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Émission de radio L'Autre Monde

mardi 28 juillet 2009

Vidéos: Complexe militaro-médical; Le gouvernement par Goldman Sachs & Les guerres d'Obama

Vidéos: Complexe militaro-médical; Le gouvernement par Goldman Sachs & Les guerres d'Obama

En visionnant ces trois courts vidéos, vous ne manquerez pas d'en apprendre des bonnes. Vous m'en parlerez...

The Military-Medical Complex


What a tangled web they weave...

University of Professor Peter Duesberg is the pre-eminent virologist in the world today and one of the top, if not the top, molecular biologists.

Unfortunately, he has a political problem.

He doesn't accept the still-unproven (and some say dubious) theory that the group of diseases known as AIDS is caused by HIV.

If "science" is wrong about the cause of AIDS, then finding a cure is impossible.

This may explain why a cure has not been found in spite of billions of dollars that has been raised and spent on AIDS "research."

But the waste of time and effort is only the tip of the iceberg.

There may be something more sinister afoot.

With a little understanding, the AIDS "help" trumpeted for Africa (by George Bush no less) and low income, minority families in the US looks less like medicine and more like a genocide program.

Who's behind this scam?

The answer may surprise you.

Note: The t-shirted "surfer dude" at the end of the first video is Kary Mullis.

He won the Nobel Prize winner for developing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), one of the fundamental tools of biomedicine and hailed as one of the monumental scientific techniques of the 20th century.

Not everyone buys the AIDS story as told by the media, the US government and the pharmaceutical companies.

How this scam plays out in Africa:

African Genocide

Government by Goldman Sachs

Scam central

"The Financial Services Modernization Act.'

"The Commodity Futures Modernization Act."

Goldman Sachs wrote them...

Clinton teed them up and Bush & Co. knocked them down the fairway.

Now Goldman owns the new president too.

The bankrupting of America (and the world) on the behalf of a handful of New York investment bankers.

Kleptocracy - government of the thieves, by the thieves, for the thieves.

Obama's new war

He didn't start it but he's going to escalate it


Goodman Green produced this in January/09

Why it is possible for part-time researchers to scoop the New York Times over and over again?

Because the Times is not a news source. It's a disinformation bureau and they have other things in their minds.

Their current project: Erasing public memory of the fact that the US trained and armed the Taliban, the same people who are slaughtering our troops in Afghanistan right now.

Read his full commentary here:

The Time the Times forgot

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