Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

lundi 18 janvier 2010

Quelques importants vidéos

Quelques importants vidéos

Voici quelques importants vidéos à voir. On y parle du trafic de drogue aux États-Unis, des banquiers internationaux, de la fraude H1N1 et du réchauffement climatique en passant par Al Gore, des fraudes de la crise économique et plus.

Obama - the guy who was going to end
the war - is going to expand the one in

How much do you know about

Thanks to the
US news media, next to nothing.

Two authors with multi-decade experience
on the ground there, the
US news media
does not want you to meet.



Eustace Mullins - The Rothschilds

"There was a lot of money on the street."

Now, it's gone.

Here's what it looks like when the money

A tour of the
California waste land.



How science is corrupted and
politicized - and bad science
becomes mandatory.


Lest we forget...

The big banks have taken over the government
and the economy.

What ever works for them is what's done,
even if if destroys the country in the





Who was Vice President when the floodgates
first opened letting tons of cocaine flood
into the

With the meltdown of the economy and the
endless expansion of war, the "war on drugs"
isn't getting much attention.

But have no fear, drug smuggling is still
a popular pass time for folks with good

Video by Daniel Hopsicker:


How the drugs get in

Independent investigator Daniel Hopksicker does some of the best reporting you'll find on the mechanics of the drug business.

Bottom line:

1. The drugs get in via private plane (DEA admits over 70% get in this way.)
2. Small airport traffic is *selectively* enforced
3. Known criminals are allowed to fly in and out of certain airports with less supervision than a grandmother flying home for Christmas

And, not surprisingly, many, if not all, roads lead back to George Bush Sr, the "Mena Man" whose "Mena Boy", Bill Clinton, was president for eight years, followed by his cokehead son.

For books and videos by Daniel HopsickerClick here

Remember how the swine flu was a pandemic that
was supposed to destroy the world as we know it?

I guess it didn't happen.

Why are we not surprised.

Turns out that the deadly swine flu was
weaker than the normal flu and the biggest
health danger was from the vaccine.



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