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jeudi 5 novembre 2009

L'Autre Monde 5 novembre 2009: A/H1N1, autopsie du vrai débat: Liberté vs Tyrannie


L'Autre Monde 5 novembre 2009: A/H1N1, autopsie du vrai débat: Liberté vs Tyrannie

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L'Autre Monde 5 novembre 2009

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Cette semaine, nous ne manquons pas d'effectuer notre tour des nouvelles mondiales avec une importante mise à jour des dernières informations concernant le A/H1N1.

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Grippe A/H1N1 et vaccination:

En Californie, 86 % des cas de H1N1 rapportés par le CDC étaient autre chose que le virus H1N1.

Les petits dictateurs du Québec vous racontent des belles histoires mes amis…




It really is not looking good for the CDC. Eventually after many attempts by CBS the CDC released the test results for the H1N1 cases around the USA. It turns out that the a massive percentage of test results were NOT the H1N1 swine flu. With a lot of cases it wasn't even the regular flu ! As CBS intelligently points out these exaggerated cases and statistics would have had an impact on medical treatments and hospitals resources. NOTICE how the word EPIDEMIC is used several times. A really great reupload from the CBS channel which is here http://www.youtube.com/user/CBS

Obama Administration Launches Deceptive Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz

President Obama and his top health officials are engaging in a major public relations effort to divert attention away from whether its swine flu vaccine is effective and safe – to whether there is enough of it to go around. And the media, as always, is cooperating fully. This echoes the way media debate was manipulated during the Vietnam and Iraq Wars. Instead of debating whether we should even be fighting those wars, the media debated only whether we were using the correct military strategy.

Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine Continues Throughout Europe

The mass rejection of the H1N1 flu shot continues in Europe, prompted by fears over the vaccine’s safety, with extremely low percentages of people saying they intend to take it.

In France, a poll published in the Dimanche Ouest-France newspaper and reported on by the country’s biggest newspaper Le Monde, reveals that just 17% of the population now intend to get vaccinated.

Webmaster's Commentary:

This is not just a public condemnation of the vaccine, but of the credibility of the government and media that sold it.

Low Flu Vaccination Rate Reveals Massive Repudiation of American Government

The public, disenchanted and with no perceivable difference between both political parties, may put up unprecedented opposition to any future government agendas, whatever they may be. Many Americans have not fallen for false assurances that flu shots are safe or effective this year as they have in the past. The American public has begun to push back, even if in a passive way to avoid government flu jabs.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Given the history of at least the last decade, Americans have every legitimate reason to be skeptical and distrustful of their government.

England Chief Medical Officer Calls H1N1 Vaccine Resistors “Extremists”

The Chief Medical Officer in England has described those who are speaking out against the mass swine flu vaccination campaign as “extremists”.

The comment made by Sir Liam Donaldson, the government’s senior advisor on health matters, was highlighted in a Times of London article today.

“We have had a lot of unfair public criticism and attacks in an attempt to scare people about a vaccine that’s potentially life-saving,” Donaldson said in reference to anti-vaccination posters depicting the H1N1 shot as a “weapon of mass destruction”.

“We have seen it before with vaccines like MMR [the combined jab for measles, mumps and rubella], and now extremists are doing the same thing again.” he added.

Well, Well, Well: Flu Vaccine

Follow flu news and you'll soon be a little nervous, confused and probably bored. So why am I adding yet another piece? Because our major media outlets have massively underreported important findings of the Cochrane Collaboration on flu vaccines. "There is no evidence whatsoever that seasonal influenza vaccines have any effect, especially in the elderly and young children. No evidence of reduced [number of] cases, deaths, complications," the Cochrane Collaboration's Tom Jefferson recently said in an interview with Maryann Napoli of the Center for Medical Consumers.
Who is
Jefferson that we should take seriously a statement as startling as this one? He is a medical doctor, an epidemiologist and the leader of an international team of researchers who have combed through a mountain of flu vaccine research.

This is highly relevant to the current swine flu vaccine frenzy—not only will Alberta be offering the regular flu shot alongside the swine flu shot, but the swine flu strain isn't nearly as novel, nor as dangerous, as we've been led to believe. An analysis published in the British Medical Journal says it is of "the same subtype as seasonal H1N1 that has been circulating since 1977."

Australia, where the flu season is ending, there have been 186 deaths out of nearly 22 million people. That was with no vaccine available. Our thinking has again been shaped by, as Noam Chomsky in his signature matter-of-fact manner would say, a media that is primarily a public relations industry whose function isn't so much to inform as to manufacture consent.

Common Links in Swine Flu Deaths...

More evidence showing it's not the virus itself that kills. You need to know which other factors may be far more important.

You Take Your Chances Either Way…

I also want to stress that you must remember that you are taking your chances either way, whether you get the flu shot or take your chances with the flu.

This year, flu deaths are trumpeted across the world, and yet people are also dying and suffering life-altering disabilities shortly after receiving the flu vaccine, whether it be the seasonal- or the H1N1 vaccine. (They’re claimed to be nearly identical anyway, so why would it matter which it is?)

For example, here are just a few recent stories that receive nowhere near the same amount of attention. In fact, most if not all, are being portrayed as unfortunate coincidences that have nothing to do with the fact they just received a flu shot, and no further investigations are made:

· Five people recently died after getting flu shots in Korea

· The New York Times mentions an 8-year-old boy from Long Island who died roughly a week after receiving a seasonal flu vaccine

· Twenty-five year old woman suffers irreversible disability after receiving the flu shot

· Last year, a 6-year-old girl from Colorado died after getting the FluMist vaccine

Remember, the medical industry ACCEPTS these occasional deaths as collateral damage during mass vaccinations and other drug interventions.

The question is, do you?

Boy rushed to hospital after swine flu jab

The safety of Northern Ireland’s swine flu vaccination programme was called into question today by the parent of a young special needs pupil who ended up in hospital just hours after getting the jab.

Anne Marie Fletcher said she feared her 15-year-old son Rhys was going to die as she rushed him to hospital less than 24 hours after receiving the swine flu vaccine.

The teenager fell seriously ill after receiving the injection, along with thousands of other pupils across Northern Ireland last Friday. He was later diagnosed with swine flu.

Website for company that makes PandemrixH1N1 Vaccine(H1N1) admits Guillain Barré syndrome possible.

From post-marketing surveillance with interpandemic trivalent vaccines, uncommon adverse reactions reported included generalised skin reactions including urticaria. Rare adverse reactions included neuralgia, convulsions and transient thrombocytopenia. Allergic reactions, in rare cases leading to shock, have been reported. Very rare adverse reactions included vasculitis with transient renal involvement and neurological disorders, such as encephalomyelitis, neuritis and Guillain Barré syndrome.

ALERT: Special Swine Flu Update


Nearly all of them, just like the CDC and mainstream media, use the statistic that 36,000 people die from the influenza every year. I actually wrote an article about this fallacy more than five years ago.

Interestingly that number has remained static as if carved into stone all these years.

However, the truth is that less than 1,000 people actually died from type A or type B influenza. The other 35,000 died from pneumonia. This is actually clearly listed on the CDC's own website, yet virtually everyone ignores this fact.

Dr. David Rosenthal, Director of Harvard University's Health Services, brings further clarity to this confusion.

Most of these so-called influenza deaths are in fact bacterial pneumonias -- not even viral pneumonias -- and secondary infections. Furthermore, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Academy shows that many of these deaths are a result of pneumonias acquired by patients taking stomach acid suppressing drugs.

So, for example, if we are to take the combined figure of influenza and pneumonia deaths during the flu season of 2001, and add a bit of spin to the figures, we are left believing that 62,034 people died from influenza.

The actual figures are 61,777 died from pneumonia and only 257 from influenza.

Even more amazing, in those 257 cases, only 18 were lab confirmed as positive for the influenza virus!

In my opinion, there's a vast difference between 257 deaths and 36,000 deaths from influenza..

A separate study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics for seasonal influenza seasons between 1979 and 2002 reveals that the range of annual influenza deaths were between 257 and 3,006, for an average of 1,348 influenza deaths per year.1

Again, nowhere near the 36,000 mortality mark that has been etched into stone by those who are advocating annual flu shots.

Although the loss of even a single life is tragic, I don't think anyone would look at these numbers and say that a mortality rate of less than 1,350 is cause to label influenza a "deadly disease" that requires mandatory influenza vaccination.

Listen to the CDC's Own Admissions!

So, how does the CDC respond to this discrepancy reported by the Harvard scientist?

Please read carefully the CDC's own statement:

"Typically, influenza causes death when the infection leads to severe medical complications... [and as most such cases] are never tested for virus infection...

...CDC considers these figures to be very substantial undercounting of the true number of deaths from influenza. Therefore, the CDC uses indirect modeling methods to estimate the number of deaths associated with influenza."

In an earlier 2003 article JAMA, William Thompson from the CDC's National Immunization Program attempted to explain "influenza-associated mortality." He wrote,

"Based on modeling, we think it's associated. I don't know that we would say that it's the underlying cause of death."2

In summary, the CDC is admitting:

· Deceased are not tested to determine the presence of the flu virus, and

· They do not directly perform any direct testing to determine the exact cause of death. "Indirect modeling methods" is a professional way of saying they use subjective mathematical equations to arrive at their figures.

The 36,000 mortality figure is nothing more than a mathematical model. The British Journal concluded that the only possible rationale for the CDC's complete disregard for scientific fact, even in face of independent research to discredit its statistics, is a public relations effort between the CDC and the vaccine manufacturer's campaigns to increase flu vaccination.

What IS a "Deadly Disease"?

As of October 11, 2009 the World Health Organization reported that, worldwide, there have been more than 399,232 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1, and over 4,735 deaths.

Folks, that is 4,735 deaths in the ENTIRE world, not just the US!

Most all of these deaths occurred in immunocompromised individuals.

Now I do not want to diminish the value of any life, but what is needed here is a critical perspective.

Malaria kills ONE MILLION people EVERY YEAR, worldwide. Death is a direct result of the malaria infection.

So every DAY 2,740 people are dropping dead from malaria, whereas less than 13 people per day died from the swine flu in the past year, worldwide (if you disregard that most died not as a direct result of the swine flu virus, but from having poor immune function which led to serious secondary infections and complications).

Did you ever wonder why malaria doesn't get much press coverage? Doesn't it strike you as odd that more isn't done to clamp down on such a deadly disease if governments are talking about quarantine centers at airports and suspending personal choice and freedom over the swine flu?

US issues health warning over mercury fillings

They're in millions of mouths worldwide, but have been linked to heart disease and Alzheimer's. Now a report concedes they may have a toxic effect on the body.

"...but Thimerosal is safe, trust us."

Fargo-Moorhead flu clinic has leftovers

Swine flu vaccine is in high demand around the country. But officials say only half of the stock of H1N1 FluMist vaccine was used up during Fargo-Moorhead's first public vaccination clinic.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Obviously demand is not that high.

C’est comme ces files d’attentes qu’on nous montre à la TV… Ils ne nous montrent pas les centres vides…

U.S. may end up discarding unused H1N1 vaccine

Webmaster's Commentary:

Which is weird because even in this story they are talking about how the perception of a shortage might convince people to get the shot.

Merck Scientist Admits Cancer & AIDS Came From Vaccines


Govt grapples with flu-like outbreak; At least 30 dead in 3 regions

The government will hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss an unknown flu-like illness that has already killed 30 people in three of the country’s western regions, with thousands potentially infected.

Oleksandr Turchynov, the first deputy prime minister, will lead the meeting that will discuss the measures that must be implemented to prevent the spread of the suspected infection.

Mysterious virus hits Ukraine

Test are being carried out to establish what kind of virus is causing the sickness. The H1N1 virus which causes Mexican flu has been ruled out.

Epidemic of pneumonic plague in Ukraine?

Ministry of Health has not established the exact diagnosis of the epidemic disease in the western regions of Ukraine. Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevich has given information about spread of diseases in the Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv Regions today at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the Minister, the World Health Organization is ready to render assistance to Ukrainian experts and the Ministry of Health in order to establish the cause of death and development of disease flu in the Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv Regions.

Ukraine Flu - At the first sign of cold immediately contact a doctor

He also stressed that all tests were hospitalized for viruses A/H1N1, which gave a negative result.

In MH stressed that so far just can not say that these people died of influenza A/H1N1. Results of studies that establish the exact cause of death of these people will be received in 2-3 days.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Far too many people are simply assuming that the Ukraine outbreak is the swine flu (especially those trying to use the outbreak to push the swine flu vaccines).

But what we are hearing from Ukraine itself is that this is something different.

Ukraine closes all schools, cinemas over swine flu

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on Friday ordered a three-week closure of Ukraine's schools and cinemas in the toughest measures adopted yet to combat the swine flu virus in Europe.

"From today, all the school establishments in Ukraine -- be they private or public -- will be put on three weeks of holiday," she told her cabinet in comments carried on Ukrainian television.

Tymoshenko said the government would also be banning "all public gatherings, every concert and every cinema showing for three weeks."

Four people in Ukraine are now confirmed to have died from the virus...

Webmaster's Commentary:

UPDATE: Apparently it is not the swine flu that prompted the closures but an unknown (mutated?) virus that has killed six people with hemorrhagic symptoms.

Ministry of Health plans to declare a quarantine on the entire territory of Ukraine

Ministry of Health is planning to declare a quarantine on the entire territory of Ukraine. This was at a press conference today said Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevych.

The Minister confirmed that
Ukraine has recorded epidemic of highly influenza A/H1N1.

"Unfortunately, we must note that in
Ukraine actually started the epidemic of influenza in California," - he said.

According to him, in two laboratories confirmed the diagnosis - recorded 11 cases of 33 samples.

"We consider the possibility of declaring a quarantine, not only in the western areas, but also throughout the country, as the virus spreads very quickly," - said V. Knyazevych.

As reported with reference to the data of the operational headquarters of the Ministry of Health, thirty people, including one child who died in the
Ukraine as a result of acute respiratory infections during the period from October 19.

Webmaster's Commentary:

12 cases and they slam the borders shut?

Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

Professor Moshe had called into a live radio show by Dr. A. True Ott, broadcast on Republic Broadcasting claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Relinked in light of the Ukrainian situation.

US government report recommends blocking popular websites during pandemic flu outbreak

(NaturalNews) The
US government has issued a new report that recommends blocking access to popular websites during a pandemic outbreak in order to preserve internet bandwidth for investors, day traders and securities clearing house operations. The concern...

Ron Paul s'interroge en public sur les filles d'Obama


"Ce que je veux pour vous, et pour tous les enfants"- Lettre à mes filles
La couverture de "Parade" est un peu loin de la réalité. En effet, Obama ne veut pas que ses filles prennent le vaccin toxique de grippe A, alors que pour les autres enfants ils leur recommandent de prendre le vaccin.... Voila une illustration de plus de l'hypocrisie et de la mauvaise foi d'Obama.

Mercredi 28 Octobre 2009

Le Membre du Congrès, Ron Paul, a demandé pourquoi, en dépit de ses efforts pour encourager le grand public à prendre le vaccin contre le virus H1N1, le Président Barack Obama a refusé de permettre à ses propres filles de prendre le vaccin contre la grippe porcine.

Malgré le fait qu’Obama ait déclaré Vendredi l’état d’urgence nationale en réponse à la grippe H1N1, il ne la considère apparemment pas assez menaçante pour faire vacciner ses deux filles contre le virus.

Un tel double standard a mené les médias à appeler pour qu’Obama vaccine ses filles en direct à la télévision, dans un effort pour encourager les parents Américains à faire la même chose pour leurs enfants. Le programme de vaccination de grippe porcine, initialement prévu pour être une inoculation « de masse » couvrant la population entière, a été rejeté par une majorité d'Américains habités par de profonds soupçons au sujet des additifs dangereux contenus dans le vaccin, tels que le mercure et le squalène.


Dans une campagne pour la liberté par message vidéo, l'ancien candidat à la présidentielle, Ron Paul, a qualifié le programme de vaccination d’« échec, » et a fustigé Obama de ne pas suivre les mêmes recommandations qu'il a donnés à la nation.

« Il est intéressant de remarquer que les enfants du président n'ont pas pris le vaccin et l'explication pour ceci est qu’il n'est pas disponible pour elles – dur à croire quand vous pensez que quelque soit la demande d’un président, il peut l’avoir, et encore plus pour la sureté de ses filles, » a dit Paul, ajoutant, « ainsi d'une certaine manière il a pris sa décision de ne pas vacciner ses enfants - donc s'il a la liberté de choisir sur ce sujet, je voudrais m'assurer que toutes les Américains ont cette même liberté de choix. »

D'autres ont fait écho de sentiments semblables. « Certainement, s'il y a une urgence nationale et si le Président et la Première Dame des Etats-Unis voulaient le vaccin de grippe pour leurs filles, ils pourraient l’obtenir.
C’est certainement lié à notre sécurité nationale, n’est-ce pas? Je veux dire que le président doit garder son esprit clair 24/24H et 7/7J, et ne pas avoir à s'inquiéter concernant la sécurité de ses enfants. Au lieu de cela, ceci ressemble à un autre cas de « faites comme je dis, pas comme je fais » de le part de l’administration Obama » a écrit Cathryn Friar.


Paul a comparé l'hypocrisie d'Obama aux politiciens qui louent les vertus de l'éducation publique et qui dans tous les cas éduquent leurs propres enfants dans le privé.

« Les plus grands champions de l'éducation publique veillent à ce que leurs enfants ne soient jamais dans l'éducation publique, ils optent toujours pour l'éducation privée alors qu’il y a beaucoup de meilleurs choix dans le genre de système qu'ils préconisent, » a dit le membre du Congrès.

Obama n'est certainement pas assez stupide pour injecter ses propres enfants avec la même soupe toxique qu'il encourage le peuple stupide à prendre, et il sera probablement plus porté sur le vaccin de grippe sans additif, produit par Baxter International pour les élites.

Comme Spiegel Online le rapportait plus tôt ce mois, la Chancelière Allemande, Angela Merkel et les ministres du gouvernement Allemand ont reçu un vaccin H1N1 sans squalène ni mercure. « Le Vakzin [vaccin] ne contient pas les additifs contestés - au contraire du vaccin pour le reste de la population, » a rapporté le journal. Les militaires Allemands ont également reçu le vaccin sans adjuvant.



Les employés de l'Institut Paul Ehrlich en Allemagne ont également reçu un vaccin sain après que leur Président Johannes Löwer ait qualifié le vaccin de plus grande menace que le virus lui-même. Le commentaire de Löwer est venu après que le spécialiste Allemand en maladie des poumons, Wolfgang Wodarg, ait indiqué que le vaccin augmente le risque de cancer. La solution nutritive utilisée pour fabriquer le vaccin se compose des cellules animales cancéreuses.



Dans la vidéo ci-dessous, le membre du Congrès, Ron Paul a également averti que la déclaration d'Obama Vendredi pour imposer l’état d’urgence fait partie d'un plan pour conditionner les personnes à accepter la notion de gouvernement protecteur et pour contraindre le peuple à se conformer à tout ce que le gouvernement dit, y compris les quarantaines obligatoires.

Traduction Alter Info


Un autre enfant a reçu le vaccin de force

Un garçon en Ohio a reçu le vaccin de grippe porcine malgré le fait que sa mère ait clairement refusé d’autoriser que son enfant soit inoculé, voila un autre exemple sur la façon dont les services de santé négligent d'une manière flagrante les souhaits des parents, poursuivant leur mission pour une vaccination de masse.

«Kim Lutheran travaille en tant qu'infirmière et a dit que son fils, Matthew, a eu de mauvaises réactions aux traitements médicaux. Elle a donc coché « non consentant » sur le formulaire de vaccination et a ensuite entouré ses intentions avec un marqueur noir pour bien insister, » rapporte Associated Press.


"If you've been diagnosed 'probable' or 'presumed' 2009 H1N1 or swine flu in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn’t have H1N1 flu. That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation. "
CBS News, 10/21/09

Dear friends,

President Obama has declared a national emergency for the swine flu, noting a "rapid increase in illness." A recent CNN article covering this critical topic goes on to quote CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden, "since the H1N1 flu pandemic began in April, millions of people in the United States have been infected, at least 20,000 have been hospitalized and more than 1,000 have died."

Yet excellent investigative reporting by CBS News shows that the actual number of swine flu cases is being significantly exaggerated. The lead paragraph of this CBS article states, "If you've been diagnosed 'probable' or 'presumed' 2009 H1N1 or swine flu in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn’t have H1N1 flu. In fact, you probably didn’t have the flu at all. That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation."

The CBS report goes on to point out that the CDC strangely advised states to stop testing and to stop counting the number of swine flu cases last July. The CDC website explains that states are no longer differentiating between the regular flu and the swine flu, reporting instead all influenza and pneumonia-related hospitalizations and deaths in one count.

This alone could lead to a great exaggeration of reported swine flu cases, particularly as the CDC website states that every year in the U.S. on average 5 to 20% of the population gets the seasonal flu. This means between 15 and 60 million people come down with some version of the flu every year. Complications from the seasonal flu are claimed to kill about 36,000 people (100 per day on average), while more than 200,000 are hospitalized annually.

Why on Earth would the CDC decide to stop counting swine flu cases? The CBS website states, "The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there's an epidemic?"

The CDC website gives several puzzling reasons, including "there are too many cases of flu to test and confirm." Yet with millions of cases of cancer and heart disease every year, states have never been told to stop testing for these. If the swine flu is as dangerous and deadly as alleged, we would expect more testing and not a halt.

The CBS article further elaborates, "Some public health officials privately disagreed with the decision to stop testing and counting, telling CBS News that continued tracking of this new and possibly changing virus was important because H1N1 has a different epidemiology, affects younger people more than seasonal flu and has been shown to have a higher case fatality rate than other flu virus strains."

CBS reporters asked CDC to provide materials from states on lab-confirmed swine flu cases before the count stopped in July. CDC not only was initially unwilling to provide the information, they obstructed the investigation (watch CBS News clip on this). CBS then submitted a freedom of information request to HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) for this same information, but again received no response for two months. So the intrepid CBS team requested the information directly from all 50 states.

On receiving these statistics, CBS reporters were astounded to find that for cases labeled probable or presumed swine flu, further testing showed that "the vast majority of cases were negative for H1N1 as well as seasonal flu, despite the fact that many states were specifically testing patients deemed to be most likely to have H1N1 flu, based on symptoms and risk factors, such as travel to Mexico."

Many states found that only 1 - 2% of "probable" or "presumed" swine flu cases in fact were swine flu. It may be that because of all the hype and fear being spread by the media and government, people's heightened anxiety and fear of having the dreaded swine flu caused them to go to their doctor for a simple fever, headache, or runny nose, thus leading to a very large number of false assessments.

The numbers of swine flu cases thus appear to have been greatly exaggerated even before July. And as the CDC ordered states to stop counting in July, we have no way to make an accurate count now. Thus the numbers being used by the media and fed to people like President Obama have no reliable value and can be even further inflated, leading to even more fear and false claims of swine flu.

Consider also that with the CDC's claim of 100 deaths per day due to the regular flu, even if the figure of 1,000 deaths in the past six months due to swine flu were true, it is far less than the death toll of even one month of the seasonal flu.

One claim used to promote fear is that the flu season is just starting. The public will be in great danger when the season soon kicks into full gear. Yet the flu season in the southern hemisphere, which has seasons opposite to the north, is now over, and the swine flu did not wreak havoc as predicted.

A September Reuters News article states, "The U.S. government said an analysis of the epidemics in Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, and Uruguay showed that while H1N1 dominated the flu seasons there, it was only moderately severe. The pandemic did stress healthcare systems, but not for long."

Why would the CDC exaggerate the risk of this disease? According to the CDC website, "The federal government has purchased a total of 250 million doses of 2009 H1N1 vaccine." Remember that the U.S. population is about 300 million. The CDC has spent billions of our tax dollars to purchase these vaccines and obviously wants nearly everyone to get vaccinated. The drug companies have raked in billions of dollars in profits from this vaccine, even if a large portion of the vaccines is never used.

The government has also granted immunity from lawsuits to vaccine producers, so that those injured or killed by the vaccine may have no recourse for settlement. Maybe they learned from their mistakes with the 1976 swine flu scare, in which over 40 million Americans were vaccinated after government and media joined to pump fear out to the nation.

Only one person was confirmed dead from the actual swine flu in 1976, yet hundreds filed death claims and thousands filed claims for paralysis from the swine flu vaccine. The vaccine caused Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an acknowledged risk factor with the current vaccine. Don't miss the powerful CBS 60 Minutes video clip at this link showing blatant corruption and fear mongering in the 1976 swine flu scare.

Numerous top MDs and health professionals have publicly stated that our health care system and even our politicians have been seriously corrupted by the vast wealth of the pharmaceutical industry. The major media, which receives billions of dollars in advertising money from drug companies, has barely reported on this.

Read what Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, has to say about drug company greed and influence at this link. Here's just one quote from her powerful writing:

"The pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from its original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit, this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical profession itself."

And here's a quote from an article by Dr. George Lundberg, the former editor-in-chief of the highly respected Journal of the American Medical Association:

"Efforts to control American medical costs date from at least 1932. With few exceptions, they have failed. The lure of economic incentives to provide unnecessary or unproven care ... drives many physicians to make the lucrative choice. Hospitals and especially academic medical centers are also motivated to profit from many expensive procedures. Eliminating ... waste could save $750 billion annually with no harm to patient outcomes."

The powerful pharmaceutical lobby has played a key role in causing U.S. health costs to be 50% higher than that of most other developed nations, yet as this MSNBC article states, "The United States is the only developed nation that does not have a comprehensive national health care plan, leaving about 50 million people without health insurance."

Now the drug companies are using their power and influence to get politicians and the media behind the lucrative, yet questionable swine flu vaccine. For lots more reliable information on strange manipulations involving the swine flu vaccine, click here. And see the box below for ideas on what you can do to further educate yourself and spread the word about the swine flu deception.

Un « Non » européen au vaccin de la grippe A

samedi 24 octobre 2009
par Sylvie Simon
popularité : 53%

Par Sylvie Simon

Malgré les pressions médiatiques et gouvernementales, la plupart des pays européens refusent la vaccination de troupeau qu’on veut leur infliger. L’Allemagne a été scandalisée d’apprendre qu’Angela Merkel et les ministres de son gouvernement, tout comme ses forces armées, recevraient un vaccin sans adjuvants, alors que les citoyens auraient droit à un vaccin contenant du squalène et du thimerosal à base de mercure.

Le 19 Octobre 2009, le magazine allemand Spiegel a publié un rapport accablant sur les dangers des vaccins contre la grippe porcine et ses adjuvants. Le journal annonçait que la campagne de vaccinations de masse qui devait coûter 600 millions d’euros allait s’effondrer au fur et à mesure que s’exprimerait ouvertement la rébellion des médecins, des experts en pharmacologie et même de certains politiciens. La semaine dernière, Dieter Ludwig, président de l’Agence allemande des médicaments confiait au Spiegel que les autorités de Santé étaient de connivence avec l’industrie pharmaceutique.

Le Dr Angela Spelsberg, membre du « Transparency International », principale organisation de la société civile de lutte contre la corruption, a déclaré que de nombreux membres de la Commission permanente des Vaccins ont des liens financiers avec l’industrie pharmaceutique, certains étant impliqués dans les essais cliniques, d’autres payés pour faire des conférences sur la vaccination. « Que le gouvernement puisse exposer la population à des vaccins dangereux est une situation qui ne peut continuer », a-t-elle précisé, en ajoutant qu’il est scandaleux que l’immunité ait été accordée aux compagnies pharmaceutiques.

Il faut savoir que l’EMEA (Agence Européenne des Médicaments) est financée aux 2/3 par les compagnies pharmaceutiques, donc subordonnée aux conseils d’administration des firmes et non au conseil d’administration de la santé publique de la Communauté Européenne. Alors que la grande majorité de leurs voisins scandinaves ont affirmé qu’ils n’étaient pas intéressés par ce vaccin, au Danemark, sur les 360 000 officiers de police, infirmières, médecins et autres personnages considérés comme importants par leurs positions officielles et choisies comme premiers receveurs du vaccin, 30 % seulement ont accepté de se rendre aux convocations de vaccination.

En Suède, selon le quotidien Dagens Nyketer, journal du matin suédois le plus diffusé, le nombre de cas rapportés d’infirmières qui sont tombés malades après la vaccination contre la grippe porcine s’élèverait à 190. L’une d’entre elles est décédée après l’injection, mais, évidemment : « aucune relation directe avec l’injection n’a été établie ». Le rejet du vaccin est aussi important aux Pays-Bas où deux tiers des infirmières ont refusé d’être inoculées contre le virus A.

En Finlande, le matraquage médiatique en faveur de la vaccination contre la grippe A est aussi important qu’en France. Ros-Marie Ölander, du ministère de la Santé publique, ardent défenseur de toutes les vaccinations, multiplie ses interventions propagandistes sur la chaîne YLE news de la télévision Finnoise, sans jamais être confrontée à un contradicteur. Il en est de même des journaux qui se contentent d’interviewer le même interlocuteur, en évitant tout opposant, sur l’efficacité et l’innocuité du vaccin contre la grippe A.

Aussi, avons-nous été surpris par les résultats des deux derniers sondages qui ont tous deux recueilli le même résultat, soit 75 % de « non » au vaccin. L’un était mené par Helsingin Sanomat Gallup sur 12 000 personnes, l’autre sur plus de 16 000 personnes, par Ilta-Sanomat. Ce résultat est en effet stupéfiant étant donné qu’il n’y a jamais eu de véritable débat, que les citoyens n’ont eu droit qu’à une information parfaitement orientée. Cette attitude citoyenne tend à prouver que les Finnois pensent par eux-mêmes au lieu de laisser les autres penser pour eux.

En France, la situation se clarifie peu à peu

En France, la situation est moins nette, bien qu’elle s’améliore chaque jour. Un sondage révèle à présent que 65 % des Français « pensent » qu’ils n’iront pas se faire vacciner, mais 42 % seulement en sont « certains ». Parmi les médecins libéraux, dont 400 ont été sondés mi-septembre par Le Quotidien du médecin, la moitié se dit prête à se faire vacciner, mais la proportion est plus élevée chez les généralistes (61 %). Quant aux infirmières, ayant payé un lourd tribut à la vaccination contre l’hépatite B, elles ne sont que 26 % à y être favorables.

Ces sondages ont évidemment troublé nos pouvoirs publics qui ont passé commande pour des millions de doses qui risquent de ne servir à rien, mais notre ministre de la Santé « ne peut imaginer » que la majorité des médecins refuseront de « prendre leur responsabilité ». Je pense qu’elle risque d’avoir une très mauvaise surprise. Dans ce cas, elle imputera cet échec à « la bêtise et l’ignorance véhiculées par un certain nombre de groupuscules » qui font circuler sur Internet « des messages nocifs et malfaisants » contre la vaccination.

Toutefois, la contre-attaque n’a pas tardé. Tout d’abord, le Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins (CNOM) a rappelé aux médecins que leur participation active aux actions de santé publique est « un devoir déontologique ». Il leur a ainsi demandé de se faire vacciner contre la grippe A, d’inciter leurs patients à se faire vacciner et les a également encouragés à être vaccinateurs. Remarquons qu’au début de cette campagne, notre ministre de la Santé a annoncé que les membres du gouvernement ne seraient pas vaccinés en priorité, cédant leur place aux personnes à risque tant que toutes les doses de vaccins ne seraient pas livrées. Quel bel exemple de sacrifice et de générosité !

Mais, comme apparemment ces exhortations se sont montrées inefficaces, les pouvoirs publics ont joué la carte de l’émotion, toujours payante à travers le monde. Ils ont mis l’accent sur le décès d’un bébé de 11 mois, hospitalisé à l’hôpital Necker à Paris depuis vendredi, « décédé de la grippe A /H1N1 dans le service de réanimation pédiatrique ». Il est évident que cet accident ne peut que relancer la vaccination auprès d’un public inquiet. Mais la plupart des médias se sont bien gardés de signaler que l’enfant avait « un terrain sous-jacent d’atteinte cardiaque très sévère diagnostiqué dès l’âge de trois mois », comme l’a déclaré le professeur Philippe Hubert, chef du service de réanimation pédiatrique de l’hôpital Necker. L’enfant avait « une maladie du myocarde […] qui ne pouvait qu’évoluer défavorablement, à une vitesse qu’on ne connaît pas », a ajouté le Pr Hubert. Il s’agit du premier décès concernant un bébé en métropole.

Déjà, à la mi-septembre, un bébé de 18 mois était décédé en Martinique des suites de la grippe H1N1. Or, il présentait déjà une pathologie congénitale lourde. Mais cela n’a pas empêché Pierre Carli, président de la communauté médicale de Necker, de signaler que le décès intervenu le 18 octobre « nous rappelle que la grippe tue et qu’elle va tuer ». De toute manière, même en occultant les diverses pathologies des sujets décédés de « la grippe A », il y a eu à travers le monde quelque 8 740 décès au cours de l’année entière, alors que selon l’OMS, lagrippe ordinaire, dont on parle très peu excepté au moment où « le nouveau vaccin contre la grippe » vient de sortir, tue annuellement environ 500 000 personnes sans déclencher d’hystérie.

Dès le mois de novembre, après les vacances scolaires, nous pourrons vérifier si la population française pense par elle-même à l’instar de ses voisins européens, où si le fait de vivre au pays de Pasteur nous fait oublier la raison et perdre notre bon sens inné.

Sylvie Simon

US government report recommends blocking popular websites during pandemic flu outbreak

Friday, October 30, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
Key concepts:
Internet, Pandemic and Traffic

(NaturalNews) The US government has issued a new report that recommends blocking access to popular websites during a pandemic outbreak in order to preserve internet bandwidth for investors, day traders and securities clearing house operations. The concern is that a pandemic would cause too many people to stay at home and download YouTube videos and porn, hogging all the internet bandwidth and blocking throughput for investment activities, thereby causing a stock market meltdown.

This isn't an April Fool's joke. It's all based on a public report issued by the Government Accounting Office (GAO), available from their website at

In this article, I'm going to explain how a
pandemic outbreak could theoretically bring down Wall Street. But to get to that, you'll first need to find out what the GAO said in its curious report (see below). Parts of this article are presented as satire, but the underlying facts quoted here are all true and verifiable (links are provided to all sources).

This report in question is entitled, "GAO Report to Congressional Requesters, INFLUENZA PANDEMIC" and includes this subtitle: Key Securities Market Participants Are Making Progress, but Agencies Could Do More to Address Potential Internet Congestion and Encourage Readiness.

As the report explains:

In a severe pandemic, governments may close schools, shut down public transportation systems, and ban public gatherings such as concerts or sporting events. In such scenarios, many more people than usual may be at home during the day, and Internet use in residential neighborhoods could increase significantly as a result of people seeking news, entertainment, or social contact from home
computers. Concerns have been raised that this additional traffic could lead to congestion on the Internet that would significantly affect businesses in local neighborhoods, such as small doctors' offices or business employees attempting to telework by connecting to their employers' enterprise networks.

Can Hulu, Twitter and porn destroy Wall Street?

To translate this concern of the GAO, what they're saying is that if too many people stay home and use the internet, Wall Street might not be able to function smoothly. Therefore, in order to protect Wall Street (because as you know, our government does everything possible to bail out Wall Street), the feds might need to shut down some popular websites.

But where, exactly, is all the bandwidth usage really coming from? Twitter uses virtually no bandwidth, given that it's a short, text-based messaging service. Text articles also don't use up much bandwidth. In terms of clogging the internet's "series of tubes" (to use a hilarious term coined by a U.S. Senator), the real culprits are videos. While a Twitter text message might be less than 1k in size, a typical video is 350MB, or roughly 350,000 times larger than a Twitter message.

So where, exactly, are people getting video downloads? The most popular non-porn video destinations today are MySpaceTV.com, YouTube.com, LiveLeak.com, Yahoo Video and Hulu.com. But as it turns out, even these highly popular websites may not account for most
internet traffic.

P2P traffic uses the most bandwidth

According to this TechRepublic post (http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/t...), the majority of internet traffic is actually P2P traffic. Anywhere from 49 to 89 percent of all internet traffic reportedly falls into this category.

P2P traffic means "peer to peer." It's file-sharing traffic happening between two "peered" computers rather than from one central server to many individual computers.
YouTube, for example, is a centralized video site that serves videos directly to millions of computers. The Pirate Bay, on the other hand (www.ThePirateBay.org) is a site that lists links to peer-to-peer sharing files so that individual computer users can share files amongst each other, bypassing centralized websites or file servers.

Peer-to-peer traffic carries the latest movies, music albums, television shows, ebooks, podcasts, graphic novels and even... yes... porn. A search on The Pirate Bay today shows downloads for Heroes Season 4 Episode 7 (350MB), the new Bruce Willis movie Surrogates (700MB) and even a bootleg version of the new Windows 7 operating system (3.5GB). These files are obviously not small. When peered computers share these files, it requires a tremendous amount of bandwidth.

Porn represents a sizable percentage of all P2P traffic. Although "official" statistics were difficult to find, according to TopTenReviews.com (
http://internet-filter-review.topte...), internet pornography revenues in the U.S. were $2.8 billion (2006). There are 4.2 million porn websites on the 'net, and 25% of all search engine requests are porn-related. Importantly, this page claims that 35% of all P2P traffic is porn-related.

Where am I going with all this? Well, if you consider that roughly 50% of all internet traffic is P2P, and that roughly one-third of all P2P traffic is porn, then it quickly becomes obvious that if the GAO's pandemic clogging of the internet becomes a reality, porn might bring down Wall Street!

What this also means, however, is that cutting off access to specific websites (like YouTube) will likely do very little to free up internet bandwidth. To have any real impact on reducing bandwidth usage, the U.S. government would need to run public service ads begging internet users to stop downloading porn. The problem with that approach is that people who pirate porn are probably not the kind of people who obediently follow the advice of the feds.

Policing the internet

When it comes to saving Wall Street during a pandemic, the feds will stop at nothing. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) pulls out all the stops to make sure America's legalized financial gambling centers (Wall Street) keep on churning out the scams. This requires protecting the critical infrastructure of Wall Street.

As the GAO report explains:

"DHS is the lead federal agency for two critical infrastructure sectors... that are important for the Internet. Specifically, the entities within DHS responsible for coordinating national efforts to promote critical infrastructure protection activities for those sectors are the National Cyber Security Division and the Office of the Manager of the National Communications System (NCS), respectively. Although the vast majority of Internet infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, federal policy recognizes the need to be prepared for the possibility of debilitating disruptions in cyberspace. ...DHS is the central coordinator for cyberspace security efforts and has responsibility for developing an integrated public-private plan for Internet recovery."

The internet will be critical during a pandemic, the report goes on to say, because it will be an important vehicle for the government to distribute messages to the public (such as "Go get your vaccines..." or "Report to the nearest quarantine center"). It will also be important because millions of people might need to continue their work at home rather than showing up at the office and sneezing all over their coworkers.

"Increased use of the Internet by students, teleworkers, and others during a severe pandemic is expected to create congestion in Internet access networks that serve metropolitan and other residential neighborhoods. For example, localities may choose to close schools and these students, confined at home, will likely look to the Internet for entertainment, including downloading or "streaming" videos, playing online games, and engaging in potential activities that may consume large amounts of network capacity (bandwidth)."

The solutions, says the GAO, is to tell companies to send workers home and hope they get something done there: "Furthermore, the government has recommended teleworking as an option for businesses to keep operations running during a pandemic."

This part of the GAO report is particularly hilarious because, as every employer knows, when you give employees the ability to work from home, many of them spend the day at home goofing off and downloading porn! It's true: Most internet porn surfing activity occurs during work hours (9 to 5), and all those corporate porn filters that people have at work don't exist on their home computers. By sending employees home, companies will only be adding to the congestion of the internet, creating an even larger problem for Wall Streeters who are trying to extort yet more taxpayer dollars from the
federal government to cover their failed investment gambles.

Now here's the kicker in all this: "According to a DHS study and Internet providers, this additional pandemic-related traffic is likely to exceed the capacity of Internet providers' network infrastructure in metropolitan residential Internet access networks. ...During a pandemic, congestion is most likely to occur in the traffic to or from the aggregation devices that serve residential neighborhoods, interfering with teleworkers' and others' ability to use the Internet."

In other words, all that pandemic porn downloading will bring the internet to its knees. The internet really begins to get jammed up at the "40% absenteeism" level, according to a 2007 DHS study mentioned in this GAO report: "The study's model predicted that at the 40 percent absenteeism level -- the level that health organizations have indicated is likely under a relatively serious pandemic -- the highest point of congestion across the entire Internet infrastructure could occur within residential Internet access networks."

Unfortunately for Wall Street, there is no way for anyone to tell the difference between the traffic of a porn downloader vs. the traffic of a Wall Street day trader. On the internet, all packets are (nearly) the same priority. So there's no simple way to prioritize traffic from some users ("important" Wall Street people) over other users. That means "porn packets" can't simply be rejected in favor of "Wall Street packets."

Shutting down websites

Even the GAO concedes that shutting down specific websites is a strategy fraught with problems, including potential lawsuits, technology limitations and the fact that blocking a few websites probably wouldn't result in much of an overall reduction in traffic anyway:

"Overall Internet congestion could be reduced if Web sites that accounted for significant amounts of traffic -- such as those with video streaming -- were shut down during a pandemic. According to one recently issued study, the number of adults who watch videos on video-sharing sites has nearly doubled since 2006, far outpacing the growth of many other Internet activities. However, most providers' staff told us that blocking users from accessing such sites, while technically possible, would be very difficult and, in their view, would not address the congestion problem and would require a directive from the government. One provider indicated that such blocking would be difficult because determining which sites should be blocked would be a very subjective process. Additionally, this provider noted that technologically savvy site operators could change their Internet protocol addresses, allowing users to access the site regardless. Another provider told us that some of these large bandwidth sites stream critical news information. Furthermore, some state, local, and federal government offices and agencies, including DHS, currently use or have plans to increase their use of social media Web sites and to use video streaming as a means to communicate with the public. Shutting down such sites without affecting pertinent information would be a challenge for providers and could create more Internet congestion as users would repeatedly try to access these sites. According to one provider, two added complications are the potential liability resulting from lawsuits filed by businesses that lose revenue when their sites are shutdown or restricted and potential claims of anticompetitive practices, denial of free speech, or both. Some providers said that the operators of specific Internet sites could shut down their respective sites with less disruption and more effectively than Internet providers, and suggested that a better course of action would be for the government to work directly with the site operators."

A better solution, it seems, would be to just urge people to stop using so much bandwidth. As this GAO report suggests, "...entities in these sectors consider advising employees to limit household use of streaming video or other bandwidth-intensive Internet activities."

And that, of course, takes us back to those public service announcements: Please stop downloading porn, you people! You're sucking up all the bandwidth and interfering with the important business of Wall Street ripping off

This brings me to the bizarre conclusion of this story: If a pandemic actually does result in a 40% absenteeism rate, and companies send people to work from home, and all public sporting events get cancelled, and people are sitting around on their home computers with nothing to do, porn downloads could cause a massive
stock market crash by interfering with securities trades.

More importantly, such an activity could theoretically be organized and planned as a type of cyber assault on Wall Street. "Porn terrorists" could leap on this pandemic-inspired internet vulnerability to cripple Wall Street by flooding the internet with pornographic digital bits that squeeze out all other traffic, causing financial trades to grind to a halt. And this, in turn, could conceivably wreck the entire U.S. economy because, as we already know, the whole thing is being held together by the most fragile accounting illusions. One big blip in the system, and the whole corrupt, dishonest Wall Street scam comes train-wrecking down.

And that, my friends, is the bizarre truth of how pornography combined with a pandemic might bring down Wall Street.

Sources for this story include:

GAO report:


Nouvelles internationales:

A Graphic History of Newspaper Circulation Over the Last Two Decades

Every six months, the Audit Bureau of Circulations releases data about newspapers and how many people subscribe to them. And then everyone writes a story about how some newspapers declined some amount over the year previous. Well, that's no way to look at data! It's confusing—and it obscures larger trends. So we've taken chunks of data for the major newspapers, going back to 1990, and graphed it, so you can see what's actually happened to newspaper circulation. (We excluded USA Today, because we don't care about it. If you're in a hotel? You're reading it now. That's nice.)

News gets worse for the mainstream media

At the same time, there’s a large appetite for the new media world where the MSM gatekeepers no longer hold as much clout, and “he said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

That is the first time any MSM observer has even approached the real issue.

The corporate media; radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines, all stood shoulder to shoulder with the US Government when it lied us all into a pointless war of conquest in Iraq.

Everybody knows the government did it.

And everybody knows the corporate media helped them do it.

And THAT is why the public has turned away from the corporate media.

The Corporate media could easily win back their audience simply by reporting the truth, but just the last few days I noticed History Channel re-selling the "Lone Assassin" cover story for the JFK assassination, and NatGeo bashing alternative theories of what brought down the World Trade Towers (and like the official 9-11 report, no mention of why WTC-7 could have come down the way it did). So, the corporate media is not only perceived as liars, but unrepentant and shameless ones at that.

I have no sympathy for the newspapers and TV newsrooms having to shed staff and close their doors. They did it to themselves. They betrayed the public trust and sold their honor and their souls for a free ride on Air Force One.

US Military Actions Overseas: 1798 - 2008

Compiled by the Congressional Research Center. Excruciatingly comprehensive.
And, at least for me, very surprising.

Maybe I am naïve... does everyone else know that with the infrequent exception of year off now and again, (or was it two?),



Wars and Genocides of the 20th Century

160 million people died in wars during the 20th century

Webmaster's Commentary:

Something to keep in mind while listening to ABCNNBBCBS try to sell you a war in Iran, which will probably mean a war with Russia.

Report slams bank links to clusterbomb production

Leading banks have funded arms manufacturers, whose products include cluster bombs, to the tune of $5 billion in the past two years, despite an international accord to ban such weapons, a study said Thursday.

The top five loan providers were Bank of America, Citigroup , JP Morgan, Barclays and Goldman Sachs, the study said.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"After all, it's never going to be our kids getting blown to bloody bits by a cluster bomb; just other people's kids on the other side of the planet, and those kids probably shouldn't be breathing anyway!" - official banking industry souse.

Obama signs law blocking release of torture photos

President Barack Obama received a great deal of media attention on Wednesday for signing a historic hate-crimes bill into law. But, on the same day, the US president also signed a Homeland Security spending bill that received far less attention, even though it effectively blocks efforts by activists to reveal photos of detainee abuse in US custody.

"We are disappointed that the president has signed a law giving the Defense Department the authority to hide evidence of its own misconduct, and we hope the defense secretary will not take advantage of that authority by suppressing photos related to the abuse of prisoners," Jameel Jaffer, national security director for the ACLU, said in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary:

America has tortured prisoners of war.

Until and unless that gets into the open, and those who signed off on that torture are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the United States of America will continue to morph from a nation of laws to a nation of men.

And there's only one word for where a country which does not face the evils it has allowed to be done in its name; dictatorship.

Obama signs bills for record Pentagon, Homeland Security spending

Barack Obama signed legislation Wednesday authorizing the Pentagon’s largest-ever budget, a gargantuan $680 billion, including $130 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama signed a second bill funneling $44 billion into the Department of Homeland Security to strengthen what critics say are the apparatus of state repression within the US.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Hey, it's not like it's his own money he is spending!

NSA Supercenters to Store Americans' Private Data Permanently

The National Security Agency is building huge new storage facilities to store the unconstitutionally gained data on the American people's telephone calls and Internet traffic permanently, including new buildings in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, and San Antonio, Texas.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The good news; they are running on Windows 7!

Everyone start emailing transcripts from Jeff Dunham's "Achmed The dead Terrorist" to everyone on your email list. Tell "Achmed" jokes on the phones. That'll keep 'em busy!

Seriously, this is just another lame and pathetic attempt to trick Americans into going silent; staying isolated and emotionally dependent on the government.

The hard disk companies cannot make hard drives fast enough to store the daily accumulation of phone calls and messages generated every single day.

And even if they could, and could install them and get them online quickly enough, NSA would simply drown in the amount of data they are saving; unable to evaluate any of it.

Le but d’avoir un État Big brother de surveillance est bien celui-là : intimider la population et la réduire au silence, par la peur de la répression et la violence de l’État. Mais en réalité, de toute cette surveillance et collecte de données personnelles, ils peuvent bien en tirer des listes noires qui seront remises entre les mains d’une police secrète, etc, mais ils ne peuvent pas tout contrôler et analyser la quantité faramineuse de données produite à chaque jour par tous les humains. Le but d’annoncer la surveillance et d’installer des dispositifs comme les caméras de surveillance, est de faire peur aux gens, de les réduire au silence, de les isoler et les diviser en plus de les tenir émotionnellement dépendants du gouvernement.

Parce qu’en réalité, c’est le gouvernement qui a peur; il a peur du peuple, d’un peuple bien informé et actif, qui communique et surveille ceux qui sont sensés les représenter et qui dérivent la totalité de leur pouvoir de nous, de notre consentement.

The coming public pension nightmare

With all the fiscal problems created by Barack Obama, the public pension crisis cannot be laid at his doorstep.

That's because public unions - police, firefighters, teachers, state and local workers, and transit employees - have been gouging cities and states for years, sweetening their pensions at taxpayer expense until a nightmare is now on the horizon; the inability of cities and states to pay for these diamond-studded pension plans.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"What we need right now is a good pandemic to wipe out all those useless old people!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Turkey to drop dollar in trade with Iran, China

Billionaire Wilbur Ross Sees Huge Commercial Real Estate Crash

“All of the components of real estate value are going in the wrong direction simultaneously,” said Ross, one of nine money managers participating in a government program to remove toxic assets from bank balance sheets. “Occupancy rates are going down. Rent rates are going down and the capitalization rate -- the return that investors are demanding to buy a property -- are going up.”

U.S. Home Vacancies Rise to 18.8 Million on Defaults

About 18.8 million homes stood empty in the U.S. during the third quarter as banks seized properties from delinquent borrowers and new home sales fell in September.

Webmaster's Commentary:

No one in their right mind can talk about a US "economic recovery" with numbers like this on home vacancies.

U.S. economic growth claims are fabricated on more debt spending

While the White House is celebrating a 3.5% reported growth in GDP last quarter — the first economic growth in a year — they conveniently forget the simple fact that it’s easy to fake economic growth with debt spending.

This so-called “growth” was really just the result of the U.S. Treasury flooding the economy with more debt-ridden “stimulus dollars” that will drive the nation even deeper into irreversible debt. That’s not genuine economic growth, it’s just really bad economic planning.

US Rich-Poor Income Gap World’s Most Extreme

Income inequality in the US is now the most extreme of all countries. The 2008 OECD report ‘Income Distribution and Poverty in OECD Countries’ concludes that the US is the country with the highest inequality and poverty rate across the OECD and that since 2000 nowhere has there been such a stark rise in income inequality as in the US. The OECD finds that in the US the distribution of wealth is even more unequal than the distribution of income.

Webmaster's Commentary:

For an economic system to work, it must be a system, which is to say that capital musty be flowing at all levels of society rather than aggregating to the top.

There is no question that our economy is out of balance and with it our social structure.

Societies which are out of balance seldom last.

GMO Giant Monsanto Loses Another Day in Court

France`s highest court has ruled that Monsanto lied about the safety of its weed killing herbicide Roundup. The decision came just days ago and confirms an earlier court judgment in
France finding that Monsanto had falsely advertised Roundup...

Pay problem parents not to breed - mayor

AN outspoken Kiwi politician has proposed a new solution to the country's child abuse problem - pay the "appalling underclass" not to breed.

"That there is a group within our society who give their children no hope nor opportunity from the moment that they are born," the regional mayor wrote on the New Zealand radio website where he broadcasts as a talkback DJ.

"That these ‘parents’ are known to authorities ... and yet the authorities can only intervene after children have been harmed."

Mr Laws goes on to write: "it would be far better for this appalling underclass to be offered financial inducements not to have children, given the toxic environment that they would provide for any child in their care."

The mayor believes "the consequent financial and social savings to our community would be considerable.

"There are too many people who should not have children."

Alcohol and cigarettes are more harmful than Ecstasy and LSD, says drugs tsar

Ecstasy, LSD and cannabis are less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, the Government’s chief drug adviser claims today.

Professor David Nutt is calling for a new ‘index of harm’ to warn the public about the relative dangers of various substances.

He says alcohol should rank fifth, behind only cocaine, heroin, barbiturates and methadone, while tobacco should rank ninth, ahead of cannabis, LSD and Ecstasy.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1223708/Alcohol-worse-Ecstasy-...

Using Cash Sign Of Terrorist, According To FBI

The FBI, in league with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (part of the Department of Justice), has launched a program that harks back to East Germany’s Stasi.

In Philadelphia, the FBI has instructed tattoo shops to rat out their customers if they demand privacy, insist on paying with cash, engage in “suspicious behavior,” make “anti-US” comments, or request tattoos that are “extremist symbols.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

Constitution and Bill of Rights, R.I.P.

This is not about protecting the American people from alleged "terrorists"; it is about creating a "snitch society", very much echoing that created by the old Soviet Union.

Ultrasecret NSA Has Conspicuous Role in New Federal Cybersecurity Center

If anything, the Obama administration, citing the threats of computer hacking and cyberterrorism, is now moving to involve the NSA more deeply in domestic security issues. The growing role of the NSA—a Defense Department agency with thousands of military personnel—in domestic matters was on semi-public display on Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Big Brother is here, alive and well in the United States.


Lawyer: CIA kept detainees alive to keep torturing them

According to human rights lawyer John Sifton, the CIA tortured some of its detainees in the War on Terror so severely that it had to take measures to keep them alive so they could continue being tortured.

Sifton, who is the executive director of One World Research, told an interviewer for Russia Today that there was both a CIA detention program and a military detention program and that "The CIA program was by far the most secretive. ... That's the one that only had a few dozen detainees at any given time -- but it's the one that saw the biggest abuses, the most serious forms of torture."

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Your tax dollars at work, folks; while homeless Vets sleep in our streets, and American kids die because there is no basic insurance for their care.

Obama Administration Seeks To Block Wiretap Suit

The Justice Department invoked the state secrets privilege Friday to try to stop a lawsuit over Bush-era wiretapping – the first time the Obama administration has done so under its new policy on such cases.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced the decision in a California lawsuit challenging the warrantless wiretapping program begun after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

New US Bases on the Black Sea

The emergence of NATO bases on the Black Sea comes in addition to the military installations the West already has on the Baltic Sea and which effectively puts Russia in a bind.

In another alarming sign, cadets at the West Point military academy are now undergoing a crash course of Russian language and culture. Just like they started learning Arabic three years prior to the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Preparing to grab the Caspian oil wealth, Washington will do this leaning on its bases in Romania and Bulgaria and by stoking up instability in the Caucasus. Why? To be able send its peacekeepers there to ensure the safe transportation of Caspian oil and gas. And here the American contingent in Romania and Bulgaria may come in very handy indeed.

Obama administration, Pentagon prepare for homeland military deployment

In a report released to the US Congress recently, analysts assessed what they termed "preparedness tests" between the US military and government agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) exercises to test preparedness to perform its homeland defense and civil support missions. The Government Accountability Office was asked to assess the extent to which NORTHCOM is consistent with Department of Defense guidelines for training and exercise requirement involving interagency partners and states in its exercises.

"While the rationale for using the US military domestically had been debated for years, President Barack Obama appears intent on using our military at least until he can create his promised 'Civilian Security Force' which he said would be as big and powerful as the military," said political strategist Mike Baker.

"The fact that the military -- in this instance NORTHCOM -- is being trained to operate with our borders should be setting off alarms throughout this nation. But it's being ignored even by those who profess to be conservatives," he said.

UN chief calls for ‘global governance structure’ to oversee greenhouse gasses

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in an opinion piece published by The New York Times, laid out a number of benchmarks for success in the upcoming global climate talks, planned to be held in Copenhagen.

Among them, Ki-moon argued in the Tuesday edition that a "global governance structure" must be levied to ensure that nations collaborate on how resources are deployed and managed.

The editorial, entitled "We Can Do It," urges world leaders toward the accomplishment of three key points: Curbing emissions, investing in green growth for third world nations and establishing a supranational structure to oversee resources.

"Every country must do its utmost to reduce emissions from all major sources, including from deforestation and emissions from shipping and aviation," Ki-moon wrote. "Developed countries must strengthen their mid-term mitigation targets, which are currently nowhere close to the cuts that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says are needed. Developing countries must slow the rise in their emissions and accelerate green growth as part of their strategies to reduce poverty."

He continued: "A deal must include an equitable global governance structure. All countries must have a voice in how resources are deployed and managed. That is how trust will be built."

George Soros: China Must Be Part Of The New World Order

Insider reveals secrets of North America plot

The integration of the United States with Canada and Mexico, long deemed by many as little more than a fanciful “conspiracy theory,” was actually an idea promoted by the Council on Foreign Relations and sold to President Bush as a means of increasing commerce and business interests throughout North America, according to a top Canadian businessman.

Thomas d’Aquino, CEO and president of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives – the Canadian counterpart to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – confirmed in an interview recently published in Canada the accuracy of what WND first reported over three years ago: namely, that the Council on Foreign Relations was the prime mover in establishing the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP.

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Of course, for a NAU to work, both Canada and the US economies have to be brought down to the level of Mexico's.

99 percent pure water ice found on Mars

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has revealed sub-surface water ice that may be 99 percent pure, halfway between the North Pole and the equator on the Red Planet.

“We knew there was ice below the surface at high latitudes of Mars, but we find that it extends far closer to the equator than you would think, based on Mars’ climate today,” said Shane Byrne of the University of Arizona, a member of the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, or HiRISE, which runs the high-resolution camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

“The other surprising discovery is that ice exposed at the bottom of these meteorite impact craters is so pure,” Byrne said.

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