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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

lundi 22 septembre 2008

La vraie face du gouvernement et les fausses élections

La vraie face du gouvernement et les fausses élections

Vous vous demandez pourquoi les candidats à la présidence ou pour devenir Premier Ministre sont toujours aussi mauvais, à part quelques rares exceptions? Ils faut savoir comment les bonnes personnes pour le peuple sont ridiculisées ou même éliminées dans ce système. L`ordre établi ne laissera pas passer quelqu`un qui nuit à leur intérêt passer si facilement.

Quels intérêts on t-il à protéger? Regardez le troisième vidéo pour vous donner une idée.


Why our presidential candidates are always such crap

What happens to independent candidates

Bill Maher: Assassination by media ridicule

Chip Tatum: Harder methods

Neutralized by media thugs
- or by real ones

It was very odd when Ross Perot dropped out of the presidential race in the 1990s.

He was doing well, having fun and clearly had no shortage of funds to carry on.

Suddenly, mumbling something about threats to his family, he was gone.

But sometimes constant public ridicule is all it takes to neutralize a candidate.

Here's Bill Maher doing what he does best.

His job is to pose as a progressive and ridicule everything that threatens the people who put and keep him on the air. Note how he skillfully invalidates everything Ron Paul had to say in an attempt to paint him as an oddball.

For the record: I loathe Bill Maher.

Chip Tatum is a much more sympathetic character.

A good soldier, he really believed the things he was doing served the country.

But he eventually learned the hard way.

Jailed for two years on completely bogus charges in order to neutralize him. The last I heard, his tortured body washed up an a beach in
Panama in early 2007. Can't confirm that though.

His wife Nancy Tatum wrote a book called "Joining Club Fed" which may be the single best, real-world portrayal of the so-called criminal justice system in the
US and how it's used to punish whistle blowers.

Truly scary stuff, especially since it is so accurate.

Career tip: If you work for the government, especially the parts that put people away - literally and figuratively - you better be prepared to go along with everything you see, or risk ending up in jail or dead.

(And they might just do you for the heck of it anyway.)

It's not really fun being a member of the Mafia unless you're a true, full blown psychopath.
Even then, longevity is doubtful.

The Secret Government - 1987

When the US sold missiles to Iran, converted the profits to guns,
and traded the guns for cocaine

Bush Sr and his Handiwork


US sold missiles to Iran, bought guns with the profits and then sent the guns to Central America to support to support a terror war against peasants in the countryside there.

The guns were paid for with cocaine processed by the so-called Contra which was then shipped to the
US and sold wholesale to a criminal organization based in Los Angeles that was largely responsible for spreading crack cocaine throughout the nation in the 1980s.

When Bush Jr. took office in 2000, dozens of Iran-Contra operatives came out of the woodwork to join his administration. Fox News gave one of the chief ring leaders, Oliver North, his own TV show.

(The head of Fox News is Roger Ailes, the former campaign manager for George Bush Sr's presidential campaign.)

During the Iran-Contra operation Ronadl Reagan was nominally the president of the
United States. In reality, vice president George Bush, Sr - director of the CIA less than ten years before - ran the show.

Amazingly, Bush Sr. completely insulated himself from any personal consequences regarding Iran-Contra. Like a good mafia don, he had layers and layers of loyal "button men" willing to shut up and take the fall for him.

His good friend Bill Clinton, who by many accounts protected the gun export and cocaine importation leg of this trade as it was conducted out of Mena, Arkansas, ran against Bush for president in 1992, won, and promptly discontinued all further investigation into the Iran-Contra affair.

If you want to take this a little deeper, the folks who were incinerated at Waco by Clinton and Janet Reno very early in Clinton's presidency, had a thriving business converting semi-automatic rifles to automatic ones. It's never been made clear who the customers for these weapons were, but if you look at a map,
Waco, Texas is not that far from Mena, Arkansas.

Bill Clinton's representatives in the ATF office in
Little Rock started feverishly developing their case against the Waco "cult" immediately after Clinton's election in November of 1992.

Yeah, it's complicated.

It's a shame these guys have so much energy and initiative because they do manage to get a lot done.

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