Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

dimanche 2 octobre 2005

Camps de concentrations aux USA et Etat policier


Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision: LA Times 08/14/02
FEMA’s Plan for Mass Destruction Attacks: Of Course It’s True: Newsmax 08/07/02

FEMA Preparing for Mass Destruction Attacks on Cities: Newsmax 07/15/02

News Archive PRISON PLANET.com
Will military enforce domestic law?: World Net Daily 07/29/02

U.S. Should Consider Giving Military Arrest Powers, Ridge Says: Bloomberg News 07/21/02
U.S. mulls military's domestic role: Associated Press 07/21/02

Biden backs letting soldiers arrest civilians: Washington Times 07/22/02
Foundations are in place for martial law in the US: Sydney Morning Herald 07/27/02

General Ashcroft's Detention Camps - Time to Call for His Resignation: The Village Voice 09/04/02
Canada-US troop deal 'close': BBC 08/29/02

The Martial Plan - Ethics, Ethnics Both Under Fire: The Village Voice 07/24/02
Northern Command General Endorses Posse Comitatus Review: Newsmax 07/22/02

FBI: 2nd Kentucky fugitive captured (Marines used in domestic law enforcement): CNN 11/20/02
New military cooperation pact allows Canadian, U.S. troops to enter each other's territory: Associated Press 12/10/02

Enemy Combatants

Concentration Camps
Foreign Troops/Posse Comitatus

Concentration Camps in Okanagon County?: KXLY News 02/27/03
Alex interviews Dave Shultz, the Okanagon, WA County Commissioner who is convinced his county is a designated home for a concentration camp in a case of civil unrest.

Letter from Department of the Army to Senator Breaux confirming "civilian prison camps" 01/06/97

Letter from Congressman Hefner confirming "civilian inmate labor program" 03/24/97
Army Regulation 210-35: Civilian Inmate Labor Program - Department of the Army 12/07/97 (PDF File)

Why Ashcroft's plan to create internment camps for alleged enemy combatants is wrong: CNN 09/04/02
Operation Garden Plot official FBI Documents

Department of the Army letter confirming release of Operation Garden Plot documents
"The truth of the matter is that you do have those standby provisions, and the statutory emergency plans are there whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism, apprehend, invoke the military, and arrest Americans and hold them in detention camps." -- U.S. Representative Henry Gonzalez, August 29, 1994

Arabs in U.S. could be held (in camps), official warns: Detroit Free Press 07/20/02
Rights panelist foresees internment push: Miami Herald 07/20/02

Vast quarantine role advocated for states: Detroit Free Press 11/07/01
The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

ACLU examines Pentagon role in sniper probe: CNN 10/17/02
1878 Military Law Gets New Attention: Associated Press 11/24/01

In Terror War, 2nd Track for Suspects: Washington Post 12/02/02
Bush war rules let U.S. kill its own: Houston Chronicle 12/04/02

U.S. Can Hold Citizens As Combatants: Associated Press 01/09/03
Bush OK's Summary Executions Of Some Designated As Terrorists: Reuters 08/12/02

1679 Habeas Corpus Act
Definition of Habeas Corpus: A writ having for its object to bring a party before a court or judge; especially, one to inquire into the cause of a person's imprisonment or detention by another, with the view to protect the right to personal liberty; also, one to bring a prisoner into court to testify in a pending trial.

U.S. Military Police Prepare for Iraqi Prisoners by Using Mock Detention Center: ABC News 02/18/03
Indian Detainee Alleges U.S. Torture: Associated Press 01/27/03

US interrogators turn to 'torture lite': London Guardian 01/27/03
Huge US Army Simulation 'Exercise' To Begin In 26 States: AFP 07/24/02

Alabama Activates Tank Unit: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 07/18/02
Time to torture?: Salon 11/16/01

Dershowitz: Torture could be justified: CNN 03/04/03
Legal Torture?: CBS News 09/20/02

U.S. now might have to consider what once was unthinkable, Dershowitz says: St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/04/01
US denies 'prison torture' charges: BBC 02/14/03

Americans may be held as 'enemy combatants,' appeals court rules: CNN 01/08/03
U.S. Can Hold Citizens as Combatants: Fox News 01/08/03

- Martial Law: Police State America - We're So Close Now

"For years we have warned that the police state is coming, how Martial Law will become the norm, how ancient laws, rights and freedoms are being overturned and replaced with repressive mechanisms of control.
For years we have presented the evidence, the Army War College documents, the domestic military takeover drills, the draconian legislation, officials left right and centre calling for more centralized military control domestically.
For years people refuted the evidence, or passed it off as being intended for something else, or simply refused to believe it. Now everything we warned you about is happening.
In the wake of the recent natural disasters on American soil, dangerous precedents have been set. We have been forced to watch how in times of crisis we must submit and follow the orders of Federal Commanders, no matter whether they deny us basic human rights or not.Whether it be a state attack, a terrorist attack, an accident or a natural disaster matters not anymore, the outcome will be the same. We are just one event, ANY event away from Martial Law."

- Towards the EU Police State: EU Criminal Law overrides Member States

"If the EU establishes "anti-terrorist" legislation patterned on the US, this legislaiton will override the laws of the member states. The development of supranational institutions and supranational powers constitutes a first step towards a Eu police state apparatus, where fundamental rights protected by the laws of the member states are derogated."

- Manipulating the Public Mind

- The Threat of Information, Electromagnetic and Psychtronic Warfare


Des nouvelles armes de controle electronique, psychotronique et guerre informationelle.

Une realite qui n'est pas rendu publique. Mais on peut influencer vos pensees a distance et autres trucs vraiment dangereux pour notre integrite physique et psychique.

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