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mardi 22 janvier 2008

Martin Luther King - Pouquoi il fut assassiné...

Martin Luther King - Pouquoi il fut assassiné...

Il est clair que Martin Luther King fut assassiné parce qu'il était un ennemi de l'état. Comment cela est-il possible? Il disait la vérité sur les valeurs meurtrières de la classe dirigeante durant la guerre du Vietnam. Il nuisait aux intérêts privés et à la machine de guerre. La vérité est le pire ennemi d'état et des magouilleurs, car elle lève le voile qui couvre les yeux des populaces. Il est clair qu'il y a eu trafficage et manipulation et que la lumière n'a pas été fait sur l'identité des vrais tueurs, ceux qui ont payé et qui ont exécuté M. King.

Voici des pièces d'information qui risquent de vous aider à mieux comprendre ces événements. Et surtout, écoutez le speech qu'il a prononcé et qui semble être évité dans les médias de masse. J'imagine que c'est trop actuel encore comme message...

Why they killed King


Peace and Civil Rights

Nothing could be more relevant today.

Yet you won't see this speech on US television, nor will you hear it even referred to...even on Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in the United States.

More information about the political assassinations of the 1960s:

Assassination studies


Just moments after Dr. Martin Luther King was killed by a sniper's bullet, a photographer took the above picture. Dr. King lies on the balcony floor. The witnesses are all pointing in the direction the fatal shot was fired from. There is no confusion among the witnesses as to where the source of the shot was. They are not confused by echoes. There is no uncertainty. All three witnesses are pointing in exactly the same direction.

The official story is that these men are pointing at the bathroom window in the rear of the rooming house from which James Earl Ray is supposed to have fired a gunshot.

But is that where the witnesses are pointing?

As part of the research, Ted Wilburn went back to the Lorraine Motel, to the very spot where Martin Luther King was shot, and took a photograph of the crime scene location that shows a great deal of the surroundings.

Indicated at left is the actual window of the rooming house from which the government maintains that James Earl Ray shot Martin Luther King.

A line has been drawn from the rooming house window back to the balcony on which the pointing witnesses were photographed. Note the end of the line near the fire extinguisher and the intersection of the line with the top of the pale blue door.

Using the fire extinguisher and the top of the door as landmarks, a line is drawn on a detail of the photo taken just moment after the shooting, indicating the direction back to the window of the rooming house.

As can be seen, NONE of the witnesses are pointing towards the window of the rooming house at 422 South Main Street!

The Death Of Martin Luther King

(CNN) -- Markings on some of the test bullets fired from the rifle believed used in the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. do not match the markings on the bullet that killed King, according to an affidavit filed by confessed killer James Earl Ray's attorneys.

The results of bullet tests, conducted in May, were read in court by Judge Joseph Brown .

Lawyers for Ray, who sought the tests in a bid to prove his innocence, are asking Brown to approve additional tests on Ray's .30-06 hunting rifle .

"A comparison was conducted of the bullet material removed from Dr. King with the 12 test bullets that could be adequately analyzed," Brown said, reading from a report on the test firings.

"This comparison revealed that the gross and unique characteristic signature left on the 12 test bullets by the James Earl Ray rifle was not present on the death bullet."

Following this revelation, the FBI stonewalled further tests until James Earl Ray died in prison of a medical problem that would have been curable had he been released. Once James Earl Ray was dead the courts declared that nobody else had standing to pursue the matter of the ballistics evidence that would have exonerated his memory, and the full ballistics tests were never done.

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