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lundi 31 octobre 2005

Les Etats-Unis d'Amerique -- Le bordel total

Les Etats-Unis d'Amerique -- Le bordel total

- Vice President for Torture
- White House Insists That CIA Should Be Allowed To Continue Torture Of Detainees

Ca ne peut pas etre plus directement dans notre face: le vice president Cheney demande carrement au Senat de les laisser pratiquer la torture sans etre derange.
La CIA et le gouvernement US devraient etre au-dessus des lois internationales et americaines et devraient pouvoir pratiquer la torture comme bon leur semble.

- CIA finally fed up with George W. Bush and the amateurs around him
- White House Braces for Indictment; Rove Said to Be Spared for Now
- Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue
- Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff Libby indicted

Le premier article est particulierement excellent et a lire pour comprendre pourquoi l'administration Bush est dans le feu, alors qu'ils etaient au-dessus de la loi jusqu'a maintenant. Le reste des articles parlent des differents details entourant cette histoire de Valerie Plame qui a aboutit a l'accusation de Scooter Libby et aux autres possibles accusations qui pourraient s'attatquer a Rove, Bush et Cheney.
La CIA constitue un genre d'etat independant au sein des USA, qui a un pouvoir independant de la Maison Blanche, et la cabale a Bush est en conflit avec une autre faction au sein de la CIA. On ne touche pas a la CIA, meme pas le president americain...

- Making a killing

La tres lucrative business de la guerre se privatise. En Iraq, plus de 25 000 mercenaires prives sont engages par l'armee americaine. C'est un record historique.Et ca souleve des questions morales et ethiques tres lourdes...

Voyez ces extraits:

"The American government is hiring private security firms to stabilise Iraq — and paying them a fortune to do it. But many of them are unregulated and operate outside the law."

"The companies employ as many as 25,000 armed foreigners and Iraqi civilians; many are special-forces veterans from the British and American armies. They also recruit many soldiers from South Africa and ex-Gurkhas."

"These hired guns, easily distinguishable by their sweptback sunglasses, muscled and tattooed bodies, operate like a shadow army. They live in barracks. They eat in mess halls. They enjoy all the ennui and excitement of soldiers in a combat zone. And every day they put their lives on the line, facing ambushes and booby traps, risking injury and the prospect of a violent death in excruciating desert heat, far from their loved ones. Scores have been killed, hundreds wounded. Despite the high risks, they are in a very privileged and special position. One big advantage they have over the uniformed soldiers in the British or American forces in Iraq is that they are paid a fortune, easily more than US$1,000 a day, two to four times what they would earn as a regular soldier. Many of their "top guns" earn more than a British major-general. "I earn more in a year here than I could earn in 3½ years in the army," says a former corporal. "And the job is more interesting."
"Questions are now being asked inside and outside the military about the virtues of allowing a shadow army to operate in Iraq that is largely unregulated and beyond the law. The system is also under scrutiny as a result of several shooting incidents in which civilians were killed or wounded. "It's the Wild West," says Peter Singer, a former Pentagon official and expert on the private military industry who is now a foreign-policy fellow at the Brookings Institution think-tank in Washington and a critic of privatising war."

- A State Of Inequality

"The United States is now the third most unequal industrialized society after Russia and Mexico. This is not a club we want to be part of. Russia is a recovering kleptocracy, with a post-Soviet oligarchy enriched by looting. And Mexico, despite joining the rich-nations club of the Organization for Economic and Community Development, has some of the most glaring poverty in the hemisphere.In 2004, after three years of economic recovery, the U.S. Census reports that poverty continues to grow, while the real median income for full-time workers has declined. Since 2001, when the economy hit bottom, the ranks of our nation's poor have grown by 4 million, and the number of people without health insurance has swelled by 4.6 million to over 45 million."

- US prison population continued to grow in 2004

- US poor set to lose food stamps

La population carcerale aux USA a atteint 2.3 millions de prisonniers, ce qui represente le quart de la population carcerale mondiale!

En comparaison, la Chine compte 1.5 millions de prisonniers, sur un total de 1.3 milliard d'habitants en Chine compare a 296 millions des USA!!!!!!!!

C'est un moyen tres efficace pour controler la classe de gens pauvres qui en arrachent et qui risquent de se revolter a tout moment aux USA.
L'ecart en les riches et les pauvres ne cesse de s'aggrandir, et il est une constante historique que les revolutions ont tendance a se produire lorsque cet ecart devient trop grand. Il est historiquement grand cet ecart.... Ne vous demandez pas pourquoi il y a rush d'instaurer la loi martiale aux USA.. Le peuple devient menacant. Et on parle de 38 millions de pauvres aux USA, le pays de la liberte et de la democratie...

- Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings
- Watergate-style money laundering indictments stoke Ohio's stolen election fires

Les preuves abondes qui demontrent que les elections ont ete voles encore en 2004 aux USA.
Le premier document est concluant a ce sujet et emane d'un rapport tres serieux produit par le Government Accounting Office. Mais bon, les democrates sont aussi pourris que les Republicains, repondant aux memes maitres....

- Former UN Weapons Inspector: Don't Rule Out Staged Government Terror
- If 9-11 is Exposed, the Zionist Empire Fails

Deux articles qui tournent autour de Scott Ritter, ancien inspecteur en Iraq sur les WMD. D'un cote il touche a un point sensible, le terrorisme d'etat, mais dans le deuxieme article, Scott apparait etre un Left Gatekeeper car il soutient le mythe officiel du gouvernement qui dit que c'est des arabes qui supposement etaient les detourneurs d'avions le jour du 9-11, alors qu'on sait que 7 des 19 arabes terroristes sont toujours vivants aujourd'hui et on conteste les papiers d'identite, de plus, aucun nom des 19 arabes ne se trouvent sur les listes des passagers des compagnies aeriennes!

- Ray McGovern chronolizes the events of Plamegate. - And he goes further than ever before on the subject of 9-11.

Tres bons articles sur le WTC 9-11.

Daryl Bradford Smithinterviews Ray McGovern (ex-CIA)

Ray McGovern chronolizes the events of Plamegate.
And he goes further than ever before on the subject of 9-11.
Click the links below for the MP3 audio files
Hour_1, from Oct 25, 2005
Hour_2, from Oct 25, 2005
Click your right mouse and select download. Then play them, post them on your site, or burn them to CD and share with everyone who has ears.

- The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms :

- U.S. Soldiers Involved in Drug Smuggling Ring

Des soldats US se font encore prendre a un jeu qui a lieu depuis bien longtemps: l'importation massive de drogue aux USA par l'armee et la CIA.

- U.S. Treasuries soar as market frets over GM fate

- U.S. stocks plunge on durable goods orders, earnings, GM troubles

Comme annonce depuis le debut de l'annee, GM est en phase terminale et lors de son deces, l'economie americaine va etre attire en plus rapidement dans le gouffre financier qui nous attend tous mondialement.

- U.S. not legally bound to reveal dump sites

- Hollywood lobbyist concerned about protectionism


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