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dimanche 22 avril 2007

Le réchauffement climatique - 2e partie

Le réchauffement climatique - 2e partie

Global Warming: Truth or Dare?

I argue that by far the most destructive force on the planet is power-driven financiers and profit-driven corporations and their cartels backed by military might; and that the global warming myth is a red herring that contributes to hiding this truth. In my opinion, activists who, using any justification, feed the global warming myth have effectively been co-opted, or at best neutralized.

Forecaster blasts Gore on global warming

You know why there is all this push on global warming? TO DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM THE WARS. WHICH ARE FAR MORE HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT!

An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change

Twenty years ago, climate research became politicised in favour of one particular hypothesis, which redefined the subject as the study of the effect of greenhouse gases. As a result, the rebellious spirits essential for innovative and trustworthy science are greeted with impediments to their research careers. And while the media usually find mavericks at least entertaining, in this case they often imagine that anyone who doubts the hypothesis of man-made global warming must be in the pay of the oil companies. As a result, some key discoveries in climate research go almost unreported.

"BURN THE HERETIC! BURN THE HERETIC!" -- The cult of the hot Earth


It may have been reckless for the cultists to try to link denial of man-made global warming with denial of the holocaust.


Global Warming Replaces 9/11 As Justification To Do Anything

Global Warming Replaces 9/11 As Justification To Do Anything
Stop asking questions and just let us tax the living hell out of you, including the very air you breathe, after all - it's for the environment and we've never lied to you before have we?

Invoking September 11 has officially been succeeded by a new mantra and an excuse for the state to unleash a fresh tyranny no matter how offensive and damaging to individual liberty it may be. Global warming has replaced 9/11 as the justification to do anything!

The bellicose denouncement of global warming skeptics (that is skeptics of the man-made explanation) and their tarring as being akin to holocaust deniers, is beginning to mirror what happened after 9/11, when anyone who criticized Bush's agenda was lambasted as a traitor, a terrorist sympathizer, and completely divorced from the political mainstream.

Simply evoking the menace of global warming has become the government's justification to do anything!


List of Attendees Copped by AFP; Trilats Push for Higher Gas Taxes

By James P. Tucker Jr.

BRUSSELS—America should impose a $1-pergallon increase in the gasoline tax as penance for causing pollution, John Deutch, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, told the Trilateral Commission’s secret meeting here.

Globalists Love Global Warming

The Trilateral Commission, one of the three pillars of the New World Order in alliance with Bilderberg and the CFR, met last week in near secrecy to formulate policy on how best they could exploit global warming fearmongering to ratchet up taxes and control over how westerners live their lives.

Global warming hysteria serves as excuse for world government

Proponents of a system of world government and the tyrannical measures that accompany it have seized upon the popular issue of global warming to advance long existing plans for global governance.

"Give us your souls and we will save you from carbon dioxide!"

Brown demands 'new world order'


Press Association
Monday March 12, 2007 2:38 AM

Chancellor Gordon Brown is seeking to regain the initiative on the environment with a call for a "new world order" to combat climate change.

Le réchauffement global d'Al Gore: instrument d'un nouvel impérialisme environnemental

Le film-documentaire d’Al Gore, Une vérité qui dérange (2006), sa version écrite, devenue un best-seller, les tournées de conférences, la formation de jeunes capables de faire des présentation « powerpoint », les concerts Live Earth de juillet 2007, toute cette hyperactivité ne reflète aucunement une prise de conscience soudaine, par les peuples du monde, du danger que représente le réchauffement global, mais plutôt l’une des campagnes de propagande les plus massives de l’histoire. Après son début en mai 2006 aux Etats-Unis, Une vérité qui dérange a été distribué dans 35 pays, quelquefois présenté par Gore lui-même, et doit bientôt être introduit dans les écoles et les églises. Ce documentaire, récemment couronné d’un Oscar, n’est que la partie la plus visible d’une série d’opérations psychologiques et politiques coordonnées par des intérêts financiers basés en Grande-Bretagne, ayant pour but de tromper et de contrôler.

L’opération Gore dans son ensemble est organisée par ce que l’on pourrait appeler le « Centre de commande britannique », un réseau reliant étroitement le Premier Ministre britannique Tony Blair, le Chancelier de l’Echiquier Gordon Brown, le milliardaire à la retraite, ex-patron d’eBay, Jeff S. Skoll, aujourd’hui président de Participant Productions et principale source de financement du documentaire d’Al Gore, ainsi que le hedge fund Generation Investment Management, autrement connu comme « Blood and Gore », également basé à Londres.

En avril 2006, lors de son Skoll World Forum, le milliardaire a présenté David Blood et Al Gore, les deux co-fondateurs de Generation Investment Management, comme les « superstars » de l’ »économie du changement climatique ».

Pour les contre-arguments scientifiques à la propagande de Gore et consorts, lisez :

The Global Warming Diversion

Ted Robert Bahr

“Simultaneous warming on Earth and Mars suggests that our planet's recent climate changes have a natural—and not a human-induced—cause, according to one scientist's controversial theory.”
-National Geographic, February 28, 2007 Press Release1

“This small warming is likely a result of the natural alterations in global ocean currents which are driven by ocean salinity variations. Ocean circulation variations are as yet little understood. Human kind has little or nothing to do with the recent temperature changes. We are not that influential.”
-Professor William M. Gray, Colorado State University2

“And I do claim that open and frank discussion of the data [on global warming], and of the issues, is being suppressed. Leading scientific journals have taken strong editorial positions of the side of global warming, which, I argue, they have no business doing. Under the circumstances, any scientist who has doubts understands clearly that they will be wise to mute their expression.”
- Michael Crichton, State of Fear3

Global Warming On The Ropes

Toronto Hydro seeks rate rise

Everyone makes do with less to save electricity, so the power company ups the rates so that the customer still has to pay the same for less power.

Scientists: Trying to change earth's climate is tricky

If anyone wants to know who trying to change Earth's climate is a fool's errand one only needs to look at the history of Yellowstone National Park and the endless chain of one bad decision after the other in park policy that, with the very best of intentions to "preserve" nature, actually triggered major ecological shifts within the park. First the native Americans were forbidden to hunt the park lands, so game animals multiplied quickly and soon the available forage plants were decimated. The animals began to starve, so the park managers imported predators to control the population but the forage plants, now gone, did not come back, so the game animals continued to die off while the predators wandered off the park and attacked farm livestock in the area. Fire prevention slowly changed the plant life in the park, leading to a disaster when park managers realized that occasional fires were necessary for certain species to survive (such as redwoods, whose seeds sprout after a forest fire) and tried to execute "controlled burns", which quickly went uncontrolled.

All this mess was done without an evil corporate entity raping the Earth for profit, but was done by scientists and environmentalists with the very best of intentions, great enthusiasm, and poor understanding of what they were dealing with.

No imagine that same "force for good" unleashed on the planet as a whole.

Chinese make first artificial snowfall

Global warmers getting desperate

The “Ice Age” hoax of the late 1970s took advantage of the general population’s unfamiliarity with climate. A massive climatic change, like an ice age, normally taking centuries to develop, can be encapsulated in seconds by computers into a form that may be interpreted as short-term as weather. The marketing ploy is based on fear — not the type of fear generated by such incidents as 9/11 but a distant fear of “we’re all going to die.”

The ice age hoax was melted away with warmer weather. However, the perpetrators were not. The devil’s workshop was still intact.

Very cleverly, the great deceivers of the “ice age” hoax turned up the thermostats on their computers and developed models that revealed a greater threat to mankind than an “ice age.” It was global warming.

As Predicted: Global Warming Skeptics Linked With Holocaust Denial

In an article we published in November about global warming being caused by the sun, we commented somewhat tongue in cheek that people who express doubts about global warming would soon be compared to holocaust deniers by the media and other self-appointed cultural kingpins who demand total adherence to orthodox religion style beliefs about climate change.

It's no longer a joke.

'Scientist' Group's Funding Comes with Liberal 'Strings Attached'

Activists Trying to Shut Down Climate Debate, Skeptics Say

Don't let truth stand in the way of a red-hot debunking of climate change

The Causes of Climate Change


January 3, 2007

Scientists' Report Documents ExxonMobil’s Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science
Oil Company Spent Nearly $16 Million to Fund Skeptic Groups, Create Confusion

ExxonMobil Report

Read the Report

ExxonMobil Report (PDF)

Appendix C (PDF high resolution)

Appendix C (part 1)

Appendix C (part 2)

Appendix C (part 3)

Ethanol emissions aren't greener than gasoline: study

Bill to Ban Regular Light Bulbs Introduced in House

A Democratic lawmaker has introduced a bill that would ban the sale of traditional incandescent light bulbs - which are less energy-efficient, prompting claims that they contribute to "global warming" - one day after a colleague told a press conference that legislating a ban would be a "last choice."

Now, let me start off by saying I think high-efficiency lights are very good. They save power, run much cooler (a real issue in summer) and last longer than conventional filament bulbs. In our home, there are only two old-style filament lamps still in use and they won't be here much longer. CFs rule and LED flashlights are the best.

That being said, I am opposed to a ban on conventional bulbs because I don't feel it is appropriate for government to dictate what lights people use. If they chose the older bulbs, well, that is fine. That is their choice, and while there is choice both old and new bulb makers will be motivated to produce better products at lower prices. The newer high-efficiency bulbs are better and longer lasting than older style bulbs because they HAVE to be to win customers. Once the new bulbs are legally mandated, manufacturers will be free to make them lower in quality because the customers will have no alternatives to go to.

There is also the issue of the radioisotopes used in compact flourescent bulbs. Not everyone is comfortable with having radioactive sources in their reading lamps, with the risk of accidental ingestion if the light is shattered.

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype


Warming threatens a third of species with extinction: UN

Children bear brunt of climate warming: report

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