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jeudi 17 janvier 2008

*****Émission de L'Autre Monde du 17 janvier 2008: Émission spéciale avec un invité de marque: Professeur Michel Chossudovsky

*****Émission de L'Autre Monde du 17 janvier 2008: Émission spéciale avec un invité de marque: Professeur Michel Chossudovsky

Émission de L'Autre Monde du 17 janvier 2008: Émission spéciale avec un invité de marque : on va avoir le Professeur Michel Chossudovsky

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*****17 janvier 2008: Émission spéciale avec un invité de marque : on va avoir le Professeur Michel Chossudovsky en entrevue téléphonique au sujet de la situation explosive au Pakistan et sur l’affaire de l’assassinat de Benazir Bhutto. On va chercher à comprendre à qui profite la déstabilisation du Pakistan, et du reste du Moyen-Orient.

Sites Internet du professeur Michel Chossudovsky:

- Mondialisation.ca et Global Research

Vidéo de M. Chossudovsky:


Le 21 Novembre 2007, Michel Chossudovsky a donné une condérence à l'Université de Sherbrooke intitulé l'empire Américain et la guerre à la terreur. M. Chossudovsky, pendant son discours a dit: la compréhension par le mouvement anti-guerre du mensonge qu'est le 11 septembre est très important. Pendant la période de questions, Mtl911truth.org lui a demandé d'élaborer sur cette idées et de commenter sur le mouvement de la vérité du 11 septembre.

War and Globalization - The Truth Behind September 11 (9/11)

In this lecture by Michel Chossudovsky, he blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by "Islamic terrorists". Through meticulous research, he has uncovered a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.

According to Chossudovsky, the "war on terrorism" is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The "war on terrorism" is a war of conquest. Globalisation is the final march to the "New World Order", dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.

September 11, 2001 provides a justification for waging a war without borders. Washington's agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control, while installing within America the institutions of the Homeland Security State.

Michel Chossudovsky: Canada and the Afghan War 10/28/06 University of Winnipeg

A keynote speech from Michel Chossudovsky from an anti-war rally held in Winnipeg on Oct. 28, 2006. Included in the topics are Canada's participation in the war in Afghanistan, 9/11, Canada and American military integration, and the American war on terror.

Michel Chossudovsky presents: Disarming the War Agenda

War on terror a fabrication.. Michel Chossudovsky

Michel Chossudovsky explains how all evidence of terror attacks, point towards inside jobs and how the war on terror is a fabrication.

The Long War. From the Truman Doctrine to the Neo-Conservatives.

The Long War. From the Truman Doctrine to the Neo-Conservatives.

The Implications of the US Military Agenda

Michel Chossudovsky's Address at the Opening Session, Perdana Global Peace Forum to Criminalize War, Kuala Lumpur, 5-7 February 2007

Michel Chossudovsky is the author of the international best America’s "War on Terrorism" Second Edition, Global Research, 2005. He is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization.

Weather Modification

Weather Modification with new technology Weather Control As A Weapon

For many, weather control suggests the ability always to have pleasant weather and to avoid serious storms or long droughts. Due to the frequency destructive storms, hurricanes and the consequent floods, or to their total absence and consequent droughts, such people assume that weather control has not been mastered and therefore is not being used. This naive view assumes that weather would always be controlled for the good of humanity.

Human nature seems to dictate otherwise. The discovery of any new power is considered to confer a military advantage, and therefore its very existence is kept secret for as long as possible. While the general public is being told that all phenomena, including some highly anomalous ones inexplicable by natural forces, are "Mother Nature" at work, various military and even private agencies have been flexing their technological muscles and playing havoc with the weather.

Although the American military has actually published a detailed document "Owning the Weather by 2025", many people will simply say "I don't believe it" when confronted with this. Why? They may say because it has not been reported in the mass media, it must not be real. (Some others will say this is a prime indication that it is real, because most of what the mass media publishes is fantasy.) But normally any military power must be kept secret, and the major media outlets are well aware that they must not cross this line or they could be shut down. Freedom of the press is allowable only if "national security" policies are not breached.

Some apologists attempt to argue away the frightening contents of this policy document by focusing on the disclaimer that it represents only possible future scenarios and should not be taken to be factual: "2025 is a study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. Presented on 17 June 1996, this report was produced in the Department of Defense school environment of academic freedom and in the interest of advancing concepts related to national defense. The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States government. This report contains fictional representations of future situations/scenarios." Emphasis included in original. (Ref.)

But such theoretical reports have a tendency to be implemented behind the scenes, even while being denied in public. In his article The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: "Owning the Weather" for Military Use, professor and independent analyst Michel Chossudovsky cites other official documents to arrive at his conclusions that weaponized weather control is already in use. He also explores how public opinion is being misled. At the time this was written, the UN was avoiding dealing with the issue of deliberate human-caused climate change. (Ref.)

More recently, the UN has showed more concern about weather and climate change. In July of 2004, they granted official advisory status to the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE), which served as "NGO in Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations". PACE members with scientific expertise have been doing analysis and opinion concerning the overriding nature of the climate-change issue.

Information, sources et liens pour compléter ce qui a été discuté sur l'émission du 17 janvier 2008:

The Destabilization of Pakistan

Washington's objective is to promote political fragmentation and the breakup of Pakistan as a Nation.

by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, December 30, 2007

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has created conditions which contribute to the ongoing destabilization and fragmentation of Pakistan as a Nation.

The process of US sponsored "regime change", which normally consists in the re-formation of a fresh proxy government under new leaders has been broken. Discredited in the eyes of Pakistani public opinion, General Pervez Musharaf cannot remain in the seat of political power. But at the same time, the fake elections supported by the "international community" scheduled for January 2008, even if they were to be carried out, would not be accepted as legitimate, thereby creating a political impasse.

There are indications that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was anticipated by US officials:

"It has been known for months that the Bush-Cheney administration and its allies have been maneuvering to strengthen their political control of Pakistan, paving the way for the expansion and deepening of the “war on terrorism” across the region.

Various American destabilization plans, known for months by officials and analysts, proposed the toppling of Pakistan's military...

The assassination of Bhutto appears to have been anticipated. There were even reports of “chatter” among US officials about the possible assassinations of either Pervez Musharraf or Benazir Bhutto, well before the actual attempts took place. (Larry Chin, Global Research, 29 December 2007)

Troupes américaines à l’intérieur du Pakistan

Bush Decides to Send 3,200 Marines to Afghanistan

The arrival of the Marines could free up more than 1,000 U.S. Army troops who have been on loan to NATO in the south. Those soldiers could return to Eastern Afghanistan, where U.S. forces have the lead responsibility. That could help solidify security gains in the east, and also get better control of that part of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Notice the interest in the Afgthanistan/Pakistan border area.

One has to wonder just how involved with operations inside Pakistan these thousand troops just might become.

'Surge' Of US Special Forces Expected In Pakistan In Early 2008

In the wake of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, a 'surge' of US Special Forces for Pakistan's remote tribal lands is unlikely to face heavy opposition from President Musharraf, who will be busy trying to stop his own name, and that of his political party, from being linked with Bhutto's assassins.

"Iran did it! Iran did it!" -- Official White Horse Souse


The timing of the announcement of US troops going into Pakistan and the assassination of Bhutto strike me as more than mere coincidence.

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan

Like FEMA in New York on 9/10/01, or the BATF's top truck bomb expert from Nevada just coincidentally being 1 block from the Murrah Building when it was bombed with a truck bomb, yesterday's announcement of US troops headed for Pakistan telegraphs that Bush knew what Musharraf was going to do.

**** Key Pentagon strategist plots global war on terror

A Grassy Knoll in Pakistan

By: Peter Chamberlin

All things have come full circle in the mountains of Pakistan. The “great game” has been played-out. The cycle of death which we unleashed upon the world there, bringing the war on terrorism home to us, now draws us inexorably into the vacuum of its violent ending. The convulsions now wracking that country threaten to become a revolutionary explosion capable of bringing down the foundations of the world.

The rapidly building democratic-revolution is now entering the “critical mass” stage. Its expansion is accelerating beyond human control. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was a calculated risk, intended to derail democracy in Pakistan because Islamic extremists were making the democratic transition from militias into political parties. For this reason, it is unlikely that she was assassinated by real Islamists, true Taliban. It is more likely that the hit on Bhutto was connected to the Administration’s getting the “green light” (the day before the attack), to move large numbers of Special Forces “trainers” into the tribal regions.

Even though Bhutto was allegedly stirring the cauldron, “...demanding after returning to Pakistan that the ISI be restructured; and in a press conference during her house arrest in Lahore in November she went as far as asking Pakistan army officers to revolt against the army chief,” http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7709 recent revelations by various neocon-men points to a covert US plan to eliminate her.

"A large number of ISI agents who are responsible for helping the Taliban and al-Qaeda should be thrown in jail or killed. What I think we should do in Pakistan is a parallel version of what Iran has run against us in Iraq: giving money [and] empowering actors. Some of this will involve working with some shady characters, but the alternative - sending US forces into Pakistan for a sustained bombing campaign - is worse," Steve Schippert was quoted as saying a November 2007 issue of Weekly Standard. (1. Steve Schippert | November 28, 2007 at 12:39 am “For what it’s worth, the author attributed a comment to me that I did not make in the Weekly Standard article. While I ascribe fully to what the unnamed intelligence source who actually said it did in fact say, they are not my words.”) click here

The Raw Story | Pakistan warns US not to enter northwest

President Pervez Musharraf warned that U.S. troops would be regarded as invaders if they crossed into Pakistan's border region with Afghanistan in the hunt for al-Qaida or Taliban militants, according to an interview published Friday.

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan

Beginning early next year, U.S. Special Forces are expected to vastly expand their presence in Pakistan, as part of an effort to train and support indigenous counter-insurgency forces and clandestine counterterrorism units, according to defense officials involved with the planning.

One has to wonder just how soon this deployment of US Special Forces will happen, and precisely where they will be deployed. If you look at a map of Pakistan, you can see that it borders not only Afghanistan, but Iran, on its southwestern border.

A US presence on that border would open up another possible front in any attack on Iran.

US military not welcome in Pakistan: army

The Pakistani military reacted angrily Sunday to reports that US President George W. Bush is considering covert military operations in the country's volatile tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

"It is not up to the US administration, it is Pakistan's government who is responsible for this country," chief military spokesman Major General Waheed Arshad told AFP.

It's interesting that Major General Arshad is making this statement, when the following was reported in the New York Times last month:

"According to Pentagon sources, reaching a different agreement with Pakistan became a priority for the new head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, Adm. Eric T. Olson. Olson visited Pakistan in August, November and again this month, meeting with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Gen. Tariq Majid and Lt. Gen. Muhammad Masood Aslam, commander of the military and paramilitary troops in northwest Pakistan. Olson also visited the headquarters of the Frontier Corps, a separate paramilitary force recruited from Pakistan's border tribes.

Now, a new agreement, reported when it was still being negotiated last month, has been finalized. And the first U.S. personnel could be on the ground in Pakistan by early in the new year, according to Pentagon sources."

Perhaps these statements from Major General Arshad are for domestic Pakistani consumption only.

Special forces on standby over nuclear threat

US special forces snatch squads are on standby to seize or disable Pakistan's nuclear arsenal in the event of a collapse of government authority or the outbreak of civil war following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Lockheed to supply 18 F-16s to Pakistan

Lockheed Martin Corp LMT.N> was awarded a $498.2 million contract to supply F-16 aircraft to Pakistan, the Pentagon said on Monday, as Pakistani officials mulled whether to go ahead with a January 8 election after the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.

Under the current situation in Pakistan, one has to wonder if the members of the US State Department are collectively out of their minds to let this deal go through.

The only other possibility is that they know that no matter who runs against Musharraf (whenever Pakistan actually holds its next "election"), that the vote will be rigged in such a way that he cannot lose.

What they appear to be forgetting, however, is the old saw that when peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

Assassinat de Benazir Bhutto

Scotland Yard believes Al-Qaeda assassinated Benazir Bhutto

This Al-Qaeda?

Doctors Cite Pressure to Keep Silent On Bhutto

Pakistani authorities have pressured the medical personnel who tried to save Benazir Bhutto's life to remain silent about what happened in her final hour and have removed records of her treatment from the facility, according to doctors.

U.S.-Pakistan Divide Over Bhutto's Death Widens

U.S. intelligence officials and diplomats increasingly believe former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto died from a gunshot wound, placing Washington at odds with Islamabad over the cause of her death.

Anglo-American Ambitions behind the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the Destabilization of Pakistan

This was Pakistan’s 9/11; Pakistan’s JFK assassination, and its impact will resonate for years.

Contrary to mainstream corporate news reporting, chaos benefits Bush-Cheney’s “war on terrorism”. Calls for “increased worldwide security” will pave the way for a muscular US reaction, US-led force and other forms of “crack down” from Bush-Cheney across the region. In other words, the assassination helps ensure that the US will not only never leave, but also increase its presence.

CIA blamed for Bhutto's killing

Hilal Ahmad War, chairman Peoples Political Party (PPP) today blamed CIA for the killing of Benazir Bhutto, former Pakistan prime minister.

Addressing a press conference he claimed that America wanted to destabilise Pakistan for taking control over its nuclear installation.

Bhutto Assassination gun identified?

The reason why Musharraf's government wants the shooting of Bhutto story to just go away.

The Pakistani police seem to have the gun used to kill Bhutto now in their custody.

(The day of the shooting and bomb blast I saw a hand gun on top of a piece of fabric that had been found at the scene of the crime. This black 9mm hand gun was on top of a piece of cloth near the side of the street in the blast area. I have tried to relocate that photo that was captioned - "After the shooting and blast a few hand guns were located in the crime/blast area." I have been unable to find that same photo again, it may have been taken down.)

Now it appears the black 9mm I saw in the photo, the gun seen in the videos, and the gun in the custody of the police are all the same 9mm black handgun.

The police handgun found at the crime scene ... has been identified as a 9mm - Steyr M9 ..

Now guess who uses the Steyr M 9X19mm handgun exclusively - the Pakistani army - special forces division.

That may be the reason why Musharraf just wants the whole incident of Bhutto's assassination to just disappear and go away. Because the gun used was issued to a member of the Generalissimo's military.

"Metal detecting did not function at Bhutto's rally"

The walk-through metal detecting gates installed at the venue of former premier Benazir Bhutto's last election rally in Rawalpindi had stopped working shortly before she was assassinated due to a power cut, a top police officer has said.

Hospital lawyer: Pakistani police stopped doctors from conducting Bhutto autopsy

The police chief of the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi prevented doctors from performing an autopsy on the corpse of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, according to a lawyer on the hospital's board.

The dramatic new revelation emerged as new videotape showed a gunman in close proximity to Bhutto in the moments before her assassination, and a surgeon said he'd felt pressure to conform to the government's official story on Bhutto's killing.

If the police and Pakistani security apparatus had absolutely no complicity in Bhutto's assassination, why did they prevent the autopsy, which is required under Pakistani law?

Invading Pakistan: An idea whose time has come

Benazir's last address: Pakistan is in danger

She referred to reports that foreign troops would be sent to help fight resurgent Taliban and al Qaida in the area bordering Afghanistan.

"Why should foreign troops come in? We can take care of this, I can take care of this, you can take care of this," she said.

In her last speech before her assassination, Bhutto signaled that she didn't want foreign troops (read: US forces currently stationed in Afghanistan) inside her country to battle Pakistan's internal problems with violence.

It is very doubtful, then, that she would have had any stomach for the kind of agreement, as had already brokered in Islamabad and Washington, for the US to provide Special Service forces to fight on the Pakistani side of the Afghani-Pakistani border.

At the moment this agreement was brokered, she became irrelevant to US foreign policy. And note the date of this article: one day before she was assassinated


The Likely motive behind Bhutto's assassination: to move US troops into Pakistan in order to gain control of their nukes and to leave Israeli and the US in control of Central Asia and Mid-East – and as a stage, or step, building up to a War of Aggression Against Iran. It is the old Empire game of "divide and conquer."

**** BBC Censored Benazir Bhutto's Reports that Bin Laden Had Been Murdered

When a news organization as venerable as the BBC censors the reportage of a story as important as the assassination of Benzir Bhutto --a highly visible critic of Bush/British policy with regard to the "War on Terrorism" et al --it is fair to ask: who is the BBC protecting? Are they covering up the motive for her murder? Are they protecting the regimes that engineered her assassination?

Here is the BBC's Censored version.

Bhutto calls for investigation

Benazir Bhutto has described how she would like the government to react to her assassination attempt.

Interview courtesy "Frost Over the World", Al Jazeera TV

Message original:


Bhutto aide suggests cover-up

"The government comes up with the most bizarre, dangerous nonsense and it indicates that they are abdicating themselves of all responsibility by saying that she may have knocked her head or concussed her head against one of the levers on the sunroof," Rehman said.

The X-ray shows two "fractures". Two? From a sunroof handle? Also, this X-ray does not seem to show the inside of the skull, where we might see fragments. It's as if he X-ray was underexposed.

Osama's new video...

The audio was posted to a Web site (ah, just have to love that everyone is spied on for suspected terror chatting, while al Qaeda apparently has a Web site from which to issue threats and can do so freely... how modern for them).

The authenticity of the the tape cannot be confirmed by government officials, by the way. Yet despite the delivery mechanism and the inability to confirm, this story runs as news anyway. That is at best negligent journalism.

Raw Video: Bhutto's Final Moments

The Pakistani government has released a video which shows Benazir Bhutto just moments before the former prime minister was killed Thursday as she left a public rally in Rawalpindi. In the video you can see and hear the gun that is reportedly fired at Bhutto before the explosion.

U.S. Fears Greater Turmoil In Region

After signing a condolence book for Bhutto at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, Rice said the United States is in contact with "all" of the parties in Pakistan and stressed that the Jan. 8 elections should not be postponed. "Obviously, it's just very important that the democratic process go forward," she told reporters.

I suppose we are supposed to thank policy makers in Washington for their magnificent grasp of the obvious.

And would some responsible being in this administration please keep Secretary Rice from putting her foot so deeply in her mouth and down her throat that she's tap-dancing on her tonsils in public?

How can this woman say, with a straight face, that the ".....Jan. 8 elections should not be postponed." Memo to Secretary Rice: a major Pakistani political figure has been assassinated!!!

It is as though this reality has absolutely no ramifications for Rice, which is breath-takingly terrifying, for a person in her position.

Benazir Bhutto: US Policy Causes World Terrorism

Benazir Bhutto paid the ultimate price for having learned and stating that the US imperial policy of propping up tin horn dictators is the very root cause of world terrorism. She dared to say so.

New suspicions surround Bhutto death over autopsy, cause of death

No autopsy and evidence wiped clean off the streets.

If Musharraf and his cronies are not guilty, they certainly did a good job of acting like it by disposing of the evidence ASAP.

And by the way, did anyone actually talk to the husband to validate that he insisted there be no autopsy?

Didn't think so.

Bhutto died from skull fracture: Interior Ministry

Authorities had said on Thursday that she died from bullet fired by a young man who then blew himself up, killing 20 other people. A surgeon who treated her said Friday she died from the impact of shrapnel on her skull.

But later Friday, Interior Ministry spokesman Javed Iqbal Cheema said all three shots missed her as she greeted supporters through the sunroof of her vehicle, which was bulletproof and bombproof.

Bhutto aides cast doubt on official account of her death

Benazir Bhutto was shot in the head, a close aide who prepared her body for burial said on Saturday, dismissing as "ludicrous" a government theory that she died after hitting her head on a sunroof during the suicide attack.

Bhutto's Assassination Evidence Destroyed


Firefighters at the scene of Bhutto's assassination washed away any hopes for an investigation when they blasted the scene of the crime with fire hoses. Any forensic evidence that was left would have been destroyed, the bullet shells washed away, the blood washed away, the tire marks washed away, all crucial evidence in gaining a lead on who was responsible for the attack.

When there was an attempt on Musharraf's life there was a thorough and detailed investigation, with the scene of the crime cordoned off for detailed examination.


In an email to Mark Siegel, her long time friend and spokesperson inside the United States she privately confessed that she thought that Musharraf was responsible for the first attempt on her life in October (a bomb blast killing 140 people). Siegel gave the email to Wolf Blitzer of CNN and told him to only report on it if Bhutto was assassinated. The email (from Bhutto to Mark Siegel) reads as follows,

"I wld [sic] hold Musharaf [sic] responsible. I have been made to feel insecure by his minions, and there is no way what is happening in terms of stopping me from taking private cars or using tinted windows or giving jammers or four police mobiles to cover all sides cld [sic] happen without him."


Is the evidence destruction just gross incompetence or evidence of foul play by the Musharraf administration?

British detectives inspect Bhutto murder scene in Pakistan

Bringing Scotland Yard in - after the area in which Bhutto was assassinated has been washed clean of evidence - is yet another attempt to make it appear as though they had nothing to do with her death.

However, Musharraf's refusal to allow the SY team to question those people members of government and intelligence Bhutto had previously accused of plotting to kill her telegraphs to the world that this is just another set of cover-ups and deceptions surrounding Bhutto's death.

Pakistan: The Beginning of the Storm

Video: 'The most conclusive evidence' Bhutto was shot

Although the Pakistani government officially claims that Bhutto died from hitting her head on the sunroof as she ducked into her car, evidence in the video drastically contradicts that account.

Bhutto report: Musharraf planned to fix elections

The day she was assassinated last Thursday, Benazir Bhutto had planned to reveal new evidence alleging the involvement of Pakistan's intelligence agencies in rigging the country's upcoming elections, an aide said Monday.

Police abandoned security posts before Bhutto assassination

Police abandoned their security posts shortly before Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto's assassination Thursday, according to a journalist present at the time, and unanswerable questions remain about the cause of her death, because an autopsy was never performed.

Cui bono?

Who benefits?

Pakistani paramilitary have orders to shoot on sight as violence continues

According to the UK Telegraph, "paramilitary rangers were given the authority to use live rounds to stop rioters from damaging property in southern Pakistan."

"We have orders to shoot on sight," Major Asad Ali, the rangers' spokesman, told the paper.

One wonders just how long before Musharraf again throws Pakistan into yet another "State of Emergency".

The Musharraf Commission to announce that a lone nut killed Bhutto

How did the lone nut persuade the police to abandon the security posts just before the assassination?

Bhutto said she'd blame Musharraf if killed

Two months before her death, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto sent an e-mail to her U.S. adviser and longtime friend, saying that if she were killed, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf would bear some of the blame.

Bhutto Assassination: Who Stands to Benefit?

The assassination of Bhutto leaves the U.S. without a viable West-aligned, moderate and democratic leader committed to continuing America’s war against terror in Pakistan. The U.S. administration again finds itself in a situation where seemingly it has no option but to rely on Musharraf.

The Blood on Musharraf's Hands


Benazir Bhutto killed in a sniper attack, five bullets were fired on her

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, 54, was shot at and killed by at least two snipers before a suicide bomb attack on the periphery of her carcade.

Police confirmed that the snipers fired five bullets from AK-47 assault rifles. Two of the bullets hit Benazir in the neck, while a third hit her forehead. No one was near her car when the shots were fired at her.

Bhutto assassinée


Whenever turmoil is created in our world, such as assassination and bombing, and the neocons rush to point the finger of blame at ‘al Qaeda’ or some other associated ‘terror’ organisation, one can be reasonably sure that what the world has witnessed is yet another false flag operation perpetrated by a group or groups that have some ulterior, political, or even pecuniary motive or motives for creating such turmoil. And such is the case with the assassination yesterday of Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto.

Pakistan in turmoil after Bhutto's assassination

The Blood on Musharraf's Hands

Who benefits from the murder of Benazir Bhutto? Bhutto herself told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that if she were assassinated she would hold Pervez Musharraf "responsible". Certainly, the prospects for elections are dead. Pakistan will remain stuck with Musharraf and his de facto military dictatorship. Bush's ally still wields dictatorial powers. The big winners: Bush and Musharraf, for different reasons.

Who but Musharraf has benefited from Bhutto's murder? At the very least there are new concerns about the stability of Pakistan. American military officials have already said that some $5 billion Bush has thrown at the dictator under the cover of a war on terrorism has had no effect on either Al Qaeda or the Taliban.

Bush support of Musharraf has already been compared to his administrations ham fisted response to Katrina. Musharraf was the lynchpin of Bush's War on Terror, indeed, US foreign policy under Bush. Always simplistic, Bush threw money at Musharif in hopes the "evil doers" would volunteer to be tortured. Terrorism is the perfect cover to steal oil and territory while squandering tax payer monies propping tin horn dictators.

Bush policy is the geo-political version of three-card monte: pay off Musharraf in hopes that he will cheat the "mark". Certainly, the once-uniformed Dictator went through all the motions, pretending to fight al Qaeda while spending the money on new weapons trained on India. Nevertheless, Bush now has the pretext he needs to pressure Musharraf whom Bhutto, in death, holds responsible.

Last month President Bush told Gen. Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan that he must be more aggressive in hunting down al-Qaeda and the Taliban along his country's border with Afghanistan. During his recent visit to Islamabad, Vice President Cheney echoed the claim that al-Qaeda members were training in Pakistan's tribal areas and called on Musharraf to shut down their operations. British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett also expressed concern recently about suspected terrorist safe havens.

Clearly, the pressure is on. Western leaders are finally beginning to recognize that Musharraf's regime has been unsuccessful in taming the Taliban, which has regrouped in the tribal areas of Pakistan while the military regime has given up trying to establish order on the Afghan border. At the same time, the regime has strategically chosen to help the United States when international criticism of the terrorists' presence becomes strident. The arrest of Mullah Obaidullah Akhund, a top Taliban strategist, by Pakistani authorities late last month is a case in point. The timing, right on the heels of American and British pleas for renewed toughness, is too convenient. Akhund was arrested solely to keep Western governments at bay.

--A False Choice for Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, Monday, Washington Post, March 12, 2007

There is little doubt that Musharraf failed to provide Bhutto with adequate security. Significantly, both Raw Story and the Washington Post are now warning that Bhutto's murder has raised the specter of nuclear apocalypse.

WASHINGTON, DC (December 27, 2007) — US Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) issued the following statement after learning of the death of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto was killed in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in a suicide attack following a campaign rally.

“This is a very dangerous moment for the world,” Kucinich said.

“Benazir Bhutto represented a courageous effort to bring principles of liberty to Pakistan. She was truly dedicated to the people of Pakistan.

“The United States must change its policy direction in the region. It must stop adding fuel to the fire.”

--Kucinich: Assassination of Benazir Bhutto Represents Dangerous Moment For The World 2007-12-27 15:17

Assassinations are carried out because they provoke anger and recriminations. Therefore, don't expect this assassination to result in trials or justice. As the murder of JFK in our own country demonstrated: assassins are almost never brought to trial because they are state sponsored. That's been the case for thousands of years. Nevertheless, finger pointers are simply playing out the role that "real killers" had hoped they would. The US, for example, will issue yet another version of Bush's script and blame the convenient demon du jour: al Qaeda. By the time you read this, such a statement will have already been issued. In that case, it must be remembered that al Qaeda is a creation of the US CIA.

Interestingly, Bhutto was ready to publicly accuse the Bush Administration and current Pakistani President Pervez Musharif of stealing up to five billion dollars from the Pakistani treasury. That five billion is probably sitting in the dictator's private offshore bank account. Real blockbusters are all but ignored by the "mainstream media", notably, Bhutto's revelation that Osama Bin Laden is dead:

In this November 2, 2007 interview by Sir David Frost, Benazir Bhutto claimed that Bin Laden had been assassinated by Omar Sheihk (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/1804710.stm ), six minutes and ten seconds into the video. This is most interesting and, if true, it puts a lie to all those Osama bin Laden videos that have been turning up over the past five years - Omar Sheikh was sentenced to death in July 2002 for the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl.

-- Benazir Bhutto Claimed Bin Laden Assassinated By Omar Sheikh [Also see: Benazir Bhutto Assassination Brings Us Closer To Potential Nuclear Holocaust]

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[The] story leaked by US Media that Bush threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9-11 is a diversion from the real story. The real story is that Mushareaf, Pakistani President, knows that Bin Laden is dead and knows where he is buried. And knows that the bogeyman has gone to his maker aka kidney failure, Jan. 2002.

It can now be reported that Bushfraud threatened to bomb Pakistan just one week ago when Mushareaf threatened to tell the world that Bin Laden has been dead for three years.

P.S. It should be noted that when Khalid Muhammad was arrested in Pakistan, the alleged mastermind of 9-11, a US intelligence officer, aka a Gary Best employee named Spelezio was allowed to escape interrogation by the FBI on orders directly from Bush himself.

-- Bella Ciao, Tom Heneghan

Hang on! The world has just become a much, much more dangerous place. Pakistan --a nuclear power --may destabalize. India already feels threatened. Despite or because of Bush, terrorists are emboldened and further radicalized as they have been and continue to be by the war against Iraq. A voice for moderation in the most strategic region of the world --the Grand Chessboard --is now dead.

Situation au Pakistan

Information connexte


Au Proche et au Moyen-Orient, les ondes d’instabilité provoquées, après les attentats du 11-Septembre, par la « guerre contre le terrorisme international » ne cessent de convulsionner de nouveaux pays. Dernier en date : le Pakistan. Près de cinq ans après la prise de Bagdad, le panorama géopolitique régional apparaît désolant. A l’impasse militaire s’est ajoutée une cascade de désastres diplomatiques. Sans que le risque terroriste, contrairement à l’objectif défini par Washington, ait diminué. Aucun des conflits – Israël-Palestine, Liban, Somalie – n’a été résolu. En Irak, malgré la présence de quelque cent soixante-cinq mille militaires américains, les perspectives paraissent toujours aussi incertaines. La vie quotidienne pour les civils demeure un enfer. Les attentats meurtriers se succèdent. De surcroît, une tension nouvelle est apparue à la frontière entre le Kurdistan irakien et la Turquie, où pourraient s’affronter deux alliés de l’Oncle Sam.

Autre paradoxe, les interventions américaines ont eu pour effet de débarrasser l’Iran – « pire ennemi des Etats-Unis » – de deux grands adversaires : le régime baasiste en Irak, et celui des talibans en Afghanistan. Rarement un rival aura ainsi apporté tant de bienfaits à son ennemi principal... Cela a permis à Téhéran de se concentrer sur son programme nucléaire. Soulevant les pires craintes. Les Etats-Unis et Israël menacent désormais de bombarder les installations atomiques iraniennes. Ce qui ajouterait du chaos au grand chaos régional, et entraînerait des hausses des prix du pétrole insupportables pour de nombreuses économies.

John Berlin: Why the US Wants the Collapse of Pakistan

If the plan works, the weakening or even collapse of the state of Pakistan will create a new battlefield badly needed by the White House. The “War on Terror” (as the War on Islam is often termed), like most wars, needs expansion or it collapses. If you project an “Enemy”, you also need the “Enemy” to be successful at times.

Don’t be surprised if al-Qa’ida suddenly has nuclear weapons.

Without success for the Enemy, you may no longer be sufficiently able to instill fear in the people and have them follow you.

The White House needs the destabilization of Pakistan to continue the “War on Terror”. Ms Bhutto’s execution is one big step towards that goal.

U.S. Considers New Covert Push Within Pakistan

And therein lies a motive to assassinate Bhutto and destabilize the place.

Published: January 6, 2008

A plan that could authorize more aggressive operations follows concern that Al Qaeda and the Taliban hope to destabilize the Pakistani government, officials said.

US considers new authority for CIA to act in Pakistan: report

If this is what this administration is truly looking to do, at appears that the negotiated deal between Musharraf's government and US Special Operations Command Olsen fell by the wayside after the assassination of Bhutto.

Pakistan Heading Towards A Bloody Revolution

The rulers of Pakistan have still been enjoying their lives. There is no report that they have felt any pain, but the poor masses have been facing a very difficult situation. If the situation remains the same there is possibility that the country may face a bloody revolution. Actually this is the aim of terrorists to create bloody revolution on the pattern of Iran. Who are terrorists? I do not know who are these people. But they are in Pakistan and are busy round the clock preparing ground for a bloody revolution.

"I do not know who are these people."

I can guess.

Pakistani Refugees Head for Afghanistan

Several hundred Pakistani families have fled to neighboring Afghanistan in recent days to escape the turmoil in their country, officials said Wednesday.

Pakistan, particularly its northwest, has been wracked by Islamic militant violence, with bombings targeting the military or top officials, and clashes between security forces and pro-Taliban fighters.

Now let me get this straight: several hundred Pakistani families have been so rattled by the violence in Northwest Pakistan they feel the safest place they can be right now is.......AFGHANISTAN?????

Taliban movement gives two-day deadline to govt

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) (Taliban movement), a conglomerate of all militant groups operating in Fata and settled districts of NWFP, Wednesday gave a two-day deadline to the government to stop military operations in Swat and rest of the tribal areas, else it would re-launch attacks on security forces and government installations.

The Taliban leadership must believe, given the violence and anger at Bhutto's assassination which Musharraf's military is hard-pressed to contain, that they now have the advantage in terms of timing.

Thousands of PPP workers face arrest

In what appears to be a major crackdown on the PPP, thousands of its workers are going to be arrested and arraigned on charges of ransacking, looting and damaging public and private properties including banks, especially in Sindh, during the protest against former prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

“The figure could go up to even 10,000,” a senior official told The News.

It appears that the current government of Pakistan is hell-bent on pouring gasoline on the fires of social unrest and political upheaval.

And if there are massive, massive uprisings as a response to these actions, will the military continue to support Musharraf?

If the answer, ultimately, is no, all bets are off.

Assassinat de Bhutto: le Pakistan reporte les législatives au 18 février

Pakistan postpones vote until February 18

Military flags all-out onslaught in 'badlands'

PAKISTAN yesterday signalled it would launch a "massive military operation" into the al-Qa'ida- and Taliban-infested "badlands" of its North West Frontier Province, aimed at killing the jihadi militant leader blamed for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

In preparation for the offensive, Lieutenant General Ali Mohammed Jan Aurakzai, Governor of NWFP and architect of Islamabad's repeated attempts over the past year to reach peace agreements with the militants, was removed from his job and replaced by the hardline Governor of restive Balochistan, Awais Ahmad Ghani.

However this comes down, it will be ugly in the extreme.

Angry Pakistanis turn against army

Amid nationwide anger over the killing of the opposition leader Benazir Bhutto and a widespread belief that the country’s military or intelligence may have been involved, the population is turning against the army for the first time.

“The interests of the people of Pakistan are now totally at odds with those of the army,” said Asma Jahangir, the head of Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission, who was one of hundreds of lawyers placed under house arrest in November.

There will be a time in the not too distant future, where the military, no matter what their numbers and weapons, will no longer be able to contain the rage of the Pakistani people against their government and their military.

And of course, true to form, the US has supported Pakistan's tin pot dictator Musharraf, because he's "our thug" in the region.

Policy makers simply do not get it that when you support any dictator, there will be a point past which the people living in that country have to take a stand.

And frequently, people are willing to pay with their lives to get rid of them.

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