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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

dimanche 27 novembre 2005

Big Brother Version Canadienne...

Big Brother Version Canadienne...

- Towards the Canadian Homeland Security State
Sweeping Surveillance Bill introduced in the Canadian Parliament

- A New Federal War on Dissent?

Evidemment, la vague de l'etat policier qui deferle aux E-U nous touche aussi. Notre cher parlement canadien est en train de nous passer une super loi Big Brother forcant les compagnies de telephone cellulaire et internet de munir leur technologie de dispositifs permetant l'ecoute electronique de nos communications sans mandat, a la bonne guise des services du renseignement et de la police.

Si vous donnez quelque valeur que ce soit a votre liberte et vie privee, contactez sans delais les journaux, vos deputes et le gouvernement pour faire savoir ce que vous pensez de leur techniques de controle et leur bafouement de nos droits a la vie privee et notre liberte.

Ceci est tres serieux.

Voici deux extraits des textes ci-haut:

"The sweeping surveillance bill introduced in the Canadian Parliament November 15, 2005 calledThe Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act.

The sweeping surveillance bill introduced in Parliament November 15,2005 called The Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act is a gross violation of Canadian civil liberties, of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and of our Constitutional entitlements. It must not be tolerated . Every politician who supports it is an enemy of Canada, our people, and our freedom. Every Canadian who cares about his/ her liberty must take a stand now. It is truly a question of liberty vs a police state. This Act is an attack on not only freedom of speech, but freedom of thought. It is Orwell's 1984 coming to fruition.

The Canadian Action Party months ago requested a copy of this bill, but our government has failed to release it to us. The only details of the terms of the pending bill that we gleaned came from the media, both mainstream and internet. The philosophy and real reasons for it we have learned by examining the following documents which we obtained from the internet. (Will this Bill threaten or restrict our capability to conduct such research in the future? Am I to be defined as a "terrorist" for challenging it?)"

"Police would be able to demand all cellphone, Blackberry and Internet subscriber information without a warrant, under a sweeping surveillance bill introduced in Parliament yesterday.
"We believe this is only the tip of the iceberg," said Micheal Vonn, policy director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association.
The Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act would also require telecommunications companies like Telus and Bell to build into their systems a way to monitor and record every wireless communication made by their customers -- at a huge cost.
Currently, a telecommunications company can readily tap a telephone land line if police have a warrant, but tapping new technologies likes Blackberries, Internet and cellphones is not so easy.
"We are obviously creating a massive empire of surveillance by embedding it in the infrastructure," Vonn said."

- It is Time to Unite and to Ensure Peace

Final Declaration of Brussel's Peace Conference

- Mettre en échec le projet impérial

- Grandes manoeuvres politiques autour des Franco-Maghrébins

- Emeutes urbaines, violence sociale

Trois bons articles du Monde Diplomatique en francais, ainsi que les deux suivant, au sujet de la situation en France. Tres bons textes a consulter..

- Could Exxon-Mobil Works Have Tripped Indonesian Tsunami?

Exxon-Mobil extrait un mile cube de gaz naturel par 4 ans, juste la ou le tsunami fut declenche a Aceh, Indonesie par un devastateur tremblement de terre. Directement la ou la faille se trouve. Ce n'est pas difficile de comprendre qu'a force de creer un vide dans la croute terrestre la ou se trouve une faille entre deux plaques techtoniques ca puisse finir par declencher des mouvements terrestres. Je ne sais pas si on peut prouver que la compagnie soit responsable, mais ca n'aide certainement pas!!! 225 000 personnes ont perdu la vie suite a cette catastrophe, ca fait reflechir quand meme...

- A Factual Appraisal by the Red Cross

Tres tres important a lire. A propos de "l'holocauste" des juifs. Ce texte crucial va etre important a avoir en tete dans le prochain article qui s'en vient sur le site Les Nouvelles Internationales. Si on veut etre objectif, il est un fait que beaucoup sont mort en Allemagne sous le regime Nazi, mais il semble de plus en plus evident que ce n'etait pas a cause d'une politique de genocide, mais plutot de causes diffenrentes.

De plus, le chiffre mythique de 6 000 000 de juifs tue n'est meme plus valide, sans compter que ce ne sont pas seulement des juifs qui moururent en grande quantite. C'est ce qui est rapporte dans un rapport en trois volumes du Comite international de la Croix Rouge en 1948.

"There is one survey of the Jewish question in Europe during World War Two and the conditions of Germany's concentration camps which is almost unique in its honesty and objectivity, the three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948.

This comprehensive account from an entirely neutral source incorporated and expanded the findings of two previous works: Documents sur l'activité du CICR en faveur des civils détenus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva, 1946), and Inter Arma Caritas: the Work of the ICRC during the Second World War (Geneva, 1947). The team of authors, headed by Frédéric Siordet, explained in the opening pages of the Report that their object, in the tradition of the Red Cross, had been strict political neutrality, and herein lies its great value.

The ICRC successfully applied the 1929 Geneva military convention in order to gain access to civilian internees held in Central and Western Europe by the Germany authorities. By contrast, the ICRC was unable to gain any access to the Soviet Union, which had failed to ratify the Convention. The millions of civilian and military internees held in the USSR, whose conditions were known to be by far the worst, were completely cut off from any international contact or supervision. The Red Cross Report is of value in that it first clarifies the legitimate circumstances under which Jews were detained in concentration camps, i.e. as enemy aliens.

In describing the two categories of civilian internees, the Report distinguishes the second type as "Civilians deported on administrative grounds (in German, "Schutzhäftlinge"), who were arrested for political or racial motives because their presence was considered a danger to the State or the occupation forces" (Vol. 111, p. 73). These persons, it continues, "were placed on the same footing as persons arrested or imprisoned under common law for security reasons." (P.74). T

he Report admits that the Germans were at first reluctant to permit supervision by the Red Cross of people detained on grounds relating to security, but by the latter part of 1942, the ICRC obtained important concessions from Germany. They were permitted to distribute food parcels to major concentration camps in Germany from August 1942, and "from February 1943 onwards this concession was extended to all other camps and prisons" (Vol. 111, p. 78). The ICRC soon established contact with camp commandants and launched a food relief programme which continued to function until the last months of 1945, letters of thanks for which came pouring in from Jewish internees. "

No Evidence Of Genocide

"One of the most important aspects of the Red Cross Report is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps toward the end of the war. Says the Report: "In the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims. Itself alarmed by this situation, the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1st, 1945 ...

In March 1945, discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S.S. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results. Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC, and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp ..." (Vol. III, p. 83). Clearly, the German authorities were at pains to relieve the dire situation as far as they were able. The Red Cross are quite explicit in stating that food supplies ceased at this time due to the Allied bombing of German transportation, and in the interests of interned Jews they had protested on March 15th, 1944 against "the barbarous aerial warfare of the Allies" (Inter Arma Caritas, p. 78).

By October 2nd, 1944, the ICRC warned the German Foreign Office of the impending collapse of the German transportation system, declaring that starvation conditions for people throughout Germany were becoming inevitable. In dealing with this comprehensive, three-volume Report, it is important to stress that the delegates of the International Red Cross found no evidence whatever at the camps in Axis occupied Europe of a deliberate policy to exterminate the Jews.

In all its 1,600 pages the Report does not even mention such a thing as a gas chamber. It admits that Jews, like many other wartime nationalities, suffered rigours and privations, but its complete silence on the subject of planned extermination is ample refutation of the Six Million legend. Like the Vatican representatives with whom they worked, the Red Cross found itself unable to indulge in the irresponsible charges of genocide which had become the order of the day.

So far as the genuine mortality rate is concerned, the Report points out that most of the Jewish doctors from the camps were being used to combat typhus on the eastern front, so that they were unavailable when the typhus epidemics of 1945 broke out in the camps (Vol. I, p. 204 ff) - Incidentally, it is frequently claimed that mass executions were carried out in gas chambers cunningly disguised as shower facilities.

Again the Report makes nonsense of this allegation. "Not only the washing places, but installations for baths, showers and laundry were inspected by the delegates. They had often to take action to have fixtures made less primitive, and to get them repaired or enlarged" (Vol. III, p. 594)."

- The Hague Tribunal: The Political Economy of Sham Justice

Excellent article sur ce qui s'est passe en Yougoslavie en 99. Vous allez comprendre ce que c'est pour l'OTAN une guerre humanitaire.... J'appellerais plutot ca "une guerre contre l'humanite".

- UK Vows to Prosecute Editors Over Al-Jazeera Report

- Press Freedom or Freedom to Bomb the Press?

Debile! Ca vient de sortir cette semaine: Un papier vient de faire surface indiquant que Bush a demande a ce que Al Jazeera soit bombarde! C'est classe crime de guerre et completement fou! L'armee americaine a bombarde les medias en Iraq, Afghanistan en en Yougoslavie, se defendant toujours en disant que c'etait des erreurs!!!

Vous vous demandez si c'est vrai?? Lisez le premier article: Blair menace les editeurs de procedures judiciaires s'ils parlent du sujet dans les medias!!!!

- Carbon dioxide levels highest in 650,000 years: studies

Il va etre temps qu'on se decide a utiliser ces petites machines a energie libre. Il y a plus de cent ans que Nikola Tesla a decouvert le fonctionnement de l'energie libre et ca dort dans des coffres forts de compagnies et du gouvernement americains.

- Chávez the Bush baiter

Chavez! Chavez! Hip hip hip hourra! Les Neocons sont tellement frustres par lui!

Je vais peut-etre avoir le plaisir de vous presenter des communiques d'un bon ami qui va etre present au prochain Forum Social Mondial au Venezuela en janvier. Bon voyage brother!

- U.N.: More Hungry in Africa Than in '90s

Ca ne s'ameliore pas en Afrique. Il va falloir leur envoyer chavez tient! Ha ha ha!

Et dire qu'ils nous stressent avec le virus du Nil ces cons, pendant que 6 000 000 d'enfants crevent de faim en Afrique a chaque annee et qu'ils font fondre les iraquiens au phosphore blanc et deforment leur genes en evolution depuis des millions d'annes avec l'uranuim appauvri, radioactif pour 4.5 milliards d'annees...


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