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dimanche 17 septembre 2006

Union Nord Americaine - suite

Union Nord Americaine - suite

Trahison. Selon deux nouvelles sources, le Canada va cesser d'exister comme pays souverain d'ici peu de temps, et tout cela sans en etre informe ni par nos politiciens traitres ni par les medias complices de ce scandale.
Ce n'est pas que j'aime tant le Canada, mais disons que l'agenda qui se cache derriere l'avenement de l'Union Nord Americaine est celui des Neocons et du New World Order, un gouvernement mondial fasciste et totalitaire. Et ca ne me plait pas du tout. Vous?

Pourquoi ne pas appeler vos journaux et stations de television et leur demander comment ca se fait qu'ils n'ont pas encore rapporter cette nouvelle encore et leur demander par le fait meme s'ils ne sont que les complices de l'elite?

September 16, 2006
The Canadian et aussi rapporte sur http://www.globalresearch.ca/

by Don Nordin

Stephen Harper's "Quisling" government pursues further talks for U.S. take-over of Canada

Media organization elites cover-up the biggest scandal in Canadian history

What would you think if it was announced that Canada was to cease as an independent country as early as 2007? Would it matter to you? Would you want to know who was responsible? What would you do?

Well, during the last week there have been announcements from at least two sources that Canada will soon cease to exist as a sovereign country.

The first notice I received was in the form of an Aug. 18 email from Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party. The email includes a bulletin from the Fraser Institute entitled, "The Case for the Amero: The Institutions of a North American Monetary Union." A statement near the end of the bulletin reads, "On the day the North American Monetary Union is created--perhaps on January 1, 2010--Canada, the United States, and Mexico will replace their national currencies with the Amero. On that day, all American dollar notes and coins will be exchanged at the rate of one US dollar for one Amero."

Then much worst news came. On August 30 I received, indirectly from an email correspondent, an article from 'Vivelecanada.ca' entitled, "Timeline of the Progress Towards a North American Union". At the end of the timeline it projected that the North American Union would be created in 2007, three years before the projection of the Fraser Institute!

You might ask how we got into a situation where our country would be dismantled without our consent. Well, from World Net Daily we read that "the White House has established working groups, under the North American Free Trade Agreement office in the Department of Commerce, to implement the Security and Prosperity Partnership (also called the North American Union) signed by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005". This was done without authorization of the U.S. Congress or any level of government in all three countries as far as I am able to ascertain.

Where is all this heading?
Stephen Harper shakes hands with Bush toward the role that Mr. Harper seeks toward his government's sought "transfer" of Canada into the U.S. imperial political-military-industrial complex, under the smokescreen of a "War against Terrorism".

We are heading into a One World neo-fascistic government and a One World economy where sovereign countries are being systematically destroyed. It's called the New World Order and it's been in the works for decades. At the moment, George W. Bush is the figurehead leader in front of a neo-conservative (fascist) ruling elite which is the driving force behind the NOW agenda. It is an agenda by and for the ruling elites.
The middle class, the only collective power that has the strength to fight back against this agenda, if they could ever unite in purpose, is being systematically destroyed. If the trend continues, the vast majority of workers will be driven down to the lowest level.

Don't look to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to "Stand up for Canada" as the they indicated during the last federal election campaign; and fight against the take-over of Canada via a U.S. imperial "North American Union and to save our sovereignty. He is solidly behind President George W. Bush. It is even said that NDP leader, Jack Layton, has formed an alliance with Stephen Harper - see Jacques Lemieux's article in The Canadian in which he makes his case and concludes, "A working alliance between Mr. Harper and Mr. Layton is the only thing that can explain why Mr. Layton has chosen not to apparently rally Canadians against the clearly reactionary agenda of Mr. Harper."

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