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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

samedi 20 septembre 2008

Les magouilles criminelles de la famille Bush


Like father, like son

No consequences for Bush Jr?


Not really.

When Bill Clinton, "the man from Hope," took the White House one of the things he did not put on his agenda was a serious investigation into the vast criminal enterprise operated by George Bush, Sr. that went by the name Iran/Contra.

Bush Sr. who belonged in jail on many counts walked away scott free.

Since Clinton left the White House, it's obvious that he and Bush Sr. are the best of friends playing golf together and posing for numerous photo ops.

Is Obama going to go after the vast criminal enterprise Bush Jr. presided over.

The message is loud and clear. He will not.

What do you call the form of government where the chief executive can break serious laws repeatedly causing grave harm to the nation without consequences of any kind?

On the other hand, can Bush pardon himself in advance for murder? I don't think so.

Why a murder indictment against Bush is not only realistic, it's also advisable. Best of all, it won't require cooperation from the next occupant of the White House or the Congress.

How to indict Bush for murder

The Mafia, the CIA and Bush Sr.

Roots of the Savings & Loan Scandal

Part One

Part Two

Banking - Bush style

Regular Brasscheck TV viewers know that throughout its second term, the Bush administration actively interfered with states that attempted to enforce their own state lending laws.

Bush & Co. used the Office of the Controller of the Currency to sue states like
New York to stop them from going after predatory lenders.

Bush Jr. is not the first Bush to get "hands on" involved in shaping the lending industry to his will.

Many know that one of this brothers, Neil, was part of a spectacular Savings & Loan failure in the 1980s.

What far fewer people are aware of is how deeply the CIA, organized crime and, George Bush Sr. were involved in the Savings & Loan disaster which caused US taxpayers and estimated trillion dollars plus.

The term of art for these kinds of operations is a "bust out."

The scam works as follows: an organized crime group takes over a business, borrows as much as it can in the business' name, fails to pay vendors and then disappears with all the cash.

The Bush family and its associates in organized crime and the CIA have figured out how to run this scam on a multi-hundred billion dollar level using the entire US banking system as its playground.

When you consider that Reagan was probably out of it from Day One of his term and that Bill Clinton is a close associate of George Bush Sr., the Bush crime syndicate has been influencing when not outright running the executive branch continuously since 1980, which, perhaps not so coincidentally, marks the earliest days of the credit bubble the economy is now having serious trouble digesting.

Meet me at Mena

Why Bush Sr. and Clinton
are such great friends

In 1992, an obscure governor from an economically backward state became president of the United States.

How did
Clinton ever become a candidate let alone make it into the White House?

To be sure, he was intelligent, charismatic, and had a well organized campaign.

He promised "change" from the disastrous fours year of the Bush Sr. administration.

In fact, he and George Bush Sr. were friends and colleagues long before they ran against each other, a fact obscured by the media.

As president, Clinton:

1. Discontinued investigations into Bush's role in "Iran Contra"
2. Continued Bush's savage attacks on Iraqi civilians via attacks on that country's infrastructure
3. Continued to allow hard drugs to flow into the country unimpeded while drastically ramping up persecution and prosecution of marijuana users
4. Witnessed a dramatic act of domestic terrorism (
Oklahoma City) which he saw no need to investigate,
5. Greatly accelerated the erosion of civil liberties in the
6. Continued the precedent of attacking countries that had not attacked or even threatened us (
7. Presided over a vicious military-style attack on
US civilians (Waco)

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