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dimanche 22 mars 2009

Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial documenté


Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial documenté

Ce billet ce nomme ainsi car bien que certains vont tout de suite crier au conspirationnisme, ces mots , cette appellation de nouvel ordre mondial est une terminologie que l'élite mondiale et plusieurs chefs d'État emploient eux-mêmes. C'est un autre mot pour la globalisation, la gouvernance mondiale. Donc il se trouve ici plusieurs documents qui expliquent en détails de quoi il s'agit et comment les maitres se mettent en réseaux et comment ils procèdent.

Rencontre secrète pour une prospérité continentale et sécuritaire

Secret Banff Meeting of CEOs and the Defense Establishment : Militarization and the Deconstruction of North America

Rencontre secrète pour une prospérité continentale et sécuritaire

L’intégration profonde remplacera la souveraineté

par Michel Chossudovsky

Le 11 octobre 2006

Global research (article original en anglais), L'aut'journal no 253 (version française)

Des ministres, des cadres supérieurs des forces armées qui se mêlent aux plus hauts dirigeants d’entreprises en Amérique du Nord, tout ce beau monde a participé à une rencontre secrète sur la « prospérité continentale dans le nouvel environnement sécuritaire » à l’hôtel Fairmont Banff Springs. La rencontre a porté sur « l’intégration profonde », qui consiste principalement à éliminer la souveraineté nationale pour permettre l’édification d’une « forteresse nord-américaine ».

Selon l’ordre du jour, le secrétaire à la Défense Donald Rumsfeld s’est rendu à Banff en Alberta pour livrer une présentation sur « la coopération militaire à militaire ». Le ministre de la Sécurité publique du Canada, Stockwell Day, a concentré son discours sur la problématique de la sécurité publique en Amérique du Nord.

Le gratin canadien et américain était présent, y compris le ministre de la Défense du Canada, Gordon O’Connor, et le chef d’état major de la Défense, Rick Hillier. Rien n’indique cependant que le premier ministre Stephen Harper a assisté à la rencontre.

Du côté américain, plusieurs des plus proches conseillers de Rumsfeld étaient présents aux côtés de nombreux chercheurs et consultants. Le commandant du US Northern Command (NorthCom), l’amiral Tim Keating, était aussi du groupe, avec plusieurs des membres les plus hauts gradés de son équipe. Keating est aussi le commandant de NORAD, qui doit prochainement être fusionné avec NorthCom.

« L’intégration profonde » a d’abord été évoquée par le « Independent Task Force for North America », dirigé du côté canadien par l’ancien vice-premier ministre libéral John Manley et le président du Conseil canadien des chefs d’entreprises Tom D’Aquino. Ce groupe de travail, dirigé par des représentants américains, canadiens et mexicains, était financé par le Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The 1001 Club

Bankers, intelligence agents, and raw materials executives striving for a sustainable future

Note: if you look up information on the 1001 Club on the internet you'll find that the group is listed on Wikipedia's WWF page. The author has added it there several years back, but any attempt to add additional information - however basic - has always been blocked. Now that membership lists have been made available with this article, I suggest people expand on the 1001 Club information on Wikipedia and see to it that it doesn't get sanitized.



Background of the WWF and the 1001


Club meetings


Difference between the 1001 and the Pilgrims


Land grabbing and covert operations


The human-induced global warming agenda


Organizations represented by 1001 Club members


Controversial members

Whether you search in Dutch, French, German, English, American, or South-African newspapers of the past 35 years, you will find that there is virtually no information available on a private association naming itself the 1001 Club. Even in the Netherlands, where Prince Bernhard's involvement with Bilderberg should be widely known by now, absolutely no one has heard of his role in creating "the 1001". The only official information available about this club - which the average person is very unlikely to stumble upon - is that it was established in the early seventies by individuals as Prince Bernhard, Prince Philip, Charles de Haes, and Anton Rupert, and that every member paid a one time fee of $10,000 to get lifetime membership - that's about it. This almost total absence of public awareness seems odd, as the men visiting 1001 Club receptions often represent some of the greatest economic interests on the planet.

Kissinger Calls For New International System Out Of World Crises

Bilderberg luminary Henry Kissinger has repeated his routine call for a new international political order, stating that global crises should be seen as an opportunity to move toward a borderless world where national interests are outweighed by global necessities.

Speaking with Charlie Rose earlier this week, Kissinger cited the chaos being wrought across the globe by the financial crisis and the spread of terrorism as an opportunity to bolster a new global order.


It is difficult to re-educate people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supra-national body. -- Bilderberg Group founder, Prince Bernhard

As a rhetorical question, can someone please explain to me how it is that progressive liberals such as John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, as well as do-gooder humanitarians with multiple social projects ongoing such as the Rockefellers and every Royal House in Europe, can perennially attend Bilderberg meetings apparently knowing that the final objective of this despicable group of hoodlums is a fascist One World Empire?

~Daniel Estulin (P.318)~

Imposing the New World Order

Review of F. William Engdahl's "A Century of War" (Part II)

by Stephen Lendman

Global Research, February 14, 2008

Part II continues the story of "A Century in War" in Part I. It's breathtaking in scope and content, and a shocking and essential history of geopolitics and the strategic importance of oil. Part I covered events from the late 19th century through the end of the 1960s. Part II completes the story to the present era under George Bush.

Running the World Economy in Reverse: Who Made the 1970s Oil Shocks?

In 1969, the US was in recession, interest rates were cut, dollars flowed abroad, and the money supply expanded. In addition, in May 1971, America recorded its first monthly trade deficit that triggered a panic US dollar sell-off.

Things were desperate, gold reserves were one-quarter of official liabilities, and Nixon shocked the world on August 15. He unilaterally imposed a 90 day wage and price freeze, a 10% import surcharge, and most importantly closed the gold window, suspended dollar convertibility into the metal, and shredded the Bretton Woods core provision. He also devalued the dollar by 8%, far less than what US allies wanted.

By this action, Nixon "pulled the plug on the world economy" and set off a series of events that shook it. Further deterioration followed with massive capital flight to Europe and Japan. It forced Nixon to act again on February 12, 1973. He announced a further 10% devaluation, major world currencies began a process called a "managed float," and world instability was the worst seen since the 1930s.

The United Nations is Coming For Our Children

A global transformation is being manifested through the media, entertainment, and the educational system. The social engineers and the agents of change wish to purge our children's beliefs, value system, their independence, and their individuality. They are being replaced with more global beliefs, universal values, and interdependence. Their fragile little minds are being molded and shifted into group think, while parental authority and influence is being undermined. The United Nations, through its numerous agencies and treaties, is undermining national sovereignty, and further dictating family policy. Under the guise of human rights, these cleverly worded and crafted treaties are anti-family and are about control. None of these treaties honor, respect, or adhere to our own Constitution. The UN has been used to advance abortion, the gay lifestyle, and euthanasia, and it recognizes no moral authority greater than itself. It is through the educational system that they wish to correct any perceived errors in home training. As a result, children's love and loyalty to their family and country is being systematically destroyed.

All of this is based on the theory that environment is the sole determinant in emotional development. The theory, underlying much of liberal dogma, is that the brain is born blank, a 'Tabla Raza', and therefore one can re-engineer the human mind by re-engineering the environment.

All of this is based on Margaret Meade's book, "Coming of Age in Samoa", in which Meade claimed that Samoan adolescents survived puberty without the emotional angsts seen in other cultures. Therefore, so the theory went, emotional problems associated with adolescence had to be a response to the culture.

Social engineers seized on Meads' work as justification for all sorts of intrusion into our lives. Meade was lionized as a cultural and scientific heroine. As one example of the excesses, it was theorized that boys were aggressive because they played with war toys and sports equipment when young, and that if girls were raised with identical toys, they would grow up equally aggressive and therefore equally competitive. But, when the so-called "unisex" environments were created in pre-schools and kindergarten classes, the boys gravitated towards boy toys and the girls gravitated towards girl toys. Rather than re-examine Meade's basic premise, the sociologists simply declared that the "cultural imprinting" was taking place at an earlier age and started trying to decide for parents what toys they should buy for babies.

Of course, the proper course of action should have been to question the basic premise once the experimental results did not support it, but political agendas were at stake, and continued funding was dependent on reaching the desired outcome. So, like epicycles, the Big Bang, and global warming, the agenda was pushed even in the face of bad science.

Marget Meade, when on Samoa, kept company with two young women. Meade started out assuming (and we know what that means) that the Samoans were sexually promiscuous, because many other Polynesian cultures of the time, including Hawaiians, were. But Meade never actually checked. The fact is that Samoans were and remain to this day monogamous. The young women that Meads used as her "research", like all Polynesians, love to "talk story". It's just entertainment, found in every culture that does not have TV, radio, or computers to occupy their spare time. As Meade asked her questions, the two Samoan women quickly picked up where Mead was headed and simply told Meade what Meade clearly wanted to hear, not knowing Meade would write the stories into a book, a book that would be used to justify incredible government intrusion into the way we raise our children. The reality was that Samoan adolescents behave just like adolescents anywhere else, all nerve ends and emotional outbursts.

Having invested so much in the Meade view of how the brain operates, few liberals and social engineers are willing to look at the evidence that Meads simply screwed up, just as supporters of (i.e. those profiting from) global warming refuse to look at the contradictory evidence. And here we see the ultimate manifestation of the group-think as the United Nations decides that it, rather than parents, should raise the next generation.

Fighting Mind Control

The power elite plan for world dictatorship rests on the ability of psycho/social scientists to brainwash the human race into submission. It is believed that a "scientific dictatorship" can be constructed using these techniques on a global scale. The main key to their plans is our ignorance as a people. By their secret estimates, whenever the dumbing-down of America reaches a determined saturation point, resistance to their plans will crumble and Americans will voluntarily lie-down under the marching boots.

And here is the problem. The theory that the human mind can be remade into anything the social scientists desire is based on the theory that external forces alone shape the mind. This is based on the book "Coming of Age in Samoa" by Margaret Mead. The book purported to document how adolescents in Samoa transitioned into adulthood without the usual angst and emotionality adolescents everywhere else do. The Samoan culture as described by mead was one of unbounded sexual license, promiscuous without any guilt. Thus, it was claimed, the rules of the culture one lived in was the cause of the stress and unhappiness teenagers show as they grow up. Humans were born with a blank mind, a "Tabla Rasa" on which the outside environment wrote everything that person would eventually become. One could therefore re-engineer humans by re-engineering the culture around them.

The book was hailed as a masterpiece by sociologists, who lionized Mead as a modern intellectual heroine. The book and the theory justified tinkering with every possible aspect of our lives in order to create better people. But while the theory sounds good, the hard reality is that no matter how the culture gets changed, people continue being people. In totally enforced gender-neutral environments, for the most part boys still act like boys and girls still act like girls.

As it turns out, Mead (and the world) was a victim of her own bad science. Mead went to Samoa intending to find proof that culture was the sole determinant of personality. There was a built-in bias to see things certain ways right from the start. Indeed in her early work, Mead had collected data that accurately showed Samoan adolescent life as similar to pretty much everywhere else. But that was not what Mead (and her sponsor Franz Boas) wanted to hear. So Mead took up with two young Samoan women, and started asking suggestive questions. The Samoan women, unaware what Mead would do with the stories, simply told Mead what Mead obviously wanted to hear. Mead, without any further checking, based her entire book on the stories told to her by the two young women.

Mead's book thus contain many errors, some of which are easily checked. Mead assumed that the Samoan culture was sexually promiscuous, based solely on the fact that the Hawaiian culture of the time was. But as anyone who has been to Samoa or knows Samoans can attest, their culture is a rigidly monogamous one.

Mead's supporters continue to defend her and their work, fort to admit that Mead was hoaxed and in turn hoaxed the world is to yank the foundations out from everything that sociology has claimed to accomplish for the last 80 years. Entire careers, even schools, were founded on the theory of cultural determinism, along with much of liberal political thought. To admit that Mead was wrong is to undermine the justification for a large part of the control government exerts over our lives.

And, of course, the fact that Mead's book was a hoax undermines claims that social scientists can brainwash the people into submission.

Smoking gun! Rockefeller Official Revealed NWO Plot in 1969

December 5, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Our political and cultural "leaders" are accomplices in a plot to re-engineer humanity to serve the Judeo-Masonic central banking cartel. Wars, terrorism, depressions, political and social change, entertainment and fads are all contrived to gradually bring about an Orwellian police state. Many people have said this but last week, I learned of another "smoking gun."

Randy Engel, the President of the US Coalition of Life sent me a tape she made in 1988 with Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a Pittsburgh pediatrician who died in Jan. 2004. It consists of his recollection of a speech given March 20, 1969 by Dr. Richard Day, the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood" to a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. It describes "A New World System," already in place which would permanently transform the world. Dr. Day wanted the eighty or so physicians present to be prepared. The transcript of Dunegan's recollections has been posted here and should be read in full. However, I'll provide a summary here.


CP Motives
CP Objectives
CP Philosophy


CP Methods
CP Members
CP Criminals
CP Tax Abuse


Stop CP!
CP Spies
CP Police
CP Media


CP Visualiser
Julia Middleton
Seven Principles




What is Common Purpose? On the surface, Common Purpose is an educational charity, registered in the UK under number 1023384, that does leadership and networking development training.

However, Common Purpose is not what it appears to be on the surface.

In reality, Common Purpose is a corrupt, subversive, secretive and deeply sinister organisation with a hidden agenda (Communitarian Neo-Communism, social control, corporate and EU state control) and hidden backers (Tavistock Institute, Fabian Society, Brussels).

Common Purpose is...

  • a Masonic-like society for careerists
  • a recruitment organisation
  • a means of subversion
  • obsessed with social control
  • corrupt, secretive, deceitful, fraudulent and treacherous
  • fraudulently masquerading as a 'charity'
  • a criminal abuser of public funds
  • controlled by hidden hands
  • working to a fraudulent agenda
  • hiding its true origins
  • blurring the edges between the public and private sectors
  • destroying the identity of Britain
  • carrying out the true and hidden agenda of Fabian New Labour

When I first came across Common Purpose, it reminded me of Scientology and then I found this quote from here:

"From what little I've been able to pick up from the bland yet creepy Common Purpose website and other little snippets I've encountered here and there, Common Purpose gives off a vibe of some kind of cross between Scientology, EST therapy, the Stepford Bureaucrats and the Masons."


Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told

The west must be ready to resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack to try to halt the "imminent" spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, according to a radical manifesto for a new Nato by five of the west's most senior military officers and strategists.

Pssst. There is a clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the Dimona reactor. Don't tell them I told you!

Mr. Simmons' Mission: NATO Bases From Balkans To Chinese Border

In the summer of 1999 a BBC story, 'CIA ordered to topple Milosevic': US report, detailed the genesis and gestation period of Washington's new and refurbished coup design:


Replete with sledgehammer-wielding toughs, rent-a-mobs attacking the parliament building, ballots in the contested election being burned by Western-controlled 'democracy advocates' and suitcases of domestic and foreign currency provided by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright smuggled in from Hungary, the 2000 Belgrade coup was the fons et origo of all subsequent 'regime change' campaigns in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, replicated in Georgia in 2003.

The scenario would be repeated in most every particular a year later in Ukraine, which readers will recall was one of Simmons' main bureaux at his new NATO post.

New NATO intelligence chief was trained by KGB

The new chief of the Hungarian secret services, who spent six years at the KGB's academy in Moscow during the 1980s, has become chairman of NATO's intelligence committee, a development that diplomats said could compromise the security of the alliance.

Hillary Denies Attending Bilderberg, Confirms Bill Did

This denial goes against reports from insiders at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa who claimed she attended the 2006 meeting for one day. Witnesses saw a number of vehicles which unloaded in back loading dock, away from the public's view, including a stretch limousine with U.S. diplomatic plates.

Gordon 'NWO' Brown said "Today's challenges are birth-pangs of new global order."

Novus Ordo Seclorum....

LONDON, Nov. 10 -- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for shaping a truly global society and better international coordination of fiscal and momentary policies in a speech at the Lord Mayor's banquet here on Monday.

He said that G8, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank must change to meet new realities and Britain and the United St More..ates must provide leadership in efforts to build stronger international order. And the British government is to work with G20 partners to build new Breton Woods with reformed IMF.

The Secret History Of The Freemasons In Japan

Japanese Freemasons claim their links with Western Freemasons go back to ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian times but, I have not been able to verify this.

The earliest verifiable links go back to when the Khazar empire was destroyed by the Mongols and the Russians about 1,000 years ago. At the time their elite class fled with their treasure into Europe and China. The group that fled to China then fled to Japan as Kublai Khan's armies conquered China. That is why the Star of David can be seen in 1,000 year-old shrines in Japan. The original Khazars were fully assimilated by the Japanese elite over the ensuing centuries but certain Freemason/Khazar influences became a permanent part of Japanese culture.

Illuminati Bankers Seek "Revolution" by Economic Means

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Illuminati bankers had us where they wanted Friday. Everyone was in a panic, dumping anything of real value -- gold, real estate, oil -- and rushing into US dollars, a medium of exchange created by the Illuminati bankers out of nothing with the help of their government lackeys.

Why the sudden appeal of US dollars? There is a huge shortage of them because the bankers put our money into mortgages and then they crashed the housing market. Trillions disappeared. Now their lackeys in government have to "borrow" trillions to make up the deficit. The result: the bankers are trillions richer.

Did they do this deliberately? Do you think Rich Fuld, the CEO of Lehman Brothers, got a $250 million sendoff for driving his company into bankruptcy? No, that's likely his payoff for selling out his employees and his country. Multiply that throughout the financial industry.

Throughout history the Illuminati bankers have always used war and economic turmoil to advance their goal. Since we have enjoyed prosperity, I have been focused on war. But now I must consider how they use economic hardship to advance their world government.

It's brilliant when you think about it. Depression doesn't involve bloodshed and the destruction of valuable property. On the contrary, it allows the bankers to suck up real wealth at bargain prices. And people under duress will accept anything to regain the delicious prosperity they once knew.


The key to understanding our world is the 1938 interrogation of Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky (Chaim Rakover) by the Stalinist secret police, the NKVD. Rakowsky was an associate of Trotsky, and a former Russian ambassador to Paris.

Rakovsky explains that the real goal of Communism is the same as the New World Order, essentially a dictatorship of the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. The real meaning of "revolution" and all socialist and liberal enterprise is this dictatorship, thinly veiled as "internationalism" and "world government." The propaganda about championing the working class and equality etc. is a ruse to hide the centralization of wealth and power in the hands of this relatively small network of Satanist bankers and tycoons known as the "Illuminati."

Rakovsky explains that war is necessary to revolution. The Illuminati bankers financed Hitler because they had lost control of Stalin. Now Rakovsky invited Stalin to return to the fold and help them destroy Hitler or else they would give Hitler free rein. Thus Hitler was set up for a war on two fronts. First, the two dictators forged an alliance in August 1939, (mere months after the Fascists defeated the Communists in Spain.) Then when Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland, the Allies declared war against Hitler only.



[Reproduced with thanks to DR. JOHN COLEMAN]

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1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The One World Government began to set up its church in the 1920:s and 30:s, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind must have an outlet and, therefore, set up a "church" body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception, their own creation, as mentioned above.

4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzinhski's Red Terror look like children at play.

5. To bring about the end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call "the post-industrial zero-growth society". Excepted are the computer- and service industries. US industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labor is available. As we saw in 1993, this has become a fact through the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA. Unemployables in the US, in the wake of industrial destruction, will either become opium-heroin and/or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination of the "excess population" process we know of today as Global 2000.

6. To encourage, and eventually legalize the use of drugs and make pornography an "art-form", which will be widely accepted and, eventually, become quite commonplace.

7. To bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot's genocidal plans were drawn up in the US by one of the Club of Rome's research foundations, and overseen by Thomas Enders, a high-ranking State Department official. It is also interesting that the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

8. To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments currently being scorned and ridiculed by the Illuminati and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Illuminati's conception of "limited natural resources" right out of the window. A fusion torch, properly used, could create unlimited and as yet untapped natural resources, even from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion, and would benefit mankind in a manner which, as yet, is not even remotely comprehended by the public.

9. To cause. by means of limited wars in the advanced countries, by means of starvation and diseases in the Third World countries, the death of three billion people by the year 2050, people they call "useless eaters". The Committee of 300 (Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title "Global 2000 Report" and was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of States, for and on behalf of the US Government. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 million by the year of 2050.

10. To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labor class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as the "Aquarian Conspiracy".

11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then "managing" such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the US, an agency for Crisis Management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence I first enclosed in 1980.

12. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock music gangsters such as the Rolling Stones (a gangster group much favored by European Black Nobility), and all of the Tavistock-created rock groups which began with the Beatles.

13. To continue to build up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company's servant Darby, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews through the myth of "God's chosen people", and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

14. To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslem Fundamentalism, the Sikhs, and to carry out mind control experiments of the Jim Jones and "Son of Sam" type. It is worth noting that the late Khomeini was a creation of British Military Intelligence Div. 6, MI6. This detailed work spelled out the step-by-step process which the US Government implemented to put Khomeini in power.

15. To export "religious liberation" ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion. This began with the "Jesuit Liberation Theology", that brought an end to the Somoza Family rule in Nicaragua, and which today is destroying El Salvador, now 25 years into a "civil war". Costa Rica and Honduras are also embroiled in revolutionary activities, instigated by the Jesuits. One very active entity engaged in the so-called liberation theology, is the Communist-oriented Mary Knoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Mary Knoll's so-called nuns in El Salvador a few years ago. The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were widely documented by the Government of El Salvador. The US press and the new media refused to give any space or coverage to the mass of documentation possessed by the Salvadorian Government, which proved what the Mary Knoll Mission nuns were doing in the country. Mary Knoll is in service in many countries, and placed a leading role in bringing Communism to Rhodesia, Moçambique, Angola and South Africa.

16. To cause a total collapse of the world's economies and engender total political chaos.

17. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the US.

18. To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the UN.

19. To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them.

20. To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place. It will be recalled that it was Bettino Craxi, who persuaded the Italian and US Governments to negotiate with the Red Brigades kidnapers of Prime Minister Moro and General Dozier. As an aside, Dozier was placed under strict orders not to talk what happened to him. Should he ever break that silence, he will no doubt be mad "a horrible example of", in the manner in which Henry Kissinger dealt with Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zia ul Haq.

21. To take control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it. By 1993, the full force effect of this policy is becoming apparent, and will be even more destructive as primary and secondary schools begin to teach "Outcome Based Education" (OBE).


Myron Fagan's Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations

Myron Fagan recorded his exposé on the Illuminati and Council on Foreign
Relations in the late 1960's on three LP Records. We present his lecture
in six parts representing each side of those Records.

Download free Windows Media Player 7 CLICK HERE

Part 1 http://www.apfn.org/audio/fagan-one.mp3
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Several members of the Alaska Legislature found Myron Fagan's exposé on the
Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations to be of great importance and
had their staff members make a transcript. As you read, you will discover
the names, places and events that has brought us to the edge of President
George Bush's New World Order.

The Destruction of America
very successful at eliminating Christianity and the Bible as the moral compass of our nation. They have succeeded by using the federal courts which they ideologically dominate to

Is Your Mind At Fahrenheit -459
over them. The entire basis of Christianity is as follows: There is a God, who tortured his only son, because of the disobedience of his creation. The Clergy also have the people

WIZARD OF OZ and the ILLUMINATI MIND CONTROL CHAPTER 5 SCIENCE NO. 5 - THE SKILL OF LYING, THE ART OF DECEIT The rule of thumb that the programmers/handlers go by is that they

Freemasonry web and documents
The Illuminati The Illuminati and Proofs of Conspiracy Tue Aug 7 13:43:14 2001 The Illuminati and Proofs of Conspiracy "Secrecy gives greater zest to the whole....The slightest

Why Waco?
ILLUMINATI LINKED TO WHY WACO, LINKED TO CLINTON! Non-professional 90-minute audio tape tells story of the Republic of Texas, added to this tape are

Inside Mount Carmel
March 8, 1993

Indianapolis Baptist Temple (IBT) will not bow to demands that they reject God!!!


ILLUMINATI LINKED TO WHY WACO,UT, LINKED TO CLINTON! Non-professional 90-minute audio tape tells story of the Republic of Texas, added to this tape are

Fighting illegal drugs is the single most effective way of taking on the ruling elite and derailing the New World Order

The 600 billion dollar illegal drug trade is the Achilles heel of the ruling elite. Attacking it is probably the single most effective way of fighting the New World Order. Although the monopolistic sale of illegal drugs is not the only source of income for the ruling elite, it is the main source of finance for the 'Matrix', the evil machine that keeps the entire system together.

Why Wall Street, Israel and D.C. need the illegal drug trade

Contributing Editor Catherine Austin Fitts, who was a Managing Director at Dillon Read before becoming Assistant Secretary of Housing under George Bush and who holds an MBA from Wharton makes things very simple. She points out that the four largest states for the importation of drugs are New York, Florida, Texas and California. She then points out that the top four money laundering states in the U.S. (good for between 100 and 260 billion per year) are New York, Florida, Texas and California. No surprise there. Then she rips the breath from your lungs by pointing out that 80 per cent of all Presidential campaign funds come from - New York, Florida, Texas and California.

Know what I MENA?

Eliminate the Useless Eaters

Every time I turn around I will hear over the news, or read in the paper of the tremendous over population of our planet. This is very interesting, because if you took the entire population of the world (roughly seven billion people), and stood them side by side in the state of Texas, each person would have 1000 square feet! There are 261,914 square acres in Texas (that figures to seven trillion square feet). So there is enough room just in Texas for every person in this world to get a piece of land 32 ft. X 32 feet! And that's just Texas! There is no overpopulation problem! This planets just not big enough for the rich and the poor to live together, that's the real problem!

The above paragraph is misleading. The problem is not so much over-population itself but the over-concentration of vast amounts of people into large cities of very expensive slave-dwellings, where they cannot grow their own food and live free and healthy lives - JAH. http://i.am/jah/greeneco.htm



Gets contracts from the National Institute of Health.

Gets contracts from the U.S. Navy, analyzes data from satellites.

Does work in the field of pollution control.

Part of approximately 350 firms who conduct research and conduct surveys, make recommendations to government. They are part of what President Eisenhower called “a possible danger to public policy that could itself become captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

Dedicates its work to what it calls a “national agenda.” Wrote President Hoover’s program, President Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” the Kennedy Administration’s “New Frontiers” program (deviation from it cost John F. Kennedy his life), and President Johnson’s “Great Society.” Brookings has been telling the United States Government how to conduct its affairs for the past 70 years and is still doing so on behalf of the Committee of 300.

Without a doubt, RAND is THE think tank most beholden to Tavistock Institute and certainly the RIIA’s most prestigious vehicle for control of United States policies at every level.

Specific RAND policies that became operative include our ICBM program, prime analyses for U.S. foreign policy making, instigator of space programs, U.S. nuclear policies, corporate analyses, hundreds of projects for the military, the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) in relation to the use of mind altering drugs like peyote, LSD (the covert MK-Ultra operation which lasted for 20 years).

Some of RAND’s clients include the following:

American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T).
Chase Manhattan Bank.
International Business Machines (IBM).
National Science Foundation.
Republican Party.
U.S. Air Force.
U.S. Department of Energy.
U.S. Department of Health.

There are literally THOUSANDS of highly important companies, government institutions and organizations that make use of RAND’s services, and to list them all would be an impossible task. Among RAND’s “specialities” is a study group that predicts the timing and the direction of a thermonuclear war, plus working out the many scenarios based upon its findings. RAND was once accused of being commissioned by the USSR to work out terms of surrender of the United States Government, an accusation that went all the way to the United States Senate, where it was taken up by Senator Symington and subsequently fell victim to articles of scorn poured out by the establishment press. BRAIN WASHING remains the primary function of RAND.

To summarize, the major Tavistock institutions in the United States engaged in brainwashing at all levels, including government, the military, business, religious organizations and education are the following:

Brookings Institution.
Hudson Institute.
Institute for Policy Studies.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
National Training Laboratories.
Rand Research and Development Corporation.
Stanford Research Institute.
Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

It is estimated by sources of mine that the total number of people employed by these institutions is in the region of 50,000 with funding close to $10 billion dollars.

Some major world-wide Committee of 300 institutions and organizations are as follows:

Americans for a Safe Israel.
Biblical Archaeology Review.
British Petroleum.
Canadian Institute of Foreign Relations.
Christian Fundamentalism.
Council on Foreign Relations, New York.
Egyptian Exploration Society.
Imperial Chemical Industries.
International Institute for Strategic Studies.
Order of Skull and Bones.
Palestine Exploration Fund.
Poor Knights of the Templars
Royal Dutch Shell Company.
Socialist International.
South Africa Foundation.
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
Temple Mount Foundation.
The Atheist Club.
The Fourth State of Consciousness Club.
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
The Milner Group.
The Nasi Princes.
The Order of Magna Mater.
The Order of the Divine Disorder.
The Round Table.
Trilateral Commission.
Universal Freemasonry.
Universal Zionism.
Vickers Armament Company.
Warren Commission.
Watergate Committee.
Wilton Park.
World Council of Churches.


Abergavemy, Marquis of.
Acheson, Dean.
Adeane, Lord Michael.
Agnelli, Giovanni.
Alba, Duke of.
Aldington, Lord.
Aleman, Miguel.
Allihone, Professor T. E.
Alsop Family Designate.
Amory, Houghton.
Anderson, Charles A.
Anderson, Robert 0.
Andreas, Dwayne.
Asquith, Lord.
Astor, John Jacob and successor, Waldorf.
Aurangzeb, Descendants of.
Austin, Paul.

Baco, Sir Ranulph
BalFour, Arthur.
Balogh, Lord.
Bancroft, Baron Stormont.
Barnato, B.
Barran, Sir John.
Baxendell, Sir Peter.
Beatrice of Savoy, Princess.
Beaverbrook, Lord.
Beck, Robert.
Beeley, Sir Harold.
Beit, Alfred.
Benn, Anthony Wedgewood.
Bennet, John W.
Benneton, Gilberto or alternate Carlo.
Bertie, Andrew.
Besant, Sir Walter.
Bethal, Lord Nicholas.
Bialkin, David.
Biao, Keng.
Bingham, William.
Binny, J. F.
Blunt, Wilfred.
Bonacassi, Franco Orsini.
Bottcher, Fritz.
Bradshaw, Thornton.
Brandt, Willy.
Brewster, Kingman.
Buchan, Alastair.
Buffet, Warren.
Bullitt, William C.
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward.
Bundy, McGeorge.
Bundy, William.
Bush, George.

Cabot, John. Family Designate.
Caccia, Baron Harold Anthony.
Cadman, Sir John.
Califano, Joseph.
Carrington, Lord.
Carter, Edward.
Catlin, Donat.
Catto, Lord.
Cavendish, Victor C. W. Duke of Devonshire.
Chamberlain, Houston Stewart.
Chang, V. F.
Chechirin, Georgi or Family Designate.
Churchill, Winston.
Cicireni, V. or Family Designate.
Cini, Count Vittorio.
Clark, Howard.
Cleveland, Amory.
Cleveland, Harland.
Clifford, Clark.
Cobold, Lord.
Coffin, the Rev William Sloane.
Constanti, House of Orange.
Cooper, John. Family Designate.
Coudenhove-Kalergi, Count.
Cowdray, Lord.
Cox, Sir Percy.
Cromer, Lord Evelyn Baring.
Crowther, Sir Eric.
Cumming, Sir Mansfield.
Curtis, Lionel. d’Arcy, William K.

D’Avignon, Count Etienne.
Danner, Jean Duroc.
Davis, John W. de Benneditti, Carlo.
De Bruyne, Dirk.
De Gunzberg, Baron Alain.
De Lamater, Major General Walter.
De Menil, Jean.
De Vries, Rimmer.
de Zulueta, Sir Philip.
de’Aremberg, Marquis Charles Louis.
Delano. Family Designate.
Dent, R.
Deterding, Sir Henri.
di Spadaforas, Count Guitierez, (House
Douglas-Home, Sir Alec.
Drake, Sir Eric.
Duchene, Francois.

Edward, Duke of Kent.
Eisenberg, Shaul.
Elliott, Nicholas.
Elliott, William Yandel.
Elsworthy, Lord.

Farmer, Victor.
Forbes, John M.
Foscaro, Pierre.
France, Sir Arnold.
Fraser, Sir Hugh.
Frederik IX, King of Denmark Family Designate.
Freres, Lazard.
Frescobaldi, Lamberto.
Fribourg, Michael.

Gabor, Dennis.
Gallatin, Albert. Family Designate.
Gardner, Richard.
Geddes, Sir Auckland.
Geddes, Sir Reay.
George, Lloyd.
Giffen, James.
Gilmer, John D.
Giustiniani, Justin.
Gladstone, Lord.
Gloucestor, The Duke of.
Gordon, Walter Lockhart.
Grace, Peter J.
Greenhill, Lord Dennis Arthur.
Greenhill, Sir Dennis.
Grey, Sir Edward.
Gyllenhammar, Pierres.

Haakon, King of Norway.
Haig, Sir Douglas.
Hailsham, Lord.
Haldane, Richard Burdone.
Halifax, Lord.
Hall, Sir Peter Vickers.
Hambro, Sir Jocelyn.
Hamilton, Cyril.
Harriman, Averill.
Hart, Sir Robert.
Hartman, Arthur H.
Healey, Dennis.
Helsby, Lord.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Her Majesty Queen Juliana.
Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix.
Her Royal Highness Queen Margreta.
Heseltine, Sir William.
Hesse, Grand Duke descendants, Family Designate.
Hoffman, Paul G.
Holland, William.
House of Braganza.
House of Hohenzollern.
House, Colonel Mandel.
Howe, Sir Geoffrey.
Hughes, Thomas H.
Hugo, Thieman.
Hutchins, Robert M.
Huxley, Aldous.

Inchcape, Lord.

Jamieson, Ken.
Japhet, Ernst Israel.
Jay, John. Family Designate.

Jodry, J. J.
Joseph, Sir Keith.

Katz, Milton.
Kaufman, Asher.
Keith, Sir Kenneth.
Keswick, Sir William Johnston, or Keswick, H.N.L.
Keswick, William Johnston.

Keynes, John Maynard.
Kimberly, Lord.
King, Dr. Alexander.
Kirk, Grayson L.
Kissinger, Henry.
Kitchener, Lord Horatio.
Kohnstamm, Max.
Korsch, Karl.

Lambert, Baron Pierre.
Lawrence, G.
Lehrman, Lewis.
Lever, Sir Harold.
Lewin, Dr. Kurt.
Lippmann, Walter.
Livingstone, Robert R. Family Designate.
Lockhart, Bruce.
Lockhart, Gordon.
Linowitz, S.
Loudon, Sir John.
Luzzatto, Pieipaolo.

Mackay, Lord, of Clasfern.
Mackay-Tallack, Sir Hugh.
Mackinder, Halford.
MacMillan, Harold.
Matheson, Jardine.
Mazzini, Gueseppi.
McClaughlin, W. E.
McCloy, John J.
McFadyean, Sir Andrew.
McGhee, George.
McMillan, Harold.
Mellon, Andrew.
Mellon, William Larimer or Family Designate.
Meyer, Frank.
Michener, Roland.
Mikovan, Anastas.
Milner, Lord Alfred.
Mitterand, Francois.
Monett, Jean.
Montague, Samuel.
Montefiore, Lord Sebag or Bishop Hugh.
Morgan, John P.
Mott, Stewart.
Mountain, Sir Brian Edward.
Mountain, Sir Dennis.
Mountbatten, Lord Louis.
Munthe, A., or family designate.

Naisbitt, John.
Neeman, Yuval.
Newbigging, David.
Nicols, Lord Nicholas of Bethal.
Norman, Montague.

O’Brien of Lotherby, Lord.
Ogilvie, Angus.
Okita, Saburo.
Oldfield, Sir Morris.
Oppenheimer, Sir Earnest, and successor, Harry.
Ormsby Gore, David (Lord Harlech).
Orsini, Franco Bonacassi.
Ortolani. Umberto.
Ostiguy, J.P.W.

Paley, William S.
Palme, Olaf.
Palmstierna, Jacob.
Pao, Y.K.
Pease, Richard T.
Peccei, Aurellio.
Peek, Sir Edmund.
Pellegreno, Michael, Cardinal.
Perkins, Nelson.
Pestel, Eduard.
Peterson, Rudolph.
Petterson, Peter G.
Petty, John R.
Philip, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh.
Piercy, George.
Pinchott, Gifford.
Pratt, Charles.
Price Waterhouse, Designate.

Ranier, Prince.
Raskob, John Jacob.
Rees, John Rawlings.
Rees, John.
Rennie, Sir John.
Rettinger, Joseph.
Rhodes, Cecil John.
Rockefeller, David.
Role, Lord Eric of Ipsden.
Rosenthal, Morton.
Rostow, Eugene.
Rothmere, Lord.
Rothschild Elie de or Edmon de and/or Baron RothschiLd Runcie, Dr.Robert.
Russell, Lord John.
Russell, Sir Bertrand.

Saint Gouers, Jean.
Salisbury, Marquisse de Robert Gascoiugne Cecil.
Shelburne, The Salisbury, Lord.
Samuel, Sir Marcus.
Sandberg, M. G.
Sarnoff, Robert.
Schmidheiny, Stephan or alternate brothers Thomas, Alexander.
Schoenberg, Andrew.
Schultz, George.
Schwartzenburg, E.
Shawcross, Sir Hartley.
Sheridan, Walter.
Shiloach, Rubin.
Silitoe, Sir Percy.
Simon, William.
Sloan, Alfred P.
Smuts, Jan.
Sproull, Robert.
Stals, Dr. C.
Stamp, Lord Family designate.
Steel, David.
Stiger, George.
Strathmore, Lord.
Strong, Sir Kenneth.
Strong, Maurice.
Swathling, Lord.
Swire, J. K.

Tasse, G. Or Family Designate.
Temple, Sir R.
Thompson, William Boyce.
Thompson, Lord.
Thyssen-Bornamisza, Baron Hans Henrich.
Trevelyn, Lord Humphrey.
Turner, Sir Mark.
Turner, Ted.
Tyron, Lord.

Urquidi, Victor.

Van Den Broek, H.
Vance, Cyrus.
Verity, William C.
Vesty, Lord Amuel.
Vickers, Sir Geoffrey.
Villiers, Gerald Hyde family alternate.
Volpi, Count. von Finck, Baron August. von Hapsburg, Archduke Otto, House of Hapsburg-Lorraine. Von Thurn and Taxis, Max.

Wallenberg, Peter or Family Designate.
Wang, Kwan Cheng, Dr.
Warburg, S. C.
Ward Jackson, Lady Barbara.
Warner, Rawleigh.
Warnke, Paul.
Warren, Earl.
Watson, Thomas.
Webb, Sydney.
Weill, David.
Weill, Dr. Andrew.
Weinberger, Sir Caspar.
Weizman, Chaim.
Wells, H. G.
Wheetman, Pearson (Lord Cowdray).
White, Sir Dick Goldsmith.
Whitney, Straight.
Wiseman, Sir William.
Wolfson, Sir Isaac.
Wood, Charles.

Young, Owen.


This brings us to the issue of collateral. We've borrowed so much money the lenders are getting nervous. Back during the Johnson administration Charles DeGaulle demanded the United States collateralize the loans owed to France in gold and started carting out the bullion from the treasury. This caused several other nations to demand the same and President Nixon had to slam the gold window closed or the treasury would have been emptied, since the United States was even then in debt for more money than the treasury could cover in gold.

But Nixon had to collateralize that debt somehow, and he hit upon the plan of quietly setting aside huge tracts of American land with their mineral rights in reserve to cover the outstanding debts. But since the American people were already angered over the war in Vietnam, Nixon couldn't very well admit that he was apportioning off chunks of the United States to the holders of foreign debt. So, Nixon invented the Environmental Protection Agency and passed draconian environmental laws which served to grab land with vast natural resources away from the owners and lock it away, and even more, prove to the holders of the foreign debt that US citizens were not drilling. mining, or otherwise developing those resources. From that day to this, as the government sinks deeper into debt, the government grabs more and more land, declares it a wilderness or "roadless area" or "heritage river" or "wetlands" or any one of over a dozen other such obfuscated labels, but in the end the result is the same. We The People may not use the land, in many cases are not even allowed to enter the land.

This is not about conservation, it is about collateral. YOUR land is being stolen by the government and used to secure loans the government really had no business taking out in the first place. Given that the government cannot get out of debt, and is collateralizing more and more land to avoid foreclosure, the day is not long off when the people of the United States will one day wake up and discover they are no longer citizens, but tenants.

The following map shows the current extent of all lands grabbed by the government under the guise of environmentalism.

click for full size image

In short, the United States is in deep trouble. We have lost a huge amount of our manufacturing capacity, and those products we still make do not compete well on the world market, despite the steady devaluation of the dollar. In short we have vast debts to pay and little to pay them with. Like the foolish Farmer we have sold the machinery that allowed us to prosper, and we stand around shaking our investment portfolios back and forth in the hopes that the money inside will somehow grow all by itself. It won't. It never has. The very best that can be said is that money gets moved from one person to the other.

Those nations and banks to whom we owe money have been very patient indeed with us. They know that our economies are so tightly entwined that what hurts America will hurt them. But sooner or later, possibly after a market crash, someone, in order to pay their own debts, will demand their loans to the United States be paid. Rather than get caught with "bad paper", there will be a run on the United States government.

In addition to the government debt of $14 trillion, our businesses are home to trillions more in foreign investment, kept here by the promise that the American taxpayer will be made to cover all losses. But with our manufacturing in decline and our schools producing far more lawyers than anything else, it should be obvious to the prudent observer that the American taxpayer, even if so inclined, may not be able to cover the losses of their own government, let alone a foreign investor. That has to be making them nervous as well.

Foreign companies buying U.S. roads, bridges that taxpayers built

The last official act of any government is to loot the nation.

Who Is Behind World War III?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The renowned psychoanalyst Bruno Bettelheim once explained, there are some slaves who, then as now, regarded their chains and rags as ornaments to be worn with pretense of pride. Today, the slavish mind says, "Since the system will never change, we can only influence our slave-master (the predators controlling the Democratic Leadership Council or others), by trying to influence that beast from beneath, and take his donations of faith-based-initiatives money when we can." Therefore, now is the time for currently leading political figures of much of the world to stop repeating the silly sophistries of the idiots whispering at their elbows, and, instead, to face the reality of the current global situation.


It is hard to believe, but a majority of Americans (including Christians and conservatives) seem oblivious to the fact that there is a very real, very legitimate New World Order (NWO) unfolding. In the face of overwhelming evidence, most Americans not only seem totally unaware of this reality, they seem unwilling to even remotely entertain the notion.

TvNewsLIES.org :: View topic - Neo-Con Ideology and Fabian Socialism

Fabian Socialists: David Horowitz and Ann Coulter

Quote: There are times when we must look beyond the smoke screens, the political labels, and the propaganda and view the reality behind the distractions. Fabian Socialism, like Fascism, promotes The State as the central force in the lives of each and every individual within society.

In this country in particular, since the advent of FDR’s New Deal, which was not only lauded by Fabian Socialist like H.G. Wells, but also heavily influenced by the Fabians, we have seen the drastic increase of the Centralized State. The expansion of bureaucracy under the New Deal exposed this country to the ideals of Fabian Socialism in a way that it would not have otherwise been able to accomplish without the New Deal.

We know that the Great Depression was caused by the policies of the Federal Reserve System, in fact the new head of the Fed: Mr. Bernanke recently confessed that it was a direct result of Fed policies. The Great Depression provided an incredible opportunity to the Fabian Socialist to further their cause and to implement their policies into the Bastion of Liberty, using it to their advantage.

As in just about every case, the greatest expansion of Fabian Socialism is through, and under the guise of Anti-Socialist Nations, such as the United States. Unlike the Communist, Stalinist or Maoists, the Fabian Socialist never use a frontal attack against a free people; it is always under the cover of free institutions and the machine of a free economy.

If we think that because a system appears to be Capitalistic that it has never been used to the benefit of the Fabians then we are severely mistaken. In order to undermine the total system of free enterprise the Fabians use it to the best of their ability to achieve the goals their Socialistic agenda. They have continually moved in the same direction, using the methods of capitalism as means to subvert and ultimately convert that system into a Socialist Machine.

Perle's New World Order -- And Ours?

Published on Tuesday, April 2, 2003 by the Boston Globe

by Stanley I. Kutler

WHERE ARE YOU, Stanley Kubrick, now that we need you? Forty years ago, he gave us the classic film satire, ''Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.'' Richard Perle would have the star turn in a new Kubrick version, appearing as the second coming of the Prince of Darkness. He certainly has been a busy fellow of late.

First, Perle is the proud, hardly modest, behind-the-scenes promoter of the present Iraq policy. Then we have Perle, lobbyist extraordinaire. Several companies, charged by the Department of Defense and the FBI with dubious connections to the Chinese government, retained Perle to lobby the Pentagon in their behalf. The revelations prompted Perle to resign as chairman of the Defense Policy Board, but he remains a member -- a distinction without a difference.

Perle's real importance is in the realm of policy and strategic doctrines. He has pursued an ambitious agenda for years, which now is momentarily triumphant. Sadly, it has gone largely unnoticed and unchallenged.

As the Iraqi war opened, Perle published a lengthy piece in the Spectator in England, followed by an edited version in The Guardian. ''Thank God for the death of the UN,'' the article announced. Perle confidently proclaimed a dual victory: the defeat of Saddam Hussein and the collapse of the United Nations -- the ''chatterbox on the Hudson.''

He mocked opponents of American policy, both at home and abroad, as soft and naive. His vision is clear: States that possess weapons of mass destruction or terrorists will be confronted by ''coalitions of the willing'' -- the best hope for ''a new world order.'' Perle rejected any pretense for collective security; the United States has the only legitimate claim to enforce the new order. If others want to sign on as active or passive members of the coalition, fine; if not, it is of no consequence.

Stopping The Next Pearl Harbor

If enough people read this essay, we just might stop the Bush administration and Israel from engineering the next Pearl Harbor. The Japanese “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor was publicized two weeks in advance in the headlines of one newspaper. If our generation does not act to stop the Next Pearl Harbor, we will be responsible for launching of World War III and for the end of life as we knew it.

New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion

New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion

London Based International Currency Review backs up Leo Wanta's story about how the Bush and Clinton crime families have ripped-off U.S. Treasury money to fund the destruction of America.

23 Jun 2006

By Greg Szymanski

While the country is preoccupied with terrorism, the war in Iraq and 9/11, thugs controlling the takeover of America are stealing citizens blind to the tune of $55 to $300 trillion dollars, according to an undercover financial report by the London-based International Currency Review.


By James P. Tucker Jr.

Bilderberg expects interest rates to rise and many Americans to lose their
homes in the months ahead. Meanwhile, they hope they can pressure President Bush to refrain from an all-out invasion of Iran while maintaining oil prices at their current record-high levels of about $70 a barrel.

Timothy Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, predicted rising interest rates and difficulties for families that have obtained adjustable rate mortgages, or “variable” interest rates. Many are likely to lose their homes as rising home mortgage rates add hundreds of dollars to their monthly payments, he said. While most listened solemnly and some expressed concern, one was heard to say, “stupid Americans deserve their fate.”

Secret government promises big changes

By Benjamin Fulford

The secret government of the US and EU has promised a major overhaul in the wake of the warning it got from the Chinese secret society, according to a senior Japanese public security police officer and Freemason who has been acting as an intermediary with the Chinese secret society. “Expect big changes this autumn,” he said in comments confirmed by a member of the Japanese royal family. “What you will be seeing is the unwinding of George Bush senior’s 50-year campaign to turn the U.S. into a fascist regime,” the secret police agent says. “George Bush senior is now a broken man showing signs of senile dementia,” he adds.

The New World Order's Letter To Every Citizen Of The World Warning Resistance Is Futile

According to letter addressed to everybody in America, it's useless to resist a one world takeover, as the program is in its final stages.

15 May 2006

By Greg Szymanski

The New World Order agenda is well-known among alternative news junkies.

But to most Americans the name tag put on the sinister and diabolical group of thugs trying to take over the world means nothing.

It means absolutely nothing because most people remain in the dark, having fallen victim to the powerful propaganda machine sweeping through the world like an out of control freight train.

For those who remain uninformed, the following is a letter to get you up to speed from an Illuminati propagandist about the coming One World Order:

Had this for years...outstanding (unknown author) written 1995

For those who may be confused by the controversies surrounding the "New World Order", a One-World-Government, and American concern over giving the UN more power; those unaware of the issues involved; and those wishing more background, I offer the following.

Originally presented for an Honors Class, "Dilemmas of War and Peace," at New Mexico State University, the paper was ridiculed and characterized by Dr. Yosef Lapid, (an acknowledged and locally quoted "expert" on Terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs) as "paranoid... possibly a symptom of mental illness." You may judge for yourself.

Michael Moore Shills For Illuminati Bankers
Propaganda 911

"Fahrenheit 911" blames the Bushes and Saudis for 911 and Iraq to divert our attention from the real masterminds.

In assigning responsibility for the Iraq debacle, there is not a single mention of Israel or neo conservative Jews.

Yet last year Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, trumpeted: "The war in Iraq was conceived by neo conservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish...This is no longer an academic exercise, one of them says. We are responsible for what is happening."


The neo conservative intellectuals are agents of the Illuminati Rothschild banking cartel. Its goal is to integrate the Middle East into the "new world order" at the expense of the U.S. soldier and taxpayer. Another term for this is "imperialism."

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