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jeudi 11 mars 2010

L'Autre Monde 11 mars 2010: Irak, Afghanistan 9/11 et terrorisme économique


L'Autre Monde 11 mars 2010: Irak, Afghanistan, 9/11, et terrorisme économique

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L'Autre Monde 11 mars 2010

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Au programme cette semaine, 11 mars 2010:

- Nous discutons du Moyen-Orient en nous penchant sur les cas particuliers de l'Irak et de l'Afghanistan;

- Retour sur le 9/11, un mouvement pacifique pour la vérité qui est présenté par les médias et les autorités comme étant un mouvement de terroriste!

- Économie: nous sommes loin d'être sorti du bois, le cas de l'Europe qui risque la banqueroute, révoltes en Grèce qui se propagent à l'Espagne et à la France. Une autre crise créé de toute pièce qui constitue une véritable attaque terroriste économique de la part des banquiers privés comme Goldman Sachs et cie.

Soyez de la partie les jeudis dès 11h sur les ondes de CHOQ FM, la radio officielle de l'UQÀM, l'alternative à Montréal et dans le monde!

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La population est considérée comme étant un "ennemi d'État"

Nous avons vu la semaine passée que CANADA Inc., comme toute bonne compagnie privée, a pour importante mission de faire du profit, souvent en extorquant et taxant à mort sa ressource naturelle, la population.

Nous avons aussi vu que cette extraction, ce vampirisme économique se fait souvent au nom de belles prétentions et motivations de façade, comme par exemple, la « sécurité », la « santé », la « démocratie », etc.

Au nom de la sécurité, on va vous taxer de quelques milliards. Au nom de la santé et d’une peur d’un certain H1N1, on va vous inoculer avec des produits non-testés et contenant des ingrédients toxiques, qui n’ont aucune efficacité prouvée à part des croyances aveugles et naïves. Au nom de la démocratie, on va aller bombarder et occuper militairement des pays du Moyen-Orient où on a déjà entrainé la mort de 1.3 million d’Irakiens et des dizaines de milliers d’autres en Afghanistan. Un génocide. Et un biocide: on a contaminé la place avec de l’uranium appauvri qui sert à fabriquer des armes dont on se sert pour libérer les gens de ces pays, un truc radioactif pour au moins 4.5 milliards d’années. Tout ce qui a de plus humain; à la fine pointe de l’humanité.

U.S. will determine who can board some Canadian flights


Starting in December, some passengers on Canadian airlines flying to, from or even over the United States without ever landing there, will only be allowed to board the aircraft once the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has determined they are not terrorists.

Secure Flight, the newest weapon in the U.S. war on terrorism, gives the United States unprecedented power over who can board planes that fly over U.S. airspace.


Pentagon Shooter Was Right-Wing, Anti-Government Terrorist

Bedell “appears to have been a right-wing extremist with virulent antigovernment feelings,” the Christian Science Monitor reports, who traveled from California specifically to attack the Pentagon. While police were hesitant to assign a motive, “writings by someone with his same name and birth date, posted on the Internet, express ill will toward the government and the armed forces and question whether Washington itself might have been behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

Well, the demonization of Bedell goes on, along with bashing the 9-11 truth movement. But I wish to remind everyone screaming "right-wing extremism" that it is a REPUBLICAN President that is thought to have been part of the 9-11 plot, and that while he was still in office, doubters of the official story were dismissed as "Liberal kooks!"

Thermite and the WTC Collapses

"Out on the rubble it's still, I believe, 1,100 degrees. The guys boots just melt within a few hours."

Let Me Know When You See Fire!


Listen to the final moments of the daring rescue efforts of the New York City Fire Department operating in the South Tower of the World Trade Center moments before it suddenly exploded into oblivion. This is the biggest conflict of evidence of all: Either there were emergency teams operating in the building or there was a tremendous raging inferno. The two are mutually exclusive possibilities.

Highly-Credible People Question 9/11

The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission (Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton) said that the CIA (and likely the White House) "obstructed our investigation".

Pentagon gunman sought ‘truth’ about 9/11

Webmaster's Commentary:

Given that the majority of people no longer trust the official story of 9-11 it seems likely that anyone reaching their breaking point and shooting at the Pentagon (or crashing a plane into the IRS) has already decided that the government should not be trusted on anything that it says.

The government and media are going to spin this latest attack as a condemnation of anyone who fails to believe as the government orders them to believe I think this only reminds all Americans that they are not alone in wondering just what really happened (cheap plug) on 9-11.

I know that some people will insist this is a staged false-flag event, but like Joe Stack who crashed a plane into the IRS, this reads to me like a genuine case of an American who has just had enough, has reached their breaking point, and a government propaganda machine doing their usual "how can we use this to our advantage?" process.

The reason I do not think this is a false flag attack is that staged false flag terror is directed at innocent lives, lots of them, to maximize the psychological shock value. In both the IRS and Pentagon cases, public opinion has little sympathy for the targets.

False flag attacks have to have a live perpetrator, someone to put on trial, like Tim McVeigh, or even better to remain at large, like Osama bin Laden, to continue to fan the flames of public outrage and build public pressure to exact a revenge against the intended patsy. In both the IRS and Pentagon cases, the perpetrators are already dead, cutting off any possibility of revenge. Closure is forced on these events before they even get going.

Before the American revolution started in earnest it was preceded by numerous small actions in which angered colonials shot and killed British soldiers at random. The reason the British panicked at the intersection of Devonshire and State streets on March 5, 1770 was their awareness that the colonials had been shooting and killing their comrades.

It appears we are in the same phase here.

Alex Jones: Neocon Pundits & Media Whores "Demonize" 9/11 Truthers over Pentagon Shootings

Part 1: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10586
Part 2: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10588
Part 3: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10589
Part 4: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=10590

Attack on 911 Truth repelled: Alex Jones Destroys the Faux News Duo

Why do the talking heads continue to call those calling for 911 Truth "conspiracy theorists" - when their only "crime" has been an examination of evidence the U.S. Government has done backflips to pretend doesn't exist?

As Predicted, Pentagon Shooting Blamed On 9/11 Truth

Just two days after we warned of false flag domestic attacks that would be blamed on the federal government’s political adversaries were all but inevitable, a Californian man attacked the Pentagon last night in a shooting that wounded two police officers and has since been blamed on the John Patrick Bedell’s advocacy for 9/11 truth.

On Wednesday we explained how a Southern Poverty Law Center report which demonized We Are Change 9/11 truth organizations in the same breath as violent racist skinhead groups was part of a preparatory set-up for violent domestic acts that would be blamed on anti-government extremists.

The Washington Post on ‘lunatic’ 9/11 ‘conspiracy theorists’

An editorial in the Washington Post yesterday slammed Japanese member of parliament Yukihisa Fujita because he “seems to think that America’s rendering of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is a gigantic hoax.” His “ideas” about the terrorist attacks “are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion.”

Fujita, the editorial added, is a member of “the lunatic fringe” who “have spawned a thriving subculture of conspiracy theorists at home and abroad”, and “his views, rooted as they are in profound distrust of the United States, seem to reflect a strain of anti-American thought”. The piece closes by suggesting that the “fact-averse” Fujita should be removed from office.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I am starting to get the feeling that the US Government has hit the panic button on the 9-11 cover-up!

A FireFighter for 911 Truth

Finally, a Seattle FireFighter Eric Lawyer, for truth group for Fire Fighters to stand up and join. No longer silent, while the pieces of their fellow NY Fire Dept. firefighters lay buried in the landfill without dignity or proper burial.
Thanks to the Architects for Truth. The Science is finally proving that 911 was in fact an inside job, not made up by Conspiracy "nuts", but here Eric Lawyer states flatly that the Book for Forensic preservation of evidence from a crime scene was blatantly ignored. True. But no one better than a FireFighter familiar with the "book" to say so. Willie Rodriquez was erased from the fraudulent Federally tainted so called 911 investigation, Prof. Jones thermate evidence ignored, Key witnesses were scene being thrown out for trying to testify.

9-11 - The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark

9/11: All In One Chunk


Webmaster's Commentary:

Relinked in reply to ABC TV's Nightline piece on the truth movement. Please share around your social networking sites.

How Did the WTC Fires Burn for Months?

Underground fires raged for months. O'Toole remembers in February [2002] seeing a crane lift a steel beam vertically from deep within the catacombs of Ground Zero. "It was dripping from the molten steel," he said.

The "Truss Theory": A Fantasy Concocted to Conceal a Demolition

If the building was truly held together by weak bolts then the single bolt connections should have "popped and fell apart" when Flight 11 smashed into the inner core of WTC 1, not 1½ hours after the event.

1114 architectural and engineering professionalsand 7302 other supporters including A&E students
have signed the petition demanding of Congress
a truly independent investigation.

- La Commission sur le 9/11 confirme: La version officielle est un mensonge

Les fins détails ne sont plus d’aucune importance. Les responsables de la Commission gouvernementale sur le 9/11 ont confirmés ce que nous savions tout ce temps-là; c’est-à-dire que le gouvernement américain a menti à propos des évènements entourant les attaques du 11 septembre 2001. Le gouvernement américain avait confié la responsabilité de la Commission d’enquête sur le 9/11 à l’ancien attorney général du New Jersey John Farmer. La Commission avait reçu comme mandat d’enquêter sur la réponse du gouvernement face aux attaques. Y siégeait aussi l’ancien gouverneur du New Jersey Thomas Kean et l’ancien Congressiste de l’Indiana Lee H. Hamilton.

Dans le livre de John Farmer «The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11? », l’auteur bâtit un dossier autant convainquant qu’incontournable du fait que la version officielle… est quasiment entièrement fausse.

La Commission sur le 9/11 nous dit maintenant que cette version officielle du 9/11 était basé sur de faux témoignages et documents; donc qu’elle est presque entièrement fausse. Les détails de ce massif escamotage de la vérité par le gouvernement sont soigneusement étalés dans le livre de John Farmer, qui était la tête de la Commission sur le 9/11.

Le gouvernement américain a menti à propos du 9/11.

L’édition du 11 septembre 2009 du Time magazine présentait précisément cette histoire en appelant un nouveau regard sur la Commission sur le 9/11. M. Farmer soulignait au Time magazine lorsque que des entrevues avaient été menées au centre de la FAA de New York la nuit du 9/11 et que ces enregistrements furent détruits. Les enregistrements d’interrogations de la CIA furent aussi détruits: «L’histoire du 9/11 elle-même, le moins qu’on peut dire, était déformée et complètement différente de la façon dont les choses se sont réellement passées».

Farmer, directeur de la School of Law des Universités Rutger, ne fait pas chemin seul, il a la coopération et l’accord d’autres membres de la Commission sur le 9/11. Il n’accuse pas Cheney ou Bush d’avoir ordonné le 9/11 dans son livre, mais il écrit clairement que le FBI, la CIA, la Maison Blanche et NORAD ont menti délibérément à la Commission. Est-ce appuyé par des preuves documentées? Oui.

Farmer déclare: «À un certain niveau du gouvernement, à un certain moment donné… il y a eu une entente pour ne pas révéler la vérité à propos de ce qui s’était passé… J’ai été choqué de voir la différence entre la vérité et la manière dont elle a été décrite… Les enregistrements du NORAD (North American Aerospace Command) racontait une histoire radicalement différente de ce qu’on nous a dit ainsi qu’au public depuis deux ans».

Thomas Kean, ancien gouverneur Républicain du New Jersey avait ceci a dire: «Jusqu’à ce jour, nous ne savons toujours pas pourquoi le NORAD nous a raconté ce qu’ils nous ont raconté, c’était tellement loin de la vérité…».

La Commission avait décidé de ne pas entendre le groupe de travailleurs qui a connu le plus de perte de vie lors du 11 septembre 2001: les pompiers. Nombreux sont les témoignages de pompiers et de témoins rapportant des explosions multiples partout dans ces trois bâtiments du complexe World Trade Center qui furent complètement réduit en poussière et vaporisés.

Il maintenant indéniable que des résidus d’explosifs à haute température, de la thermite, a été trouvé partout dans les décombres des WTC.

Ted Olsen, qui a servi sous l’administration Bush, nous a menti lorsqu’il a tenu une conférence de presse le 11 septembre 2001 en disant à l’Amérique et le monde que sa femme décédée l’avait appelé juste avant de mourir dans l’avion qui avait été détourné. Cela prouvait que l’avion avait bel et bien été détourné par des terroristes à la peau brune.

Le problème, c’est que c’était un autre mensonge, un de plus sur longue liste. Le FBI a rapporté qu’aucun appel n’avait été fait entre Barbara Olsen et Ted Olsen en cette journée fatidique. La technologie ne le permettait même pas à l’époque, à l’altitude à laquelle se trouvait alors l’avion.

Denying the Individual Right to Freedom of Speech is like "Trying to Take the Heaviness out of Lead" - must watch Video

With friends of the Constitution like these - who needs enemies?

“Coffee Party” Founder Is Obama Campaign Operative

Billed as an alternative grassroots movement to the Tea Party, which has been for the most part absorbed by mainline Republicans and Neoconservatives, the “Coffee Party” promised to wake up politically minded Americans and offered a different avenue for the freedom movement.

However, the so called founder of the Coffee Party has been quickly exposed as an Obama campaign operative, whose caffeine concept was purely designed to undermine and co-opt the Tea Party ideology.



Stolen in broad daylight

You can learn more from viewing one episode of Max Keiser's program than watching CNBC or other mass media garbage 24/7.

What Are Banks Doing with Their Depositors' Money?

So if the banks are not making loans, what are they doing with depositor money?

Well, they are still lending, but not to businesses and consumers. They are lending to the federal government.

Banks don’t lend directly to the federal government of course, but buying US government paper accomplishes the same thing in the end. Depositor money is sent to the federal government, ether directly when banks purchase newly issued government paper or indirectly when they purchase US government paper from others, who in turn have used their dollars to purchase this paper.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Sooooooo, the Federal Government "borrows" money which the taxpayers have to repay eventually, then GIVES it to the banks, only to borrow it back at interest, which the people will get to pay for?

I thank Congressman Ron Paul for bringing to the public’s attention the Federal Reserve coverup of the source of the Watergate burglars’ source of funding and the defective audit by the Federal Reserve of the bank that transferred $5.5 billion from the U.S. government to Saddam Hussein in the 1980s.

Bernanke delivers blunt warning on U.S. debt

With uncharacteristic bluntness, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke warned Congress on Wednesday that the United States could soon face a debt crisis like the one in Greece, and declared that the central bank will not help legislators by printing money to pay for the ballooning federal debt.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Where was this bluntness and wisdom ten years ago when it was possible to avoid this mess?

Other wiser and perhaps not so blunt observers saw what was coming.

And to be honest, if the Fed won't help get the American people out of the mess the Fed itself created, then it is tome to shut this legalized counterfeiting pyramid scheme down once and for all and go back to the system of government-issued currency the Founding Fathers created for this nation.

Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency


Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, suggested Friday the organization might one day be called on to provide countries with a global reserve currency that would serve as an alternative to the U.S. dollar.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Looks like IMF head Kahn is looking for the dollar to fall sooner rather than later.

So his solution is to impose on the entire world the same exact system of banking that wrecked the USA???????

Goldman Sachs Lists “Adverse Publicity” as a Potential Risk to It's Core Business.

According to a regulatory filing made by Goldman Sachs, it now views negative public opinion, listed as “adverse publicity”, as a part of a list of factors that could pose risk to the its core business, reports American Banking News.

What's their game plan to try and turn the adverse publicity around? Goldman is attempting to win over public opinion by acknowledging mistakes, writes ABN. WTF? Oh yeah, "acknowledging mistakes," that'll work.

It's like a bank robber apologizing for double parking, after he robbed a bank.

It's like Charles Manson apologizing for getting the house floors bloody, after he massacred a family.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Mafia Lists “Adverse Publicity” as a Potential Risk to It's Core Business.

Is Goldman responsible for Greek crisis?

Goldman Sachs tricky derivatives trades may have masked the Greek debt just long enough to hurt all of us again. Goldman Sachs made up an exchange rate that allowed the Greeks to look as though they were only engaging in a currency swap when, in effect, they were getting more than a billion more than they should have from the trades in credit. Its likely that Goldman made a killing on the commissions for the swaps, and then sold the swaps to a Greek bank for even higher profits.

The Bankrupt PIGS of Europe

They are called the PIGS—Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain. What they have in common is that all are facing deficits and debts that could bring on national defaults and break up the European Union.

Funds flee Greece as Germany warns of "fatal" eurozone crisis

Germany has triggered a near-panic flight from southern European debt markets by warning that there will be no EU bail-outs, even though it fears the region's economic crisis has turned dangerous and could prove "fatal" for the entire eurozone.

Euro continues to fall as EU fails to agree Greece rescue plan

Euro Area Headed for Breakup, SocGen’s Edwards Says

Southern European countries are trapped in an overvalued currency and suffocated by low competitiveness, a situation that will lead to the breakup of the euro bloc, according to Societe Generale SA’s top-ranked strategist Albert Edwards.

Webmaster's Commentary:

You know, maybe this huge government thing isn't such a great idea after all.

Angela Merkel dashes Greek hopes of rescue bid

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, mounted stiff resistance tonight to any swift bailout of Greece, as a rift opened up between European capitals over how best to tackle the risks posed to the euro.

Webmaster's Commentary:


Greece Bans Cash Transactions Over 1,500 Euros

Effective January 1, 2011 every transaction above 1,500 euros will be considered illegal if it is done in cash. Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cards.

Greece is NWO Test Ground, Says Greek Reader

The financial minister of Greece announced yesterday that from 1/1/2011 all financial transactions of sums above 1500 euros in cash, will be banned. For any transaction above 1500 euros, only credit cards and checks will be legal. The formal explanation for this law is it will combat those who do not pay taxes. But we all know this is not the case...

And now this... The previous government created a new ID card, to collect data from people since childbirth. This government will ban transactions in cash over 1500 euros, in order to make all of us have credit cards. The obvious first step is to ban all cash transactions, then merge this new ID card with the credit system, then, well.... insert this merged ID card into our bodies...

Peter said (February 12, 2010):

The situation he describes is the same in Denmark, we have for 5 years now that we are not allowed transactions above 10.000 Danish kroner(1500 Euro) The reason giving in Danmark for this is; to fight terrorism:-)

Christos you are not alone, the situation is the same all over in Europe, The European people are betrayed big time.

What we need is a well organised international "patriot" resistance to fight these fascist traitors.

I know that in many European countries lots of people are aware what is going on but just do not know what to do about this.

We got to unite! that is the only chance we have!

Greek fuel supplies run dry as strike over harsh austerity measures bites

PETROL stations ran dry in Greece yesterday as a customs strike over government austerity measures began to bite.
Customs staff initially walked out for three days on Tuesday over salary freezes and cuts in bonuses.

But their union announced on Thursday three 48-hour rolling strikes that will keep customs offices shut until next Wednesday, when all workers are being asked to join a general strike.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This could turn into a case study on how to handle the National Strike here in the US.

Webster Tarpley: Bankers in slump plot against euro to save dollar

Marc Faber - All government will default on their debt including the US

The Emerging Economies are today much sounder in terms of Debt to GDP ratio than the developed world says Marc Faber.

'UK economy must face new world order'


The British economy will never be the same again and boardrooms are refusing to accept the reality: that is the stark warning that came from a panel of experts today.

The environment for business will 'never return to pre-recession normality' argues the hard-hitting report from a panel of academics convened by BDO LLP.

The British economy will never be the same again and boardrooms are refusing to accept the reality: that is the stark warning that came from a panel of experts today.

The environment for business will 'never return to pre-recession normality' argues the hard-hitting report from a panel of academics convened by BDO LLP.

Federal Deficit Hits Record-Breaking $430.6 Billion Through January

The federal deficit through the first four months of the budget year is running at a record-breaking pace even though the deficit in January was slightly smaller than expected.

The massive tide of red ink reflects the continued fallout from a deep recession and a severe financial crisis. It highlights the formidable challenges President Obama will face in trying to get the deficit down to more manageable levels.

Wall Street doled out $20 billion in bonuses in 2009

The New York state comptroller says Wall Street bonuses rose 17 percent to more than $20 billion in 2009, the year after taxpayers bailed out the financial sector.

Thomas DiNapoli says total compensation at the largest securities firms grew beyond that figure. He says profits could surpass what he calls an unprecedented $55 billion last year.

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: Federal Reserve System is Corrupt and Undermines Democracy

Joseph Stiglitz - former head economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a nobel-prize winner - said yesterday that the very structure of the Federal Reserve system is so fraught with conflicts that it is "corrupt" and undermines democracy.

Senate rejects $250 checks for elderly

A measure to give some 57 million elderly people, veterans and persons with disabilities a $250 check was rejected by the Senate on Wednesday,

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Screw those old people; we need to save the BANKS! Those old farts ought to do the patriotic thing and die now that they have become cash sinks instead of profit centers! We can't prop up a bunch of aging useless eaters and buy bombs for Israel at the same time, dammit!"

Failed Banks May Get Pension-Fund Backing as FDIC Seeks Cash

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is trying to encourage public retirement funds that control more than $2 trillion to buy all or part of failed lenders, taking a more direct role in propping up the banking system, said people briefed on the matter.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Now they are going to loot your retirement plans to save the bankers from their own stupidity!

BBC web budget cut by half: report

The BBC has refused to comment on recent reports that it will close two radio stations and scale back its web presence in order to save about $965 million Cdn.

City of Angels on brink of abyss


Los Angeles, the second-largest US city, is facing a crisis of funding not seen since the darkest days of the Great Depression

Webmaster's Commentary:

If it looks like a Depression and sounds like a Depression and acts like a Depression; it's a Depression.

In Los Angeles, the nation's second largest metropolis, the Democratic mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, addressed a full session of the city council on 9 February to detail just how grim the city's finances had become. Miguel Santana, the city administrative officer (the CAO is the mayor and council's chief financial adviser) had recently informed the mayor's office that LA was facing a $200m shortfall through the end of this financial year and another half billion dollar-plus shortfall in the years to come if it didn't radically, and rapidly, restructure its budget. Santana didn't mince words. His nearly 300-page report (pdf) opened with this stark warning:

"The city is facing a budget crisis unlike any it has ever experienced … The enormity of our current fiscal crisis forces the City to take swift action now and lay out a financial plan for the future."

Wall Street was growing increasingly worried by the city's financial fragility, and the city's ability to raise revenues through bond sales was at risk.

Why the crunch? According to city council president Eric Garcetti's office, for the past four quarters, the city has seen double-digit revenue declines, a scenario not experienced since the darkest days of the Great Depression.

State trying to tax hotels that offer 'free' breakfasts

The so-called complimentary breakfasts at many hotels in Tennessee have stirred the appetite of state revenue officials.

The state wants to tax the lodging businesses for the food that they offer as free breakfasts as part of their room rate.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is just getting ridiculous!

Survey: 1 In 3 Detroit Homes Vacant

A survey that's expected to be an important tool as Detroit works to revitalize core neighborhoods and possibly shutter others finds about one third of residential lots are vacant or contain abandoned homes.

Jobless claims up 12% in past 2 weeks

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- The number of Americans filing for initial unemployment insurance surged to just below the 500,000 level last week, and have climbed more than 12% over the past two weeks, the government said Thursday.

There were 496,000 initial job claims filed in the week ended Feb. 20, up 22,000 from a revised 474,000 the previous week, the Labor Department said in a weekly report. The prior week, there were 442,000 claims filed.

A consensus estimate of economists surveyed by Briefing.com expected new claims to fall to 460,000.

The 4-week moving average of initial claims was 473,750, up 6,000 from the previous week's revised average of 467,750......

Postal Service to shed another 30,000 jobs

15,000 S.F. workers face layoffs, shorter weeks

More than 15,000 San Francisco city workers across all departments will receive layoff notices Friday, and most of them will have the option of being rehired to work a shorter week, Mayor Gavin Newsom said Tuesday.

LAUSD Plans 5,200 Layoffs

Shaw's To Lay Off Nearly 1,000

The Shaw's grocery store chain, which is selling all of its Connecticut locations, says it will cut 967 jobs at those stores.

Chevron to cut 2,000 jobs

Chevron Corp., the second largest U.S. oil company, announced on Tuesday that it would cut 2,000 jobs this year amid challenging market conditions.

Ford finance arm to cut 200 jobs in Franklin

Ford Motor Credit Co. plans to layoff 200 employees at its business center in Franklin by the end of March as part of a plan to cut 1,000 jobs nationwide this year.

Up to 5,200 LA schools workers could face layoffs

The Los Angeles Unified School District's board voted Tuesday to send notices of possible layoffs to nearly 5,200 teachers and other workers while urging union leaders to negotiate concessions that could make some of the cuts unnecessary.

IBM layoffs blamed on offshoring

"IBM is clearly offshoring things where they can," said one IBM employee who received his notice yesterday and spoke on the condition of anonymity because he didn't want to jeopardize his severance. A 10-year veteran and UNIX administrator, this employee said his customer support team once had 15 U.S.-based workers. That staff was reduced over time to just three workers in the U.S., with other members of the customer support team now in Brazil, Argentina and India.

Blockbuster Collapses: Shutting Down 500 Stores In Desperate Bid To Save $200 Million

By closing its 500 weakest stores, the video-rental company hopes to reduce expenses by $200 million, the Financial Times reports.

"Real" Unemployment Could Surge to 25%, Portfolio Manager Says

U.S. households struggle to afford food: survey
January 26, 2010, Reuters

Nearly one in five U.S. households ran out of money to buy enough food at least once during 2009, said an antihunger group ... urging more federal action to help Americans get enough to eat. "There are no hunger-free areas of America," said Jim Weill of the Food Research and Action Center. Nationwide polling found 18.2 percent of households reported "food hardship" -- lacking money to buy enough food -- in 2009, according to the group. That is higher than the government's "food insecurity" rating of 14.6 percent of households, or 49 million people, for 2008. Households with children had a "food hardship" rate of 24.1 percent for 2009 compared with 14.9 percent among households without children. Twenty states had rates of 20 percent or higher. Seven Southern states led the list. The figures were based on responses to the question, "Have there been times in the past 12 months when you did not have enough money to buy the food that you or your family needed?" The question is similar to one asked by the Census Bureau in collecting data for the annual food-insecurity report.

Note: For much more from reliable sources on growing income inequality, click here. For more on the impacts of the financial crisis and its economic impacts leading to the Great Recession, click here.

“Investing in Our People.” Is That Another Layoff Euphemism, IBM?

In 2009, the company sacked as many as 10,000 employees. Now comes word that thousands more losing their jobs in what the company likes to refer to as “resource actions.” Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701 Web site, which tracks layoffs at IBM reports that some 2,544 IBM employees have been let go this week, with more to follow. And unsurprisingly, the group says offshoring is, once again, to blame. Evidently, RA’d employees are being asked to train their overseas replacements before they’re cut.

Is the Fed rigging the stock market?
January 5, 2010, MSN Money

It is not illegal for the Federal Reserve or the U.S. Treasury to buy S&P 500 futures. This type of intervention could explain some of the unusual market action in recent months, with stock prices grinding higher on low volume even as companies sold huge amounts of new shares and retail investors stayed on the sidelines. Some market watchers have charted that virtually all of the market’s upside since mid-September has come from after-hours futures activity. [These claims are] based on an analysis of the possible sources of the $600 billion in net new cash that was needed to boost the U.S. stock market capitalization by $6 billion since March. The usual sources, such as retail investors and pension funds, could muster only about $100 billion. The rest had to come from somewhere. The Fed has been openly buying some $1.7 trillion worth of long-term bonds since last March, which is something it hasn't done since the 1950s. Today, the Fed is making purchases to support housing by keeping mortgages cheap. As these purchases are phased out over the next few months, long-term interest rates will continue to move higher. This will cause long-term bond prices to fall, causing this new "bond bubble" to deflate. Stock investors will benefit, just as they did in the 1950s and 1960s as capital was moved from falling bonds into rising stocks.

Note: For a treasure trove of key reports from reliable sources on the secret manipulations keeping Wall Street afloat, click here.

FDIC clocks 15 bank failures so far in 2010

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) said First Regional Bank in Los Angeles, Florida Community Bank, First National Bank of Georgia, American Marine Bank in Washington, Marshall Bank in Minnesota and Community Bank and Trust in Georgia had failed -- pushing the tally to 15 banks that have failed this year.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Yikes! And we're not even out of January yet!

Ailing Banks May Require More Aid to Keep Solvent


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Computer-driven trading raises meltdown fears

Trading... by mathematical algorithms used in computer programs... take[s] place automatically in response to market data and news... similar to the autopilot function in aircraft.... up to 60 per cent of trading in equity markets is driven in this way.

“It is absolutely possible to bring an exchange to breaking point by having an ‘algo’ entering into a loop so that by sending them at such a rate the exchange can’t cope.”

Goldman Sachs Wants You to Pay-by-the-Mile to Drive on U.S. Roadways

His comments came amid recent news of a radical plan to raise $200 billion by privatizing “the motorway network,” as Brits call it. The plan was presented to the three main political parties by NM Rothschild, the influential investment bank, British news sources say.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Here is the problem with all this privatization. Nobody in the government or at Goldman Sachs is thinking about how ordinary people will come up with all these billions of dollars they claim these schemes will raise.

GS and the government are still living in this delusional state in which they continue to see the general population as a vast untapped pool of wealth which is theirs for the taking.

The reality is that all the money has been sucked out of society and poured all over Wall Street and all the added taxation and fees can do is shut down an already stuttering economic machine.

We are witnessing the fall of civilization, and like the collapse of Rome, rampant greed is the culprit.

Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse To Allow Withdrawals

The image of banks locking their doors to keep customers from making withdrawals during a bank run is what immediately came to mind when we heard that Citigroup was telling customers it has the right to prevent any withdrawals from checking accounts for seven days.

"Effective April 1, 2010, we reserve the right to require (7) days advance notice before permitting a withdrawal from all checking accounts. While we do not currently exercise this right and have not exercised it in the past, we are required by law to notify you of this change," Citigroup said on statements received by customers all over the country.

What's going on? It seems that this is something of an error. The seven day notice policy only applies to customers in Texas, Ira Stoll reports at The Future of Capitalism. It was accidentally included on customer statements nationwide.

"Whatever the explanation, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in Citi," Stoll writes. "But it's hard to believe a bank would be sending out a notice like that on its statements."

Webmaster's Commentary:

Why Texas?!?

This is very strange indeed, and even more strange when you consider that this was "accidentally included on customer statements nationwide."

Citigroup Says Feds Ordered 7 Day Restriction On Bank Withdrawals

A new advisory being sent by America’s third largest bank to its account holders has stoked fears that major financial institutions could be preparing for old fashioned bank runs if the economy takes a turn for the worse.

Originally reported by John Carney over at the Business Insider website, Citigroup is sending the following information to customers along with their bank statements.

“Effective April 1, 2010, we reserve the right to require (7) days advance notice before permitting a withdrawal from all checking accounts.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Folks, it does not get any plainer than that. The Federal Reserve is getting ready to slam the door on YOUR money.

Canadian Prime Minister Delivers Global Governance Plan

During the January 2010 World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the current Chairman of the G-20, presented the upcoming agenda for the G-20 and G-8 meetings to be held in Ontario in June. Many were shocked to hear this Conservative leader declare that “we also know markets need governance. For the new global economy, the G-20 is what we have.”

Economic “Crisis” = One World Corporate Socialist Government Opportunity

With the continuing global economic “crisis” brought on by the international banksters, the European community—which already has one common awful fiat currency (the Euro)—is now talking about creating a European economic government to oversee the economies of all of the individual European states. Of course, this was the whole point of creating the economic “crisis” in the first place. As usual, the first two bankster shills to call for this scheme are France and Germany. (Almost makes one wish for the good old days of World War II.)

“The plan, which has been seen by SPIEGEL, calls for increased monitoring of individual member states’ competitiveness so that action can be taken early on should problems emerge. States which have pegged their currencies to the euro — like Denmark or the Baltic countries — will likewise be monitored.”

I love it: “monitoring of individual member states’ competitiveness.” What exactly does that mean? “Pierre, your company’s products are selling way better than Fritz’s. You better raise your prices so that Fritz can be more competitive.” Of course, those of us schooled in Austrian (i.e., real) economics know that the true cause of all of these “crises” around the world is the central bank/fiat currency/fractional reserve banking system that is established in every country of the world.

First, a European economic (i.e., corporate Socialist) government. Then, a North American economic government (Hello, Amero!). And finally, when the entire global “crisis” really gets out of control, a One World Corporate Socialist Government to “plan” and “control” the “global” economy to really make our lives miserable.

China PLA officers urge economic punch against U.S.

Senior Chinese military officers have proposed that their country boost defense spending, adjust PLA deployments, and possibly sell some U.S. bonds to punish Washington for its latest round of arms sales to Taiwan.

Marc Faber and Jim rogers Prague meeting 2010

This is a Documentary made by European filmmakers about the actual and the future of the American and the global economy.

Part 1: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=9762
Part 2: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=9763
Part 3: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=9764
Part 4: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=9765
Part 5: http://eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=9766

'Buy farmland and gold,' advises Dr Doom

The world’s most powerful investors have been advised to buy farmland, stock up on gold and prepare for a “dirty war” by Marc Faber, the notoriously bearish market pundit, who predicted the 1987 stock market crash.

His investment advice, which was the first keynote speech of CLSA’s annual investment forum in Tokyo, included a suggestion that fund managers buy houses in the countryside because it was more likely that violence, biological attack and other acts of a “dirty war” would happen in cities.

He also said that they should consider holding part of their wealth in the form of precious metals “because they can be carried”.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Dr. Faber may well sound like consummate economic "shock jock"; but he has had a brilliant track record, over the years, in being correct in his assessments.

China Orders Retreat From Risky Dollar Assets

China has ordered managers of its vast currency reserves to withdraw from risky dollar assets and retreat to core debt guaranteed by the US government, a clear sign that Beijing is battening down the hatches for fresh trouble on global markets.

Chinese Banks cut lending for January: First sign of mega depression?

Webmaster's Commentary:

Did China just pull the plug on US debt?



Concerns grow over China's sale of US bonds

Evidence is mounting that Chinese sales of US Treasury bonds over recent months are intended as a warning shot to Washington over escalating political disputes rather than being part of a routine portfolio shift as thought at first.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Or maybe the Chinese got pissed off about those gold bars with tungsten cores?


Alarm bells ring as demands for US Treasuries nosedive

Alarm bells ring in the US over the reluctance of foreigners in buying Treasury securities after a report showed a declining demand for long-term assets in December.

The Treasury Department says China and Japan have decreased their holdings in the treasury fund.

Beijing reduced its holdings by $34.2 billion to $755 billion entitling it to the second-largest foreign holder of US Treasuries behind Japan.

TARP Watchdog: Don't Be Fooled By The Calm, Banks Will Be Rocked By 2011's $300 Billion Commercial Real Estate Time Bomb


Today's latest report from the Congressional Oversight Panel makes it very clear that while things may feel relative lty stable right now on the commercial real estate front, the real bomb hits in 2011. Banks could lose $200 - $300 billion, and 'every American' could be affected:

The 2009 Financial Report Of The U.S. Government Is Out - America's Economic Goose Is Cooked

The 2009 Financial Report Of The U.S. Government has finally been released, and the news is not good. It basically confirms much of what we already know - that the United States government is a complete financial mess.

Webmaster's Commentary:

We know.

Marc Faber on CNN - Everything goes Bust

The pending Commercial Real Estate Collapse and the state of the Economy

Gerald Celente: UK GDP as bad as Greece: Hedge funds affecting the Euro

Defense Department, Inc.

Obama also declared as “untouchable” the Pentagon budget of $1.5 trillion (including hidden costs in other government branches), which dwarfs the rescue package for the financial oligarchs. Both payouts, however, used the same logic: Congress taking from the have-nots and giving it to the have-mores. Indeed, the economic, political and military potentates depend on the federal budget to transfer taxpayer resources to them.

Kucinich orders Afghan War debate, vote: “Trillions for war, no money for Americans!”

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Congressman Dennis Kucinich invoked a procedural rule to help protect Americans from endless war to compel members of Congress to debate and vote whether to continue US war in Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan is unlawful in Orwellian degree; tragic-comic in its violations of US war laws (useful analogy to well-understood laws for individual self-defense here). Although the laws of war are crystal-clear, complicit corporate media lies by omission and commission to explain what these laws have meant for 65 years and how they apply to unlawful US invasion of Afghanistan:

U.S. state pension funds have $1 trillion shortfall: Pew

U.S. states face a total shortfall of at least $1 trillion in their funds for employees' pensions and retirement benefits, and their financial problems are quickly mounting, according to a report released by the Pew Center on the States on Thursday.

43% have less than $10k for retirement

The percentage of American workers with virtually no retirement savings grew for the third straight year, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The percentage of workers who said they have less than $10,000 in savings grew to 43% in 2010, from 39% in 2009, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute's annual Retirement Confidence Survey. That excludes the value of primary homes and defined-benefit pension plans.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The American dream has turned into a nightmare. As George Carlin predicted, they are coming after your retirement money!

33 States Have Raised Taxes by $32 Billion/Year

The national recession has had such a devastating effect on state finances that states took in $87 billion less in tax revenue from October 2008 through September 2009 than they collected in the previous 12 months. This 11 percent decline, the steepest on record, resulted from the impact on tax collections of lost jobs, reduced wages, and lowered economic activity.

To recoup lost revenue, states have taken such actions as eliminating tax exemptions, broadening tax bases, and in some cases increasing rates as well as raising a number of fees.

Webmaster's Commentary:

They can raise them all they want. If people do not have money they do not have money. What are the governments going to do, make another hundred million people homeless?

Greedy bastards like Goldman Sachs created a system to grab all the money to themselves and nobody planned for the day they would actually succeed!

Spain engulfed by pension protests

Spain's debt-laden Socialist government has witnessed the first mass protests by unions in its six years in power as anger over a plan to raise the retirement age spilled onto the streets.

The UGT and the CCOO, the country's two largest unions, called for Tuesday's demonstrations against the reform in several major cities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Further demonstrations are planned in the rest of the country up until March 6 against the plan, announced last month, to raise the legal retirement age from 65 to 67.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is amazing. The Spanish raise the retirement age by two years and the Spanish people are in the streets, yet here in the US, the talk is of raising the retirement age to 75, the Federal Government has looted and spent the Baby-Boomers' Social Security money, is pushing to end Social Security entirely, and the American people sit at home and wait for the next "American Idol."

Someone needs to start testing the tap water for tranquilizers.

Debt Dynamite Dominoes: The Coming Financial Catastrophe

- by Andrew Gavin Marshall - 2010-02-22

People have been lulled into a false sense of safety under the rouse of a perceived “economic recovery.”

Quelle synthèse claire et succincte de la situation Grecque et de la contagion qui va se répandre inévitablement au reste du système bancaire. On ne cesse de nous dire que la reprise économique est en route, mais la réalité est bien autre. La deuxième vague de tsunami financier s’en vient à grands pas.

Il ne faut pas oublier que la bulle hypothécaire du secteur commercial est en train d’exploser aussi, avec des pertes envisagées de $200 à 300 milliards d’ici la fin de 2011.

Mettons-nous à l’abri…

Tous les pays occidentaux risquent de faire banqueroute et défaut sur leur dette d’ici peu…

La situation est vraiment glauque…

Fragile planète financière 1

Yan Barcelo, 20 février 2010

L’économie donne des signes de vie, clame-t-on partout. C’est tant mieux. Mais gare au vampire financier, prêt, à la première occasion, à sucer tout le sang possible du convalescent économique.

La crise grecque a été l’occasion pour moi de refaire un petit tour du jardin financier et d’en constater toute la flore vénéneuse. Tout d’abord, on a vu à l’œuvre dans cette crise les jeux de dérivés financiers dont on a abondamment parlé, tous des swaps dette-contre-devise que Goldman Sachs a mis en place pour le gouvernement grec et qui ont contribué à masquer la pleine ampleur de cette dette. Rien là de très étonnant, les dérivés financiers ayant été créés dans une grande mesure pour contourner les lois et règles et maquiller tout détail financier qu’on pourrait considérer quelque peu déplacé ou… obscène.

Et il y a eu les jeux de CDS (credit default swaps ou swaps sur défaillance) auxquels se sont livrées les banques de Wall Street et quelques autres géants financiers. Voilà une des créatures les plus originales et pernicieuses de la pharmacie financière contemporaine. N’entrons pas dans le fin détail physiologique de ces créatures et contentons-nous de savoir qu’il s’agit d’un produit d’assurance tout à fait inouï : on peut acheter un CDS pour assurer un actif financier qu’on ne détient pas et qu’a n’a jamais détenu! C’est un peu comme si on détenait une assurance sur la vie d’un voisin. Un telle assurance est une invitation à l’assassinat!

Et c’est à un tel jeu d’assassinat les banques se sont livrées avec les obligations de la Grèce pour en écraser la valeur. Elles ont acheté des CDS en masse auprès d’une foule d’acteurs financiers (fonds de pension, fonds mutuels, fonds de couverture, etc.) et, disposant de ceux-ci en poche, ont attaqué systématiquement les obligations du gouvernement grec, faisant ainsi augmenter la valeur de leur « assurance ». Évidemment, une foule de gens à Wall Street y gagnent… tandis que le gagne-petit en Grèce verra ses taxes et son coût de la vie augmenter.

Mais la crise grecque m’a permis de rafraîchir le sens du mot « contagion » tel qu’il s’applique dans le monde financier. Au niveau le plus superficiel, il y a eu contagion dans les marchés obligataires où, dès que le président grec a annoncé que son pays pourrait faire défaut en avril et mai sur le remboursement de dettes venant à échéance, les investisseurs se sont mis à vendre en bloc les obligations d’autres pays présentant des risques de défaut : les fameux autres PIGS européens (Portugal, Irlande, et Espagne). À ce niveau, la contagion s’est donc propagée très rapidement et le rhume grec a réussi à contaminer les obligations des autres PIGS.

Mais il y a bien d’autres risques de contagion qui flottent dans l’air financier. À l’Est, la crise grecque risque d’obliger les banques de ce pays de retirer les sommes qu’elles ont prêté à des pays d’Europe de l’Est. Ça pourrait faire mal, très mal, surtout quand on sait que les prêts grecs de 19 milliards $US en Roumanie représentent environ 16% du marché de capitaux dans ce pays, selon la Banque des règlements internationaux, alors que les 10,5 millions prêtés en Bulgarie y accaparent 30% du marché des capitaux. Toute la stabilité économique de l’Europe de l’Est, déjà très précaire, pourrait être ébranlée.

Les problèmes sont pires à l’Ouest. Les banques allemandes et françaises détiennent entre 40 et 50% de la dette grecque, alors que la part qui incombe aux banques suisses représente 11,5% du PIB de l’Helvétie (selon un étude de Morgan Stanley). On peut comprendre que ces banques – par leur pays interposés – poussent très fort pour que l’Union européenne vole au secours de la Grèce. Évidemment, les choses ne se résument pas à la Grèce. Les banques espagnoles détiennent 51% de la dette du Portugal, tandis que les banques allemandes et françaises détiennent respectivement 32% et 25% des 748 milliards de dettes du gouvernement espagnol. Et n’oublions pas que l’Espagne touche à cet autre chaudron où se gonfle une super bulle, le Brésil, essentiellement par le biais de la banque Santander, principale banque d’Espagne qui est aussi première banque au Brésil. Ah, ces délicats tentacules de la pieuvre financière!

Mais on ferait erreur de voir la contagion s’arrêter aux portes des banques européennes. Car, la menace de défaut de la Grèce s’infiltre via les banques européennes dans tous les échafaudages de prêts titrisés qu’ont diffusé ces banques aux quatre coins du monde. Et la forme que prennnent toutes ces titrisations sont la pléthore des dérivés financiers de genre CDO, CLO, ABMS et PCAA qui ont mis à terre nos économies au plus fort de la crise du subprime. Bien sûr, tous ces circuits obscurs des transactions interbancaires résident totalement dans l’ombre, de telle sorte qu’on n’a parlé nulle part des risques de contagion qui logent dans leurs replis. Mais le plus grand danger de contagion, c’est là qu’il se tapit.

Fragile planète financière 2

À présent, voyons un peu la géographie d’endettement dans laquelle circulent tous ces actifs de la finance virtuelle. On nous parle de pays où le taux d’endettement est immense, par exemple en Italie, où la dette du gouvernement s’élève à 115% du PIB. Mais ces chiffres « officiels » qu’on nous lance à la figure sont passablement aseptisés. Car le vrai niveau de la dette en Italie n’accapare pas 115% du PIB de ce pays, mais bien plutôt 364%, comme le révèle une étude de 2009 du National Policy for Financial Analysis, à Washington (http://www.ncpa.org/pdfs/st319.pdf). Ce que les chiffres habituels négligent d’indiquer c’est tout l’endettement dénué de provisions que représentent en Italie les fonds de pension, les systèmes de santé et quoi encore. C’est ainsi qu’en Allemagne, l’endettement total atteint 418% du PIB, en France, 549%, en Grèce, 875%, en Pologne, 1500%! Aux Etats-Unis, l’endettement total, tel que le calcule la firme de Toronto Sprott Asset Management, s’élève à 110 trillions $US, soit environ 730% du PIB. Quel sera le prochain pays à ne pas pouvoir honorer la part de ses dettes venant à échéance à court terme?

Peut-être qu’un prochain choc ne viendra pas d’un pays souverain incapable d’honorer ses dettes. Peut-être que ce choc viendra de la Chine, par exemple, où plusieurs observateurs voient une bulle immobilière et financière de proportion homérique se gonfler depuis quelques années déjà. Et c’est sans compter la course d’investissement dans laquelle le gouvernement chinois a lancé son économie avec des rendements qui vont décroissant de plus en plus. C’est ainsi qu’on trouve en Chine une ville comme New Ordos, construite pour accueillir environ 1,5 million de citoyens, mais où personne n’habite. On trouve aussi le South China Mall, un centre commercial à peu près dix fois plus gros que n’importe quel centre commercial dans le monde – pratiquement désert. Toute cette frénésie de construction a contribué à tenir dans la stratosphère la croissance du PIB chinois, mais il viendra inévitablement un moment où les coûts de soutien de ces installation et infrastructures inutilisées vont faire imploser les finances chinoises. Ce jour-là, un choc venant d’Orient se répercutera dans des réseaux bancaires et gouvernementaux surendettés. Par exemple, la Chine n’achètera plus les bons du Trésor américain, forçant la Réserve fédérale à augmenter démesurément son taux directeur, un geste qui enfoncera l’économie américaine dans un gouffre plus profond encore.

Pour l’instant, ces montagnes de dette sont bien dissimulées, et peuvent le demeurer un bon moment encore. Mais un jour, elles ne pourront qu’éclater au grand jour. Le jour, par exemple, où quelques gouvernements, en Europe ou aux Etats-Unis, s’avéreront incapables de payer les versements de pension de leurs citoyens. Ou qu’ils devront hausser les taxes de façon prohibitive simplement pour continuer à faire fonctionner quelques services publics devenu rachitiques.

Allons-nous passer au travers de tous ces écueils qui s’accumulent à l’horizon? C’est possible. Mais très-très peu probable. Nos jours d’abondance sont comptés.

Greece leads Europe's winter of discontent

A wave of industrial and social unrest is building across Europe as workers resist attempts by governments and private companies to impose austerity policies, drive down wages and rescue some nations from near-bankruptcy.

British people told by opposition politician to start arming themselves for a class war

- The European Union Times


The poorest today are, in absolute terms, less destitute than before, able to afford food, shelter, even satellite TV. But the disparity between them and the richest has risen. It is not merely, as Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett point out in their book The Spirit Level, that this damages health and encourages crime; in times of austerity, inequality can tear apart the social fabric. Take Greece, where the most frequent chant in this week’s riots was: “Make the plutocrats pay!”

Greek Police, Protesters Clash in Nationwide Strike

Greek police fired tear-gas and clashed with demonstrators in central Athens after a march organized by unions to oppose Prime Minister George Papandreou’s drive to cut the European Union’s biggest budget deficit.

The European strikes and the trade unions

Last week was marked by two significant developments. A strike wave hit Europe as workers in a series of countries began to demonstrate their opposition to the austerity measures demanded by the European Union and the banks.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Both governments, banks, and the taxpayers agree that the taxpayers should pay for roads, schools, hospitals, and other civil infrastructure.

The disagreement is in governments and banks assuming that taxpayers should pay for the bankers' and governments' incompetence, stupidity, and greed.

'We will not offer Greece a cent': German economy minister deals hammer blow to Athens as rioters attack police on the streets

It could almost be a battle from Greece's ancient past - a melee of fighting at close quarters with shields, raised weapons and flags.

But this was the scene in Athens yesterday as riot police clashed with protesters outraged by cutbacks designed to slash the country's huge budget deficit.

The violence came as Germany ruled out offering Greece 'a cent' of financial aid, insisting it should sort out it own problems.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The European Union turned out to be nothing more then a larger scale looting of the people. And now that the Greeks and Icelanders have decided they no longer want to be looted, this could tear the EU apart.

Soros, Goldman, Hedge Funds Attack Greece, Euro

Financial Warfare Exposed - Soros, Goldman Sachs, Hedge Funds Attack Greece To Smash Euro

It has been evident for some time that the ongoing speculative attack on Greece, along with such other countries as Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Italy, was not primarily a reflection of their economic fundamentals, nor yet a spontaneous movement of "the market," but rather an orchestrated action of economic warfare. The dollar had been relentlessly falling through the late summer and autumn of 2009. It obviously occurred to various Anglo-American financiers that a diversionary attack on the euro, starting with some of the weaker Mediterranean or Southern European economies, would be an ideal means of relieving pressure on the battered US greenback. Since these degenerate elites are incapable of directly solving the problem of the dollar through increased production, full employment, and economic recovery, one of the few alternatives remaining to them is to create a situation in which the euro is collapsing faster, leaving the dollar as the beneficiary of some residual flight to quality or safe haven reflex.

This is what emerged during the first week of December with a speculative assault or bear raid against Greek and Spanish government bonds as well as the euro itself, accompanied by a scurrilous press campaign targeting the "PIIGS," an acronym for the countries just named, coming from inside the bowels of Goldman Sachs. I have discussed this phenomenon several times over the last two to three weeks on my radio program on GCN.

Now comes concrete proof of this conspiracy in the form of a Feb. 8 "idea dinner," held at the Manhattan townhouse of Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co, a boutique investment bank. Among those present were SAC Capital Advisors, David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital (a veteran of the fatal assault on Lehman Brothers in the late summer of 2008), Donald Morgan of Brigade Capital, and, most tellingly, Soros Fund Management. The consensus that emerged that night over the filet mignon was that Greek government bonds were the weak flank of the euro, and that once a Greek debt crisis had been detonated, all outcomes would be bad for the euro. The assembled predators agreed that Greece was the first domino in Europe. Donald Morgan was adamant that the Greek contagion could soon infect all sovereign debt in the world, including national, state, municipal and all other forms of government debt. This would mean California, the UK, and the US itself, among many others. The details of this at dinner were revealed in the headline story of the Wall Street Journal on Friday, February 26, 2010. (See article at


Nor was this the only cabal in town intent on attacking the euro through the week Greek flank. The article cited suggests that GlobeOp Financial Services and Paulson & Co. are also piling on. The zombie banks were also heavily engaged. The article reported that Goldman Sachs, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, and Barclays Bank of London were also assisting speculators in placing highly leveraged bearish bets against the euro.

Pound falls again on deficit fears

Sterling fell on the currency markets again this morning following fresh concerns over Britain's soaring deficit and its trade gap.

Greece should sell islands

'The Greek state must sell stakes in companies and also assets such as, for example, unpopulated islands,' Frank Schaeffler, a member of parliament for the pro-business Free Democrats, Merkel's coalition partner, told the Bild daily.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"After all, those ultra-rich Wall Street CEOs need someplace to retire to with all their bailout trillions!"

EU Chief Vows To Run UK Economy From Brussels


EUROPE’S chief bureaucrat last night provoked fury after threatening to use the “full force” of the Lisbon Treaty to impose economic control over every EU nation.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso claimed that financial stability was so critical that sweeping new powers were needed for Eurocrats in Brussels to meddle in the economies of all EU members.

But his threat sparked an angry backlash from critics of an ever- growing Brussels bureaucracy.

It raised fears that the EU – under unelected new President Herman van Rompuy – is planning a power grab.

Timothy Kirkhope, the leader of Tory Euro MPs, said: “The idea of compulsory economic policies is deeply disturbing. It reflects a very old fashioned ‘command and control’ approach which does not solve problems of the 21st century.” Mats Persson, director of think-tank Open Europe, said: “Economic growth cannot be forced from the centre.

“The unelected Commission is seeking to gain power over one of the corefeatures of democratic politics, deciding how a country’s economy is run. This has no public support and runs the risk of being hijacked by narrow political interests.”

Mr Barroso unveiled plans to restore growth and said: “The economic crisis is worse than anyone imagined and increased economic inter-dependence demands a more determined response and makes the case for stronger economic governance in the EU.

“Now we have the Lisbon Treaty, which provides for (economic) policy...warnings. The Commission intends to use these powers to the full.”

Gouvernements sous la coupe des banques

Un pays peut-il faire faillite ?

par Laurent Cordonnier

« Nous ne paierons pas votre crise. » Les banderoles déployées fin février à Athènes, où se succèdent les grèves contre les plans d'austérité, n'auraient pas déparé en Islande, ou en Espagne. Prônant la « stabilisation » des dépenses sociales, le FMI a averti : l'assainissement, en Europe, « sera extrêmement douloureux ».

First Iceland, then the World

Who cleans up the mess when ignorant, greedy bankers rack up massive debt then go broke? The people of Iceland made a strong statement Saturday. The sins of big bankers and government regulators shouldn't fall on the citizens. By a 93% to 2% margin, they voted down a proposal requiring them to cover bad debt incurred by one of the nation's oldest and largest banks. Covering the debt would have cost Iceland's 317,000 citizens around $17,000 each.

Iceland's national referendum was the first opportunity for the people of any nation to vote directly on who pays when the financial elite fail.

UK promises flexibility after Iceland shouts 'no'

Britain is "prepared to be flexible" to reach a deal with Iceland over the £2.3bn debt owed since the collapse of the online savings bank Icesave, the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, said yesterday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Britain is trying to make nice here because they realize that if the people of Iceland flat-out refuse to cover the bank losses there is little that Britain can do. Under the legal principle of Odious Debt, the people of Iceland are only obligated for debts incurred by the government for the betterment of the people of Iceland, such as schools, hospitals, and civil infrastructure. Clearly, saving a private corporation from their own reckless folly does not fall into that category!

Yes, Britain could invade and easily take control of Iceland, but the political costs of such an invasion would be high. Gone forever would be the myth that modern wars are fought for high ideals like freedom and democracy. An invasion of Iceland would show to all the world that Britain had returned to the days of enslavement by military force.

Iceland votes 'no' to debt deal for collapsed bank

Voters in tiny Iceland defied their parliament and international pressure, resoundingly rejecting a $5.3 billion plan to repay Britain and the Netherlands for debts spawned by the collapse of an Icelandic bank.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Note the obvious and heavy-handed spin here!

Iceland defies their parliament? The parliament is supposed to represent the will of the Icelandic people! Their function is to obey orders, not issue them!

It is the previous government of Iceland that defied the will of the people, just like the way the US Congress defied the will of the people to pass TARP!

International pressure? The only pressure is coming from the bankers, who have gotten this silly idea into their heads that they can make bad business decisions, engage in risky, reckless, highly speculative gambling, pay themselves billions on bonuses when the dice roll their way and stick the people with the losses when the game falls apart.

The people of Iceland are right to repudiate this debt. They did not approve of it. They did not agree to it. The debts were not incurred for the betterment of the people of Iceland!

This is a call to keyboards. All the "Rivero's Rangers" are asked to post to the comments section of every Corporate Media article demonizing the Icelandic people for refusing the yoke of servitude created for them the concept of Odious debt and why it applies here!

Icesave referendum casts cloud of uncertainty over Iceland

Iceland's economic and political future hangs in the balance as it heads towards a referendum on how to compensate Britain and the Netherlands for money lost in the collapse of an Icelandic bank.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Iceland's people are declaring their economic freedom. It is clear that the people of Iceland do not want more IMF debts, and may not even be all that eager to join the EU if perpetual debt-slavery is the price to join that club.

Of course the corporate media and government spokes-slugs will all condemn the people of Iceland for their refusal to pay for the failings of private bankers. Both governments and corporations are inextricably linked with bankers, so any attempt to refuse indentured servitude, any expression of refusal, any attempt to delink from the global banking cartel will be reported in the darkest possible terms, no different that the manner in which a confederate newspaper would have reported on the escape of a slave.

The faux-outrage is clear; how dare those Icelandic people fail to stand by their banks!

Look around you. Do you see the banks standing by We The People?

Angry Iceland Voters Reject Plan To Repay Britain, Netherlands

Still furious over the crippling aftermath of the global financial crisis, Iceland's voters on Saturday resoundingly rejected a $5.3 billion plan to pay off Britain and the Netherlands for debts spawned by the collapse of an Icelandic Internet bank, according to initial results.

Results returned from around 83,500 ballots — or more than 40 percent of the total ballots expected — counted so far showed that 93 percent of voters said "no" in the referendum, compared to just 1.5 percent who said "yes."

Webmaster's Commentary:

The Icelandic people understand something that our Congress does not. Banks are private businesses, and private businesses that make reckless and foolish mistakes deserve to go out of business and government has no moral right at all to loot the general population to save rich bankers from their own greed and folly.

Voters in Iceland Appear to Reject Repayment Plan

Iceland’s voters expressed their outrage on Saturday against bankers, the government and what they saw as foreign bullying, overwhelmingly rejecting a plan to pay $5.3 billion to Britain and the Netherlands to reimburse customers of a failed Icelandic bank.

With about 30 percent of the votes counted, roughly 93 percent of voters said no to the plan, in the first public referendum ever held on any subject in Iceland. Less than 2 percent voted yes, and the rest of the votes were invalid.

Webmaster's Commentary:


Iceland vote: 98 to 99% say NO! to Icesave-law

The election on the government's Icesave-law was held today in Iceland and the first results indicate that over 98% of valid votes say no to the law.

Biofuels Algae to solve the Pentagon's jet fuel problem


The brains trust of the Pentagon says it is just months away from producing a jet fuel from algae for the same cost as its fossil-fuel equivalent.

The claim, which comes from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) that helped to develop the internet and satellite navigation systems, has taken industry insiders by surprise. A cheap, low-carbon fuel would not only help the US military, the nation's single largest consumer of energy, to wean itself off its oil addiction, but would also hold the promise of low-carbon driving and flying for all.

Webmaster's Commentary:

If true, and this work actually does create usable fuel, this will be a development which will stop some of the 21st century's "energy wars" in their tracks.

Take the Power to Create Credit Away from the Giant Banks and Give It Back to the People

Many people – including former analyst for the U.S. Treasury Richard Cook – argue that credit is too important a function to be left to the private banks.

National Public Bank

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka told Congress last week:

If the Federal Reserve were made a fully public body, it would be an acceptable alternative.

The American Monetary Institute proposes the following alternative:

Incorporate the Federal Reserve System into the U.S. Treasury where all new money would be created by government as money, not interest-bearing debt; and be spent into circulation to promote the general welfare. The monetary system would be monitored to be neither inflationary nor deflationary.

Second, halt the bank’s privilege to create money by ending the fractional reserve system in a gentle and elegant way.

Bloomberg News columnist Matthew Lynn writes:

The U.K. government needs to start thinking about what it will do with all the banks it now owns. The answer is simple: Hand them to the people…

Michael Moore recommends that the American people demand:

Each of the 50 states must create a state-owned public bank like they have in North Dakota

Campaigning for State-Owned Banks

While bank bailouts fatten Wall Street, states continue to battle the credit crisis. In the search for innovative solutions, some political candidates are proposing that states generate their own credit by setting up their own banks.

Democrats, Republicans, Greens...Monetary Reform is a non-partisan issue which can unite the people against the private bankers who rule the world for their own private benefit.

Notable Monetary Quotes

Notable Monetary Quotes

Larry Parks, Executive Director, FAME “With the monetary system we have now, the careful saving of a lifetime can be wiped out in an eyeblink.”

George Bernard Shaw “You have to choose [as a voter] between trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the Government. And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the Capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold.”

Voltaire (1694-1778) “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value —- zero.”


Despite deaths, Army awards $2.8 billion contract to KBR

Defense juggernaut KBR Inc. was awarded a contract potentially worth $2.8 billion for support work in Iraq as U.S. forces continue to leave the country, military authorities said Tuesday.

KBR was notified of the award Friday, a day after the company told shareholders it lost about $25 million in award fees because of flawed electrical work in Iraq .

Explosions Hit Baghdad as Iraqis Vote in Pivotal Election

Insurgents in Iraq had vowed to disrupt the election, and the attacks appeared timed to frighten voters away from polling sites. If that were the intent, it did not succeed entirely.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Classic false flag. The US and the current puppet regime in Iraq are terrified that they could see a repeat of the Gaza election, in which the Palestinians refused to vote for the "approved" party, so inevitably we get false-flag terror attacks to be blamed on the opposition.

But think about it for a moment. The opposition NEEDS the support of the public. Any group working to change the system needs public support. They are not going to go out and commit acts that alienate the very people whose support they need.

That is why these bombings are all deadly hoaxes intended to demonize the threat to the US puppet regime.

Birth defects rise reported by Fallujah doctors


Doctors in the Iraqi city of Fallujah are reporting a high level of birth defects, with some blaming weapons used by the US after the Iraq invasion.

The city witnessed fierce fighting in 2004 as US forces carried out a major offensive against insurgents.

Now, the level of heart defects among newborn babies is said to be 13 times higher than in Europe .

BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson visited a new, US-funded hospital in Fallujah where paediatrician Samira al-Ani told him that she was seeing as many as two or three cases a day, mainly cardiac defects.

Tony Blair: Israeli officials were part of decision to invade Iraq

In his recent testimony to the UK Committee investigating the Iraq war, British Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that Israeli officials influenced and participated in the decision by the US and UK governments to attack Iraq in 2003.

Webmaster's Commentary:

... Just as Israeli officials are influencing and participating the the decision by the US to attack Iran !

Un regard plus attentif sur le rôle d'Israël dans le terrorisme


This series is based on an article by Jeff Gates, who is a widely acclaimed author, attorney, merchant banker, educator and consultant to governments worldwide, who served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. He is the author of Guilt by Association, Democracy At Risk and The Ownership Solution. See his website http://criminalstate.com/

Criminal State - Part 1 of 3: A Closer Look at Israel 's Role in Terrorism


Criminal State - Part 2 of 3: A Closer Look at Israel 's Role in Terrorism


Criminal State - Part 3 of 3: A Closer Look at Israel 's Role in Terrorism


Mossad murdered 530 Iraqi scientists.

Numerous reports for many months have stated that with collaboration from American occupation forces, Israel ’s espionage apparatus, Mossad, slaughtered at least 530 Iraqi scientists and academic professors.

Assassinations of Iraq academics in Iraq never existed prior to April 2003. Persistent Israeli hit squads against Iraqi scientists had been active in Iraq since April 2003, but the latest chapter was uncovered on Tuesday, 14 June 2005 by the Palestine Information Center which, citing a report compiled by the United States Department of State and intended for the American President, stated that Israeli and foreign agents sent by Mossad, in cooperation with United States, to Iraq, killed at least 350 Iraqi scientists and more than 200 university professors and academic personalities .

According to the report, which was referred to the U.S. president George W. Bush, Mossad agents had been operating in Iraq with the aim of liquidating Iraqi nuclear and biology scientists, among other scientists, and prominent university professors.

That was after the U.S. failed to persuade those scientists to cooperate with or work for it.

Iraq invasion had no 'legal basis in international law'
January 26, 2010, The Telegraph (One of the UK 's leading newspapers)

The invasion of Iraq had no "legal basis in international law", the senior government lawyer Sir Michael Wood has told the Chilcot inquiry. Sir Michael ... was the most senior legal adviser at the Foreign Office at the time of the invasion. "I considered that the use of force against Iraq in March 2003 was contrary to international law," he said in a written statement. "In my opinion, that use of force had not been authorised by the (United Nations) Security Council, and had no other basis in international law." Jack Straw, then the foreign secretary, rejected advice that the war would be unlawful, the inquiry heard. Sir Michael wrote to Mr Straw on January 24, 2003 to express concerns about comments [Straw] made to then-US vice president Dick Cheney. Mr Straw told Mr Cheney that Britain would "prefer" a second resolution but it would be "OK" if they tried and failed to get one "a la Kosovo ". Sir Michael commented that this was "completely wrong from a legal point of view". Sir Michael said this was "probably the first and only occasion" that a minister rejected his legal advice in this way.

Note: For lots more from major media sources on the real reasons behind the invasion of Iraq , click here.

Cancer – The Deadly Legacy of the Invasion of Iraq

Forget about oil, occupation, terrorism or even Al Qaeda. The real hazard for Iraqis these days is cancer. Cancer is spreading like wildfire in Iraq . Thousands of infants are being born with deformities. Doctors say they are struggling to cope with the rise of cancer and birth defects, especially in cities subjected to heavy American and British bombardment.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Warning: very graphic picture at the top of this article.

But just think; what if the American invasion of Iraq had done this to your kid?

Would you be welcoming those responsible for this with flowers?!?

Army general in Iraq issues pregnancy ban


The Army general of U.S. forces in Northern Iraq has banned pregnancy among military personnel in his command, NBC News reported on Friday.

Anyone who becomes pregnant or impregnates another servicemember, including married couples assigned to the same unit, could face a court-martial and jail time, according to an order issued by Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is a terrifying commentary about how stretched to the limit the US military has become.

What happens, though, if a female service member, serving with her husband, has been studiously using the birth control method prescribed by her doctor, and contraception fails, which it sometimes can, and does?

Will the only thing preventing her from facing a court-martial, and/or serving jail time, be an abortion?!?

That's something every young woman (and the man who loves her) has to think about very seriously before enlisting.


Canada wanted Afghan prisoners tortured: lawyer


Federal government documents on Afghan detainees suggest that Canadian officials intended some prisoners to be tortured in order to gather intelligence, according to a legal expert.

If the allegation is true, such actions would constitute a war crime, said University of Ottawa law professor Amir Attaran, who has been digging deep into the issue and told CBC News he has seen uncensored versions of government documents released last year.

"If these documents were released [in full], what they will show is that Canada partnered deliberately with the torturers in Afghanistan for the interrogation of detainees," he said.

"There would be a question of rendition and a question of war crimes on the part of certain Canadian officials. That's what's in these documents, and that's why the government is covering up as hard as it can."

Canadian troops told to ignore child rape by Afghan allies.

As reported last fall in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, Canadian military chaplins and some soldiers have been complaining as far back as 2006 that Afghan security forces have been sodomizing young boys on their base. These military whistle-blowers charge that the military brass has been ignoring or burying their complaints, fearing the bad publicity they could generate.

The paper reports that Canadian military police have also complained, as reported by Brig.-Gen. J.C. Collin, commander of Land Force Central Area, that they were being told "not to interfere in incidents in which Afghan forces were having sex with children."

CSIS secretly interrogated Afghan prisoners

Canadian spies have been interrogating captured Taliban fighters in Afghanistan since 2006.

Afghan survivors: Women waved scarves to try to stop NATO air attack


The military helicopters swooped in from behind the three-vehicle convoy as it wound through a remote road in southern Afghanistan , and survivors of last week's deadly attack said they had no idea they were in danger until the lead four-wheel drive vehicle exploded.

After seeing the gruesome aftermath of that rocket strike, survivors of the NATO attack told McClatchy Newspapers, women jumped from the second car and frantically waved their head scarves to try to stop the attack.

A two-star American general is in southern Afghanistan investigating the Feb. 21 strike, which killed 21 Afghans in Daykundi province and quickly prompted U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal to deliver a videotaped apology.

Survivors said they want more than that, however.

"What do we do with his apology?" said Hussain Dilbarian, a 20-year-old survivor of the strike. "It doesn't make any difference. The killers should be handed over to us. We don't want anything else."

Marine reportedly killed by opium-fueled private contractors

Pentagon originally said Marine killed in combat.

The Pentagon confirmed late Tuesday that it is investigating the death of a 24-year-old Indiana Marine after he was shot to death in Afghanistan , allegedly by several US-paid private security contractors.

The contractors, according to a fellow Marine in Afghanistan who communicated with an investigative reporter in Chicago , were Afghanis who were found with "copious amounts of opium" and had been paid by the United States as guards.

Afghans Trained by Blackwater Defect to Taliban


Remember when Sarah Palin said that "the surge principles that have worked in Iraq need to be implemented in Afghanistan ." Well...as Ms. Palin would say, many Afghans working for the Afghan security forces are now switching sides and are now defecting to the Taliban.

Guess who trained many of them? Blackwater!

Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Information War

For weeks, the U.S. public followed the biggest offensive of the Afghanistan War against what it was told was a "city of 80,000 people" as well as the logistical hub of the Taliban in that part of Helmand. That idea was a central element in the overall impression built up in February that Marja was a major strategic objective, more important than other district centres in Helmand .

It turns out, however, that the picture of Marja presented by military officials and obediently reported by major news media is one of the clearest and most dramatic pieces of misinformation of the entire war, apparently aimed at hyping the offensive as a historic turning point in the conflict.

The Associated Press published an article the same day quoting "Marine commanders" as saying that they expected 400 to 1,000 insurgents to be "holed up" in the "southern Afghan town of 80,000 people." That language evoked an image of house to house urban street fighting.

The same story said Marja was "the biggest town under Taliban control" and called it the "linchpin of the militants' logistical and opium-smuggling network". It gave the figure of 125,000 for the population living in "the town and surrounding villages". ABC news followed with a story the next day referring to the "city of Marja " and claiming that the city and the surrounding area "are more heavily populated, urban and dense than other places the Marines have so far been able to clear and hold."

The Associated Press published an article the same day quoting "Marine commanders" as saying that they expected 400 to 1,000 insurgents to be "holed up" in the "southern Afghan town of 80,000 people." That language evoked an image of house to house urban street fighting.

The same story said Marja was "the biggest town under Taliban control" and called it the "linchpin of the militants' logistical and opium-smuggling network". It gave the figure of 125,000 for the population living in "the town and surrounding villages". ABC news followed with a story the next day referring to the "city of Marja " and claiming that the city and the surrounding area "are more heavily populated, urban and dense than other places the Marines have so far been able to clear and hold."

The decision to hype up Marja as the objective of "Operation Moshtarak" by planting the false impression that it is a good-sized city would not have been made independently by the Marines at Camp Leatherneck .

A central task of "information operations" in counterinsurgency wars is "establishing the COIN [counterinsurgency] narrative", according to the Army Counterinsurgency Field Manual as revised under Gen. David Petraeus in 2006.

That task is usually done by "higher headquarters" rather than in the field, as the manual notes.

The COIN manual asserts that news media "directly influence the attitude of key audiences toward counterinsurgents, their operations and the opposing insurgency." The manual refers to "a war of perceptions…conducted continuously using the news media."

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, commander of ISAF, was clearly preparing to wage such a war in advance of the Marja operation. In remarks made just before the offensive began, McChrystal invoked the language of the counterinsurgency manual, saying, "This is all a war of perceptions."

The Washington Post reported Feb. 22 that the decision to launch the offensive against Marja was intended largely to impress U.S. public opinion with the effectiveness of the U.S. military in Afghanistan by showing that it could achieve a "large and loud victory."

The false impression that Marja was a significant city was an essential part of that message.

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