller number of contaminated pigs that were reported to have entered the human food supply -- pose risks to people who ate them.

Memo to the FDA: you folks are supposed to KNOW, scientifically, not just "believe".

The truth is, you have no hard scientific evidence on this, so you're throwing out a soothing soundbite to calm the American people, who look to you for protection of the food chain; a protection you seem incabable of providing.

Killing us softly

LONDON (AFP) - Alcohol is nearly as harmful as heroin and tobacco is more dangerous than cannabis, LSD or ecstasy, according to a new classification table of drugs published in a medical journal Friday.

The table, published in The Lancet, was drawn up by a group of leading British scientists and ranked heroin, cocaine, barbiturates and street methadone as the most harmful drugs, closely followed by alcohol in fifth place.

Tobacco was assessed to be the ninth most dangerous drug behind ketamine -- commonly used as a horse tranquilizer -- benzodiazepines, which are prescription tranquillisers, and amphetamines.

Cannabis was said to be the 11th most harmful. LSD was ranked 14th and so-called "clubbers' drug" ecstasy in 18th, or third last, place.

The classifications were based on individual drugs' so-called "harm scores" -- the physical damage to the user; how likely the drug was to induce dependency; and the effect of its use on families, communities and society.

We're Drinking What?

Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint in Mattel toys

While it would be easy to dismiss this list as serving a particular group of products, the facts is that my wife and I personally experienced problems with many modern chemical products. My wife suffered strange joint pains for 8 years before we realized that she was reacting to formaldehyde precursors in her cosmetics and liquid soaps, and #18 regarding the dryer sheets is also accurate, as we figured out that sleeping on sheets that had been dried with a top-brand dryer sheet was the reason I kept waking up with migraine headaches.

The fact is that US companies are in many ways just as reckless as Chinese companies in regards to the safety of the chemicals they use in their products, and the FDA doesn't pay attention because it is assumed that the chemicals will not penetrate the skin. But this is silly because when you inhale a synthetic aroma, it gets past the skin and into your lungs.

Take a piece of raw garlic and rub it on the sole of your foot. In a few minutes, you will taste the garlic inside your mouth, This simple experiment proves that chemicals do indeed penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream.

World War Two vegetable comes back as 'superfood'

A green that helped sustain the nation through the dark years of World War II is making a comeback as a fashionable superfood.

... just in time for WW3!!!!!

Anti-Aging Molecule Discovered

It is my theory that is a true anti-aging drug or process were discovered it would immediately be classified by whatever government was in charge and reserved to the use of the super-elites, simply because mass use of such a drug or process would accelerate the already serious over-population problem.

Magic mushrooms can relieve symptoms of severe obsessive compulsive disorder

Marijuana Ingredient May Prevent Mad Cow Disease

...and results in a very relaxing milk :)

First Cdn man with mechanical heart lives without a pulse

Bionic Eyes Plug Directly into the Brain

Researchers have set their sights on bypassing the normal routes of bionics to hook video cameras deep into the brain, allowing the blind to see. The bionic eye system has already proved promising in monkeys.

The goal is to one day provide vision for blind people using twin video cameras worn as a pair of glasses that transmit signals wirelessly to an implant in the brain.

Decades of studies have tried to develop prostheses that restore sight. One approach generates images by electrically stimulating healthy neurons in the retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining the inner eyeball , and thus mimic the effects of inbound light. The other aims to electrically stimulate cells in the cortex, the outer layer of the brain where visual signals are processed.

Brain interactions with RF/microwave fields generated by mobile phones

Neither radiofrequency (30 kHz-300MHz) nor microwave fields (300-3000 MHz) exist as significant components of the natural terrestrial electromagnetic environment. In consequence, our human generation is the first to voluntarily expose itself to artificial RF/microwave fields that cover a wide spectrum of frequencies and intensities. In general suburban environments, these newly introduced fields now have average intensities around 1 µW/cm2 (4V/m).

Typical mobile phones radiate an average power of 0.2-0.6 W. When hand-held and operated close to the head, background levels are sharply distorted, with 40 percent of radiated phone energy absorbed in the hand and the head ([Kuster et al., 1997]). In this mode of operation, a mobile phone may be regarded as a quite powerful radio transmitter. Its emission at the head surface is typically 10,000 times stronger than fields reaching the head of a user standing within
30 m of the base of a typical mobile phone relay transponder mounted on a tower 30m above ground.

Campaign to outlaw sweetener in schools

Essential oils 'combat superbug'

If these consultants at Wythenshawe Hospital knew this technique was working, whydid they remove the essential oils from the machine, only to wind up with another MRSA outbreak??

Were the patients in that ward reduced to expendable guinea pigs,simply to see what happened when the oil blend was removed?

Garlic's stinky secrets

Genetic discovery may eradicate malaria

Flu could hitch a ride on banknotes

Nonsense. Germs cannot live on the money I make!

Seriously, this is just another pathetic push to get people to stop using cash and rely on those bank transfer cards which allows the government to monitor every purchase you make.

Well, call me a renegade. but it's none of the government's damned business whether I bought a root beer or an iced tea today.

Japanese scientists grow teeth from single cells

Stem Cell Research - The Finger Story

This is a bit bloody, but shows an incredible medical incident involving the loss and regrowth of a portion of a finger.

Scientists find bird flu antibody

Getting married saps your testosterone

The finding provides a social and evolutionary explanation for the decrease in testosterone, rather than an age-related one.

How Television Controls And Programs Minds


Read this powerful indictment of uncontrolled TV viewing written in the early 1990s and then take stock of how much the Boob Tube is on in your own home. Its message is even more important today with TVs blaring in airports, bars, even offices. It is time to try Mr. Wolfe's therapy:

"Do you want to stay stupid and let your country go to hell in a basket? Why don't you just walk over to the set and turn it off. That's right, completely off. Go on, you can do it. Now isn't that better? Don't you feel a little better already? You've just taken the first step in deprogramming yourself. It wasn't that hard, was it? Until we speak again, try to keep it off. Now that will be a bit harder."