Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

L'Autre Monde 19 novembre 2009: Quand les États-Unis financent leurs propres ennemis

L'Autre Monde 19 novembre 2009: Quand les États-Unis financent leurs propres ennemis

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L'Autre Monde 19 novembre 2009

90 min / Radio de l'UQAM, CHOQ FM

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Animation : François Marginean
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Cette semaine, nous parlons de santé et du Moyen-Orient, particulièrement de l'Afghanistan, de l'Irak et du Pakistan où les États-Unis semblent financer leurs propres ennemis!
Il est aussi question de l'acte anonyme individuel pour un monde meilleur...

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Your Body Literally Glows With Light

Science shows that your body literally glows in visible light.

The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day.

Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels which can be seen with the naked eye. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light.

To learn more about this faint visible light, scientists in Japan employed extraordinarily sensitive cameras capable of detecting single photons. Five healthy male volunteers in their 20’s were placed bare-chested in front of the cameras in complete darkness in light-tight rooms for 20 minutes every three hours.

The researchers found the body glow rose and fell over the day, with its lowest point at 10 AM and its peak at 4 PM, dropping gradually after that. These findings suggest there is light emission linked to the body clock, most likely due to how metabolic rhythms fluctuate over the course of the day.

Faces glowed more than the rest of the body. This might be because faces are more tanned than the rest of the body, since they get more exposure to sunlight.

Long-term mobile phone use 'significantly increases risk' of brain tumours, landmark study finds

Long-term mobile phone use could increase the risk of developing cancer, according to a decade-long landmark study.

The investigation by the World Health Organisation analysed studies of 12,800 people in 13 countries.

It found people who used mobiles for a decade or more had a 'significantly increased risk' of developing some types of brain tumours.

Six of the eight Interphone studies found an increased risk of glioma - the most common brain tumour - among mobile phone users, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Your Appendix is Useful After All

Research shows the long held belief that your appendix is a useless organ is completely wrong.

Huge California study concludes soda consumption undeniably linked to obesity

(NaturalNews) Much like Big Tobacco once did with nicotine, the soda industry and high-fructose corn syrup producers of
America have maintained a ridiculous state of flat-out denial about the links between soda consumption and obesity. "Sodas don't make...

Artificial Sweeteners -- More Dangerous than You Ever Imagined

An in-depth review of artificial sweeteners – because what you don’t know about them can seriously harm your, and your family’s, health.

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The top three most dangerous ingredients I've found in my research are:

1) Sodium nitrite -- causes cancer, found in processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, sausage. Used to make meats appear red (a color fixer chemical).

2) Hydrogenated oils -- causes heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, general deterioration of cellular health, and much more. Found in cookies, crackers, margarine and many "manufactured" foods. Used to make oils stay in the food, extending shelf life. Sometimes also called "plastic fat."

3) Excitotoxins -- aspartame, monosodium glutamate and others (see below). These neurotoxic chemical additives directly harm nerve cells, over-exciting them to the point of cell death, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock. They're found in diet soda, canned soup, salad dressing, breakfast sausage and even many manufactured vegetarian foods. They're used to add flavor to over-processed, boring foods that have had the life cooked out of them.

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  • Food companies now "hide" MSG in safe-sounding ingredients like yeast extract or torula yeast?
  • Many Florida oranges are actually dipped in an artificial orange dye in order to make them more visually appealing? It's the same dye that's been banned for use in foods because of cancer risk.
  • Girl Scout cookies are still made with hydrogenated oils that contain trans fatty acids?
  • Many so-called "healthy" or vegetarian foods also contain the very same offending ingredients as conventional groceries?
  • Eating just one serving of processed meats each day increases your risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%?
  • One artificial color additive causes behavioral disorders in children? And that 80% of children diagnosed with ADHD can be outright cured of the condition in two weeks by avoiding certain ingredients?
  • The #1 ingredient in Slim Fast meal replacement shake (powder form) is sugar?
  • Some guacamole dips don't even contain avocado? Instead, they're made with hydrogenated soybean oil and artificial colors.

Everything I'm sharing here is absolutely true. It's all quite shocking, yes, but this is information you need to know if you want to feed yourself -- and your family -- foods that actually promote health instead of disease.

Beets are an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Beets are one of nature's wonder foods. They've recently been found to increase stamina during exercise by 16 percent and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Beets are known to break up cancers and tumors, and they're known to do so faster...

Chemo Fails to Treat Pancreatic Cancer

(NaturalNews) Scientists are investigating why chemotherapy often proves ineffective in patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. In a recent study, published in the journal Science, researchers from Cancer Research UK may have uncovered the...

Patrick Swayze dead at 57 after chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer

(NaturalNews) Beloved actor Patrick Swayze died yesterday evening after a 20-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Having put his faith in conventional chemotherapy, he largely dismissed ideas that nutrition, superfoods or "alternative medicine" might...

Chemo Does Not Cure: Often It Inflicts Damage and Spreads Cancer

For years now, many of us who advocate natural health and natural approaches to beating cancer have warned against the dangers and the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy. The following report presented at the 27th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer...


Largest Iraq bombing in two years may have been inside job

Sunday's twin suicide bombings in Baghdad that killed at least 155 people and wounded 500 others may have had help from within Iraq's security apparatus, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Monday.

"This was a really well coordinated attack on an area in Baghdad that's supposed to be well protected," Maddow told viewers. "In order to reach their targets, the bombers driving these truck bombs had to pass through several checkpoints that were guarded by security forces and those security forces were supposed to be using hand-held devices designed to detect explosives."

Iraqi Official Says Security Forces May Have Colluded in Bombings

Iraq's foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, said Saturday that the coordinated attack that killed more than 100 people, including dozens of his employees, in Baghdad on Wednesday may have been carried out with the complicity of Iraqi security forces.

Behind the Carnage in Baghdad

The chaotic conditions in Iraq that triggered Shahwani's resignation are illustrated by several recent events -- each of which suggests that without the backstop of U.S. support, Iraqi authorities are now desperately vulnerable to pressure, especially from neighboring Iran.

The breakdown of order in Iraq was most dramatic in the truck bombings on Aug. 19 that targeted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other agencies, and left more than 100 dead and 500 wounded.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Iran is responsible for every terrible thing which has happened in Iraq since the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, honest, and that's why we have to bomb their power plant!" - official white horse souse.

(Ahem). Please note that it is the US invasion and occupation of Iraq which has generated the geopolitical conditions moving Maliki (who is s Shiite Muslim) closer to the orbit of Tehran.

But this article is part of a crescendo of noise and drum-beat toward yet another US military misadventure in the Middle East. The small problem with this, however, is that Russia's Hu and China's Medvedev have warned Washington and Tel Aviv that such an attack will mean a world war. As reported in:


"A chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu have issued an “urgent warning” to the United States that says if the Americans allow an Israeli nuclear attack upon Iran, “World War will be our response”.

"Fueling Russian and Chinese fears are intelligence reports stating that Israel has moved over three-quarters of its Naval Forces through the Suez Canal and has assembled over 30 of its US-built fighter jets in Kurdistan for a planned attack using American made “bunker busting” bombs and nuclear armed cruise missiles."

War with Russia, anyone?!?!? Let's hope not. Because there is nothing either the US or Israel can "sell" to Russia to make it want to go along with this madness.

More than 85,000 Iraqis killed from 2004-2008: ministry

More than 85,000 Iraqis died violently from 2004 to 2008, according to figures released by the government on Wednesday, the first such official data since the 2003 US-led invasion.

The report, published by the human rights ministry, also said nearly 150,000 people had been wounded in that period, during part of which communal violence engulfed the country and Iraq threatened to fall into civil war.


Iraq now of the world's most contaminated countries Iraq war remnants cause cancer deaths: minister

An EHD study earlier this year had noted that 340 cases of leukaemia had been registered between 2001 and 2008 in Basra. This compares with 17 cases in 1988 and 93 cases in 1997, Aboud said.

The study focused only on leukaemia, as cases of the disease had risen sharply in Basra.

It also found that the amount of uranium in Basra’s soil had jumped from 60-70 becquerels per kilogram of soil prior to 1991 to 10,000 becquerels per kilogram in 2009. As much as 36,205 becquerels per kilogram have been recorded in areas with abandoned remnants of war.

In a 2005 publication, the UN Environment Programme identified 311 sites in Iraq contaminated with DU and said cleaning them up would require several years. No figures were available from the Ministry of Health on how many cancer cases might have been related to or caused by contaminated war remnants.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Depleted Uranium; the gift that keeps on giving!

The Responsibility of the US in Contaminating Iraq with Depleted Uranium

For two decades, the administrations of the United States of America and the United Kingdom have been waging continuous wars on Iraq to occupy this oil rich country.

The armed forces of those two countries attacked civilians with different kinds of conventional, non-conventional, and banned weapons such as cluster bombs ammunitions, napalm bombs, white phosphorous weapons and depleted Uranium weapons.

Depleted Uranium (DU) is a radioactive and chemically toxic heavy metal. If ingested, inhaled, or it enters the human body through wounds or skin, it remains there for decades

Webmaster's Commentary:

Warning: very graphic photo of a kid born with massive birth defects due to exposure to DU.

But take a deep breath and think; what if this were your kid?!?

Helpless Iraqis Sell Their Organs

BAGHDAD – Raad Bader al-Muhssin, 41, worked as a gardener for more than 20 years, during which he used to make no more than $4 dollars per day.

After the 2003 US invasion and the ensuing violence, life became harder as the number of clients requesting his services nosedived.

Adding insult to the injury was the recent discovery that his wife had cancer.

Thus, when he was offered $12,000 dollars for one of his kidney he did not hesitate or have second thoughts.

"I never had more than $100 dollars in my pocket at the end of the month, even if I didn’t spend one cent from my salary," Muhssin told IslamOnline.net.

UK scholars linked to 'stolen' bowls of Babylon

Commissioned by University College London in 2005, it confirms the expert view that the bowls were stolen from the historical site of Babylon and should be returned to Iraq or handed over to the police. The report was completed in 2006 but suppressed a year later in a legal settlement made between the university and the putative owner of the bowls, the multimillionaire Norwegian collector, Martin Schøyen.

Webmaster's Commentary:

When the American plantation owners overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy, the very first thing they did was strip Iolani Palace of all furnishings and cultural artifacts, in order to erase the sense of national identity in the people, preparatory to imposing a new one.

Likewise, the invasion of Iraq triggered a mass looting and destruction of ancient sites and artifacts, in order to erase the cultural identity of the Iraqi people.

I think that destruction of ancient sites is deliberate policy.

Egypt is literally littered with the ruins of the ancient temples and palaces of her rulers. As much as has been found, it is estimated that only 1/3 of Egypt's archeological wonders have been uncovered. A newly discovered temple was uncovered while digging a sewer line, and a cache of finely preserved mummies was literally stumbled over by a cow in a pasture.

Iraq's ancient heritage was enshrined in its ancient sites and museum. As a result of the war, many of those sites have been damaged or destroyed. Part of the ancient city or Ur now lies underneath a US air base runway. The treasures of the museum have only partly been recovered. The treasures from the looted archaeological sites have been scattered to the world.

The same is true of Iran. Artifacts from their ancient past are everywhere to be seen.

All of this wealth of archaeological treasures must of course annoy Israel. We are raised from birth with Old Testament tales of the greatness of the ancient Israelites, of the powerful kingdoms of Solomon and David and the first temple. Yet Israel, while rich in antiquities, is entirely devoid of artifacts from this supposedly glorious time in her history. The existence of the fabled First Temple was supported with just two artifacts, a carved staff ornament in the shape of a pomegranate and the Jehoash tablet. Both of these artifacts have been exposed as frauds. We are told that once there was a magnificent temple on that hill, but it "all went away." The wonders emerging from the soil of Egypt, Iraq, and Iran serve as a constant reminder that ancient buildings of such a scale as we are told the First Temple was simply do not vanish without a trace.

There is considerable reason to suspect that the tales told in the Old Testament are just that; tales. The Bible is not science, it is the collected stories of a primitive tribal people reassuring each other how important they are. And like fishermen talking about the one that got away, or Ramses with his temple carvings of the did-not-really-happen victory over the Hittites at Kadesh, the writers of the ancient testaments assumed that the people they were telling stories to had no way to verify the claims for themselves. So "embellishment" was a low-risk activity.

We do know from the available archaeological evidence that the Exodus probably actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Israelites. We know that the story of Moses is suspect because no Egyptian princess would hide a Hebrew child inside Pharaoh's household, then give the kid a Hebrew name ("Moses" is actually an Egyptian title meaning "Prince" and is included in the names of many Pharaoh's names such as Tut-Moses, Ah-Moses, Ra-Moses (Ramses) etc.)

Likewise, the story of Masada may be less than accurate. The remains found on the mountain were buried with pig bones, something no proper Jewish funeral would tolerate, which suggests that the bodies found and venerated as heroes of ancient Judea were actually those of dead Romans.

What little evidence exists from the time of Solomon suggests that his Temple, a far less grandiose affair that popularly imagined, was actually located at Gihon Spring. The platform at the Temple Mount is actually the remains of the Roman Garrison built after the revolt of 70AD.

But a good story is a good story and the writers of the ancient texts were probably not thinking much further into the future than the guys who pen the "Celebrity dates space alien" stories you see at supermarket checkout lines. The fact that the celebrity is a real person does not prove the space alien exists. It's just a story.

Given enough time, even a simple story written in jest can take on a life of its own. Scientology began as a bet between two science fiction writers, L. Ron Hubbard and Robert A. Heinlein; look how wide spread that has become in just a short time.

But, over time, entire religions with attendant wealth and power structures have been built on the premise that these ole testament stories really happened exactly as written. And today, here in the 21st century world, science has started to catch up with these ancient legends and call many of them into doubt.

So, for a nation that justifies its existence on the writings of the Torah, the plethora of sites and artifacts confirming the ancient histories of Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. etc. etc. must seem a dire political threat for a nation whose own ancient history seems to have left little if any traces at all.

In that context, the strange behavior of the US military which posted guards around the Iraq oil ministry while leaving the Baghdad museum unguarded suddenly starts to make sense. So does the intentional targeting of Palestinian antiquities and the theft of their cultural treasures, if the supporters of a very insecure nation decide that leveling the archaeological playing field is preferable to allowing the obvious disparity in artifacts to remain visible to the world.

In an attempt to attach ancient Israel to present day Jerusalem, Israeli authorities continue the attachment of spurious labels to Holy Basin landmarks, while claiming the falsification is due to the Byzantines, who got it all wrong.

King David’s Tower’s earliest remains were constructed several hundred years after the Bible dates David’s reign. It is a now an obvious Islamic minaret.

King David’s Citadel earliest remains are from the Hasmonean period (200 B.C.). The Citadel was entirely rebuilt by the Ottomans between 1537 and 1541.

King David’s tomb, located in the Dormition Abbey, is a cloth-covered cenotaph (no remains) that honors King David. It’s only an unverified guess that the casket is related to David.

The Pools of Solomon, located in a village near Bethlehem, are considered to be part of a Roman construction during the reign of Herod the Great. The pools supplied water to an aqueduct that carried the water to Bethlehem and to Jerusalem.

The Stables of Solomon, under the Temple Mount, are assumed to be a construction of vaults that King Herod built in order to extend the Temple Mount platform.

Absalom’s Tomb is an obvious Greek sculptured edifice and therefore cannot be the tomb of David’s son.

The City of David contains artifacts that date before and during David’s time. However, some archaeologists maintain there is an insufficient number of artifacts to conclude any Israelite presence, including that of King David, before the late ninth century. In any case any Israelite presence must have been in a small and unfortified settlement.

The Jerusalem Archaeological Park within the Old City, together with the Davidson Exhibition and Virtual Reconstruction Center also tell the story. Promising to reveal much of a Hebrew civilization, the museums shed little light on its subject. The Davidson Center highlights a coin exhibition, Jerusalem bowls and stone vessels. The Archeological Park in the Old City contains among many artifacts, Herodian structures, ritual baths, a floor of an Umayyad palace, a Roman road, Ottoman gates, and the façade of what is termed Robinson’s arch, an assumed Herodian entryway to the Temple Mount. The exhibitions don’t reveal many, if any, ancient Hebrew structures or institutions of special significance.

Reliable archaeologists, after examining excavations that contain pottery shards and buildings, concluded that archaeological finds don't substantiate the biblical history of Jerusalem and its importance during the eras of a united Jewish kingdom under David and Solomon.

Margaret Steiner in an article titled It's Not There: Archaeology Proves a Negative in the Biblical Archaeology Review, July/August, 1998, states:

"...from the tenth century B.C.E. there is no archaeological evidence that many people actually lived in Jerusalem, only that it was some kind of public administrative center...We are left with nothing that indicates a city was here during their supposed reigns (of David and Solomon)...It seems unlikely, however, that this Jerusalem was the capital of a large state, the United monarchy, as described in Biblical texts."


CIA paid millions of dollars to ISI since 9/11: Report

The CIA has paid millions of dollars to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) since9/11, accounting for as much as one-third of the foreign spy agency’s annual budget, says a media report.

The ISI also collected “tens of millions of dollars through a classified CIA programme”, which pays for the capture or killing of wanted militants, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday citing current and former US officials.

An intense debate has been triggered within the US government due to “long-standing suspicions that the ISI continues to help Taliban extremists who undermine US efforts in Afghanistan and provide sanctuary to al-Qaida members in Pakistan”.

Webmaster's Commentary:

In other words, the CIA contracted with ISI to provide the enemies the US Government needs to justify their wars of conquest.

US Presses Pakistan to Escalate War

According to an unnamed US official, President Obama has sent a letter to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari urging him to rally support for escalating his war across the nation. The letter reportedly claims that the Afghan war ‘depends’ on Pakistan doing so.

Militants' possession of Israeli arms raises questions

Use of Israeli-made light arms by militants against security forces in Waziristan has raised several questions amongst many recently.

TheNation has learnt on good authority that militants are using Israeli-made light arms including “Uzi gun” and “Rapid-fire pistol” against security forces in North Waziristan as the operation Rah-I-Rast reached its final stage.

In addition to Israel-made sophisticated arms, militants are making use of the latest version of US-made M-16 carbine with laser designator and binoculars, Bulgarian and Czechoslovakia made Kalakov and M-4 carbine with a grenade launcher and laser designator, which is a unique weapon with the US marines.


Les “experts” vont dire que l’armée américaine subit maintenant moins d’attaques en Irak parce qu’ils ont réussi à comtrôler le pays et que les autorités américaines comme Obama et les responsables militaires du théatre de guerre afghan voudraient voir la même chose se produire en Afghanistan. Mais ce qu’ils ne vous disent pas, c’est que la paix en Irak, ils l’ont acheté. L’armée US donne de l’argent, soudoit les rebelles pour qu’ils cessent d’attaquer les troupes US!

Voir prochaine nouvelle qui confirme cela :

US Quietly Slips Funds Into Military Bill to Pay Off Taliban

What this ultimately means is that the US will be directly paying off elements of the Taliban seen as less ideological, something officials have been talking about for quite some time.

Sen. Levin is presenting it as a way to help “former Taliban fighters to protect their communities” but with the momentum going the Taliban’s way the supply of former Taliban is likely in short supply. In all likelihood much of the funding will go directly into the coffers of existing Taliban fighters in an attempt to convince them to switch sides.

‘U.S. Taxpayers Spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on a Fraudulent Election’

Speaking again on the subject of the August election in Afghanistan, former UN Deputy Mission Chief Peter Galbraith declared today that “U.S. taxpayers spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a fraudulent election,” insisting that “everybody kept sending money” but little effort was made to ensure accountability.

Indeed, a pair of confidential UN audits on the more than $300 million dollars spent on the August vote shows that a considerable portion of the expenses were unaccounted for and to this day tens of millions of dollars are effectively “missing.”

U.N. Can’t Account for Millions Sent to Afghan Election Board

The United Nations cannot account for tens of millions of dollars provided to the troubled Afghan election commission, according to two confidential U.N. audits and interviews with current and former senior diplomats. (Read both audits.)

As Afghanistan prepares for a second round of national voting, the documents and interviews paint the fullest picture to date of the finances of the election commission, which has been accused of facilitating election fraud and operating ghost polling places. The new disclosures also deepen the questions about the U.N.'s oversight of money provided by the United States and other nations to ensure a fair election in Afghanistan.

Fraud fears grow as Afghan election body defies UN

The chances of another disastrous round of voting in Afghanistan's presidential race increased dramatically today after the country's election authority defied international pressure to cut the number of polling centres in order to reduce fraud.

To the fury of UN officials in Kabul, the so-called Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced that it planned to open 155 more polling stations – up from 6,167 to 6,322 – than during the first vote on 20 August, despite repeated claims by the UN that there would be a reduction.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So the US and NATO get their "run-off" election, with results even more disastrous and fraudulent than they got in the first one!

Way to go!

And no matter if Abdullah or Karzai wins, there will still be the nasty stench of illegitimacy surrounding the Afghan government for years to come.

Afghan challenger threatens to quit run-off unless demands are met

Abdullah Abdullah was poised on Saturday to quit Afghanistan's run-off presidential election unless incumbent Hamid Karzai has a last minute change of heart and bows to a series of demands from his rival.

Officials in Abdullah's campaign team said the former foreign minister would announce he was pulling out of the November 7 contest on Sunday in the absence of any U-turn by Karzai on measures to combat fraud.

Webmaster's Commentary:

If Abdullah Abdullah does pull out of the race, because he knows that the entire process will be more crooked than a dog's hind leg, then what?

A one-candidate election?

Or will Karzai just call the whole thing off, and proceed just as he has since the last since the last alleged "election"?!?

Afghan challenger threatens to quit run-off unless demands are met

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah plans to call for his supporters to boycott the Nov. 7 run-off election between he and President Hamid Karzai, according to published reports.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is a monumental blunder on Abdullah's part; if he succeeds in getting his followers to do this, he has just handed Afghanistan back to Karzai, which is disastrous for the Afghani people.

Afghan challenger to withdraw from run-off: report

Reuters - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Abdullah Abdullah, the chief challenger to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, has decided to withdraw from a November 7 runoff election, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Afghan boycott would not de-legitimise poll: Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Saturday that a boycott of the run-off election in Afghanistan by runner-up Abdullah Abdullah would not de-legitimise the poll.

Clinton, who was asked whether the outcome of a run-off with only one candidate would result in a legitimate government, said such situations are "not unprecedented" and occur in the United States and other countries.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Has this woman totally lost her mind?!?!?

A single-candidate election will scream far and wide that this was only window dressing to make it appear that Karzai had been re-elected, rather than re-appointed.

Should this happen, the world will understand very clearly what a complete sham this alleged "runoff" has been.

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan," he wrote Sept. 10 in a four-page letter to the department's head of personnel. "I have doubts and reservations about our current strategy and planned future strategy, but my resignation is based not upon how we are pursuing this war, but why and to what end."

UN pulls out half its Afghanistan staff and threatens total withdrawal

The United Nations today temporarily pulled half its international staff out of Afghanistan and threatened that a complete and permanent withdrawal could follow.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Given the current state of conditions in Afghanistan, who can blame them?!?

Killing civilians triggers demonstration in S Afghan province

Meantime, spokesman of provincial administration Daud Ahmadi in talks with Xinhua confirmed the incident but said that all those killed were Taliban insurgents.

Webmaster's Commentary:


More winning of the hearts and minds of the Afghani people, I see.

Obama holds crisis meeting on Afghanistan

The insurgents have killed dozens of US-led troops in the troubled southern and eastern provinces, where insurgency has skyrocketed over past few months and opium trade is booming with devastating global consequences.

It has been widely reported that opium production in Afghanistan has grown steadily and significantly since the US-led invasion of the country eight years ago.

American public opinion is already fragile on the war over the mounting US death toll in the war-torn country.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Public opinion is not "fragile" regarding the support of this endless, pointless, and bloody war.

Americans are pissed off mightily at this cost in blood, and money.

There were two objectives in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and both for corporate profit.

They were: to control the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely, and to install pipelines with which Eurasian oil could be controlled.

The US and NATO have managed brilliantly on the first objective, but not on the second.

Cheap heroin is flowing in Europe and Russia, and someone is making one hell of a profit on this.

What we should do is declare victory, and go home.

Then,negotiate with whatever government is left standing for the rights to the pipelines.

As late as August of 2001,l the Bush administration was negotiating with the Taliban, but felt that the price was too high to pay, and that somehow, a war would be a "cheaper solution." to the problem.

War is never a cheaper solution.

Who Will Be Sent to Afghanistan?

In a grim Nov. 3 Wall Street Journal piece (buried inside the paper), Yochi Dreazen reported record suicide rates for a stressed-out U.S. Army. Sixteen soldiers killed themselves in October alone, 134 so far this year, essentially ensuring that last year’s “record” of 140 suicides will be broken. This represents a startling 37 percent jump in suicides since 2006 and, for the first time, puts the suicide rate in the Army above that of the general U.S. population.

Obama Rejects all Four Afghanistan Plans

Multiple sources indicate Obama will reject all four plans he's had submitted to him.

Seymour Hersch suggests this may be Obama standing up on his own.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We are covertly funding the Mujahadeen to drive out the invading empire. No, wait, that was last time. We're the invaders, I mean, we're the liberators this time, right?" -- Official White Horse Souse

The warlords' president

The Obama administration insists the U.S. is fighting a "war of necessity" in Afghanistan. It has all kinds of rationales--keeping Americans safe, protecting Afghan civilians, liberating Afghan women, crushing the Taliban insurgency, keeping al-Qaeda from using Afghanistan as a base of operation.

But the collaboration between U.S. military and intelligence forces and the warlords, drug dealers and paramilitaries expose these justifications as a pretext for the real reason the U.S. won't bring its troops home from a country that has rejected their presence.

The U.S. wanted war in Afghanistan because it saw the September 11 attacks as an opportunity to pursue its imperial ambitions in Central Asia.

US pays $400 per gallon for gas in Afghanistan

The stunning revelation emerged Thursday in a report by the Congressional Research Service, an arm of Congress that conducts non-partisan evaluations of projects and programs. The report says that part of the reason it costs so much to keep US forces in Afghanistan, is because the government is paying $400 per gallon of fuel.

$400 per gallon.

Why so much? The cost includes shipping, which sometimes includes the pricetag of a helicopter flight. Sending fuel by helicopter is woefully inefficient, because it uses up almost as much fuel as it carries.

The US as Failed State

According to reports, the US Marines in Afghanistan use 800,000 gallons of gasoline per day. At $400 per gallon, that comes to a $320,000,000 daily fuel bill for the Marines alone. Only a country totally out of control would squander resources in this way.


In any failed state, the greatest threat to the population comes from the government and the police. That is certainly the situation today in the USA. Americans have no greater enemy than their own government. Washington is controlled by interest groups that enrich themselves at the expense of the American people.

The one percent that comprise the superrich are laughing as they say, “let them eat cake.”

So Much for Europe

NATO ministers were hot to trot for Gen. Stan McChrystal’s Afghanistan escalation scheme, but Europe isn’t likely to send any more troops to the fray. Opinion polls in most European countries show clear majorities in favor of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says, "Honestly in Europe there is not great enthusiasm for sending more troops to Afghanistan."

Afghan Police Penetrated by Taliban at ‘Every Level’

Officials say the police have been successfully infiltrated “at every level” by the Taliban, meaning even seemingly loyal police, today’s attacker served without incident for three years for instance, could be ticking time bombs just waiting for the order to attack.

Webmaster's Commentary:

It is really, really time for the US and NATO to declare "victory" and go home, getting our troops out of there in the safest way possible.

Then, we should negotiate with whatever government is left standing for the rights to install those pipelines intended to control Eurasian oil.

Afghan policeman kills 5 British soldiers

Photos of Military Deaths in Afghanistan Banned

“Media will not be allowed to photograph or record video of U.S. personnel killed in action,” says a ground rules document issued Sept. 15 by Regional Command East at Bagram Air Field.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"They are not really dead. They are away on 'indefinite patrol'!" -- Official White Horse Souse

BTW, can anyone confirm for me a persistent rumor that families receiving benefits from the US Government for killed/crippled family members are being told they will lose those benefits if they speak to the press or public protest the wars?

Afghanistan sitting on a gold mine. The real reason we’re fighting the war?

The US Geological Survey estimates there are 700 billion cubic metres of gas and 300 million tons of oil in Afghanistan. Afghan Mining Minister Mohammad Ibrahim Adel said there are also significant deposits of copper, iron, gold, coal -- as well as emeralds and rubies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

And Opium.

Lots of Opium!

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains

American soldiers serving in Afghanistan are depressed and deeply disillusioned, according to the chaplains of two US battalions that have spent nine months on the front line in the war against the Taleban.

Many feel that they are risking their lives — and that colleagues have died — for a futile mission and an Afghan population that does nothing to help them, the chaplains told The Times in their makeshift chapel on this fortress-like base in a dusty, brown valley southwest of Kabul.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Maybe they are just tired of fighting and dying for opium, but of course the corporate media won't tell you that.

In Afghan fields the poppies grow.

Between the crosses.

Row on row.

Afghanistan opium production reaches 6,900 tons

Opium production rate has soared to 6,900 tons in Afghanistan in the past 10 years despite the presence of 100,000 foreign troops in the country for nearly eight years.

A report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime said on Wednesday that Afghanistan produces 92 percent of the world’s opium that has devastating global consequences.

The UN report also noted that Afghanistan’s illegal opium production is worth 65 billion dollars.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Is this simply coincidence, the explosion of the opium trade after the US/NATO occupation and invasion?

Think again.

The money is lucrative, and control of opium production means controlling where the product actually winds up.

And one last bit; under the watch of the Taliban, opium cultivation was almost completely eliminated in Afghanistan.

Occupiers involved in drug trade: Afghan minister

General Khodaidad Khodaidad said the majority of drugs are stockpiled in two provinces controlled by troops from the US, the UK, and Canada, IRNA reported on Saturday.

He went on to say that NATO forces are taxing the production of opium in the regions under their control.

Webmaster's Commentary:

There you have it, right from the proverbial horse's mouth.

Drug-War Assassinations

The U.S. government has now extended its assassination program to the drug war. According to the New York Times, the Pentagon now has an assassination list for suspected drug dealers in Afghanistan.

No arrests. No hearings. No attorneys. No judges. No trials. Just kill them.

Great! So now the occupation of Afghanistan has expanded not only to CIA drone assassinations but also now to Pentagon’s drug-war assassinations.

Webmaster's Commentary:

These assassinations are only done to members of rival drug organizations, not those supported by the CIA.

And please remember; under the Taliban, the opium trade was nearly eradicated.

After the US and NATO occupation, the drug trade bloomed and thrived.

Coincidence?!? I think not.


Webmaster's Commentary:

New information at the bottom.




The Taliban had all but eradicated the opium growers before the US invasion. So why is cheap Afghani heroin flooding into the United States?

“Afghan drug trafficking brings US $50 billion a year”

The US is not going to stop the production of drugs in Afghanistan as it covers the costs of their military presence there, says Gen. Mahmut Gareev, a former commander during the USSR's operations in Afghanistan.

Afghan Farmers Turn to Cannabis as Cash Crop

In southern Kandahar province,nearly 3/4 of villages surveyed by the United Nations,said they would plant cannabis this spring.

Karzai Drug Dealing Brother On CIA Payroll

Afghanistan: bloodiest year for international troops since 2001

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops

The number of military contractors in Afghanistan rose to almost 74,000 by June 30, far outnumbering the roughly 58,000 U.S. soldiers on the ground at that point. As the military force in Afghanistan grows further, to a planned 68,000 by the end of the year, the Defense Department expects the ranks of contractors to increase more.

The Obama administration has sought to reduce its reliance on military contractors, worried that the Pentagon was ceding too much power to outside companies, failing to rein in costs and not achieving desired results.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Given the muscularity of Obama's foreign policy, one has to wonder if a time will come, in order to continue to support these wars without end, if there will be a reinstitution of the draft.

Given the current geopolitical situation, I wouldn't bet against it.

Afghans Trained by Blackwater Defect to Taliban

Remember when Sarah Palin said that "the surge principles that have worked in Iraq need to be implemented in Afghanistan." Well...as Ms. Palin would say, many Afghans working for the Afghan security forces are now switching sides and are now defecting to the Taliban.

Guess who trained many of them? Blackwater!

Webmaster's Commentary:

The same thing happened in Iraq. Once trained, the Iraqi volunteers took their US supplied weapons and joined the other side.


Worst losses for a year as Taliban storm NATO outpost

It was the worst attack on NATO forces in 14 months, and one of the deadliest battles of the war. The London Times reported about 300 insurgents attacked a pair of isolated US outposts with machineguns, rockets and grenades. The battle lasted all day. US and Afghan soldiers finally repelled them, with the help of US helicopters and warplanes but at heavy cost.

U.S., NATO Poised For Most Massive War In Afghanistan's History

Just as troops serving under NATO command in the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan now include those from almost fifty countries on five continents, so the broadening scope of the war is absorbing vaster tracts of Eurasia and the Middle East.

America's longest armed conflict since that in Indochina and NATO's first ground war threatens to not only remain the world's most dangerous conflagration but also one that plunges the 21st Century into a war without end.

Obama May Have to Turn to Republicans for Support in Afghan Escalation

Faced with increasing opposition from his own party’s Congressional majority over the massive escalation proposed by General Stanley McChrystal, President Obama may be forced to rely on a handful of his loyal followers bolstered by hawkish Republicans to push through any new escalations.

Webmaster's Commentary:

No matter what the party label is in Washington, we only have one party, and that's the War Party.

Happy Junta Grounds: Militarist Machiavellis Maneuver for More War

In a recent appearance on Al Jazeera, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, "both Afghanistan and Pakistan can count on us for the long term."

Every American should be stunned that our top military leadership made these kinds of foreign policy commitments without so much as a by-your-leave from the president or Congress. This is a velvet-fisted version of the kind of military junta we’d expect to see in a banana republic.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Unfortunately for the people of the US, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the only folks who are "winning" in these wars are the drug dealers and the defense contractors.

Classified McChrystal Report: 500,000 Troops Will Be Required Over Five Years in Afghanistan

"The numbers are really pretty horrifying. What they say, embedded in this report by McChrystal, is they would need 500,000 troops - boots on the ground - and five years to do the job. No one expects that the Afghan Army could step up to that. Are we gonna put even half that of U.S. troops there, and NATO forces? No way." [Morning Joe, September 23, 2009].

Webmaster's Commentary:

And just where are these additional troops supposed to come from, without a draft? Through the hiring of contract mercenaries?

Anti-U.S. Wave Imperiling Efforts in Pakistan, Officials Say

A new wave of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan has slowed the arrival of hundreds of U.S. civilian and military officials charged with implementing assistance programs, undermined cooperation in the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and put American lives at risk, according to officials from both countries.

At the highest levels, bilateral cooperation is said to be running smoothly. President Obama and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari met Thursday in New York with a gathering of Pakistan's international "friends." With Obama's enthusiastic support, the Senate on Thursday approved a $7.5 billion, five-year package that will triple nonmilitary aid to Pakistan.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Translation: the US has bribed the top civilian and military leadership with "aid" to get them to sign off on the war the US has declared against ordinary Pakistani citizens.

The people of Pakistan are smart people, and they know what's going on here.

Between a national government as collectively crooked as a dog's hind leg, coupled with a foreign government which has been given a license to kill with impunity, they have every right to be angry right now, both with Islamabad and DC.

US Mulls Increasing Drone Strikes in Pakistan

In a move reportedly being spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden, the United States is reportedly considering a dramatic increase in the number of drone attacks on Pakistani soil.

Biden, a skeptic of the Gen. McChrystal plan to add 45,000 more troops to the war in Afghanistan, seems to be presenting “emphasize Pakistan” as an alternative to committing more troops to the unpopular war. Yet Senator Kit Bond, one of the proponents of escalation in Afghanistan, has said the move shouldn’t come at the expense of adding more troops in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary:

It appears that Pakistani leadership, both civilian and military have "signed off" on the increasing US war against the Pakistani people.

But there are two major problems with implementing such a strategy.

First, you're going to wind up killing a lot of non combatants; women, kids, the medically infirm, and folks who just wound up absolutely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Second, you're going to wind up radicalizing every person left standing against the Pakistani government and the US.

With both Pakistan and Afghanistan, it is apparent that US military and civilian leadership cannot get it through their collective thick skulls that you absolutely cannot win what is essentially a land war from the air.

One has to wonder if "winning", in the conventional military understanding of the term, is perhaps not the goal here.

Perhaps the goal is simply to destabilize the area long enough to prevent Russia from being able to re-arm Iran by land, should there be an Israeli/US military assault against it.

Afghanistan general quits over disillusionment with government strategy

Major-General Andrew Mackay, a general who led the Afghanistan campaign has resigned over his disillusion in the direction of the Government’s strategy.

Major Gen Mackay’s time as the brigadier in charge of 52 Brigade in Helmand over the winter of 2007 was seen as an invigorating shake-up of the direction of the campaign and a template for future commanders. Upon arriving in Afghanistan, he was said to have been shocked that senior officers were "making it up as we go along".

Webmaster's Commentary:

I hope MacKay's resignation has reverberations all the way to the top of the British government.

Given the current mandates, funding, and material support, the Afghan campaign, for the US, UK, and NATO, is completely doomed to failure.

Cross-border insurgents flood Afghanistan

The expansion of Islamic extremist groups across the Afghanistan-Pakistan region is “the worst I’ve seen it,” with Afghan insurgents receiving help from Iranian operatives and “very possibly” freelancing Pakistani intelligence agents, as well as a small but growing number of “deadly” foreign fighters, said Maj. Gen. Mike Flynn, director of intelligence for Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s headquarters here.

Webmaster's Commentary:

We are essentially seeing the same thing happening here that happened when the old Soviet Union attempted to occupy Afghanistan, while the US was covertly arming and training the Taliban against them.

Right now, Russian governmental and military officials are laughing themselves silly that we refused to learn from the Soviet Union's monumental and catastrophic mistakes here.

The Afghans want their country back, and want an end to the occupation. This is a very clear reality, and has nothing to do with the drivel that "they hate us because we are free."

We invaded, and continue to occupy, Afghanistan for two reasons, driven by corporate profit.

The first was to control the drug trade (from which so many profit so wonderfully), and the second was to install the pipelines to control Eurasian oil.

The US and NATO have done spectacularly well on that first objective.

The drug trade, which was all but eradicated by the Taliban, is booming, and cheap heroin is flooding Russia and Eastern Europe.

On the second objective, the US and NATO are next to nowhere.

So, what does the US do at this point? Throw more troops into this meat grinder, and expect that this can solve the problem?

Unfortunately, the leadership at the Pentagon and the White House cannot get it through their collectively thick skulls that you cannot win what is essentially a ground war from the air.

There have been reports circulated that McChrystal wants 500,000 sets of boots on the ground within the next 5 years.

But one has to wonder; with US forces already stressed to the breaking point, where will the rest of those troops come from without the re-institution of a draft??

The longer we stay, the more deaths and casualties we will experience without any substantive gain.

What we need to do is leave Afghanistan now, providing for the safest possible movement of our soldiers out of the country, and negotiate a deal about the pipelines with whatever government is left standing. This is the only logical thing to do.

Of course, logic and the US government have rarely have a consistent on-going relationship.

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know

Call it protection money, call it extortion, or, as the Taliban themselves prefer to term it, “spoils of war,” the fact remains that international donors, primarily the United States, are to a large extent financing their own enemy.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Without an enemy, there is no reason for the US to remain!

Nato forces rely on illegal Afghan militias, report says

Nato forces in Afghanistan are increasingly reliant on illegal militias, often run by warlords responsible for human rights abuses and drug trafficking, according to an independent report published tomorrow.

New York University's Centre on International Co-operation (CIC) reports that the use of private security companies and militias is growing exponentially and accounts for up to a fifth of the funds spent on Afghan reconstruction.

Webmaster's Commentary:

More "progress" in Afghanistan, I see.

Julian Borger, diplomatic editor

guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 16 September 2009

Video: Ex-UK ambassador explains Karzai and his ministers control most of the illegal drug trade

This is in part 2 of a speech by the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray (at around the 7:30 mark).

Part 1 of the speech is here:

Much Of Afghan Drug Money Going To 'Our Friends'

We've been told again and again for years on end that the Taliban were running their operations off the opium trade, clearing as much as $400 million per year. Now, a Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigation says the proceeds are closer to $70 million.

But that's not the real news. The real news is what's missing: If our enemies aren't taking as much money as we thought to provide protection to the source of raw material for 90% of the world's heroin, then who is providing that protection?

Apparently, the answer is: our friends.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Unflipping believable, and I can almost guarantee you: you're not going to see this bit on any corporate news outlet.

For quite some time, this site has maintained that the two reasons we're in Afghanistan are to secure the pipelines (to control the oi), and protect the drug trade from which so many profit so handsomely.

Up to 90 killed as NATO hits Afghan fuel trucks


Fri Sep 4, 2009

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (AFP) - A NATO air strike on Friday has destroyed two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban in Afghanistan, igniting a fireball that officials said killed between 50 and 90 people -- mostly insurgents.

The overnight bombing in increasingly volatile northern Kunduz province revived controversy about civilian casualties in Western military operations, a frequent source of friction with the government and Afghan people.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the United Nations and Afghan government said they were investigating reports of civilian casualties as accounts emerged of horrific injuries.

"The initial reports we have show that 50 to 55 armed Taliban were killed and more than 10 wounded," interior ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said.

"We also have reports some civilians were killed. We are investigating."

Police said a 12-year-old child was among the wounded, 56 Taliban killed and 12 more wounded when ISAF troops attacked fuel tankers hijacked hours earlier by insurgents en route from Tajikistan to Kabul.

"It was an aerial rocket attack by ISAF. All the casualties are Taliban," said Abdul Rezaq Yaqobi, Kunduz police chief.

Mahbubullah Sayedi, a spokesman for the local government, told AFP that around 90 people were killed -- most of them Taliban.

"A small number of the casualties are local civilians, including a few children who had come to take free fuel," Sayedi said.

Civilian casualties during Western military operations are hugely sensitive and a major source of tension with the government of President Hamid Karzai, who is ahead in the vote count after fraud-tainted elections.

In nearby Yaqubi village, hundreds of people gathered to bury 18 bodies, some of which were burnt so badly the faces were unrecognisable, an AFP reporter said.

"People went to get fuel. The Taliban were distributing free fuel. At this time they were bombed. Eighteen people were killed from our village," said Azizullah, 45, who like many Afghans goes by one name, at the funeral.

Wounded people with extensive burns crowded a hospital in Kunduz, the capital of the province of the same name, which lies on a main supply line for the more than 100,000 foreign troops based in Afghanistan.

An AFP reporter said around eight were in terrible condition -- the skin burnt black and peeling off to expose raw red muscle. Others were silent in agony with incinerated clothes stuck to their flesh.

The United Nations called on NATO to investigate the bombing thoroughly and said it was dispatching its own investigation team, expressing concern about reports of civilian casualties.

"As an immediate priority, everything possible must be done to ensure that people wounded by this attack are being properly cared for and that families of the deceased are getting all the help they need," said envoy Peter Galbraith.

The German army, whose soldiers are based in Kunduz under NATO command, said the air strike killed 56 Taliban after they attacked a supply convoy.

"We are fairly certain that they were all insurgents, but we are not 100 percent sure," a German army spokesman told AFP.

ISAF said two fuel trucks were stolen at about 10:00 pm Thursday (1730 GMT) and were spotted several hours later on the banks of the Kunduz river.

"After assessing that only insurgents were in the area, the local ISAF commander ordered an air strike which destroyed the fuel trucks and a large number of insurgents were killed and injured," a spokeswoman said.

"ISAF has received information that civilians were killed and injured in this attack. ISAF forces in conjunction with Afghan officials are conducting investigations," she added.

Witness Mohammad Daud, 32, said villagers rushed to one of the trucks when it got stuck in the river to take free fuel at the Taliban's invitation.

"Everyone around the fuel tanker died. Nobody was in one piece. Hands, legs and body parts were scattered everywhere. Those who were away from the fuel tanker were badly burnt," he told AFP in hospital.

The incident came four days after the US and NATO commander in Afghanistan submitted a review into the nearly eight-year war, calling for a revised strategy to defeat the Taliban and reverse the country's "serious" situation.

General Stanley McChrystal's predecessor, General David McKiernan, was removed after air strikes killed dozens of civilians in western Afghanistan.

PR firm screening reporters for Afghanistan embedding

Stars and Stripes reports that a U.S. public relations company involved with a discredited Iraqi exile group will screen journalists headed to Afghanistan to decide whether past coverage has portrayed the military positively.

The Rendon Group says it reviews reporters' recent articles and "and determines whether the coverage was 'positive,' 'negative' or 'neutral' compared to mission objectives." Any reporter wanting to "embed" with U.S. forces is subject to the background check. The company has been paid by the Pentagon since 2005.

Webmaster's Commentary:

One has to wonder just what lies and half truths are supposed to be spewed for public comsumption while the real story, (the fact that the US is in Afghanistan to get pipelines built, and protect the burgeoning drug trade) gets ignored.

Marines Fight Taliban With Little Aid From Afghans

American Marines secured this desolate village in southern Afghanistan nearly two months ago, and last week they were fortifying bases, on duty at checkpoints and patrolling in full body armor in 120-degree heat. Despite those efforts, only a few hundred Afghans were persuaded to come out here and vote for president on Thursday.

It all raises serious questions about what the American mission is in southern Afghanistan — to secure the area, or to administer it — and about how long Afghans will tolerate foreign troops if they do not begin to see real benefits from their own government soon. American commanders say there is a narrow window to win over local people from the guerrillas.

Webmaster's Commentary:

We are an army of occupation in Afghanistan, which has just reinstalled a puppet government in the country, with many candidates who might truly represent the Afghan people, banished from even appearing on the ballots.

We are in Afghanistan for two reasons; the first, in which we are failing spectacularly, is the installation of pipelines to control Eurasian oil.

The second, at which the US government seems to be succeeding brilliantly, is protecting the Afghan drug trade, from which so many profit so well.

About to have a cerebro-vascular accident at that last statement, and find yourself clutching your head, and screaming, "how can this be? This cannot, cannot be what we have been paying (and will continue to pay) in blood and money to accomplish in Afghanistan!"

Think again, carefully.

As reported by Thomas Schweich in the New York Times, 27 July, 2008, "Is Afghanistan a Narco-State?"


"The plan was simple. The Afghan Poppy Eradication Force would go to Helmand Province with two battalions of the national army and eradicate the fields of the wealthier farmers — including fields owned by local officials. Protecting the eradication force would also enable the arrest of key traffickers. The U.S. military, which trained the Afghan army, would assist in moving the soldiers there and provide outer-perimeter security. The U.S. military would not participate directly in eradication or arrest operations; it would only enable them."

"But once again, Karzai and his Pentagon friends thwarted the plan. First, Anthony Harriman was replaced at the National Security Council by a colonel who held the old-school Pentagon view that “we don’t do the drug thing.” He would not let me see General Lute or Stephen J. Hadley, the national security adviser, when the force-protection plans failed to materialize. We asked numerous Pentagon officials to lobby the defense minister, Abdul Rahim Wardak, for immediate force protection, but they did little."

Schweich was certainly in a position to know; he was the former State Department Counter Narcotics officer in Afghanistan.

Also, as reported in Al Jazeera.net, 28 July 2008:


"Drug production has skyrocketed since the US-led invasion that ousted the Taliban."

In 2007, nearly 200,000 hectares of land in Afghanistan was used to cultivate poppy - more than double the area in 2003 – and the country produced 93 per cent of the world's supply of opium, the raw material of heroin."

Chew on that for a while.

Women, children among twelve killed in Miranshah drone attack

At least twelve persons, including women and children were killed when alleged US unmanned drones fired missiles at a house in Danda Darpa Khel on early Friday.


Mossad Hacked Syrian Official’s Computer Before Bombing Mysterious Facility


Lebanon warns UN: Israel planning to attack us

Lebanon's ambassador to the United Nations has warned that Israel is exhibiting signs of an imminent attack on his country, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Hayyat reported on Friday.

Ambassador Noaf Salaam sent missives to the United Nations secretary general and to the Security Council condemning Israel's recent artillery fire on the village of Houla, the site where a Katyusha rocket was fired at the Upper Galilee last week.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Those Katyushas were probably placed on the Lebanese border by Israeli soldiers, attempting to provoke a military confrontation.

But the next time Israel invades Lebanon (and this is a question of when, not if), look for the IDF to go all the way to the Litani River, and claim it as Israeli territory. Israel is desperate for the water it provides.

Israel cites more Lebanon rocket fire

The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations says the world body should investigate a rise in rocket fire coming across Israel's border from Lebanon.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I agree. The United nations should investigate is Israel is planting these largely ineffective but headline grabbing rockets to distract the world (and the UN) from the Goldstone Report.

The question everyone has to ask is this: Why would anyone in Lebanon fire these rather pointless fireworks rockets into Israel just when Israel most needs it? The rockets accomplish nothing except give Israel an easy means to draw attention away from the charge of War Crimes. The Lebanese, HAMAS, Hezbollah and Palestinians are all smart enough to understand that the longer they do nothing, the worse it will be for Israel.

Qui Bono?

Lebanon discovers rockets bound for Israel

A day after Israel's artillery attack on southern Lebanon, the Lebanese army troops say they have discovered four rockets ready to be launched at Israel.

The Katyusha-type rockets, which were set with timers, were found Wednesday in a half-built house in the border village of Hula, where nine Israeli artillery shells landed the night before.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So that's a Katyusha?

It's a glorified bottle-rocket!

Hand-made so it cannot be traced, small enough to smuggle across a border, set up on a wood ramp meaning the perps didn't really care if it hit anything or not as long as it was seen.

Qui Bono?

Note also that Hula is very near the Litani River, known to be an objective of Israel. It has been the site of previous massacres committed by the Israelis.

UN finds more rockets aimed at Israel from southern Lebanon

“Such attacks are evidently aimed at provoking renewed hostilities to undermine the security and stability in south Lebanon,” the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) said in a news release, in which it also voiced concern at Israel’s return fire of artillery shells on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Yep, now that war with Iran just collapsed, Israel is out to start a new war with Lebanon to try to wiggle out of the Goldstone Report.

Israel confirms running spy networks in Lebanon

"When we are in conflict with an enemy, we gather information about them," Haaretz quoted Ya'alon as saying on Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

So explain the fact that on 9-11, the FBI was in the process of rounding up the largest spy ring ever found inside the USA, being run by Israel!

Clearly, from Ya'alon's statement, Israel sees the United States as an enemy they are in conflict with.

I need also hardly point out that Israel's admitted spies inside Lebanon are the most likely reason for these fireworks rockets to be launched over the border into empty lots in Israel just when Israel needs a distraction from the Goldstone Report.


U.S. State Department: Israel is not a tolerant society

Israel dismally fails the requirements of a tolerant pluralistic society, according to a new report from the U.S. State Department.

Despite boasting religious freedom and protection of all holy sites, Israel falls short in tolerance toward minorities, equal treatment of ethnic groups, openness toward various streams within society, and respect for holy and other sites.

West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book "The King's Torah" that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation.

"It is permissible to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation," he wrote, adding: "If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments - because we care about the commandments - there is nothing wrong with the murder."

Webmaster's Commentary:

"...babies and children...", eh?

Apparently, this guy's "God" is one SICK, PSYCHOTIC BASTARD!

West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel

Just weeks after the arrest of alleged Jewish terrorist, Yaakov Teitel, a West Bank rabbi on Monday released a book giving Jews permission to kill Gentiles who threaten Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The same ABCNNBBCBS that went ballistic over Ahmadinejad's (mistransleted) statement that Israel would vanish from the pages of history is staying totally silent on this story.

House (AIPAC written) resolution endorses Israel’s right to attack Syria and Iran on the grounds that they are “state sponsors of terrorism.”

Webmaster's Commentary:




PM heads to U.S., under threat of Palestinian statehood declaration

Concerns are growing in Israel's government over the possibility of a unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence within the 1967 borders, a move which could potentially be recognized by the United Nations Security Council.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves." Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

Israel to bulldoze Jerusalem women's organization

Israeli municipality staff delivered a notice to demolish the Women's Society office in the Old City of Jerusalem, accusing the organization of 100 square meters of unlicensed construction.

Israeli envoy tells U.S. Jews: Push for Iran sanctions

Israel's Ambassador to the United States on Sunday told American Jewish groups that they must press for sanctions on Iran, and condemned the findings of a United Nations commission on the Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas, which he said helped to "cast widespread doubts about Israel's legitimacy."

Webmaster's Commentary:

No, what the Goldstone report really casts doubt on is Israel's permanent state of victimhood, behind which it hides its endless war crimes.

The fact is that Israel has lost its teflon coating, despite the recent flood of swastika hoaxes. Israel is no longer seen as justified in everything it does because of its unique status as world's most victim state. That status has shifted to Palestine. Israel is now correctly seen as a blood-stained aggressor not defending its own lands but stealing those of other people.


Ashkenazi: “Next Battle Likely In Gaza”

Israeli Army Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, stated Tuesday that he believes a new war in Gaza is nearing, and that the army is readying to target Qassam launching pads, located in densely populating areas in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the Hamas movement in Gaza said that the Israeli statements regarding Hamas’ successful tests on news "missiles’ clearly prove that Israel is trying to divert world attention from the Goldstone report.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Planning more war crimes in Gaza, eh, Ashkenazi?

Don't flatter yourself by thinking that it is impossible to conceive of a future where you will have to answer for those war crimes at the Court of International Justice at the Hague.

US Senators Act to Force Recognition of Jerusalem as Capital

Seven United States senators have sponsored a bill that would abolish the “security” waiver that American presidents have used to prevent implementing a 1995 law declaring that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is the US and Israel telling the United Nations "Fuck You" following the General Assembly vote on the Goldstone Report. The world is about to get a good look at just how rogue Israel really is!

Palestinian Refugees have the right to return to their homes in Israel.
General Assembly Resolution 194, Dec. 11, 1948
"Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible."

Israel's occupation of Palestine is Illegal.
Security Council Resolution 242, Nov. 22, 1967
Calls for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories occupied in the war that year and "the acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force."

Israel's settlements in Palestine are Illegal.
Security Council Resolution 446, March 22, 1979
"Determines that the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East."

Palestinian have the right to Self-Determination.
General Assembly Resolution 3236, November 22, 1974
Affirms "the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in Palestine...to self-determination without external interference" and "to national independence and sovereignty."

Resolution 127: recommends Israel suspend its no-man's zone' in Jerusalem.

Resolution 250: calls on Israel to refrain from holding military parade in Jerusalem.

Resolution 251: deeply deplores Israeli military parade in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250.

Resolution 252: declares invalid Israel's acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital.

Resolution 267: censures Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem.

Resolution 271: condemns Israel's failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem.

Resolution 298: deplores Israel's changing of the status of Jerusalem.

Resolution 476: reiterates that Israel's claim to Jerusalem are null and void.

Resolution 478: censures (Israel) in the strongest terms for its claim to Jerusalem in its Basic Law.

J'lem mayor find support for united city in Congress

Barkat warmly received in Washington, with Congress members presenting to him legislation proposal to have US embassy moved from Tel Aviv to capital without need for president's consent

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat met with Democratic and Republican Congress members in Washington on Friday, and was pleased to find wall-to-wall support of the need to keep Jerusalem united.

Israel approves new homes near Jerusalem, defies U.S.

Defying the United States, Israel approved on Tuesday the building of 900 homes for Jews on West Bank land it occupied in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and annexed to its Jerusalem municipality.

The Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth said President Barack Obama's envoy, George Mitchell, had asked an aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at a meeting in London on Monday, to block the proposed construction at the settlement of Gilo.

But a government planning commission approved the addition of 900 housing units at Gilo, where 40,000 Israelis already live.

Israel rejects the international description of Gilo as a settlement and says it is a neighbourhood of Jerusalem, the city it claims as its capital.

Israel approves 900 settler homes - Settlements on occupied territory are considered illegal under international law

The Israeli interior ministry has approved planning applications for 900 new housing units at a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem.

The planning and construction committee authorised the expansion of Gilo, which is built on land captured in 1967 and annexed to the Jerusalem municipality.

Israel Snubs US Request to Halt Settlement

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declined a US request to freeze a project to build dozens of housing units in an east Jerusalem settlement, Israeli army radio reported on Tuesday.

US Middle East envoy George Mitchell had recently asked the hawkish premier to halt the project in Gilo, saying it risks raising tensions with Palestinians amid floundering efforts by Washington to restart peace negotiations, it said.

But Netanyahu refused, saying that the project did not require government approval and that Gilo was "an integral part of Jerusalem," it said.

Israel angers U.S. by approving new West Bank homes

Reuters - JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel triggered a fresh rift with Washington over settlement building on Tuesday by approving the building of 900 homes for Jews on West Bank land it occupied in a 1967 war and annexed to its Jerusalem municipality.

Netanyahu party member slams 'racist' Obama

A member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party today slammed as "racist" President Obama's longstanding demand for a halt to Jewish construction in the strategic West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

"President Obama should not interfere with the rights of the Jewish people to live in Jerusalem," said Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon. "This ... is a racist demand, saying that Jews cannot live in Jerusalem, only Arabs."

Webmaster's Commentary:

Memo to Danny Danon: if this is what you and your colleagues in the Knesset believe, the US should immediately yank all financial and military aid we give Israel ,and there should be no aid coming to Israel from the US from this day forward.

With Israeli "friends" like you, sir, the US does not need enemies!

Britain: Israeli Settlements Are ‘Illegal’ & ‘Obstacle’ to Peace

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband on Tuesday criticized Israel’s construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank as “illegal” and said they represented an “obstacle” in the path of peace.

“Settlements are illegal in our view and an obstacle” that impedes efforts which seek to work out a final settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians, Miliband told a press conference at the end of a one-day visit to Jordan and talks with King Abdullah II.

Miliband supported the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital and expressed concern over Israeli violations in East Jerusalem, which Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War.

U.S. dodges UN debate on Goldstone Gaza report

The United States on Wednesday openly eschewed a United Nations General Assembly debate on a resolution that would call on Israel and the Palestinians to investigate charges of war crimes during the Gaza war detailed in the Goldstone Commission's report.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We don;t see it, and we don;t hear it, and you can;t make us, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Israel's UN ambassador: Goldstone report was born of hate, executed in sin

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Gabriela Shalev, spoke at the opening of a UN General Assembly debate on a report accusing Israel of having committed war crimes in Gaza, saying that the report was "conceived in hate and executed in sin."

Webmaster's Commentary:

When you can't refute the facts, smear the messenger (Goldstone is both Jewish and a Zionist!)

Goldstone Report "Irredeemably Biased," Says U.S. House

The report accused Israel and the Palestinian Hamas group, which has de facto control of Gaza, of war crimes during the 22-day conflict in December and January.

But most of its criticism was directed towards Israel's conduct during the offensive, in which human rights organisations say about 1,400 Palestinians - many of them women and children - were killed.

NAMAW Submits Goldstone Report to International Criminal Court

Whereas such actions on the part of the Secretary of State, and/or the US Ambassador would be unfortunate, our concern is that even if by some chance the Goldstone Report does reach the UN Security Council, the US will use its veto to prevent the Security Council from referring the report to the International Criminal Court, thereby preventing the initiation of an investigation into the allegations made in the report, as required by article 53 of the Rome Statute.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The US Congress and the United Nations have just been rendered irrelevant to this matter.

Those wishing to contact the Prosecutor's Office at the ICC to urge that action be taken on the Goldstone Report can reach them at

Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

or sent by email to otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int ,
or sent by facsimile to +31 70 515 8555.

Israel proposes work camps for illegal migrants

Webmaster's Commentary:

You know, just like the Nazis had!

Netanyahu: Iran's shipment of arms to Hezbollah - a war crime

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the ship carrying hundreds of tons of weapons believed to have originated in Iran and meant for Hezbollah, which Israel intercepted early Wednesday, constituted a war crime that should be reviewed by United Nations bodies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Netanyahu is making it really obvious that this shipment of arms is an Israeli staged operation to help Israel's leaders evade war crimes charges.

Just stop and think. How did Israel know the weapons were on that ship when even the ship's owners did not?

And why would Iran send a shipment of arms right at the exact moment where discovery of those arms would most help Israel dodge the Goldstone Report?

Remember the Lavon affair?

Remember the USS Liberty?

"By way of deception..."

But the whole world sees the rabbit up your sleeve, Israel!

Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget

The corporate media have been given their orders to throw the focus back on to Iran.

Here is a recap of what they are trying to make you forget.


Gazans Brace for Cold, Bleak, and Miserable Winter

Tens of thousands of Gazans living in tents and damaged homes face a wet, cold, and miserable winter as Israel’s blockade of the coastal territory continues to prevent the importation of building and reconstruction material.

UN Official: ‘Penalize Israel Over Gaza’

Citing the Goldstone Report, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told the Security Council Wednesday that Israel was responsible for the killing of more than 1,000 civilians in Gaza and attacks on schools and mosques and UN facilities.

“The report lays out in detail the nature and scope of violations of international human rights and humanitarian law perpetrated on the civilian population of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, where in Gaza earlier this year Israeli forces killed well over one thousand civilians and attacked homes, schools, mosques, food and water installations, and UN facilities.”

AshkeNazi Threatens Gaza With Another "Little Holocaust"

There seems to be a perfect conformity between Gabi Ashkenazi and his last name. The Israeli chief of staff is considered one of the main Israeli war criminals responsible for the virtual genocide against the Gaza Strip during the past winter. On his murderous hands, he carries tons of innocent blood, including that of more than 340 children, killed in Israel’s pornographic bombing of civilian neighborhood.

Last week, Ashkenazi was quoted as saying that Israel was likely to wage another quasi holocaust on Gaza, adding that the Israeli occupation army would enter the innermost corners and streets of the coastal territory.

Israeli tank fire hits house in Gaza Strip

Israeli tanks have shelled a house in the east of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, leaving at least two people wounded.

Hamas denies Israeli allegation about having ballistic missile

The Movement of Hamas categorically denied an Israeli allegation that it conducted successful experiments on a missile with a range of 60 km that may reach Tel Al-Rabi (Tel Aviv).

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said this allegation is a proactive step taken by Israel to influence the world opinion prior to the discussion of the Goldstone report in the UN general assembly.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Nobody buys Israel's BS any more.

Israel preparing public for a new war in Gaza

Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, director of Military Intelligence, announced Tuesday that Hamas launched a rocket some 60 kilometers into the sea, apparently as an experiment. Such a rocket, if fired from the northernmost point of the Gaza Strip, could strike the southern cities of the Gush Dan area - including Rishon Letzion, Holon and Bat Yam - and possibly reach as far as Tel Aviv itself.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Israel may decide that the best way to get past the Goldstone report is to kill everyone in Gaza and then claim nobody living has any standing to bring war crimes charges.

WHO: “Israel Prevented Entry Of Medical Equipment Into Gaza”

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that Israel had prevented, for the fourth time, the transfer of medical supplies and equipment to the besieged Gaza Strip.

The supplies were supposed to be allowed into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom (Karem Abu Salem) Crossing.

The WHO added that in spite of conducting the needed coordination, Israel still prevented the entry of the desperately needed supplies.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Apparently, Israeli government officials have their very own "final solution" for sick Palestinian Gazans.

Truckloads of goods enter Gaza from Israel, UN reports

The Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) reports that nearly 80 truckloads of goods entered Gaza from Israel yesterday through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The majority of the trucks contained fruit, cooking oil, dairy products, flour, frozen meat, tea and coffee.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"See? We're being nice to them today! You can forget that silly Goldstone report, already!"


Let's pick another starvation ghetto in history, such as Warsau. After months of starvation by the Germans, if Hitler had sent in a bunch of trucks with food, would anybody have forgotten the months of enforced starvation that preceded it?


Tens of Jewish settlers break into, occupy home of 83-year-old Palestinian woman

Official: US will not support action on Goldstone report at UNSC

Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies – Washington will not support any potential action by the UN Security Council on the Goldstone report on war crimes in Gaza, Former US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Alejandro Wolff has declared.

The announcement came after a closed-door meeting Wednesday, where the UN Security Council decided to push up their next meeting from 20 to 14 October so a discussion on the Goldstone report can be held, UN officials said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

If you didn't know before, you have to know now precisely who is in charge of US foreign policy.


Webmaster's Commentary:

I mean, seriously, at a time when the Palestinians are trying to get the United Nations to refer the Goldstone Report to the Hague, who benefits from a shooting at a school bus?

Would real Palestinians do something so obviously intended to destroy public sympathy for Gazans?

Especially as Israel makes their move on the Temple Mount.

Informed sources: Abbas advised not to return to Ramallah

Informed Palestinian sources revealed on condition of anonymity that Mahmoud Abbas was advised by some of his aides to delay this return to Ramallah in the West Bank until the popular anger and the scandal he caused by his position regarding Goldstone’s report subside.

Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine by Rabbi Joseph Schwarz, 1850

Webmaster's Commentary:

Yes, there really WAS a Palestine all along!

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