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dimanche 6 mars 2011

Documentaire: John Pilger - La guerre que vous ne voyez pas


Documentaire: John Pilger - La guerre que vous ne voyez pas

Téléchargez ça rapidement avant que ça ne disparaisse encore. C'est déjà arrivé une fois.

John Pilger - The War You Don't See

Excellent documentary. Will probably disappear soon. Catch it while you can.

From the award-winning director of The War on Democracy comes John Pilger's latest work, The War You Don't See. This hard-hitting exposé and scrutinizes the effects of the media during wartime, asking what is the role of the media in rapacious wars.

When symbols are separated from facts and the facts don't matter, could the media be accused of conspiring to play down the carnage and of using 'embedded journalism' to amplify the lies? This documentary unveils the war you don't see and allows you to make up your own mind.

John Pilger says in the film: "We journalists... have to be brave enough to defy those who seek our collusion in selling their latest bloody adventure in someone else's country... That means always challenging the official story, however patriotic that story may appear, however seductive and insidious it is. For propaganda relies on us in the media to aim its deceptions not at a far away country but at you at home... In this age of endless imperial war, the lives of countless men, women and children depend on the truth or their blood is on us... Those whose job it is to keep the record straight ought to be the voice of people, not power."

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Anonyme a dit...

liens morts.

FM a dit...

Merci de l'avoir signalé.

Je viens de changer les vidéos. Téléchargez-les avant qu'elles ne disparaissent de nouveau!

Anonyme a dit...

Merci ,L'hyper lucidité de John Pilger est toujours aussi percutante ,quel sacré bonhomme !