Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mardi 11 mai 2010

Articles sur Big Brother


Articles sur Big Brother

Quelques articles à mettre dans vos archives concernant les mesures de surveillance, d'espionnage à la Big Brother.

Is Israel's booming high-tech industry a branch of the Mossad?


In 2006 the Check Point Software Technologies company, which specializes in protecting computer systems from hackers and data theft, wanted to acquire an American company called Sourcefire, which works in the same field. The great advantage of Sourcefire was that its clients include the American Defense Department and the National Security Agency. The U.S. administration, however, by means of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, did not approve the acquisition.

"Keeping America Safe"--from the Constitution

Total Information Awareness Finds its "Second Life" at IARPA

The url address of this article is: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=9497

by Tom Burghardt

Global Research, July 3, 2008

Antifascist Calling...

Like countless resurrections of Freddy Krueger, it appears that John Poindexter's Total Information Awareness (TIA) program has found a new, more accommodating home for its "mission" of "keeping America safe"--from the Constitution--at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA).

According to McClatchy investigative journalist Warren Strobel,

IARPA ... is the U.S. intelligence community's counterpart to DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which has been in business for more than 35 years and is meant to be a small, flexible R&D agency that funds high-risk, but potentially high-payoff technologies. ("What's IARPA?", McClatchy Washington Bureau, June 30, 2008)

Painter fined for smoking in his own van

A painter and decorator has been fined £30 for smoking in his own van because it was deemed to be a workplace.


Phone spies: Town halls using anti-terror powers to bug residents' calls and emails

Town hall snoopers used controversial anti-terror powers to delve into the phone and email records of thousands of people last year.

They wanted to check for evidence of dog smuggling and storing petrol without permission - and even to trace a suspected bogus faith healer.

In one case they were inquiring into unburied animal carcasses.

Remember all those assurances that these new warrantless powers were only to fight terrorists?


'Sci-Fi Film' CCTV Predicts Crime

CCTVs are taking a step closer to the science fiction idea of the Minority Report with a predictive system being installed in a British city for the first time.

'Spying' requests exceed 500,000

More than 500,000 official "spying" requests for private communications data such as telephone records were made last year, a report says.

"No, really, we're only using these laws to chase terrorists!' Honest!"


URL: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/20797485/chinas_allseeing_eye



Back to China's All-Seeing Eye

China's All-Seeing Eye

With the help of U.S. defense contractors, China is building the prototype for a high-tech police state. It is ready for export.


In full: Home Office list of our 1,000-plus Big Brother laws

The full extent of the Big Brother state's 'powers of entry' is revealed in a file of documents newly posted on a Home Office website - locked to prevent copying or printing without a secret password.

However, Mail on Sunday computer experts have unlocked the Home Office file.


NSA offering 'billions' for Skype eavesdrop solution

News of a possible viable business model for P2P VoIP network Skype emerged today, at the Counter Terror Expo in London. An industry source disclosed that America's supersecret National Security Agency (NSA) is offering "billions" to any firm which can offer reliable eavesdropping on Skype IM and voice traffic.

The spybiz exec, who preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed that Skype continues to be a major problem for government listening agencies, spooks and police. This was already thought to be the case, following requests from German authorities for special intercept/bugging powers to help them deal with Skype-loving malefactors. Britain's GCHQ has also stated that it has severe problems intercepting VoIP and internet communication in general.

British cops to photographers: we won't tell you where you're not allowed to take pictures.

The Home Office has rejected a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the BJP regarding the disclosure of the list of all areas where police officers are authorised to stop-and-search photographers under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"When we club you over the head, then you'll know you are taking forbidden photographs!"

This is not going to be very good for tourists!

I guess you'll need one of THESE to tour the Tower with!

Euro project to arrest us for what they think we will do

Radical Think Tank Open Europe has this week exposed a study by the EU that could lead to the creation of a massive cross-Europe database, amassing vast amounts of personal data on every single citizen in the EU.

The scope of this project also reveals a growing governmental preference for systems capable of locking people up not for what they have done, but for what they might do.

17 judges, one ruling - and 857,000 records must be now wiped clear

The fingerprints and DNA samples of more than 857,000 innocent citizens who have been arrested or charged but never convicted of a criminal offence now face deletion from the national DNA database after a landmark ruling by the European court of human rights in Strasbourg.

Big Brother is watching

The complacency of the people of Britain is astounding and disturbing. With one camera for every six people watching their every move one wonders when a camera would not be watching you.

Chronicling the Surveillance Control Grid: The Airport: A Freedom-Free Zone

The American surveillance society is one of the worst in the world. According to Privacy International and the Electronic Privacy Information Center, we are among the nine most “endemic” surveillance societies. The U.S. is supposed to be the beacon of liberty, the example to all the world of what a society of liberty under law ought to look like. But we have become an embarrassment.

Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits

Nesson argues that the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is unconstitutional because it effectively lets a private group -- the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA -- carry out civil enforcement of a criminal law. He also says the music industry group abused the legal process by brandishing the prospects of lengthy and costly lawsuits in an effort to intimidate people into settling cases out of court.

New Zealand: “You are no longer innocent till you’re proven guilty.” Police Minister responds: “It’s fantastic, isn’t it?”

RFID chipmaker loses suit, says users must take 'urgent' action

A Dutch court has given university researchers the OK to publish their research about security flaws in the radio frequency identification (RFID) chips used in up to 2 billion smart cards. The cards are used to open doors in corporate and government buildings and to board public transportation systems.

These days, I assume that everything I do is probed and examined by omnipotent corporations


UK: Why are the police using surveillance on journalists?

UK police should stop routine surveillance of reporters and photographers covering demonstrations in London, the National Union of Journalists has told Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear made the call in a letter to Smith after receiving complaints that journalists, particularly photographers, were facing what amounted to harassment by members of the Metropolitan Police Forward Intelligence Team (FIT).

British journalists are getting harassed for the same reason their US counterparts do; because the governments of these countries are, in large part, pathologically allergic to the truth.


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