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samedi 13 février 2010

Victor Ostrovsky - Antisémitisme & comment B'Nai B'rith sert d'intermédiaire au Mossad

Victor Ostrovsky - Antisémitisme & comment B'Nai B'rith sert d'intermédiaire au Mossad

Un ancien agent du Mossad (agence du renseignement israélienne) explique comment ils attaquent leurs opposants en utilisant différents groupes comme le B'Nai B'rith pour faire de la diffamation et fermer la gueule à ceux qu'ils n'aiment pas. Révéler la vérité peut vous couter des fausses étiquettes d'antisémitisme et détruire votre carrière, votre réputation et votre vie.

Victor Ostrovsky


How the B'Nai B'rith serves as a proxy for the Mossad.

Jewish Auschwitz Survivor Gives True Definition of Anti-Semitism

Jewish Auschwitz Survivor Gives True Definition of Anti-Semitism
“Formerly an anti-Semite was someone who hated Jews…nowadays an anti-Semite is somebody who is hated by Jews.” – Dr. Hajo Meyer.

Read a fascinating article about Dr. Hajo Meyer in Scotland Herald

Pre-Commentary –The following is from The Herald newspaper in Scotland (24 Jan. 2010). It quotes Dr. Hajo Meyer, 86, a Jewish professor who survived internment in Auschwitz for 10 months during the Second World War. Meyer was a captured underground fighter, much like another saboteur: Simon Wiesenthal. Even though by the Geneva accords, the Germans could have legally executed Meyer and Wiesenthal, they didn’t. In fact, the Germans nursed Wiesenthal back to health after his suicide attempt. Of course, these facts don’t quite fit with the core Holocaust allegation that the Germans were determined to exterminate all the Jews in Europe. One historian put it this way, “If the Germans couldn’t even kill these two Jewish underground, behind the lines, saboteurs and terrorists, they must have been impossibly inept in their plans for a ‘final solution’.”

Dr. Meyer could have parlayed his Auschwitz survival story to hero status among the Jewish people. He would today enjoy all the accolades and the financial reward that the Jewish-dominated media could offer. Instead, Dr. Meyer has shown incredible courage by speaking out against Jewish extremism, Jewish hate; and the Jewish torture, murder and oppression of the Palestinian people. For speaking the truth, this former fighter against the Nazis and survivor of Auschwitz has been labeled an “anti-Semite” by leading Jewish organizations.

As someone who has also been labeled as an “anti-Semite” by the same ilk, I greatly sympathize with Dr. Meyer. For we live in a world where one can condemn Muslim extremism, Christian extremism, every kind of extremism, but not Jewish extremism. In truth, the State of Israel was founded and exists on Jewish extremism. It was founded on principles of Jewish ethnic supremacism which is the core teaching of Judaism, and it was created by massive violence, terror and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. If one exposes and opposes the elements of supremacism and hatred found Judaism, Zionism and the State of Israel, that truth teller is the one who will be called a “hater.” (more…)

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