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mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Les manipulations du pétrole, de l'économie et du système bancaire


Émission de L'Autre Monde du 22 janvier 2009: Les manipulations du pétrole, de l'économie et du système bancaire

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Au programme, nous avons les dernières nouvelles de l'économie mondiale - temps difficiles à venir; tout ce qu'il y a à savoir sur le climat qui ne cesse de se refroidir; nous allons faire une mise à jour des évènements et du massacre à Gaza; vous avez aussi droit à mon analyse de l'inauguration de Barack Obama et nous complèterons avec un tour des nouvelles mondiales avec la chronique LNI .

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Inauguration royale de Barack Obama et de son gouvernement de continuité

Gaza & Israël: Tous les articles importants - Série no.5

Deux vidéo incontournables: Chossudovsky sur la crise économique et Williams sur le pétrole


Money As Debt

The Scariest Chart Ever

Webmaster's Commentary:

Gaze on it and weep.

The Scariest Chart Ever

If this doesn't give you pause, nothing will. From East Coast Economics:

Here is a chart of federal borrowing through Dec. 2007.

Now, same chart through December 2008.

Anyone still think there are not some rough patches down the road?

Shipping rates hit zero as trade sinks

The cost of shipping goods from Asia to Europe has tumbled. "They have already hit zero," said Charles de Trenck, a broker at Transport Trackers in Hong Kong. "We have seen trade activity fall off a cliff. Asia-Europe is an unmit­igated disaster."

Shipping journal Lloyd's List said brokers in Singapore are now waiving fees for containers travelling from South China, charging only for the minimal "bunker" costs. Container fees from North Asia have dropped $200, taking them below operating cost.

Industry sources said they have never seen rates fall so low. "This is a whole new ball game," said one trader.

Illinois-based Nat'l Bank of Commerce closed

Berkeley, Ill.-based National Bank of Commerce was closed by regulators Friday, marking the first bank failure of 2009, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said in a statement. Republic Bank of Chicago will assume all of National Bank of Commerce's deposits, while the two locations of National Bank of Commerce will reopen Saturday as branches of Republic Bank, the FDIC said. National Commerce Bank had total deposits of $402.1 million as of Jan. 7, and total assets of $430.9 million, the FDIC said

83% of big U.S companies, contractors use offshore tax havens

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has just issued a report showing that most of the nation's largest public companies and government contractors rely on offshore subsidiaries to do business and cut their tax bills. Some of these same firms — including big banks and insurers — have already received tens of billions in taxpayer money from the federal bailout fund.

Citigroup, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, American International Group, American Express have set up hundreds of tax-haven subsidiaries, the report states. All have taken billions from the bailout fund. Pepsi and Caterpillar, both of which have received billions in tax dollars from being major government contractors, also shelter revenue in offshore subsidiaries, The Washington Post says.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Which tells you a lot about the tax code.

Wall Street caused oil price spike - 60 Minutes

Here is an interesting video news story from 60 Minutes that aired Jan. 12th 2009. It is being claimed that investment bankers speculating in the commodities markets were dramatically affecting the prices of crude oil and that the resulting price at the pump was due to the speculation and not supply and demand. In the end of the video it is stated that "regulatory lapses in the commodities markets that many believe fomented the rapid speculation in oil has still not been addressed although the incoming Obama administration has promised to do so." One has to wonder what kind of regulation on commodities will be coming and who will be doing the regulating. This appears to be another problem - reaction - solution scenario unfolding with the Federal Reserve grabbing more power.


Bank Of America "Is Insolvent", Will be "Broken Up"

Mike "Mish" Shedlock has batted 100% - for the time I've been reading his blog - in calling companies insolvent months or years before it becomes public knowledge.

Mish is now saying "Bank of America Is Insolvent".

And analyst Billings is saying that Bank of America will be "Broken Up"

Hold on to your hats, folks . . .

Obama warns about years of trillion-dollar deficits

The Economy, Obama's Race to Lose | Obama to be led around by his nose on economy

Obama Starts ‘Remaking America' by Tackling Banks, Afghanistan

Ken Fireman and Edwin Chen | Bloomberg.com | Wed-Jan 21, 2009

The plunge in bank stocks yesterday added pressure on Obama to take quick action as he meets with his economic advisers today. While full details of a bank rescue haven’t been settled yet, people familiar with the deliberations said the package is likely to include a $50 billion-plus program to forestall foreclosures, fresh injections of capital into the banks and steps to deal with toxic assets clogging lenders’ balance sheets.

Stimulus Package

The plan for the banks may be twinned with an $825 billion economic-stimulus bill being negotiated with Congress.

The biggest flood of red ink the world has ever known

How much is $1.186 trillion — or $1,186,000,000,000, written out the long way?

Why do I bring this up? Because that $1.186 trillion figure is the projected 2009 deficit, according to the latest report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

And it is downright scary.

Investors dump $89B in U.S. securities in historic fire sale

As the global financial crisis grew more severe this summer, foreigners sold almost $90 billion of U.S. securities — the greatest quarterly fire sale by overseas investors since the government began keeping track in 1960. U.S. investors also are retrenching; they unloaded about $85 billion worth of foreign holdings in the quarter, says the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis.

"We've had a global panic. Everyone is pulling their money home," says economist Adam Posen of the Peterson Institute in Washington, D.C.

California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants

State Pensions’ $865 Billion Loss Affects New Workers

State governments from Rhode Island to California have run up estimated pension-fund losses of $865.1 billion, forcing some to cut benefits for new hires.

Assets for 109 state funds declined 37 percent to $1.46 trillion over the 14 months ended Dec. 16, according to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of stocks fell 41 percent in the period.

“Not a whole lot of people get too excited about pension funds,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said in an interview. “But if you have to pay those costs, they do grab your attention.”

Bank of England secret money printing

The Bank of England will be able to print extra money without having legally to declare it under new plans which will heighten fears that the Government will secretly pump extra cash into the economy.

The Government is set to throw out the 165-year-old law that obliges the Bank to publish a weekly account of its balance sheet -- a move that will allow it theoretically to embark covertly on so-called quantitative easing. The Banking Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament, abolishes a key section of the law laid down by Robert Peel's Government in 1844 that originally granted the Bank the sole right to print UK money.

Federal Reserve minutes detail fear of deflationary spiral

Consumers anxious about the worsening economy might welcome the prospect of falling prices. But wide-scale price declines actually would accelerate the economic downturn, and a fear of possible deflation was one reason the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near-zero last month.

Webmaster's Commentary:

There is no actual money. A Federal Reserve Note is an instrument of debt. It is created out of thin air when someone takes out a loan from a bank.

The problem with such a system is that the moment it goes into operation, more money is owed than actually exists. For each borrower to be able to repay their loans, new borrowers must be found whose loan applications will create new debt and creation of new money. It is a pyramid scheme, because it works only as long as there is an ever-increasing population of borrowers at the very bottom.

But nearly after 100 years of the Federal Reserve, the entire nation is up to the neck in debt, and there are no new borrowers taking out loans which can be used to create new money, even with near zero interest rates. So, the government has embarked on a program of massive borrowing on your behalf, $8.5 trillion of it so far which works out to about $100,000 per taxpayer, but this is a holding action that cannot last because the ability of the government to repay those loans rests on the American people, who are barely able to pay their own debts, let alone take on another $100,000 each that the government borrowed for them.

This is why the actual use and destination of the money is irrelevant and why it's not really a big deal when Wall Street companies throw huge parties and pay executives bonuses with the money; the purpose is to force the population to borrow more, to allow the Federal Reserve to create new money to put into circulation.

And in the long run, it cannot work, because the end result is the plunge in the dollar and in all those treasury certificates the US Government is printing up as part of the dog and pony show.

This is why Bernie Madoff is getting a free pass for his Ponzi scheme. The whole system; the entire Federal Reserve has been a giant Ponzi scheme, lasting almost a century.

And it is starting to come apart.

Panic could herald dollar rout

One of the few things more troubling for an economy than government intervention is government intervention driven by panic. Time and again, history has shown that when governments rush to engineer solutions to pressing problems, unintended difficulties arise.

In the current crisis, there is growing evidence that Washington is in a state of increasing panic. Despite its massive cash injections, market manipulations and "rescue" plans, the recession is clearly deepening and spreading. With little to show thus far, politicians don't know if they should redouble past efforts, break ground on new initiatives, or both. However, all agree, unfortunately, that the consequences of doing too little far

Webmaster's Commentary:

Folks, the ultimate problem is that the entire federal Reserve system is a pyramid scheme, and now that they have run out of fresh borrowers, the system is collapsing.

They can't fix it.

All they can do is loot what's left and stick you with the mess!

Venezuela reinstates free home heating oil for poor in U.S.

Webmaster's Commentary:

While the US Government lets the poor people freeze and ponders a carbon tax to suck even more money out of them.

Circuit City pulls plug on all 567 U.S. stores

Liquidation sales of $1.2 billion in inventory will start today at 567 Circuit City stores nationwide after the bankrupt consumer electronics retailer was unable to find a buyer or restructure its debt.

ADP Reports 693,000 Private-Sector Jobs Lost in December

Bank Of England Policymaker Predicts Unprecedented Dollar Collapse

A former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee has predicted a massive collapse of the dollar within the next two to five years, warning that a government increase in spending under President elect Obama could be disastrous.

Bank of England cuts interest rates to lowest in more than 300 years

The Bank of England has cut interest rates to the lowest level in its 315-year history as it desperately attempts to prevent the UK recession deepening into a slump.

Yuan-settlement test to start

CHINA'S central bank said yesterday that it plans to implement a pilot program that would settle overseas trade with the Chinese currency instead of the US dollar.

Those moves are expected to facilitate overseas trade, as Chinese exporters might face losses if they continue to be paid in US dollars, analysts said.

How The U.S.A. Funds It’s Debt

So if the People’s Bank of China used excess dollars to buy U.S. Treasuries, and didn’t buy the yuan on the Forex to sell to the businessman’s local bank, where did the People’s Bank of China get the yuan?

Answer: China creates it!

Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse

The long-held assumption that US assets - particularly government bonds - are a safe haven will soon be overturned as investors lose their patience with the world's biggest economy, according to Willem Buiter.

Credit Card Companies Slash Credit Limits

As if access to credit wasn't already tight, credit card companies are slashing consumer credit lines and closing inactive cards - a move that could harm borrowers' credit scores and restrict access to loans.

"Card issuers are playing defense, "trying to limit their risks in "the poor economic climate and against the prospect of continued consumer defaults," said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst at Bankrate.com.

But the lenders' actions could bring more worries for consumers.

Unless we are decisive Britain faces bankruptcy

Our financial institutions are fighting for their lives and the Treasury may not be able to bail them out. The government needs to get serious to avert meltdown

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Steal form the poor to give to the rich. It's always worked before (mostly)."

New bail-out for banks

The government will take another step today towards nationalising the entire banking industry by offering to buy shares in those institutions which sign up to a scheme offering potentially unlimited insurance against losses on their assets.

Obama undeterred by common sense hesitation, has ANOTHER rescue plan.

Obama to unveil new rescue plan: Geithner
Treasury nominee offers no estimate of cost, signals more money needed

In testimony Wednesday before the Senate Finance Committee, Geithner didn't say how much the new package would cost. He refused to give specifics [...]

Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve Board chairman, told the panel that the cost of fixing the banks would cost several trillion dollars.

More government assistance would be needed, Geithner added, because the crisis is far from over. More money also will have to be used to get credit markets back to normal.

The nominee also defended his actions related to the collapse of Lehman Brothers. [...]

Bank of America Has First Loss in 17 Years, Gets $138 Billion U.S. Bailout

Bank of America Posts Quarterly Loss After Bailout

(Bloomberg) -- Bank of America Corp., the largest U.S. bank by assets, posted its first loss since 1991 and cut the dividend to a penny after receiving emergency government funds to support the acquisition of Merrill Lynch & Co.

The fourth-quarter loss of $1.79 billion, or 48 cents a share, compared with net income of $268 million, or 5 cents, a year earlier, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company said in a statement today. Results didn't include a $15.3 billion loss at Merrill, acquired this month.

The losses, coupled with the U.S. lifeline of $138 billion, put more pressure on Chief Executive Officer Kenneth D. Lewis [...]

Fury as Northern Rock's 4,000 workers to get £8.8million in bonuses

Northern Rock employees will pocket a whopping 10 per cent pay bonus this Friday, it has been revealed.

The state-run bank will hand out £8.8million to its 4,000 staff after they met targets on repaying the bank's £26billion Government loan.

Unemployment hurtles towards two million as record numbers of people are laid off work

Unemployment is creeping closer towards the dreaded two million mark as record numbers of people are being made redundant, new official figures reveal.

First 100 Days: Manufacturing a dream and a recovery

Manufacturing has boosted the American economy, jobs, and wages for generations dating back to World War II. Recently, it has fallen on very hard times. Nearly one in four manufacturing jobs has vanished since 2000, and 40,000 factories have closed since 1998.

Warner Brothers to cut 800 positions

The Time Warner Inc., citing the worldwide financial downturn and the current forecasts, will lay off about 600 employees, with half of those cuts to be made in the coming weeks. Another 200 jobs currently open at the studio will not be filled, the Warner Brothers spokeswoman said.

Toyota to suspend production for 11 days in Japan

Toyota is suspending production at all 12 of its Japan plants for 11 days over February and March, a stoppage of unprecedented scale for the nation's top automaker as it grapples with shrinking global demand.

Falling Behind

GM dethroned as top automaker

The End of the Financial World as We Know It

AMERICANS enter the New Year in a strange new role: financial lunatics. We’ve been viewed by the wider world with mistrust and suspicion on other matters, but on the subject of money even our harshest critics have been inclined to believe that we knew what we were doing. They watched our investment bankers and emulated them: for a long time now half the planet’s college graduates seemed to want nothing more out of life than a job on Wall Street.

This is one reason the collapse of our financial system has inspired not merely a national but a global crisis of confidence. Good God, the world seems to be saying, if they don’t know what they are doing with money, who does?

Incredibly, intelligent people the world over remain willing to lend us money and even listen to our advice; they appear not to have realized the full extent of our madness. We have at least a brief chance to cure ourselves. But first we need to ask: of what?

Webmaster's Commentary:

I commented on this a while back. Our big mistake as a nation is that we abandoned the idea of making products to make money and started treating the money itself as the primary product. Money became a commodity to be bartered, repackaged, reformatted, bundled, leveraged, arbitraged, greenmailed, derived, and in general shaken back and forth with great energy in the hopes it would magically grow all by itself. and, as long as new suckers, I mean "investors" could be brought in at the bottom, the system seemed to work.

But it was all a giant Ponzi scheme. The only difference between Bernie and the rest of them is that Bernie got caught!

False Diagnosis of Deflation

My conclusion is that the USFed and the Federal Reserve Banks themselves are orchestrating a collapse of sorts for the USEconomy. Their purpose is unknown, but if the Great Depression Era is any teacher, this elite group of banksters harbors great lust for consolidated power.

US loses most jobs since 1945

Financial Times

The US economy lost more than half a million jobs in December for the second month running, figures showed on Friday, making 2008 the worst year for job losses since 1945 and intensifying pressure on Congress to pass a fiscal stimulus.

The number of jobs lost during the year reached 2.6m, while the unemployment rate – 4.4 per cent before the credit crisis – jumped to 7.2 per cent in December, its highest level in 16 years.

Peter Schiff predictions

Manufacturing slumps at fastest pace since 1981

Factory output slumped in November at its fastest annual pace since 1981, increasing the likelihood that the economy shrank sharply at the end of 2008 and faces a deep recession in 2009.

Bankrupt retailer puts 30,000 people out of work

Circuit City will begin liquidation on Saturday

Module body

By Karen Jacobs and Emily Chasan


ATLANTA/RICHMOND, Virginia (Reuters) - Bankrupt electronics retailer Circuit City Stores said on Friday it will liquidate its assets and shutter hundreds of stores after failing to reach a deal to sell the company.

Sony to close TV plant, shed 2,000 jobs: report

TOKYO (AFP) - Sony Corp. plans to close one of its two television plants in Japan and shed more than 2,000 domestic full-time jobs as part of efforts to revive its electronics business, a report said Thursday.

Sony, a bellwether of corporate Japan, has ditched non-core assets and axed thousands of jobs in recent years. Last month it announced 16,000 more job cuts worldwide along with factory closures while details are to be worked out.

Eaton says to cut 5,200 jobs to cut costs

BHP Billiton to cut 6,000 jobs

SYDNEY (AFP) – The world's biggest miner, BHP Billiton, said Wednesday it would cut about 6,000 jobs because of the global economic downturn and weakening demand for its products.

More Americans Joining Military as Jobs Dwindle

As the number of jobs across the nation dwindles, more Americans are joining the military, lured by a steady paycheck, benefits and training.

Grow your own: The seeds of change

As shoppers feel the pinch, more Britons are tearing out the decking and turning their lawns into vegetable plots.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is a GOOD idea for those of you with enough land around your homes.

And it will confuse things for those very expensive helicopters flying around looking for marijuana patches!

Jim Rogers: 'Sell any sterling you might have. It's finished'

Fresh concerns about the British economy and fears for the stability of the UK's financial system pushed sterling to new record lows against the dollar, euro and yen yesterday.

One of the world's leading investors voiced the markets' concerns. Jim Rogers, of the Singapore-based Rogers Holdings and co-founder of the Quantum fund with George Soros, told Bloomberg Television: "I would urge you to sell any sterling you might have. It's finished. I hate to say it, but I would not put any money in the UK."

Webmaster's Commentary:

It's a race to the bottom.

Bankers accused in crisis could face trials in US

Sanctions against bankers deemed responsible for the financial crisis could include more legal action abroad, as the UK authorities struggle to bring prosecutions, lawyers say.

The lack of activity by the FSA, which last year conducted its first prosecutions for insider dealing, could be mitigated by extraditions to the US where prosecutors have been more active in investigating banks and senior executives.

Swindler's List - Judge refuses to jail Madoff after violation of bail

Webmaster's Commentary:

Imagine my shock.

Folks, they WANT this guy to flee to Israel. A full investigation into Madoff would rip open the whole belly of the beast that is Wall Street.

Bail denied for $100 million pyramid scheme suspect

Relatives and close friends turned out in force Wednesday to support Joseph Shereshevsky 's request for release on bond.

At the end of a three-hour detention hearing, Miller ordered the co-owner of the investment firm to remain in custody until his arraignment on charges of securities fraud.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So why does Madoff get a free pass here?

Bill Gross: We've Got a "Ponzi-Style Economy"

Bill Gross is managing director of the world's largest bond fund, Pimco, which manages some $790 Billion Dollars in assets. Pimco also is managing the commercial-paper assets for the Federal Reserve as part of the government's Commercial Paper Funding Facility program. As such, Pimco is in many ways an insider.

In his January 2009 Investment Outlook, Gross writes that it is not only Madoff who ran a Ponzi scheme, but the entire U.S. economy is a Ponzi-like scheme. He calls it "our Ponzi-style economy".

Government aid could save U.S. newspapers, spark debate

Connecticut lawmaker Frank Nicastro sees saving the local newspaper as his duty. But others think he and his colleagues are setting a worrisome precedent for government involvement in the U.S. press.

To some experts, that sounds like a bailout, a word that resurfaced this year after the U.S. government agreed to give hundreds of billions of dollars to the automobile and financial sectors.

Relying on government help raises ethical questions for the press, whose traditional role has been to operate free from government influence as it tries to hold politicians accountable to the people who elected them. Even some publishers desperate for help are wary of this route.

Providing government support can muddy that mission, said Paul Janensch, a journalism professor at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, and a former reporter and editor.

"You can't expect a watchdog to bite the hand that feeds it," he said.

Many media experts predict that 2009 will be the year that newspapers of all sizes will falter and die, a threat long predicted but rarely taken seriously until the credit crunch blossomed into a full-fledged financial meltdown.

Some papers no longer print daily, and some not at all.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Like they are not already neck deep in the corporate media??????

Taxing ISPs to Prop Up Failing Newspapers?

We recently noted how the RIAA has created an entirely new organization tasked with pushing the idea of collective music licensing, applying a $5-$10 "piracy tax" to consumer broadband bills, regardless of whether you pirate or not. The idea has several critical problems, not least of which being that it rewards the music industry for their failure to adapt, but it also opens the door to every single industry impacted by piracy (music, film, porn, gaming, literature) to begin demanding their own tax.

Mike Masnick at Techdirt notes that it didn't take long for other collapsing business models to start putting their hand out. Canadian website Macleans recently published an article suggesting that because it's getting harder to make money in the news business, failing newspapers should be compensated for their losses by applying an ISP tax. Of course the ISPs won't pay it, you will.

Porn industry seeks federal bailout

Another major American industry is asking for assistance as the global financial crisis continues: Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis said Wednesday they will request that Congress allocate $5 billion for a bailout of the adult entertainment industry.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is a joke, right? No? It SHOULD be!

A torch-wielding crowd forces Icelandic TV program featuring PM off air

A nationally televised meeting between Iceland's prime minister and other political leaders was forced off the air Wednesday night when angry protesters disrupted the broadcast.

For the Love of Chrysler

Chrysler decided to use $100,000 of taxpayer money to buy a full-page "Thank You" ad in USA Today.

Max Keiser on Gaza and the Financial Holocaust pt 1/2

Max Keiser with some straight talking.

part 2 here

Max Keiser on Gaza and the Financial Holocaust pt 2/2

We’re a nation on the brink of going bankrupt

All hopes of Gordon Brown managing to save the world with October's great banking bail-out have proved tragically misguided.

The £37billion injected into the banks last autumn might have helped save the financial system from instant meltdown. But its effects have proved at best temporary, and now the money has disappeared without trace.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The last official act of any government is to loot the nation.

A desperate attempt to revive a corpse

The second bailout shows that the Government has acted as imprudently as the banks themselves

Roubini Predicts U.S. Losses May Reach $3.6 Trillion - Optimism Obounds

U.S. financial losses from the credit crisis may reach $3.6 trillion, suggesting the banking system is “effectively insolvent,” said New York University Professor Nouriel Roubini, who predicted last year’s economic crisis.

“I’ve found that credit losses could peak at a level of $3.6 trillion for U.S. institutions, half of them by banks and broker dealers,” Roubini said at a conference in Dubai today. “If that’s true, it means the U.S. banking system is effectively insolvent because it starts with a capital of $1.4 trillion. This is a systemic banking crisis.”

Will the UK Lose its AAA Credit Rating?

First Iceland, Greece and Spain lost their AAA sovereign credit rating.

Now, Bloomberg notes:

"The U.K. government may lose its top AAA credit rating after taking a 70 percent stake in Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, credit-default swaps show."

Indeed, as the Financial Times writes:

The cost of buying credit protection for the sovereign debts of the UK, US, Ireland, Spain, Austria and Germany all hit fresh highs on Tuesday morning.***

Taxpayers are spending over $1 billion to send refined fuel to the Israeli military -- at a time when Israel doesn't need it and America does.

In short, U.S. taxpayers are paying for U.S. energy companies to buy Arab crude, ship it across the Atlantic to refineries in the U.S., refine it, and then ship it back across the Atlantic so that the Israel Defense Force can use it in its wars.

Oil demand to fall again in 2009

BBC Business News | Staff Reporter | Fri, 16 Jan 2009

Global oil demand is due to fall for the second year in succession in 2009, the first consecutive annual declines in 26 years, a report has predicted.

The IEA, which represents the main oil consuming nations, said the expected fall was due to the global slowdown.

"Global oil demand is reducing at an alarming rate," said Rob Laughlin, senior oil analyst at MF Global in London.

Pastor Lindsey Williams Details "Economic Calamity" Ahead

After two hours of interview I had four legal pages of notes. I am going to relate as best I can the highlights of that interview. Some of you will get duplications because some of you are on more than one of my mailing lists. Please understand. I consider this matter to be extremely important!

This will be rough, since it will be stream of consciousness, right off of my note pad. But it is the message that is important and not the delivery.

Lire les différents points dans le document

Henry Kissinger: The world must forge a new order or retreat to chaos

While American political judgments have often proved controversial, the American prescription for a world financial order has generally been unchallenged. Now disillusionment with the United States' management of it is widespread.

***** Obama, l’armée et la menace de la dictature aux Etats-Unis

- par Bill Van Auken - 2008-12-30

La représentation sans précédent du corps des officiers au sein du gouvernement d'Obama est une indication de la croissance du pouvoir politique de l’armée américaine qui menace sérieusement les droits démocratiques fondamentaux.

***** Les États-Unis doubleront leurs forces militaires en Afghanistan

Changements climatiques:

Greenhouse gases could have caused an ice age, claim scientists

Filling the atmosphere with Greenhouse gases associated with global warming could push the planet into a new ice age, scientists have warned.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The global warming cult, otherwise known as the "Carbon Tax Traders", are getting desperate. They have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to create a great global warming scare and linking it to human activity in order to impose new taxes and controls over our lives, and to make a fast buck brokering in the trade of carbon tax credits.

But, despite their best efforts, the Earth is actually getting cooler, sea levels have slowed their already minuscule rise, and all the dire warnings of imminent baked homo sapiens are not coming to pass.

So now, rather than lose all those taxes and control over our lives they have "worked" so hard for, the cultists are now trying to regroup and claim that those icky greenhouse gases put out by the even ickier human beings are causing the Earth to COOL, and perhaps (horrors) enter a new ice age!

The fact is that history is full of people predicting the impending doom of the Earth, always for personal power, aggrandizement, or greed. The human-caused global warming crew is no different. Their goal is not a better Earth but their hands in your pockets and their fingers on the switches inside your house. They are part of a larger agenda os tricking you all into making do with less so that they can have more.


The earth's magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study

The earth's climate has been significantly affected by the planet's magnetic field, according to a Danish study published Monday that could challenge the notion that human emissions are responsible for global warming.

"Our results show a strong correlation between the strength of the earth's magnetic field and the amount of precipitation in the tropics," one of the two Danish geophysicists behind the study, Mads Faurschou Knudsen of the geology department at Aarhus University in western Denmark, told the Videnskab journal.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We need a magnet tax!" -- Al Bore

Avant l’ère industrielle, le taux de CO2 était à peu près le même qu’aujourd’hui. Pourquoi nous raconter le contraire ?

NOAA: 2008 Temperature for U.S. Near Average, was Coldest Since 1997; Below Average for December

January 8, 2009
The 2008 annual temperature for the contiguous United States was near average, while the temperature for December was below the long-term average, based on records dating back to 1895, according to a preliminary analysis by scientists at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.

Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

Thanks to a rapid rebound in recent months, global sea ice levels now equal those seen 29 years ago, when the year 1979 also drew to a close.

Ice levels had been tracking lower throughout much of 2008, but rapidly recovered in the last quarter. In fact, the rate of increase from September onward is the fastest rate of change on record, either upwards or downwards.

In May, concerns over disappearing sea ice led the U.S. to officially list the polar bear a threatened species, over objections from experts who claimed the animal's numbers were increasing.

Webmaster's Commentary:

More bad news for the cult.

A century-old cold record

New Brunswickers woke up to one chilly morning as the province experienced frigid temperatures that set records Friday morning.

Claude Cote, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said communities across the province broke some long standing weather records.

The mercury dropped to 34.3 C in Fredericton Friday morning, which broke a record that was set in 1884.

US freezes as Arctic air blasts in from Canada

It brought to an end a week which will be remembered for some time in Chicago. The city has now suffered the most consecutive days of snow since records began in 1884 and, on Friday, the wind chill took the temperature to minus 40C.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We need a Canada tax!" -- Al Bore

Cold snap cuts water, power to thousands in US

Over the last week, record-breaking low temperatures and heavy snow have crippled a vast area of the US.

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The Wednesday night showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" has been canceled.


The Wednesday night showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" has been canceled.

Extreme Alaska cold grounds planes, disables cars

Extreme temperatures — in Johnson's case about 60 below zero — call for extreme measures in a statewide cold snap so frigid that temperatures have grounded planes, disabled cars, frozen water pipes and even canceled several championship cross country ski races.

Alaskans are accustomed to subzero temperatures but the prolonged conditions have folks wondering what's going on with winter less than a month old.

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"Al Gore told us this was all going away!" -- Sarah Paling

Madrid travel snarled by deepest snow in years

One of the heaviest snowfalls in decades closed Madrid airport and brought traffic in the Spanish capital to a standstill on Friday.

Snowstorm forces Eiffel Tower closure, cancels flights

The lowest temperature ever?

Sun Jan 4, 2009

By Jim Macdonald, The Canadian Press

EDMONTON - A fierce blast of snow and cold was making its way east into Manitoba on Sunday after triggering record low wind chills of -50 C and colder in neighbouring Saskatchewan overnight.

Bitter cold worries farmers and ranchers

A blanket of frigid air moving across part of the United States Wednesday tied up transportation and sparked farmer fears of damage to crops and livestock.

In northern Minnesota, temperatures dropped to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, and record lows near that were recorded in North Dakota as single-digit and sub-zero temperatures spread through a broad swath of the country's northern and central tiers.

As the bitter cold moved south and combined with snow and ice in some areas, the sudden plunge in temperature fueled farmer fears that vulnerable young wheat plants could suffer, and ranchers fretted over how to keep weight on cattle and hogs for market.

"Everything is harder when it is cold," said Kevin Gilbert, a hog producer in Ionia, Iowa, where single-digit temperatures were forecast to fall to 18 degrees Fahrenheit below zero on Thursday.

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The global warming protest has been CANCELED. Repeat. The global warming protest has been CANCELED.

The day the sea froze: Temperatures plunge to MINUS 12C and forecasters say it won't warm up until Sunday

Temperatures plunged so low today that the sea actually began to freeze as Arctic conditions continued to grip the UK.

Cold spell blamed for three deaths in sunny Thailand

Bangkok - A cold front sweeping in from China that has dropped temperatures to as low as 7 degrees celsius in parts of sunny Thailand has been blamed for three deaths, although alcohol may have contributed, media reports said Tuesday.

Pass the Dutchie: Queen Beatrix Laces Up Her Ice Skates as Canals Freeze in Holland

A rare, week-long stretch of subzero temperatures has transformed the canals and lakes of Holland into a frozen wonderland, prompting more than two million Dutch citizens to don their blades and participate in the age-old pastime of ice skating across the flat country. An interesting Reuters item explains that increasing global temperatures have made thick natural ice rare in the Netherlands, so when an opportunity to skate for miles and miles along the interconnected canals comes up, plenty of people take advantage.

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"An interesting Reuter's item", as in despite the fact that the canals and lakes have frozen for the first time in 12 years we're still gonna shove rising global temperatures at you because Al Gore won't be able to get rich trading carbon tax credits unless we convince you that all this ice is somehow your fault!

44% Say Global Warming Due To Planetary Trends, Not People

Al Gore’s side may be coming to power in Washington, but they appear to be losing the battle on the idea that humans are to blame for global warming.

Forty-four percent (44%) of U.S. voters now say long-term planetary trends are the cause of global warming, compared to 41% who blame it on human activity.

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And that is only among the people who think the planet is actually getting warmer, a rapidly dwindling percentage as of this winter!

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are Making People Sick

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are filling home and office environments with dangerous electromagnetic pollution, causing devastating health effects on some people. Neurologists are increasingly taking notice of the headaches and migraines being reported by people exposed to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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Revolt! Robbed of their right to buy traditional light bulbs, millions are clearing shelves of last supplies

Ministers claim the switch will reduce carbon dioxide by around five million tons each year.

But experts have questioned whether or not the new bulbs, far from being environmentally friendly, are actually harmful.

The low-energy fluorescent bulbs can trigger skin rashes, migraines and epilepsy.

There is also concern because the fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which makes them dangerous to get rid of.

Webmaster's Commentary:

There is a disturbing trend for the environmentalists to drive through something that sounds like really good idea at first thought, but without thinking the matter through.

To take an example form the ethanol controversy, it sounded like a good idea to convert crops to ethanol and use it blended with gasoline to reduce petroleum usage. Cool idea, right? But the diversion of farmlands to produce ethanol crops resulted in food shortages and higher prices, and because ethanol contains less energy than gasoline, consumers had to buy and burn MORE of it to travel the same distance. Then Germany discovered that ethanol dissolves engine fuel system components that are designed to deal with gasoline and banned ethanol entirely.

So, now we have the mandatory push to force us all to use compact fluorescent bulbs. Now, I actually like them and use them here. The only remaining tungsten bulbs in our house is the light over the TV and the desktop tensors. BUT, they are far from an ideal solution because as the above article points out, they do contain mercury which is highly toxic if not disposed of properly, and the history of recycling and proper disposal of toxic trash (in particular old computers) is not a reassuring one.

But what the above article does not mention is that compact fluorescent bulbs also contain a radioactive isotope; a tiny alpha emitter that helps the bulbs start operating. While harmless outside the body, an accumulation of this radioactive material getting into landfills and ground water could trigger a new cancer epidemic, just as radioactive polonium in industrial tobacco fertilizers produced an outbreak of cancers in the 1950s through 1980s.

In the end, it should be left to the individual to choose for themselves, only because the government choices are so often botched cock-ups based on politics rather than science.



SOHO MDI Continuum Latest Image

                DAILY SUNSPOT NUMBERS 2008
 Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec   Yr Day
   7    11     0    16     7     0     0     0     0     0     9     0  2008 01
   7     9     0     9     0     0     0     0     0     0    11     0  2008 02
   7     9     7     9     0     0     0     0     0     0    11     0  2008 03
  10     8     0     7     7     0     0     0     0     7    10     0  2008 04
   8     0     0     0     8     9     0     0     0     0     8     0  2008 05
  11     0     8     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     7     0  2008 06
  11     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 07
   9     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 08
   0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 09
   8     0     9     0     0     9     0     0     0     7     0     9  2008 10
   8     0     0     0     0     8     0     0     7     9    12     8  2008 11
   0     0     0     0     0     7     0     0     0    11    14     9  2008 12
   0     0     0     7     8     8     0     0     0     9     9     0  2008 13
   0     0     0     7     0     0     0     0     0     9     8     0  2008 14
   0     0     7     0     9     7     0     0     0     8     8     0  2008 15
   0     0     7     0    14     7     0     0     0    12     8     0  2008 16
   0     0     7     0    12     7     0     0     0     8     7     0  2008 17
   0     0     0     0    15     8     8     0     0     0     0     0  2008 18
   0     0     0     8    11     7     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 19
   0     0     0     0     7     8     8     0     0     0     0     0  2008 20
   0     0     0     0     0     8     0     7     0     0     0     0  2008 21
   0     0     0     8     0     8     0     8     8     0     0     0  2008 22
   0     0     0     8     0     0     0     0     9     0     0     0  2008 23
   0     0    19     7     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 24
   0     8    32     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 25
   0     8    36     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 26
   0     8    35     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 27
   0     0    34     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 28
   0     0    30     0     0     0     0     0     8     0     0     0  2008 29
   8          31     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0     0  2008 30
   8          25           0           0     0           9           0  2008 31
   3.3   2.1   9.3   2.9   3.2   3.4   0.5   0.5   1.1   2.9   4.1   0.8
Values are preliminary after Jun 08.

Le WWF exige la réduction de la population mondiale

Alors que la planète subit une chute drastique de la production de biens indispensables au maintien de sa population, le Fonds mondial pour la nature (anciennement World Wildlife Fund) a publié le 29 octobre son Rapport Planète vivante (Living Planet Report 2008), affirmant que, puisque « les besoins des hommes en nourriture, eau, énergie et matériaux » représentent la plus grande menace pour la biodiversité, la consommation humaine devrait être réduite d’au moins 30% — pour commencer.

Selon ce rapport, plus des trois quarts de la population mondiale vivent dans des pays dont la consommation dépasse leur bio-capacité (exprimée sous forme d’« empreinte écologique »). Les auteurs en viennent à demander la « réduction de la population, de la consommation individuelle et des ressources utilisées ou des déchets émis pour produire des biens et des services ». Pour la première fois, le WWF s’en prend même à la consommation d’eau.

Ce rapport, dont les recommandations, si elles étaient appliquées, conduiraient à la mort de centaines de milliers d’hommes, a été co-rédigé par des membres de la Société zoologique de Londres. A l’origine du WWF, on trouve le prince Bernard des Pays-Bas et son co-penseur, le Prince Philip d’Edimbourg, le prince consort de la Reine Elisabeth II d’Angleterre. Le prince Bernard était un nazi, membre des SS, qui, contraint de démissionner du parti en vue de sa fonction royale, signa sa lettre de démission par un « Heil Hitler ! ».

Le critère d’« empreinte écologique » dont se sert le WWF fut élaboré par une fondation britannique, l’Optimum Population Trust, qui fait ouvertement campagne pour réduire des deux tiers la population mondiale afin de la ramener à deux ou trois milliards d’individus.

Motorists' habits spur call for tax increases

Motorists are driving less and buying less gasoline, which means fuel taxes aren't raising enough money to keep pace with the cost of road, bridge and transit programs.

That has the federal commission that oversees financing for transportation talking about increasing the federal fuel tax.


"Instead of calling it a gas tax, call it a carbon tax," Whittington said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

No matter what you do, the government will raise taxes.

Maybe it's time for a new government?

NASA's Hansen to Obama: Use Global Warming to Redistribute Wealth

Webmaster's Commentary:

I keep telling you all, Global Warming is just a scam to get more money from you and more control over you.

Giant plasma TVs face ban in battle to green Britain

Energy-guzzling flatscreen plasma televisions will soon be banned as part of the battle against climate change, ministers have told The Independent on Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I keep telling you that this whole global warming hoax is just a scam to trick you into accepting a greatly reduced lifestyle so that the rich and powerful can keep theirs!.

For decades, scientists have urged funding research into new forms of power, primarily hot fusion power (which China now has operating). But western governments, still dominated by the oil corporations, turned their backs on the future and locked us into the fossil fuel economy, and now that the fuels are running out, they will keep us there, raising prices, selling us the last few drops or chunks at sky high prices.

And once the fossil fuels really do run out, and having avoided preparing the replacement, technology will fail and the world will descend into a new dark age that will last a very long time indeed.

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