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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mardi 29 novembre 2005

Iraq, Al Qaida et Mercenaires Prives

Iraq, Al Qaida et Mercenaires Prives

Russian parliament condemns US use of phosphorus bombs in Iraq

Je suis desole de vous presenter des photos aussi horribles, mais je pense qu'il faut faire face a la realite. J'ai deja rapporte dans quelques articles que l'armee US avait utilise du phosphore blanc, un agent chimique contre la population de la ville de Fallujah en 2004.
Je raportais aussi que cet agent chimique fait fondre les corps humains jusqu'aux os.
Il faut comprendre concretement ce que cela represente.

- Saddam Hussein lashes out in Baghdad court

M. Hussein est en train de peter sa coche dans son pseudo proces a la con. Savez-vous ce qui est retenu contre lui comme accusation en fin de compte???? Qu'il aurait tue 140 personnes implique dans une tentative d'assassinat sur sa personne. C'est pas gentil, mais on est loin des accusations des americains qui le traitaient de genocidaire, d'avoir utiliser des agents chimiques contre sa propre population, d'avoir ete implique dans le 9-11, d'avoir possede des armes de destruction massive, de tenter de frabriquer une bombe nucleaire, et tout le reste!

Ca serait une vraie farce... si ce n'etait de la destruction totale de leur pays et la mort de plus
de 100 000 civiles iraquiens... pour des mensonges.

- 'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers

Video tres troublant... des mercenaires prives qui s'amusent a tirer sur des civiles en Iraq, dans les rues. Un genre de jeu video pour eux il faut croire. C'est absolument insense. Il y a plus de 20 000 mercenaires prives en Iraq. Une armee privee qui est au-dessus de toute loi internationale. C'est tellement pratique...

- Al Qaeda – The Database

Al Qaida, quand tu me tient...


"Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that "Al Qaeda" is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Courtesy of World Affairs, a journal based in New Delhi, WMR can bring you an important excerpt from an Apr.-Jun. 2004 article by Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence."

- Iraq; "a right rollicking cock-up"


"Donald Rumsfeld continued his bloody onslaught on civilian enclaves this weekend by laying siege to the Iraqi city of Sadah. Most of the 2,000 desperately poor residents of the town have already been evacuated, leaving the city vulnerable to the vast and predictable devastation that always accompanies these unprovoked attacks. Judging by the appalling results we've seen in Qaim, Falluja and Tal Afar, we can expect that water lines, electrical power and sewage will be laid to waist as a form of collective punishment against the townspeople. The ultimate purpose of the assault is to break the back of the Sunni-dominated resistance by demolishing the "sea in which they swim"; in this case the entire Sunni heartland. In the process, the military is trying to erase whatever vestiges of Iraqi culture still exist in the cities. By sweeping away the landmarks and icons of national identity, the Pentagon hopes to assert the values of the dominant culture by force. This is the main thrust of a plan to remake Iraqi society into a "free market" economy. "

"The assault on the defenseless cities is intended to maximize human suffering and discourage greater participation in the resistance. The strategy emerges from a civilian leadership that has produced nothing but bloody failures and continues to conduct operations that eliminate any possibility for a political solution. This blind adherence to violence and overwhelming force is what led retired General William Odom to recently refer to Iraq as the "greatest strategic disaster in United States history"."

- Atta files destroyed by Pentagon

L'art d'effacer les traces d'un crime appele 9-11.


"Pentagon lawyers during the Clinton administration ordered the destruction of intelligence reports that identified September 11 leader Mohamed Atta months before the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, according to congressional testimony yesterday."

- Iraq's 'Year Zero'. Pol Pot visits Mesapotamia.

L'art de detruire une civilisation vieille de plus de 5000 ans en effacant sa memoire, en pillant ses musees et en detruisant l'ame d'un peuple et tuant ses enfants (plus de 1 million).

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