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mercredi 27 septembre 2006

Chavez, Bush et Ahmadinejad a la réunion annuelle de l`ONU.

Chavez, Bush et Ahmadinejad a la réunion annuelle de l`ONU.

Voici ce que les trois hommes les plus en vue internationalement avaient à dire lors du sommet de l`ONU. Bush, Chavez et Ahmadinejad ont tous les trois tenus des discours qui vont rester marqué pour des raisons différentes.

George Bush à déclaré qu`il avait l`intention de continuer ses guerres d`aggression au Moyen-Orient, menaçant de bombarder qui il le veut. Assez violent et aggressant.

Hugo Chavez du Vénézuela a carrément appelé Bush le diable en personne et a demandé au reste du monde de résister à l`empire qui cherche a dominer le monde entier militairement, par la violence. Ce fût un des meilleurs speech prononcé à l`ONU depuis très longtemps. Il a aussi causé toute une commotion aux USA! Il a demandé a ce que l`ONU soit réformé car elle est présentement non fonctionnelle dans sa capacité d`arrêter la marche impériale et criminelle des USA et d`Israël puisque par le systeme de veto, les USA peuvent faire tomber n`importe quelle résolution voté par tous les pays du monde contre Israël, ce qui complètement ridicule en effet.

Ensuite Ahmadinejad a déclaré encore une fois ses intentions pacifiques (confirmé par l`Agence Nucléaire de l`ONU) dans le développement de centrales nucléaires pour produire de l`électricité et dans sa détermination d`achever tout dialogue international par la paix.

Qui a eu l`air d`un fou dangeureux menaçant le monde avec son armée? Bush.

Chavez a même avertis contre le terrorisme d`état et les faux attentats terroristes manigancé par l`Empire pour déstabiliser les pays dissidents!

Chavez est en train de devenir un héro international. Viva Chavez!

Vive la paix!

A belligerent Bush addresses the UN Washington threatens wider Middle East war

In a speech to the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday, US President George W. Bush delivered a remarkably belligerent warning to the peoples of the Middle East that Washington intends to continue and even widen its campaign of military aggression.

The dominant message in the speech was contained in the implicit threats made against Syria and Iran that they could soon face the same fate as Afghanistan and Iraq.
Such are the traditions of UN diplomacy—and the spinelessness of the world’s governments—that the body’s delegates politely applauded as Bush absurdly postured as the liberator of the Arab masses. His government’s policies of unprovoked aggression, military occupation and torture stand in direct violation of the UN charter and constitute war crimes for which he and other top US officials deserve to stand trial.

Several thousand antiwar demonstrators marched through the streets of Manhattan and then rallied in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza near the UN as Bush was making his speech.
Inside the UN, Bush served up his usual concoction of lies, threats and hypocrisy in a speech that closely tracked many of the same themes and rhetoric contained in the series of propaganda addresses he has delivered in the US in recent weeks in an attempt to shore up plummeting support for the Iraq war.

Inevitably, in his first sentence the US president invoked 9/11, once again exploiting the terrorist attacks of that day to justify all of the lawless acts committed by Washington in the five years since. He once again proclaimed that the world was engaged in the “great ideological struggle” of the twenty-first century, pitting the Bush White House against “extremists,” a category in which he lumped together Al Qaeda terrorists, the Lebanese mass movement Hezbollah, and Hamas, which currently leads the Palestinian government in the Israeli-occupied territories.
Invoking the “death and suffering” inflicted upon American civilians five years ago before such an international audience clearly raises the following question: what about the far greater death and suffering unleashed upon the world by US militarism in 9/11’s aftermath?
According to a recent UN report, over 100 Iraqis are being killed every day under the US occupation, meaning that Iraq suffers the equivalent of 9/11 each and every month. Since the US invaded the country three-and-a-half years ago, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died. Many thousands more civilians have been killed in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the death toll among US troops in the two occupied countries has now surpassed the number of deaths inflicted on September 11.

Hugo Chavez: Rise Up Against the Empire


Representatives of the governments of the world, good morning to all of you. First of all, I would like to invite you, very respectfully, to those who have not read this book, to read it.
Noam Chomsky, one of the most prestigious American and world intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, and this is one of his most recent books, '
Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States.'" [Holds up book, waves it in front of General Assembly.] "It's an excellent book to help us understand what has been happening in the world throughout the 20th century, and what's happening now, and the greatest threat looming over our planet.

The hegemonic pretensions of the American empire are placing at risk the very survival of the human species. We continue to warn you about this danger and we appeal to the people of the United States and the world to halt this threat, which is like a sword hanging over our heads. I had considered reading from this book, but, for the sake of time," [flips through the pages, which are numerous] "I will just leave it as a recommendation.

Bush Rages: “I am not Beelzebub, Lord of Sulfur”

My oh my, has Hugo Chavez caused a furor.
Looking at the news reports filed in the last 24 hours, one would think that he snuck a dirty-bomb into the United Nations rather than gave a speech.
In fact, the plucky Chavez may have delivered the finest 30 minute presentation that august assembly has ever heard. In that short span of time he publicly throttled the Global Emperor in front of 6 billion people and left his bruised and bloodied carcass splattered across the canvas like Roberto Duran in Round 9 of the middleweight championship match..

“The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have ever talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised quite a clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It is a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.” Chavez matched Pinter word for word, exposing the hypocrisy, lies and brutality of an administration that never stops lecturing about freedom and liberation even though it grinds out mountains of carnage everywhere it goes.

Full text of President Ahmadinejad's speech at General Assembly

Israel throws a hizzy fit

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations criticized the U.S. administration on Wednesday for granting an entrance visa to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and allowing him to address the UN General Assembly.
The Israeli delegation to the General Assembly, including Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, boycotted Ahmadinejad, who has said he wants to wipe Israel off the map and dismissed the Holocaust as a myth."We didn't think it was correct to honor this man with our presence.
I am very sorry that he was even allowed to speak at the UN," Danny Gillerman, Israel's ambassador to the UN, said.

Warning To The World Heeded As Leaders Expose State Terror

Warning To The World Heeded As Leaders Expose State TerrorChavez, Ahmadinejad cite 9/11 in attempt to counter fake war provocations

Fearing that they are the next targets of the U.S. led imperial new world order, leaders of foreign nations are beginning to understand that by drawing attention to the use of staged provocations and state terror, they may be able to move one step ahead in the world of public opinion and avoid the wrath of the Neo-Fascists.
In July of 2005 we released
an article entitled 'A Warning to the World' which called for, "all governments who still operate outside of the control of the Globalists to come forward and join humanity in unveiling the real terrorists who are attempting to deform the world into a prison planet."

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