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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

lundi 3 octobre 2005

Israel, Mossad, manipulations et aggressions

Israel, Mossad, manipulations et aggressions

- Israeli Advisors - Too Close For Comfort

Dossier a voir.

"Bush, under advice from his Neo-con handlers, sent US officers to Israel to train with the IDF to prepare for Iraq. Now we learn the IDF is fighting within our ranks in Iraq.
A number of officers are questioning whether we have a fifth column operating behind the lines. There have been too many sophisticated ambushes, and the enemy seems to know every move isolated patrols make.
After Blackwater Security was
ambushed twice, they want no part of any Israelis.AIPAC and JINSA advised Bush on suitable Generals for our Iraq invasion"

- Israeli roots of Hamas

Pour comprendre que le Hamas, l'organisation suppose palestinienne, est en fait lie a Israel. Observez le timing des attentas du Hamas: toujours dans le bon moment pour justifier la violence d'Israel sur les arabes, toujours au moment ou Israel a de la pression internationale de faire la paix et qu'Israel pretend arreter les aggressions. Et soudainement.. Boum! ah ah, les mechants arabes continuent de nous attaquer, et bien la on va se venger!

C'est un pattern. A vous de voir....

- Israel: Stop 'nuclear threat' resolution

- Israel dismisses Arab complaint about atom arsenal

- Arabs fail to win nuke denunciation

Ceci a ete une autre tentative de faire rendre des comptes a Israel a propos de SON programme nucleaire qui a resulte a la possession d'environ 200 tetes nucleaires face au monde entier.

Pourquoi accepter les critiques d'un pays quand lui-meme commet le crime qu'il reproche???!!!

- Galloway Blasts Israel

Responding to interviewer Alex Jones’ claims that Zionists funded Hitler because “they said he’s going be good, he’s going to persecute Jews and he likes our plan of Palestine”, Galloway stated, “This is the thing about Zionism. It has nothing to do with Jewishness. Some of the biggest Zionists in the world are not Jews…. These people have used Jewish people.”He added: “They created the conditions in the Arab countries and in some European countries to stampede Jewish people out of the countries that they had been living in for many hundreds of years and stampede them into the Zionist state."

Il fait un point important a propos des sionnistes vs juifs. A lire...

- Shattered Skies and Feelings of Panic

Depuis qu'Israel s'est retire de la bande de Gaza, ils se permettent de terroriser les arabes sans avoir peur d'affecter des israeliens.

La nouvelle mode c'est les bombes sonores. De quoi effrayer bien du monde... en pleine nuit...


"By Eyad El Sarraj09/28/05 "ICH" -- -- In the last days, Gaza was awakened from its dreams with horrible explosions which have shattered our skies, shaken our buildings, broken our windows, and installed feelings of panic.We suddenly felt helpless, under the control of the Israelis and at their mercy. The new method of exploding sound bombs in our skies is now available to the Israeli army who would not use it before the disengagement because they were careful not to alarm or hurt the Israeli settlers who were in Gaza. This new method was used by the Israeli army since Friday day and night. Usually between 2-4 in the morning, between 6:30 - 8 in the morning school going time, and in the afternoon or early evening. The explosions are heard and felt all over the Gaza Strip with the same intensity. These explosions were used alongside the usual routine of bombing and killing which the Israelis forces are familiar with."

Bien plaisant ces gens la....ca doit etre drole de se reveiller comme ca...

- Shooting Palestinians Like Fish in a Barrel

Et puisqu'il ne reste que des arabes dans Gaza, c'est plus facile de tirer dans le tas. Ils sont certains de toucher que des arabes maintenant! Et c'est meme pas des farces.

Parlez moi du seul pays democratique du moyen-orient... Avec a sa tete un criminel de guerre. (reference a la photo en tete)

- Coup d'arrêt à une coopération sécuritaire de longue date entre Israéliens et Kurdes Au Kurdistan, le Mossad embarrasse Washington

Article en francais du Monde Diplomatique.

Le Mossad fait encore des siennes. Le Mossad est une des pire organisation terroriste du monde.

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