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mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Gaza & Israël: Tous les articles importants - Série no.5

Gaza & Israël: Tous les articles importants - Série no.5

Voici la cinquième série d'article sur l'agression de Gaza. Ces informations sont aussi discutées sur l'émission de L'Autre Monde de la semaine du 22 janvier 2009.

Canada votes alone for Israel

Canada stood alone before a United Nations human rights council yesterday, the only one among 47 nations to oppose a motion condemning the Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

The vote before the Geneva-based body shows the Stephen Harper government has abandoned a more even-handed approach to the Middle East in favour of unalloyed support of Israel, according to some long-time observers.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Another government subverted by Israel.

Canada complicit in Israeli war crimes

Canada lives in the unfortunate position of being under the thrall of U.S. media for most of its information and cultural relevance. At the same time, its own media, apart from the national broadcast company, CBC, is highly centralized under the influence of two media empires (Canwest Global and CTV GlobeMedia) who support the same kind of biased coverage that is provided by the U.S.

In sum, Canadians who wish to receive a balanced view of events in the Middle East, Gaza in particular, have to rely on alternate or external media. Canwest Global (Israel Aspers’ media empire) provides nightly updates with little context and “balanced” reporting of showing deaths in Israel from the Qassam rockets as being equally as devastating as the IDF attacks in Gaza.

Photo of Israel's use of White Phosphorous chemical weapons

Situation Report on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip No.11United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

The following information is based on reports from member states, the UN Country Team for the occupied Palestinian territory, humanitarian partners and authorities involved in the humanitarian response.

Detailed report of deaths, injuries number of trucks entering Gaza with aid etc,,

Raimondo: Israel versus America - Is the 'special relationship' over?

The role played by Israel as the catalyst for war in the Middle East was dramatically underscored the other day, when David Sanger of the New York Times reported Israel had requested access to "bunker-buster" bombs developed by the US, and also clearance for flying over Iraqi airspace to get at Iran. Both requests were denied.

Israel Attacks Media - Literally

With its continued refusal, after 20 days, to allow international journalists into the Gaza Strip to cover the ongoing war, the Israeli government is no stranger to being accused of attacks on freedom of the press. But earlier today, attacks on journalists’ ability to cover the war turned into an attack on journalists.

Just minutes after Israeli forces assured Reuters that a 16-story Gaza building used as a media center by correspondents for the international press was not a military target, it was targeted. Much as the United Nations did with its schools, Reuters provided the Israeli military with coordinates for the building to ensure that it wouldn’t be hit.

But hit it was, in a strike the Foreign Press Association called “unconscionable.”


Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) have just had confirmation from our hospital emergency aid coordinators that both Al Wafa Hospital, in the eastern part of Gaza City, and Al Fata (also known as Al Wia’m) Hospital, in Tal El Hawa, west of Gaza City, have both been bombed by the Israeli military.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that Al Quds Hospital has suffered a direct hit. Both Al Quds hospital and the European Hospital have been surrounded by Israeli troops and are reportedly being hit with white phosphorus.

US, Israel Work Together to Prevent UN From Criticizing Attack on HQ

An attempt by the British government and other members of the United Nations Security Council to condemn Israel’s attack on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency headquarters in the Gaza Strip was foiled today, after Israel found out about the attempt and demanded United States ambassadors prevent it.

According to Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Carmon “this is the first time we have succeeded in thwarting an attempt to act against us thanks to reliable firsthand information received from the Foreign Ministry and the IDF.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

Once again Israel shows the world that it, and not the American people, control the United States Government.

America needs a government that puts America first, second, and third.

Better no government at all than a government that sells us to a foreign power!

War in Gaza: UN aid compound set alight ‘by phosphorus shells’

Israeli forces shelled the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency with phosphorus bombs and artillery rounds yesterday, setting fire to the compound and destroying food and humanitarian supplies, officials said.

Rice raises 'difficulties' with Israelis over UN incident

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday she spoke to the Israeli leadership about the "difficulties" caused by the shelling of the main UN compound in the Gaza Strip.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Whereupon Israel ordered the United States to tell the UN to shut up.

... which the United States promptly did!

Don't forget to file your taxes on time. Israel needs wants the money!

Rights group: Israeli fire 'indiscriminate'

A New York-based human rights group says the IDF's artillery shelling into crowded Gaza areas should be considered indiscriminate attacks.

Why do western powers support Israel´s crimes?

Why has the western world for 60 years supported the atrocities of Israel against their neighbours?
Maybe in order to protect the western elite´s interest-based fractional reserve money system from the dangerous influence the good example of a more rational non-interest-based money system promoted by Islamic law would have on it.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is the reason bankers went after Hitler, who dropped the fiat reserve currency system of the Wiemar Republic for a fixed value currency, and succeeded in turning Germany's economy around. But this success (for which Hitler was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year) was a direct threat to the Federal reserve system of simply printing up money as it is borrowed, so the private bankers who own the Federal Reserve and their counterparts around the world all declared economic war on Germany which eventually turned into a real war, World War 2.

Today we face the spectacle of allowing our young people to die in wars whose only purpose is to force the world to continue the system of borrowing at compound interest. That is what is really meant by "Clash of Civilization."

Israel retreats to Gaza outskirts

Israeli ground troops have been forced to retreated to the outskirts of Gaza City after facing strong resistance from the Palestinian fighters.

Our Palestinian Future in Israel: How Long Can We Be Dehumanised in a Racist State?

On the face of it, the “boker tov” greeting was natural and expected. But why did it upset me? Something did not settle well with me. By itself, it was a natural human greeting, but in an unnatural context and environment: these two men were there, on my land, only because they happened to be Jews (and, most likely, Zionists). Thus, they were rendered privileged to live in a subsidised house that was built for them on stolen Arab land, while people in my village are not even permitted to build or expand their houses on their very own land in order to meet the need of their extended families, only because they happened to be Palestinian Arabs. This is what did not settle well with me. Because, as they passed me on that October Saturday morning, we were not equal under this Zionist-Jewish system, nor did we have access to the same resources – economic, legal, political, etc. – in a place where I should have been “more equal” and more privileged, having been born on this very land.

Gazans flee burning hospital

The racist, sociopathic, psychotic, beligerent, violent, habitual liar of a state created from stolen land by means of terrorism continues to show no respect whatsoever for human life (that is, other than their own pathetic asses) and goes on defying every norm and precept of international law while displaying no sense of morality whatsoever.

Webmaster's Commentary:

And those are their GOOD qualities!

US to sign pact with Israel to block Hamas arms-Olmert

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday Washington would sign an agreement on measures to stop Hamas from rearming after a ceasefire, Olmert's office said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"So, we will have an easier time the next Genocide we do!"

Syria: 'Cut all ties with Israel'

Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, has urged all Arab nations to sever diplomatic ties with Israel because of the Gaza war.


During the Israeli war on Gaza, Western media propagated Israeli propaganda that the Palestinian resistance have been using their family members as human shields. Sadly, Israeli propaganda is often presented in Western media as facts, and the Israeli version has been accepted with little verification. The goal is simple: dehumanise the Palestinian by showing that he does not care about his family members, and once that is done it becomes much easier to accept him as a legitimist target.

White Phosphorous and Dense Inert Metal Explosives: Is Israel Using Banned and Experimental Munitions in Gaza?

Israel is coming under increasing criticism for its possible use of banned and experimental munitions. Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of illegally firing white phosphorous, which causes horrific burns if it comes in contact with the skin, over crowded refugee camps in Gaza. Medics and human rights groups are also reporting that they are seeing injuries distinctive of another controversial weapon, Dense Inert Metal Explosive, known as DIME, that was designed by the US Air Force in 2006. Those struck by the weapon who survive suffer severe mutilations and internal injuries.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Is that the sales pitch for American weapons manufacturers? "Hey, you should see how these beauties ripped through those Gazan brats! Want a free copy of the DVD? More kill per dollar; that's our motto!"

Israel using “DIME” weapons on civilian population in Gaza

Dr Gilbert, a Norwegian Dr has just confirmed on PRESS TV that the Israelis are using a new type of weapon that shred’s the body in pieces. If the person lives they will develop Cancer and Leukemia. The Dr has said that these weapons are against international law and that most people coming into the hospital have been injured by this weapon, women and children have been affected by this weapon They are called Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME). Apparently it’s, designed for low “collateral damage” yet, it is highly carcinogenic and harmful to the environment. Doctors in Gaza noticed cases of amputated limbs with evidence of intense heat at the point of amputation but no shrapnel.

New Zealand pubs ban Israelis over Gaza operation

Sign placed at entrance to pub in Kaikoura reads, 'Israelis not welcome before Gaza shelling stops'; two Israeli woman ordered to leave another pub because 'Israel kills innocent babies and women'

Journalists call Livni 'terrorist' during press conference on Gaza operation

Some journalists went so far as to compare the Israeli government to that of dictator Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, due to Israel's decision to bar journalists from Gaza.

One of the more tense moments came when one journalist began to quote at length a Human Rights report on the situation in Gaza, before asking Livni to comment on "the murder of innocent civilians in the Strip."

Webmaster's Commentary:

FINALLY the corporate media grows some gonads!

Arms embargo vital as Gaza civilian toll mounts

As the civilian casualty mounts amid continuing Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, Amnesty International is calling for an immediate arms embargo to prevent more foreign weaponry and other military equipment being used to fuel the fighting.

Gaza: Arms embargo needed as US sends munitions to Israel

Tender documents show that these shipments contain white phosphorous, known for its potential to cause severe burns and an indiscriminate weapon when used as an airburst in densely-populated civilian areas as now alleged in Gaza. The US Department of Defence says it is now looking at other means to deliver the munitions to a US stockpile in Israel. A US-Israel agreement has allowed US munitions stockpiled in Israel to be transferred to the Israeli Defence Force in "an emergency."

Video shows evidence of phosphorus bombs in Gaza

Video showing injuries consistent with the use of white phosphorus shells has been filmed inside hospitals treating Palestinian wounded in Gaza City.

Contact with the shell remnants causes severe burns, sometimes burning the skin to the bone, consistent with descriptions by Ahmed Almi, an Egyptian doctor at the al-Nasser hospital in Khan Younis.

Spent shells prove Israeli use of white phosphorus, Gaza doctors say

Remnants of an Israeli white phosphorus shell, identified by the marking on the outer casing — M825A1 — have been found in the village of Sheikh Ajilin in western Gaza.

Witnesses in Gaza said that the shell was fired on January 9 and was taken indoors as evidence. They recalled seeing thick smoke and smelling a strong odour in keeping with the garlic-like smell associated with white phosphorus.

Webmaster's Commentary:

HERE SI THE PAGE FROM JANE'S DEFENSE confirming that the M825A1 is indeed a white phosphorus munition, MADE IN THE USA.

Jewish leaders fault Israeli leader for not sticking to the code of silence

Olmert’s Boast of ‘Shaming’ Rice Provokes Diplomatic Furor

‘The Mistake Was To Talk About It In Public,’ One Critic Says

Webmaster's Commentary:

In other words, it's okay that Israel has subverted the United States Government; you're just not supposed to let the sheep in on the scam.

Trend Alert: Israel War To Ignite World War III

An attack on Iran by either Israel or the US will spark the onset of World War III

Wipe them all ( You have to see this )

Israel plans ceasefire, Hamas vows to fight on

Webmaster's Commentary:

Why would HAMAS agree to a cease fire when Israel broke the last one?

US backs deal to reopen Gaza-Egypt border

Key ceasefire demands of Hamas and Israel would be met under plan to stop crossings being used for weapons smuggling.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The US and Israel justify the bombings along the Gaza/Egypt border by claiming that HAMAS is smuggling Iranian-supplied weapons through the tunnels, but has anyone actually SEEN these weapons?

Has HAMAS used an anti-tank weapons against Israel? Have any Israeli planes been shot down by shoulder fired surface to air missiles?

Have we seen anything other than those home made hammered-from-old-food-can hobby rockets launched at Israel?

Israel justified the starvation of the entire Gaza people (collective punishment) by claiming HAMAS was being armed by Iran.

After three weeks of unrelenting slaughter of civilians, where are these claimed Iranian weapons?

Fresh evidence of Israeli phosphorus use in Gaza emerges

A woman described how on Tuesday Israeli forces "started to fire phosphorus bombs against the people, of course, they are civilians ..."

Bush's Farewell to Israel: The Genocide of Gaza with American Arms

Bring Israel to the International Court of Justice ."In the name of justice there cannot be subjection and in the name of peace there cannot be impunity." –Alvaro Uribe Velez Total to Day 18 in Gaza (January 13, 2009): about 971 Dead, more than 4,418 Injured –More than half women and children, with over 360 with critical

Webmaster's Commentary:

Those white phosphorus shells used on the Gazans are made in the USA according to Jane's Defense.

Standing against a tide of hatred

It is not Israel's action, but the vitriolic reaction to it that has been disproportionate. There's only one explanation: antisemitism.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This article illustrates the mind set of Israel's supporters. IN their view, no reasonable human being could ever possibly object to what Israel is doing in Gaza, i.e. breaking the cease fire, blaming HAMAS (the elected government) and invading. Therefore, since all reasonable people love Israel and never criticize her, all criticism of Israel is ... anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism is hating people because of what they are.

But we can justly criticize Israel for what it DOES.

Defending Israel with the excuse "it's just anti-Semitism" is like defending Hitler by claiming he is the victim of anti-Arianism!

You might want to read the comments to this article as well (while they are still there).

Gazan Doctor's children killed while he is speaking to Israeli TV

Israel’s ‘Right to Exist’

Israeli’s live a very good life style, second to none. A swimming pool in every back yard on stolen land, plenty of food, jobs, stocks, cash, you name it. Their quality of life continues to grow and prosper every month of every year.

Now what I have a problem with is this–doesn’t the United States of America also have a ‘Right to Exist’?

Yes we do, but unfortunately that right is being taken away from us every second, every minute, every hour, every month and every year and all for the sake of Israel’s ‘Right To Exist’. What’s wrong with this story? Well, I’ll explain what’s wrong with it and believe me, its not that hard to figure out.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Don't the Palestinians have a right to exist?

The Palestinians say: 'This is a war of extermination'

Everyone says something new is going on here; something different. The residents of Egyptian Rafah are used to the sounds of rockets and shells exploding on the other side of their border, but they've never heard the sounds they've been hearing over the last 20 days. Twenty-five miles further into Egypt the general hospital at el-Arish is used to receiving the Palestinian wounded. The staff have never seen injuries like these before. The hospital forecourt is swarming with ambulances, paramedics, press. The wounded are raced into casualty.

The Palestinians are mostly silent; each man working out where he finds himself and what he's going to do. Fearing for their wounded and fearing for those they've left behind, they are silent but unfailingly courteous.

Cosatu wants SA to cut ties with Israel

The Congress of South African Trade Unions wants the South African government to cease all relations with Israel and close down the Israeli embassy in Pretoria.

Israeli 'phosphorous shells' incinerate 1,000s of tons of UN food as Gaza starves

ISRAELI shells set ablaze a food warehouse at UN headquarters in Gaza yesterday, destroying tons of emergency rations intended for needy Gaza civilians, a senior UN official said.

A pall of black smoke rose from the UN compound, visible across Gaza City. Flour spilled on the ground and mixed with soot as Palestinian firefighters tried to douse the flames.

"The main warehouse was badly damaged by what appeared to be white phosphorus shells," UN humanitarian affairs chief John Holmes said at a news briefing in New York.

Webmaster's Commentary:

'Mistake' my ASCII!

Fault-line between Jews over Gaza

The idea that the assault in Gaza is tarnishing the image of Judaism internationally has been echoed by Jewish protesters in non-Arab countries.

Last week, a group of eight Canadian-Jewish women occupied the Israeli consulate in Toronto.

One of the organisers Judy Rebick, a lecturer at Ryerson University, said: "There are many Jews across the world who are ashamed and don't want this massacre to take place in our name."

How to correctly and systematically boycott Israeli-exported products

If you're of the opinion that Israel deserves a boycott right about now, you're probably wondering how one knows a product they're about to buy was exported from Israel?

Here's how.

The answer is to download a database that matches all UPC product codes (barcodes) on the market as of yet to their respective manufacturers. You can actually download such a database as it is free and distributed under the Creative Commons license (here). Then, simply do a search for "Israel" to find which companies market products which are made in Israel.

Good news: I've done all the work for you!

  • Here is a comprehensive spreadsheet of all companies exporting products from Israel.
  • Here is a comprehensive chart of all Israeli products registered by UPC to date.

Israel announces ceasefire in Gaza

Troops to remain deployed in Palestine.

Webmaster's Commentary:


Israel already knows that a withdrawal of troops is the first condition HAMAS will demand in the Egyptian brokered truce.
So, Israel calls a cease fire (really, we will stop shooting, honest!) but leaves its invasion force in place. HAMAS cannot agree to that politically, so now Israel will scream that it is HAMAS continuing the fight, despite Israel's honest attempt at peace (really, we will stop shooting; we just want to keep our soldiers standing amid the rubble because ... well, just because!)

Israel announces truce

"We have reached all the goals of the war, and beyond," Mr Olmert said in a speech after the vote.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is pure propaganda. Israel declares a cease fire, but refuses to pull their forces out of Gaza. HAMAS can never accept that, so Israel gets to play victim one more time when the shooting continues.

Israel's Next War: Today the Gaza Strip, Tomorrow Lebanon?

In the Middle East, it is widely believed that the war against Gaza is an extension of the 2006 war against Lebanon. Without question, the war in the Gaza Strip is a part of the same conflict.

Moreover, since the Israeli defeat in 2006, Tel Aviv and Washington have not abandoned their design to turn Lebanon into a client state.

Bolivia to take Israel to The Hague

Busted! Haaretz scrubs story about IDF impersonating Hamas

The story of Israeli Defense Force troops impersonating Hamas militants somehow made it onto the Haaretz news wire. Blacklisted News was able to snag a screen capture before Haaretz purged the story from the site. For proof that the story was in fact memory-holed a la “1984? click here.

Calls for boycott of Israel at Dublin protest

Artist Robert Ballagh addressed the crowd which assembled at the Central Bank at lunchtime. The demonstration, which was organised by the Irish anti-war movement, heard calls for an economic, political and cultural boycott of Israel.

Enough. It's time for a boycott

The best way to end the bloody occupation is to target Israel with the kind of movement that ended apartheid in South Africa

Gaza assault spurs calls for boycott

This past weekend, a text message forwarded to large number of Muslims in the Dutch immigrant communities called for a boycott of two German supermarket chains, Aldi and Lidl. Internet sites worldwide have begun urging consumers not to buy US brands. Others are spreading conspiracy theories involving bar codes and hidden Israeli flags. These are the latest expressions of worldwide anger over the Israeli war on Gaza.

Turkish group calls for boycott of Israel, backers over Gaza

Consumers Association of Turkey calls on Turkish citizens to boycott Israeli, US and British products by saying "We will not provide ammunition for siyonist Israel`s attacks".

Consumers Association members protested Israel in front of Israeli Embassy and announced the list of products that they wanted consumers not to buy.

Labor group condemns Israel's Assault on Gaza - Calls for boycott of Israel

The Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice unreservedly condemns the murderous Israeli military assault on Gaza , their deliberate targeting of the civilian population of Gaza , and Israel ’s ongoing collective punishment of the Palestinian people – in violation of the U.N. Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – and carried out with the strong support of the U.S. government.

'Boycott Israel in Davis Cup': Social Democrat

A prominent member of Sweden's largest political party likened Israel to apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany in calling for a boycott of Sweden’s upcoming Davis Cup tennis match against the Middle Eastern country.

COSATU calls for SA to impose sanctions on Israel

The union federation says Israeli goods should be boycotted, diplomatic relations cut off.

World Protests Gaza Slaughter, Boycott Israel Movement Grows

As the civilian death toll in Gaza rises and Israel snubs international calls for a ceasefire, worldwide anger has sparked large protests as well as renewed calls for a global boycott against Israel. In London, at least 20,000 and as many as 100,000 people demonstrated Saturday outside the Israeli embassy while leading British Jews issued a call on Israel to halt alled the "horror" in Gaza. Some 30,000 demonstrators marched in Paris against Israel's war on Gaza while another 90,000 joined protests in other cities throughout France (AFP). Demonstrations in other European cities, including Dublin, Berlin, Athens, Rome, and Amsterdam also drew tens of thousands (DW).

Italian traders’ body calls for boycott of Jewish businesses

ROME: An Italian traders’ body has created a storm by calling for a boycott of Jewish-run businesses in Rome to protest Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, La Repubblica newspaper reported yesterday.

Hertz withdraws from Israeli airline deal

The world's largest car hire firm last night called on the Israeli airline EL AL to withdraw an internet advert which offered free Hertz rental to British passengers who flew to Israel to show their "solidarity" with the country, The Independent has learnt.

Farmers claim UK, Jordan boycotting Israeli fruit

Fruit growers in Israel have reported delays and reductions in orders from abroad since the military operation in Gaza was launched, due to various boycotts against Israeli produce.

Zionists uniting to force FACEBOOK to censor anti-Israel content........


Webmaster's Commentary:

The first amendment enshrines a principle. Claiming that the first amendment only limits government restriction of speech is in effect declaring that Israel's supporters are above the law and once again demonstrates their intention to reshape the United States into a model of Israel, with one set of rules for the chosen and a different set of rules for everyone else.

Can you imagine the fury which would erupt from the same quarter calling for censorship of anti-Israel posts to Facebook is another group tried to organize censorship of pro-Israel posts?

These people really do believe they are above the law.

Israeli Spokesman "Hamas killed Palestinian children to make us look bad"

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel's bullshit piles up higher and higher and higher.

This is why it is impossible to come to any agreements with them.

"If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?" -- David Ben Gurion

South Africa have starts international campaign to have the Israeli government charged at the International court of Justice in The Hague for War crimes and Genocide.

Israel set to swallow defeat in Gaza

A senior Israeli official has confirmed that Tel Aviv will announce a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza amid world condemnation of its conduct.

Gaza Slaughter, Day 22; Israel Ceases Fire, Stays in Gaza

"The conditions have been created that our aims, as declared, were attained fully, and beyond", Olmert told the Israelis in a televised public address.

He said Israel's security cabinet has voted in favor of a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which will come into effect at 2 a.m. on Sunday, January 18.

Pro-Israel internet monitoring "task force"

Friday January 16, 2009
Facebook is the new front in pro-Israel PR war
by ben harris & joshua spiro

As Israel takes to the Internet in search of innovative ways to make its case about Gaza to the world, Jews around the globe also are utilizing innovative methods — and new technological tools — to explain what the Jewish state is facing as it acts to protect its southern flank from rocket fire.

Israeli firing phosphorous after ceasefire

Israel has shelled Gaza with white phosphorus after it called for a unilateral ceasefire, in an obvious violation of its own declaration.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Admit it; you're not surprised.

A real discussion on TV regarding U.S. policy towards Israel

According to The Jerusalem Post, Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke to an AIPAC mission in Israel on Wednesday and said that "Israel's aim [in attacking Gaza] was to provide a strong blow to the people of Gaza so that they would lose their appetite for shooting at Israel." If (as Tom Friedman suggested) that really is Israel's principal aim -- to deal "a strong blow to the people of Gaza" -- then it's easy to understand why Peres is so happy with how things have proceeded: "Implementation of the current operation had gone 90 percent according to plan, he said."

Zionist Jews- Godfathers Of Terrorism

Sixty years of Zionist Jew's crime records have proved beyond doubt that they are not normal human beings with normal human feelings and respect to the feelings of others. Instead they have become heartless and merciless people hell bent on, usurping others basic rights, grabbing others lands and harming others under various pretexts and that too in the most brutal manner which may even make Hitler shy.

Thousands protest in UK over Gaza

Thousands of people have protested in cities across the UK to call for an end to Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Police estimated 3,500 gathered in London where former minister Tony Benn addressed crowds in Trafalgar Square.

Organisers of a Birmingham rally said more than 5,000 people had turned up, although police estimated about 3,000.

Hamas announces ceasefire in Gaza

A statement read by a Hamas spokesman said the group would hold fire for a week to give Israel time to withdraw its forces from the Gaza Strip.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Which Israel already said they will not do.

So, here is the current situation.

Israel (who broke the previous cease fire on November 4th) will have a cease fire, but wants to leave its troops in place in Gaza.

HAMAS will have a cease fire if the Israelis leave (which they are obligated to do under UN Security Council Resolution 242.

To give you a perspective on the idiocy of Israel's position, imagine that a criminal kicks down the door to your home, comes in, kills your spouse and your child, burns up your kitchen, punches holes in the rest of the walls, and for good measure knocks over your TV set. Then this criminal offers to stop shooting at you if you will stop shooting at him, but announces his plan to live in your living room from then on.

Would you let the criminal stay?

I wouldn't.

Israel's offer of a cease fire was a joke, a pretense to make it look like Israel wants peace while actually continuing the illegal occupation. HAMAS' counter-offer puts the focus back on the issue of whether Israel will go back home or not.

'Tungsten bombs' leave Israel's victims with mystery wounds

Two children were killed yesterday when Israeli tanks shelled a UN school in which families were sheltering, leading a UN spokesman, Chris Gunness, to say: "There has to be an investigation to determine whether a war crime has been committed." The call was dismissed by an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, Yigal Palmor, who said: "These claims of war crimes are not supported by the slightest piece of evidence." But among numerous allegations of disproportionate use of force, questions are also multiplying about the use of unconventional weapons by Israel, including a new type of bomb that causes injuries that doctors have not seen before, and which they find impossible to treat.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Back in 2003, Israel authorized the IDF to use flechette rounds. These are essentially giant tank-fired shotgun shells, supplied by the United States, that spray a cone-shaped area with about 5000 metal darts. Designed for use against enemy infantry, their use in civilian areas is of dubious legality in that for every intended target killed by such a shell, dozens of non-combatants are also killed or wounded.

Given the high number of non-combatants Israel has killed in the Gaza operation, it is clear that Israel is using such questionable munitions.

Israeli ceasefire offers precious respite, but little has changed

Hamas has not yet run up the white flag and Israel's finger is still on the trigger.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Why should HAMAS run up the white flag? They won the elections. HAMAS is the legally elected government of Gaza.

Israel admits: "No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire"

Webmaster's Commentary:



CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First

FLASHBACK - Six Hamas activists killed during Israeli raids in Gaza Strip

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is the story (now confirmed by CNN) of the Israeli attack that broke the truce between Israel and HAMAS.

Also, it has been confirmed that Israel imposed the blockade on November 4th, also while HAMAS was still honoring the truce.

So, as the UN correctly noted, Israel provoked the current escalation, not HAMAS.

FLASHBACK - Who Broke The Ceasefire?

Who writes the rules of reality?

I've noticed one telling fact about all of the pro-Israel commentary peppering the blogs. No independent evidence is ever cited.

Pro-Israel writers get their "facts" from sources which trace back, ultimately, to the government of Israel itself. None of their facts ever come from the United Nations, from the Red Cross, from Oxfam, from Amnesty, from independent journalists.

Why is that? Why are virtually all reports from independent sources consistently at odds with the "reality" that the Israelis want us to accept?

Anti-Semitism. It's just that simple.

At least, so the Israelis and their Jewish supporters in America would have us believe.

Military components factory ransacked in Gaza protest

Nine people are being questioned by police following extensive damage at an arms factory where protesters claim military components are being made for Israeli warplanes bombing Gaza.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Maybe you shouldn't be making components for Israeli warplanes bombing Gaza.

Israel accused of war crimes over 12-hour assault on Gaza village

In testimony collected from residents of the village of Khuza'a by the Observer, it is claimed that Israeli soldiers entering the village:

• attempted to bulldoze houses with civilians inside;

• killed civilians trying to escape under the protection of white flags;

• opened fire on an ambulance attempting to reach the wounded;

• used indiscriminate force in a civilian area and fired white phosphorus shells.

UK MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, son of holocaust survivors: "Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza"

Israel is Immune From Criticism

There is little doubt that the bias towards Israel will continue in the legislature and administration of the United States of America, no matter what Obama might really think, and no matter how many Palestinian children the Zionists have slaughtered. The Israelis are behaving like genocidal filth, but those who stay silent about their atrocities are not far behind in the gutter stakes.

British Jews attacked for pro-Gaza solidarity

British Jews have been attacked for expressing support for Palestinians suffering under Israeli military strikes in Gaza. Police confirmed yesterday that they have provided protection to a number of people believed to be victims of UK-based Zionist extremists angered by expressions of solidarity with Palestinians.

Victorious, but vilified: Israel has 'destroyed its image and its soul'

After three weeks of carnage in Gaza, there were tentative signs of a ceasefire last night. But the bitter legacy of the past 22 days for Israel is that, while it declares victory on the battlefield, the country's reputation has rarely sunk so low.

Webmaster's Commentary:

... and the US with it.

And I would question Israel's "victory" because while it is certain they have killed a great many people in Gaza, HAMAS is still the elected government of Gaza, and far from being disarmed, the one-sidedness of the conflict underscored that HAMAS never did have any of the Iranian weapons cited as Israel's justification for the bombing of Rafah.


Though they pretended the principles of democracy would stop terrorism, as soon as Hamas was elected in Gaza they didn't care about a majority decision. It really takes a gullible mind to believe the problems of Arab countries could have been solved by western democracy.

If the Israelis really believed in democracy, they would have incorporated the Gaza Strip and the West Bank into Israel a long time ago. But this would have given the Palestinians the majority, which is a democracy Israel wouldn't like. Maybe if the Israelis would accept the Palestinians as equals, the Arab-Israeli conflict would end.

It was after the election of Hamas in Gaza that the Israeli blockade began. Palestinians are trapped in this place.

Growing outrage at the killings in Gaza

The massacres in Gaza are the latest phase of a war that Israel has been waging against the people of Palestine for more than 60 years. The goal of this war has never changed: to use overwhelming military power to eradicate the Palestinians as a political force, one capable of resisting Israel's ongoing appropriation of their land and resources. Israel's war against the Palestinians has turned Gaza and the West Bank into a pair of gigantic political prisons. There is nothing symmetrical about this war in terms of principles, tactics or consequences. Israel is responsible for launching and intensifying it, and for ending the most recent lull in hostilities.

Drunk israeli settler brags how jews killed Jesus.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I am one of those Americans who lost family in WW2; men who died in Europe to stop Hitler from completing whatever his plans were.

I long ago resigned myself to the fact that present-day Israel shows absolutely no gratitude to the millions who died in WW2 to stop the Nazis. I long ago resigned myself to the fact that Israel takes the attitude that WW2 was personally aimed at them and that nobody else has a right to claim to have been inconvenienced by it all. I long ago resigned myself to the fact that Israel wants to blame everyone in the world for the crimes of the Nazis, in order to extort money and a carte blanche in Palestine.

But I have to wonder what all those millions who died in WW2 Europe would have to say about the nation that rose on their bloodied corpses and whether by their acts that nation was worth such sacrifice.

Chronic malnutrition in Gaza blamed on Israel

The Israeli blockade of Gaza has led to a steady rise in chronic malnutrition among the 1.5 million people living in the strip, according to a leaked report from the Red Cross.

Israel bombed 67 schools sheltering civilians during 3 weeks

Amid talk of cease-fire, eyewitness accounts describe Israel’s destruction of Gaza

"Armageddon" is the word used by Times of London correspondent Martin Fletcher, the first eyewitness from the British news media to see the devastation wrought by Israel in Gaza.

Twenty days after the Israeli military unleashed its firepower on the narrow strip of land containing 1.5 million people—more than half of them children—there is "no one left in the ruins to hear the thunder of Israel's guns," Fletcher wrote.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"They created a desolation, and they called it peace!" -- Tacitus


Webmaster's Commentary:

Recall that it was Israel that broke the previous cease fire November 4th, then launched a war of choice in Gaza.

The maps tell the true story of who wants to wipe who off of the map!

Israel Bombs University Teachers Association in Gaza

Occupied Palestine - PACBI learned today from its Steering Committee member, Dr. Haidar Eid, that the headquarters of the University Teachers Association-Palestine, in Gaza, was bombed by the Israeli occupation forces during their indiscriminate, willful destruction campaign in the Tal el-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City on Friday.

America is a Jewish Colony: Olmert reveals all

On January 12, 2009, the leader of the Jews-only state in Palestine Ehud olmert revealed to a Jewish audience in Ashkelon that he had insisted George Bush should tell Condoleezza Rice to vote against a United Nations’ resolution calling for a ceasefire to the Israeli attack on Gaza. Olmert did not inadvertently humiliate the president of the United States of America; the secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice; congress; and the American people, by divulging this information. On the contrary. He was boasting about his power to humiliate the president and thus the American people.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that, I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
- Ariel Sharon (Prime Minister of israel) p† Israeli Hebrew radio, Col Yisrael, 3 october 2001.

Finally, a free and spontaneous pro-Palestinian public education march through Ottawa's busiest streets!

Oh what a time it was!

Palestinian Children found with bullets lodged in their head

Cairo: Doctors operating the only brain-scanning machine at an Egyptian hospital near Gaza have been almost overwhelmed by the number of Palestinian children arriving with bullet wounds to the head.

The IDF has no mercy for the children in Gaza nursery schools

It is enough to look at the pictures coming from Shifa Hospital to see how many burned, bleeding and dying children now lie there. History has seen innumerable brutal wars take countless lives.

But the horrifying proportion of this war, a third of the dead being children, has not been seen in recent memory.

Israel kept out aid for Gaza

In a scathing critique of Israeli actions leading up to the conflict, the UN's chief humanitarian co-ordinator in Israel, the former Australian diplomat Maxwell Gaylard, accused Israel of failing to honour its commitments to open its border with Gaza during several months of truce from June 19 last year.

'Gaza war failed to wipe out Hamas tunnels'

Webmaster's Commentary:

... because the HAMAS tunnels were NOT underneath the schools, hospitals, and UN centers, probably.

Taxpayers are spending over $1 billion to send refined fuel to the Israeli military -- at a time when Israel doesn't need it and America does.

In short, U.S. taxpayers are paying for U.S. energy companies to buy Arab crude, ship it across the Atlantic to refineries in the U.S., refine it, and then ship it back across the Atlantic so that the Israel Defense Force can use it in its wars.

Israel recruits 'army of bloggers' to combat anti-Zionist Web sites

(Video) 8 Jewish Canadian and Israeli Women occupy the Israeli Consulate in Toronto

Link above is to the Youtube video of this event:

Jewish Women Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto

Toronto: Wednesday January 7, 2009 Time: 10:25 am

A diverse group of Jewish Canadian women are currently occupying the Israeli consulate at 180 Bloor Street West in Toronto. This action is in protest against the on-going Israeli assault on the people of Gaza.

The group is carrying out this occupation in solidarity with the 1.5 million people of Gaza and to ensure that Jewish voices against the massacre in Gaza are being heard. They are demanding that Israel end its military assault and lift the 18-month siege on the Gaza Strip to allow humanitarian aid into the territory.


(VIDEO) Embedded with Gaza Medics

FRANCE 24’s correspondent in Gaza, Radjaa Abou Dagga, followed a team of Palestinian medics during the Israeli assault. The video is an exclusive document with images that some may find shocking.


Robert Fisk: So, I asked the UN secretary general, isn't it time for a war crimes tribunal?

Mr Ban said it would not be up to him to launch a war crimes tribunal. It was pathetic

Israel Ready to Shoot at Emergency Boat

More than 1.300 dead in Gaza and the world opinion is changing. Yet, this has not stopped the carnage and it cannot make us forget the dead, the injured, and the damage. Also, anti-Jewish tendencies rise in the world, because the butchers of Gaza claim to speak for all the Jews - while Jewish activists chain themselves to the Israeli Consulate building in Los Angeles in protest and many others stand up against this crime against humanity.

'Israel breaks the ceasefire again'

Israeli naval gunship vessels have violated the uneasy truce with Hamas, opening fire at the western coast of northern Gaza Strip.

95 Palestinian fighters killed in Gaza war

From the 1194 Gazans officially registered as killed in Israeli attacks from December 27 to January 17, a whopping 1099 were civilians, the Gaza-based Palestinian center for human rights reported on Sunday.

Only 95 of those killed were resistance fighters.

Israel fends off censure over Gaza civilian deaths

Palestinian civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip were a "product of circumstance," Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Monday.

"We had to carry out this operation. I am at peace with the fact that we did it," Livni, a centrist who is running for prime minister in a February 10 election, told Israel Radio.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel killed 10 civilians (including women and children) for every one actual resistance fighter.

Israel must be judged at the International Criminal Court

Britain to send warships to Gaza as Israel prepares for ceasefire

Britain will send warships to the eastern Mediterranean to prevent arms being smuggled into the Gaza Strip after an Israeli ceasefire.

Saudi Arabia pledges $1 billion to rebuild Gaza

The Saudi king says his country will donate $1 billion to help rebuild the Gaza Strip after Israel's devastating three-week offensive in the Palestinian territory.

King Abdullah criticizes Israel for using excessive force in Gaza and says "one drop of Palestinian blood" is more valuable than all the money in the world.

Webmaster's Commentary:

How come Israel isn't paying reparations in Gaza ... oh, that's right, they would just order the US Government to make US pay it!


Israel recruits ‘army of bloggers’ to combat anti-Zionist Web sites.

Webmaster's Commentary:

... and they really think you are dumb enough to fall for it, too!

Obama would do well to learn from WWII

Even though there were additional U.S. bombing raids on German industrial sites in the Auschwitz region in the weeks and months to follow, the gas chambers and crematoria were never targeted.

Webmaster's Commentary:

A rather roundabout way to wave the holocaust in everyone's faces one more time as Israel tries to recover from their latest PR disaster.

As a side note, the reason the allies did not bomb the crematoria at Auschwitz was that it did not exist until the Russians built it to deal with the typhus epidemic.

US, Israel cement ties before Bush's exit

There has been a flurry of activities between Washington and Tel Aviv during the final days of the Bush presidency. Hours before US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s official farewell to the State Department on Friday, she and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni signed a memorandum of understanding pledging greater US and international assistance to end weapon smuggling into the Gaza Strip.

This came just days after Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert boasted that he had ‘shamed’ Rice at the United Nations.

Israel broke the cease-fire

United Nations representative tells us how Israel, the terrorist state, broke the truce.

Scale of Gaza destruction emerges

UN official John Ging said half a million people had been without water since the conflict began, and huge numbers of people were without power.

Four thousand homes are ruined and tens of thousands of people are homeless.

Hamas announces week-long ceasefire in Gaza

[UK Prime Minister Mr Gordon] Brown said British naval vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden would help to intercept weapons from countries like Iran. "This fragile ceasefire has got to be followed immediately, if it is to be sustainable, by humanitarian access . . . by troop withdrawals, by an end to arms trafficking," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

We just got done with three weeks of open warfare in Gaza. We saw white phosphorus (supplied to Israel by the United States), tungsten flechette rounds (supplied to Israel by the United States), miscellaneous incendiaries (supplied to Israel by the United States), precision guided bombs (supplied to Israel by the United States) dropped from aircraft (supplied to Israel by the United States), missiles (supplied to Israel by the United States) fired from helicopters (supplied to Israel by the United States) ... but we never saw any of these weapons Israel accuses Iran of supplying to Gaza.

More than that, for the limited times we had a live camera feed from Gaza we saw Israeli aircraft and helicopters circling back and forth low over the city, apparently well aware that the Gazans did not have man portable surface to air missiles with which to fight back. There are no reports that the Gazans were able to engage Israeli tanks with anti-tank rockets.

If the Gazans were smuggling anything in through those tunnels other than food, it would have been employed in the last 3 weeks.

It is time to enforce UN Resolution 242.

Head of group linked to Hamas to address Obama

Ingrid Mattson, president of Islamic Society of North America, to speak at new US president's inaugural prayer service. Federal prosecutors claim her organization has ties with terror group's fund raising foundation.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Terror group? Further down this page there is a story about Israel bombing a HAMAS police station and the HAMAS mayor's house. Doesn't sound like a terror organization to me but a legitimately elected government trying to take care of the place.

Another Israeli Propaganda Web Site

Webmaster's Commentary:

They DO include a feedback tab over on the right. I suggest you use it.

Time for a New Divestment Campaign

So, this year we should honor King in an active sense. We should commit ourselves to organize against the American policy of violence and empire. The anti-war movement should apply pressure on Obama to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. And, just as important, particularly amid the horror that has been visited on the people of Gaza; a broader peace movement must also build real economic and political pressure against Israel’s immoral and criminal acts against the Palestinians. This King Day should mark the beginning of an organized push for American divestment from Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary:

America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.

Israel fears wave of war crimes lawsuits over Gaza offensive

Webmaster's Commentary:

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time!

GAZA: In Lebanon and Iran, Israel described as loser

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel failed to achieve any of its stated objectives. HAMAS is still the legally elected government. All Israel did was prove that when Americans are paying the bills, Israel can blow up a lot of buildings and kill a lot of people; in the present case ten civilians (including women and children) for every actual combatant in a one-sided battle notable for its total absence of the much-claimed Iranian weapons Israel claimed were smuggled into Gaza.


Toronto Star: "Park funded by Canadian Jews hide ruins of Arab villages", "Wiped off the Map", "Old Arab villages wiped off the map":

Analysis: the Israeli plot against Gaza

The most glaring evidence contradicting the Israeli casus belli is the six-month ceasefire between Hamas and Israel that preceded the invasion. True, Hamas began firing its rockets as soon as the truce came to an end on 19 December, but Israel had offered plenty of provocation. Not least it broke the ceasefire by staging a raid into Gaza on 4 November that killed six Hamas members. Even more significantly, it maintained and tightened a blockade during the ceasefire period that was starving Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants of food, medicine and fuel. Hamas had expected the blockade lifted in return for an end to the rockets.

Israel shelling Gaza despite ceasefire

Press TV broadcast live images of an Israeli helicopter hovering above the city and dropping its white phosphorous bombs on the city during a report by our correspondent Akram al-Sattari in the city.

New Israel phosphorous accusation

Amnesty said a fact-finding team found "indisputable evidence of the widespread use of white phosphorus" in crowded residential areas of Gaza City and elsewhere in the territory.

"Yesterday, we saw streets and alleyways littered with evidence of the use of white phosphorus, including still-burning wedges and the remnants of the shells and canisters fired by the Israeli army," said Christopher Cobb-Smitt, a weapons expert with the Amnesty team in Gaza.

Gazans return to rubble - 19 Jan 2009

A lull in fighting has given many Palestinians in Gaza a chance to return to home since Israel's offensive began 24 days ago.

Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros met one family who revisited their home in Attatra, but could nothing but destruction and desvastation.

Travel advisory issued for top IDF officers

State expresses concern over international human rights groups' intention to file war crimes charges against military personnel with The Hague, local European courts; says officers planning to travel must contact Judge Advocate General's Office first

Gazans Do Not Blame Hamas

"People are extremely angry and the level of hate against Israel is very high. I have lived and worked in Gaza for many years and I have never seen such hatred from the population," said Qleibo.

Gazans are not blaming Hamas, contrary to Israel's wishes. "People laugh at Israel's claims that this was a war against the Islamic resistance organisation and not one aimed at civilians.

"They see this as a war against all Palestinians. The number of civilians killed and maimed and the destruction wrought was way too extreme," said Qleibo.

Why Israel won't survive

Once again, Israel demonstrated that it possesses the power and the lack of moral restraint necessary to commit atrocities against a population of destitute refugees it has caged and starved.

The dehumanization and demonization of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims has escalated to the point where Israel can with full self- righteousness bomb their homes, places of worship, schools, universities, factories, fishing boats, police stations -- in short everything that sustains civilized and orderly life -- and claim it is conducting a war against terrorism.

Yet paradoxically, it is Israel as a Zionist state, not Palestine or the Palestinian people, that cannot survive this attempted genocide.

The Truth About the Gaza Massacre


An excellent montage of sounds and images that juxtaposes Israeli propaganda with the realities on ground, and the cynicism of politicians like Barack Obama who aid and abet the crimes against the Palestinian people for domestic political gains (i.e., to placate the Israel Lobby).

Jewish leaders say Nazi imagery at anti-Israel rallies incites anti-Semitism

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We're in trouble, quick, wave the Nazis and call everyone an anti-Semite and they'll shut up!":

No chance in hell.

Anti-Semitism is hating someone for who they are. The present anger against Israel and their supporters is because of what they DO, and it is appropriate to hate people who do hateful things whether it is setting fire to children, stealing other peoples' lands, subverting other nations' governments, running a meth lab out of a meat packing plant, getting rick off of Ponzi schemes, or lying endlessly to the world about , well, everything.

The use of the Nazi imagery is to remind everyone that Israel justifies its existence with the phrase "Never again", even as it repeats the very crimes of the Nazis they claim to oppose.

The world is angry with Israel, and it is a just and righteous anger.

In pictures: Gaza City, a scene of destruction as the Israeli offensive ends

On-a-roll IDF pulling out for Obama's PR. Why?

TEL AVIV, January 19 (RIA Novosti) - Israel plans to withdraw all of its troops from the Gaza Strip before U.S. president-elect Barack Obama's inauguration on January 20, according to Israeli media outlets.

Israel started pulling troops out of Gaza on Sunday, more than three weeks after the start of its assault on the Palestinian enclave of 1.5 million. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has promised European leaders that Israel will finish the process "as soon as possible."

Gaza & the Holocaust: A Comparison *Images*

The Israeli Government has not allowed international journalists into Gaza, despite the Israeli Supreme Court's ruling that they are to be allowed in. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that you see the few images that have made it out of Gaza. The world must see the true face of Israel.


There’s a certain arrogance about the Israeli Zionists stance against its enemies. It’s deliberately calculated to smack of self-righteousness and is part of a cleverly devised long-term propaganda ploy designed to demonises those that attempt to resist them.

Le patron est devenu fou

IDF NOT leaving Gaza, Ready to continue.

Jerusalem - Israel is not talking about totally withdrawing its troops from Gaza for the moment, the army said on Tuesday, hours before the inauguration of United States President-elect Barack Obama.

Asked about reports that ground forces would leave Gaza before Obama is sworn in later on Tuesday, army spokesperson Avital Liebovich said: "For the moment, no one is talking about the total withdrawal of troops."

A senior official in the defence ministry added: "This will depend on the realities on the ground."

Arabs: Israel ammo in Gaza had depleted uranium

Arab nations accused Israel on Monday of blasting Gaza with ammunition containing depleted uranium and urged the International Atomic Energy Agency to investigate reports that traces of it had been found in victims of the shelling.

In a letter on behalf of Arab ambassadors accredited in Austria, Prince Mansour Al-Saoud, the Saudi Ambassador, expressed "our deep concern regarding the information ... that traces of depleted uranium have been found in Palestinian victims."

Turkey rallies to Gaza's plight

"We are all Palestinian now," Mustafa says. "Why is no-one stopping Israel?"

Webmaster's Commentary:

Nobody tried to stop Hitler when he marched into Poland.

Ban 'appalled' by Gaza's damage

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he is appalled by Israeli attacks on a UN compound in Gaza after seeing the destruction for himself.

Mr Ban said that those responsible should be held accountable and demanded a "full investigation" through proper judiciary systems.

He was speaking in front of the smouldering remains of the UN food warehouse destroyed by Israeli shells.

He said he would do all he could to help the population of Gaza.

Appearing stern and at times angry, Mr Ban called the attacks "outrageous" and demanded guarantees that it would never happen again.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Dear Mr. Ban

The United Nations said exactly the same thing following Israel's shelling of UN facilities in Lebanon in 2006.

Please keep in mind that you are dealing with a rogue nation that shelled your facilities while in open defiance of a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a cease fire, in a land which they occupy in defiance of United Nations Resolution 242.

Boats, "Israeli" missile launches for the second day in Gaza despite the cease-fire

A: The gunboats continued, "Israel" for the second consecutive day the bombing of free zones in the north-west of the Sudanese Gaza despite the declared cease-fire.

According to Palestine today, it has been reported casualties so far.

History of Zionism - Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine !

Gaza: The Beginning of the End of Israel?

There is a global call to begin a campaign of Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions. (EPA)

Webmaster's Commentary:

It sounds good, but in the end the obeisant governments of the world will bow to their masters in Tel Aviv and simply tax the money from their "herds" to send to Israel.

Arab blogs: Tents in desert reveal Israeli plan to transfer Gazans to Egypt

After flattening many parts of Gaza with aerial bombardment and ground artillery, Israel may be planning to transfer the now homeless refugees to Egypt, where hundreds of tents have been set up near Rafah. One local blogger said that a soldier told him there are many more tents being prepared, as well.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Ariel Sharon made a deal with the US. The US would turn a blind eye to illegal settlements in the West Bank and Israel would get out of Gaza.

And I predicted back then that as soon as those West Bank Settlements were facts on the ground, Israel would find a reason to go back in and grab Gaza.

And here we are.

Fisk, WND : Obama/Israel made Gaza/inauguration media deal

Source: Obama team asked Israel to end offensive
Top defense official says president-elect's aides wanted action before inauguration
HERZLIYA, Israel – Representatives from the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama informed Israel they would like to see the Jewish state's offensive against Hamas scaled back before tomorrow's inauguration, according to a top defense official who spoke to WND.

Israeli use of white phosphorus 'undeniable': Amnesty

AMNESTY International has said that Israel's use during the Gaza offensive of white phosphorus — banned under international law for use near civilians — was "clear and undeniable".

Israel's "Dahiya Doctrine" comes to Gaza

Israel's military strategy in Gaza, even in what its officials were calling the "final act," followed a blueprint laid down during the Lebanon war more than two years ago.

Then, Israel destroyed much of Lebanon's infrastructure in a month of intensive air strikes. Even in the war's last few hours, as a ceasefire was being finalized, Israel fired more than a million cluster bombs over south Lebanon, apparently in the hope that the area could be made as uninhabitable as possible.

Similarly, Israel's destruction of Gaza continued with unrelenting vigor to the very last moment, even though according to reports in the Israeli media the air force exhausted what it called its "bank of Hamas targets" in the first few days of fighting.

Material aid to Palestinians in Gaza can be given by donations to the following aid agencies. These are not listed in any order of priority.

Gaza doctors struggle to treat deadly burns consistent with white phosphorus

Doctors in Gaza described today how they had struggled to treat dozens of patients with terrible and unusually deadly burns consistent with white phosphorus weapons, during Israel's three-week war in Gaza.

Nafiz Abu Shabaan, head of the burns unit at Shifa hospital and the most senior burns surgeon in Gaza, said 60 to 70 patients had died in his unit during the war from severe burns that were unlike any injury he had previously seen.

Patients with only relatively small burn injuries, which ought to be survivable, were dying unexpectedly.

Israeli soldiers abduct four Palestinians near Nablus

Soldiers dragged the following residents from their homes before taking them to an undisclosed location: Saber Fawzy Samara, 26, Jameel Sayel Samara, 43, from Beit Ommarien village and brothers Tayseer and Khaled Abd Allah Sawalmeh, from the northern Assereh village near Nablus.

Neither the soldiers nor the Israeli military immediately announced any pretext for detaining the men, nor if they were accused or suspected of having committed any crime.

ISM Palestine's photostream

Chemical Burns following Israeli bombings (warning: graphic)

Al Quds Hospital after Israeli bombing (notice all the undamaged buildings around the Hospital... it appears to have been the target, not "collateral damage")

Israeli warplanes attack Gaza

Israeli warplanes have carried out another strike on the Gaza Strip after Tel Aviv and Hamas separately announced ceasefire in the region.

Israel losing PR war

Meanwhile, the alleged war crimes against humanity are likely to lose Israel the PR offensive against Hamas. Anti-Israeli protests have erupted across the globe, and this time, they are not limited to Islamic countries.

UN Ban urges Arabs to back US/IS puppet Abbas

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday urged Arab leaders to join together in backing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in his efforts to reunite the war-ravaged Gaza Strip with the West Bank.

Speaking a day after Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas announced separate ceasefires, Ban also said that Arab unity was crucial if the three-week Gaza conflict was not to be repeated in the future.

"The Palestinians themselves must face the challenge of reconciliation, and work to achieve a unified government under the leadership of President Abbas," Ban told an Arab League summit expected to approve $2 billion in aid to rebuild Gaza.

Israel's Gaza goal: destroy Hamas power, replace with Abbas' Fatah

Jonathan Cook describes how, after running out of targets in the first few days of its war on Gaza, Israel widened the definition “Hamas-affiliated targets” to include mosques, universities, the courts, schools, ambulances, hospitals, bridges, roads, electricity generating stations, sewage lines, factories, workshops and shops.

In the last days before Israel imposed a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza to avoid embarrassing the incoming Obama administration, it upped its assault, driving troops deeper into Gaza City, intensifying its artillery bombardment and creating thousands more displaced people.

'Israeli nukes threaten world'

An Iranian diplomat says the Israeli crimes committed against Gazans should alarm the world about the threat of Israel's nuclear arsenal.

Geneva-based Iranian diplomat Ali-Reza Moayyeri said Tuesday that Israel's extreme measures against Gazan civilians should bring world attention to the threat posed by Tel Aviv's stockpile of nuclear warheads.

“No word can do justice to the extent of Israel's war crimes in the Gaza over the past three weeks,” said Moayyeri.

Although Israel neither denies nor admits of possessing an atomic arsenal, former US President Jimmy Carter has described Tel Aviv as the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East.

Israeli military says complete withdrawal from Gaza “out of the question”

Israel continued to withdraw some of its troops from the Gaza Strip Tuesday, in moves timed to coincide with the inauguration of US President-elect Barack Obama.

Announcing an end to Operation Cast Lead early Sunday morning, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had said his government intended to remove its forces “at the greatest possible speed.” The Israeli army has confirmed, however, that a “complete withdrawal is out of the question” at this time.

Gaza: Israeli Army 'Combat Ready'

Israel announced its unilateral ceasefire on Saturday night and Hamas followed suit the next day.

Hamas issued Israel with demands to withdraw troops in a week and open Gaza's border crossings.

But Israel says any agreement to reopen crossings is a long way off and conditional on Hamas releasing abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Webmaster's Commentary:

How does Israel know they didn't kill him themselves with all the indiscriminate bombing?

Syria holds Israeli war crimes exhibition

An exhibition has been held at the National Museum in Damascus, depicting the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip caused by Israel.

The exhibition was called Remembering Gaza and was organized by the European-Arab center in Syria, Press TV correspondent in Damascus Samer Dadaa reported Wednesday.

A number of Palestinian, Arab and non-Arab artists from all over the world took part in the event.

Pumping from Kinneret halted as water drops to critical level

The pumping of water from Lake Kinneret, which serves as Israel's primary water reservoir, was halted on Monday as water levels reached just 40 cm above the critical "black line," below which all pumping is forbidden. Pumping was stopped as Israel suffers the driest winter season since measurements began in the 1920s.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel's real goal in Lebanon in 2006 was access to the Litani River.

Israel denies medical teams, food supplies entry to Gaza

Israel has denied Human Rights Watch and aid agencies entry to the Gaza Strip as Palestinians grapple with a shortage of vital supplies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The collective punishment goes on.

Israel is clearing trying to regroup and finish the job in Gaza while making it look like the Palestinians are to blame.

But the history is clear. HAMAS complied with the previous 6 month cease fire while Israel reneged on its promise to allow more food and supplies through the checkpoints. Then Israel attacked Gaza on Nov. 4th, killing 6 Palestinians, then slammed a total blockade on Gaza November 5th. Only THEN did HAMAS announce that the cease fire was (obviously) over.

So here we have a repeat. Israel declares a cease fore to look good to the rest of the world, but keeps the checkpoints closed and humanitarian assistance blocked. Plus, we continue to get reports that Israeli warplanes are still dropping white phosphorus onto Gaza despite Israel's claim to have halted hostilities.

Report: Belgian court petitioned to arrest Livni upon arrival in Brussels

European attorneys have reportedly petitioned a Belgian court to arrest Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni upon her arrival in Brussels later Wednesday, according to the Jawalan.com Web Site.

The complaints was apparently lodged on behalf of Belgian and French nationals with relatives who were either wounded or killed in Gaza, and calls for Livni to be arrested for war crimes.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Not to mention lying through her teeth that there were no civilian casualties.

Waiting and waiting for entry to the devastation that is Gaza

A medical team from the Greek branch of Doctors Without Borders has been waiting for clearance for two days. “Dr Eleni is inside but her team and supplies are out,”complained a bearded aide.“More people got in before the ceasefire.”

UN demands flow of goods to Gaza

UN humanitarian chief John Holmes has urged Israel to fully open all crossings with Gaza to allow a free flow of goods.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel has yet to comply. They are back to the same old game of collectively punishing the Gazans.

Israel admits troops may have used phosphorus shells in Gaza

Israel has admitted – after mounting pressure – that its troops may have used white phosphorus shells in contravention of international law, during its three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip.

One of the places most seriously affected by the use of white phosphorus was the main UN compound in Gaza City, which was hit by three shells on 15 January. The same munition was used in a strike on the al-Quds hospital in Gaza City the same day.

Webmaster's Commentary:

With literally tons of incriminating evidence scattered across the burned-out homes of Gaza Israel can hardly deny it any longer without making themselves look worse than they already do.

Blind and burnt: Mahmoud, 14, young victim of banned white phosphorus shelling

Blinded in both eyes, with third-degree burns over much of his torso, Mahmoud lies unconscious in the Sheikh Zayid Hospital on the outskirts of Cairo. He has said little since January 6, when an Israeli attack on his village in northern Gaza left him nearly dead on the street outside his mosque. Doctors say that he will never see again — and that the burns on his body were caused by white phosphorus, a controversial incendiary weapon that Israel originally denied using.

Gaza: 'I watched an Israeli soldier shoot dead my two little girls'

A Palestinian father has claimed that he saw two of his young daughters shot dead and another critically injured by an Israeli soldier who emerged from a stationary tank and opened fire as the family obeyed an order from the Israeli forces to leave their home.

IDF probes improper use of phosphorus shells in Gaza Strip

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is the start of the "Hey we didn't MEAN to drop burning white phosphorus" defense. But the fact is that IDF got those shells from the US and deployed them into Gaza. That proves intentions.

UN Calling for Unfettered Access to Gaza Strip

United Nations aid agencies say the level of destruction in the Gaza Strip is overwhelming. They are appealing to Israel to open all crossing points so they can import crucial humanitarian goods and reconstruction material into the Palestinian Territory.


You may have noticed that my Associate, Khalid Amayreh, has not posted on this Blog for the last few days. The following report will tell you why.

In collaboration with the occupational forces operating in the Palestinian territories, he has been arrested. His crime? Speaking out against injustice and corruption.

Webmaster's Commentary:

He has since been released, but again this whole affair shows Israel's attitude towards the press.

Bombs Meant to "Send Gaza Back Decades"

In the last days before Israel imposed a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza to avoid embarrassing the incoming Obama administration, it upped its assault, driving troops deeper into Gaza City, intensifying its artillery bombardment and creating thousands more displaced people.

Israel’s military strategy in Gaza, even in what its officials were calling the "final act", followed a blueprint laid down during the Lebanon war more than two years ago.

Then, Israel destroyed much of Lebanon’s infrastructure in a month of intensive air strikes. Even in the war’s last few hours, as a ceasefire was being finalised, Israel fired more than a million cluster bombs over south Lebanon, apparently in the hope that the area could be made as uninhabitable as possible.

"Exterminate all the Brutes": Gaza 2009

Israel calculated that it would be advantageous to appear to "go crazy," causing vastly disproportionate terror, a doctrine that traces back to the 1950s.

Webmaster's Commentary:

A crazy nation, armed with nuclear weapons.

An Israeli site that lists Israeli war criminals

Hill of Shame where Gaza bombing is spectator sport

Today the hill attracts a very different sort of visitor — the ghoulish and vengeful, the curious and anguished, not to mention television crews. They come not to enjoy the flowers or birdsong, but for a spectacular panoramic view of Israel's relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip. It is, for those that like that sort of thing, the ultimate spectator sport.

Resistance is called ‘terrorism’

Enshrined in the Israeli narrative is the “terrorist” designation of its enemies. For most ordinary people “terrorist” is a highly emotive label and when it’s prefixed with “Islamist,” it evokes images of hooded, anti-Western extremists lopping off heads or planting bombs in five-star hotels to fulfill the demands of a warped ideology masquerading as religion.

For Israel, the ‘war on terror’ has been a gift to its propaganda merchants. After all, what reasonable person can blame a country under ‘terrorist attack’ for extending its power to protect its citizens from crazed evildoers? Sadly, public perception isn’t generally nuanced enough to take account of a crucial fundamental: Israel is the occupier and the Palestinians its victims.

Conversely, genuine resistance groups struggling against the yoke of occupation have been hobbled by George W. Bush’s black-and-white rhetoric, as they have been tarred with the same brush as Al Qaida and its franchises. Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband slammed the ‘war on terror’ during a recent visit to Mumbai, calling it a “misleading and mistaken” doctrine inviting “invidious comparisons” between diverse organisations.

After the army killed her family, a wounded child spends two days in an abandoned home

Amira, is a Palestinian child who fled her home after the army shelled it and took shelter in a nearby home bleeding and scared for two days without food and without anyone who can take care of her wounds.

She was hiding in this empty home, as its owners had to leave it due to the Israeli shelling. She wrapped herself with some sheets and laid on a bed in the ground floor while crying and listening to the sounds of bombs, tanks and fighter-jets.

When she was found two days later, she was nearly dead after losing so much blood. The 15-year old Amira saw her father and two brothers getting killed by the shell that struck their home before she ran out seeking shelter.

Livni makes light of Gaza civilian casualty

"We had to carry out this operation. I am at peace with the fact that we did it," she said referring to a three-week long offensive against the Gaza Strip which killed at least 1,300 Palestinians, including more than 400 children.

Sacrificing Gaza to revive Israel's Labor party

How cynical are Israeli politicians that they have chosen to sacrifice the lives of innocent Gazan families to seek political advantage in the elections that will happen on 10 February. Not only has the Israeli regime sent its military machine to commit genocide in Gaza, it has also endangered the lives of its own citizens and soldiers. This, without even once trying to negotiate in good faith with the elected government of the Palestinian people.

Gaza war munitions investigated

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) says it will open an investigation into Israel's alleged use of depleted uranium during the 22-day offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza-Palestine, Fake Wars and Manufactured Enemies: What's it all about?

“The endgame is 'one-world' government, a 'Zion that will light up all the world', and we – the inconvenient humanity – are merely caught 'Between Two Ages', the transition-epoch. That transition period is to be brought a step closer to finalization under the new front-face in the White House, of Mr. Barack Obama. He has been groomed intellectually, politically, and financially, by the same hectoring hegemons who delighted in 'giving to the USSR its Vietnam War' at the expense of another people's disposable blood. Their agenda is not particularly a state-secret. Their own words are publicly available for anyone to read, hear, and parse intelligently.

Why I Will Continue to Protest Israeli Aggression

Israel seeks “total capitulation to Israel’s terms coupled with an acknowledgement of the legitimacy of Israeli actions.’’ In Failing Peace: Gaza and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Dr. Sara Roy, a Harvard researcher of 30 years on the Palestinian plight and herself a child of Holocaust survivors, pulls no punches in her informed assessment of Israel’s long-term strategy.

That judgment does not comport with the popular image of Israel as victim. What does the evidence support?

With its nuclear weapons, powerful military, technologically advanced state and a steadfast U.S. patron, Israel has no peers in its neighbourhood. Within Gaza, Hamas has rockets, a highly irregular militia, no state whatsoever and fair-weather patrons.

'Abbas spies passed intelligence to Israelis'

Prominent Hamas figure Salah al-Bardaweel accuses Mahmoud Abbas of direct involvement in the Gaza war through his spies in the region.

Israel proves once again that it controls what you see, hear, and read through the corporate media.

Israel's disconnect

Surgical strikes and careful warnings to civilians are what the IDF claims. As I learned in Lebanon, the reality is far different.

Israel threatens Gazans with another attack

Israel fought a three-week long war against Hamas allegedly to destroy the movement's military power. It launched hundreds of attacks on several tunnels and homes in the southern Gaza Strip “to destroy the tunnels through which Hamas brings arms into the region”.

Palestinians, however, say the tunnels are used to import food to the besieged populated territory which has been under an 18-month Israeli blockade.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel could end the tunnels by allowing the necessities of live to enter freely into Gaza.

Israel denies medical teams, food supplies entry to Gaza

Israel has denied Human Rights Watch and aid agencies entry to the Gaza Strip as Palestinians grapple with a shortage of vital supplies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The collective punishment goes on.

This is, of course, a war crime.

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