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mardi 17 avril 2007

IRAN - Suivi de la situation

IRAN - Suivi de la situation

Voici les derniers développements au sujet de l`Iran. Maintenant que l`Angleterre a répandu sa propagande à travers la bouches de leurs soldats qui furent détenus par l`Iran pendant deux semaines, propagande qui a pour but de démoniser les iranniens en les accusant faussement d`avoir torturé et maltraité les soldats, l`Iran a annoncé qu`ils allaient rendre publique les vidéos de leur détention.

Les iranniens jouent leurs cartes vraiment bien. Ils laissent en premier l`élite britannique réagir pour que leur comportements agressifs et mensongers apparaissent clairement au public mondial, et ensuite, question de bien montrer qui sont les sales menteurs, agresseurs et tortureurs, ils relâchent les vidéos qui montrent les soldats qui jouaient, riaient, bien nourris et bien portants, alors que les images de torture de la part des américains et britanniques ne cesse de faire surface, portant des histoires d`horreur avec elles.

C`est d`ailleur ce qui est arrivé à un diplomate iranniens qui fut capturé par les américains et torturé pendant les 15 premiers jours de sa détention. Même la Croix Rouge a attesté des marques de tortures que son corps porte qu`il fut torturé sauvagement, avec une perçeuse électrique et autres moyens.

Pendant ce temps, les forces américaines continuent la provocation en violant l`espace aérien de l`Iran avec ses jets, leurs troupes s`amassent le long de la frontière sud de l`Iran, et cette semaine l`Iran a déclaré avoir mis à jour plus de 100 espions américains et israéliens opérant à l`intérieur de pays, soit pour rassembler des informations ou pour déstabiliser le pays. Il est d`ailleur un fait que des opérations sont déjà en cours de la part des américains à l`intérieur de l`Iran, ce qui revient à dire, techniquement, que le début de la guerre contre l`Iran a déjà débuté depuis un bon moment. C`est la même chose qui avait été fait avant le début de la guerre d`agression contre l`Iraq.

Même même chose. Mêêêême chose...

Teetering on the Brink of Disaster: The NeoCons' Decision to Bomb Iran

U.S. Army War Colleges, to discuss the probability of a U.S. military strike against Iran. Responding on how close, in his opinion, the Bush Administration was away from giving the go-ahead order regarding Iran, Gardiner unmistakably said: "It’s been given. In fact, we’ve probably been executing military operations inside Iran for at least 18 months. The evidence is overwhelming." He is now promptly interrupted by his interviewer’s anticipatory obedience, who recalls that the President had underlined that he wanted diplomacy to work in order to convince the Iranian government to stop enriching uranium. Quoting Bush, in an interview by David Ignatius of the Washington Post from the day before, with the words "I would tell the Iranian people that we have no desire for conflict," CNN’s familiar face Wolf Blitzer turns back to Gardiner and repeats his initial question. Almost desperately the colonel replies with great emphasis: "We are conducting military operations inside Iran right now. The evidence is overwhelming, from both the Iranians [and] Americans, and Congressional sources."

Side Note: Folks, now that Iran is making fuel rods for their power station, bombing the centrifuges will unleash a radioactive disaster that will make Chernobyl look like a Sunday picnic. Unlike global warming, where the degree of human causality is difficult to determine, the choice to bomb or not to bomb is totally under human control. And while global warming is measured in tiny fractions of a degree over decades, the results of a nuclear disaster are obvious and immediate, as was proven during Chernobyl.

Already the Mideast is suffering the effects of the depleted uranium weapons already used. Now the US wants to bomb Iran's centrifuges and shower the Middle East and Central Asia with uranium compounds. The plume from this attack will travel around the world, and the US will be held to blame for the results.

This is the litmus test for the global warmers. If their agenda really is the protection of the Earth and human life, then they need to be as active in opposing the attack on Iran. If, on the other hand, the global warming issue is just about selling global government, then we will hear little or nothing from the "cult" regarding the very real and irreversible damage to the environment that will result from an attack on Iran's nuclear power system.

US jet fighters violate Iran's airspace: military

US warplanes have violated Iranian airspace in the southwestern oil-rich province of Khuzestan, Al-Alam Arabic language news satellite channel quoted a local military chief as saying on Sunday.

Looks like the US is already testing Iran's air defenses.

US Planes Violate Iran Airspace

Probably testing Iran's air defense systems.

Iran War Underway: US and Britain Funding Right Wing Terrorists For Regime Change

Iran says 100 spies working for US, Israel identified

ABC And The IED's From Iran That Were Made In The UK

Russia anxious about military action against Iran near its border

"Any military action near our border is totally unacceptable," Andrei Denisov said. "We are strongly against it and we are doing our best to prevent it from happening."

So just what will Russia do if the US decides to attack Iran?

Iran Says It's Able to Make Nuclear Fuel

Some are saying that Ahmadinejad is provoking the west, but I think he is sending a message to the west that if they bomb his country's nuclear facilities now, they will unleash a radioactive disaster greater than Chernobyl over the entire Middle East and Central Asia.

Halliburton winds up Iran work

It had won the contract even though a US law, dating to 1996, threatens sanctions on US and foreign groups that invest over 40 million dollars in Iran's energy sector.

Posted Apr 9, 2007

When Haliburton is pulling out, you know that the kim chee is definitely about to hit the fan!

Dossier des 15 britanniques pris et relâchés par l’Iran

British sailors to fly home after Iran ordeal

'We Gathered Intelligence'

A Provocation Backfires

Spin, spin, spin - UK tries to undo Iran's PR win

Iran releases rebuttal footage of sailors playing chess

Iran Releases New Video Of British Captives

Iran film 'to tell sailors' tale'

The Iranian military says it will soon release a film documenting the arrest, interrogation and statements by UK sailors held in Iran for two weeks.

Now that Britain has committed to their claims that the British sailors were mistreated, I expected Iran to reply with full 24/7 documentation of what happened in order to embarrass the UK.

new video of sailors infuriates Zionists

Call that humiliation?

No hoods. No electric shocks. No beatings. These Iranians clearly are a very uncivilised bunch.

A peculiar outrage

The treatment of Faye Turney is wrong - but not in the same league as British and US abuses

Red Cross witness checks the scars of the Iranian Diplomat tortured by the CIA

Iranian diplomat Jalal Sharafi who was released last week after he had been kidnapped in front of Iran's embassy in Baghdad two months ago said that he had undergone the most horrible tortures in the first 15 days of his detention by the CIA agents.

CIA Tortures Iranian Diplomat

Iran shows pictures of 'tortured' diplomat

US Submarine Forced to Leave Persian Gulf

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