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vendredi 21 mai 2010

Compilation d'articles à propos du Canada/ Victoire pour la liberté d'expression

Compilation d'articles à propos du Canada/ Victoire pour la liberté d'expression

Voici quelques articles à propos du Canada pour vos archives. En tête, vous en avez une série qui traite de cette historique victoire remportée en Cour par Marc Lemire contre la Commission des Droits Humains qui est en mission pour tuer la liberté d'expression en imposant une censure arbitraire contre les blogueurs. Massif!

Criminal complaint filed against Canadian "Human Rights" Commission for theft of WiFi signals in order to spy on Canadians and post racist messages on websites

Over the past few weeks it has been revealed that employees of the Canadian Human Rights Commission have been using fake pseudonyms to sign up accounts on website they have targeted as "hate" sites. In explosive allegations filed by Marc Lemire with the Ottawa Police Service and the RCMP, not only were the CHRC spying and posting misinformation on targeted websites - but they connected to the unsecured wireless access point of an unsuspecting neighbor and impersonated her internet connection to do it!


Alleged hacking of woman's Internet by federal officials subject of privacy probe

Canada's privacy office is looking into allegations that federal human-rights investigators tapped into an unwitting woman's Internet connection to post messages on white supremacist websites, a spokesman said Friday.

The unauthorized use of someone's computer or network could constitute a serious breach of privacy, the office of Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said.

This is starting to look like Canada's version of the COINTELPRO scandal.

Marc Lemire: Not a Nazi or White Supremacist

The more I expose the CHRC and their dirty tricks, the more defamatory comments are directed towards me. M ost of the time by un-named organized internet smear artists, at others times by political spin 'sellas (who post fake pictures of me), and now sadly by Canada 's National Post newspaper. The article written by Joe Brean, who called me last Thursday and sounded like a retard with a bag of marbles in his mouth, stuttering so much I could hardly even understand his questions, wrote that I am "one of Canada's most prominent white supremacist propagandists" and a "prominent distributor of white supremacist propaganda." These are both outright lies. And true to the National Posts style, no fact checker ever called and I was never given any opportunity to respond to allegations.


"Human Rights" - A Higher Form of Discrimination

Essentially, homosexuals, atheists and Jews have "human rights" while Christians. Muslims and heterosexuals don't. The laws empower minorities in order to disarm and disinherit the majority. They have nothing to do with justice; they are a tool of state coercion.

Killing the Hundredth Monkey

"the Internet is a clear and present danger to their past power and glory and they do not want that power and glory challenged and will use any means at their disposal to kill that Hundredth Monkey and keep the “new awareness” from reaching the people"


Canadian Human Rights Commission Cries "Uncle", Reveals Staff Spying in the Internet & Court Awards Costs to Lemire

At least one investigator for the Canadian Human Rights Commission has adopted a false Internet persona and trolled the Internet engaging in conversations with prospective victims. In other words, the CHRC is spying on Canadians, not observing and investigating, but participating and instigating.

In other words, the Canadian Human Rights Commission isn't finding anti-Semitism, it is CREATING it with an agent provocateur. Note that they use Stormfront as a, well, "front."


"Time to go back to when the women nigger imports knew their place… And that place was NOT in public!"

Is Richard Warman a racist bigot, or was he "just following orders" issued by his masters at the Canadian Human Rights Commission when he posted the headlined message above on a Freedomsite forum on September 5, 2003?


It may be mere coincidence that Richard Warman is in fact an Anglo-German, but it is not likely a coincidence at all that the owner of the website where Richard Warman posted this racist screed against Sen. Anne Cools came under attack by the CHRC shortly after Richard Warman began his complaint-less investigation there.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission stands exposed for CREATING the "crimes" for which they then sued various website owners. CHRC members, using bogus identities, would post inflammatory messages on message boards, then sue them. Richard Warman himself made 5-figures sums out of this scam, all in the name of "fighting hate."

Really rough day for the Canadian Human Rights (sic) Commission

Legally, the admission by CHRC investigator Dean Steacy, and the subsequent cross-examination by Mr. Lemire's lawyers, was the most significant part of the day, in that it bolstered Mr. Lemire's case that he should not be held accountable for what others post on his site, especially if those others are government employees."

This case should be held aloft for all the world to see. Here we have a group of people, posing as a human rights organization, that has made huge amounts of money suing various websites over "hate-speech", and this case has blown the lid off the fact that the members of this so-called human rights organization, using a false identity, were planting the very hate speech on websites that they then sued the webmasters over.

I append another quote from the article...

"It's a given that Mr Lemire must be acquitted, as he can hardly be held responsible for the wrongful acts of the investigators. We can also go further, and note that every single prosecution by the Commission that involves alleged hate on the internet also has to be voided, as it is impossible to know whether the 'hate' was the work of the accused or some government employee (we can hardly now rely on the employees themselves to tell us they had nothing to do with it). Finally, all the staff of the Commission have to be subject to their own hate crime investigations, which cannot be held by the Commission itself (for obvious reasons). Perhaps the government could appoint a special judge to investigate and prosecute." - M. R.


Canadian Human Rights Commission Cries "Uncle", Reveals Staff Spying in the Internet & Court Awards Costs to Lemire

Basically, in a nutshell, the CHRC was using undercover operatives to lure webmasters into making racist comments online for which the CHRC would then sue.

In other words, the CHRC was CREATING the very racism it claimed to oppose, was CREATING the reacism it then made money from in court.

Has the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission become the Communists?

CHRC Disclosure like a Game Show. They want to give "clues" and you are supposed to guess the answers

Like the old Canadian CBC game show "Front Page Challenge", where contestants would be given clues and try to guess the answer, the out of control Canadian Human Rights Commission's new policy for disclosure is to black out most of the page, but leave what they call "clues". What sort of disclosure that that?

... This new policy put in place by the CHRC makes a complete mockery of the rules of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which requires the CHRC to disclose anything that is "arguably relevant". No such exemptions in law exists that the CHRC is trying to invoke.

... Recently it was revealed that the CHRC had a "policy" to lie to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and every Section 13 respondent, by not revealing the spying operations they were conducting. This alone is a scandal of the highest order.

The reason for the cover-up is obvious. CHRC members used phony IDs (in one case pirating a neighborhood wifi access point) to plant racist and inflammatory messages on a website which the CHRC then turned around and sued for racism!


War of Terror Continues in Stephen Harper's Canada

For the better part of the last four years, we have been tracking the incredible case of Momin Khawaja, a Canadian charged back in 2004 with the twin crimes of "terrorism" and "bomb-making." While the Crown prepared its case against him, Momin languished in a Canadian prison for four years without a trial. This was perfectly acceptable to the Canadian authorities, but understandably, Momin's family was outraged.

Top Ten Most Glaringly Blatant Instances of Zionist Control in Canada for 2009


Some truly private golf --: At Canada's most exclusive golf clubs, membership might reach 200 and outsiders likely can't beg, borrow or steal a round

From last week's National Post:

Royal Canadian Mint ordered to call in RCMP over missing gold

The mint won't say how much might be missing, but auditors are already probing a discrepancy between the value of the precious metals on the mint's books and the stockpile on hand at its Ottawa headquarters.

Programming error explains Mint's missing gold

Something as banal as a possible programming glitch in a new computer system could explain how the Royal Canadian Mint lost track of gold stockpiles, the institution's chairman says.

Mint officials are asking whether any of the programming "which tracks all this stuff was out of whack," James Love said Wednesday in an interview.

"It's still possible that it is some sort of a programming error in that system."

Reports of missing gold at the mint conjure up images of thieves sliding pallets of gleaming ingots out the back door.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Note they are not saying that is what happened. The headline implies it, but the text merely suggests it, without proof.

How Those Who Kill Can Enter Canada While Those Who Save Lives Are Barred

World renowned, award winning journalist John Pilger commented on George Galloway’s autobiography: “Galloway’s work has saved countless lives, particularly in Iraq”. This is an accurate statement about the record of the five-times elected British MP who was described by Canadian Minister for Immigration Jason Kenny as “a threat to Canada’s security” and subsequently banned from entering Canada during March of this year. Juxtaposing the blood-soaked records of George W Bush and Bill Clinton - especially in relation to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Somalia and elsewhere - with the unimpeachable record of George Galloway MP, the patent rudderless and deceptive nature of the current Canadian government and its media accomplices becomes transparent.

Hill & Knowlton


One of the world’s five largest public relations firms, Hill & Knowlton was founded in 1927 by former journalist John W. Hill. During the Depression, Hill became partners with a banking client, Donald Knowlton. The two then began a partnership, but in 1934 Hill moved the headquarters to New York to serve as counsel to the American Iron and Steel Institute while Knowlton stayed in Cleveland, Ohio under the name Hill & Knowlton of Cleveland. As of August 2006, H&K has 71 offices in 40 countries, including 19 in the United States. Currently employing 1100 people, the firm provides both public relation and lobbying services to local, multinational and global clients, including the Enron Corporation and the International Olympic Committee. The firm was obtained by the WPP Group, one of the worlds leading communications service groups, which owns four of the largest PR firms, including Hill & Knowlton.

And to think that the Honorable Minister of National Defence Peter Mackay was formerly employed by a German arms manufacture with ties to Karl Heinz Schreiber and that former Minister of National Defense Gordon O'connor was a lobbyist for armament manufacturers before being named (non elected) Minister of National Defense. Who is it that gains from perpetuating the so called War of Terror? Welcome to the dark world of Stephen Harper! Power to the People.

Gordon James O'Connor,

PC, OMM, CD, BA, B.Sc., MP (born May 18, 1939) is a retired Brigadier-General, current Canadian Member of Parliament and the Minister of National Revenue. He was previously the Minister of National Defence and was one of a few defence ministers to have served in the military, the last being Gilles Lamontagne.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, he has a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics from Concordia University and a BA in Philosophy from York University.

He served over 30 years in the Canadian Army, starting as a Second Lieutenant in the Armour Branch and retiring with the rank of Brigadier-General.

O'Connor then entered the private sector as Vice-President of Business Development for a large facility management firm, and Vice-President Operations for a vehicle testing centre. He was a Senior Associate with Hill & Knowlton Canada, a world-wide public relations, public affairs and strategic communications company. O'Connor has also been an official lobbyist for several defence industry companies. These companies include: BAE Systems (1996 to 2004), General Dynamics (1996 to 2001), Atlas Elektronik GmbH (1999 to 2004), and Airbus Military (2001 to 2004).[1]

He was elected in the 2004 elections as a Conservative candidate in the Ottawa riding of Carleton—Mississippi Mills with slightly more than 50% of the vote. After winning he became Defence Critic for the Official Opposition. His vote share increased in the 2006 election. He is an honorary member of the Royal Military College of Canada Club, S157.

Gordon O'Connor is married and has two children, both of them are adults. He now lives in Kanata, Ontario where he has lived for over 20 years.

Canada's Copy and Paste NED: Foundation for "Political Warfare" Takes Cue from U.S. Strategy

- by Anthony Fenton - 2010-02-10

VANCOUVER - Indicating further integration with its closest neighbour and ally's foreign policy priorities, the Canadian government is in the advanced stages of establishing a foundation to promote liberal democracy, akin to the controversial U.S. National Endowment for Democracy.

Last December, the minority Conservative government of Stephen Harper quietly tabled in parliament a bipartisan blue panel report titled, "Advisory Panel Report on the Creation of a Canadian Democracy Promotion Agency". The panel is recommending that the government create The Canadian Centre for Advancing Democracy, with a proposed budget of between 28 million and 65 million U.S. dollars per year.

You won't find any lessons in unity in the Dead Sea Scrolls

The story of the discovery of the scrolls is, of course, well known. An Arab Bedouin boy, Mohamed el-Dib, found them at Khirbet Qumran in a cave in what is now the occupied West Bank of Palestine in 1947, and handed them over to a cobbler turned antiquities dealer called Khalil Eskander Shahin in Jerusalem; they eventually ended up in the hands of scholars – mostly American – in the Jordanian side of Jerusalem. Then came the 1967 war and the arrival of the Israeli army in East Jerusalem and... well, you can imagine the rest.

The life and death of a fiscal theory

Monetarism is finally dead. It's been ailing for a while, but this week Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney drove a stake through the heart of the economic theory that has dominated Canadian government thinking since 1980.

Put simply, monetarism was a reaction to government activism. Purists, such as the late U.S. economist Milton Friedman, argued that governments should focus on balancing their budgets and cutting taxes. Indeed, state efforts to regulate or stimulate the economy (which the Friedmanites usually called government interference) could only make matters worse.

In the monetarist world, the only legitimate government actors were central banks. Their role was to be strictly limited to issuing just enough money to keep the economy rolling without causing inflation.


It appears that among the real reasons for the university’s attempts to discipline me since September 2005 and for its recent most harsh actions against me under President Allan Rock’s mandate might be the administration’s opposition to my political views about the Palestine-Israel conflict, which, starting in 2005, I have expressed in articles, on radio, in my blog postings, at public venues, and in my classes. In September 2005 the dean cancelled my Physics and the Environment course following a complaint (regarding an email comment about Zionism), channelled through the university’s Canadian Studies Institute director Pierre Anctil to the VP-Academic.

Residential Schools: Kevin Annett - The man who won't cave in

Kevin Annett wants to know the burial sites of the more than 50 000 Indians who died in those schools, so their relatives can give them a proper burial and find closure. But the former reverend of the United Church also wants those responsible for their death to be held accountable in front of an international court.

Majority Oppose Chapter 11 of NAFTA

NAFTA best serves corporate interests and does not represent true free trade. You know something is drastically wrong when Chapter 11 of the agreement essentially grants corporations more rights than national citizens. It might be popular to blame trade deals for all our economic woes, but they are only one part of our failed economic system. Congressman Ron Paul, who also ran as a Republican presidential candidate, explained it like this. “Free trade is not complicated, yet NAFTA and CAFTA are comprised of thousands of pages of complicated legal jargon. All free trade really needs is two words: Low tariffs. Free Trade does not require coordination with another government to benefit citizens here.” Could it really be that simple? Forget about renegotiating NAFTA.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Those thousands of pages of legal jargon are special favors and privileges granted to cronies. If it were really for your benefit it would be in plain English.

Les libéraux de Jean Charest et la publicité préélectorale


Depuis plus d’une semaine déjà, le Parti libéral du Québec essaime partout sur les ondes radio avec une publicité pour le moins particulière et grossière

Kristian Bolduc
Cent Papiers

[Canada] Defence Department under fire over $3B plane contract

The Defence Department has been forced to reconsider its choice of new search-and-rescue planes for the Canadian military amid accusations it rigged the multi-billion dollar bid process to favour an aircraft made by an Italian company, CBC News has learned.

Computer maintenance uncovers child porn

It was only when Bill Surkis sent his computer to a repair shop to check for a virus that police were notified of suspicious videos on his hard drive.

Based on that evidence, the former regional director of B’nai Brith in Quebec was charged Friday with two counts relating to the possession and accessing of child pornography between July and November, 2008.

Surkis, 69, who was also the academic dean of John Abbott College for 22 years, and the executive director of the Holocaust Memorial Centre, spent the night in jail before being released with a long list of conditions Friday afternoon.

Webmaster's Commentary:

There are some very sick people out there.

Very dumb, too, for keeping such data on their hard drive instead of a jump disk.

Chrysler Canada assembly plants shut down

Chrysler's Canadian assembly plants shut down indefinitely Friday, a byproduct of the company's bankruptcy protection filing the day before in the United States.

Both of the company's Ontario assembly plants in Windsor and Brampton are now closed as their stream of parts from suppliers has dried up.

Roughly 2,700 employees at the Brampton plant and 4,400 in Windsor are affected by the shutdowns.

Canadian Jewish Congress to give Prime Minister Stephen Harper a human-rights award

This is Harper's third major award from a Jewish organization in less than a year. Last June, Harper was awarded the B’nai Brith International President’s Gold Medallion. B'nai Brith said it was in recognition of Canada's efforts to fight discrimination and uphold human rights in Canada and around the world.

Webmaster's Commentary:

A B'nai Brith award isn't what it used to be. See next story down.

Computer maintenance uncovers child porn

It was only when Bill Surkis sent his computer to a repair shop to check for a virus that police were notified of suspicious videos on his hard drive.

Based on that evidence, the former regional director of B’nai Brith in Quebec was charged Friday with two counts relating to the possession and accessing of child pornography between July and November, 2008.

Surkis, 69, who was also the academic dean of John Abbott College for 22 years, and the executive director of the Holocaust Memorial Centre, spent the night in jail before being released with a long list of conditions Friday afternoon.

Canadian flag on your backpack not such a good idea in Colombia

It’s clear that Canadians hold values of human rights and democracy as a standard against which we should conduct ourselves in global affairs. But a perusal of the Canadian government’s position on CCFTA, or for that matter, its role in the occupation of Haiti, or its support for Israel’s ongoing violence towards Palestinians are indicative of the disconnect between what we as a nation hold as our fundamental values and what our government have done and continue to do globally. If we as citizens fail to hold our government accountable to these values, this disconnect will only widen. So the next time you are traveling with that Canadian flag on your backpack, be sure it’s not in country like Colombia where we are directly and indirectly complicit in oppression and exploitation.


Village sues Canada companies cashing in on occupation

Canada's leaders swoon over Israel

Have you hugged a Jew today?

Couldn't hurt, on any day, given some worrisome trends in Canada – though less here than in Europe – to demonize both Jews and Israel, particularly via the rubric of anti-Zionism, which anybody with half a brain recognizes for what it is: The same old anti-Semitism tarted up in sleazy pedantic finery.

But yesterday, at the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda synagogue in North York, the most astonishing thing happened. Leaders of Canada's political parties got all gushy and goopy, practically falling over one another to show they love Jews – and Israel – best.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Read the comments. Canadians understand that what happened in the United States is now happening in Canada.

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