Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mercredi 16 octobre 2013

L'Autre Monde 16 octobre 2013 : Fin de la suprématie du dollar américain et un Japon mourant de radioactivité


L'Autre Monde 16 octobre 2013 : Fin de la suprématie du dollar américain et un Japon mourant de radioactivité
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L'Autre Monde 16 octobre 2013

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Diffusion en direct : Mercredi à 14:00h
Animateur(trice) : François Marginean
Réalisateur(trice) : François Marginean

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L'ordre économique mondial est en plein bouleversement alors que se termine officiellement l'hégémonie du dollar américain en même temps qu'on voit la Chine sortir de l'ombre et affirmer sa volonté de jouer un rôle primordial sur l'échiquier mondial. Les banquiers privés internationaux continuent de jouer avec la vie de la population mondiale en entier et sont les artisans psychopathiques derrière les grandes misères et horreurs guerrières, déstabilisations et chaos que l'on voit tous se produire sous nos yeux dans le monde. Apprenez pourquoi dans cette émission, les précédentes et les prochaines. 

Aussi, nous abordons encore une fois le sujet radioactif du Japon et Fukushima. Le monde est-il devant une situation sans précédent et sans solution? À vous d'en juger...

C'est en rendez-vous le mercredi 14h sur les ondes de CHOQ FM, la radio officielle de l'Université du Québec à Montréal !

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October 15th, 2013 | 13 comments

Gundersen: Concern an even larger calamity is coming at Fukushima — Guardian: Workers passing out within minutes of arriving at plant; Alcohol abuse a problem, men working with ‘the shakes’; Insiders say they’re suffering health problems (AUDIO)

01:18 PM EST on October 15th, 2013 | 25 comments

‘Troubling Mystery’: Complete collapse of sardine population on West Coast of Canada around Vancouver — Official: It’s ‘unexpected’ — Expert: Humpback whales rarely seen, they’re telling us something changed… nobody knows what’s going on

10:15 AM EST on October 15th, 2013 | 50 comments

“Once-in-a-decade typhoon” on path for Fukushima — Top Official: Giant tanks of nuclear-contaminated waste at risk of being destroyed — Winds near 200 kilometers per hour — Gov’t: Water can be released into ocean — WSJ: ‘Monster’ bearing down on plant (PHOTO)

01:28 AM EST on October 15th, 2013 | 72 comments

AFP: Powerful Typhoon Wipha heads for Fukushima, Tepco bracing for ‘inflows of water’ — Experts: Huge flood potential for area around plant — Forecast to grow and strengthen, up to 40-foot waves off Japan coast (PHOTO)

08:21 PM EST on October 14th, 2013 | 51 comments

“It’s Madness”: Doctors in Japan helping perpetuate Fukushima cover-up — Patients not being told their illnesses are from exposure to radioactive contamination — Scientific reports showing radiation health damage to humans are forbidden to be published (AUDIO)

05:51 PM EST on October 14th, 2013 | 39 comments

TV: Chaos at Fukushima; Is it too late for world to help? — Asahi: Plant workers wearing radioactive underwear; ‘Health concerns’ blamed for recent failures

02:06 PM EST on October 14th, 2013 | 49 comments

NPR: Starfish epidemic “moving fast” — Turning into ‘goo’ in Washington, not just Canada — “Virus, bacteria or something else entirely”? “Will it spread to other sea life and other parts of West Coast?” (AUDIO)

11:39 AM EST on October 14th, 2013 | 70 comments

“State of emergency should now be declared throughout world community” over Fukushima — Nuclear Expert: Molten corium related leaks into ocean have never stopped

11:14 AM EST on October 13th, 2013 | 64 comments

“Fukushima radiation worse than feared” — Gov’t and Tepco ‘ignore’ effects of radioactive iodine (VIDEO)

07:53 AM EST on October 13th, 2013 | 47 comments

Cesium spiking in ocean off Fukushima plant — Record amount for location at 10,000 Bq/m³ — Former IAEA Expert: “Fish have a real ability to accumulate cesium” (VIDEO)

12:43 AM EST on October 13th, 2013 | 31 comments

Japan Professors: Worst case scenario at Fukushima, nuclear rods melted and went through reactor floors; Contamination is impacting rest of world; Likely that entire Pacific will be affected — Farmer: Gov’t doesn’t have any idea about status of fuel (VIDEO)

06:08 PM EST on October 12th, 2013 | 72 comments

Gov’t Officials: “All of Japan” at risk of food and water having serious contamination from Fukushima, now and into future — Land is contaminated out to 250 kilometers from plant (VIDEO)

02:51 PM EST on October 12th, 2013 | 11 comments

Nuclear Engineer: So many different ways to destabilize Fukushima reactor buildings and melted cores, hard to predict exactly which one — Japan Academic: Facilities at plant very unstable, Unit 4 fuel rods very vulnerable (VIDEOS)

11:32 AM EST on October 12th, 2013 | 54 comments

Fukushima Farmer: Plutonium was detected “all over” village 25 miles from plant — Professor: “Something terrible, dreadful happening” — Mayor: Please don’t tell this to the residents (VIDEO)

09:45 AM EST on October 12th, 2013 | 45 comments

Top Japan Nuclear Officials: Fukushima is an unprecedented disaster — “It’s probably the worst nuclear accident to ever happen in the world” (VIDEO)

01:17 AM EST on October 12th, 2013 | 34 comments

Japan Physician: Radiation level was 100 times higher in Fukushima than gov’t reported 50 days after 3/11 — Geiger counter ‘off the scale’ at train station 60km from plant — Blatant concealment of data (VIDEO)

09:08 PM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 23 comments

New York Times: “We have Fukushima polluting the entire Pacific Ocean and we’re talking about how people should be dressed?” -Influential Actor

06:01 PM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 24 comments

Report: Olympic athletes and tourists warned they will be in danger from Tokyo’s elevated radiation levels — Cesium found at almost every venue tested

03:22 PM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 40 comments

UC Berkeley Nuclear Professor: Radiation levels we had in California after 3/11 were higher than they are now in water by Fukushima plant, it was “interesting” — Reactors and fuel pools still pose serious threat

09:26 AM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 92 comments

TV: Doctors warn about radioactive substances from Fukushima coming to West Coast in 2014 — Consider keeping kids away from beach, perhaps pregnant women as well (VIDEO)

08:33 AM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 50 comments

Fox News: Surging radiation levels in sea around Fukushima plant — Tepco: “High density” of strontium — Expert: ‘Bursts’ of contamination are likely from water entering “pocket of radioactivity” (AUDIO)

07:21 AM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 50 comments

Video: Physicians in California concerned about fish with Fukushima contamination — I’m eating more fruits and vegetables to fight cell damage from the radiation — “Get a pocket Geiger counter”


October 11th, 2013 | 50 comments

Video: Physicians in California concerned about fish with Fukushima contamination — I’m eating more fruits and vegetables to fight cell damage from the radiation — “Get a pocket Geiger counter”

02:25 AM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 20 comments

Fukushima Doctor: Cancer found in over 40 children… We believe it’s related to the nuclear disaster — Physician: Leukemia cases to increase in next few months? (AUDIO)

01:03 AM EST on October 11th, 2013 | 44 comments

Rice grown nearby Fukushima plant cleared for sale — Farmer: “I would not dare eat it… We feel guilty about growing it and selling it” (VIDEO)

12:50 PM EST on October 10th, 2013 | 60 comments

‘Immediate Release’: 1,400 Bq/m³ of radioactive cesium in ocean off Fukushima Daiichi — Highest reading to date, had not been detected previously at location — “Suggests that toxic water leaks at plant have not been contained” (PHOTO)

10:55 AM EST on October 10th, 2013 | 8 comments

Pro-Nuclear Expert: Melted nuclear fuel cores could end up in Pacific Ocean from quake — They’d still be underwater and cooled, though we certainly don’t want to see that happen (AUDIO)

08:55 AM EST on October 10th, 2013 | 18 comments

Pro-Nuclear Expert: Typhoon collapsing Fukushima fuel pool “a very real concern — I don’t know what it is they’re doing about that” (AUDIO)

04:09 AM EST on October 10th, 2013 | 22 comments

Highest radiation level seen in 2 years near Fukushima reactor — Surges more than 1,000% over previous day

03:02 AM EST on October 10th, 2013 | 55 comments

Japan Prime Minister: We’ve learned in “the most painful way” from Fukushima and its aftermath — Overseas help is needed to contain the problems we are facing at plant (VIDEO)

12:51 AM EST on October 10th, 2013 | 22 comments

Professor: California bluefin tuna may have been contaminated by radioactive substances from Fukushima that traveled across Pacific, rather than contamination off coast of Japan — We don’t know exactly what is happening (VIDEO)

03:38 PM EST on October 9th, 2013 | 40 comments

Vancouver Aquarium Blog: Area with ‘rivers’ of body parts from sea stars — ‘Strange behavior’ reported in sea otters (VIDEO)

01:42 PM EST on October 9th, 2013 | 52 comments

Fukushima workers “undergoing treatment for radiation exposure” — Tepco: “6 people have been irradiated… big mistakes like this continue to happen again and again… essential that we put something in place to stop this” (VIDEO)

03:18 AM EST on October 9th, 2013 | 45 comments

Fukushima workers doused with highly radioactive water — 37,000,000 becquerels per liter — ‘Several tons’ reported to have leaked (VIDEO)


Économie :

22 Reasons To Be Concerned About The U.S. Economy As We Head Into The Holiday Season

Our economy is being fundamentally transformed, and the pace of our decline is picking up speed.  The following are 22 reasons to be concerned about the U.S. economy as we head into the holiday season...

#1 According to
Gallup, we have just seen the largest drop in U.S. economic confidence since 2008.

#2 Retailers all over America are reporting disappointing sales figures, and many analysts are very concerned about what the holiday season will bring.  The following is an excerpt from a recent
Zero Hedge article...
#3 Domestic vehicle sales just experienced their largest "miss" relative to expectations since January 2009.

#4 One of the largest furniture manufacturers in America
was recently forced into bankruptcy.

#5 According to the Wall Street Journal, the 2013 holiday shopping season is already being projected to be the worst that we have seen
since 2009.

#6 The Baltic Dry Index recently experienced the largest 4 day drop that we have seen
in 11 months.

#7 Merck, one of the largest drug makers in the nation, has announced the elimination of
8,500 jobs.

#8 Overall, corporations announced the elimination of
387,384 jobs through the first nine months of this year.

#9 The number of announced job cuts in September 2013 was
19 percent higher than the number of announced job cuts in September 2012.

#10 The labor force participation rate is the lowest that it has been
in 35 years.

#11 As I mentioned
the other day, the labor force participation rate for men in the 18 to 24 year old age bracket is at an all-time low.

#12 Approximately
one out of every four part-time workers in America is living below the poverty line.

#13 Incredibly, only
47 percent of all adults in America have a full-time job at this point.

#14 U.S. consumer delinquencies are
starting to rise again.

#15 The Postal Service recently
defaulted on a 5.6 billion dollar retiree health benefit payment.

#16 The national debt has increased
more than twice as fast as U.S. GDP has grown over the past two years.

#17 Obamacare is causing health insurance premiums
to skyrocket and this is reducing the disposable income that consumers have available.

#18 Median household income in the United States has fallen
for five years in a row.

#19 The gap between the rich and the poor in the United States is at an
all-time record high.

#20 Former President Jimmy Carter says that the middle class in America has declined so dramatically that the middle class of today resembles those that were living in poverty
when he was in the White House.

#21 According to a
Gallup poll that was recently released, 20.0% of all Americans did not have enough money to buy food that they or their families needed at some point over the past year.  That is just under the record of 20.4% that was set back in November 2008.

#22 Right now,
one out of every five households in the United States is on food stamps.  There are going to be a lot of struggling families out there this winter, so please be generous with organizations that help the poor.  A lot of people are really going to need their help during the cold months ahead.

Current Economic Collapse News: Companies Beating Earnings Tumbles To Lowest Since Q1 2009, Record Unemployment, Food Stamps, Debt, Poverty

Source: Barclays
Think the economy is recovering think again.
JP Morgan Chase 19,000
JC Penny 15,020
IBM 9,400
Boeing 5,800
American Express 5,400
Wells Fargo 5,236
Cisco 4,500
Met Life 3,150
Dish Network 3,000
United Tech. 3,000
The economy is already in a collapse
Record Unemployment
Record Food Stamps
Record Debt
Record Poverty
A job engine sputters as hospitals cut staff
US teen unemployment hits new record
Census puts U.S. poverty rate at 15 percent, record 46.5 million
23,116,928 to 20,618,000: Households on Food Stamps Now Outnumber All Households in Northeast U.S.
New record: Federal Reserve owes more than $2 trillion in US debt
U.S. risks joining Germany of 1933 in debt default
10 Things You Didn’t Know About US Household Income Allocation
EBT “Glitch” was a test
Impending Financial Chaos: How do we prepare?

48h avant la fermeture prolongée de votre banque ?

Les banques les plus puissantes du monde ainsi que le Président Obama mettent en garde sur les conséquences « catastrophiques » d'une défaillance des Etats-Unis sur leurs dettes. Et vous, que faîtes-vous ?

Cinq déclarations à ne pas prendre à la légère

1- Lors d'une interview à la CNBC le 2 Octobre, durant laquelle le Président Obama a répété 8 fois le mot "défaut de paiement" (ce n'est pas faute de nous avoir prévenu), il déclare que :

"Cette fois c'est différent... Wall-Street devrait s'inquiéter sur ce qu'il se passe au Congrès... quand vous avez une situation dans laquelle une faction est potentiellement prête à faire défaut sur les obligations américaines, alors nous sommes en difficulté. Et ils sont prêts à le faire..."

2- Le président de la Banque Mondiale, Yong Kim, prévient que :

Les Etats-Unis sont à quelques jours d'un moment très dangereux et cela pourrait devenir un moment catastrophique pour le monde.

3- Le directeur exécutif de la Deutsche Bank, Anshu Jain a déclaré lors d'une conférence organisée par l'Institute of International Finance, à Washington :

"Nous pourrions assister à une propagation très rapide , une maladie mortelle. Les conséquences d'un défaut de paiement américain serait « tout à fait catastrophique », et plongerait le monde dans une toute autre récession."

Les banques américaines commencent à stocker d'énormes quantités de dollars dans la crainte d'un Bank Run (ruée bancaire) majeur sur les banques américaines d'ici les prochaines semaines .

4- Jamie Dimon, PDG de JPMorgan Chase a confié au Los Angeles Times :

"Nous avons effectué d'énormes préparatifs dans l’éventualité d'un défaut de paiement du gouvernement... Un événement de cette ampleur se propagerait à travers l'économie mondiale d'une manière impossible à appréhender..."

5- Le directeur de la BNP Paribas, Baudouin Prot a également déclaré :

"Les conséquences seraient absolument désastreuses en considérant le rôle du dollar."

Pendant ce temps, le département du Trésor américain prétend qu'ils pourraient faire défaut dès cette semaine.
Les obligations comme la sécurité sociale ne seraient plus financées.

Note importante

Ce système pyramidal est construit par la vente d'une valeur papier fictive  : le principe d'une chaîne de Ponzi.
Ce système pourtant réprimé comme un acte criminel dans la plupart des pays industrialisé, fini par se gripper.
Cette illusion appelée "dollar", "euro" ou toute autre monnaie imprimée sans contrepartie en biens tangibles, conduit invariablement vers une perte de confiance des populations envers cette valeur.
Même si le défaut de paiement du fabricant du dollar serait effectivement une catastrophe, ce papier imprimé reste une illusion de valeur.
Toutefois, le problème provient dans la façon dont les pays et votre banque réagiront à un tel événement.

Comment se préparer à l’effondrement économique des États-Unis ?

En 1990, vous seriez passé pour un fou de penser à une telle chose, n'est ce pas ?
Les États-Unis ont dépensé 700 milliards de dollars pour sauver le système bancaire mondial en 2008. Pourtant, nous sommes toujours au bord d'une catastrophe financière...
Si vous n'êtes pas encore prêt, vous devez songer à prendre des mesures concrètes pour protéger votre famille de ce type d'événement.
Vous avez bien une assurance contre le vol de votre voiture, non ?
Pourquoi ne pas souscrire une assurance contre le gel de votre argent à la banque pour cause de faillite américaine ?
Vous pourriez vous détester de ne pas avoir suivi les 5 recommandations ci-dessous :
1- Gardez un œil sur les marchés financiers et les banques
2- Prenez conscience que vos euros pourraient perdre 100% de leur valeur
3- Investissez dans des biens de consommation à long terme
4- Conservez de la monnaie imprimée pour échanges quotidien dans le cas d'une fermeture prolongée de votre banque
5- Agissez maintenant

Source : www.goldup.fr

The Birth of the ‘De-Americanized’ World. Beijing Calls for Creation of New “Reserve Currency” to Replace the U.S. Dollar

This is it. China has had enough. The (diplomatic) gloves are off. It’s time to build a “de-Americanized” world. It’s time for a “new international reserve currency” to replace the US dollar.
It’s all here, in a Xinhua editorial, straight from the dragon’s mouth. And the year is only 2013. Fasten your seat belts – and that applies especially to the Washington elites. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
Long gone are the Deng Xiaoping days of “keeping a low profile”. The Xinhua editorial summarizes the straw that broke the dragon’s back – the current US shutdown. After the Wall Street-provoked financial crisis, after the war on Iraq, a “befuddled world”, and not only China, wants change.
This paragraph couldn’t be more graphic:
„ Instead of honoring its duties as a responsible leading power, a self-serving Washington has abused its superpower status and introduced even more chaos into the world by shifting financial risks overseas, instigating regional tensions amid territorial disputes, and fighting unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies.
The solution, for Beijing, is to “de-Americanize” the current geopolitical equation – starting with more say in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank for emerging economies and the developing world, leading to a “new international reserve currency that is to be created to replace the dominant US dollar”. (1)
Note that Beijing is not advocating completely smashing the Bretton Woods system – at least for now, but it is for having more deciding power. Sounds reasonable, considering that China holds slightly more weight inside the IMF than Italy. IMF “reform” – sort of – has been going on since 2010, but Washington, unsurprisingly, has vetoed anything substantial.
As for the move away from the US dollar, it’s also already on, in varying degrees of speed, especially concerning trade amongst the BRICS group of emerging powers (Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, China and South Africa), which is now overwhelmingly in their respective currencies. The US dollar is slowly but surely being replaced by a basket of currencies.
“De-Americanization” is also already on. Take last week’s Chinese trade charm offensive across Southeast Asia, which is incisively leaning towards even more action with their top commercial partner, China. Chinese President Xi Jinping clinched an array of deals with Indonesia, Malaysia and also Australia, only a few weeks after clinching another array of deals with the Central Asian “stans”.
Chinese commitment to improve the Iron Silk Road reached fever pitch, with shares of Chinese rail companies going through the roof amid the prospect of a high-speed rail link with and through Thailand actually materializing. In Vietnam, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sealed an understanding that two country’s territorial quarrels in the South China Sea would not interfere with even more business. Take that, “pivoting” to Asia.
All aboard the petroyuan
Everyone knows Beijing holds Himalayas of US Treasury bonds – courtesy of those massive trade surpluses accumulated over the past three decades plus an official policy of keeping the yuan appreciating very slowly, yet surely.
At the same time, Beijing has been acting. The yuan is also slowly but surely becoming more convertible in international markets. (Just last week, the European Central Bank and the People?s Bank of China agreed to set up a US$45-$57 billion currency swap line that will add to the yuan’s international strength and improve access to trade finance in the euro area.)
The unofficial date for full yuan convertibility could fall anywhere between 2017 and 2020. The target is clear; move away from piling up US debt, which implies, in the long run, Beijing removing itself from this market – and thus making it way more costly for the US to borrow. The collective leadership in Beijing has already made up its mind about it, and is acting accordingly.
The move towards a full convertible yuan is as inexorable as the BRICS move towards a basket of currencies progressively replacing the US dollar as a reserve currency. Until, further on down the road, the real cataclysmic event materializes; the advent of the petroyuan – destined to surpass the petrodollar once the Gulf petro-monarchies see which way the historical winds are blowing. Then we will enter a completely different geopolitical ball game.

China bypasses American ‘New Silk Road’ with two of its own

Armed with tens of billions of dollars in investment deals and romantic tales of ancient explorers, Chinese President Xi Jinping has spent much of the past month promoting his vision of two new “Silk Roads” to connect his country to the West and secure its energy supplies — one by land and another by sea.
In the process, he has eclipsed an American vision of a New Silk Road that was advanced with much fanfare by then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton two years ago and was supposed to revitalize Afghanistan as the link between Central and South Asia.
The contrast between the two visions — one with huge sums of money on the table, the other struggling to get off the ground — only underlines how China’s ever-growing clout in Asia is challenging the influence of the United States.

Plan B: Central banks getting ready for financial Armageddon

The European Central Bank and the People’s Bank of China (PBC) have struck a deal that moves both banks farther from the dollar orbit. The two banks agreed to ‘swap’ $56 billion worth of yuan for $60.8 billion worth of euros.
Many central banks have reserves in the form of Sovereign Wealth Funds, which are also at risk if the US defaults, as many of the assets are held in dollars. These investment vehicles could be crippled by a default. China’s is estimated at more than $1.3 trillion - the world’s largest.
While the US continues to bumble its way towards a debt ceiling crisis (somehow our President doesn’t have time to meet work on solving this, but does have time to make sandwiches with volunteers and give press statements about how we wants to work), Europe continues to make us look good by comparison.
 Remember how we were told time and again that Europe was saved? Remember how repeatedly we were told that the European Central Bank (ECB) would do “whatever it takes” to fix things?
 Turns out all of that was a total load of BS. Indeed, the IMF just announced the following:
 Nobody knows the true scale of potential losses at Europe’s banks, but the International Monetary Fund hinted at the enormity of the problem this month, saying that Spanish and Italian banks face 230 billion euros ($310 billion) of losses alone on credit to companies in the next two years.
 Yet five years after the United States demanded its big banks take on new capital to reassure investors, Europe is still struggling to impose order on its financial system, having given emergency aid to five countries. 

Surprise! Europe's Banks Are STILL Totally Insolvent...

Remember, Spain was the banking system that was great right up until it demanded a 100 billion Euro bailout. Then only six months later, one of its largest problem banks (which had taken 18 billion Euros in bailout funds) announced it still had a negativevaluation.

The entire EU banking system is insolvent. Unlike the US where the banks raised capital to address their problems, EU banks havenot raised capital nor have they reduced their leverage (of 26 to 1 by the way). Instead, they’ve simply swapped garbage assets as collateral to the ECB, which counts this garbage at 100 cents on the Euro, and issues liquidity to the banks.

World banks brace for euro collapse

Banks around the world are preparing for the possible collapse of the euro as fears of the European debt crisis increase.
Several banks are even installing systems capable of coping with trading in old European currencies.
Meanwhile finance firms, corporations, and different governments have also turned to plans that aim at preparing them for harsh times.
Regulators have asked banks in the US and UK to provide updates on readiness levels in case of a possible euro collapse.
Some corporate firms have also started transferring their cash on a daily basis out of European countries, including debt-ridden Greece instead of once every two weeks.
The question about the Euro collapsing is not "if", but "when", and the information appears to document that happening sooner rather than later.

HUNGARY takes the Lead Issuing Sovereign Debt- and thus Interest-Free Money

It takes intelligence, guts and a position of power to chase central banksters and do what Prime Minister Victor Orban did in Hungary:
1. Get his Parliamentary ‘Debt Committee’ to realise the degree to which the national debt had increased
2. Decide that not only the people but also the responsible politicians should suffer
3. Seek for legal ways of taking past prime ministers to account
4. Chase the International Monetary Fund out of the country
5. Use the country’s sovereignty to issue debt-FREE, i.e. INTEREST-free money and thus finance the REAL economy and not the paper economy of bureaucrats, deceivers and criminals.

This German article refers to 10 mainstream media articles since August 2011 and was the basis for Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles on 25 August 2013 by American Free Press.
In chronological order and simply translating the titles, the story of the Hungarian currency Forint and its economy is:
03 April 2010: Hungary: the tightrope artist from Budapest
13 Apr 2010: If necessary, Hungary must leave the EU
06 Jan 2011: Hungarian muzzles: the new media law has a ‘memory political’ dimension
10 Jan 2011: Hungary’s foible –  misunderstood by Europe and the world, given our historic victims
01 Aug 2011: Orban wants to take predecessors to court - for causing debts
07 Aug 2011: The curse of so much money threatens China – debt crisis in the US, boom in Far East
13 Jan 2012: International Monetary Fund (IMF) refuses any help to Hungary - for it demands political reforms, before talks even begin
15 Jul 2013: Hungary on course of confrontation: Central Bank wants to kick out the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
31 Jul 2013: Hungary: between triumph and reality
03 Aug 2013: Hungary wants to pay back IMF loan prematurely
To me, it seems that only the American journalist got the real gist of the issue:
  • debt-free money liberates sovereign states from their shackles of national or public debts or ‘Public Spending Borrowing Requirements’
  • the media are and have been complicit in using ‘emotive’ words regarding Jews, the holocaust and anti-semitism – when the truth was that Hitler didn’t buy into the Rothschild-led system of central banks and national debts
  • since the EU has become an ‘instrument’ of the international banking cartel, ‘emotive Europe’ as well as ‘right / left’ politics enter the discussions, when, really, it’s all about understanding the creation of money as debt,  money from thin air and the devastating effect of compounding interest upon interest as a flaw in the monetary system.

Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.

Hungary is making history of the first order along with Iceland & Russia.
Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartels. This is stupendous news that should encourage nationalist patriots worldwide to increase the fight for freedom from financial tyranny.
Already in 2011, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised to serve justice on his socialist predecessors, who sold the nation’s people into unending debt slavery under the lash of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the terrorist state of Israel. Those earlier administrations were riddled with Israelis in high places, to the fury of the masses, who finally elected Orbán’s Fidesz party in response.
According to a report on the German-language website “National Journal,” Orbán has now moved to unseat the usurers from their throne. The popular, nationalistic prime minister told the IMF that Hungary neither wants nor needs further “assistance” from that proxy of the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve Bank. No longer will Hungarians be forced to pay usurious interest to private, unaccountable central bankers.
...Instead, the Hungarian government has assumed sovereignty over its own currency and now issues money debt free, as it is needed. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. The nation’s economy, formerly staggering under deep indebtedness, has recovered rapidly and by means not seen since National Socialist Germany.

Italy to Sell 50 Historic Sites to Pay off Debt

The Italian government is to sell scores of historic properties to help it tackle its huge budget deficit.
A haunted fortress, a cardinal’s palace and an island in the Venetian lagoon are among 50 sites for sale.
The move recalls 2012, when Greece was forced to sell off some its beautiful islands to foreign buyers, to chip away at its enormous debts.
I would argue that the government of Italy has no right to sell off the property of the Italian people just as I argue that he US Government does not have the right to sell off (or close) our national parks and other public assets. But for the money-junkies, confiscation of the public assets is the last and final step to bringing the world back to feudalism in which the people own nothing at all.

Comment rembourser vos dettes facilement avec une imprimante ?

Cette question vous fait sourire ? Bien sûr, votre bon sens fait qu'il ne vous viendrait jamais à l'idée d'imprimer des ramettes de faux billets et de les utiliser pour rembourser vos créanciers... Imaginons que vous ayez le courage de le faire.
Que se passerait-il ?
La réaction de votre banquier serait-elle de vous jeter dehors ou appellerait-il la police ?
Lisez attentivement...

Essayez de résoudre vos problèmes de surendettement avec une imprimante et vous obtenez...

1- Egon von Greyerz :
"La dette mondiale est aujourd'hui en pleine expansion exponentielle. Avec absolument aucune possibilité d'arrêter cette explosion de la dette, nous allons bientôt entrer dans une période d'argent imprimé illimité conduisant à une destruction totale des monnaies-papier. La conséquence sera une dépression hyperinflationniste dans la plupart des grandes économies."

2- Andy Hoffman :
"Le mal est déjà fait et donc, rien ne peut changer le cours de 42 ans d'entraves, en imprimant de l'argent au niveau mondial - au moment où j'écris ces lignes, nous sommes entrés dans la phase terminale -".

3- Bullion Bulls Canada :
"Alors que la fin est déjà claire. L'USS Titanic est sur ​​le point d'être coulé intentionnellement (encore une fois), et les« empreintes digitales »de Ben Bernanke seront visibles partout sur la scène du crime."


... une bulle du crédit de l'économie mondiale qui finit par s'effondrer :

4- John Rubino :
"Rien n'a été fixé après 2008, tout comme rien n'a été fixé sur le logement, les valeurs technologiques, et les bulles de "junk bonds" (obligations pourries) ont éclaté. La réponse a été la même à chaque fois, avec de plus en plus d'agressive et d'expérimention. Les courants politiques pensent que le système a été réinitialisé à la « normale » parce que le prix des actifs sont de retour là où ils étaient juste avant le krach de 2008. Ainsi, nous avons des déséquilibres financiers plus importants que jamais et la seule issue possible est encore un plus grand crash."

5- Bill Holter :
"Nous vivons la plus grosse bulle de toute l'histoire ! Tout et partout est basé sur le crédit. En fait, plus de 60% des crédits mondial est couvert par le dollar et « garanti » par le gouvernement américain. Le petit problème mineur est maintenant que nous avons atteint des niveaux de « saturation de la dette ». . L'autre petit détail, c'est que l' « actif » qui sous-tend cette valeur (le dollar et donc les valeurs du Trésor Américain) est émis par une entité en faillite . "


Mais en vérité, vous êtes en banqueroute !

La preuve...

La croissance d'une économie saine signifie que de plus en plus de personnes sont employées de manière productive.
Depuis le 11 septembre 2001, chaque étage de l'économie américaine s'effondre dans un nuage de poussière.
Comment peut-on considérer qu'une nation est économiquement forte lorsqu'une personne sur 10 se nourrit aux tickets alimentaires ?
Le graphique ci-après montre le taux de population active et le pourcentage réel de la population qui est employée.
Est-ce que cela ressemble à une économie porteuse qui connaît une reprise ou cela ressemble plus à un effondrement de l'emploi productif ?

Conséquences des effets de 100 ans de Réserve Fédérale :
- de nombreuses guerres coûteuses
- 42 ans de monnaie basée sur de la dette sans couverture
- une croissance insoutenable du crédit et de la dette
- un système monétaire occidental dans une situation précaire

Virez vos faux billets, appelez la police et demandez-vous avec bon sens :

1.      Le paiement de la dette par une économie financée par la dette pourra-t-elle durer pour toujours ?
2.      Les dépenses du gouvernement peuvent-elle croître plus rapidement que les recettes publiques pour toujours ?
3.      Les taux d'intérêt resteront-ils proche de zéro sur plusieurs générations ?
4.      Croyez-vous encore dans le fantasme d'une dette croissante à l'infini, payée par de l'argent imprimé ? Ce qui crée des bulles financières sans cesse plus grandes ?
5.      Êtes-vous personnellement et financièrement prêt pour un possible effondrement financier de cette machine stupide ?
6.      Avez-vous converti certaines de votre richesse numérique enregistrée sur le tableau EXCEL de votre banquier en argent réel (or et argent) ou en valeurs tangibles ? Est-elle stockée en toute sécurité en dehors d'un disque dur bancaire ou peut-être dans un pays différent de celui où vous vivez ?

Moralité, l'article 442-1 du Code Pénal doit être respecté :
"La contrefaçon ou la falsification des pièces de monnaie ou des billets de banque ayant cours légal en France ou émis par les institutions étrangères ou internationales habilitées à cette fin est punie de trente ans de réclusion criminelle et de 450000 euros d'amende"

Se préparer au pire, agir pour le meilleur...
Source : www.goldup.fr

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Actualité :

Monsanto vs. humanity

Coming up October 12, millions will march
against Monsanto all over the world.

Leading up to the march we're going to
give you some reasons why to join in.

Monsanto is stealing the world's seed
supply...No joke.

Pentagon Fires 2 Generals In Charge of Nukes, Would They Not Go Along With Secret Nuke Transfers?

President Obama Fires High Ranking Nuclear Chiefs

In an unprecedented move, reports of the Obama administration firing a second military commander of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons system have surfaced. These officers have some of the highest clearances you can get, and have been in charge of the nation’s most sensitive nuclear arsenals.
Reuters reported on Friday, Oct 11th that Major General Michael Carey was fired from his job as Commander of the 20th Air Force. The role is responsible for three wings of intercontinental missiles, a total of 450 missiles at three different US bases. He has served for 35 years per his Air Force bio, with numerous awards.
The Air Force is reporting the firing is due to the current administrations “loss of trust” in . A Pentagon official told Reuters on Friday that the decision to fire the 2 star general was made by Lieutenant General James Kowalski. Kowalski has replaced him with Major General Jack Weinstein.



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