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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mercredi 5 octobre 2005

IRAQ: Censure, Torture et guerres futures...

IRAQ: Censure, Torture et guerres futures...

Ici vous trouverez un tas d'information, de textes ecrit par des bloggers et d'articles provenant des medias aussi.
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- German court declares Iraq war violated international law

Um autre clou dans le cerceuil de l'administration Bush et les autres complices internationaux.

- Bush threatens defense bill veto, warning on prisoners

Ahurissant! Bush demande au Congres 440 milliards de dollards pour la defence, et en plus de ca, menace d'utiliser son veto si le Congres met des limites quant au traitement des prisonniers, dans le contexte des revelations a propos de la torture systematique qui se produit dans les prisons tenu par les americains a travers le monde.

- Do You Smell What I Smell?

"Forget about religion as a belief system for a minute and look at it as a business. War and occupations involve many industries. The stock market allows investors to profit when those industries profit. Ethnic and religious strife are nice buttons to push for a war. And if anyone opposes you then play the race card or the religion card on them, and accuse them of being the racist or the bigots.
We know that Israel has an illegal occupation of Palestine. We all know what the deal is there. I am pointing out that the majority of the money given to the Israeli government and the companies involved in the occupation don’t even come from the US government, it comes from Christian churches. The Presbyterian divestment alone was 7 billion dollars and that is just one church and a small one at that.The US Gov gives about 3 billion a year and 75% of that is recycled back to buy US arms. The Churches invest in those arms industries. We are basically subsidizing the military industries and inflating the holdings of Christian leaders who get their money originally tax free from donation from their clueless followers.It is important then for the (in it for the business) Christians to ally with the Zionist in Israel."

- Real reasons for the Iraq war

" *greed and a culture of might makes me feel secure

It's a combination of greed and manipulation. Then there is that ever present need for vicarious masculinity, which the chicken hawks feed on daily. The State becomes an extension of their ego.

The war party takes glee in saying they will kick our enemies' asses. "Ah we should just nuke them, or make a nice lake". I have actually heard these phrases spoken by grown adults. Not stupid people either. I mean business men who just get frustrated and want that oh so quick and satisfying answer of blowing the hell out of people, you know, showing them who is boss.

I blame that on authoritarianism and hyper-nationalism but also... We need to separate intelligence from compassion. A person can be smart but have the moral compass of a nazi. (the nazis were not dumb, academic-wise they were smart enough to build rockets, yet dumb enough compassion-wise to use them)

The insecurities manifested in numerous ways have gotten many people; both smart and dumb, to have a greater need for an ego-boost than for a caring relationship for humanity and the planet. Caring is considered 'weak.' and bombing stuff is tough and macho, even though any whimp can push a button to launch a missile.

Western science and religions have both made a clean break with and a war on relationships with nature. The endless pursuit of shiny things, i.e. status through ownership, has lead to a nation of islands. No one sees that personal comforts and private interests cannot be a blindfold to our relationship to world events and changes in our environment. But the head in the sand apathy is allowing a minority of evil people, evolutionarily parasites, to gather the sheep for battle, as they get off on their wargasm.

People don't think of what is just and then act. They act and then think of how to justify it. Greed and envy will rationalize everything. Another part of the puzzle is that war has become distant. Technology allows the horror of war to be separated by machines from the individual. It's easier to drop a bomb than to run in and get blood on your hands. It's becoming game like.

On the bright side, man has evolved in some areas. Northern Europe, for example and many of the island nations are not going to war on their own without US manipulation. As long as we have a culture that bases its human worth on occupational income and property, we are going to the hell we create. Yes, property has become a method of gaining status with others and with one's self.

What we need is a value system that places prestige in compassion, intelligence, creativity, and actual aspects of character rather than on material gain and ability to take from others."

- The coup that wasn't

"Scott Ritter, reveals how the CIA plotted to use a UN weapons inspection to overthrow the Iraqi regime - and how fiasco turned to tragedy when it failed"

- How the occupation authorities intervened in the writing of Iraq’s Constitution

Comment une armee qui occupe un pays illegalement ecrit en plus la nouvelle constitution de ce pays. Un processus appele La Democratie selon eux...

- Sinister Events in a Cynical War

"Here are questions that are not being asked about the latest twist of a cynical war. Were explosives and a remote-control detonator found in the car of the two SAS special forces men "rescued" from prison in Basra on 19 September? If true, what were they planning to do with them? Why did the British military authorities in Iraq put out an unbelievable version of the circumstances that led up to armoured vehicles smashing down the wall of a prison?

According to the head of Basra's Governing Council, which has co-operated with the British, five civilians were killed by British soldiers. A judge says nine. How much is an Iraqi life worth? Is there to be no honest accounting in Britain for this sinister event, or do we simply accept Defence Secretary John Reid's customary arrogance? "Iraqi law is very clear, he said. British personnel are immune from Iraqi legal process." He omitted to say that this fake immunity was invented by Iraq’s occupiers."

"Although reported initially by the Times and the Mail, all mention of the explosives allegedly found in the SAS men's unmarked Cressida vanished from the news. Instead, the story was the danger the men faced if they were handed over to the militia run by the "radical" cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

"Radical" is a gratuitous embedded term; al-Sadr has actually co-operated with the British. What did he have to say about the "rescue"? Quite a lot, none of which was reported in this country.

His spokesman, Sheikh Hassan al-Zarqani, said the SAS men, disguised as al-Sadr's followers, were planning an attack on Basra ahead of an important religious festival. "When the police tried to stop them," he said, "[they] opened fire on the police and passers-by. After a car chase, they were arrested. What our police found in the car was very disturbing - weapons, explosives and a remote control detonator. These are the weapons of terrorists."

- Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks

Ceci est l'excellent commentaire ecrit par le blogger du site What Really Happened:

This is pure spin to cover the fact that US-registered cars are being used for the "insurgent" bombs. Having shipped cars myself by cargo vessel I can assure you that there is a huge paperwork process to go through in which you must prove you are the legal owner of the vehicle before they will allow it on board.
So what we have here is that a US vehicle was found being rigged for a bombing attack, and in response to the question of WHY a US vehicle is involved in an insurgent attack, we get, "Ummm, ahh, it was stolen. Yeah, that's it, the car was stolen. Sure sure. Yeah. Stolen."

- US forces 'out of control', says Reuters chief
- Shooting of reporter in Iraq was justified, U.S. report says
- Reuters says U.S. troops obstruct reporting of Iraq

Trois articles sur le sujet d'une sale manie de l'armee americaine: tirer et tuer des journalistes en Iraq.

"...et bien... nos gars etaient la debout et ils avaient le doigt sur la gachette.. et il y avait ce type qui brandissait un insigne avec ecrit dessus "Presse"..... alors vous savez, les gars..."

- Who Did You Torture During The War, Daddy?

"An army captain and two sergeants from the elite 82nd Airborne Division confirm previous reports that Bagram and other concentration camps in U.S.-occupied Afghanistan are a kind of Torture University where American troops are taught how to abuse prisoners who have neither been charged with nor found guilty of any crime. "The soldiers told Human Rights Watch that while they were serving in Afghanistan," reports The Times, "they learned the stress techniques [sic] from watching Central Intelligence Agency operatives interrogating prisoners." Veterans who served as prison guards in Afghanistan went on to apply their newfound knowledge at Abu Ghraib and other facilities in U.S.-occupied Iraq."

- Bush Is Cooking Up Two More Wars

- U.S., Israel discuss Syria regime change – Report

Une guerre atomique contre l'Iran, et une destruction de la Syrie au programme ce soir chers amis... L'empire du New World Order est en route.. pour chez vous eventuellement!

- Iraq; "a right rollicking cock-up"

"Donald Rumsfeld continued his bloody onslaught on civilian enclaves this weekend by laying siege to the Iraqi city of Sadah. Most of the 2,000 desperately poor residents of the town have already been evacuated, leaving the city vulnerable to the vast and predictable devastation that always accompanies these unprovoked attacks. Judging by the appalling results we've seen in Qaim, Falluja and Tal Afar, we can expect that water lines, electrical power and sewage will be laid to waist as a form of collective punishment against the townspeople. The ultimate purpose of the assault is to break the back of the Sunni-dominated resistance by demolishing the "sea in which they swim"; in this case the entire Sunni heartland. In the process, the military is trying to erase whatever vestiges of Iraqi culture still exist in the cities. By sweeping away the landmarks and icons of national identity, the Pentagon hopes to assert the values of the dominant culture by force. This is the main thrust of a plan to remake Iraqi society into a "free market" economy.As always, the western media has provided the muddled-rationale for American aggression. Associated Press reported that the attack was "aimed at rooting out al-Qaida militants who have taken hold of the village." Nothing could be further from the truth. The claim is not backed by any corroborating evidence nor does it fit with recent estimates of the number of foreign-fighters in the country.(which varies between 5 to 10%) Now that the Pentagon has systematically liquidated or detained the few independent journalists operating in Iraq, they are free to execute their information-strategy according to their own skewed objectives. The claim that Al Qaida has seized control of these small border towns is patently absurd and unworthy of further comment."

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