Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

vendredi 18 juillet 2008

Quand il vient le temps de dire ça suffit

Quand il vient le temps de dire ça suffit

Voilà des informations qui circulent en ce moment à propos d'événements que nous pouvons grandement influencer si nous sommes assez informés et avons le coeur de nous en préoccuper.

Stop the attack on Iran


Terrorism against women working in Iraq


This is the third and last in our series
of videos documenting contractor mayhem
in Iraq.

The Iraq War was the first contractors

More than half of the operatives in
Iraq are private contractors. This
is unprecedented in American history.

The war in Iraq has enabled the Bush
Republicans to fund the development
of their own private army, Blackwater,
which as already been deployed on US

Halliburton routinely provides wildly
overpriced and substandard services
including contaminated water to troops.

The last in the series: utter lawlessness,
if you're a private contractor in Iraq.


What the main stream media would have said if...

Imagine what the main stream media would have said if these were Palestinian children. It will be shown all over the world to depict barbarian Palestinian training innocent kids to become terrorist or born terrorist kids training to kill innocent & peaceful Israeli kids and so on! why don't you see this in the media ......

Arrest Karl Rove now!

Karl Rove refuses to testify under oath about charges that he was involved in a five year long conspiracy to smear, falsely charge and have the Governor of Alabama imprisoned.

He's claiming "executive privilege." Just one problem, the President claims that this matter was never a subject of discussion in his administration.

Contempt of Congress is an arrest-able offense.

Karl Rove coordinated the lie campaign that
sold the war on Iraq.

He engineered two election frauds (three if
you count how he's already wired the 2008 vote.)

He was "Bush's Brain."

You can help put the pressure on to put him
in a court of law as a defendant.



2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

J'ai bien aimé comment l'animateur radio, dans ton 1er vidéo, a - comme disent les anglophones - "déchiré un nouveau tr** de c** à l'appeleur...Il "en" était tellement plein...fallait bien l'aider ...

Comme ton titre d'article l'indique,

À plus cher Co-Résistant!


FM a dit...

L'animateur de radio en question est George Galloway, impliqué en politique en l'Angleterre. Disons qu'il a passé l'appeleur à la casserole!