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dimanche 20 juillet 2008

Pétrole: Tout le monde en parle, mais peu le comprennent


Pétrole: Tout le monde en parle, mais peu le comprennent

C'est comme si on était mystifié devant ce sang noir de notre économie. Beaucoup le haïssent, certains en profitent énormément, mais une chose est certaine, nous sommes tous impliqués dans cette galère. Alors, je propose de mieux connaître tout ce qui entoure cette ressource par rapport à laquelle nous semblons avoir une dépendance.

Premièrement, je vous propose de faire du rattrapage historique si vous ne connaissez pas comment il est peu à peu entré dans nos vies. Voici une série de documentaires à propos de l'histoire du pétrole qui va vous éclairer énormément si vous avez la patience de visionner les environs 8 heures total. C'est en français et le producteur était très recherché.

L’Histoire secrète du pétrole

Ensuite vous avez une panoplie d'articles qui vont vous mener à travers le supposé pic pétrolier, le fait que le pétrole est renouvelable, sur les vrais enjeux autour de celui-ci en Irak et ailleurs, nouvelles découvertes, manipulations des prix actuels et de la nouvelle bourse du pétrole en Iran qui va vendre son pétrole en d'autres devises que le dollar américain et plus!

Those who control oil and water will control the world

History may not repeat itself, but, as Mark Twain observed, it can sometimes rhyme. The crises and conflicts of the past recur, recognizably similar even when altered by new conditions. At present, a race for the world's resources is underway that resembles the Great Game that was played in the decades leading up to the First World War. Now, as then, the most coveted prize is oil and the risk is that as the contest heats up it will not always be peaceful. But this is no simple rerun of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, there are powerful new players and it is not only oil that is at stake.

Iran Ends Oil Transactions In U.S. Dollars

Iran, OPEC's second-largest producer, has completely stopped conducting oil transactions in U.S. dollars, a top Oil Ministry official said Wednesday, a concerted attempt to reduce reliance on Washington at a time of tension over Tehran's nuclear program and suspected involvement in Iraq.

***It’s all about oil

Yes, the War is for Oil - and the Oil is for israel

Are you seeing a pattern here???

They need oil, they take Sinai. They don't give it back until they've secure guaranteed access to its oil.

They need oil, they kick off a war between the US and Iraq to secure cheap oil from Mosul to Haifa. But, Syria and Lebanon stand in the way, so they decimate Lebanon and now they're after Syria.

And of course, they've been itching to re-open the pipeline from Iran since it shut down in '79. Hence, israel's incessant call for the US to attack Iran.

Finally, israelis don't intend to end their quest for oil with Iran. They have other countries in their cross-hairs, like Saudi Arabia and their so-called "grand prize" - Egypt.

The Myth Of Peak Oil

The "Peakers" are pointing to today's record high price as proof that we have reached the "oil peak". But what we are seeing is not a drop in supply but a drop in the dollar. Plus, let us not forget that the US Government is starting to buy petroleum products and stockpile them for their planned war on Iran. That also drives prices up (as does pissing off those countries we buy oil from).

Now, it is obvious that oil is a finite resource, and even if there is a renewal mechanism deep in the Earth's crust, it is not replenishing the oil as fast as we are using it (and nothing uses it up faster than war). But whether we are at the peak or not is still open to debate, as both sides of the argument are agenda-driven rather than fact-driven.

There is an old homily that when it takes a barrel of oil to recover a barrel of oil, the party is over no matter how much oil is really down there. But of course, advances in technology can change that crossover point.

Personally, I think we should be spending money on new energy technology than in killing each other over what oil is left. Because if we run out of the oil that runs our machinery and we have not created a replacement, then we will have dead-ended ourselves, spending the rest of our species' lifespan trapped on a planet of dead and rusting hulks.

There is fusion power to look at, and of course, the outer gas giant planets have all the hydrocarbons we could ever need. True, we cannot get those hydrocarbpns here easily, just as it would have been impossible to transport vast amounts of oil and gas across the oceans in Columbus' time. But we know mining the outer planets is possible; it is just a matter of scale to get it done, and the political leadership wise enough to invest in that future starting now.

World not running out of oil, say experts

A landmark study of more than 800 oilfields by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (Cera) has concluded that rates of decline are only 4.5 per cent a year, almost half the rate previously believed, leading the consultancy to conclude that oil output will continue to rise over the next decade.

Oil Doesn’t Come from Squashed Ferns and Fish??

In his later years, Gold challenged the belief, deeply held by American and British geoscientists, that oil is fluid concentrated from huge amounts of vegetation and animal remains that have been buried in the sediments over hundreds of million of years. Instead, he and many other geophysicists, most notably in Russia and China (5), for decades have been providing evidence that oil and natural gas are generated from hydrocarbon substances in the Earth’s crust that were “brought in from space when the Earth was formed.”

Rock Eating Bacteria Bring New Questions About The Evolution Of Life On Earth

Once considered a barren plain dotted with hydrothermal vents, the seafloor's rocky regions appear to be teeming with microbial life, say scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Woods Hole, Mass., University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, and other institutions.

'Huge' oil field found off Brazil

A huge natural gas field has been found a short distance off Rio de Janeiro's coastline, Petrobras, Brazil's state-controlled oil company, says.

Oil price profiteering to be curbed at ICE Futures Europe and Nymex

Two of the world's largest energy exchanges have forced traders to deposit significantly more money when investing to curb volatility in energy markets and drive out speculators.

There are only three people necessary for a transaction. The person making the product. The person moving the product from the person who makes it to the person who uses it, and the person who uses it, Everything else, all the extra middlemen who worm their way into the path that products follow from manufacture to use, are superfluous make-work positions that add cost without adding benefit.

308,000 barrels missing from Petroleum Reserve

"Dangit, they were right here just a moment ago!" -- Official White Horse Souse

18 Years on and Exxon Still Won't Pay $2.5 Billion for Valdez Oil Spill

The Supreme Court's recent decision to hear ExxonMobil's reasons to void the $2.5 billion punitive award in the Exxon Valdez case hit the town of Cordova, Alaska, hard. This small coastal fishing community -- my hometown -- along with the Alaska Native villages in Prince William Sound have borne the brunt of the largest crude oil spill in America's waters; a spill that took place more than 18 years ago, but one that continues to hold the region hostage.

The second painful blow was the high court's decision to not even hear our reasons why the award should be restored to the full $5 billion that a jury of peers decided was necessary to punish the corporate giant back in 1994.

Triple-digit oil prices expected after 2007 records

After a record-smashing year with oil peaking at $99 a barrel in 2007, a triple-digit world of crude oil awaits in the coming year, energy experts say.

And if the US, in some fit of insanity, attacks Iran, all bets are off over just how high the price of oil will go.

In Crude's Sights: $101.70, The Real Record High for Oil

If the uptrend continues, market watchers say this could be the week that oil manages to punch through the symbolic level and eclipse the inflation-adjusted record of $101.70 reached in April 1980.

And the oil company execs, all "Bush's base", are laughing themselves to the bank.

How High Will It Go? Oil Prices Top $98 A Barrelt

Record oil prices edged closer to $100 a barrel Wednesday amid expectations of declining U.S. supplies. The weak dollar and OPEC's apparent reluctance to pump more crude into the market also boosted prices.

In light of the fact that $100.00 a barrel oil is precisely what the industry execs want, this is probably what we're going to be living with - or worse - for some time to come.

Oil Futures Rise to $100 a Barrel

Crude oil prices soared to $100 a barrel Wednesday for the first time, reaching that milestone amid an unshakeable view that global demand for oil and petroleum products will outstrip supplies.

Globalists Take a Step Closer To $200 Dollar Oil

US-made oil disaster has mileage

The short answer is that the US Federal Reserve was in large part responsible for the oil price explosion and its volatility, while two successive US administrations have created the oil supply shortfall, again adversely affecting oil prices.

Michael Chertoff Calls Iran, Venezuela Relationship 'Troubling'

Iran and Venezuela are united in their disdain for the U.S. Some reports have indicated that Chavez won't hesitate to cut off his country's oil supply to the United States if it launches an air strike or any military action against Iran. Chertoff suggested that his department and indeed the intelligence community are tracking the growing ties between these two nations and the potential threat it could pose.

This has absolutely nothing to do wiith "Al Qaeda".

The only thing troubling Chertoff is the reality that Venezuela may very well cut off its oil supplies to the US if we attack Iran, and that would be very economically painful.

Iraq nullifies Kurdish oil deals

Iraq's oil ministry has declared all crude contracts signed by the Kurdish regional authorities with foreign companies null and void, a government official said on Saturday.

"The ministry has nullified all contracts signed by the Kurdistan Regional Government," the official told AFP, asking not to be named. "They will not be recognised."

Iraq's oil reserves -- the world's third largest -- lie in the Kurdish north and Shiite south and the Sunnis fear the two communities could monopolise future income.

It will be interesting to see precisely how this plays out.

Gazprom plans Africa gas grab

Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy group, is seeking to win access to vast energy reserves in Nigeria in a move that will heighten concerns among western governments over its increasingly powerful grip on gas supplies to Europe.

You have to chuckle at the headline describing describing this gambit by Russia s a "gas grab": at least, they're looking to purchase these resources, not invading countries to get it.

India, Pak resolve issues blocking gas pipeline deal

India and Pakistan today said they have resolved all bilateral commercial issues impeding implementation of the USD 7.4 billion gas pipeline from Iran and will jointly address Tehran's demand for price revision.

"I am happy to report that as far as Pakistan and India are concerned, we have resolved all bilateral issues. There is no issue whatsoever that needs to be addressed now," visiting Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told reporters after a brief meeting with Petroleum Minister Murli Deora.

"But darn it, oil to India and Pakistan should be flowing through the pipelines and from the countries we TELL you to use, not the ones that make the most economic sense for both countries!" - official white horse souse.

Chinese tiger has nothing in tank

PetroChina's Value Tops $1 Trillion, Surpassing Exxon

PetroChina Co. almost tripled on its first day of trading in Shanghai, becoming the world's first company to be valued at $1 trillion, more than Exxon Mobil Corp. and General Electric Co. combined.

PetroChina shares rose to 43.96 yuan from the sale price of 16.7 yuan, giving the state-owned oil producer a greater market value than the entire Russian stock market.

Experts Predict Imminent Oil Squeeze

The oil price could hit $160 a barrel as soon as next week, says ´Zapata' George Blake, the Texan oil analyst quoted by the London-based online newsletter Money Morning.

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