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mercredi 15 novembre 2006

SANTÉ- Panoplie d`articles à consulter

SANTÉ- Panoplie d`articles à consulter

De retour avec une panoplie d`articles divers en français et en anglais se rapportant à la santé. J`ai essayé de les regrouper en sous-catégories pour faciliter la recherche de ce qui vous attire le plus.

Bonne lecture!

Plus sur l`histoire du sang contaminé et du fluorure..

Arkansas Bloodsuckers

More history of the tainted blood scandals.

The year Bill Clinton became governor of Arkansas, the Arkansas state prison board awarded a lucrative contract to a Little Rock company called Health Management Associates or HMA. The company was paid $3 million a year to run medical services for the state's troubled prison system, which had been excoriated in a ruling by the US Supreme Court as an "evil place run by some evil men."

HMA not only made money from providing medical care to prisoners, but it also started a profitable side venture: blood mining. The company paid prisoners $7 a pint to have their blood drawn. HMA then sold the blood on the international plasma market for $50 a pint, splitting 50 percent of the proceeds with the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Since Arkansas is one of the few states that does not pay prisoners for their labor, inmates were frequent donors at the so-called "blood clinic". Hundreds of prisoners sold as much as two pints a week to HMA. The blood was then sold to pharmaceutical companies, such as Bayer and Baxter International, blood banks, such as the Red Cross, and so-called blood fractionizers, which transformed the blood into medicines for hemophiliacs.

HMA's contract with the Arkansas Department of Corrections and its entry into the blood market coincided with the rise of AIDS in the United States. Regardless, HMA did not screen the torrents of prison blood, even after the Food and Drug Administration issued special alerts about the higher incidents of AIDS and hepatitis in prison populations. When American drug companies and blood fractionizers stopped buying blood taken from prisoners in the early 1980s, HMA turned to the international blood market, selling to companies in Italy, France, Spain and Japan. But the prime buyer of HMA's tainted blood, largely drawn from prisoners Cummins Unit in Grady, Arkansas, was a notorious Canadian firm, called Continental Pharma Cryosan Ltd. Cryosan had a shady reputation in the medical industry. It had been nabbed importing blood taken from Russian cadavers and relabeled it as from Swedish volunteers. The company also marketed blood taken from Haitian slums.
Cryosan passed the tainted Arkansas prison blood on to the Canadian Red Cross and European and Asian companies. The blood was recalled in 1983 after the contamination was discovered by the FDA. But less than one-sixth of the blood was recovered. In Canada alone more than 7,000 people have died from receiving contaminated blood, many of them hemophiliacs. More than 4,000 of these died of AIDS. Another 40,000 people in Canada have contracted various forms of hepatitis. A $300 million class action suit will be filed on behalf of the Canadian victims. The suit will name Clinton and officials at the Arkansas Department of Corrections as defendants.

Two Crimes, 1,500 Miles Apart, Aimed At "Tainted Blood" Investigators

Sent in by a reader, the story of how AIDS-tainted blood collected from prisoners in the US was sold across Canada.

No Fluoride for Infants, Say Dentists

NEW YORK, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- To prevent tooth damage, the American Dental Association (ADA) warned its members that fluoridated water should not be mixed into concentrated formula or foods intended for babies one year and younger, in a November 9th ADA e-mail alert.

L`industrie pharmaceutique et ses arnaques criminelles

***US: selling to the worried well :

Excellent article à lire sur la tendance des compagnies pharmaceutiques de "créer" des "maladies" pour justifier la prise de plus de médicaments, ce qui augmente du même coup leurs profits (basés non pas sur notre santé, mais sur notre NON santé). Des vrais "pushers" de drogue. Et on s`inquiète du monde qui se drogue dans les rues, mais on est complètement consentant à droguer nos enfants et nos personnes agées avec des drogues tellement puissantes qu`elles entraînent souvent des effets secondaires négatifs ou causent parfois même la mort.

US pharmaceutical companies have long known that the potential market for their products is limited by the finite number of sick people; so they have turned to the healthy for further expansion of their markets, using exploitative, fear-inducing advertising techniques.

By Alan Cassels and Ray Moynihan 05/16/06 "Le Monde diplomatique" -- -- Thirty years ago the head of one of the world’s best-known drug companies, Merck, made some over-candid comments. The aggressive chief executive, Henry Gadsden, who was close to retirement at the time, told Fortune magazine of his distress that Merck’s potential markets had been limited to sick people; he said he would have preferred Merck to be more like the chewing-gum manufacturer Wrigley, because then Merck would be able to “sell to everyone”; it had long been his dream to make drugs for healthy people. His dream has since come true.The marketing strategies of the world’s biggest drug companies now aggressively target the healthy. The ups and downs of daily life have become classified as mental disorders, common complaints are transformed into frightening conditions, and more and more people are turned into patients. The $500bn pharmaceutical industry is changing what it means to be human, with promotional campaigns that exploit our deepest fears of death, decay and disease. Rightly rewarded for saving life and reducing suffering, the global drug giants are no longer content with selling medicines only to the ill.

As Wall Street knows well, there is a lot of money to be made telling healthy people that they’re sick.At a time when many of us lead longer, healthier and more vital lives than our ancestors, saturation advertising and slick awareness-raising campaigns turn the worried well into the worried sick. Mild problems are described as serious disease, so shyness becomes a sign of “social anxiety disorder” and pre-menstrual tension is turned into a mental illness, “pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder”.
Just being at risk of an illness has become a disease in its own right.

The epicentre of this selling is the United States, home to many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The US has less than 5% of the world’s population but represents almost 50% of the global market in prescription drugs. Pharmaceuticals spending in the US continues to rise more rapidly than anywhere else, increasing by almost 100% in just six years, not only because of steep increases in the price of drugs, but because doctors prescribe more and more of them.

The Secret Origins of AIDS: Facts, Fallacies & Conspiracy Theories

FDA in Third World Drug Trial Scandals

Administration Opposes Plan for Negotiating Medicare Drug PricesNovember 13, 2006, New York Times

Rich countries 'blocking cheap drugs for developing world'

Vaccins et problèmes....

***FDA has declared that all drug companies are now immune to lawsuits . . . . .

La FDA aux USA a déclaré l`immunité à toutes compagnies pharmaceutiques contre poursuites judiciaires. Ceci est assez incroyable. La même FDA a aussi autorisé les tests de produits chimiques et pesticides sur des enfants!!! Vous avez les détails de ceci dans le dernier article et aussi ici, ci-bas.

De plus en plus de vaccins se révèlent être carrément dangeureux et même mortels, causant de nombreux cas d`autisme et autres problemes reliés au système nerveux central, et c`est à ce moment que la Food and Drug Administration décide de donner l`immunité à Big Pharma... rassurant...

June 30, 2006 is a day that will be long remembered as a dark milestone in the history of FDA and its campaign against health consumers. On June 30, an FDA "Final Rule" goes into effect, establishing a regulatory power grab of such scale and scope that it attempts to bypass all laws, the will of Congress and fundamental protections for consumers. This "Final Rule," which may as well be called a "Final Solution" for drug consumers, claims that consumers can no longer sue
drug companies for the harm caused by any FDA-approved drug, even if the drug's manufacturer intentionally misled
the FDA by hiding or fabricating clinical trial data. In one blatantly illegal act, the FDA is attempting to pull off the greatest Big Pharma coup of all: The outright elimination of any responsibility whatsoever for the suffering and death caused by deadly pharmaceuticals.

*Government Investigation Finds Autism Vaccine Related

According to the most recent CDC estimates, one in 166 children in the US suffers from an autistic disorder. Twenty years ago, autism only affected one in 10,000 children. For years now, studies have shown that exposure to mercury in childhood vaccines, not only causes autism but can also result in immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions similar to traits associated with autism.On May 21, 2003, after a three year investigation, "The Mercury in Medicine Report" was released by the House Committee on Government Reform, and stated in part:"Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines is directly related to the autism epidemic. This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding a lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal and the sharper eyes of infant exposure to this known neurotoxin. The public health agencies' failure to act is indicative of institutional malfeasance for self protection and misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry."

Roche's Tamiflu to Add Warning on Psychiatric Risks

Tamiflu takers: Watch out for bizarre behavior

Flu shot linked to extremely rare side-effect: study

Pentagon says vaccine may have killed US soldier

"The expert panel cautioned that the findings pointing to vaccinations were neither probable nor unlikely, but they do suggest the possibility that the vaccines may have caused Abston's death," according to the statement.

Terrific: what was supposed to save his life may have wound up killing him.
I wonder which pharmaceutical companies have the contracts for vaccines for the military? - M. R.

**The vaccination debate

Science on flu shot effectiveness doesn't support flu shot policies: researcher

By Helen Branswell
TORONTO (CP) - There isn't enough proof that flu vaccine is effective to support public programs advocating widespread use of flu shots, a controversial vaccine epidemiologist is suggesting.
In a commentary being published Friday in the British Medical Journal, Dr. Tom Jefferson argues that large-scale, long-term randomized controlled trials - the gold standard for generating scientific evidence - should be "urgently" undertaken to see if flu shot programs are achieving their goals of lowering rates of cases and deaths. "There's a huge gap between policy and evidence," Jefferson, who is co-ordinator of the Cochrane Vaccines Field in Rome, said in an interview Thursday.

Four people die after receiving flu vaccinations in 2 separate clinics

Four people have died after receiving flu vaccinations, it was announced Sunday. The Leumi health maintenance organization informed the Health Ministry of three victims among its subscribers, and the Meuhedet HMO announced that one of its subscribers had also died. In response, the Health Ministry has instructed health facilities to immediately stop providing the vaccinations.

US scientists back autism link to MMR

The measles virus has been found in the guts of children with a form of autism, renewing fears over the safety of the MMR jab.
American researchers have revealed that 85 per cent of samples taken from autistic children with bowel disorders contain the virus. The strain is the same as the one used in the measles, mumps and rubella triple vaccine.The findings will spark fresh concern about MMR, because they back theories of a causal link between the jab, autism and painful gut disorders suffered by a number of autistic children.

Médicaments et pratiques douteux et dangeureux

**Antipsychotic drug use among kids soars

NEW YORK - The number of children taking antipsychotic medicines soared 73 percent in the four years ending in 2005, far outpacing the increase in adults, according to a Medco Health Solutions Inc. report released Tuesday.
Use of the new class of drugs known as atypical antipsychotics by people 19 and younger skyrocketed 80 percent in the same time period, according to the pharmacy benefit manager.

**Study: Some preschoolers can use Ritalin

Terrific: the big pharmaceutical companies have another target demographic to work with.
But what happens to the critical thinking capabilities of folks who get medicated with this stuff literally from cradle to grave?

**US Tots Used As AntiPsychotic Drug Guinea Pigs?

ABC News has learned that a Massachusetts hospital is currently recruiting pre-schoolers to test the safety and effectiveness of a powerful antipsychotic drug called Quetiapine.
These antipsychotic drugs are only approved for use by adults and are so toxic they carry a "black box warning." The drugs have been found to cause diabetes; a life-threatening nervous system problem called Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome; low blood pressure; and have also led to higher death rates in the elderly. Despite these serious potential side-effects, a patient recruitment video obtained by ABC News contains no mention of any of these risks.

Of course, the pharmaceutical industry can't have a little thing like "completely informed consent" of the parents of these kids stand in the way of their experiments, can they? I mean, that just might cut into their profitability, right?

Acne treatment could be trigger factor in suicide, say researchers

Cancer teen to be taken by force

The father of a Virginia teen seeking an alternative treatment for his cancer says a social worker has threatened to use force to take the boy away from the family for court-ordered chemotherapy.

Having watched my mother succumb to chemotherepy, and in light of the Hydrazine Sulfate scandal, this idea that the government can force you to take toxic and largely ineffective treatments against your will while forbidding alternative treatments underscores that the government views you and your children as property, as devoid of choice in medical treatment as cattle and sheep.

Drugs firm blocks cheap blindness cure

Company will only seek licence for medicine that costs 100 times more.

GMO, additifs alimentaires, pollution de la chaîne alimentaire

Puberty Hitting Girls as Young as 4 Years Old

The problem is that hormones pumped into food animals to make them grow more quickly and mature faster are getting into consumers via meat and dairy products, and triggering similar responses in humans.
Of course, as the
Fox News lawsuit proved, pointing the finger at chemicals used in agriculture can get you fired and sued, hence the rather banal and generic "environment and genetics" cited as the cause in this article. -M. Rivero WRH

***FDA approves viruses as food additive

A mix of bacteria-killing viruses can be safely sprayed on cold cuts, hot dogs and sausages to combat common microbes that kill hundreds of people a year, federal health officials said Friday in granting the first-ever approval of viruses as a food additive.
Consumers won't be aware that meat and poultry products have been treated with the spray, Zajac added. The Department of Agriculture will regulate the actual use of the product.

Wait a minute: 'consumers won't be aware that meat and pountry products have been treated by the spray'?
What if there is some possible harmful reaction?
Don't consumers have a right to know if their meats are being treated with a virus?

***FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, Meat From Clones

Three years after the Food and Drug Administration first hinted that it might permit the sale of milk and meat from cloned animals, prompting public reactions that ranged from curiosity to disgust, the agency is poised to endorse marketing of the mass-produced animals for public consumption.

The question is, will packages and cartons be labeled in such a way that consumers can make the choice as to whether they want meat or milk from cloned animals? M. Rivero-WRH

Biotech Corn Recall Shows Frankenfoods Are a Menace

The Gene Giants suffered one of a number of setbacks recently, when the Genetically Engineered Food Alert (GEFA) coalition [www.gefoodalert.org
] revealed that an illegal, likely allergenic variety (Cry9C) of genetically engineered (GE) corn called StarLink had been detected in Kraft taco shells.

**Une étude indépendante pointe le danger de la nourriture génétiquement modifiée

**Dangers confirmés de la nourriture génétiquement modifiée

**Nouvelle-Zélande: Le scandale du coton génétiquement modifié

Untested GM rice found in food, says Greenpeace

Can taxation curb obesity?

Food and drinks high in sugar should be taxed just like cigarettes, say economists who believe it is the only way to combat the global crisis in obesity.
Aug 21, 2006 10:07 AM PSTCategory: TAXES

Leave it to an economist to be ignorant of science.
The Obesity "epidemic" is the result of the chemicals added to food that make people want to eat MORE, to increase the profits of food companies.
First is MSG, or Monosodium Glutamate. This compound is actually prescribed for eating disorders, and used to create overweight rats for lab tests (rats normally will not over-eat). Disguised under numerous names to conceal its presence, MSG is found in almost all processed foods and is billed as a "flavor enhancer". But the reality is that it makes you want to eat more food, which means you BUY more food. That is why food companies love it so much and resist public calls for discontinuance of it.
Another chemical villain is Aspartame, the artificial sweetener. Billed as a diet-aid, in point of fact use of Aspartame creates cravings for carbohydrates. This is why supermarkets will often have bundled product deals where you purchase diet soft drinks together with various corn and potato chip products.
Finally, there are the growth hormones fed to farm animals to increase their growth which get into the meat and dairy products, and from those products into humans. Humans react to those hormones as do the farm animals. They put on weight.
I have avoided MSG for years because it triggers migraines, but earlier this year I quit all aspartame and use only hormone free meats and dairy products. So far, I am down 25 pounds without changing my exercise level or otherwise altering my eating habits.

Bringing a health issue to the table

New Jersey State Sen. Ellen Karcher (D., Freehold) wants restaurant patrons to eat healthier; a good idea, considering Americans spend 40 percent of their food budget dining out.
She wants to ban trans fats, the hydrogenated goo that clogs arteries and contributes to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Restaurants use it to deep-fry, bake pastries, and extend food shelf life.
But her recent proposal didn't bring her "thanks for the concern." Instead she has endured statewide ridicule, defensive outrage from businesses, and even death threats.

Bonnes et mauvaises nouvelles diverses

Drinking juiced fruit and veg 'cuts Alzheimer's risk by 76%'

Red wine can help prevent stroke damage: study

Marijuana may help 'stave off' Alzheimer's

Up in Smoke: Marijuana Toasts Memory

Control by the Food Cartel Companies:Profiles and Histories

Here are strategic profiles of 11 of the principal companies that constitute the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss food cartel. The profiles confirm that through multiple forms of concentration, these companies dominate grain, meat, dairy, and other food production, and the processing and distribution system of food, all the way to the supermarket. Very little food moves on the face of the earth without the food cartel having a hand in it.

Plus sur les additifs chimiques dans la nourriture

Chemicals Within Us - National Geographic

Yet even though many health statistics have been improving over the past few decades, a few illnesses are rising mysteriously. From the early 1980s through the late 1990s, autism increased tenfold; from the early 1970s through the mid-1990s, one type of leukemia was up 62 percent, male birth defects doubled, and childhood brain cancer was up 40 percent. Some experts suspect a link to the man-made chemicals that pervade our food, water, and air. There's little firm evidence. But over the years, one chemical after another that was thought to be harmless turned out otherwise once the facts were in.

My own research suggests that three chemicals, Aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate, and synthetic bovine growth hormone lie behind the epidemic of obesity that has hit Americans. My wife suffered with nearly crippling joint pains for years which doctors could not explain before we discovered for ourselves that she was reacting to trace amounts of formaldehyde in liquid soaps, cosmetics, leather products, etc.

NM State Senator Tells Bush - Pull The Plug On Aspartame


The Lethal Science Of Splenda - A Poisonous Chlorocarbon

James Bowen, M.D., A physician, biochemist, and survivor of aspartame poisoning warns about yet another synthetic sweetener, Splenda. HAWAII -- The chemical sucralose, marketed as "Splenda", has replaced aspartame as the #1 artificial sweetener in foods and beverages. Aspartame has been forced out by increasing public awareness that it is both a neurotoxin and an underlying cause of chronic illness worldwide

Pesticides/ effets néfastes/ tests sur enfants

Study links pesticides with Parkinson's

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People with long-term, low-level exposure to pesticides have a 70 percent higher incidence of Parkinson's disease than people who have not been exposed much to bug sprays, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

****Pesticide Industry Plotted Bush Human Testing Policy

One month before the Bush administration proposed rules authorizing experiments on humans with pesticides and other chemicals, its key operatives met with pesticide industry lobbyists to map out its provisions, according to meeting notes posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The industry requests for exemptions allowing some chemical testing on children and other provisions were incorporated into the human testing rule ultimately adopted this January 26th.

Chemical testing on CHILDREN???? I want to see a provision providing that only the children of the executives and staff of these chemical companies doing the testing will be eligible as subjects in any such kind of testing.

Le Coca et le Pepsi interdits en Inde dans six Etats

Coca-Cola. L’Inde interdit la vente de Coca-Cola et de Pepsi dans six Etats du sud. Les deux boissons gazeuses contiendraient un niveau inacceptable de pesticides.

Sur la viande...

Breast Cancer Risk Linked To Red Meat, Study Finds

The risk increased with the amount of red meat consumed, with those who ate more than 1 1/2 servings a day of beef, lamb or pork having nearly double the risk of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer compared with those who ate three or fewer servings per week. A serving is roughly equivalent to a single hamburger or hot dog.

No where in this article is even a mention of using bovine growth hormone to animals to make them grow faster.
People have been eating beef for centuries, but what we get in the markets these days is red meat where the animal been injected with hormones and antibiotics on a routine basis.
If you really can't live without red meat, make sure you're dealing with a supplier who doesn't use bovine growth hormones, and feeds cattle on grass, which is their natural diet. -M. Rivero WRH

C. difficile found in variety of Canada, U.S. meat products

Mad cow cases in Texas, Alabama appear to be mysterious strain

USDA downplays seriousness of mad cow disease found in Alabama cow

Fears of 'extreme' TB strain

New drug-resistant infection is 'nightmare' say health experts

La grippe aviaire

Cameroun: Débat : la grippe aviaire existe-t-elle réellement au Cameroun ?

Bird Flu Pandemic May Not Develop

But we made the bird flu vaccine makers rich, so it's not all bad!

Bird Flu Booga Booga


Variété de fin d`article...

La mort sans fil

Holding the National Cancer Institute Accountable for Cancer Deaths

The NCI should be held accountable for 25 years of protracted, unrelieved opposition to genuine breakthroughs and for wasting $200 billion of taxpayer money on pharmaceutical drugs with little efficacy.Almost from its inception, the National Cancer Institute has staunchly opposed alternative cancer treatments. A class action suit, now proposed, could change all that.The NCI has consistently suppressed information about and scuttled reputable research on hydrazine sulfate, an anticancer agent that, for several years, was primarily responsible for extending Keeton's life. She wanted other Americans to have the right to choose hydrazine sulfate and she wanted them to join her in staging a class action suit against the U.S. government.

Grain stockpiles at lowest for 25 years

Why We Lie

Happy people catch fewer colds

Cheery types are blessed with fewer symptoms even when they do get sick

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