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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

lundi 25 juillet 2011

L'Autre Monde 25 juillet 2011: Attentat terroriste en Norvège, le scandale de Rupert Murdoch et l'agression de la Libye


L'Autre Monde 25 juillet 2011: Attentat terroriste en Norvège, le scandale de Rupert Murdoch et l'agression de la Libye

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L'Autre Monde 25 juillet 2011

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Au programme cette semaine, 25 juillet 2011:

- Les attentats terroristes en Norvège - toutes les informations et analyse que les médias n'osent pas vous rapporter;

- Scandale de l'espionnage de l'empire de Rupert Murdoch a des ramifications importantes qu'il importe d'explorer, des leçons doivent être retenues;

- L'agression de la Libye n'a rien à voir avec le prétexte officiel de défendre le peuple libyen. C'est une autre manifestation de la guerre qui a lieu en ce moment, menée par les banquiers internationaux contre le peuple de la Terre entière.

C'est en rendez-vous le lundi dès 15h pour l'émission la plus écoutée de CHOQ FM, la radio officielle de l'Université du Québec à Montréal !

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Journalists with High Ratings Punished by MSNBC for Opposing the Wars

After giving a nearly six-month tryout for the internet talk show host Cenk Uygur, the cable news channel MSNBC is preparing to instead award its 6:00 p.m. prime-time slot to the Reverend Al Sharpton. MSNBC President Phil Griffin offered Uygur a well-paid but lower-profile on-air slot, but Uygur rejected the offer, saying the decision to demote him was politically motivated. Uygur is known for aggressively interrogating leading Washington figures and challenging the political establishment, which he alleges made some MSNBC executives uneasy. He said Griffin had called him into his office in April and told him he had been talking to people in Washington and that they did not like Uygur’s tone. We speak with Uygur, who also blogs at several liberal websites and hosts a popular internet and radio show, "The Young Turks." "It is corporate media... It’s not just MSNBC. You think that the CNN hosts can aggressively challenge government officials? I don’t think so,” says Uygur.

Shamed BBC could lose prestigious TV award over ‘faked footage of child labour’ in Primark Panorama expose

The BBC could be forced to hand back a prestigious award it won for the controversial Primark Panorama expose, after footage in the show of child labour in India was revealed to be fake.

Pentagon Seeks to Manipulate Social Media for Propaganda Purposes

Wired reported on Friday:

The Pentagon is looking to build a tool to sniff out social media propaganda campaigns and spit some counter-spin right back at it.

On Thursday, Defense Department extreme technology arm Darpa unveiled its Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program. It’s an attempt to get better at both detecting and conducting propaganda campaigns on social media. SMISC has two goals. First, the program needs to help the military better understand what’s going on in social media in real time — particularly in areas where troops are deployed. Second, Darpa wants SMISC to help the military play the social media propaganda game itself.

This is more than just checking the trending topics on Twitter. The Defense Department wants to deeply grok social media dynamics. So SMISC algorithms will be aimed at discovering and tracking the “formation, development and spread of ideas and concepts (memes)” on social media, according to Darpa’s announcement.


SMISC needs to be able to seek out “persuasion campaign structures and influence operations” developing across the social sphere. SMISC is supposed to quickly flag rumors and emerging themes on social media, figure out who’s behind it and what. Moreover, Darpa wants SMISC to be able to actually figure out whether this is a random product of the hivemind or a propaganda operation by an adversary nation or group.

Of course, SMISC won’t be content to just to hang back and monitor social media trends in strategic locations. It’s about building a better spin machine for Uncle Sam, too. Once SMISC’s latches on to an influence operation being launched, it’s supposed to help out in “countermessaging.”


SMISC is yet another example of how the military is becoming very interested in what’s going on in the social media sphere.

Ex-spy says US officials went after Iraq critic: report

WASHINGTON (AFP) - (AFP) - Officials in the George W. Bush administration may have tried to use the CIA to dig up information on an Iraq war critic in order to discredit him, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Glenn Carle, who served as a top counterterrorism official in the Central Intelligence Agency, told the Times that officials twice sought to investigate Juan Cole, a professor and widely read blogger.

Cole, a Middle East expert and history professor at the University of Michigan, was a strident critic of the Bush administration and the Iraq war, which he wrote about extensively on his "Informed Comment" blog...

Israel Hires Internet Soldiers to Penetrate American Forums, Chatrooms

File under “cat out of the bag.” “Israel hires Internet soldiers,” Israeli students and demobilized soldiers get paid to pretend they are just regular folks and leave pro-Israel comments online. Israeli Foreign Ministry Deputy Elan Shturman is quoted from the Israeli Occupation Magazine saying:

“Our people will not say: ‘Hello, I am from the hasbara department of the Israeli foreign ministry and I want to tell you the following.’ Nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis,” he said. “They will speak as net-surfers and as citizens, and will write responses that will look personal but will be based on a prepared list of messages that the foreign ministry developed.”

Small Arkansas Town Wants To Ban Free Speech, No “Group” Will Be Able To Meet Without Cities Permission

A small Arkansas town of 850 has apparently banned groups from meeting to talk about the city without first getting permission from the city itself.

In a move reminiscent of Nazi Germany, the Gould, Arkansas City Council has moved to ban all groups from discussing the city, even in their own home!

Mayor Earnest Nas, in strong statements supporting the peoples constitutional rights, said he is willing to go to court to stop this plan.

“This is America and even though this is Gould, Arkansas, this is still part of America. And in America, you can’t just vote and violate peoples constitutional rights,” said Nash.

Attentats en Norvège:

Witness: Explosion hits near Norwegian PM's office

An explosion in Norwegian capital Oslo blew out most of the windows of the government building housing the prime minister's office Friday, a witness told Reuters.

Explosion damages government HQ in Oslo

A loud explosion shattered windows Friday at the government headquarters in Oslo which includes the prime minister's office, injuring several people.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is safe, government spokeswoman Camilla Ryste told The Associated Press. There was no immediate word on the cause of the blast

Since Norway was ready to recognize Palestine, I think we know who did the bombing.

Oslo: Bomb blast near Norway prime minister's office

A large bomb blast has hit near government headquarters in the Norwegian capital Oslo, killing at least one person.

The offices of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg were damaged extensively - a government spokeswoman said he was safe.

Police said a number of people were injured in the city centre explosion.

Norway was ready to recognize a state of Palestine at the United Nations, so I think we know the motive and the identity of the bombers!

Please post this comment wherever the bombing is reported, because the Megaphonies are already trying to pin the blame on Muslims.

Ongoing Shootings At Oslo Norway Youth Camp Follow Massive Terrorist Bombing In Oslo

The Major Terrorists Attack Bombings In Oslo Norway Now Coupled With Ongoing Shootings Which Were Started By A Gunman Dressed As A Police Officer.

Eyewitness Says 20 to 25 Bodies At Norway Youth Camp Attacked By Gunman Dressed As Police Officer

Oslo Terrorist Attacks Appear To Have Been Launched From Times Square Style Al-Qaeda Car Bombs

As I first reported the Oslo terrorist bombings have the hallmarks of an Al-Queda style false flag attack, due to the multiple bombings being reported which is a signature of an Al-Qaeda attack. But the suggestion that Al-Queda launched this attack makes little sense, because as I previously noted, as Norway is politically aligned with the Muslims against the zionists.

Terror "Expert" being quoted as saying Muslims did Oslo is author of anti-Muslim book!

The "terror authority" running around the European media claiming Muslims are terrorists in Norway makes money selling books saying Muslims are terrorists!

Right-Wing Pundits Jumped To Blame Muslims And ‘Jihadists’ For Norway Attacks

But some pundits, mostly right-wing neoconservatives, proclaimed that this bore all the hallmarks of Islamic terrorism, even going so far as to draw policy prescriptions. At the Washington Post, normally a well-respected news outlet, Jennifer Rubin quoted the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies‘ Thomas Joscelyn and AEI scholar Gary Schmitt to say that the attacks were the result of Islamic terrorism. She then concluded the “jihadist” attack on Oslo means the U.S. shouldn’t cut military spending:

... and then the Norwegian police actually caught the guy and the whole propaganda campaign cratered!

Witnesses Suggest Second Shooter Involved in Norway Youth Camp Rampage

NTB is reporting Saturday that witnesses told police two people were involved in the shooting on Utoya island. The agency says police are looking into it.

Norwegian police arrest six in Oslo raids

Police in Norway have arrested six more people in connection with Friday's twin terror attack which killed at least 92 people.

That makes a total of 8. So much for the media spin of a crazed lone nut!

UPDATE: the six have been released. I wonder who pulled strings to get them arrested this fast!


Dr. Colin Poole, head of surgery at Ringriket Hospital in Honefoss northwest of Oslo, told The Associated Press the gunman used special bullets designed to disintegrate inside the body and cause maximum internal damage. Poole said surgeons treating 16 gunshot victims have recovered no full bullets.

"These bullets more or less exploded inside the body," Poole said. "It's caused us all kinds of extra problems in dealing with the wounds they cause, with very strange trajectories."

Ballistics experts say the so-called dum-dum bullets also are lighter in weight and can be fired with greater accuracy over varying distances.

Fragmentation bullets also make ballistic matching impossible, concealing the presence of multiple guns and multiple shooters.

Norways 9/11 ???

Holy Shit. News Corp only knows how to dig itself further into a hole. According to the Sun news paper, Al Qaeda is responsible for the attacks in Norway.

This page went to print before the Sun found out who was really to blame. The Sun assumed it was Al Qaeda and this is the page that went to print and eventually was changed. http://twitpic.com/5u6n2l


changed to



Oslo Terror: Whose Agenda Does It Serve?

Today’s bombing in Oslo and a related mass shooting that occurred just outside the Norwegian capital are already replete with inconsistencies and questions that demand further inquiry into whose agenda this deadly attack serves.

Authorities have already said that the man who carried out the shootings at a youth camp in a nearby resort has direct ties to the earlier bombing in Oslo of a government building.

- An eyewitness to the blast who was just 200 feet away from the explosion called into the Alex Jones show and stated that there was a “bomb sweep” of the area the day before the attack. Norwegian television also reported this story.

Police: Utoya shooter was local man

Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism researcher at the Swedish Defence Academy, told Nettavisen, that the description of the suspect and his possible involvement in bombing national government offices, "points to an internal rather than external extremist extremist."

Translation: The corporate media push to blame Muslims just exploded in their faces.

THE PLOT THICKENS! - At least two terrorists behind Norwegian youth camp massacre - witnesses

The witnesses described the second man as a 180-centimeter tall, dark-haired man with Nordic appearance with "a pistol in his right hand and a rifle on his back."

Wikipedia appears to confirm report of multiple shooters on Norway island.

The shooting supposedly lasted for 90 minutes.[citation needed] The police were informed about the shooting at 17:27, and at 18:27 the perpetrator had been apprehended.[37] When the police arrived at the scene, they were confronted with a scene of survivors begging the officers to throw away their weapons, as they were afraid that the men in uniforms would again open fire on them.


Norwegian police arrested a second man this morning at a hotel in Sundvolden, where the survivors from the Utoya Island massacre had gathered and where Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was due to visit.


From last night: Norwegian police arrested a second man this morning at a hotel in Sundvolden, where the survivors from the Utoya Island massacre had gathered and where Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was due to visit.

UPDATE: This morning all mention of the second suspect has been erased from this article! A copy of the orignal version, reporting the arrest, is saved HERE.

The SUN is owned by Rupert Murdoch!

Please forward all other reporting on the second suspect for posting.


Norway police arrive 90 minutes after firing began

Shades of Columbine!
OSLO, Norway (AP) - Police arrived at an island massacre about an hour and a half after a gunman first opened fire, slowed because they didn't have quick access to a helicopter and then couldn't find a boat to make their way to the scene just several hundred yards (meters) offshore. The assailant surrendered when police finally reached him, but 82 people died before that.

Survivors of the shooting spree have described hiding and fleeing into the water to escape the gunman, but a police briefing Saturday detailed for the first time how long the terror lasted - and how long victims waited for help.

Corporate Media Runs False CIA Story Stating Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Olso Bombings

The CIA falsely claims a Muslim “terrorist” organization has claimed responsibility for the Oslo, Norway bombings and the corporate media is printing their lies.

All major news outlets ran a report from a CIA analyst claiming a Muslim terrorist group took credit for the Olso Norway bombings, which the corporate media is trying so desperately to blame on Al-Qaeda .

Even though it would make no sense for Muslims to attack Norway, who is their ally.

This "Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami" sounds like they made up the name by dropping a scrabble set on the floor.

With the "terrorist" identified as a Norwegian Anti-Islam Conservative Christian, possibly a Christian-Zionist, this "Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami" story is exposed as a total fraud.

Too late, asshole; the world knows you are a phony!

Helpers of the Global Jihad have since issued a retraction of their earlier statement claiming that they caused the bombing in central Oslo.

See Fake Al Qaeda

"You will not bomb us into silence" - Norway

"No one will bomb us to silence. No one wil shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway," Mr Stoltenberg says.

Excellent speech and it seems to be squarely directed at israel because rather than suggest Norwegians are being punished for their actions, he says clearly that those responsible are attempting to silence Norway.

When asked specifically about the attack on the youth camp, he characterize Norwegian youth as having very strong political views and he grew visibly agitated, suggesting he suspects the youth were targeted because of this.

"Attacking one of the most peaceful places, a political youth camp, is especially brutal - an act of cowardice," Mr Stoltenberg says.

I doubt that they will come right out and blame israelis, but in the coming days it will become apparent, based on their reluctance to verify the "islamic terrorists" as the culprits, whether or not they suspect israel.

BTW - Gunman is Norwegian.

More to follow.

SEE: Norwegian Labor Party Youth Movement (AUF) Demands that Ariel Sharon and Other Israeli Leaders be put on Trial.

On 10.07.2002, Mrs. Eva Kristin Hansen, the leader of the Norwegian Labor Party Youth Movement (AUF), called upon the Attorney General of Norway to investigate whether "Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders can be put on trial for crimes they committed" (http://norskisraelsenter.no/engl/auf-sharon-vg-engl.htm). Kristin explained that this AUF demand for an indictment comes in light of "...$nbsp;killing of ambulance personnel, occasional destruction of civil targets and the illegal execution of civilians".

Less than a day after this AUF petition was sent to the court, Norwegian former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labor) spoke before the AUF and attacked Israel. NIS notes that it was not so long ago - 20.4.2002 -, that Stoltenberg gave a speech attacking Israel, while Nazi Swastikas and other horrible anti-Jewish banners were held up in front of the Norwegian parliament (http://norskisraelsenter.no/engl/ap-stoltenberg-eng.htm). Such symbols are otherwise forbidden for use in demonstrations organized by Neo-Nazis.

NIS is aware of the important position that the AUF has in the political life of Norway, particularly concerning the Norwegian Labor Party. AUF has produced many important leaders of the Labor Party. Naturally, their opinions influence their environment and Norway.

As young AUF members, future central Norwegian Labor Party leaders, called in 1971 for the destruction of Israel: "The qualification for lasting peace must be that Israel cease to exist as a Jewish state". (As quoted by Haakon Lie, former Secretary General of the Norwegian Labor Party, in his book: Slik Jeg Ser Det - As I See It - part II, p. 132.)

Seems to me pretty clear why the Labor Youth Camp was targeted - israelis are attempting to nip it in the bud. No Labor Youth - no future central Norwegian Labor Party Leaders to stand against them.

UPDATE: image of Kristian "Varg" Vikernes, an allegedly "anti-Semitic" leader of some white nationalist group in Norway taken from here

Below: gunman they arrested (taken from HERE).


Man Held After 87 Killed In Norway Attacks

Norway's TV2 claimed the suspect has links to right-wing extremism, without disclosing its sources.

Around 600 people were believed to be taking part in the summer camp on Utoya - most of whom were teenagers aged between 14 and 18. [!!!]

SEE crucial MUST READ info on the shooter by Joe, HERE!

Oslo bomber is a Norwegian Freemason and a super ZIONIST!

He was part of the Jewish anti-Muslim movement in Europe by way of the Fjordman Organization.



Fjordman is an anonymous Norwegian blogger. He writes articles critical of Islam and he regards Muslim immigration as posing a threat to Western civilization.



The first day of the Counterjihad Brussels 2007 conference was held in the European Parliament, and the second day of working groups was held in the Flemish Parliament. Selected texts, videos and supplementary documents including charters, existing laws and draft legislation as well as country and issue updates will be posted in the coming week at the conference website at CounterJihad Europa.

Assistance was provided by many organizations and individuals over the last six months including David Littman, Bart Debie, Fjordman, Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna and Philip Claeys.



Why Israel's Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too

From the desk of Fjordman on Mon, 2010-04-12 14:18



Why Europeans Should Support Israel

Fjordman - 4/22/2008



Reading the articles posted on the sites sharing “Fjordman’s” devotion to Israel and to “Judeo-Christian civilization” leads me to conclude they are less interested in defending traditional European civilization and its ethnic communities than in demonizing what they see as a threat to one specific community that lives in many different European countries.

Anders Behring Breivik (born 13 February 1979) is suspected of being the perpetrator of the 2011 Norway attacks. On 22 July 2011, he allegedly approached a Labour Party youth camp, posing as a police officer. He then proceeded to open fire on the 13 to 25 year old youth present, reportedly killing at least 10. He has also been linked with the bomb blast that took place approximately two hours earlier, and is now in police custody.

Behring studied at the Oslo Commerce School, and is described by newspaper Verdens Gang as Conservative and nationalist. He is also described as a one-time freemason. He expresses his sympathies for Winston Churchill and Norwegian anti-nazi World War II hero Max Manus on his alleged Facebook profile, He owns the company Breivik Geofarm.

Johannes-Losjen St. Olaus T.D Tre Søiler (Norwegian Freemasonry) He's a 3'rd degree

Quoting John Stuart Mills on his twitterprofil "One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests"





Anders Behring Breivik har, enligt egna uppgifter, tidigare drivit bloggen Fjordman och har senare under många år varit skribent för de antimuslimska och sionistiska bloggarna Gates of Vienna och Jihad Watch under pseudonymen Fjordman.

Den 17 juli släppte Anders Behring Breivik ett meddelande på Twitter där han skriver att ”One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests”.

Norwegian Terrorist Is An Anti-Islam, Christian Nationalist

The suspect is allegedly described as a Conservative Christian on his Facebook page.

This is a complete list of comments Anders Behring Breivik has left at Document.no.

Document.no is run by Hans Rustad, who is Jewish and a pro-Zionist. His blog promotes hate of Muslims and supports restriction on Norwegian immigration of Muslims.


"So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists" -- Anders Breivik, from his Manifesto

Norway Killing Suspect’s Postings Offer Clues

Online postings from Anders Behring Breivik, now detained by Norwegian police for killing 92 people in a shooting rampage and bombing, offer a portrait of a man obsessed with what he views as the threat of multiculturalism and Islam.

In a 1,500-page English manifesto posted hours before the killings, Breivik, 32, describes nine years of planning the attacks and his vision for revolution in Europe led by the Knights Templar, an order related to the Freemasonry. Breivik has a picture posted of himself in a Freemason outfit on the Facebook page bearing his name.

The Norway Shooter's Support for Zionism: In His Own Words

Although mainstream media is comparing the Norway shooter to Nazis, he actually has contempt for Adoph Hitler and subscribes to a form of nationalism that includes Zionism.

The following is an excerpt from a 1500 page document written by Norway shooter Anders Behring Breivik (writing under the pseudonym Andrew Berwick) where he explains his contempt for "liberal Jews" and his support of Zionism and Zionist Jews.

Oslo Suspect Wrote of Fear of Islam and Plan for War

OSLO — The Norwegian man charged Saturday with a pair of attacks in Oslo that killed at least 92 people left behind a detailed manifesto outlining his preparations and calling for a Christian war to defend Europe against the threat of Muslim domination, according to Norwegian and American officials familiar with the investigation.
As stunned Norwegians grappled with the deadliest attack in the country since World War II, a portrait began to emerge of the suspect, Anders Behring Breivik, 32. The police identified him as a right-wing fundamentalist Christian, while acquaintances described him as a gun-loving Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threats of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration.

Suspect in deadly Norway attacks charged

The suspect in the twin attacks Friday that killed dozens of people in Norway was identified early Saturday as a 32-year-old Norwegian farmer, thought to have extreme right-wing, Christian fundamentalist views.

This guy is in his thirties. That means he has spent one third of his life hearing how bad Muslims are on TV and how any government that does not support Israel is evil. The shooting of those children is the result of pro-war and pro-Israel propaganda and their blood stains the corporate media as much as the shooter himself.

Norway: Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is anti-racist, pro-homosexual and pro-Israel

Their rhetorics and activities are almost completely focused on Islam and Muslims; other immigrant groups such as Vietnamese, Chinese, non Muslim Africans and other groups are routinely painted as 'harmless', or even as 'positive contributors to society'.

Given the stark contrast between being an ultra-conservative Christian yet being pro-homosexual, and given that there does not appear to be a Mrs. Breivik, I am starting to wonder if Anders Breivik is himself gay.

Norway shooter linked to Michele Bachmann ?

Anders Breivik spent 2 months is Lake Elmo MN last year. What the heck was he doing in such an unusual location?

There are reports the Norway shooter visited a Christian counseling center in the US state of Minnesota last year called Bachmann & Associates in Lake Elmo. What is VERY interesting is that this 'resort' center is owned by SENATOR MICHELE BACHMANN's HUSBAND and claims to turn gay people straight!

Norway Oil Fund divests from Israeli companies

Norway's Ministry of Finance announced that the Norway Oil Fund divested from Africa-Israel Investments and Danya Cebus Ltd. on Monday.

The reason given is the companies' construction in the West Bank.

Yet another motive for Oslo bombs - Norway pension fund divested Israeli shares.


Oslo says EUR450bn oil fund has excluded two Israeli firms for ethical reasons.

Norway’s 450 billion euro oil-riches fund has excluded two Israeli firms involved in developing settlements, as well as a Malaysian forestry firm, on ethical grounds, Norway’s finance ministry said on Monday. The excluded companies are Africa Israel Investments and its engineering subsidiary Danya Cebus, both of which are controlled by energy and real estate magnate Lev Leviev. The Malaysian firm is Samling Global.

Norway wanted to support a Palestinian state at the UN

Norway is pulling out of the Libya invasion.

Norway divested Israeli stock.

Muslims? Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!

Jonas Gahr Store: - L'occupation doit prendre fin, le mur doit être démoli et cela doit être fait sans plus attendre

Le ministre des Affaires étrangères a été accueilli avec des revendications voulant que la Norvège reconnaisse un Etat palestinien, lors de sa visite au camp d'été de la Ligue des jeunes Travaillistes (Labour Youth League) jeudi dernier.

AUF ONSKER BOYCOTT: Le ministre des Affaires étrangères a été accueilli avec des revendications voulant que la Norvège reconnaisse un Etat palestinien, lors de sa visite au camp d'été de la Ligue des jeunes Travaillistes (Labour Youth League) jeudi dernier. Ici, le ministre s'est montré autour du camp du chef de l'AUF Eskil Pedersen. (Reuters)

Durant la deuxième journée du camp d'été de la Ligue des jeunes Travaillistes à Utøya, les jeunes du Parti travailliste espéraient la visite du ministre des Affaires étrangères Jonas Gahr.

En collaboration avec le correspondant de la Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Sidsel Wold et Kirsten Belck-Olsen du Soutien Populaire Norvégien, ont parlé avec le ministre des Affaires étrangères de l'impasse entre Israël et l'Autorité palestinienne.

En tant que ministre des Affaires étrangères il a été accueilli à Utøya avec une revendication de l'AUF pour que la Norvège reconnaisse un Etat palestinien.

- Les Palestiniens doivent avoir leur propre Etat, l'occupation doit cesser, le mur doit être démoli et il faut le faire dès maintenant, [u]a déclaré le ministre des Affaires étrangères sous les applaudissements de l'auditoire.

Les dirigeants de l'AUF- Jens doit être plus dur contre "Anbusd-Erna"

- La Norvège prête à reconnaître

Plus tôt cette semaine, quand le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas s'est rendu en Norvège, le ministre a déclaré à la chaîne de nouvelles TV 2 que la Norvège est prête à reconnaître un État palestinien[/url][/b]. Il le répéta lors du débat sur Utøya.

Encadré: DÉBAT SUR LE MOYEN-ORIENT: Le ministre des Affaires étrangères a participé à un débat sur Utøya avec Sidsel Wold de NRK et Kirsten Belck-Olsen du Soutien Populaire Norvégien. (Reuters)

- Nous sommes prêts à reconnaître un État palestinien. J'attends le texte de résolution réelle qui sera promu par les Palestiniens à l'Assemblée générale des Nations Unies en septembre, a déclaré le ministre.

En automne, il est prévu que le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas va porter l'affaire à l'ONU. Où il demandera son adhésion à l'ONU et la reconnaissance d'un Etat palestinien dans les frontières d'avant la guerre de 1967, avec Jérusalem-Est comme capitale.

Lire aussi: - La Norvège est prête à reconnaître un Etat palestinien

AUF boycotterait

Le chef de l'AUF, Eskil Pedersen a déclaré mercredi que l'AUF veut un embargo économique unilatéral norvégien contre Israël.

- La jeunesse Travailliste aura une politique moyen-orientale davantage militante et nous devons reconnaître la Palestine. Maintenant nous devons amener le processus de paix sur une nouvelle voie, a déclaré M. Pedersen de NOK NOK.

Le ministre des Affaires étrangères a admis que la situation est intenable, mais estime que le boycott est le mauvais outil.

- Un boycott sera passer du dialogue au monologue. Il sera alors difficile d'ouvrir la porte le jour où nous allons discuter avec Israël, a déclaré le ministre.

Commentaire de druide: Et vlan dans tes dents, prends ça dans ta sale gueule saloperie d'État juif über-psychopathique... T'es démasqué, on sait que c'est toi qui est derrière cet attentat d'Oslo. Nos médias font semblant d'être incompétents et de ne pas voir... Mais une part grandissante de la population n'est plus dupe de ces mensonges sionistes surmédiatisés et gros comme le bras. Tes jours sont comptés, Israël... C'est les flammes de l'enfer qui t'attendent, à moins que tu décides de répandre un hiver nucléaire sur le monde entier ("Esprit messianique" quand tu nous tiens!), car à t'entendre parler, on est tous de sales antisémites, n'est-ce pas?

The LAST STRAW - Norway takes a stand

After years of watching israel ruthlessly attack Gaza, needlessly killing women and children in the name of self-defense, Norway finally took a stand and sought European support for a plan that would hold israel accountable for another invasion of Gaza.

Apparently this was the last straw.

It is by far the most compelling motive for israel to bring the independent Nordic state to its knees by ruthlessly slaughtering its most vulnerable citizens - their youth.

Relations Norvège - Israël

Terreur à Oslo: quel agenda cela sert-il ?

Attentats Norvège: Les victimes d’Otoya avait demandé le boycott d’Israël

Le suspect des attentats d’Oslo: un franc-maçon norvégien de 32 ans

Israel: Norway inciting against us

Foreign Ministry says Norwegian authorities funding anti-Israel film, exhibition, and play. Norway: We support freedom of expression

Serious diplomatic conflict: Israel is accusing the Norwegian government of funding and encouraging blatant anti-Israel incitement.

According to reports received by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, the Trondheim Municipality is funding a trip to New York for students taking part in the "Gaza Monologues" play, which "deals with the suffering of children in Gaza as a result of the Israeli occupation."

3/27/11: Norway Political Party, Use military force against Israel

Updated: 27.03.11
SV allows for military force against Israel
OF Torunn Egge Roux HANNE Tenfjord Skodje

The proposal deals with Norway's participation in the Libyan war, is also committed to act against Israel, writes aftenbladet.no.

- The world's credibility in the confrontation with Gadafi regime is weakened when the reaction to other states in the region who commit abuses against civilians fail. The world community must also act against Israeli aircraft attack in the Gaza Strip, said the proposal for comment.

There was a proposal to send the statement back to the editorial committee, but this was not a majority in the Assembly. On the other hand went into the congress to postpone the matter until Sunday.

- Available options

Secretary of State Roger Sandum believes the proposal does not add up to the bombing of the Israeli positions.

- There are a number of other ways to react against Israel, he says to Eve magazine.

Earlier in the day asked Aftenbladet how Deputy Bard roads Solhjell looked at this question. He replied as follows:

- I think the important thing is to urge Israel not to bomb and attack the Palestinian territories. And demand an end to occupation and a different policy on Israel.

Norway to quit Libya operation by August

OSLO, Norway (AP) — Norway will scale down its fighter jet contribution in Libya from six to four planes and withdraw completely from the NATO-led operation by Aug. 1, the government said Friday.

Defense Minister Grete Faremo said she expects understanding from NATO allies because Norway has a small air force and cannot "maintain a large fighter jet contribution during a long time."

The announcement comes as the Obama administration puts pressure on Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands to shoulder a greater share of the alliance campaign, which has heated up with intensified airstrikes on Libya's capital.

How convenient for Israel's war against the Arabs that Norway gets bombed back into the war!

Another possible motive for Israel to bomb Norway? Norway wanted out of Libya

Norway will scale down its role in NATO-orchestrated air strikes on Libya after its current three-month commitment ends on 24 June, Defence Minister Grete Faremo said on 9 May. Norway was one of the first European states to signal its willingness to implement a UN resolution aimed at protecting Libyan civilians and has six F-16s flying sorties.

"If NATO continues operations in Libya after June 24, a possible Norwegian contribution will be different and less comprehensive than the current one," Faremo told parliament. “There is no military solution to the situation in Libya,” she added. “It must be solved politically.”

The statement came after a junior ruling party, the Socialist Left (SV), demanded Norway pull out of the mission. The left-wing newspaper Klassekampen quoted what it called highly placed government sources as saying all three coalition parties are tired of seeing Norway fly more missions than they think are warranted for a country of its size.

According to the daily Aftenposten, Norwegian jets have flown a total of 315 sorties and dropped 289 bombs. Together with fellow Scandinavian NATO-member Denmark, it has the highest ratio of bombs dropped in relation to its population. Costs are estimated to have amounted to NOK 261 million (about $50 million) so far.

Norway to Be First European Nation to Recognise Palestine

Norway announced on Wednesday that it will be the first EU country to recognise a Palestinian state once the Palestinian institutions are set in place.

Motive to attack an island full of children that had just called for a Boycott of Israel!

Norway backs Palestinian bid for UN recognition in September

Norwegian FM says ‘it is perfectly legitimate’ for Palestinian president to turn to the UN with a proposal for statehood.
Norway, host of the 1993 Palestinian-Israeli peace accords, said on Monday it was “perfectly legitimate” for Palestinians to take their case for statehood to the United Nations for voting in September.

“We will consider very carefully the proposed text that’s to be put forward by the Palestinians in the coming weeks,” said Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas beside him at a press conference.

“Norway believes it is perfectly legitimate for the Palestinian president to turn to the United Nations with such proposals,” Stoere said, adding that continued negotiations with Israel will be required in any case.

And today we get a bombing! Israel's megaphones are already trolling the net blaming Muslims, but why would Muslims bomb a nation that agreed with them about Palestine?

Abbas to meet Norwegian Foreign Minister

Palestinian leader President Mahmoud Abbas is in Norway, Monday, for a working lunch with FM Jonas Gahr Støre to discuss the peace process and the current situation in Palestine.

What a coincident that Abbas visit to discuss Palestinians issues mainly the ' Palestinian state' with what's happening in Norway.

Tant le modus operandi que les cibles et le timing laissent penser que l’attentat commis hier à Oslo ne relève pas de l’attentat terroriste sui generis mais bien de l’attentat politique et même de l’assassinat politique – de tentative – avec pour cibles le Premier Ministre Jens Stoltenberg et le Parti Travailliste – Arbeiderpartiet.

Cet attentat a été commis avec la volonté évidente de minimiser les dégâts collatéraux à ces deux cibles, en particulier en choisissant une période de la semaine ou l’espace urbain autour des bâtiments gouvernementaux était quasi-désert tandis que la fusillade sur l’île d’Utøya ne pouvait que frapper des militants du Parti Travailliste ou des sympathisants puisque celle-ci est la propriété d’une association de jeunes travailleurs lié au Parti Travailliste. On est en effet bien loin de la stratégie du « terrorisme international » [ Islamiste ] qui vise à frapper de manière anonyme les foules afin que celles-ci se retournent contre leurs chefs politiques. Les moyens déployés lors de cet attentat politique, la simultanéité des attaques montrent que qu’il n’ a pas pu être commis par un groupe inexpérimenté – et à fortiori par un marginal ou un loup solitaire – mais par des personnes au fait des techniques des explosifs et des actions de commandos. Ces attentats ont bénéficié d’une sérieuse préparation tant sur le plan du renseignement – Jens Stoltenbeg se trouvait bien a proximité de l’explosion et son bureau a été détruit – que de la logistique.

En partant de l’hypothèse de l’attentat politique dans un état Scandinave, on pense immédiatement à celui qui a visé Olof Palme le 18 février 1986. À la fois pragmatique et homme de conviction, Olof Palme mena une politique internationale courageuse pour certains ,risquée pour d’autres [ notamment contre la guerre du Viet-Nam, l'apartheid et la prolifération des armes nucléaires ] . Il provoqua la rupture des relations diplomatiques entre la Suède et les États-Unis pour avoir participé personnellement, en tant que ministre, à une manifestation d’opposants à la guerre du Viêt-Nam. Durant la crise des missiles, il prit fermement position contre le déploiement des missiles Pershing américains en Europe, ce qui le rapprochait de l’URSS .

Or, si l’on prend tant les prises de position en matière de politique internationale que les personnalités, Olof Palme et Jens Stoltenberg, le Parti Travailliste et le Parti Social Démocrate présentent des similarités beaucoup plus grandes qu’il n’ y paraît . Bien sûr, la principale différence entre la Norvège et la Suède est que la première est un des piliers de l’OTAN tandis que la seconde ne fait pas partie de l’ Alliance. Mais une politique étrangère pro-active et indépendante sur plusieurs dossiers semble avoir provoqué des irritations du côté de la diplomatie Etasunienne et Atlantiste.

Cette grille permet non pas de désigner les coupables ou les commanditaires mais permet de s’affranchir de la traditionnelle « analyse » Norvège-Islam-Afghanistan-Libye aussitôt mise en avant par les « experts » après l’annonce de l’attentat. J’ai donc choisi la grille Norvège-Russie-Défense anti-missile-OTAN et j’ai utilisé les cablegates en provenance de l’ambassade d’ Oslo .

1. Il est reproché à Jens Stoltenberg , au Parti Travailliste et à la MD Anne-Grete Strom-Erichsen de s’opposer au projet de bouclier anti-missiles tout comme Olof Palme s’était opposé au déploiement des missiles Pershing.

2. Il est reproché à Jens Stoltenberg de favoriser une politique de rapprochement avec la Russie qui prend trop en compte les intérêts Norvégiens face à ceux de l’Alliance . De la même manière on avait reproché à Olof Palme sa proximité avec l’ URSS .

3. Cette politique indépendante , le gouvernement Norvégien l’ a aussi developpé au Proche-Orient en s’opposant à la politique belliciste de l’Entité Sioniste aka « Israël « . De la même manière que les brutales attaques contre le Liban et Gazza ont contribué à la détestation du Sionisme en Norvège, les massacres de Sabra et Chatila ont provoqué la detestation de ce Sionisme dans la Suède d’ Olof Palme.

En 2006, une crise diplomatique a éclaté entre les deux pays suite aux propos tenus par l’ambassadrice d’Israël.

En juin 2010, la Norvège a exigé une enquête internationale sur l’abordage par Israël de la flotille turque.

En aout 2010, la Norvège se désengage de deux investissements israéliens jugeant ces sociétés moralement condamnables.

En octobre 2010, la Norvège a interdit des exercices de submersibles israéliens, construits en Allemagne, dans ses eaux territoriales . Jonas Gahr Stoere, le ministre des Affaires étrangères norvégien, a déclaré, pour l’occasion, que la Norvège n’exportait pas de «matériel ou de services dans le domaine de la défense vers des pays où la guerre menace».

En 2007, la Norvége a reconnu le Hamas

Le Gouvernement Norvégien vient de se pronnoncer en faveur de l’admission de la Palestine à l’ ONU.

4. Il est reproché à Jens Stoltenberg d’avoir fait une alliance avec un parti « Anti-OTAN « , la Gauche Socialiste (SV).

5. Rechercherchait-on un successeur à Jens Stoltenberg au sein du Parti Travailliste ? Un Carl Bildt Norvégien ?

Source : Station Zebra

Norway Notes


The group targeted during the shooting attacks was 600 members of the Norwegian Labor Party, which had called for a boycott of Israeli products and recognition of a Palestinian state, a group that had drawn considerable ire from Israel and its supporters, one of which was the shooter.

New questions:

A second shooter was reported by some survivors.
Initial reports that our “terrorist,” now said to be a farmer with unlimited access to tons of fertilizer to be used to make explosives, has one minor glitch to it. He is an organic farmer and would have had NO access to chemical fertilizer, certainly not tons of it sold to someone with well established ties to extremist organizations. An “invisible hand” seems to be operating here.

The Norwegian Air Force operated/operates 20 helicopters nearby for search and rescue/hostage/counter-terrorism. Even without the high level terror alert status Norway was on because of threats tied to NATO involvement in Libya, marine rescue response would have demanded helicopters be “hot on the pad.” The police “excuse” that helicopters would take too long and driving out in hopes of finding a boat as a form of “counter-terrorism response” is not going to hold water.

The police uniform and credentials, the extremely poor response time, the shooters weapons skills, all point toward too many coincidences.

Now that the “Muslim” terrorist story has done its damage, the second story is out, a “lone wolf,” right winger. This would make him fodder for an intelligence agency that would mold him into something to pull out of their bag of tricks when needed. Story two, the “right winger” has its own problems and its own smell.

The timing of this is all wrong, not just the timing but the scale.

The car bombing carries the signature of an intelligence agency. Nobody else bothers with such things.

Lets come at this thing from a couple of directions.

First of all, the most obvious explanation is that a single individual, driven hopelessly insane on Freemasonry and Zionism, as some papers are reporting, went on a killing spree over what we expect will be a “paranoid delusion.” As with 9/11, we can expect a letter, a note of some kind, perhaps “friends” who will be selling this tale of a latter day Oswald.

This is why I mention “scale.” This is where we are going to take a good hard look. Why wasn’t he stopped? Was that process interfered with, did he have some special knowledge that helped him? This reminds me too much of the untrained pilot who flew a plane at 600 mph into the Pentagon, striking at ground level but never touching a blade of grass, a feat that dozens of the best pilots in the world say is impossible, a feat that the best aeronautical engineers in the world say the plane never could have a accomplished without coming apart well before impact.

We do not believe “cover stories,” in fact, they are often the best evidence. Cover stories are usually much less clever than those who think them up imagine.

Means, motive and opportunity give us two primary suspects, Israel and Libya.

Israel has two difficulties with Norway that would be handled with a “false flag” terror attack. Certainly Anders Behring, the suspect in custody could easily be managed in a number of ways, led, perhaps assisted, augmented as it were. Any intelligence agency can do such things. One probably did. Israel’s difficulties are:

  • Norway’s national oil company has decided to boycott Israel because of the violence in Gaza. This is a huge issue with Israel, seen as a threat to their national security and is likely to draw a violent response. A car bomb near their oil company headquarters is very much a standard warning, “government to government” as it were. Adding the slaughter of children to it is a Mossad signature. All that might be found as a reminder is this 11 month old article from the Jerusalem Post:

Norway’s Ministry of Finance announced that the Norway Oil Fund divested from Africa-Israel Investments and Danya Cebus Ltd. on Monday.

The reason given is the companies’ construction in the West Bank.

The Norwegian Finance Ministry said, “The ethics council stresses that construction of settlements in the occupied territories violates the decision of the Geneva convention regarding defense of civilians during war time. Several decisions of the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice have reached the conclusion that construction of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories is prohibited.”

  • Norway is likely to vote for in favor of sanctions against Israel in the United Nations this September. Though America is expected to veto the initiative as the United States has done nearly 200 times before, there is a wrinkle this time that has not been there for years. Rupert Murdoch will not be able to work Israel’s corner, bribery, blackmail, propaganda, spying, the usual bag of tricks that are brought out for just such an occasion. Thus, a car bombing and the brutal slaying of scores of children, though they can’t be hung on Muslims as was the 7/7 London bombing, will or could act as a warning to Norway and others. In fact, there is no reason for this act to have occurred, not now, not there, not this severe, for any other reason that one.

That “one” is Libya and the warnings against NATO by Colonel Gaddafi.

Gaddafi is the most obvious suspect. He has made the threats. Here, Gaddafi threatens specifically to murder children in NATO Europe:

In an address relayed to some 100,000 supporters in Tripoli’s Green Square on Friday, Gaddafi urged NATO to halt its bombing campaign or risk seeing Libyan fighters descend on Europe “like a swarm of locusts or bees.”

“Retreat, you have no chance of beating this brave people,” Gaddafi said.

“They can attack your homes, your offices and your families, which will become military targets just as you have transformed our offices, headquarters, houses and children into what you regard as legitimate military targets,” he said.

Normally, Gaddafi wouldn’t be considered a likely culprit. However, Norway does have a large Muslim population and Libyan agents have been very active in Norway. Norway is considered Europe’s “softest” target, perfect for Gaddafi.

Even more telling is that despite his recent threats to perform terror acts exactly as the ones we have seen, he has never been mentioned, particularly when the “neocon” press has gone on its Islamophobic way. Gaddafi was spared?

Why, might we ask?

What if they both did it…

There are two things about Libya and Israel that are not commonly known. They have been friends, when they have needed each other at least, for decades. It hasn’t been a perfect love affair, they have traded weapons technology, germ, chemical and nuclear, and have covered for each other.

Gaddafi insults Israel, threatens them and then calls up Israel and says “I didn’t really mean it.” This has been going on forever.

You can take two positions on America’s press. One, that it is totally controlled by Israel or, “two,” that those friendly to Israel control 90% of it.

The press hasn’t mentioned Libya as a possible “evildoer.” This may well mean Libya did it and Israel helped.

Another less known piece of information is Libya’s love affair with the Republican Party, George W. Bush and, in Britain, Tony Blair.

This may well be the real reason that Obama and Cameron are trying to kill Gaddafi. Who wouldn’t, under those circumstances.

It gets even worse. Gaddafi is represented, secretly as is allowed by law, in the US by Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani is one of Israel’s biggest friends.

The Norway attacks is a form of “two-fer” in that it serves both Libya and Israel equally.

The trail that supports this is circumstantial now. We said “now.”

Israel is famous for car bombs. Timing favors the Libyan threat and Israeli needs to intimidate.

The biggest “tell” is the news stories. Israel sent out her neocon surrogates in the media to push wild conspiracy theories involving Islamic militants.

Someone with the power to influence Israel’s friends in the press is covering for Colonel Gaddafi after his recent threat to stage an attack identical to the one we have seen.

What we can depend on?

Everything we hear from the mainstream media from now on will be a lie.

Analyzing the Oslo attacks part two: if it was a false flag, who was behind it?

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

One major point must be made first and foremost: these attacks were tragic, deplorable, horrific and deeply saddening. That being said, I believe we would be doing the deceased a disservice in not analyzing these events like any other. The individual(s) responsible must be brought to justice and only through massive independent inquiry can this occur.

In my article published yesterday I pointed out how strangely convenient the timing was of these attacks. However, I failed to point out some of the most major pieces of evidence that show an ulterior motive behind the attacks, more than the simplistic al Qaeda terrorist explanation concocted by the Western mainstream media.

The fact is, the evidence pointing towards a militant Islamic organization in relation to these attacks is thin, at best. Yet, the mainstream media was happy to run with it in their lead paragraphs immediately after the disaster regardless of the completely unsubstantiated nature of the speculation.

Once it emerged that the suspect was actually a lone, Caucasian 32-year-old “right-wing” psychopath named Anders Behring Breivik, they moved along as if no one had ever mentioned otherwise.

Breivik was quickly linked to the Progress Party, an allegedly anti-immigrant party according to Businessweek. In fact, the Progress Party in Norway is anti-immigrant, but only in the case of Muslim immigrants. Calling them an anti-immigration party is a complete misnomer, as the leader of the Progress Party, Siv Jensen, has openly claimed that the Muslim immigrants are trying to covertly overthrow the governments of Europe. Jensen harbors an all-too-common delusional conspiracy theory that involves all of the Muslims of the world participating in a “sneak Islamization” of Europe and the West.

In February of 2010 Jensen retracted her claim that Norway was being covertly Islamized and instead now alleges that it is a debate of full blown Islamization.

Jensen also happens to be a rabidly pro-Israeli supporter, scolding Norway for recognizing Hamas, claiming it was negotiating with terrorists.

Jensen has also openly defended Israel’s “right to defend itself,” and her views are mirrored in the Progress Party’s generally pro-Israel stance.

Jensen has claimed in an interview with Standpoint Magazine in 2010 that Israel “respects human rights” and those “left-wing journalists” who say otherwise are “reporting this from a very subjective point of view.” Sorry, Jensen, but the dead bodies of Palestinian children are not subjective.

Conspicuously absent from the mainstream coverage of these twin attacks is this Israeli connection with the bomber clearly being a pro-Israel supporter.

One must also take note of the fact that Norway has officially backed a Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations, something which made Israel quite unhappy.

Norway has also said they will pull out of the bombing campaign in Libya, all of which will undoubtedly irk the banking and industrial defense contracting interests that fund and profit from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Libyan bombing campaign, and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

This is just the beginning; the coincidences here, if they are coincidences and nothing more, are uncanny.

In the days before the shooting took place in Utoya, Foreign Minister of Norway Jonas Gahr Store met with Labour Youth League summer camp participants. While there he was met with the demand that Norway must recognize the state of Palestine. Foreign Minister Store responded to this by saying that, “the Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now.”

Then, the next day, at least 80 people are slaughtered in a brutal massacre. Was this coincidence? Are the suspect’s pro-Israeli ties and the fact that the target was a group of pro-Palestinians pure happenstance?

The Guardian throws two interesting facts into the mix:

Earlier, [the suspect’s Facebook] had listed interests including bodybuilding, conservative politics and freemasonry.

Norwegian media said he had set up a Twitter account a few days ago and posted a single message on 17 July saying: “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100,000 who have only interests.”

One must also keep in mind the fact that just last year five Scandinavian governments busted American spies illegally conducting surveillance on their citizens for roughly 10 years.

It would be a great talking point for the CIA units embedded in every foreign embassy to be able to point to the attacks in Oslo and say, “this is what happens when you don’t let us trample all over your laws and spy on your innocent citizens.”

In the wake of being caught red handed spying on yet another sovereign nation without permission, U.S. officials claimed that the Norwegian government had been notified about the covert surveillance operations.

Norway disagreed and demanded an explanation, along with many of the other Scandinavian nations that were unhappy with the breaches of international law systematically carried out by American intelligence operations.

To muddy the waters even further, the Oslo Police conducted an urban bombing exercise in the days preceding the attack. The articles floating around the internet all seem to reference an Aftenposten article which I have not been able to locate.

However, the video is still available. If anyone is able to locate the original article I would appreciate it.

This could very well be an innocent, unrelated mistake, but the fact that one of the biggest pieces of evidence was removed after being cited in an article by Paul Joseph Watson that made its way around the alternative news community is a bit questionable.

As Watson points out, there are far too many examples of a very specific exercise being conducted after which a real terrorist attack occurs under similar or the same circumstances.

This was also the case on September 11th, 2001, when the CIA planned an exercise involving a hijacked airplane crashing into a building, as reported by the Associated Press.

Of course this is dismissed as pure coincidence, which one could easily do if it was not the case that this happens time and time again before real terrorist attacks.

Currently, there is significant evidence that this attack was in response to the recent pro-Palestinian movement in Norway. Of course some supporters of Israel’s occupation manage to claim it is an immense anti-Semitic conspiracy, similar to the laughable covert Islamization conspiracy theory.

Norway’s Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Store, has been lambasted in the Israeli media, along with the entire nation of Norway, as anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli. Store vehemently denies all of these charges, and the only evidence against him was his “endorsement” of a book written by two Norwegian doctors who were in Palestine at the time of Israel’s attack campaign known as Cast Lead.

In reality, he didn’t endorse the book in any way, shape or form. Store lauded the authors for standing up and publishing what they witnessed; he did not endorse their conclusions in any way. The lack of independent press presence during Cast Lead makes the book an invaluable resource and Store was merely pointing this out.

There have also been claims in the Israeli media that the current government of Norway is “rabidly hostile” toward Israel. Haaretz apparently quoted a “Norwegian opposition leader” who claimed that the Israeli concerns about Norway are “understandable.”

One might guess that this opposition leader is none other than Siv Jensen, but the lack of proper citation leaves the question unanswered.

The above-linked article also insinuates that the Norwegian choice to divest funds from a company that was building the wall in the West Bank was the result of an anti-Israeli bias. However, Store points out that they are still invested in 40 Israeli companies.

Also noteworthy is the fact that there have been eyewitness reports of a second gunman being involved in the attacks. For some reason, they seem to be all but completely ignored by the media as they focus on the single individual. The situation is much different if indeed there were multiple shooters and the 32-year-old supposedly right-wing Freemason was not acting alone. Alex Thomas has assembled some of the questionable facts I have detailed in his article here.

Currently I have not amassed enough evidence to come to any concrete conclusions but as always I think that this demands deep research and intensive investigation as more facts emerge. Jumping to conclusions at this juncture would not be prudent, but we can safely say that there are several questionable aspects of this event.

Who do you think was behind it? Do you think it was just a psychopath and the rest is irrelevant coincidence? I would love to hear what you think or look at your research/articles for upcoming analysis. You may contact me at admin@EndtheLie.com

Mossad Was Behind 2011 Oslo Attacks

"By way of deception, thou shall do war."

Last night, I posted a quote by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen who says that Israel's Mossad was behind the Oslo attacks along with a post by Washington's Blog that showed Norway's support for a Palestinian state and its support for the campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

When you question the motives and tactics of the Israeli state you get called 'anti-Semitic.' That nasty trick worked years ago, but it doesn't work today. People have wised up to the huge fraud.

Mossad, CIA and NATO Attack Democracy in Oslo, Norway

As usual, new evidence and new information is emerging about the terror attacks in Oslo, Norway on Friday, July 22, that raises suspicions that the event was orchestrated by secret Mossad, CIA and NATO forces.

I call them the coalition of the killing.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reported on Sunday, July 24, that Anders Behring Breivik, the so called lone gunman behind the attacks, has ties with freemasonry and espouses the Zionist agenda. Madsen writes:

Anders Behring Breivik is suspect in massacre of over 80 at Labour Party Youth camp on Norwegian island and downtown Oslo bombing. Breivik is being called a Christian fundamentalist even though he was a Freemason and supporter of such vile Zionist Islamophobes as Pam Geller and Richard Pipes.

Analyzing the Oslo attacks part three: more information and even more unclear

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

After Anders Behring Breivik claimed responsibility for the atrocious killing spree in Norway, and his manifesto was discovered and published, the facts we are presented with continue to be quite strange.

First it was attributed to an al Qaeda affiliated group, then it was a lone Christian anti-Muslim self-declared pseudo-Knights Templar, and then it was announced there was a possible second gunman involved.

To make matters murkier, much of his 1,500 page manifesto was directly lifted from the infamous Theodore Kaczynski, better known as “the Unabomber”. ...

Norway tragedy already exploited by control freaks

The most confusing thing to everybody is that the Norway suspect is not Arab, not Islamist, when that's what we've been led to fear. And the BBC is cautioning those who initially focused on al-Qaeda links:

The strong suggestion has been that the attacks are linked to domestic rather than international terrorism with a strong political agenda.

If the game plan is to establish tough, law-and-order rightwing governments world-wide that appear to be protecting the people while moving forward with the long-range goals of the global agenda, then the people would have to be encouraged to accept such rigid rule.

Newspapers: Oslo Must Not Restrict Freedoms

"We shall not have a Norway with new restrictions of freedom of movement, more uniforms, and thus also more interventions in the lives of all those of us who don't want to understand the language of terror," daily Dagbladet said.

Norway Terror Attacks Now Being Compared To Oklahoma City Bombing As Evidence Of False Flag Operation Continues To Mount

Considering the fact that the Norway attacks are now being compared to a known false flag, it seems prudent to look into the events leading up to the bombing and shooting massacre that has rocked Norway.

A look at the facts we know so far paints a clear motive for a false flag attack on Norway.

* Olso Police conducted bombing exercise days before attack

* Anders looks more like an Illuminati-Freemason than a ring wing terrorist

* The youth camp where the shooting occurred had just held a PRO Palestinian Rally the day before!

* Norway has supported a Palestinian State

FLASHBACK: Stockholm blast has all the hallmarks of a Mossad Hit

Originally posted on December 12, 2010:

This latest false flag event in Stockholm has all the hallmarks of a MOSSAD hit! Note that in recent months, mass demonstrations have been held in Stockholm against Israeli atrocities, particularly the Freedom Flotilla murder on the high seas.

Yet another motive for Israel to stage a false-flag terror attack in Norway - Lieberman accuses Norway of promoting anti-Semitism

Amid escalating tensions between Israel and Sweden, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday accused another Scandinavian country - Norway this time - of promoting anti-Semitism.


The Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday.
The camp after the shooting. The pixelated portions are the dead children gunned down in cold blood.

Youthcamp Terrorist May Have Pro-Israel Motive

Via Newshoggers a report from a Norwegian TV site on the activities in the Labour Party youth camp may explain the killer's motive.

Automated translation:



Jonas Gahr Store: - The occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now


The Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday.


AUF WANT BOYCOTT: Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met by demands that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday. Here the Minister ushered around in the camp of the AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. (Reuters)


During the second day of Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya got the Labour Party's young hopefuls visit by Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.

Together with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Sidsel Wold and Norwegian People's Aid Kirsten Belck-Olsen, discussed the Foreign Minister of the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

As foreign minister arrived Utøya he was met with a demand from the AUF that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state.

- The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now, said the Foreign Minister to cheers from the audience.

- Norway is prepared to recognize

Earlier this week, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway, the Minister said to TV 2 news channel that Norway stands ready to recognize a Palestinian state . This he repeated during the debate on Utøya.

- We are ready to recognize a Palestinian state. I await the actual resolution text Palestinians will promote the UN General Assembly in September, said the Minister.

In autumn it is expected that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will bring the matter to the UN. Where will he ask for UN membership and recognition of a Palestinian state within the borders before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Wednesday said AUF leader Eskil Pedersen that the AUF want a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.

- Labour Youth will have a more activist Middle East policy and we have to recognize Palestine. NOK NOK's, now we have to get the peace process into a new track, said Pedersen.

The foreign minister admitted that the situation is untenable, but believes that the boycott is the wrong tool.

- Boycott will be to move from dialogue to monologue. It is difficult to open the door the day we will talk with Israel, said the Minister.

Breaking — Multiple Bombings In Oslo, Norway Have Signature Of Al-Queda False Flag

Reports of multiple bombings in Oslo, Norway have the signature of an Al-Qaeda false-flag operation conducted by the Israeli Mossad.

If there are indeed multiple bombs it is clearly the calling card of an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack which are executed with precision in multiple locations.

The problem is there is absolutely no motive for Al-Qaeda to launch an attack against Norway since Norway supports the formation of a Palestinian state, which is against the wishes of Israel and in support of Muslim activists world-wide.

If this in fact an Al-Qaeda attack a blaring question remains. Why would Al-Qaeda attack a nation whose goals are aligned with the goals of the Al-Qaeda movement?

The simple answer would be this is a false flag terror attack and the likely suspect for carrying out the operation would be the Israeli Mossad as an act of revenge for supporting Palestine.

Norway is also pulling out of the Libya Invasion which is also against the Zionist agenda.

For strike three on the list of Mossad hit motives, Oslo excluded two Israeli firms from a$450 billion Euro oil fund for ethical reasons.

The cards point to a Mossad backed false flag. On the other side of the table, western media can only offer up a cartoon drawings of the Prophet Mohammed, in a Danish newspaper, as a motive for an Al-Qaeda attack.

Meanwhile another tell-tale sign of an “Al-Qaeda” attack is new evidence of Times Square style car bombs being used to launch the attack.

Aftermath of explosion in central Oslo, Norway - 22 July 2011

Smoke billows over Oslo, 22 July

Debris is seen on the street after the explosion in central Oslo, 22 July

Rescuers tend to an injured person after the blast in Oslo, 22 July

Shattered windows in a multi-storey building after the blast in Oslo, 22 July

Man Held After 87 Killed In Norway Attacks

The suspect being held in connection with both attacks has been named in Norwegian television reports as Anders Behring Breivik.

Police are understood to have searched a flat in west Oslo where the man lived.

An anonymous police official said the suspect was arrested in Utoya and appears to have acted alone in the attacks.

He added he did not think the attacks were "linked to any international terrorist organisations" but seemed to be the work of a "madman".

Home-grown terrorist blamed in Norway attacks

A police official said the 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian suspect arrested at the camp on Utoya island appears to have acted alone in both attacks, and that "it seems like that this is not linked to any international terrorist organizations at all."

So every corporate media outlet that screamed "Muslim" was LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING, LYING to you!

‘Helpers of Global Jihad’ made up to blame Norwegian terror on Arabs!

The ‘Helpers of Global Jihad’ group, of which al-Nasser is a member, made the claims in an email circular issued to various sources. The group does not appear to have any past history.

FLASHBACK - Norway activist 'was Mossad spy'

A leading Norwegian pro-Palestinian activist has said she once worked for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad as a double agent.


Saturday, July 23, 2011
The 22 July 2011 attacks on Norway are most likely an inside-job, carried out by elements of the security services of Norway, NATO, the CIA and Mossad?
The aim of the attacks is most likely to advance the agenda of the CIA, NATO and Israel?
Mossad works closely with the police and security servicers in Norway.
"Norwegian-Israeli secret service cooperation runs within the framework of the so called 'Kilowatt group'.
"This is a 'loose informal and practice oriented' network of secret services including the NATO-countries, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel and South Africa.
"It was created in the early seventies on Israeli initiative with the declared aim to combat terrorism." (MOSSAD PARTICIPATED IN POLICE...)

Jewish activists launch campaign supporting divestment from Israel

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) held a protest on Tuesday evening in Dearborn outside of the Veolia Environmental Services plant on Schaefer Rd against TIAA-CREF, for investing in companies that profit from Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

TIAA-CREF is a financial service organization that manages pension funds for teachers and other non-profit employees. According to JVP, they invest in quite a few companies affiliated with Israel, including Veolia, a solid waste management company that profits from the construction and expansion of illegal Jewish-only settlements by operating a landfill in the West Bank. To date, over $19.2 million in funds have directly gone to Israel.

Norway Oil Fund divests from Israeli companies

Norway's Ministry of Finance announced that the Norway Oil Fund divested from Africa-Israel Investments and Danya Cebus Ltd. on Monday.

The reason given is the companies' construction in the West Bank.

Motive for a false-flag terror attack in Norway.

Here is what I think went down.

1. Israel decides the best way to halt Norway's leading of Europe away from Zionist domination is to stage a terror attack to be blamed on Muslims, in order to put public pressure on the government of Norway to abandon BDS and support for Palestine. Why Israel would think anyone will believe Muslims would attack nations that support them betrays Israel's presumption that non-tribe people are really stupid, but that is the subject for another article.

2. Israel's agents in Norway locate a patsy, Anders Behring Breivik, through the documents.no website, run by a heavy pro-Zionist Jew and probable Sayan. Breivik has been brainwashed over most of his adult life by the constant Muslim-bashing from the Zionist controlled media. His membership in the Freemasons allows him to see himself as the spiritual and political descendant of the Knights Templars.

3. Because of his pro-homosexual views, which contracts with his otherwise fundamentalist Christian values, I suspect Anders Behring Breivik is himself gay and deeply conflicted by it. This is a man trying to build a new identity for himself that he can feel good about, and is hence an ideal candidate for recruitment by Israel's clandestine services.

4. Anders Behring Breivik was dressed as a police officer on the ferry over to the island where he planned to murder the children of Norway's political leaders whom Anders Behring Breivik was convinced were not strict enough on Muslims. Given that there are normally no police on that island, the uniform was Breivik's planned means of escape. He stood out on the way to the island but clearly hoped he would blend in with the crowd of policemen sure to arrive after the shooting started. His handler, the second suspect who was arrested yesterday, may have planned as a fallback to shoot Breivik, knowing that it would be several days before the fact that he was not a real police officer to be made public, during which time the media would pound "Muslims", "Muslims", "Muslims" into the ears of the Norwegians (and the world) as we saw them start to do until Breivik's arrest and identification as a Christian-Zionist.

5. So, it looks like this plan flopped. Brievik was never intended to be taken alive. Either he escaped wearing his police uniform or was shot dead by the dark-haired suspect, with the uniform obfuscating his true role in the disaster to give the media time to sell the planned anti-Muslim message to the people of Norway. The plotters screwed up (which together with shooting the wrong guy in Iran means the Mossad is having a really bad week).

Anyway, that is what this whole affair is starting to look like to me.

A Deepening Rift Between Germany and Israel

A Deepening Rift Between Germany and Israel
Published: March 7, 2011
"A month later, the German Parliament unanimously passed a resolution criticizing the Israeli blockade of Gaza and Israel’s storming of a pro-Palestinian Turkish ship trying to break through to Gaza.
These shifts sent alarm signals to Israel. “It was the first time that the German Parliament passed a resolution criticizing the security policy of a close ally,” said Deidre Berger, director of the Berlin branch of the American Jewish Committee, an international advocacy organization that supports Israel.

Rupert Murdoch:

Murdoch Alert plugin for Firefox

Sounds the bovine excrement alarm if you stop at one of the many websites controlled by Rupert "Al Qaeda did Norway" Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch's Massive Spying Operations Finally Exposed

A powerful U.S. senator with jurisdiction over privacy and telecommunications issues late Tuesday urged regulators to look into whether News. Corp. had violated any U.S. laws when its British journalists gained unauthorized access to several individuals' voice mails to pursue stories.
"The reported hacking by News Corporation newspapers against a range of individuals--including children--is offensive and a serious breach of journalistic ethics," said Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Chairman John D. Rockefeller in a press statement.

Why would Murdoch be interested in spying on 9/11 and 7/7 victims' families..?

That must be answered..

Was there a foreign country's hand in all of this..?

And, more to the point, is it time to question just exactly why FOX News was so eager to accede to AIPAC's request to bury Carl Cameron's story about the Israeli spy ring?

And, if you watch that Carl Cameron story, even as they admit to the existence of evidence that Israel knew of 9-11 in advance and did nothing to warn the US, note how the FOX commentators keep reminding the audience that Israel had nothing to do with 9-11, even though there is no factual basis for them to deny such a link, and at least one piece of evidence suggesting that Israel did indeed take part in 9-11 in that story!

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Is Rupert Murdoch a Mossad asset, or at the very least a Sayan, protecting Israel with his media empire??

The Israeli Spy Ring - Did Rupert Murdoch prevent Carl Cameron from following the 9-11 evidence to Israel?

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

As you watch this story from 2001, note how every time the factual evidence suggests a link to Israel, how the FOX commentators immediately leap in to assure us that Israel could never ever have done such a terrible thing to the United States (which is what FOX news says every time the survivors of the USS Liberty attack speak out).

Former NYC Officer: Hackers Wanted to Access 9/11 Victims' Phones

Journalists at Rupert Murdoch’s now-shuttered News of the World paper tried to access the mobile phones of 9/11 victims, a former New York City police officer claimed on Monday.

The former officer said he had been approached to get phone numbers for several people killed in the 2001 terrorist attacks. But the unidentified officer, now a private detective, said he turned the paper down.

“He knew how insensitive such research would be, and how bad it would look,” the Mirror quotes a source close to the man as saying.

“This investigator is used by a lot of journalists, in America and he recently told me that he was asked to hack into the 9/11 victims’ private phone data. He said that the journalists asked him to access records showing the calls that had been made to and from the mobile phones belonging to the victims and their ¬relatives.

“His presumption was that they wanted the information so they could hack into the ¬relevant voice mails, just like it has been shown they have done in the UK,” the source told the Mirror.

“The investigator said the ¬journalists seemed particularly interested in getting the phone records belonging to the British victims of the attacks.”

Investigations in Britain have shown that hacking into phone accounts was routine at the News of the World, part of Murdoch’s worldwide News Corp. empire, which in the United States includes Dow Jones, as well as The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post newspapers, Fox TV stations, the 20th Century Fox movie studios, and Harper Collins books.

It has been known for years that the paper hacked the phones of celebrities, sports stars, royalty, and politicians. The paper’s royal correspondent, Clive Goodman, and private detective Glenn Mulcaire were jailed in 2007.

But new revelations in recent weeks show that News Corp. did not hand over all the details of its internal investigations into the scandal to police.

The tide of public opinion turned sharply against the paper last week after it was revealed that Mulcaire tapped into the phone of 13-year-old Milly Dowler, after she went missing in 2002, and deleted some messages. Dowler was murdered and her body was found six months after she disappeared.

It also was revealed that families of victims of the London bombings of 2005 were hacked, and the new revelations about 9/11 victims seem to mirror that action.

Covering the tracks of the perpetrators?

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Israeli Press Mum On Murdoch

On July 10, Anshel Pfeffer, a columnist for Israel’s reputedly most liberal news site, Haaretz, wrote a straightforward, if scathing, news article about the accusations being levied against media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Pfeffer’s acerbic piece, aptly headlined “Shameful Journalism Puts Murdoch’s U.K. Empire at Risk,” like others making the front pages of newspapers and websites around the world, criticized the shady news gathering techniques engaged in by News of the World, a British division of Murdoch’s News International:

Pfeffer’s piece was yanked off the Haaretz English website after less than 24 hours, where many older pieces often linger for days, even weeks.

That alone tells us Murdoch was working for Israel.

Politicians And Police Corruption Latest Targets Of 3 Continent Phone-Hacking Scandal Shakedown

As more details of the News Corp. phone-hacking scandal unfolds, politicians and police corruption with the press the latest targets of the shakedown which now spans across 3 continents.

Here is a complete breakdown of all of the latest developments.

News of the World, Britain’s top selling Sunday paper until it was abruptly closed down early this month, is accused of hacking into the voicemail of thousands of people, including celebrities and a teenage girl who was murdered. The revelations have exposed links between the paper, British politicians, and the police.

London policehave been accused

London Metropolitan Police Commisioner Paul Stephenson and Assistant Commissioner John Yates have resigned, after police were criticized for failing to fully investigate hacking charges, which first surfaced more than five years ago. Police officers have also been accused of accepting money from News of the World.

News of the World was owned by one of the world’s largest media groups, News Corporation. Its chairman, Rupert Murdoch, and his son James, its European chief, are to face a parliamentary hearing Tuesday. They are expected to be joined by Brooks, who was arrested Sunday and released on bail.

Source: Voice of America

That news was followed by the announcement of the resignation of several UK police officials, including the London Chief of Police.

London Police Chief Quits Over Phone Hacking Scandal

July 17, 2011

London’s police chief has quit over allegations about police handling of a phone-hacking scandal involving journalists at the now-defunct tabloid News of the World.

British police have been accused of accepting bribes from News of the World journalists and not doing enough to investigate phone hacking allegations.

News of the World shut down last week after allegations that reporters illegally accessed the cellphone voice mails of hundreds of celebrities, politicians, rival journalists and even murder victims. They are also suspected of bribing police for information.

Murdoch’s company has several lucrative news and entertainment outlets in the United States, including the country’s top business newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, and a major television outlet, Fox News Channel.

Source:Voice of America

Unfortunately for the British Prime Minister there is a clear paper trail that could implicate him directly in the middle of the scandal.

Records Show Britain’s Cameron Kept Close Ties to Murdoch Officials

Newspapers at a news vendor in central London, with the advertisement apology for News International, July 16, 2011. News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch signed the company advert entitled “We are sorry”, which appears in British national newspapers.

The revelations of Mr. Cameron’s contacts with Murdoch officials came as the 80-year-old tycoon embarked on an effort to apologize for the phone hacking and journalists’ payments to police for information.

In a letter signed by Murdoch published in the British press on Saturday, he says he and his international media conglomerate, News Corporation, are sorry “for the serious wrongdoing that occurred” and the “hurt suffered” by those affected by some of his journalists’ widespread phone-hacking and payments to police for information.

The apologies come after Les Hinton resigned Friday from his post at the head of the U.S. media group Dow Jones Friday in the wake of the scandal, just hours after Brooks quit.

Dow Jones is owned by Murdoch’s News Corporation. But Hinton’s resignation is tied to his previous role overseeing News Corporation’s British newspapers, including News of the World, while journalists there illegally accessed cell phone conversations.

Murdoch’s company has several lucrative news and entertainment outlets in the U.S., including the country’s top business newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, and a major television news outlet, Fox News Channel.

Source: Voice of America

And the political fallout is not limited to the other side of the pond. For starters, in the land down under the scandal is unfolding within Australia.

News Corp Phone-Hacking Crisis Spreads to Australia

Source: Voice of America

Then there is the potential fallout here in the United States.

News Corp Faces Potential Fallout in US

U.S.-based News Corp. is at the center of a phone-hacking scandal in Britain that is having serious business and legal implications for the media giant. There is increased scrutiny in the United States of News Corp. and its chairman, Rupert Murdoch.

“On the criminal side, from what we know, it’s the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and perhaps some privacy violations, or mail fraud or wire fraud as to breaking into cell phone records,” said Fahy. “There may also be bribery if cell phone companies were somehow given money.”

News Corp. is alleged to have bribed British police to get information for stories run in its tabloid News of the World. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act extends a U.S. prohibition against bribery to include U.S. companies operating abroad. Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson, who once served as a spokesman for British Prime Minister David Cameron, has been arrested in the case, which involves not only the possible tapping of cell phones in Britain, but of 9/11 victims in the United States.

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, an Australian by birth, acquired U.S. citizenship to be eligible for media ownership in the United States. His assets include a Hollywood studio and the Fox television network, which is particularly influential among American conservatives.

Murdoch has been criticized for consolidating media, depriving the public of diverse viewpoints needed to make informed decisions in a democratic society. Among the critics is Dean Starkman, a fellow at the Columbia Journalism Review.

Fox News has made little mention of the scandal and did not respond to VOA’s request for an interview. Rupert Murdoch told The Wall Street Journal, which he owns, that he is creating an independent committee to investigate allegations of possibly illegal reporting tactics that have shaken his company.

Source: Voice of America

Along with an investigation launched in the U.S. into whether or not 9/11 victims’ phones were hacked.

US Starts Investigation on Whether 9/11 Victims’ Phones Were Hacked

Source: Voice of America

Phone-hacking scandal may affect politicians after media and police

Obama Top Recipient of Murdoch’s News Corp. Donations?

Political donations by News Corp., its employees and their families were evenly split to Democrats and Republicans, with President Obama the all-time leading recipient, according to a report from the Sunlight Foundation.

Scandale des écoutes téléphoniques en Grande Bretagne – Le journaliste à l’origine de l’affaire retrouvé mort…

La Grande Bretagne est particulièrement contaminée par l’idéologie néo-mondialiste et sa situation, malgré les discours rassurants des médias alignés y compris francophones, qui cite souvent ce pays en exemple, est très dégradée, presque désespérée tellement les scandales se succèdent.

L’affaire des écoutes téléphoniques généralisées, au profit du magnat de la presse néo-mondialiste Murdoch, est en mesure de déstabiliser le pays, à tel point qu’un journal a été purement et simplement fermé du jour au lendemain, alors qu’il comptait de millions de lecteurs, à tel point que le Directeur de Scotland Yard a du démissionner de même qu’un second haut responsable au service de sa Majesté, et à tel point que le Premier Ministre se voit obligé de rentrer précipitamment de vacances pour tenter de désamorcer ce scandale pitoyable.

Sean Hoare - NoW Whistle-Blower Found Dead - Speaking About Hacking In March 2011

Murdoch whistle-blower Sean Hoare has just been found dead in his apartment

The Guardian reports that former News of the World showbiz reporter, the first named journalist to allege that Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking at the newspaper, has been found dead at his home.

Police say they are not treating his death as suspicious.

... because otherwise Murdoch will publish those naughty pictures from the last Policeman's Ball! :)

'Someone's coming to get me': Terrified phone-hacking whistleblower feared for his life before he was found dead

The man who launched the entire phone hacking scandal had become a paranoid recluse who believed someone was out to get him, a friend has revealed.

Sean Hoare, who was found dead at his flat in Watford, Hertfordshire, yesterday, had spent much of the last weeks of his life 'hiding' in his flat with the curtains drawn.

Police still say there is nothing suspicious about the death, and of course we have heard that one before!

Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead

First it was Big George Webley who relayed a fear of the Murdoch machine and wound up dead. Now it’s Sean Hoare. Two British media whistleblowers. Two untimely deaths.

Let’s assume that neither was killed by Rupert Murdoch (toxicology reports haven’t been made available; foul play isn’t suspected by British authorities in either case), but something happened that put the fear of God into both men. Neither was known as a lunatic before their demise, both simply told the truth to British authorities about what they knew of Mr. Murdoch’s enterprises and died afterward at a relatively young age.

Whistleblower's Death: James Corbett on Murdoch scandal turning bloody

Who is Rupert Murdoch? VIDEO

Scotland Yard's Most Senior Officers Tried To Convince Guardian Not To Cover Murdoch Hacking

John Yates resigns

John Yates announced his resignation as one of Britain's top police officers today after coming under mounting pressure over his handling of the phone hacking scandal.

The Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner told Metropolitan Police Authority chairman Kit Malthouse this afternoon that he was standing down.

Murdoch's U.S. empire begins to 'explode and unravel' as long-time lieutenant Les Hinton resigns

Rupert Murdoch's most long-serving and trusted servant has followed in the footsteps of Rebekah Brooks and fallen on his sword.

Les Hinton, 67, who has worked for the tycoon for 52 years, has resigned from his post as chief executive of Dow Jones, which publishes the Wall Street Journal.

His loss will hit Murdoch hard and adds weight to claims from one of President Obama's closest allies last night that his U.S. empire is beginning to 'explode and unravel' in the wake of the phone hacking scandal.

Even the most deep-in-denial TV junkie has to be asking the question of who can they trust to inform them of what is going on in the world.

The litmus test is simple.

If they told you Saddam had weapons of mass destruction; they cannot be trusted.

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News ran 'black ops' department, former executive claims

Dan Cooper, who helped launch Fox News as managing editor in 1996, said that a “brain room” carried out “counter intelligence” on the channel’s enemies from its New York headquarters.

He was threatened after it found out he spoke to a reporter, he claimed.

Another former senior executive said the channel ran a spying network on staff, reading their emails and making them “feel they were being watched”.

Murdoch's New York Post Publisher Also Has A Hacking Problem

Now another Murdoch publisher, Paul Carlucci, who oversees the New York Post, may be facing renewed questions from prosecutors about his business past and what role he played in a News Corp. computer hacking scandal that unfolded right here in the U.S.

News of the World journalists 'used terror tool to track celebrities'

The technique, known as ‘pinging’ in the paper’s newsroom, is generally used only in terrorist cases or serious criminal investigations.

Sean Hoare, a former reporter at the News of the World, had established the location of a contact in Scotland by using the technique, The New York Times alleged.

Mr Hoare said the information came through Greg Miskiw, a former news editor. He suspected it was obtained from the police.

‘If you were told to find someone, Greg would sort it out. It would cost £300,’ Mr Hoare told The Guardian.

UK media ignore Murdoch role in Iraq war

After weeks of hue and cry about Murdoch gate there seems to be a prevalent unwritten agreement among the British main stream media to ignore one fact.

While ordinary British citizens are buried under piles of news about Murdoch’s empire hacking into the voicemails of the royal family, celebrities, high-ranking politicians, a murdered teenager and the relatives of the dead soldiers, almost all media fail to report the worst allegation: the endorsement of illegal war in Iraq.

Observers accuse Murdoch’s newspapers of being the main newspaper propagandizing the fraudulent military conflicts.

Murdoch: “There is an Ongoing War Against the Jews”

Declassified: Massive Israeli Manipulation of US Media Exposed [VIDEO]


Files declassified in America have revealed covert public relations and lobbying activities of Israel in the U.S. The National Archive made the documents public following a Senate investigation. They suggest Israel has been trying to shape media coverage of issues it regards as important.

You can download the files from the web-site of the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern policy. And we can cross to Washington now and talk to Grant F. Smith who is a director at that Institute.

Former Fox News Executive: Americans' Phones Were Hacked

Former Fox News executive Dan Cooper has claimed that a special bunker, requiring security clearance for access was created at the company's headquarters to conduct “counterintelligence” including snooping on phone records:

FLASHBACK - Why Were Government Propaganda Experts Working On News At CNN?

Reports in the Dutch newspaper Trouw (2/21/00, 2/25/00) and France's Intelligence Newsletter (2/17/00) have revealed that several officers from the US Army's 4th Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Group at Ft. Bragg worked in the news division at CNN's Atlanta headquarters last year, starting in the final days of the Kosovo War.

As FOX News stands exposed as part of Rupert Murdoch's vast intelligence operation disguised as a news organization, it is important to recall that other so-called news networks have willingly functioned as the government's "ministry of propaganda."

Finding out who is really simple. If they told you Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, they were knowingly lying to you!


As Rupert Murdoch's global spying and propaganda operation crumbles, here is a selection of examples from the past where the media intentionally distorted the facts to serve a political or corporate agenda.

Murdoch’s Deeply Hidden Jewish Roots — A Biography

Murdoch “became an American citizen for business reasons,” according to Richard H. Curtiss, editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Keith Rupert was born in Melbourne, Australia, on March 11, 1931. “Rupert’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch, was a newspaper publisher, and his mother an Orthodox Jew,” Curtiss wrote, “although Murdoch never offers that information in his biographies.”

The Murdoch scandal taints the entire establishment media and leaves us with two questions that must be asked.

1. At a time when most corporate media struggle to meet payroll, what is the source of the vast sums of cash Rupert used to buy up a large chunk of the world's media (and I think the above answers that question).

2. How does a foreign national come to control so much of America's media?

Amid Murdoch scandal, Israel backers worry about muting of pro-Israel media voice

Pro-Israel leaders in the United States, Britain and Australia are warily watching the unfolding of the phone-hacking scandal that is threatening to engulf the media empire of Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corp.

Murdoch’s sudden massive reversal of fortune -- with 10 top former staffers and executives under arrest in Britain for hacking into the phones of public figures and a murdered schoolgirl, and paying off the police and journalists -- has supporters of Israel worried that a diminished Murdoch presence may mute the strongly pro-Israel voice of many of the publications he owns.

And this is a problem because ... ?

10 questions the MPs will not ask Murdoch

When Rupert Murdoch appears before the parliamentary committee on 19 July 2011, here are ten questions the MPs certainly will not ask about the relationhip he had with Tony Blair during the run up to the Iraq war, when Murdoch was, in the words of Blair's former press officer Lance Price, "the third most powerful figure in the Labour government", after Blair himself and Gordon Brown.

My favorite questiob is number 3:

"All of your newspapers used Tony Blair's 'dodgy dossier' of September 2002 to try and generate a war fever with the bogus claim that -- in the words of The Sun headline -- "BRITS 45 MINUTES FROM DOOM". The hand of Alistair Campbell, Blair's press officer, is widely regarded as having been responsible for the dossier's fabrications. There was no coverage in the Sun or the rest of News International's outlets, when it was revealed that some of this dossier, which was supposed to present a cast iron case for attacking Iraq, was drawn from a 12-year old thesis, published on the internet by a PhD student. Was this because you and Blair made a pact that News International would be relentless in promoting the war, even if this meant using lies and distortion?"

This is my favorite because when the Dodgy Dossier first came out, the blogs (including this one) quickly tore it apart and exposed it for the fraud that it was, which means you were getting better news reporting from us than from NewsCorp.

and when the "Downing Street Memo" leaked out, the blogs (including this one) were reporting it almost a month before NewsCorp and ABCNNBBCBS were finally forced to acknowledge the story.

As Rupert Murdoch's global spying and propaganda operation crumbles, even the most deep-in-denial TV junkie has to be asking the question of who can they trust to inform them of what is going on in the world.

The litmus test is simple.

If they told you Saddam had weapons of mass destruction; they cannot be trusted.

The battle between the mainstream media and the blogs isn't starting. It's already over. The blogs won.

TIMES OF London, owned by Murdoch, runs outrageous cartoon called "Priorities" of starving children and hacking phones

There are several methods of dealing with a much-publicized scandal, some less advisable than others. Issuing a public apology for mistakes or poor judgment? Pretty much always a good idea. Holding individuals responsible for their roles and dealing with them accordingly? Usually works out pretty well. Publishing a tacky, potentially offensive cartoon making light of serious allegations AND life-threatening poverty? Oddly enough, that rarely ever works.

And, yet, that’s precisely what the Times of London did when it ran an editorial cartoon, marked “Priorities…”, that depicted three starving, ethnically ambiguous children sitting nude in the sand. One of the doe-eyed children looks mournfully out at the viewer, cradling his distended stomach and announcing that he has had “a bellyful of phone-hacking.” Any guesses as to what company owns the Times of London? If you guessed “News Corp,” you’re a winner!

Can we agree that eradicating childhood hunger is still a global priority and that outlets diligently, even obsessively, covering the phone hacking scandal were probably not devoting too many headlines to the plight of starving, saucer-eyed children in the first place? Although, hey. Maybe the Times of London can change the tide by donating to charities fighting to end hunger, or devoting an issue to poverty instead of offering up condescending, out of touch editorials that only work to reflect poorly on its already beleaguered employer.

'Hollywood producer was an Israeli nuclear agent'

Israeli businessman and Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan was a longtime weapons dealer and Israeli intelligence agent who purchased equipment for Israel's alleged nuclear program, a new biography claims.

Milchan's services to the Israeli security industry have been made public before, but he has always denied or refused to acknowledge them. This is the first time Milchan confirms these claims, albeit indirectly.

Murdoch Scandal Reveals “Covert” Operations by East Anglia’s CRU

Climate Audit
Steve McIntyre

Editors Note: The idea that a East Anglia's CRU is compelled to hire a public relations firm over questions regarding its scientific research is absurd. Their research should stand on its own.

Today brings news of the arrest of the managing director of a firm hired by the University of East Anglia’s CRU (Climatic Research Unit) to carry out “covert” operations (h/t reader Chu here). Neil Wallis of Outside Organisation was arrested today in connection with the spreading News of the World scandal.

Last year, Wallis’ partner at Outside Organisation , Alan Edwards, was profiled in Music Week in a story that led with:

Don’t tell the conspiracy theorists. But one PR company was at the centre of the Michael Jackson funeral, Climategate and Naomi Campbell’s appearance at Charles Taylor’s trial in The Hague.

Edwards is described as the “man who has also helped shape the careers of Amy Winehouse, Blondie, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Cliff, David Bowie, Spice Girls, David Beckham, P Diddy, Kevin Pietersen and Shayne Ward” and the man who masterminded PR for Naomi Campbell’s trial. Outside Organisation’s handling of Climategate for CRU was described as “more covert”.

Less apparent is its work in the corporate field, where its activities tend to be rather more covert. [my bold]

“We don’t advertise a lot of the things we do,” says Edwards, who was called in by the University of East Anglia when Climategate blew up. “That was really interesting. It’s very high level, and you’re very much in the background on that sort of thing.”
The university’s Climatic Research Unit wanted Outside to fire back some shots on the scientists’ behalf after leaked emails from the unit gave climate change skeptics ammunition and led to an avalanche of negative press about whether global warming was a real possibility.

Identity theft may have been Israelis' goal - analyst


New Zealand passports are "extremely valuable" and it is most likely four Israelis in Christchurch at the time of the February 22 quake were on an identity-theft mission, a political risk consultant says.

Israeli national Ofer Mizrahi was killed in the quake and the three friends he was with fled the country 12 hours later.

Prime Minister John Key has confirmed Mizrahi was carrying five passports but refused to go into further detail.

Paul Buchanan, who has worked at the Pentagon and trained intelligence officers in the United States, said it was suspicious that one of the Israelis was carrying multiple passports and that his friends left New Zealand so shortly after he was killed.

He believed the four Israelis were probably on a "trolling mission" searching for identities they could steal.

"Because of New Zealand's international reputation the passports are extremely valuable for intelligence services. New Zealand has this reputation for independence and autonomy... people trust New Zealand," he said.

"The passports would have been used for very covert activities - nothing light."

He said those activities could include assassinations.

Buchanan said it was unlikely they were Mossad agents because they were too young and Mossad agents would be involved in more high-level operations.

"However they may be recruits for the service and this might have been one of the tasks they needed to do, operating as sayanins, which is the Hebrew word for helper," he said.

"That is likely what these people were and the question then comes - why were they specifically in Christchurch?

"It could well be in the aftermath of the first September quake that the decision was made to go into the damaged city and see if they could access public records or identity banks that would allow them to use the name of a living New Zealander who does not travel, or a dead one that could be falsified and put on to passports."

The police national computer had been under scrutiny since a Security Intelligence Service officer described the suspicious activities of several groups of Israelis during, and immediately after, the earthquake.

Three Israelis, including Mizrahi, were among the 181 people who died in the earthquake.

Israel showed immediate interest in the quake, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling Key four times on the day.

An unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad was later confronted by armed New Zealand police and removed from the sealed-off "red zone" of the central city.

Another Israeli group, a forensic analysis team sent by the Israeli government, was welcomed in Christchurch and worked on victim identification in the morgue.

When it was realised the forensic analysts could have accessed the national police computer database, an urgent security audit was ordered.

Two Israelis were arrested in 2004 for stealing the identity of an Aucklander with cerebral palsy to fraudulently obtain a passport.

Tony Resnick, a former paramedic with St John Ambulance, was also believed to have been involved. He spent some time working in Israel and was a "person of interest" to police. He resigned from his job and left the country without warning in March 2004.

Buchanan said Resnick had access to official records and it was likely that if the Israelis in Christchurch were trying to obtain New Zealand passports they would also have had a relationship with someone who had access to government records.

"It would have had to have been such a person known as a handler in Christchurch because the sayanins wouldn't have had the local knowledge," he said.

"They had to have had a handler and I have no doubt the SIS will be looking for that person who will more than likely be Jewish."

He said it would have only taken "minutes" for the handler to copy information on to an external hard drive.

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Better save a local copy of this page because John Key has issued a statement clearing Israel and all the New Zealand papers are obediently erasing the story of the Israeli spies, the uncredentialed "rescue" team from Israel and the five passports found on the body.

New Zealand just got a taste of what we have to live with here in the US.

Israeli Mossad International Criminal Activities Revealed Yet Again

However, it is not only the American Central Intelligence Agency that engages in questionable operations in sovereign nations without prior approval. Indeed Israel’s version of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mossad, has been caught around the world engaging in a wide range of illegal activities.

Most recently, it came out that Israeli citizens with multiple passports were personally ushered out of New Zealand by the Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand himself after the massive earthquake in Christchurch.

NZ PM denies quake victim was Israeli spy

New Zealand's prime minister John Key has dismissed claims that a man killed in February's earthquake was an Israeli spy.

A newspaper report said this man, Ofer Mizrahi, was part of a Mossad operation in the country. Questions were raised after five different passports were found on his body.

Mizrahi was among more than 180 people killed in an earthquake that hit the city of Christchurch.

Israeli Killed in Christchurch Earthquake Was Carrying Five Passports

From Cryptogon

Ok, so, what do I think is happening here?

The Israeli state is an international terrorist organization that hijacks innocent people’s identities in order to carry out assassinations abroad.

There is a lot of speculation that identity theft was probably behind this situation in Christchurch. In case you don’t know, Mossad operations related to identity theft are an Israeli tradition in New Zealand.

Israeli killed in New Zealand earthquake was Mossad agent, trying to infiltrate sensitive computer systems


Local media reports Ofer Mizrahi, killed in the Christchurch earthquake in February, was part of a team trying to infiltrate sensitive computer systems.

New Zealand security officials suspect Israeli Mossad agents were trying to obtain sensitive information from the state's databases, reported the local Southland Times newspaper on Tuesday. Authorities suspect that one of the agents was Ofer Mizrahi, one of three Israelis killed in the earthquake in the city of Christchurch last February.

Authorities have launched an investigation into what a senior security official called "suspicious activities of several groups of Israelis during and immediately after the earthquake."

More Mossad spying in New Zealand: Zaka team used?

“An unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad was later confronted by armed New Zealand officers and removed from the sealed-off ‘red zone’ of the central city.”

“The SIS officer said the agency was also aware of a comment posted on the website of the Russian newspaper Pravda that the Christchurch earthquake had disrupted an Israeli spy base in the city.”

'Spy ring' unearthed by quake

Israeli secret service Mossad has been accused of conducting an intelligence gathering operation in the country, which was allegedly interrupted when a van used by the cell was crushed by masonry falling from a building.

It is claimed that a man, who died inside the wreckage, had five passports in his possession, and three surviving Israelis who were in the vehicle fled the country within 12 hours.

We reported yesterday that New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, was apparently trying to shield the Israeli spy ring.

Perhaps it is not too surprising that we find Key is of Jewish ancestry and is staunchly pro-Israel, having supported ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak, because of Mubarak's strong support of Israel!

Has Israel corrupted the entire world?

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

New Zealand: Israel has ‘form’ for stealing passports from allies

“As we speak now there are urgent inquiries going on around Europe whether the passports were French, Irish or even UK. Now those were the nationalities, passports that were used in the Dubai scandal which erupted last year and caused all hell to break out for Mossad.”

“Why did Mr Netanyahu have to make four phone calls to your Prime Minister, to enquire about what? I’m told by intelligence sources I know and trust that he rang to make quite sure that the story of the Mossad operation would remain what it was, quiet.”

Were similar phone calls made to the US after 9-11? And to Norway in the last 24 hours?

Egypt Detains Israeli Officer On Spying Charges

CAIRO: Egyptian authorities have arrested an alleged Israeli officer working for the Mossad intelligence agency on charges of spying, the official MENA news agency reported Sunday.

The Supreme State Security prosecutor ordered the man’s detention for 15 days pending investigations into alleged “spying on Egypt with the aim of damaging its economic and political interests,” MENA said.

Egyptian state television said the “Mossad officer,” an Israeli national, had arrived in Egypt shortly after the start of the January 25 uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, seeking to “incite chaos and sectarian strife.”

Israel urged to stop faking foreign passports

Various countries have sent secret messages to Israel informing Jerusalem that they are aware that Mossad agents are using their passports in overseas operations, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

The countries, all friends of Israel, demanded to halt all use of such passports in messages to Israeli embassies and as part of the consular discourse.

The protest had caused considerable embarrassment to Israel in several cases. In other cases, Israel could not respond to the claims as they did not include names and details of the alleged Mossad agents.

Philip Giraldi Spills Beans on Israeli Espionage in America

Over 125 investigations into Israeli Espionage in America… stopped due to political pressure.”…FBI Counter Intel Officer John Cole

by Jim W. Dean/Veterans Today

Philip Giraldi

Phil Giraldi stepped out today to do his country a great service and save some honor for the American counter intelligence community.

He put the spotlight on America’s greatest national security scandal, the decades old investment that Israeli Intelligence has made in attacking its so called America ally by stealing everything it can get it’s hands on.

But there is a second darker side to this first betrayal, and that is their corruption of our own political, Justice and State Department organs to literally act as protectors for them.

As a group they have betrayed the American people, and all those involved should receive long prison sentences for high treason.

Israelis decry US refusal to let spy see dying father

Pollard, a former US Navy analyst, passed thousands of secret documents about American spy activities in the Arab world to Israel between May 1984 and his arrest in November 1985.

This is extremely dishonest reporting. What Pollard passed to Israel were classified documents regarding America's nuclear deterrent. Israel turned around and traded those documents to the USSR, the very people the nuclear deterrent was supposed to deter, in exchange for increased emigration quotas for Jews leaving Russia to move to Israel.

The Americans of the 1950s were taxed for $5 trillion dollars to build and maintain America's nuclear deterrent, and Pollard/Israel undermined that with their betrayal.

Shame on AFP for such shoddy reporting on the seriousness of Pollard's crimes.


"La lutte contre la finance internationale et le capital de prêt est devenue le point le plus important de la lutte de la Nation Allemande pour son indépendance et sa liberté économique."
Mein Kampf-Adolf Hitler

Was WWII Fought to make the World Safe for Usury?

Thanks to best-selling author, David Irving, the establishment view that the United States of America became embroiled in World War II as a result of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 is no longer accepted by major historians. The origins of this conflict, says South African politician and noted banker, Stephen Goodson, have far deeper roots.

After numerous diplomatic initiatives including the offer of a summit on August 8, 1941 had failed, Japan was forced into attacking America in order to maintain her prosperity and secure her existence as a sovereign state.

In the ensuing slaughter 2.3 million Americans and Japanese lost their lives. Tens of thousands of allied soldier were subjected to the indignities and sufferings of prisoner of war camp life12.

In a consummate act of hypocrisy the Japanese High Command was placed on trial for “war crimes”. These tribunals were based on ex post facto laws, which resulted in the subversion of 2500 years of Western jurisprudence. The rule of tu quoque (thou also) was cynically ignored, notwithstanding the brutal nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where an estimated 239 000 died.13

One of the first acts of the United States occupation forces in Japan in September 1945 was to restructure the Japanese banking system, so as to make it compliant with the norms of the international bankers i.e. usury. The unrestricted financing of the state by the Bank of Japan was abolished and the large industrial combines, the Zaibatsu, were dismantled. This policy was carried out by Joseph Dodge, a Detroit banker, who was financial adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, General Douglas MacArthur.

On both the 50th and 60th anniversaries commemorating the end of World War II, Japanese officials, including Japan’s prime minister Junichiro Koizumi14 on the latter occasion, have apologized. Clearly such apologies are misplaced and it is perhaps America who should be apologizing to the Japanese for having provoked them into a senseless and useless war, which according to Allied propaganda was fought to make the world safe for democracy.

The reality is that World War II was fought to make the world safe for usury – to ensure the permanent enslavement of mankind through debt and interest.

American Wars Will Be Increasingly Secret

The Obama administration responded to pressure this week regarding the legality of American military involvement in Libya by claiming that the War Powers Resolution does not apply. Citing a limited support role in the NATO intervention, the President decreed the Vietnam-era legislation which requires Congressional approval for any military engagement surpassing 60 days irrelevant in the current context.

"Irrelevant", my astrolabe!

Right now, Obama should be impeached right the heck now for contempt of Congress, period, end of discussion.

Of course, that will happen when pigs fly, but it should be happening.

NATO escalates bombing operations on Libya

NATO planes bombed Libya’s capital city of Tripoli on July 17 for more than two hours. From 60 to 75 ordinances hit targets in the Tajura and Seraj suburbs.

One explosion created a mushroom cloud, raising speculation that a “bunker-busting bomb” was utilized. Libyan television confirmed that “NATO crusader forces” had struck civilian and military sites in the eastern suburb of Tajura.



NATO are targeting the pipe factory of the Great Man Made River in the city of Brega, where pipes are manufactured to compensate for damaged pipes of the river, THE ONLY SOURCE OF DRINKING WATER and irrigation for 4.5 MILLION the people of Libya!!! IMMINENT HUMANITARIAN DISASTER!!!!! ALERT!!!ALERT!!!!

July 22 2011. A date for humanity to remember. NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. It will take months to repair. Then on Saturday they hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it.

The Libyan leader Moammar Al Gaddafi informed members of the Security Council in his message that the alliance decided to carry out mass murder against the Libyan people by targeting their only drinking water source, where billions were invested and without it life stops in Libya. He wondered what's the relation between this factory and the protection of civilians that NATO claims it is carrying out? http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=627659

NATO has committed so many war crimes in this military misadventure, but destroying Libya's only water supply?!?

This is just as sick as murdering innocent Libyans in order to "protect" them, and leaving those left standing to deal with the consequences of exposure to depleted uranium, which will cause a huge spike in birth defects and cancers.

Libya Rebels Recognized By U.S.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the Obama administration has decided to formally recognize Libya's main opposition group as the country's legitimate government. The move gives foes of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi a major financial and credibility boost.

Clinton announced Friday that Washington accepts the Transitional National Council as the legitimate governing authority of the Libyan people. Diplomatic recognition of the council means that the U.S. will be able to fund the opposition with some of the more than $30 billion in Gahdafi-regime assets that are frozen in American banks.

Oh?!? The US has now recognized the Transitional National Council as the "...legitimate government authority of the Libyan people.?!?

I frankly don't think Gaddafi has received the memo on this, and it does nothing to change the military situation on the ground, which is at absolute stalemate between NATO-backed rebels, and the Libyan military. And, as reported today at:

"Boots on the ground"

While Obama said in his speech on Libya last Monday that “America’s role would be limited” and he “would not put ground troops” into the North African country, the British were contemplating doing just the opposite. Reports in British newspapers on Sunday state Great Britain is preparing to send 600 Royal Marines to the Libyan conflict, marking an escalation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) military intervention. According to reports, a Royal Navy fleet composed of six warships and marines will make up a mission to provide humanitarian aid to rebel-held towns."

"In making this controversial move, the British government probably believes it has no choice, if NATO wants to accomplish its objectives of regime change, restarting the oil supply, and avoiding an open-ended and costly war."

One has to wonder: is this the same "humanitarian aid" which has been killing innocent civilians, and leaving those left standing to deal with the results of exposure to depleted uranium, which means huge spikes in cancers and birth defects for the Libyan people?!?

Gaddafi has been arming his people all along, and the coming battle may well be be an absolute bloodbath, and nightmare here.

But of course, the big reason the US has given recognition to the Transitional National Council is that it has already approved the existence of a private central bank in Libya.

So ultimately, it doesn't matter to the US or NATO how many innocent people are slaughtered in achieving this goal; they are simply expendable; just collateral damage.

US calls Libya rebel council 'the legitimate interlocutor'

ABU DHABI (AFP) - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton here Thursday described the Libyan rebel council as "the legitimate interlocutor" of the Libyan people, a senior US State Department official said...

Propaganda campaign ensues after US recognizes terrorists as Libya's government

Activist Post

Bangkok, Thailand July 18, 2011 - The so-called Libyan "rebels" are on record having been funded and supported for nearly 3 decades by the United States and Britain in their bid to oust Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. The most recent rebellion after decades of terrorist campaigns, was literally directed out of both Washington and London via the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, with opposition leader Ibrahim Sahad pleading for foreign intervention against Qaddafi while sitting directly in front of the White House.

Russia refuses to recognize Libyan rebels

Russia criticises US for recognising Libyan rebel government

Decision to designate national transitional council as legitimate government is taking sides in civil war, says Moscow

US meets with Kadhafi representatives: official

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US envoys held a rare meeting with representatives of Moamer Kadhafi's regime over the weekend and urged the Libyan strongman to cede power, a US official said Monday.

The one-off meeting on Saturday came a day after the United States and other Western and regional powers recognized the rebel Transitional National Council as Libya's legitimate authority.

US officials "met with regime representatives to deliver a clear and firm message that the only way to move forward is for Kadhafi to step down," the US official said in Washington on condition of anonymity...

Gaddafi Could Possibly Stay In Libya: French Official

France's foreign minister suggested Wednesday that a possible way out of Libya's civil war would be to allow Muammar Gaddafi to stay in the country if he relinquishes power.

Gaddafi insists he will neither step down nor flee the country he has led for four decades. With the NATO-led air campaign against Gaddafi's forces entering its fifth month and the fighting in a stalemate, the international community is seeking exit strategies

Emphasis on "Exit."

Deadly Clashes in Libya, Talks in France, Russia

Opposition fighters have gained control of much of eastern Libya but have been unable to gain control of Brega. The rebels reported heavy casualties on Tuesday after troops loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi disguised trucks with rebel flags and then shelled their positions in the port.

Meanwhile, France says it is possible that Libya's crisis could be resolved through a plan that would allow Mr. Gadhafi to remain in the country if he gives up power.

Translation: Libya has become the new "Bay of Pigs", thought to be an easy target under the delusion that the people of Libya would rise up and support a revolution against Gadhafi. But just as the Cuba people prefer Castro to any US puppet ruler, and stomped the US-supported Cuban Brigade into the sand, it looks like the majority of the people of Libya have responded to the NATO attacks by siding with Gadhafi and are looking for a way to extract themselves from the disaster while saving face by claiming that the same Gadhafi they demanded removed months ago can now stay as long as he gives up an unspecified amount of power.

NATO forces struggle to find an endgame in Libya

Officially, Libya’s rebels are based here in Benghazi, under the umbrella of the National Transitional Council, which is now recognized by Canada and more than 30 other countries as “the legitimate governing authority in Libya.” Given that it was created on the fly by a group of university-educated Libyans, lawyers, activists and Gadhafi regime defectors, it is surprisingly professionally run and accountable.

But the problem is that it is only barely in control of the war; it clearly does not represent the full expanse of Libyan opposition; and it is very unlikely to remain a major political body after the war.

There is only one way with which NATO can break the stalemate here if Gaddafi doesn't resign, and find sanctuary somewhere else, and that is the use of ground troops here.

There have been various reports about NATO, and/or the EU, sending ground troops to support "humanitarian aid" getting through to the rebels, but there has been nothing definitive stated.

After the decade-long debacle in Afghanistan, NATO leadership obviously thought that this military misadventure would be a "cakewalk", to put the sheen back on NATO's reputation as a military organization which could actually get things done, and re-shape Africa geopolitically in the process; they could not have possibly been more absolutely wrong in that opinion if they had tried.

NATO has created an absolute mess in relying on the rebels, who are ill-trained and ill-educated to handle this fight against Gaddafi's highly trained military, and have disparate visions about Libya's future, once Gaddafi is gone.

NATO's leadership had better pray that a negotiated settlement which achieves the regime change they want comes quickly; otherwise, the alternative would possibly well be another drawn-out military conflict like Afghanistan: NATO cannot afford to see this happen, either from a standpoint of reputation or finances.

NATO calls for political solution to Libyan crisis

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Wednesday that it's time to find political solution on Libyan issue.

The political solution should be "led by Libyans, supported by the international community, and fulfilling the legitimate demands of the Libyan people -- as the United Nations Security Council demanded," he said in a statement.

"The time to find a solution is now," he said.

However, Rasmussen insisted NATO's operations to protect civilians would continue.

Translation: NATO cannot win this militarily without sending in massive ground troops, which it does not want to do.

However, Rasmussen's statement that "...NATO's operations to protect civilians would continue." shows the absolutely disingenuous nature of his remarks. If there is no "political solution", expect ground troops to be dispatched.

And a memo to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen: one does not "protect civilians" by bombing them dead, and leaving the rest to cope with the effects of depleted uranium poisoning, which will ultimately lead to massive spikes in cancers and birth defects for the Libyan people..

British DM: Libya War Could Last Months

In broad comments regarding the ever-stalemated Libyan War, British Defense Secretary Liam Fox conceded that his government has no clue how much longer the war will last, and that military commanders are preparing for several more months.

British forces had originally presented the plan as a 90 day conflict, but some four months in there is no sign of any change on the ground. Fox had previously suggested the war might last through Christmas, but now there is a suggestion it may go even longer

One has to wonder at what point ground troops will be called in here, as the current tactics haven't worked at all.

There is a rancid, pustule-filled hypocrisy in NATO'S alleged desire to "protect civilians"; which is the absolute antithesis of what NATO is doing here. As reported today at:


"LIBYA'S prosecutor general charged on Wednesday that Nato air strikes in support of rebel forces since the end of March have killed more than 1,100 civilians and wounded about 4,500" others.

Mr Mohamed Zekri Mahjubi told foreign journalists in Tripoli he was seeking to prosecute Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Libyan courts for 'war crimes'.

'As Nato secretary general, Rasmussen is responsible for the actions of this organisation which has attacked an unarmed people, killing 1,108 civilians and wounding 4,537 others in bombardment of Tripoli and other cities and villages.'

You cannot "protect innocent civilians" by killing them dead with air strikes, then leaving the rest to deal with the consequences of depleted uranium exposure, which ultimately will lead to huge spikes in cancer cases and terrible deformities to babies born after that exposure.

US military weighs more Predator drones for Libya

As the war in Libya drags on, the U.S. military is weighing options that may deepen its involvement in the conflict and its alliance with rebels trying to overthrow Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

A U.S. official told Reuters on Friday that the United States is considering a NATO request to send more Predator drones to Libya, as well as other surveillance aircraft. It has also reopened a debate over arming the rebels, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

One has to wonder if the US/NATO military are worthy this year of a booby prize for the worst case of "magical thinking" about a military operation which has gone horrifically badly from the start.

Some in the bowels of power in DC and Brussels are beginning to examine the unthinkable, but possibly the only, option to turn the tide in NATO's favor, and that is the deployment of ground troops here.

At the moment, with things in complete stalemate, one has to wonder just when that will happen, and what component of those troops will be the Americans Obama swore would not be participating in a ground invasion of Libya.

Italy breaks ranks over NATO's Libya mission

Italy called for a suspension of hostilities in Libya on Wednesday in the latest sign of dissent within NATO as the civilian death toll mounts and Moamer Kadhafi shows no signs of quitting power.

"We have seen the effects of the crisis and therefore also of NATO action not only in eastern and southwestern regions but also in Tripoli," Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told a parliamentary committee meeting.

"I believe an immediate humanitarian suspension of hostilities is required in order to create effective humanitarian corridors," while negotiations should also continue on a more formal ceasefire and peace talks, he said.

"I think this is the most urgent and dramatic point," Frattini continued.

African Union Says 'Up Yours' to International Criminal Court


The African Union found the spine to reject execution of an arrest warrant against Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi issued by the International Criminal Court, which appears to have an "Africans only" indictment policy. The AU’s chairman calls the court’s prosecutions "discriminatory" because they ignore the West’s crimes in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. China has hosted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, another ICC arrest target.

"The AU decided, finally, that it can stand up to the International Criminal Court."

The African Union is asking all of its 53 members not to buckle under to the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The International Criminal Court, or ICC, has never indicted anyone but Africans, and many consider it to be a tool of the United States. The Obama administration gives constant lip service to the Court, even though the U.S. is not a member of the ICC and has refused to make its own policies and military answerable to any outside authority.

It's Official: International Criminal Court has ZERO Mandate

Rejection by African Union of ICC's Qaddafi arrest warrant reveals ICC as hoax.

If an entire continent rejects an alleged international institution's actions as illegitimate and self-serving, does said institution still get to call itself "international?" Furthermore, does it still hold any sort of mandate to continue on as self-proclaimed international arbiter? Certainly not, and for the International Criminal Court, whose "arrest warrant" for Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi was soundly rejected by the 53-member African Union, their last shred of self-proclaimed credibility has been rendered moot...

Alexander Cockburn: Where’s the evidence of Gaddafi’s war crimes in Libya?

Who can argue with a straight face that UN Resolution 1973, passed on March 17, permits efforts to assassinate Gaddafi by bombs and missiles or escalations in the arsenal of regime change, such as the deployment of British Apache helicopters or the intense bombing of Tripoli on Tuesday?

A hundred years from now this UN/Nato intervention will be seen as a shameless imperial enterprise in the old style, with the increasingly ridiculous rationale of a mission "to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas", as hollow as the self-righteous British claims that the conquest of India was primarily about saving widows from suttee.

General Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To Invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran

General Wesley Clark reveals the US plan to invade and take over 7 countries, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran, before we even invaded Afghanistan. The first part of the plan was revealed 10 days after 9/11 and was expanded to included the other nations. Clark is quoted as saying the invasion wasn't based on links to Al-Queda or any other intelligence reports but just because the US has an army that is great at taking over other nations.

Obama's Foreign Policy Objectives: The Geopolitical Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia Mosaic

Each event looms large in the mass media and in political discourse, but each is only part of a much larger mosaic that constitutes the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) and Central Asia component of the Obama Administration's foreign and military strategy.

This component is Washington's top priority because any significant deterioration of U.S. domination in MENA, and the frustration of its ambitions in Central Asia — especially in combination with weakening economic and political influence in the world — could hasten America's decline as the unipolar global "leader," i.e., hegemon.

The alleged "hit" on Bin Laden was supposed to have given Obama and the CIA "bump" on the way to the polls in 2012.

However, even that has dissipated from the beginning of this month, as the economic news in the US is so horrendous.

Obama can't run on the economy, the wars, the litany of broken promises to the American people, or unemployment reduction. In fact, there is nothing of his presidency upon which he can run with any degree of success, other than expanding the Federal government.

If the Democratic party leadership were smart, they would hold a primary for the 2012 race; however, I wouldn't bet on it.

Depleted Uranium found in Libya

Telesur informs us that Dr. Ali Gsant Doctor Atomic Energy says there are large concentrations of depleted uranium in Libya. Depleted uranium is on the ground, in the air, especially in the dust and sand that moves.

Direct attacks near Gaddafi’s residence in Tripoli, NATO confirms 7 airstrikes

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

According to an AFP journalist, two blasts rocked the area near Muammar Gaddafi’s residence in Libya’s capital city, Tripoli, around 12:50 AM Sunday local time.

NATO confirmed that its warplanes struck one of Gaddafi’s military command centers, claiming responsibility for seven strikes in total...

‘NATO Drops Uranium Bombs On Libya’

The Center for Research on Globalization says the bombs and missiles that the US-led military alliance has dropped on several Libyan cities contain depleted uranium (DU).

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, a research associate at the CRG center, told Press TV that there are several international missions in Libya to gather evidence on NATO war crimes, including the use of DU.

His remarks come weeks after the Stop the War Coalition said in its late March report that dozens of bombs and cruise missiles were launched by the US, British, and French forces — all with DU warheads — in the first 24 hours of the war on Libya.

DU munitions are controversial as their use is associated with long-term health concerns such as kidney damage, cancer, skin disorders and genetic defects.

US `Preparing To Invade Libya`

U.S. prepares for ground invasion of Libya, whether it happens, as the Libyans hope so that they can show their strength against foreign aggressors who have thus far been too cowardly to come close, remains to be seen.

NATO 'sliding towards' land campaign in Libya: Russia

Russia's top diplomat warned on Saturday that the NATO operation in Libya was "sliding towards" a land campaign, a prospect he said Moscow viewed as "deplorable," the RIA Novosti news agency reported.

"We know that France and Britain intend to use military helicopters. We have given our view of NATO's actions," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency.

"We consider that what is going on is either consciously or unconsciously sliding towards a land operation. That would be very deplorable," he added.

I think Lavrov's characterization of NATO's campaign in Libya as "sliding" is more than charitable; I would have used the word "rushing", because the air campaign is not giving them the outcome of regime change they wanted.

NATO has no desire to "protect civilians in a humanitarian mission"; otherwise, they would not be bombing the hell out of non-combatants, leaving those left standing to deal with the effects of depleted uranium poisoning, which should be a crime against humanity.

The only question is, when will ground troops be deployed? My sense is, very soon: NATO is in a stalemate which can only be resolved by doing this.

Libya ‘rape’ propaganda plunges to new depths of desperation

Over a week after the ICC’s completely baseless claims of ‘rape being used as a weapon’ by Gaddafi’s forces, today CNN is running a propaganda set-piece that is so blatantly invented it makes one cringe with embarrassment for this rabble of liars and propagandists.

CNN claims that rebel forces have found mobile phone footage on ‘Gaddafi loyalists’, which allegedly shows them ‘raping women and torturing people’. Lo and behold, the story completely falls apart upon the most cursory inspection.

ABCNNBBCBS need to understand that they cannot expect people to get enraged by stories of sexual assault in Libya and Syria at the same time they are telling us we should NOT get angry when the TSA put their hands on our wives and daughters right before our very eyes.

Former CIA agent: 'Libyan opposition is al-Qaeda' - Obama has messed up

Libya in Pictures: What the Mainstream Media Does Not Tell You

Friday of July 1, 2011 like many other Fridays has seen huge rallies in Tripoli's Green Square.
It’s very hard to get an accurate number of the mass of people that have attended these rallies. Estimates have placed the size of the July 1st rally in Green Square at one million people.

The rallies have been taking place almost weekly in Tripoli and other Libyan cities, including Sabha on July 8, 2011.

Western public opinion has been misinformed. People in Europe and North America are not even aware that these mass rallies have taken place.

The rallies express the Libyan people's firm opposition to NATO's "humanitarian" intervention ("on behalf of the Libyan people").

Anti-Gaddafi "Rebels" are now joining Gaddafi

"There are some rebels who have gone back to Gaddafi. We have seen reports of NATO hitting rebel columns, uh, [but] there are other reports that these may be rebels trying to get back to Tripoli to re-join Gaddafi. Gaddafi has given amnesty to these people. Many former rebels, including one I spoke to said, 'Look, we weren't happy with Gaddafi. But when we saw NATO, including Italy, our former colonial occupier, join this thing...[we thought], OK, he's a dictator, [and] we've had him around for over 40 years, but darn it, he's a Libyan nationalist, and he has given us the highest standard of living in Africa."

Along with a state bank and a value-based currency.

Gaddafi forces retake key western village

Muammar Gaddafi's forces have launched a counter-attack against rebels southwest of Tripoli, as a commander downplayed talk of a political solution to the conflict, insisting the Libyan leader would refuse to step down.

Libya Rebels Reject Another Peace Plan, Vow New Offensive

The East Libyan rebel government has again rejected an international attempt at brokering a ceasefire in the war-torn nation, saying any peace talks were a “non-starter” unless they pledged to guarantee the ouster of Moammar Gadhafi and all members of his “inner circle.”

At this point, it's a question of when, not if, we will see NATO troops on the ground in Libya.

One has to wonder just what percentage of that invasion force will be Americans; you remember - the Americans Obama swore would never see service as part of ground invasion of Libya.

"Boots on the Ground": Sarkozy and Cameron Prepare to Land in Libya

Even more significant is the arrival in the Mediterranean of a powerful naval strike group, led by the most modern and powerful Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carrier, named George H.W. Bush, in honor of the president who in 1991 led in the Persian Gulf the first war in the post-Cold War era (we are now at the fifth). The ship is 333 meters long 40 meters wide and has on board 6,000 personnel, 56 aircraft (which can take off at 20-second intervals) and 15 helicopters, and is equipped with sophisticated electronic warfare systems. It is thus a large mobile military base.

It is only a matter of days before there is a ground invasion on Libya; and the question thinking Americans must ask is, how many Americans will be represented in this ground force, when Obama pledged to the American people that this would not happen?!?

Ground attack looms in Libya - next step on NATO war list? - RT

Top U.S. admiral admits we are trying to kill Qaddafi

The top U.S. admiral involved in the Libya war admitted to a U.S. congressman that NATO forces are trying to kill Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi. The same admiral also said he anticipated the need for ground troops in Libya after Qaddafi falls, according to the lawmaker.

House Armed Services Committee member Mike Turner (R-OH) told The Cable that U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the NATO Joint Operations Command in Naples, Italy, told him last month that NATO forces are actively targeting and trying to kill Qaddafi, despite the fact that the Obama administration continues to insist that "regime change" is not the goal and is not authorized by the U.N. mandate authorizing the war.

The Obama Administration cannot have it both ways; either regime change is the goal here, or it is not.

One can say with absolute, logical certainty, that the mission has not been "protecting Libyan civilians from the regime", in light of the fact that NATO has been bombing, and killing innocent civilians as well as military targets with absolutely not being able to discern between the two, and leaving those left standing to deal with depleted uranium poisoning.

The hypocrisy here is rank, and stinks mightily.

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