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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

jeudi 4 mars 2010

L'Autre Monde 4 mars 2010: Afghanistan, une guerre criminelle perdue qui englobe le Moyen-Orient


L'Autre Monde 4 mars 2010: Afghanistan, une guerre criminelle perdue qui englobe le Moyen-Orient

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L'Autre Monde 4 mars 2010

90 min / Radio de l'UQAM, CHOQ FM

Diffusion en direct : Jeudi à 11:00h
Animation : François Marginean
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Au programme cette semaine, 4 mars 2010:

- Nous discutons du Moyen-Orient et ce qui se passe au Pakistan; du dossier nucléaire et la démonisation de l'Iran en vue d'une prochaine attaque contre ce pays, et de l'insoutenable situation qui sévit en Afghanistan où nous participons à une des pires entreprises criminelles de l'histoire et des crimes de guerre.

- Actualité: Canada Inc, la taxation à mort, les campagnes de propagande, l'activité séismique accrue autour de la plaque tectonique du Pacifique, État policier et de surveillance: vos téléphones cellulaires sont des outils d'espionnage contre vous, la chute des médias de masse et les menaces qui pèsent contre l'Internet libre et neutre, les fausses attaques terroristes admises par différents gouvernements et le terrorisme soutenu par la CIA et les USA, le projet de loi C-15 au Canada, une chose à éviter à tout prix.

Soyez de la partie les jeudis dès 11h sur les ondes de CHOQ FM, la radio officielle de l'UQÀM, l'alternative à Montréal et dans le monde!

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Is The Yellowstone Caldera Calling?

Over the last few months things have been heating up in our famous National Park and none of it is good.

Over eight days, more than 1,270 mostly tiny earthquakes have struck between Old Faithful and West Yellowstone. The strongest dozen or so have ranged between magnitudes 3.0 and 3.8. These are beginning to become serious in size, as a growing swarm of course, but the vast majority have been too weak to be felt even nearby.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Here is why I am not dismissing this latest quake swarm out of hand as another in a long series of false-alarms.

Ever since the Boxing Day Quake in 2004, the entire Pacific Ocean tectonic Plate has been re-adjusting. As a result, we started seeing increases in seismic events traveling north along the Japan Islands and South along Malaysia into New Guinea/Fiji/New Zealand. There followed more quakes traveling east alone the north and south edges of the plate, which being lightly occupied area mostly went unreported outside the seismological community.

Inevitably the readjustment has arrived at the eastern edge of the Pacific Plate and we seem to be seeing increased seismic events along that edge, which is also the western edge of the Americas.

Plate links to plate and the Pacific Plate connects to the Nazca Plate and Cocos Plates, which abut South America and link to the Caribbean Plate. The Pacific Plate forms the western side of the San Andreas fault along North America's west coast.

So, we have had major quakes in Haiti and Chile. Not too long ago there was a rare major quake on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge along a fault junction that connects to the Caribbean Plate.

Got that "Fall down, bounce around, shake the town, Earthquake Boogie!"

So, follow me on this; The Pacific Plate thrusts underneath the North American Plate angling towards the east as it dips deeper into the Earth. The magma chamber under Yellowstone sinks down towards the west. Prior to the recent determination of the scape of the Yellowstone Mama chamber it was assumed that the Yellowstone Supervolcano was a "hot spot" volcano similar to what we have here in Hawaii, but with the true scale and direction of the Yellowstone magma chamber currently understood, it seems more likely that Yellowstone is a classic subduction volcano.

But whether Yellowstone is directly connected to the subducting Pacific Plate or not, in geological terms they are in close proximity and Yellowstone's lava, like that of all exploding volcanoes, contains massive amounts of dissolved gasses like CO2.

Just as a sudden shock to a warm glass of soda pop will trigger an episode of increased fizzing, a major quake along the Pacific plate will send compression waves through the Earth and into the Yellowstone Magma Chamber and unbalance the current dynamic equilibrium of dissolved gasses. That might well trigger a significant eruption of Yellowstone.

CANADA Inc. (et la taxation à mort pour votre sécurité)

Prenez bien le temps d’analyser cette image:

Il existe un problème conceptuel d’envergure lorsqu’on parle du Canada, de l’économie, de ses lois, de son fonctionnement en général ainsi que la place que nous y occupons et le rôle que nous jouons dans cette machine.

L’image que vous voyez provient du site de la U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Vous pouvez trouver cette page en cliquant ici. Ce que vous avez devant vous est la preuve ultime que le Canada n’est pas un pays, tel qu’exposé dans ce texte précédent: Le Canada, ce pseudo-pays; mais bien une compagnie privée enregistrée sur la SEC.

La Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) est l’organisme fédéral américain de règlementation et de contrôle des marchés financiers. C’est en quelque sorte le «gendarme de la Bourse» américain. (Source)

La compagnie privée «CANADA» fonctionne alors comme une société privée qui échange et transige sur les marchés boursiers et est inscrite comme telle à la SEC. Les Canadiens et Canadiennes sont ainsi des actionnaires de cette société et sont soumis à ses stratus qui passent pour des «lois», à ses taxations et impôts, et au pouvoir de ce gouvernement de facto qu’est le Parlement impérial à Ottawa tant et aussi longtemps qu’ils acceptent de faire partie de cette «société».

Déjà plusieurs hommes et femmes libres ont décidé de quitter cette société, cette compagnie privée, pour retrouver leur souveraineté individuelle et se soustraire aux statuts et à la juridiction du Canada qui ne s’appliquent qu’aux membres consentants de cette société (privée). Voilà le remède.

Flight fees rise to cover security costs


UK Police Promise Not To Retain DNA Data, But Do Anyway

"In 2008 I invited two policemen into my home and voluntarily gave them a DNA and fingerprint sample to help with a murder investigation, as they'd promised it would only be used for that investigation. I was never under any suspicion and could just as easily have said no. Almost a year after the investigation closed they have now confirmed that they've retained my samples and at my request have begun an investigation to see if there are sufficient 'exceptional circumstances' to remove them. I'm not the only one who was told samples would be removed, so if you've had such a promise from the police I recommend contacting their data protection registrar immediately."

Webmaster's Commentary:

It is actually easier to plant DNA evidence at a crime scene than to fake a fingerprint (but the latter can be done fairly easily).

So, in this day and age I would not cooperate with the police on anything involving DNA unless they have a warrant and my lawyer says it is valid.

Watching Certain People


Op-Ed Columnist

Watching Certain People


Published: March 1, 2010

From 2004 through 2009, in a policy that has gotten completely out of control, New York City police officers stopped people on the street and checked them out nearly three million times, frisking and otherwise humiliating many of them.

Bob Herbert

Upward of 90 percent of the people stopped are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. And yet the New York Police Department is compounding this intolerable indignity by compiling an enormous and permanent computerized database of these encounters between innocent New Yorkers and the police.

Not only are most of the people innocent, but a vast majority are either black or Hispanic. There is no defense for this policy. It’s a gruesome, racist practice that should offend all New Yorkers, and it should cease.

Police Department statistics show that 2,798,461 stops were made in that six-year period. In 2,467,150 of those instances, the people stopped had done nothing wrong. That’s 88.2 percent of all stops over six years. Black people were stopped during that period a staggering 1,444,559 times. Hispanics accounted for 843,817 of the stops and whites 287,218.

While crime has been going down, the number of people getting stopped by the police is going up. Last year, more than 575,000 stops were made — a record. But 504,594 of those stops were of people who had done nothing wrong. They had committed no crime, were issued no summonses and were carrying no weapons or illegal substances.

Still, day after day, the cops continue harassing and degrading these innocent New Yorkers, often making them line up against walls, or lean spread-eagled on the hoods of cars, or sprawl face down in the street to be searched like criminals in front of curious, sometimes frightened, sometimes giggling, sometimes outraged onlookers.

If the police officers were treating white middle-class or wealthy individuals this way, the movers and shakers in this town would be apoplectic. The mayor would be called to account in an atmosphere of thunderous outrage, and the police commissioner would be gone.

But the people getting stopped and frisked are mostly young, and most of them are black or brown and poor. So Police Commissioner Ray Kelly could feel completely comfortable with his department issuing the order in 2006 that reports of all stops and frisks be forwarded and compiled “for input into the Department’s database.”

“They have been collecting the names and all sorts of other information about everybody who is stopped and frisked on the streets,” said Donna Lieberman, the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, which is fighting the department’s stop-and-frisk policy and its compiling of data on people who are innocent. “This is a massive database of innocent, overwhelmingly black and Latino people,” she said.

Police Commissioner Kelly has made it clear that this monstrous database, growing by a half-million or so stops each year, is to be a permanent feature of the department’s operations. In a letter last summer to Peter Vallone Jr., the chairman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, the commissioner said:

“Information contained in the stop, question and frisk database remains there indefinitely, for use in future investigations. Therefore, there are no existing Police Department guidelines that mandate the removal of information once it has been entered into the database.”

He added, “Information contained within the stop, question and frisk database is used primarily by department investigators during the course of a criminal investigation.”

So the department is collecting random information on innocent, primarily poor, black and brown New Yorkers for use in some anticipated future criminal investigation. But it is not collecting and storing massive amounts of information on innocent middle-class or wealthy white people. Why is that, exactly?

Spying on Americans has become Big Business

Alex also talks with John Young, webmaster of Cryptome, a website that covers news on freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance. The ISP Network Solutions shuttered Young's site earlier in the week after he posted a document summarizing Microsoft's dealings with law enforcement agencies.

How mobile phones let spies see our every move

- The Gardian

Government’s secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone, at any time and anywhere there is a phone signal

Secret radar technology research that will allow the biggest-ever extension of ‘Big Brother’-style surveillance in the UK is being funded by the Government.

The radical new system, which has outraged civil liberties groups, uses mobile phone masts to allow security authorities to watch vehicles and individuals ‘in real time’ almost anywhere in Britain.

ABC News to close all bureaus but DC

Internet overtakes print in news consumption among Americans


As part of the deep cuts announced this week at ABC News, the network plans to close all of its physical bureaus around the country except Washington and halve the number of its domestic correspondents.

Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet

He’s talking about changing the internet to make everything anyone does on the net traceable and geo-located so the National Security Agency can pinpoint users and their computers for retaliation if the U.S. government doesn’t like what’s written in an e-mail, what search terms were used, what movies were downloaded. Or the tech could be useful if a computer got hijacked without your knowledge and used as part of a botnet.

Webmaster's Commentary:

What McConnell really means by "losing the cyberwar" is that the internet is now the high ground in the war for the truth, and the US Government and ABCNNBBCBS are losing their ability to lie the public into whatever the current agenda happens to be. The collapse of the Global Warming Cult underscored the collapse of trust in the government and corporate media, along with the inability to scare Americans into yet another war in Iran.

If they cannot lie to us, they cannot rule us.

THAT is what they are really losing on the internet!

Mike Rivero on Alex Jones: Mainstream Media is Losing All Credibility

Part 1: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10532
Part 2: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10533
Part 3: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10534
Part 4: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10535

American Sponsored Terrorism -AbdolMalek Rigi: Jundullah

You are either with us, or
with the terrorists!?

AbdolMalek Rigi, Iran's most wanted man for mass murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, acts of sabotage and bombings has been arrested by Iran.

Citing US and Pakistani intelligence sources, the news group of an American televison network, ABC, reported in 2007 that the terrorist group "has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials" to destabilize the government of Iran.

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh revealed in another report in July 2008 that US Congressional leaders had secretly agreed to former President George W. Bush's USD 400 million funding request, which gave the US a free hand in arming and funding terrorist groups such as Jundallah militants.

CIA helps terrorists in Iran? Jundullah leader claims agency arms support

The leader of a Sunni terrorist group fighting against Shiites in Iran says his organization has close links with the CIA. The head of the Jundullah group was captured earlier this week in the south of the country. Abol-malik Rigi says he met the U.S. agents in Pakistan, who promised support for carrying out terrorist attacks in Iran.

British documentary substantiates US-KLA collusion in provoking war with Serbia

On Sunday, March 12, Britain's BBC2 television channel ran a documentary by Alan Little entitled "Moral Combat: NATO At War". The program contained damning evidence of how the Clinton administration set out to create a pretext for declaring war against the Milosevic regime in Serbia by sponsoring the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), then pressed this decision on its European allies. The revelations in the documentary were reinforced by an accompanying article in the Sunday Times.

Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

Forget the claims and allegations that false flag terror - governments attacking people and then blaming others in order to create animosity towards those blamed - has been used throughout history.

This essay will solely discuss government admissions to the use of false flag terror.

For example:

  • The CIA admits that it hired Iranians in the 1950's to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its democratically-elected president
  • Israel admits that an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind "evidence" implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers, and several of the Israelis later confessed) (and see this and this)
  • The well-respected former Indonesian president admits that the government probably had a role in the Bali bombings
  • As admitted by the U.S. government, recently declassified documents show that in the 1960's, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan to blow up AMERICAN airplanes (using an elaborate plan involving the switching of airplanes), and also to commit terrorist acts on American soil, and then to blame it on the Cubans in order to justify an invasion of Cuba. See the following ABC news report; the official documents; and watch this interview with the former Washington Investigative Producer for ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings*

There are many other instances of false flag attacks used throughout history proven by the historical evidence. See this, this and this. The above are only some examples of governments admitting to using false flag terror.

You can't call it a conspiracy theory when the government itself admits it.

And this is not just ancient history:

  • Jimmy Carter's former National Security Adviser - Zbigniew Brzezinski - told the Senate that a terrorist act might be carried out in the U.S. and falsely blamed on Iran to justify war against that nation

GM recall - 1.3 million Chevrolets and Pontiacs

General Motors has recalled 1.3 million Chevrolet and Pontiac models in North America for power steering failures that are tied to 14 crashes and one injury in the United States, the company said Tuesday.

The recall affects 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt and 2007-2010 Pontiac G5 models sold in the United States, 2005-2006 Pontiac Pursuit vehicles sold in Canada, and 2005-2006 Pontiac G4 models sold in Mexico.

Toyota's consumer safety problems are dwarfed by body count of Big Pharma's deadly drugs

Even as Toyota now finds itself the target of an increasingly hyped-up inquisition about "public safety," skeptical consumers are asking the commonsense question: If public safety is so important, then why isn't Congress asking about the dangers of Big Pharma's deadly drugs?

Toyota's problems with throttle controls and brakes haven't actually killed anyone as far as we know. Even if deaths have occurred, their number would be extremely small compared to the number of deaths caused by Big Pharma's products. FDA-approved pharmaceuticals kill nearly 270 people each day in the United States alone, and that's according to conservative calculations published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

That's equivalent to a jumbo jet airliner falling out of the sky and crashing in a giant ball of flame every single day in the U.S.

Spokane Tax Assessor Wants Low Altitude High Resolution Photos Of Private Property

Spokane County residents may want to avoid backyard sunbathing in April.

That’s when county Assessor Ralph Baker wants to take a series of high-resolution, low-altitude aerial photographs that promise to make goose pimples visible around the globe.

Cell phones show human movement predictable 93% of the time

We'd like to think of ourselves as dynamic, unpredictable individuals, but according to new research, that's not the case at all. In a study published in last week's Science, researchers looked at customer location data culled from cellular service providers. By looking at how customers moved around, the authors of the study found that it may be possible to predict human movement patterns and location up to 93 percent of the time. These findings may be useful in multiple fields, including city planning, mobile communication resource management, and anticipating the spread of viruses.

It's not currently possible to know exactly where everyone is all the time, but cell phones can provide a pretty good approximation. Cell phone companies store records of customers' locations based on when the customers' phones connect to towers during calls. Researchers realized that taking this data and paring it down to users who place calls more frequently might allow them to see if they could develop any measure of how predictable human movements and locations are. The users they worked with placed calls an average of once every two hours, connecting to towers that cover an area of about two square miles.

The authors analyzed various aspects of the information related to the calls, as well as information that could be aggregated over multiple calls: number of distinct locations, historical probability that the location had been visited in the past, time spent at each tower, the order in which customers usually visited towers, and so on.

Webmaster's Commentary:

These findings are also useful in confirming that you are indeed being tracked with your cell phone.

As for the findings, that is hardly surprising. Most of us spend our entire lives shuffling between our slave pit, our pen, and the shopping mall.

Apple admits child labour was used to build iPods and iPhones in Chinese factories


Technology giant Apple has admitted that child labour has been employed at some of the factories that build its iPods, computers and mobile phones.

An audit found that at least eleven 15-year-old children were found to be working in three factories that supply Apple in the last year.

It said that child workers were now no longer being used at the sites, or were no longer underage.

Audit: A report found at least 11 under age children were working at factories, many of them in China, which produce Apple components in the last year

The exact location of the factories has not been identified. Apple has factories which supply parts in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, the U.S., the Czech Republic, Malaysia and the Philippines, but most of its products are assembled in China.

The audit also found one facility had attempted to conceal evidence of employing underage labour, while two others had falsified records relating to the number of working hours and days of rest employees were receiving.

Apple has been repeatedly criticised for using factories which abuse workers and impose harsh conditions on workers.

Last week, 62 workers at a factory which makes parts for Apple and Nokia were hospitalised after being poisoned by n-hexane, a toxic chemical commonly used in technology which can cause muscular degeneration and blurred eyesight.

Beware of McCain's Freedom-Destroying Dietary Supplement Regulatory Bill

In this perverted overly-regulated country, food is now toxic, and drugs and chemicals are safe for ingestion, no matter the harm that results. This inversion should remind us that those who best have the consumers health and safety interests at heart are the consumers themselves. It is big government that has a proven track record of not protecting the public. And it is big government that is seeking to take away yet another individual freedom, the right to choose one’s own treatment. (Where is the pro-choice crowd on this one; the ones that claim, “my body, my choice?”)

McCain bill threatens access to vitamins and supplements

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) has introduced a new bill called The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA) of 2010 (S. 3002), that, if enacted, would severely curtail free access to dietary supplements. Cosponsored by Senator Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota), the bill would essentially give the FDA full control over the supplement industry.

Passing of Bill C-15 – Canada

Le projet de loi C-15… des sentences minimums pour des infractions mineures comme fumer un joint… enlever au juge le pouvoir de déterminer les sentences,… augmenter la population carcérale… comme aux É-U.


On peut voir dans ce vidéo ceux qui ont voté pour ou contre ce projet de loi, y compris MM. Ignatief, Justin Trudeau, Denis Coderre, et toute une autre gang.

Cryptome's John Young on Alex Jones TV 3/3: The Internet is a Police State Surveillance Grid

Spying on Americans has become big business

Cryptome: They're watching


Alex also talks with John Young, webmaster of Cryptome, a website that covers news on freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance. The ISP Network Solutions shuttered Young's site earlier in the week after he posted a document summarizing Microsoft's dealings with law enforcement agencies.


Singh: India ready to talk with Pakistan on all issues

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Saturday that India is ready to talk all issues with Pakistan, including Kashmir, in an atmosphere free from terror, reported the Press Trust of India.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is a very positive step.

Let us hope that there is an honest reciprocation in kind from Pakistan.

These two nuclear-armed countries have everything to gain from peace and cooperation, and nothing from more wars and attempts at mutual destabilization.

US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan

The Obama administration plans to spend nearly $50 million on Pakistani media this year to reverse anti-American sentiments and raise awareness of projects aimed at improving quality of life, confirms a Washington insider.

Webmaster's Commentary:

50 million for Pakistani media?!?!?

Are these people barking mad?!?

What would really help turn Pakistani public opinion around would be the immediate cessation of US drone attacks, which kill scores of innocent people; women, children, the elderly, and the medically infirm.

No media in the world can undo the damage, physically, mentally, or spiritually, to those who are left behind to mourn the losses of people they loved.

We should be using that money for education, food, medicine, and assisting the Pakistani government in improving their infrastructure to the point where people begin to see their government in a transformational process wherein that government can actually serve the needs of its people better.

Of course, that use of these funds would be logical.

And these days, logic and American foreign policy only have the most tenuous of relationships in the best of times.


Hitler’s “Big Lie” reborn: US lies for war with Iran bigger, more Orwellian than war lies with Iraq

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

The American public is being played; duped into one unlawful War of Aggression after another. The criminal perpetrator of these war lies is a controlling faction of our own government. The evidence in this article will prove beyond any doubt that “war lies” is the accurate term; lies in Orwellian opposite of the verifiable facts, lies that cannot be reasonably construed as misinterpretations or well-intended mistakes.

These are what political historians reference as “Big Lies;” so massive and evil that ordinary citizens initially reject the objective evidence because they can’t imagine their leadership being literal psychopaths. Big Lies evoke sufficient cognitive dissonance for the public to embrace the Big Lie…but only for a time.

Israel urges US to act alone, as anti-Iran bids fail

As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tours Latin America to recruit support for new international sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Tel Aviv urges Washington to adopt Cuba-like embargos against Tehran.

Israel and the US accuse Iran of seeking nuclear arms, as Tel Aviv threatens to attack Iranian nuclear installations and Washington warns of keeping 'all options on the table,' including economic sanctions and military measures.

Iran, however, says its program, which is extensively monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is directed at the civilian applications of the technology. The country has also called on all nuclear powers to abandon atomic weaponry and eliminate all such arsenal.

US warns Iran 'time and patience is running out'

The United States warned Iran on Tuesday that "time and patience is running out" with its nuclear program, saying Tehran had shown no interest in allaying world fears.

Webmaster's Commentary:

We saw this exact same rhetoric in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. There is no doubt now that Israel and the US will start yet another war for your loved ones to die in.

But there is a difference this time.

This time you cannot hide behind the official lies regurgitated by ABCNNBBCBS. This time you know ahead of time it is all another lie to start another unprovoked war. This time you cannot pretend you didn't know what the US Government and Israel are really doing.

The US has invaded five nations, and aims for a 6th. The body count is already in the millions. War crimes are being committed.

War with Iran will quite possibly mean war with Russia and China. They have played Neville Chamberlain to the US' Hitler and like that fool from another age realize appeasement will never work as long as Israel calls the shots and Americans pay the butchers' bills.

World War Three is already started.

And the US is going to lose.

Iran not producing weapon-grade uranium: IAEA

Iran has not converted the low-grade uranium that it has produced into weapon-grade uranium, inspectors belonging to the International Atomic Energy Agency have said.

The Austrian Press Agency quoted an IAEA expert as saying that the uranium substances that Iran has produced at its Natanz enrichment facility have been carefully recorded and remote cameras have been installed to supervise part of the stockpile.

“If the Iranians intend to transport these uranium substances to a secret location for further processing, agency’s inspectors will find out,” he said.

The expert added that “so far, Iran has carried out good cooperation with us in relevant verifications”.

Iran 'has no bomb-grade uranium'


Iran has no weapons-grade uranium, US military officials have said in an attempt to clarify recent statements from Washington and Israel.

National Intelligence director Dennis Blair told US senators that Tehran had only low-enriched uranium, which would need processing to be used for weapons.

Biden: Israel has 'sovereign right' to attack Iran

In interview with ABC, VP Biden suggests Washington won't stand in Israel's way should it choose to attack Iran's nuclear facilities

Webmaster's Commentary:

There is no sovereign right for a nation to attack another nation without provocation. It is merely mass murder wrapped in a flag and a bible.

But it is still murder.

NATO’s Role In The Military Encirclement Of Iran


To Iran’s east, the U.S. and NATO will soon have over 150,000 troops, and according to a recent study 400 bases, in Afghanistan and both Western belligerents are coordinating military actions with Pakistan, the Alliance through the Trilateral Afghanistan-Pakistan-NATO Military Commission.

The chain is being tightened around Iran from every direction and NATO is forging several of the key links.

US accelerating missile defenses in Gulf: report

Published: Saturday January 30, 2010

The US administration is speeding up deployment of defenses against potential Iranian missile attacks in the Gulf to heed off any possible retaliation, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The move involves placing specialized ships off the Iranian coast and anti-missile systems in at least four Arab countries -- Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait -- the Times said, citing administration and military officials.

Oman has also been approached, although no Patriot missiles have been deployed there yet, US officials told the newspaper…

Webmaster's Commentary:

Which is a flat-out admission that the United States intends an unprovoked attack.

Senate Passes More Sanctions Against Iran

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) praised the vote and called for even more sanctions against Iran. The group expressed hope that the compromise bill would be passed and signed into law soon.

Webmaster's Commentary:

These sanctions are merely a prelude to the war which will almost inevitably lead to a military confrontation with Iran.

The passing of these sanctions will also demonstrate who really controls American foreign policy.

Senate OKs sanctions on Iran's fuel suppliers

The Senate on Thursday approved legislation that would let President Barack Obama impose sanctions on Iran's gasoline suppliers and penalize some of Tehran's elites, a move aimed at pressuring Tehran to give up its nuclear program.

The sanctions, approved on a voice vote, would target companies that export gasoline to Iran or help expand the country's oil-refining capacity by, in part, denying them loans and other assistance from U.S. financial institutions.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Like the US has any money to lend right now.

Iran's nuclear program consists of a power plant and medical isotopes, both activities Iran is legally allowed to conduct under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The sanctions are intended to bolster a case for an eventual invasion, nothing more. And their only real impact will be that Iran does business with other nations and US companies that used to sell refined fuels, parts, and machinery to Iran will suffer.

Barack Obama accuses Iran of attempt to build a nuclear bomb

President Obama accused Iran yesterday of trying to build a bomb after Tehran’s nuclear scientists began enriching uranium closer to weapons grade in defiance of the United Nations.

The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that its inspectors had been called to the Natanz plant to witness the beginning of work to upgrade Iran’s 3.5 per cent enriched uranium to 20 per cent.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Dear President@whitehouse.gov

You really are an idiot.

Under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has a right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. This includes power stations and medical isotopes. Enrichment to 20% is consistent with medical usage. Therefore, Iran's actions are legal under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed right alongside the United States.

In demanding that Iran surrender their legal rights as specified in the NNPT, the United States is in violation of that treaty. Under Article IV, the United States is obligated to assist Iran in building their power stations and medical facilities. Clearly, if the United States were in compliance with the NNPT, we would know for an absolute certainty what Iran was and was not doing with their nuclear facilities.

I am not calling you an idiot on the assumption that you are not aware of these facts. I am sure that you are. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People are not aware of these facts. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People have forgotten the lies we were told about Iraq's 'nookular' bombs. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People have forgotten that there really were no enemy torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People do not understand that FDR not only knew the Japanese were coming to attack Pearl Harbor, but goaded Japan into the attack by following an 8-step plan crafted by ONI Lt. Cmmdr Arthur H. McCollum. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People cannot recall anything that happened prior to the last station break. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People fail to comprehend that 20% enrichment is really a far cry from the 98% enrichment required for a nuclear weapon. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People would actually believe that the trillions of dollars spent on the US nuclear deterrent was a total waste of money that would not deter Iran from using their single bomb on us. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People do not remember that Iran has not attacked another country without provocation in 200 years; a claim that cannot be shared by the US or by Israel.

I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People do not understand that Israel, a nuclear power with a not-so-clandestine weapons factory underneath Dimona, has never signed the NNPT despite requests to do so from both the US and UN. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People did not pick up on the very artful way you dodged Helen Thomas' question on the topic of which nations actually possess nuclear weapons in the mideast during your very first news conference as President. I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People do not remember that the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 was amended by the Symington Amendment (Section 669 of the FAA) in 1976. It bans U.S. economic, and military assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not comply with IAEA regulations and inspections. This provision, as amended, is now also contained in Section 101 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People do not understand that the Glenn Amendment (Section 670) was later adopted in 1977, and provided the same sanctions against countries that acquire or transfer nuclear reprocessing technology or explode or transfer a nuclear device. This provision, as amended, is now contained in Section 102 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

I am calling you an idiot because you seem to assume that We The People do not understand that you are in violation of the laws of the United States with every penny sent to Israel, and that this is WHY you dodged Helen Thomas' question on this very topic during your very first news conference as President.

And finally I am calling you an idiot because for all the rhetoric we hear about the threat of nuclear weapons, to date one and only one nation has actually been psychotic enough to use a nuclear weapon of mass destruction against the civilians of another country.

And you are standing on it right now.


Feel free to forward and repost at will.

Israeli DM: No Need to Coordinate With US on Attacking Iran

At his visit to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an AIPAC founded think tank, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak reiterated his calls for Western nations to keep “all options” open in moving against Iran. But more importantly, he suggested Israel might attack Iran even beyond American objections.

“I don’t think that there is a need to coordinate in this regard,” Barak insisted, adding later in the speech that Israel has always “felt very proud that we never asked the Americans to come and fight for us.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

So, Ehud, you made the claim in public that "...Israel has always “felt very proud that we never asked the Americans to come and fight for us.”?!?

Some Americans have a long memory, sir.

As reported on 18 January, 2003, in


Israel Urges US to Attack Iraq: "Sooner, Rather than Later"

"Sharon's advisor: Urges US to accelerate aggression on Iraq, says postponement bad for Israel"

"A former Israeli ambassador to Washington who is now advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has urged the Israeli government to step up pressure on the Bush Administration to accelerate the war on Iraq."

'Zalman Shuval said in an article in the Hebrew newspaper Yedeot Ahranot, published Thursday 16 January, that Israel should make behind-the-scene efforts to get the American administration to attack Iraq "sooner rather than later." '

Shuval argued that while Israel shouldn't brazenly appear as pushing the Bush Administration to attack Iraq, the Jewish state should never ignore or be oblivious to the risks of a postponed war on Iraq."

I will never forget this push to war, to "neutralize" yet another of Israel's "existential threats" in the region. And again, Iraq and Saddam Hussein were accused of having weapons of mass destruction, which was part of the pack of lies upon which that war was sold to the American people.

Neither do those people who fought in this war.

Nor the families and friends of those military service members who died or got maimed for life.

But I'll tell you what; if you start this war (which has been wargamed by Israeli intelligence as having an unclear outcome, with possibly horrendous unforeseen consequences), the US government should let you finish it all by yourself, and see what happens.

Then, the US should yank every bit of economic and military funding from Israel, permanently.

Italy says Iranian militia attacked its embassy

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told a Senate hearing: "About a hundred Basij dressed as civilians tried to assault the embassy shouting 'Death to Italy' and 'Death to (Prime Minister) Berlusconi'."

He later told reporters the attackers were "certainly or most probably Basij."

"We did not recognize them, but because of the type of demonstration and the slogans chanted it looked a bit suspect."

Webmaster's Commentary:

Read this carefully. Despite an absence of any evidence that this was anything more than a student demonstration against the west, the war hawks are trying to spin this as a replay of the 1979 takeover of the US embassy.

Israel's megaphonies are all over twitter trying to stir up hate against Iran.

If you have a twitter account, please tweet the following one at a time.

If you overthrow the elected government of #Iran, the new government will never dare allow elections, so you LOSE democracy!

What may happen if the US invades #Iran and triggers a world war with Russia and China. http://bit.ly/bucv02


Shredding the Anti-Iran Propaganda #IRAN http://bit.ly/aapj1V


#Iran "protester's" goal is a replay of the 1953 CIA backed coup against the elected government of Iran. http://bit.ly/bQ7BPX

#IRAN What Israel's "Megaphonies" Want You To Forget http://bit.ly/wEt9i PLS RETWEET AND HELP STOP THE NEXT WORLD WAR


#IRAN It is ISRAEL that has a secret nuclear weapons factory! http://bit.ly/s3ZtF PLS RETWEET - STOP THE NEXT WORLD WAR

America's 100 Years of Overthrow http://bit.ly/a3YHoN READ THE SECTION ON #IRAN

The lessons of Iraq have been ignored. The target is now Iran - The Guardian.. http://bit.ly/8Xtf6s #iran

#IRAN List of countries the US overthrows under guise of "popular revolution" then installs dictators. http://bit.ly/9aIPLM

#IRAN Analysis Finds Little Evidence Iranian Public Sees Government as Illegitimate http://bit.ly/bF6mpq "protesters" are a hoax

RT @12160mhz: Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Featuring Mike Rivero Radio Talk Show Host of WhatReallyHappend.com - http://is.gd/7XQSi

This is a propaganda war, and YOU are on the front lines!

Iran accuses US, Israel in nuclear scientist murder

Iran's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that it has found traces of US and Israel's involvement in the assassination of an Iranian nuclear physics scientist.

"Primary investigations into the assassination revealed signs of the involvement of the Zionist regime [Israel], the US and their allies in Iran," spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said.

US preparing military for possible Iran conflict

The US does not want to see confrontation with Iran but is still preparing its military for that possibility, America's top uniformed officer said Thursday.

"We've looked to do all we can to ensure that conflict doesn't break out there, while at the same time preparing forces, as we do for many contingencies that we understand might occur," Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during an appearance at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Webmaster's Commentary:

IF there is an attack against Iran, it would be the most stupid, bone-headed move either Israel or the US could make.

Iran comes out on top in secret simulated war games


The exercise, staged by Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies last month, showed that even an Israeli commando raid on Iran’s heavy water plant at Arak would not draw the US into a military conflict with Iran.


US to Launch Fallujah-style Attack in Afghanistan


As US and British troops prepare to attack the town of Marjah in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, military commanders and the media are openly comparing the operation to the November 2004 siege of Fallujah, one of the bloodiest war crimes of the Iraq war.

The operation in central Helmand province, long an area of intense resistance to the US-led occupation, will constitute the largest military offensive since Washington invaded the country in October 2001. At least 15,000 troops are expected to lay siege to the Helmand river valley town, which has 80,000 inhabitants and is said by the US military to be a stronghold of the Taliban.

A total of 125,000 people live in the district around Marjah, which is an agricultural center 350 miles west of Kabul. The population has been swelled by Afghans fleeing villages occupied by US Marines last summer, following President Barack Obama’s order shortly after he took office to send 21,000 more troops into Afghanistan.

US Marines, frustrated and enraged over casualties suffered at the hands of an unseen enemy who is able to attack and then blend back into the local population, will be unleashed against the town in a violent military assault, with predictable results.

Brigadier General Larry Nicholson, commander of the US Marines in southern Afghanistan, spelled out the character of the upcoming offensive. Those found in Marjah would have three options. “One is to stay and fight and probably die,” he said. “The second one is to make peace with his government and reintegrate.” The third would be to attempt to escape, “In which case we’ll probably have some people out there waiting on them as well.”

“We're going to go in big,” said Nicholson, commander of the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade. “I’m not looking for a fair fight,” he added.

The Marine assault on Fallujah in November 2004 reduced most of the city of 300,000 people to rubble, as warplanes dropped thousands of tons of explosives and helicopter gunships and battle tanks fired missiles into buildings and strafed the area with cannon fire.

The operation was a vicious exercise in collective punishment against the population of Fallujah for the killing there of four Blackwater mercenaries and the city’s protracted resistance to foreign occupation. It embodied the criminality of the entire war and was characterized by multiple and gross violations of the laws of war.

If American military commanders are to be believed, a similar operation is being prepared in Afghanistan, and for similar reasons. The town of Marjah is to be turned into a killing field.

As in Fallujah, vengeance plays a role. US military forces have seen a steady escalation in casualties over the past year, while the CIA suffered a humiliating attack at the end of December that left seven of its operatives dead on the Afghan border.

In Afghanistan, as in Iraq, the US military command sees value in making an example of a population center known as a center of resistance to occupation, sending a message to the entire country that such resistance is futile and will be met with slaughter and destruction.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"They created a desolation, and they called it peace." -- Tacitus

"Kill 'em all. Let God sort them out!" -- Attributed to Saint Dominic, Pope Innocent III, and other holy men.

Afganistan: If the enemy vanishes -- kill civilians

Since the assault was always intended to be as much a publicity stunt as serving any military objective, Barack Obama and Gordon Brown will certainly be pleased at how the media has snapped into line and acted as stenographers for Nato press releases.

The truth is, most of the few hundred Taliban fighters in Marjah vanished well before the much touted offensive began, not being stupid enough to face up to 15,000 of the most heavily armed troops on the planet.

Much of what we've seen on the TV screens looks like random firing into empty space to give the cameras footage for the evening news bulletins.

U.S. rocket attack leaves 12 Afghan civilians dead

MARJAH, Afghanistan - Two U.S. rockets slammed into a home outside the southern Taliban stronghold of Marjah, killing 12 civilians after Afghanistan's president appealed to NATO to take care in its campaign to seize the town.

Five civilians killed in Nato rocket attack in Afghanistan

Incident follows death of 12 civilians after stray Nato rockets were fired in Helmand yesterday

Nato airstrike kills 27 civilians in Afghanistan

Nato forces in southern Afghanistan bombed a civilian convoy, killing 27 people including women and children and injuring many more, Afghan officials said.

The airstrike in a remote part of Oruzgan province yesterday capped a bloody week for Afghan civilians that has seen some 60 innocent people killed by Nato weapons.

Eight die in Afghan bombing as US loses 1,000th soldier

A bomb strapped to a bicycle exploded near a busy bus terminal in Afghanistan, killing eight people Tuesday as the death toll of US troops in the Afghan war surpassed the grim milestone of 1,000.

McChrystal went on television to apologise for a mistaken NATO air strike on Sunday that killed 27 civilians.

In the video he expresses "extreme sadness" and says foreign forces are in Afghanistan "to protect the Afghan people".

Webmaster's Commentary:

Memo to US General Stanley McChrystal: you understand, the Afghan people understand, and the world understands that the statement about foreign troops being in Afghanistan "to protect the Afghan people" is a complete, utter, and abominably transparent lie.

The US and NATO are in Afghanistan for two reasons, and two reasons only.

The are:

1. to "pacify" the Afghan population to the degree necessary to install the pipelines with which to to control Eurasian oil for private profit, and

2. To control production and the flow of drugs from which so many profit so handsomely.

The second outcome seems to have been well accomplished, to the point where the Russian government was complaining stridently last year about cheap heroin flooding the market in their country, destroying the lives of their kids (when you control the drugs, you control where the drugs wind up).


Nato admits that deaths of 8 boys were a mistake

A night-time raid in eastern Afghanistan in which eight schoolboys from one family were killed was carried out on the basis of faulty intelligence and should never have been authorised, a Times investigation has found.

Ten children and teenagers died when troops stormed a remote mountain compound near the border with Pakistan in December.

At the time, Nato claimed that the assault force was targeting a “known insurgent group responsible for a series of violent attacks”. Officials said that the victims were involved in making and smuggling improvised explosive devices. But Western sources close to the case now agree that the victims were all aged 12 to 18 and were not involved in insurgent activity.

Webmaster's Commentary:

We are killing more kids than actual enemy troops!

Afghan Senators Demand Execution of Foreign Troops;

Pajhwok News Agency reports that on Tuesday, the Afghanistan senate deplored the foreign airstrikes that killed 21 innocent civilians in the province of Daikundi on Sunday, and demanded that NATO avoid any repetition of this sort of error.

But some senators went farther, demanding that NATO or US military men responsible for the deaths be executed. Senator Hamidullah Tokhi of Uuzgan complained to Pajhwok that the foreign forces had killed civilians in such incidents time and again, and kept apologizing but then repeating the fatal mistake: "Anyone killing an ordinary Afghan should be executed in public."

Afghan offensive will take another month, general says

Webmaster's Commentary:

And only last Monday the White House declared the offensive would be finished ... yesterday.

US to launch major campaign in Afghanistan in next 18 months

US and NATO forces are all set to roll out an "intensive 18-month" ground campaign in Afghanistan to stamp out Taliban and al-Qaeda militants, top US generals have said warning the insurgents that Marjah offensive was just the start.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The US has been in Afghanistan longer than all of WW2. The US has been in Afghanistan as long as the USSR. Last week's "intensive operation" was supposed to end Wednesday with the capture of the Taliban stronghold and Friday they announced it will be another month before they are done.

And now it is 18 months.

You know, continuing to bash your own head with a two by four doesn't prove you are brave, only persistent to the point of stupidity.

NATO Poised for Enormous Kandahar Offensive

When NATO began its invasion of the Marjah farming region, the general consensus among analysts was that the offensive, the single largest operation since the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan against a relatively anonymous little town in the middle of nowhere, was mostly a “PR” invasion to sell the continued to an increasingly skeptical Western public.

But it is increasingly clear that wasn’t the whole story. Officials are now making it very plain that the invasion of Marjah was a “test” of a new strategy, that will be put into practice on a much larger scale with the invasion of Kandahar.

The Marjah invasion was far from the runaway success officials promised, but it appears to have been “good enough” from their perspective, and it seems that it will be used more or less unchanged in Kandahar. But the lacking strategy will run into more problems than just transitioning from the invasion of a farming region of 80,000 to a city of nearly a million people.

The Marjah invasion saw around 15,000 troops invade and enormous influx of police aimed at “holding” the region. It also drove around a third of the population into refugee camps around Lashkar Gah.

In contrast to Marjah, which was mostly built up in the 1960s by American investors to showcase modern agricultural techniques, Kandahar has enormous historical and cultural significance to the Taliban. It was the site where Mullah Omar founded the movement, and will probably see much more fierce resistance.

Afghanistan bans coverage of attacks, will detain offending journalists

"Afghanistan announced a ban on news coverage of Taliban strikes on Monday, saying such coverage only emboldened the Islamist militants..."

Webmaster's Commentary:

This strikes me as the sort of desperation move the side that is losing the war makes to keep the bad news from the general public.

Totally Occupied: 700 Military Bases Spread Across Afghanistan

Nearly a decade after the Bush administration launched its invasion of Afghanistan, TomDispatch offers the first actual count of American, NATO, and other coalition bases there, as well as facilities used by the Afghan security forces. Such bases range from relatively small sites like Shinwar to mega-bases that resemble small American towns. Today, according to official sources, approximately 700 bases of every size dot the Afghan countryside, and more, like the one in Shinwar, are under construction or soon will be as part of a base-building boom that began last year.

US Eyes Massive Offensive in Kandahar

Reiterating previous comments, several officials in the Obama Administration say that they will soon launch a massive offensive against Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province.

While the agricultural community of Marjah had some value to the Taliban, it was mostly by virtue of it being entirely out of the Karzai government’s control since the 2001 US invasion. Kandahar, on the other hand, is the Taliban’s “heartland,” and resistance is likely to be enormous.

Arms Sent by U.S. May Be Falling Into Taliban Hands

Webmaster's Commentary:

Go back and study how Charlie Wilson bought black-market Russian weapons to arm the Mujaheddin against the USSR, in order to give the US "deniability."

Is "someone" playing the same game back at us today?

Hamid Karzai demands US hand over gunmen who killed children

President Karzai’s security chiefs have demanded that America should hand over the gunmen behind a night raid in eastern Afghanistan that government investigators and the United Nations say killed at least eight schoolchildren.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Oh Hamid; you are SOOOOOOOO funny!

Xe Services aims for $1 billion Afghan deal

Now called Xe Services, the company is in the running for a Pentagon contract potentially worth $1 billion to train Afghanistan's troubled national police force. Xe has been shifting to training, aviation and logistics work after its security guards were accused of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians more than two years ago.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Considering the nearly incestuous relationship between Blackwater/Xe and the CIA, I wouldn't bet against this happening.

‘Afghan Insurgency Can Sustain Itself Indefinitely’: Top U.S. Intel Officer

Flynn’s December 23rd presentation on the “State of the Insurgency
: Trends, Intentions and Objectives” may be the gloomiest public assessment of the war yet. The “loosely
organized” Taliban is “growing more cohesive” and “increasingly effective.” The insurgents now have their own “governors” installed in 33 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. And the “strength and ability of [that] shadow governance increasing,” according to the presentation. The Taliban’s “organizational capabilities and operational reach are qualitatively and geographically expanding.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

At the end of the day, for American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, there will be a "Saigon Moment", when these military personnel will have to leave the country, just as the military personnel from the old Soviet Union had to leave.

Ultimately, the only people who will have "won" here are the corporations providing mercenaries and logistics services, and the drug lords.

And then, the US will have to negotiate with whatever government is left standing about the cost of installing the pipelines with which to control Eurasian oil, just as the Bush administration was doing as late as August of 2001.

Wars are never cheaper than negotiations.

Shooting Handcuffed Children

The occupied government of Afghanistan and the United Nations have both concluded that U.S.-led troops recently dragged eight sleeping children out of their beds, handcuffed some of them, and shot them all dead. While this apparently constitutes an everyday act of kindness, far less intriguing than the vicious singeing of his pubic hairs by Captain Underpants, it is at least a variation on the ordinary American technique of murdering men, women, and children by the dozens with unmanned drones.

Afghan govt. demands arrest of US "death squad" who handcuffed, executed 8 children. US refuses

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Kai Eide, UN Representative to Afghanistan confirmed the Afghan government’s investigative conclusions that US troops handcuffed and then executed eight students enrolled in grades 6 through 10 in a night raid on December 27, 2009. The US military and NATO responded the troops involved were non-official. The most likely source of para-military “non-official” troops in Afghanistan is Blackwater/Xe.

President Hamid Karzai demanded arrest of the US troops engaged in the break-in and mafia-style execution of their children. The US responded to the Afghan demand of January 1 by rejecting the findings of the Afghan government and UN with a vague promise of their own self-investigation at some later date.

US Drone Fired Missile Into a ‘Crowd of Suspects,’ Killing 13 Afghans


Exactly what made the reportedly unarmed crowd a “crowd of suspects” is unclear, but Marines that attacked the town at roughly the same time claim to have found ammunition and a “Taliban torture cell.” US forces seemed quite pleased with the attack on the crowd, declaring “we caught them with their pants down.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Every time we hit people with these drone attacks, we radicalize those left standing even further away from the Karzai government, and US and NATO forces.

Shooting Handcuffed Children


The occupied government of Afghanistan and the United Nations have both concluded that U.S.-led troops recently dragged eight sleeping children out of their beds, handcuffed some of them, and shot them all dead. While this apparently constitutes an everyday act of kindness, far less intriguing than the vicious singeing of his pubic hairs by Captain Underpants, it is at least a variation on the ordinary American technique of murdering men, women, and children by the dozens with unmanned drones.

Stunning Statistics About the War Every American Should Know


At present, there are 104,000 Department of Defense contractors in Afghanistan. According to a report this week from the Congressional Research Service, as a result of the coming surge of 30,000 troops in Afghanistan, there may be up to 56,000 additional contractors deployed. But here is another group of contractors that often goes unmentioned: 3,600 State Department contractors and 14,000 USAID contractors. That means that the current total US force in Afghanistan is approximately 189,000 personnel (68,000 US troops and 121,000 contractors). And remember, that’s right now. And that, according to McCaskill, is a conservative estimate. A year from now, we will likely see more than 220,000 US-funded personnel on the ground in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Unflipping believable!

A surge at $57,077.60 a minute

The sum of US$57,077.60. That's what the United States is paying per minute. Keep that in mind - just for a minute or so.

After all, the surge is already on. By the end of December, the first 1,500 of 30,000 additional US troops will have landed in Afghanistan, a nation roughly the size of Texas, ranked by the United Nations as second-worst in the world in terms of human development.

Webmaster's Commentary:

There will be a point, in continuing to fund these immoral and illegal wars without end, that the US is going to wind up bankrupting itself.

Looking at the current economic climate, that moment may well come sooner rather than later.

The Dutch government has collapsed over disagreements on extending troop deployments in Afghanistan.

After marathon talks, Christian Democratic Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende announced that the Labour Party was quitting the government.

Just under 2,000 Dutch service personnel have been serving in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan since 2006, with 21 killed.

At last one EU country has the guts to pull out of Afghanistan

It was so uplifting to see the Government of the Netherlands make a decision to pull out of Afghanistan. This is the first major NATO partner to make such a decision and hopefully this will paint a very clear picture to the other EU members that this war has nothing to do with democracy or terrorism.

The people have a last seen what hides behind this unnecessary war and realize that its basis was formed on a pack of lies. We again see that the true reason for going to war was greed for economic growth and to get their hands on the oil and gas reserves in the Middle East Region.

Israël - Organgate:

En Israël, des prélèvements d’organes imposés à des Palestiniens

Israël: des organes ont été prélevés sur des Palestiniens

GUARDIAN - Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent

Guardian Retracts Organ Harvesting Headline

L'ancien chef du principal institut médico-légal israélien a reconnu que des organes avaient été prélevés sur des corps, notamment de Palestiniens, au cours des années 1990 sans l'autorisation des familles des défunts. Le Dr Jehuda Hiss a fait ces déclarations dans le cadre d'un entretien accordé en 2000 à une universitaire américaine. Nancy Scheper-Hugues a décidé de ne le rendre public que maintenant en raison d'une controverse qui a éclaté l'été dernier à la suite d'un ar...

Is Israel a State or An Organ Harvesting Mafia?

Did Israel send their organ mafia to serve as IDF officers in the West Bank so that they could select and hunt Palestinian victims who had traits (and organs) corresponding to specific criteria, like the color of her skin, eyes and …?

This would help to explain many seemingly random murders by the IDF, of children, of people going about their business, people who often had no role in resistance and who were not involved in political activity of any kind.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel has never created a national Constitution, nor will it define its exact borders. Under those two requirements, Israel's statehood is dubious at best.

Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent

Israel has admitted pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others, without the consent of their families – a practice it said ended in the 1990s – it emerged at the weekend.

Israel admits organ harvesting

Israel's military has admitted forensic pathologists once harvested organs from dead bodies - both Israeli and Palestinian - without the permission of their families.

Four months ago Israel threatened legal action against a Swedish newspaper which published claims that Israeli soldiers had killed Palestinians to harvest their organs.

ORGANGATE - VIDEO - Yehuda Hiss Admits Israel Organ Harvesting

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Israeli doctors experimented on children

A leading Israeli doctor and medical ethicist has called for the prosecution of doctors responsible for thousands of unauthorised and often illegal experiments on small children and geriatric and psychiatric patients in Israeli hospitals.

An investigation by the government watchdog, the state comptroller, has revealed that researchers in 10 public hospitals administered drugs, carried out unauthorised genetic testing or undertook painful surgery on patients unable to give informed consent or without obtaining health ministry approval.

At one hospital, staff pierced children's eardrums to apply an experimental medication yet to be approved in any country. At another, patients with senile dementia had their thumbprints applied to consent forms for experimental drugs.

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Algerian kids falling prey to Jewish 'organ harvest'

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - New Jewish organ theft gang busted

New reports have surfaced on the arrest of yet another Jewish organ trading gang in the United States involved in the abduction of Algerian children.

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Jews Threaten To Kill Swede Donald Boström For Reporting On Israeli Organ Theft Racket

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Romania probes Israeli adoption agency link in organ trafficking

The Romanian Embassy in Israel has asked for, and received from the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry, a list of all children born in Romania who have been brought to Israel for adoption in recent years. The Romanian officials are trying to ascertain if all such children arrived in Israel with all organs in their bodies.

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Suspect in international organ trafficking ring testifies Israeli government financed transplants

A retired Israeli army officer under arrest on suspicion of participating in an international organ trafficking scheme testified before a Brazilian court that the Israeli government financed organ transplants, the daily O Globo reported.

In South Africa, where the transplants were performed, police arrested an elderly physician and a regional transplant coordinator for a private hospital group for their involvement in the Israeli-led organ trafficking ring that was uncovered last December. The scheme involved donors from Brazil, and transplants performed in South Africa for patients from a variety of countries.

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - The big New Jersey bust - What they're not saying

Webmaster's Commentary:

What the TV news is NOT reporting is:

1. The FBI was advised of this organ trafficking
ring SEVEN YEARS AGO by a totally credible source
(a university professor) and it's MUCH larger than
a single potential transaction.

2. Law enforcement in Brazil and South Africa acted
immediately on the information and went after the criminals.

3. This was not just organ dealing. It was organ
stealing. Impoverished people were flown in and
told if they didn't go through with the deal, they'd
be shot. Some had no idea the details of what they'd
agreed to.

Organs were "bought" for $10,000 and re-sold for
$150,000 and more.

It took the FBI SEVEN YEARS to get themselves in gear
and get an indictment.

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Top NJ religious and government leaders arrested in black market organ scandal - Video

New Jersey top government officials and religious leaders, according to MSNBC, have been arrested in connection with a supposed "major corruption and international money-laundering conspiracy." Reportedly it was also discovered that many were involved in a black market organ ring.


Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent

Israel has admitted pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others, without the consent of their families – a practice it said ended in the 1990s – it emerged at the weekend.

The admission, by the former head of the country's forensic institute, followed a furious row prompted by a Swedish newspaper reporting that Israel was killing Palestinians in order to use their organs – a charge that Israel denied and called "antisemitic".

Webmaster's Commentary:

Has anyone seen this story on the US Corporate media, or is ABCNNBBCBS still totally obsessed with dead rock singers and dead actresses today?

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Israel organ harvesting scandal 'medically impossible'

Aftonbladet's organ harvesting allegations are ludicrous from a medical perspective, writes Andrea Meyerhoff MD, Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who also argues that Sweden missed an opportunity to "reject anti-Semitism and reaffirm principles of good journalism."

Webmaster's Commentary:

Andrea Meyerhoff joins Michael Mann and Phil Jones as among those who prostitute their science for political purposes, and with this one stupid stunt, Andrea Meyerhoff has dragged the credibility and respect for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine right down to the same low level as Hadley CRU and the IPCC.

Please take a moment to write their VP of communications, Dalal J. Haldeman, and let him know that Israel has now ADMITTED to doing what Andrea Meyerhoff publicly stated was impossible. Please advise Mr. Haldeman that Dr. Andrea Meyerhoff, having demonstrated a questionable competence in things medical, should not be allowed near any living patient.

Do it now. I'll wait.

Let's call it "Organgate! - Israeli military admits to organ harvesting

Following diplomatic tensions over an August article published in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet accusing the Israeli army of illegally harvesting the organs of Palestinians, Israel has admitted its forensic pathologists removed organs from dead bodies without consent from their families, reports the Associated Press.

Israel admits to organ harvesting

Israel has admitted that in the 1990s, its forensic pathologists harvested organs from dead bodies, including Palestinians, without permission of their families.

The issue emerged with publication of an interview with the then-head of Israel’s Abu Kabir forensic institute, Dr. Jehuda Hiss. The interview was conducted in 2000 by an American academic, who released it because of a huge controversy last summer over an allegation by a Swedish newspaper that Israel was killing Palestinians in order to harvest their organs. Israel hotly denied the charge.

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Which means Israel lied (big shock there) and may be presumed to be lying about pretty much everything else.

Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent


Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die

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Just like they currently do in Israel.

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