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mercredi 18 mars 2009

L'Autre Monde 19 mars 2009: La bulle des produits dérivés de 700 000$ milliards éclate & Le Canada qui n'est pas un pays (1/2)


L'Autre Monde 19 mars 2009: La bulle des produits dérivés de 700 000$ milliards éclate & Le Canada qui n'est pas un pays (1/2)

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L'Autre Monde 19 mars 2009

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-Dossier de l'économie: L'Autre Monde disséquer et analyser toutes les informations cruciales pour que les auditeurs puissent avoir une meilleure compréhension des véritables enjeux. Ce dossier occupe une partie prédominante de l'émission de cette semaine. Nous effectuons un tour de la situation en Amérique du sud et particulièrement au Mexique et en Bolivie en plus de parler de machine à voter électroniques, d'impôts, de gouvernements illégitimes et du Canada qui n'est pas un pays alors que les provinces le sont toutes individuellement.

Ne manquez pas aussi la semaine prochaine, notre émission spéciale de 1h30 avec notre invité Ghis (anciennement Ghilaine Lanctôt), auteur de la Mafia Médicale et de Madame Ghis, évasion en prison.

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Amérique du sud:

Chavez sends army to rice plants

BBC News March 1, 2009

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered the army to take control of all rice processing plants in the country.

Major rice processors in the country include the US-owned giant Cargill and Venezuela's main food company, Polar.

"I will expropriate them, I have no problem with that, and I'll pay them with bonds. Don't count on me paying with hard cash," he said, without mentioning any companies by name.

Obama and Chávez Start Sparring Early

In an interview shown in the past week on the Spanish-language network Univision, U.S. President-elect Barack Obama said that Venezuela's firebrand president, Hugo Chávez, has hindered progress in Latin America, and he expressed concern that Chávez's leftist government has assisted Colombia's biggest guerrilla movement, a group the United States considers a terrorist organization. Chávez responded this weekend by saying that Obama had "the same stench" as President Bush, a frequent target of Chávez's remarks.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Yeah, change we can believe in. Right.

US intelligence czar warns about Venezuela

AFP/Yuri Gripas

Retired US Admiral Dennis Blair testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC during his nomination hearing to become the next director of National Intelligence.

Venezuela serves as a bridge for Iran's influence in Latin America and continues to harbor leftist rebels from Colombia, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair told the US Senate Thursday.
"Blair urged greater US engagement in Latin America.
"To maintain our political and economic influence in the region, the United States will be called upon to help the region's governments address their growing security problems and to deliver greater market access.""

Blair warned not only about Venezuela, but also its fellow leftist allies Cuba and Bolivia, and about the growing drug problem in Mexico and FARC rebel strength in Colombia, in an annual assessment of global threats to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Venezuela considers Israel's decision to expel diplomats late, weak

The Venezuelan government said Wednesday that Israel's decision to expel Venezuelan diplomats as an answer to the rupture of the bilateral ties was "weak and late."

Webmaster's Commentary:

I can already see the headlines proclaiming that Osama has escaped to Venezuela and the US needs to invade.

Obama's State Department talk about the Middle East continued with "the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan... the central front in our enduring struggle against terrorism and extremism." A few hours later, US planes attacked a remote village in Afghanistan, intending to kill a Taliban commander. "Village elders, though, told provincial officials there were no Taliban in the area, which they described as a hamlet populated mainly by shepherds. Women and children were among the 22 dead, they said, according to Hamididan Abdul Rahmzai, the head of the provincial council" (LA Times, Jan. 24).

Afghan president Karzai's first message to Obama after he was elected in November was a plea to end the bombing of Afghan civilians, reiterated a few hours before Obama was sworn in. This was considered as significant as Karzai's call for a timetable for departure of US and other foreign forces. The rich and powerful have their "responsibilities." Among them, the New York Times reported, is to "provide security" in southern Afghanistan, where "the insurgency is homegrown and self-sustaining." All familiar. From Pravda in the 1980s, for example.

Alleged Venezuelan synagogue vandals arrested

Seven police officers were among 11 people arrested for involvement in an attack on a Venezuelan synagogue.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Another was a security guard for the synagogue, and latest breaking news is that one of the policemen moonlighted as a bodyguard for the chief Rabbi!

Can you say "Hate Crime Hoax?"

I knew you could!!!!!

Venezuela arrests police, guard in synagogue attack

The Venezuelan public prosecutor's office said the civilians included at least one security official from the synagogue

Webmaster's Commentary:

I predicted it would turn out to be a false-flag attack.

Another pitiful bid for sympathy and pity.

Robbery, Not Anti-Semitism, Motive for Attack on Venezuelan Synagogue

The attack on the synagogue occurred in the early morning of January 31st. Burglars tampered with security cameras, stole property, defaced sacred items including the Torah, and spray-painted the walls with anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli phrases.

Webmaster's Commentary:

If they spray-painted graffiti, then robbery was not the motive.

This story is being put out to conceal that this was a hate-crime hoax.

President Hugo Chavez suspects "antisemitic crime hoax" at Caracas synagogue

The other report was from the Wiesenthal Center that said, "Hugo Chavez's demonization of Israel and the Jewish community set the stage for a shocking five hour invasion and desecration of a synagogue in Caracas on the Jewish Sabbath."

Yesterday, after 3 days of investigation by the "Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (CICPC) and the "Ministerio del Poder Popular para las Relaciones Interiores y Justicia", Venezuela's Minister of Information Jesse Chacon Escamillo said they now suspect that the purported crime was actually committed by the Zionists themselves.

Chavez, "foes trying to spur 'religious war'"

CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez accused Venezuela's opposition and privately-owned media on Tuesday of attempting to incite "a religious war" by unjustly accusing his government of fomenting anti-Semitism following an attack on a synagogue.
Chavez railed against opposition leaders for suggesting that his harsh criticism of the Israeli government and its military offensive in the Gaza Strip have inspired anti-Semitism, and he challenged them to publicly retract their statements.
"Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami said Monday a synagogue security guard and a police officer who worked as a bodyguard for a local rabbi are among the 11 people detained over the weekend."

Welcome to the Apocalypse and Unveiling of the Truth.

It’s coming out everywhere. The doubts are damning. The questions are being raised by the most unlikely sources. Many, many lies are being revealed and a large percentage of so called anti-Semitic and false flag incidents all over the world are being proven to have been orchestrated by Zionist, Jewish interests. One has only to inquire to be enlightened.


Webmaster's Commentary:


Jewish Community of Venezuela Fears for Their Safety

Webmaster's Commentary:


Okay. Here is the part FOX isn't telling you. All this "Anti-Semitism" in Venezuela was kicked off by the attack on the synagogue where a bunch of guys ran through and spray-painted the walls. This was headline news around the world (while the six totally destroyed Mosques in Gaza did not rate a mention on ABCNNBBCBS). Yesterday, the Venezuelan police arrested the vandals, who turned out to be other police officers AND THE SECURITY GUARD FOR THE SYNAGOGUE ITSELF!

Forget about Gaza; let's wave NAZIS! NAZIS! NAZIS! morning noon and night it's non-stop NAZIS! NAZIS! NAZIS! Here a NAZI there a NAZI everywhere a NAZI NAZI ee-eye-ee-eye-oh!!!!!

Nazis developed Thalidomide and tested it on concentration camp prisoners, author claims

The claim could have implications for the compensation of surviving victims, including 457 in the UK, if the German government is held liable for their condition.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Ooooh let's wave NAZIS at everyone one more time (and make a few bucks in the process).

As this article openly admits, a German company named Grünenthal owns the patent on Thalidomide, but Grünenthal did not exist until after the war was over. Moreover, any and all patentable technologies were looted via operation paperclip, and handed to allied companies as war booty.

Blaming the Nazis means more lawsuits for "compensation" and "reparations."

But before you all start spending that money, kindly explain why no stories of a rash of malformed children have ever been told by the survivors of the slave labor camps? Or that the Nazis, even if they did invent Thalidomide, did so with intent to cause harm.

Or why present day Germans, who were mostly not even alive during the first half of the last Century, bear any responsibility.

DEA quits Bolivia on Morales' order

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has removed all its agents from Bolivia, complying with orders by President Evo Morales, officials said.

The DEA began pulling agents out several weeks ago and the last agents left Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reported. The development comes even as Bolivian officials say coca cultivation and cocaine processing are growing.

Morales ordered the DEA out in November, more than three decades after the DEA began working there. He expelled U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg last year and the Bush administration has decertified Bolivia's anti-drug campaign.

Citing senior law enforcement officials, the Times reported this is the first time the DEA has been ordered to pull its entire operation out of a country.

Fidel Castro demands unconditional return of Guantanamo

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has demanded the United States unconditionally return the Guantanamo Bay military base to Cuba in an article published on the CubaDebate website.

Ecuador's president orders US diplomat expelled

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — President Rafael Correa on Saturday ordered the expulsion of a top U.S. diplomat he accused of suspending $340,000 in annual aid because Ecuador would not allow the U.S. to veto appointments to the anti-smuggling police.

A U.S. Embassy spokeswoman said the official in question, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement attache, left the country in early January when his assignment ended, and that the aid suspension was a U.S. government decision.

Ecuador's leftist president said the official, Armando Astorga, announced the suspension of aid to anti-contraband police in a Jan. 8 letter that also demanded they return all donated equipment — including vehicles, furniture, cameras and phones.

Ecuador Expels U.S. Diplomat Accused of Meddling

Ecuador's foreign minister announced here Wednesday that U.S. Embassy First Secretary Mark Sullivan is being expelled for interfering in the internal workings of the Andean nation's police.

Bolivia gives US diplomat 72 hours to leave

Bolivia ordered a senior US diplomat to leave the country within 72 hours after President Evo Morales accused him of participating in a "conspiracy" against Bolivia's far-left government.

Bolivia passes land from rich to poor

Emboldened by a new leftist constitution, Bolivia President Evo Morales on Saturday handed over ownership of farmland seized by the state from wealthy estate holders to poor indigenous people.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"No, no, no; that's all WRONG! You take from the poor to give to the RICH! THAT'S how it is supposed to work!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Ex-presidents of Latin America urge legal marijuana

Former presidents of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil called Wednesday for the decriminalization of marijuana for personal use and a change in tactics on the war on drugs, a Spanish news agency said.

If Violence Escalates in Mexico, Texas Officials Plan to Be Ready

As drug cartels continue to terrorize Mexico, Texas officials are planning for the worst-case scenario: how to respond if the violence spills over the border, and what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary:

... and what percentage of the illegals already behind the lines inside the US will join the cartels?

Drug violence spins Mexico toward 'civil war'

A shootout in a border city that leaves five alleged drug traffickers sprawled dead on the street and seven police wounded. A police chief and his bodyguards gunned down outside his house in another border city. Four bridges into the United States shut down by protesters who want the military out of their towns and who officials say are backed by narcotraffickers.
Mexican police carry a body after a clash with gangs that left 21 dead in the state of Chihuahua on February 10.

That was Mexico on Tuesday.

What is most remarkable is that it was not much different from Monday or Sunday or any day in the past few years.

Mexico to send more troops to besieged city

Module body

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (Reuters) - Mexico is sending thousands more troops and federal police to the country's most violent city, where law and order is on the brink of collapse in a war between gangs supplying drugs to the United States.

The army said on Thursday the deployment of up to 5,000 personnel could take the number of soldiers and federal police to over 7,000 in Ciudad Juarez, which is across the U.S. border from El Paso, Texas.

This month alone, drug hitmen killed 250 people in Juarez, where a meeting of cabinet members on Wednesday was rattled by three bomb scares, forcing soldiers to briefly shut the city's international airport.

Obama: Troop move to Mexican border under consideration

President Obama weighed in Wednesday on the escalating drug war on the U.S.-Mexico border, saying that he was looking at possibly deploying National Guard troops to contain the violence but ruled out any immediate military move.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Don’t you feel silly submitting to all those airport harrassments by TSA knowing that the whole Mexican border has been wide open all this time?


Good heavens: Vatican rehabilitating Galileo

The Vatican is recasting the most famous victim of its Inquisition as a man of faith, just in time for the 400th anniversary of Galileo's telescope and the U.N.-designated International Year of Astronomy next year.

Vatican divorces from Italian law

The Vatican City State, the world's smallest sovereign state, has decided to divorce itself from Italian law.

Vatican legal experts say there are too many laws in Italian civil and criminal codes, and that they frequently conflict with Church principles.

With effect from New Year's Day, the Pope has decided that the Vatican will no longer automatically adopt laws passed by the Italian parliament.

All Italian laws will be examined one by one before they are adopted.

Under the Lateran treaties signed exactly 80 years ago between Italy and the Pope, and the Italian Parliamentary system, Italian laws were applied automatically.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"We are above the law!"

Fines fraud hits Italian drivers

Thousands of drivers in Italy are expected to seek compensation after it was revealed that a system to catch them jumping red lights was rigged.

More than 100 people, including police officers, are being investigated as part of the fraud.

The T-Redspeed system - a revolutionary camera technology - has been in use for two years in 300 areas across Italy.

It is believed more than a million drivers have been trapped by the system.

But it is now claimed the lights were rigged to change from yellow to red in three seconds instead of the regulation five or six seconds.

Instead of an average 15 fines a day in some places, the figure jumped to more than 1,000.

The fraud may have netted as much as $170m116.4m) for those involved.


Video "Israel Does Not Target the Palestinian Civilians"

Webmaster's Commentary:

"The Palestinians are throwing themselves onto our bullets just to make us look bad!"


Tony Blair receives Israeli prize worth $1 million

Netanyahu embraces threat to US security

Sources close to Netanyahu have confirmed that Uzi Arad will be Israel's next national security adviser, The Washington Times reported Tuesday.

The former Mossad chief has been denied entry into the United States during the past two years based on the grounds that he is a security risk.

Arad was implicated in the indictment of former Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin, who pleaded guilty in 2005 to providing classified information about Iran to two employees of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Israeli army ordered to devise Iran war

Webmaster's Commentary:

Step 1: Bomb Iran's power station clandestine nuclear weapons factory.

Step 2: Turn war over to the Americans to finish.

IDF chief: Strike on Iran a concrete option

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi, who is on an official visit to the United States, told his American colleagues Monday that the Iranian threat could still be handled via sanctions, but stressed that an Israeli military strike was a "serious" option.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Just a reminder as to WHO is pushing for your kids to die in their wars.

Bibi envisions 'major' war in coming months

Webmaster's Commentary:

"God says we should start it and you Americans should finish it for us!"

Report: IDF chief gave U.S. fresh intel on Iran nukes program

American sources told the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan that Israel Defense Forces chief Gabi Ashkenazi provided fresh intelligence to the United States concerning Iran's nuclear facility in Arak during his visit to Washington earlier this week, according to Israel Radio.

Webmaster's Commentary:

All 16 United States Intelligence agencies (and the IAEA) are convinced Iran is not building a nuclear weapon, yet the Obama administration only listens to Israel; the same nation that helped lie us into the war in Iraq.


U.S., Israel Disagree on Iran Arms Threat

Iran has not produced the highly enriched uranium necessary for a nuclear weapon and has not decided to do so, U.S. intelligence officials told Congress yesterday, an assessment that contrasts with a stark Israeli warning days earlier that Iran has crossed the "technological threshold" in its pursuit of the bomb.

Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair said that Iran has not decided to pursue the production of weapons-grade uranium and the parallel ability to load it onto a ballistic missile.

Obama extends sanctions against Iran

Webmaster's Commentary:

More change we can believe in.

US kicks Iran war prep into high gear

Just days after the top US commander sketched out plans to strike Iran, the US military claims Tehran sent a drone into Iraq in February.

Webmaster's Commentary:

How very @#%$ing convenient for the warhawks.


The US military identified the Iranian drone as an Ababil 3 unmanned aircraft. While the aircraft can be used as a type of flying bomb capable of delivering some 45kgs of explosives, its usual use is as a reconnaissance aircraft fitted out with cameras and other such equipment.


U.S. Jet Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Iraq

An American fighter jet shot down an Iranian drone as it was flying over Iraq, U.S. military sources in Baghdad tell Danger Room.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Maybe the drone was being flown by Iran to keep an eye on Americans near the Iranian border.

Or maybe the drone is actually Israeli (they make a lot of them) and blamed on Iran to support the push for war.

Memo that told Blair aides Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat

Intelligence experts explicitly warned Tony Blair's aides that Britain was not in "imminent danger of attack" from Saddam Hussein, a confidential memo revealed today.

The row over claims that the Government "spun" its way into war with Iraq is likely to be reignited after the release of the document by the Cabinet Office.

Webmaster's Commentary:


US Troops Killed Iraqi Girl With ‘Warning Shot’

A 12 year old Iraqi girl was killed today when US forces fired “warning shots” at a vehicle in Nineveh Province. The press release said the girl was standing about 100 meters behind the vehicle which was being warned: it was not clear if the drivers of the vehicle were sufficiently surprised by the shooting of the innocent girl just 100 meters from them.

Nouvelles du monde:

Diebold Admits ALL Versions of Their Software Delete Ballots Without Notice

Even the audit log system on current versions of Premier Election Solutions' (formerly Diebold's) electronic voting and tabulating systems --- used in some 34 states across the nation --- fail to record the wholesale deletion of ballots. Even when ballots are deleted on the same day as an election. That's the shocking admission heard today from Justin Bales, Premier's Western Region manager, at a State of California public hearing on the possible decertification of Diebold/Premier's tabulator system, GEMS v. 1.18.19.

US drops 'enemy combatant' term

Announcing the end of the term's use, the Justice Department said suspects would in future be held according to legal standards set by the international laws of war.

Webmaster's Commentary:

... and the ones being held NOW????????

Army probes domestic use of troops in Alabama

Though the strained Samson Police Department was no doubt glad to have U.S. Army military police on hand to direct traffic during last week's tragic shooting spree, it appears that the troops were deployed without the proper authorization and in possible violation of federal law.

An inquiry by the U.S. Army has been opened to find out how and why 22 active duty troops from Fort Rucker, Ala. were placed on the streets of the town of Samson during the shooting spree, which took the lives of 11 people on March 10, reported CNSNews.com on Wednesday.

Call for Madagascar forces to defy protest orders

“We cannot accept the repression of the civilian population,” said the colonel.

Proposal to Have Soldiers Pay for Service-Related Injuries with Their Own Private Insurance

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed...that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.

China 'worried' about US Treasury holdings

China's premier didn't say it in so many words, but the implied warning to Washington was blunt: Don't devalue the dollar through reckless spending.

China Finally Diversifying Out of the Dollar?

Everyone knows that China has $2 trillion in foreign reserves. Two-thirds of those reserves are said to be denominated in dollars.

But - after years of speculation - there are increasing signs that China is diversifying out of the dollar.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Is this why the US is trying to provoker China; as a warning that the US is willing to attack China if China dumps the dollar?

Destroyer to Protect Ship Near China

NBC Nightly News (03-09-09) Tent Cities of Homeless Springing Up In Bad Times

Unemployment in 7 States May Have Exceeded 20% in February

As I have previously pointed out, unemployment may actually be higher than during the same phase of the Great Depression. Specifically, as of 1930 - the year after the 1929 crash - the unemployment rate was 8.7 percent.

As of December 2008, U-6 unemployment was 13.5 percent. (U-6 is actually more accurate, because it includes those who would like full-time work, but can only find part-time work, or have given up looking for work altogether). And PhD economists John Williams and Paul Craig Roberts - former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and former editor of the Wall Street Journal - both say that if the unemployment rate was calculated as it was during the Great Depression, today's figure would actually be 17.5% nationally.

Yesterday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report showing that 7 states had unemployment rates above 10% in February. Ranked from largest to smallest, they are:

Michigan: 12.5 %

Rhode Island: 11.4 %

South Carolina: 10.9 %

Oregon: 10.9 %

California: 10.6%

North Carolina: 10.3%

Nevada: 10.2%

There are also numerous states with 9% unemployment.

Remember, that these figures are calculated using U-3. The U-6 unemployment numbers for some of these states probably exceeds 20%, which is substantially higher than the numbers for the comparable period of 1930 (today is comparable to 1930 because we are one year or less into the current financial crisis). Indeed, unemployment is accelerating, and so by the end of this year, unemployment could be even higher.


Illinois Gov. to Propose 50% Increase in State Income Tax

Gov. Pat Quinn today acknowledged he plans to raise income taxes in the wake of a Chicago Tribune story that he is considering a 50 percent increase on individuals.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Okay Pat, here is the deal. We're going to stand you up on a soap box with a noose around your neck and give you a chance to explain to us all why this tax increase is necessary.

At the end of the speech, if you have convinced us, we'll remove the noose.

Otherwise we remove the box.

Cheney: Don't blame Bush team for economic woes

Don't blame the Bush administration for all the country's economic problems.

That's the message from former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Evil trolls did it!"

State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era

In the age of globalization, states should give up some sovereignty to world bodies in order to protect their own interests

Webmaster's Commentary:

Globalism is what turned an economic crisis in the United States into a world disaster. Saying that more globalism can fix it is like saying we could have saved the Titanic by backing up and ramming the iceberg a second time!

All travel plans to be tracked by Government

The travel plans and personal details of every holidaymaker, business traveller and day-tripper who leaves Britain are to be tracked by the Government, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Anyone departing the UK by land, sea or air will have their trip recorded and stored on a database for a decade.

Passengers leaving every international sea port, station or airport will have to supply detailed personal information as well as their travel plans. So-called "booze crusiers" who cross the Channel for a couple of hours to stock up on wine, beer and cigarettes will be subject to the rules.

In addition, weekend sailors and sea fishermen will be caught by the system if they plan to travel to another country - or face the possibility of criminal prosecution.

The owners of light aircraft will also be brought under the system, known as e-borders, which will eventually track 250 million journeys annually.

Even swimmers attempting to cross the Channel and their support teams will be subject to the rules which will require the provision of travellers' personal information such as passport and credit card details, home and email addresses and exact travel plans.

They will be expected to use the internet to send their details each time they leave the country and would face a fine of up to £5,000 should they fail to do so.

Wireless Tasers extend the long arm of the law

Webmaster's Commentary:

It's STILL a cattle prod, and it is STILL aimed at We The People.

Red Cross Described 'Torture' at CIA Jails

The International Committee of the Red Cross concluded in a secret report that the Bush administration's treatment of al-Qaeda captives "constituted torture," a finding that strongly implied that CIA interrogation methods violated international law, according to newly published excerpts from the long-concealed 2007 document.

Russia announces rearmament plan

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said Moscow will begin a comprehensive military rearmament from 2011.

Mr Medvedev said the primary task would be to "increase the combat readiness of [Russia's] forces, first of all our strategic nuclear forces".

Explaining the move, he cited concerns over Nato expansion near Russia's borders and regional conflicts.

GM mosquito bred to destroy malaria

Scientists in America have engineered a species of mosquito which is resistant to the malaria infection. Its ability to block the infection suggests that it could come to dominate mosquito populations if released into the wild.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Ummmmm, doesn't that mean that the mosquito population will INCREASE? And that means we will be bitten more often?

Which means people will use MORE pesticides (because these cheap bug zappers the hardware stores carry now don't work), good for the profits of the pesticide companies but not to good for the environment.

And given some of the evidence that GM creations have unexpected side effects not tested for in the labs. I think it is very reckless to release a frankenbug into the wild that by design is injecting its saliva into humans.

CONFIRMED! German school shooter was taking anti-depressants!

Authorities late last week began to think they had something of an answer for the paper. Kretschmer, announced minister of justice Heribert Rech, had left a message on a chatroom the night before he launched his assault on Albertville. He said he was "fed up of his life" and added that "everyone laughs at me, no one recognises my potential". Chillingly, the post went on: "I have weapons here and tomorrow morning I will go to my former school and I will really administer a grilling."


Webmaster's Commentary:

Guns do not kill, pills do!

Jewish Canadians Concerned About Suppression of Criticism of Israel Censored by Canadian Media.

Jewish Canadians Concerned About Suppression of Criticism of Israel

James Deutsch, M.D., Ph.D., Judith Deutsch, M.S.W., R.S.W., Miriam Garfinkle, M.D.

Over 150 Jewish Canadians signed a statement expressing their concerns about the campaign to suppress criticism of Israel that is being carried on within Canada. The signatories include many prominent Canadians, including Ursula Franklin O.C., Anton Kuerti O.C., Naomi Klein, Dr. Gabor Mate, and professors Meyer Brownstone (recipient of Pearson Peace Medal), Natalie Zemon Davis, Michael Neumann, and Judy Rebick. *


The UN Durban Review Conference, billed as a ‘World Conference against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance’, due to begin in Geneva on 20 April, is shaping up to be one that exposes who exactly the worlds most racist nations actually are – by them being conspicuous by their absence.

Naturally, Israel will not be there. Nor will the US be there. Nor Canada. And now it looks like Australia may not be there either. As one Ha’aretz reader points out; “What do the U.S., Canada, Australia and Israel all have in common? All were created through ethnic cleansing and apartheid. No wonder they all stick together.”

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