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vendredi 8 mai 2009

Encore une fois: le 9/11 est une "inside job"


Encore une fois: le 9/11 est une "inside job"

Ce billet comporte une quarantaine de pages de liens, vidéos et autres à propos des évènements du 9/11. On peut assumer que le débat est maintenant terminé. Les gens qui pensent encore que la vérité se trouve dans la version officielle jamais prouvée ni démontrée par les autorités américaines qui nous avaient pourtant promis de nous montrer toutes les preuves, ne vont tout simplement pas jamais oser faire un effort intellectuel honnête et vraiment faire leurs propres recherches. Même si tous ces liens sont disponibles, vers des articles variés mais tout aussi pertinents, certains ne vont jamais avoir le courage d'affronter la vérité.

À ceux-là, bonne chance.

Aux autres, voici une bibliothèque riche en information pour pousser vos recherches et lecture dans cette quête de la vérité.

An Amazing Coincidence

"Q: Do you take offense at the term "conspiracy theorist"? --- A: "I welcome being called a conspiracy theorist as this exposes the intellectual bankruptcy of the person applying it and provides me with an opportunity to point out that intellectual bankruptcy." Barrie Zwicker

115 mensonges sur les attentats du 11 septembre

Le rapport de la « commission d’enquête » présidentielle passé au crible
115 mensonges sur les attentats du 11 septembre
par David Ray Griffin

Il n’existe toujours pas de version officielle des attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Aucune enquête judiciaire n’a été ouverte sur les attentats eux-mêmes, ni d’enquête parlementaire d’ailleurs. Tout au plus dispose-t-on d’une version gouvernementale explicitée par un rapport rendu par une commission présidentielle. Le professeur David Ray Griffin, qui a consacré un ouvrage de référence à l’étude de ce rapport, y a relevé 115 mensonges dont il dresse ici la liste.

9-11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press

Dr. Griffin presents a sequence of irrefutable facts drawn from documents and testimony that demonstrate twenty five internal contradictions in the official 9/11 story. As each contradiction is presented, the author juxtaposes documented timelines and official memos, eye-witness testimony, television broadcasts and news articles that are logically inconsistent with the narrative contrived by the 9/11 Commission.

Unanswered 9/11 questions

Australian television takes the 9-11 questions into the mainstream.

The Pentagon 9/11 Lie Fest


The FBI didn't want you to know what was
going on in Venice, FL before 9/11.

Specifically that terrorist/fundamentalist "ring leader"
Mohamed Atta was really a coke-snorting, lap dance buying,
scotch drinking drug pilot who appeared to be operating
under the protection of the US government.

The Pentagon didn't want you to know what was really happened
in the air on 9/11 either.


- Brasscheck

P.S. 9/11 remains THE story of our time.

It's why we're in Iraq. It's why we've had a shredding
of the Constitution. It's why we've wasted trillions of
dollars on "defense."

Yet virtually EVERY element of the official story turns
out to be an aggressively told and aggressively protected

Tower blocks demolished in blast

Wow! Deja VU!!!!!!

steel framed building goes up in flames, does NOT collapse.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Compare the intensity of this fire versus the fires seen in WTC-7

Is it Science or Honesty that NIST Lacks?

Case in point is the NIST final report on World Trade Center 7, the 47-story high-rise that collapsed on September 11, 2001. The report’s authors explained in precise technical terms, the North side of the building (the side they were measuring) underwent a 2.25-second free-fall drop, extending approximately 8 stories. This agreed very closely with observations made during the opportunity for public comments. The whole process of requesting public comments to the draft final report, receiving them, and updating the final report where warranted was very commendable.

The problem comes with the NIST interpretation of the significance of this updated information. The NIST authors did need to make a comment, in that they stated in their draft report that the visible part of the collapse had accelerated downward at 40% of free fall. Their comment was in essence, when they looked at a longer period of time (5.4 sec.) encompassing this intermediary 2.25-sec. stage, then the three stages of collapse progression are consistent with the results of their global collapse analyses, i.e., their analytical model.

Their analytical model did not contain the mechanism for free fall. Yet, they called the overall results consistent with their model. NIST has not faced up to the significance of free fall. Is declaring the overall results consistent with their model the NIST way of sweeping the dirty implications of free fall under the proverbial carpet?

9/11 Firefighter Witnessed Multiple Explosions, Ignored

Schroeder said his team were in the tower for at least 5 minutes after the first plane hit before the elevators exploded, contradicting the official explanation that jet fuel cascaded down the elevator shafts and caused them to explode immediately after the plane struck.

"We said something's wrong here - I mean the plane hit up on the 80th floor - 5 minutes later and the elevators are suddenly exploding on the first level - why?" asked Schroeder.

"There was definitely a distinct time delay between the planes hitting and the elevators exploding," he added.

9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics

The unthinkable - that elements inside the state would conspire with criminals to kill innocent civilians - has become not only thinkable but commonplace in the last century. A seminal example was in French Algeria, where dissident elements of the French armed forces, resisting General de Gaulle's plans for Algerian independence, organized as the Secret Army Organization and bombed civilians indiscriminately, with targets including hospitals and schools. Critics like Alexander Litvinenko, who was subsequently murdered in London in November 2006, have charged that the 1999 bombings of apartment buildings around Moscow, attributed to Chechen separatists, were in fact the work of the Russian secret service (FSB).

Leaked NIST Docs: "Unusual" Event Before Collapse Of WTC 7

Leaked confidential NIST documents concerning the investigation into the collapse of WTC 7, the 47-storey skyscraper that was not hit by a plane but imploded in under seven seconds on 9/11, reveal that an "unusual" event preceded the collapse of the building - a "jet of flames" that shot out of several windows after most of the fire had already died down.

WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part II)

This video is a followup to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0GHVE...
In its draft report, released in August 2008, NIST attempted to cover up evidence that WTC7 fell at freefall, but the coverup was transparent. In its final report, released in November 2008, NIST finally acknowledged freefall, but couched it in a bizarre framework that continues to deny its clear significance. Part I chronicles NIST's attempted obfuscation and eventual admission of freefall. Part II demonstrates that their replacement theory is based on fabricated evidence and is a continuation of the coverup. Part III will spell out the significance of NIST's admission of freefall.
Go to www.AE911truth.org and sign the petition for a REAL investigation.


Part II

Video of WTC North Tower Collapse.

Anyone who can watch this video and still believe the twin tower collapses are the result of kerosene/office fires and a structural failure truly has to have their head so far up their arse their tonsils must be staring them in the face.


More videos from Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (http://www.ae911truth.org) here: http://www.youtube.com/ae911truth


Sentence Debunking of NIST'S Report on WTC 7

Partly EVAPORATED Steel Beams Were Found At WTC 7; But Normal Office and Diesel Fires are Not NEARLY Hot Enough to Evaporate Steel

Hydrocarbon fires fueled by diesel (which was apparently stored at WTC 7) and normal office materials cannot evaporate steel. Steel does not evaporate unless it is heated to at least 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone agrees that fires from conventional building fires are thousands of degrees cooler than that.

NIST's theory is a non-starter.

14 Structural Engineers Now Publicly Challenge Government's Explanation for Destruction of the World Trade Center

14 Structural Engineers Now Publicly Challenge Government's Explanation for Destruction of the World Trade Center...

Meanwhile, the official body created by the government to study 9-11 openly admits they have no explanation for how the buildings came down.

Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11th

Twenty-five former U.S. military officers have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. They include former commander of U.S. Army Intelligence, Major General Albert Stubblebine, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Col. Ronald D. Ray, two former staff members of the Director of the National Security Agency; Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, and Major John M. Newman, PhD, and many others. They are among the rapidly growing number of military and intelligence service veterans, scientists, engineers, and architects challenging the government's story.

9-11 Citizen Study Publication in a Peer-reviewed Civil Engineering Journal!

Finally! After submitting a half-dozen papers to established peer-reviewed technical journals over a period of nearly a year, we have two papers which have passed peer-review and have been accepted for publication. One of these was published TODAY! In science, we say that we have "published in the literature," a major step in a nascent line of scientific inquiry.

Port Authority of NY/NJ: Records For Reported WTC Renovation Work Destroyed On 9/11

Turner Construction, who supervised the 2000 demolition of the Seattle Kingdome, participated in the post-9/11 Ground Zero clean-up and performed extensive renovations within the World Trade Center towers just prior to 9/11, was in fact performing unspecified renovation work throughout the WTC complex until the very morning of September 11, 2001. The Port Authority of NY/NJ now claims that records describing such work or other projects were destroyed on September 11, 2001. A December 2000 WTC property assessment described required renovation work to be completed within one year, upon steel columns within elevator shafts of both WTC towers that was immediately pending or already underway.


These are archive clips of the first moments that 9-11 broke into the TV news. In looking back at them there are a couple obvious points. EVERYONE makes a point of bringing up the 1993 bombing attack on the World Trade Towers, and dropping hints about terrorism even as they claim there are no facts yet.

Second, the stories all break into the TV feeds at most 5 minutes after the impact on the tower by the first jet, YET BBC HAS THEIR OWN CAMERA SET UP WATCHING THE BUILDING, EVERY NETWORK HAS A CAMERA UP ON TOP OF A HIGH BUILDING, AND ABC NEWS EVEN HAS A HELICOPTER IN THE AIR!

This is morning rush hour in New York. Doesn't it seem like the network cameras are in position just a bit fast?

9/11 victim's wife asks uncomfortable questions

Is it luck that aberrant stock trades were not monitored?

Is it luck when 15 visas are awarded based on incomplete forms?

Is it luck when Airline Security screenings allow hijackers to board planes with box cutters and pepper spray?

Is it luck when Emergency FAA and NORAD protocols are not followed?

Is it luck when a national emergency is not reported to top government officials on a timely basis?

To me luck is something that happens once.

When you have this repeated pattern of broken protocols, broken laws, broken communication, one cannot still call it luck.

YouTube - 1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attack! DO u know what happened?

This scandal should have been the story of the year. How lucky for Rumsfeld that 9-11 erased it from the media.


DO u know what happened, just 1 DAY BEFORE 911 WTC attacks ! only one day before !

Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing on the date of 09/10/01

and the NEXT day 911 wtc and pentagon bombing attacks happened.. VERY SUSPICIOUS !!! USA is a BOILING KATTLE !

maybe usa military learned that donald rumsfeld was gonna announce this lost Trillion dollars case and ORDERED suicide operation.. it means an operation which means is kept secret and ready TO use for later, in case of an emergency.. why ? they create chaos in order to change the agenda..

maybe us military is the guerilla of usa and the world.. who knows ? maybe true.. always keep this critical info in your mind.. and dont forget the money they collect from americans via taxes..
2.3 Trillion Dollars !

usa is a country where their president can get killed in front of public.. and they couldnt find who is behind.. why ? because an inside job never gets revealed.. just stays as conspiracy..

Emergency Official Witnessed Dead Bodies In WTC 7

Exclusive video of emergency official Barry Jennings discussing explosions inside WTC 7 before either of the twin towers had collapsed and having to step over dead bodies of victims as he attempted to vacate the building has been released for the first time.

The clip, which was originally intended to feature in Loose Change Final Cut but had to be withdrawn according to Jennings' wishes after he had received threats, has now been made public in anticipation of a BBC documentary about Building 7 which is expected to skew Jennings' account in an attempt to reinforce the official story.

1/3 WTC7 explosions witness FULL INTERVIEW

- July 2008 release




Did Sept 11 victims die for Enron?

Below are excerpts from an article published in the Albion Monitor, 28 February 2002. It examines disturbing links between the global corporate strategy of Enron and the so called 'War Against Terrorism' pursued by the Bush Administration following the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in 2001.

These revelations, coupled with the growing evidence suggesting that US air defences were deliberately stood down on September 11 until it was too late, raise an awkward question of the greatest magnitude. Did those who died on September 11 do so as a consequence of a wider effort by the Bush Administration to promote Enron's overseas business interests as an integral part of emerging US energy and foreign policy?

New Information on the Death of 911 Eyewitness Barry Jennings (WTC 7 whistleblower)

It seems that Dylan had hired a private investigator to look into Jennings death which remains shrouded in mystery. His motive was simply to bring some closure to the life of Barry Jennings, and in doing so to honor the memory of this brave American. The Investigator ended up referring the case to Law enforcement before refunding his pay, and told Dylan never to contact him again. Very unusual to say the least. Dylan also paid a visit to the Jennings home. He found it vacant and for sale.

Personally, something is really beginning to stink here. Why would a highly paid PI refuse to continue his investigation? Why did he refer the matter to police? He is not talking. What is he afraid of. Was he warned to cease and desist? If so by whom?

Newly Uncovered WTC 7 Video Betrays More Foreknowledge Of Collapse

Another video from 9/11 has been uncovered which proves that the collapse of WTC 7 was anticipated beforehand, despite that fact that the event was unprecedented - no steel framed building had completely collapsed from fire damage alone in previous history.

How 9/11 was done

9/11 was a master plot, concocted by a handfull of Israelis and dual passport Americans and carried out by the resources of the Mossad.

Plusieurs vidéo:


Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report

New found information has implicated the Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad in the staging of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy

The cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah has been exposed as a long standing Israeli spy in yet another startling intelligence connection between the Zionist state and the attacks on New York and Washington.

A New York Times report details how Ali al-Jarrah was a highly valued spy for Israel for no less than 25 years, sending reports and taking clandestine photographs of Palestinian groups and Hezbollah since 1983.

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell
you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the
Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

The Israeli Shipping Company that moved out of the WTC one week prior to 9/11

That a company moved from one place to another is not news, it happens all the time.

But for a company partially owned by the state of Israel to move out of the WTC one week before the attacks and forfeit $50,000.00 in broken lease fees is news.

'Mossad spy' tied to Mughniyeh hit

Lebanese authorities are investigating the possibility that a Lebanese citizen arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel had been involved in the assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh, the Lebanese English-language Daily Star reported on Monday.

The Lebanese daily Al Akhbar revealed the suspect's name as Ali Jarrah, and reported that he was arrested in south Beirut after evidence showed that he had been following senior figures in Hizbullah.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The arrested Mossad agent turns out to be the cousin of one of the accused 9-11 hijackers.

W: He's Not Just A Sniveling Coward...He's A Traitor Too!

Okay so Mossad spies had been sitting on top of the hijackers for a year and a few in our intelligence agencies were pissed off that there was no real investigation of these Jackals. We also know someone in the cowardly and treasonous Bush administration called off the investigation. And lets get this straight, 3,000 Americans were murdered and our half witted President thought this was a political matter?

Federal assistance to Urban Moving Systems-what's this???

It's a payoff, is what it is.

Federal Assistance to Recipient URBAN MOVING SYSTEMS INC in NJ, FY 2001, summary

Urban Moving Systems got the entire $498,750 in the year 2001.

For the newcomers, Urban Moving Systems was used as a cover by the Mossad Agents arrested high-fiving each other and video-taping the collapse of the WTC. Following 9-11, the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominic Suiter, abandoned his homer and business and fled back to Israel.

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Reichstag 911 : Israeli Involvement

The police tape referred to on this morning's Alex Jones show


Bogus Israeli Moving Co - Israeli Intel - Back In US?

Is Urban Moving Systems chief back in US? There are indications that Israeli national Dominik Suter, the former head of Urban Moving Systems in Weehawken, NJ is back in the United States, this time in south Florida and may be using his actual name. Suter ran the Weehawken, NJ-based moving company on 9-11 when a number of Urban Moving Systems vans were spotted around north Jersey before and after the hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center. One Urban Moving van was seen at Liberty State Park in Jersey City as the first plane hit the towers. The five occupants, all Israeli nationals, were seen videotaping and celebrating the attack and were dressed in Arab clothing. The five were later arrested near Giant Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. One of the Israelis told police they were at Liberty State Park to "document the event."

look at Israel blaming Iraq for 911

The Telegraph has learnt that two senior experts with Mossad, the Israeli military intelligence service, were sent to Washington in August to alert the CIA and FBI to the existence of a cell of as many of 200 terrorists said to be preparing a big operation.

"They had no specific information about what was being planned but linked the plot to Osama bin Laden and told the Americans that there were strong grounds for suspecting Iraqi involvement," said a senior Israeli security official.

Israel was trying to connect 911 to Iraq from the beginning. Just a little extra evidence against them.

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Look at Israel trying to connect Iraq to 911 from the very start

The Telegraph has learnt that two senior experts with Mossad, the Israeli military intelligence service, were sent to Washington in August to alert the CIA and FBI to the existence of a cell of as many of 200 terrorists said to be preparing a big operation.

"They had no specific information about what was being planned but linked the plot to Osama bin Laden and told the Americans that there were strong grounds for suspecting Iraqi involvement," said a senior Israeli security official.

Israel was trying to connect 911 to Iraq from the beginning. Just a little extra evidence against them.

Huge 9/11 Update: Suspected Israeli espionage front company got $665,000 in Federal funding

As you can see based on the government data that was released on August 28, 2007, Urban Moving Systems, whom the FBI suspected was an Israeli espionage front company tied to the September 11 terrorist attacks, was awarded federal funding in the amount of $498,750 and non-federal funding in the amount of $166,250 for a total of $665,000 and the payout date was June 22, 2001. So in other words, our government, whether knowingly or unknowingly funded an Israeli intelligence gathering operation tied to an FBI investigation, with American taxpayer's dollars!

See The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

Israel and 9/11: A Summary

US drops charges against Saudi in Sept. 11 attacks

The Pentagon has dropped charges against a Saudi at Guantanamo who was alleged to have been the so-called "20th hijacker" in the Sept. 11 attacks, his U.S. military defense lawyer said Monday.

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." -- US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.

FBI Believed that Bombs Used on 9/11

On 9/11, the FBI believed that bombs were involved in the attacks.

How do I know that?

VIDEO - Americans Planned 9/11 Themselves?

A year before the attack, Donald Rumsfeld's organization PNAC predicted an act that would shake America and force an invasion of Iraq.

If We Don't Learn Our History, We're Doomed to Repeat It

Everyone has heard the saying "if we don't learn our history, we're doomed to repeat it".

Let's see if history can teach us anything about 9/11:

BBC's Third Tower: 30 Pieces of Good News

The one-hour BBC program The Third Tower should have a positive effect on spreading the truth about what happened to WTC 7. Despite its attempt to debunk by twisting and omitting facts, there is much to cheer about.

BBC Anchor Who Reported on WTC7 Collapse Early Agrees There May Be a 'Conspiracy'


911 crack fighter pilot

A member of the inquiry team, a US Air Force officer who flew over 100 sorties during the Vietnam war, told the press conference: "Those birds (commercial airliners) either had a crack fighter pilot in the left seat, or they were being manoeuvred by remote control."

See Hani Hanjour: 9/11 Pilot Extraordinaire

Amended Journal of 9/11 Studies Paper: Additional Non-Pilot Control Capabilities of 9/11 Planes

Included in this update of a Journal of 9/11 Studies publication is information pertaining to aspects of Performance Based Navigation systems in place prior to September 11, 2001, that can allow for highly precise GPS-based auto-pilot guidance of the Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft allegedly overtaken by foreign hijack pilots that day. Included is a GPS guided auto-pilot alternative explanation for the 330 degree descending turn performed by American Airlines flight 77 prior to its reported impact with the Pentagon building.

911 hijackers in two places at once? Who were they really?

Here is the kicker. Al-Omari is not dead. After the FBI named the wrong guy, based on a man with the same name in Florida wh owent to a flight school, they changed it to a new person and they changed the birth date too to make it match. They have a photo of this man. Well the second Alomari also turned out to be alive. He said his pass port had been stolen. Now wait a minute. If this man is alive and his passport was stolen...then just who the Hell was it that went out of their way with Atta to get photographed on Two ATMs and one Airport security video?

Black box reports no icing problems in deadly Buffalo crash

The National Transportation Safety Board said the data "shows that some ice accumulation was likely present on the airplane prior to the initial upset event, but that the airplane continued to respond as expected to flight control inputs throughout the accident flight."

Webmaster's Commentary:

So, contrary to the "advertisements" on the TV news, something else brought that aircraft down.

9/11 widow killed in crash

One of the victims of the Buffalo plane crash was the widow of a man who died in the September 11 attacks, according to reports.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Sept. 11th Widow did NOT accept cash settlement; she sued the government instead.
Also, as a co-founder of the group "Voices of Sept. 11" she pushed for an Investigative Commission and US. govt. intelligence reforms.

Profile: Beverly Eckert

Widow Beverly Eckert explains her decision: “I am suing because unlike other investigative avenues… my lawsuit requires all testimony be given under oath and fully uses powers to compel evidence. The victims’ fund was not created in a spirit of compassion.… Lawmakers capped the liability of the airlines at the behest of lobbyists who descended on Washington while the September 11 fires still smoldered.”

Webmaster's Commentary:

Beverly Eckert died in this morning’s crash of flight 3407.

The plane was on final approach to Buffalo airport, 5 miles from the runway, when the control tower lost all contact. Weather was reported as light snow and fog and a 17 MPH wind. There was no radio message indicating a problem, so whatever happened happened in an instant. Only one house on the ground was destroyed, so the aircraft was on a nearly vertical path when it hit.

Beverly Eckert My Silence Cannot Be Bought

DASH-8 aircraft have de-icing systems

The engines drive six-bladed reversible-pitch composite propellers, type R408, supplied by Dowty. The propeller blades are fitted with an electrical de-icing system.


The wings, tail plane and fin leading edges are fitted with de-icing systems.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Already ABCNNBBCBS are putting out the story that flight 3407 crashed because of ice buildup on the wings leading to a stall on approach. But the aircraft had de-icing systems, electric heaters in the propeller blades and engine heat is ducted to the wings and control surfaces.

This rush to sell ice as the cause is troublesome.

Buffalo plane Crash: A convenient Crash?

Beverley Eckert who waived her compensation right to persue a Government investigation over the death of her Husband Sean Rooney into the 911 attacks is dead, she died in the Buffalo Plane crash.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The corporate media is already claiming that ice brought down this airplane, but the aircraft had de-icing systems, and no other aircraft in the area was reporting icing problems at the time.

Remembering Beverly Eckert: 9/11 Widow and American Patriot

It is with great sadness that I report the following news to our readers: we just learned that Beverly Eckert, widow of the late Sean Rooney (who died in the WTC on 9/11) was one of the victims in the Continental Airlines commuter plane crash in Buffalo. Flight 3407 mysteriously fell out of the sky at around 10:20 p.m. last night and crashed into a private home, killing all 47 persons on board and one person on the ground.

Last moments of Flight 3407

Webmaster's Commentary:

Read the transcript of the final communications from flight 3407.

No mention of ice being a problem for aircraft. There is a brief incidental mention that there is an area of icing, nut it is clear that nobody sees this as a problem.

No mention of any problems at all.

3407 is there one moment, then gone the next.

Now, look at this line from the transcript.

17:40 - delta 1998: uh negative, delta 1998, we're just in the bottoms and nothing on the TKs

Listening to the tape, it sounds like what the pilot of 1998 said was "... nothing on the TCAS."

TCAS (pronounced T-cass) stands for Traffic Collision Avoidance System, which sends out a lower power non-directional radar pulse and listens for any aircraft transponders in the vicinity. in order to warn pilots of close approaching aircraft. So, what the pilot of Delta 1998 is saying is that at the time ATC asked him to look for a Dash-8 at 2300, 3407's radar transponders had quit working.

One final note. If the Air Traffic Controller is telling the pilot of Delta 1998 to look at 2300 feet altitude for the Dash 8, then that means the last altitude reading returned to the ATC was 2300 feet. Air Traffic radar never received a return showing a loss of altitude, which strongly suggests that the aircraft's entire electrical system quit working while the plane was still half a mile in the air.

9/11 Cover-Up Connection: Black Boxes Found 15 Hours After Buffalo Crash

Yet FBI claimed that indestructible black boxes were never discovered following WTC attack.

Continental Express Flight 3407 - Disturbing Parallels

Last Thursday Continental Flight 3407 crashed approximately 10KM from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport over the Outer Marker of runway 230. The investigation as to the causes of the crash are not known definitively after such a short time but the media has been hard selling a severe ice buildup on the control surfaces as the cause of the crash. Several inconsistencies exist between the various reports from different media outlets but all are unanimously drawing the same conclusion. Why the rush to preempt the official results and bombard the public with the Ice story ?

Plane Plunges Into Home in New York, Killing 50

Witnesses heard the twin turboprop aircraft sputtering before it went down ...

Webmaster's Commentary:

Another reason to doubt the "ICE, ICE, ICE, REALLY IT WAS ICE" we are getting from ABCNNBBCBS.

Mystery of New York flight that dropped out of sky, killing 49 in Buffalo suburb

Recordings of audio exchanges between the control tower and pilot, released today on the internet, provide no clue about the reason for the crash and appear to indicate a sudden and unexpected plunge to the ground.

In the recorded exchanges, the female pilot can be heard reporting her position normally when requested by the local control tower. However, when at 2,300ft she then suddenly fails to respond any further and the flight disappears from radar screens.

Flight 3407 Tragedy

Many neighbors said they suspected that something was wrong with Flight 3407 moments before it crashed. Maryjane Filarecki, 78, who has lived in Clarence Center since 1966 and long ago acclimated herself to the noise of planes, knew something was different when this plane, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, flew overhead.

“My husband and I looked at each other with the understanding, ‘Oooh, that’s low,’ ” Mrs. Filarecki said in a telephone interview. “And then there was a strange noise and then a boom.”

Plane landed flat, didn't dive into house

The plane that crashed on a house in New York state landed flat on it and was pointed away from the airport where it was supposed to land, an investigator said Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

The official story just gets weirder and weirder.

Expert court witness on Africa, silenced in crash

Alison Des Forges GRD '72, one of the world's leading experts on the human rights violations in Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, was among the passengers killed in the commuter plane crash outside Buffalo, N.Y., late Thursday. She was 66 and lived in Buffalo.

Rwanda genocide court stunned by air crash death of investigator

US Sponsored Rwanda Genocide/African Destabilization

Psychological Operations, Embedded Reporters, and Refugee Hunting
11 April 2008
keith harmon snow

Rwanda's Secret War
US-Backed Destabilization of Central Africa
By Keith Harmon Snow*
December 10, 2004

FLASHBACK - The death of US Senator Paul Wellstone: accident or murder?

The plane, a twin-engine Beechcraft King Air A100, was apparently in good condition when it hit the ground and exploded into flames about two miles from the Eveleth-Virginia airport in the Minnesota iron range. The Beechcraft model has an excellent safety record, with only two fatal crashes—both in December 1997—in the past six years. Debris recovered from the crash site includes both the plane’s engines, which suffered blade damage, suggesting that the engines were running when the plane crashed.

While weather conditions were less than ideal, with some ice and freezing rain, two smaller Beech Queen Air planes had landed at Eveleth without incident two hours before the crash, when temperatures were colder. Wellstone’s plane was reportedly equipped with two separate de-icing mechanisms.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Sound familiar?

Plane crew saw significant ice before crash

The crew of a commuter plane that fell out of the sky, killing all 49 people aboard and one person on the ground, noticed significant ice buildup on the wings and windshield just before the plane began pitching and rolling violently, investigators said Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Funny how that was not on the audio tape of the tower communications previously released.

In Plane Crash, Loss of Momentum Still a Mystery

The description indicates that the plane, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, suffered an aerodynamic stall, meaning the flow of air over the wings was either disrupted or too slow to sustain flight, but the reason why remains a mystery.

Anti-Ice Systems Apparently Working Prior to Turboprop Crash

Cockpit instruments apparently indicated that onboard anti-icing systems were operating normally on a Continental Connection turboprop shortly before it stalled and crashed near Buffalo, N.Y. Thursday night from what now appears to be deadly accumulation of ice on some critical flight surfaces, according to federal investigators.

Webmaster's Commentary:

Does anyone see an obvious cover-up in just this one sentence?

Buffalo plane crash was 'instantaneous,' investigator says

'It was a sudden catastrophic event that took place and then 30 seconds later it impacted,' an NTSB investigator says.

Crash witness, plane hit nose down

"The plane was nose down -- not as steep as is being reported but steep enough that it didn't look right," said Tony Tatro, who lives next to the crash site in Clarence Center. "The left wing was tilted lower than the right, so it was pitched and it was headed down."
"Had it been on a flatter trajectory it would have impacted more than just the one house," he said. "The two homes on either side ... are relatively close to the home that was hit. Had the plane been any flatter it would have hit either or both of those homes."

Okay, so the icing story isn;t holding up. How about turbulance? Would you believe turbulance brought down 3407?

Trouble on the flight began when the plane's flaps went down at 2,300 feet, said Steven Chealander, a member of the National Transportation and Safety Board, at a news conference Saturday. The plane pitched forward and rolled in the air, but did not turn over. The turbulence unfolded so quickly that passengers on board would likely have had little time to realize the aircraft was crashing, he said; pilots didn't have time to send a mayday call.

Although witnesses reported seeing the plane nose-dive, Chealander said that investigators had found the plane's cockpit, tail, engine and wings positioned "as they should be if laying flat, not if it was nose-down."

Webmaster's Commentary:

... except that now there is an eyewitness to the actual crash who saw it go in nose first.

Pilot error? Plane that crashed near Buffalo was on autopilot in violation of airline policy

Flight 3407 was on autopilot when it went down in icy weather near Buffalo, indicating that the pilot may have violated federal safety recommendations and the airline's own policy, a federal official said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary:

I was going to rip into this story as highly unlikely for a large number of reasons, but CNN just ran a story quoting the NTSB as saying this story is "incorrect."

So, who is putting out all this junk information in the corporate media, and why?

Another 9/11 Truth Activist Found Dead

My good friend Paul Vigay was found washed up on the beach at Southsea on Friday morning, 20 Feb., after being reported missing the previous evening. Check out his brilliant 911 truth site ? which he put up and ran singlehandedly 911 Truth. ... I believe he was optimistic and buoyant with all his future plans, and don?t even think of his wanting to take his own life. Did he just happen to go for a swim in the middle of February, and get drowned by a shore where he had lived for years? I don?t think so?.

"Rogue "Trader Highlights possible 9/11 and 77 Insider Tradeing

According to an article in The London Times today, Société Générale rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel profited enormously on the day of the 7/7 London bombings. He has also revealed how his company made huge profits on September 11th 2001, prompting some to return to questions over insider foreknowledge of both terrorist attacks.

An untold story of 9/11

Former federal terrorism investigators say a piece of luggage hastily checked in at the Portland, Maine, airport by a World Trade Center hijacker on the morning of Sept. 11 provided the Rosetta stone enabling FBI agents to swiftly unravel the mystery of who carried out the suicide attacks and what motivated them.

So, the official story is that a terrorist intent on killing himself on his flight bothered to pack a suitcase, and even though he never expected to unpack it and expected it to be incinerated, instead of just throwing some clothes into that suitcase he took the time to load up that suitcase with all kinds of incriminating evidence pointing the finger of blame to Middle East Arab Muslims (i.e. Israel's enemies). Then, miracle of miracles, this suitcase, which should have vaporized with the rest of the airplane, together with its load of incriminating evidence "somehow" was left OFF the plane, ready to be found by investigators!

And if you believe that one, I have a variable rate mortgage to sell you!

New A&E FBI Show Portrays 9/11 Truthers As Dope Smoking Terrorists

History is a harsh teacher

Has This Theory About WTC7 Been Out There Yet?

What about if United Flight 93, the ill-fated plane that crashed in the rural fields of Pennsylvania, was not really routed by the “terrorists” to Washington DC as many claim, but was scheduled to hit WTC7?

Webmaster's Commentary:

Yes, this theory has been proposed before, and in fact on the Naudet Brothers documentary, "9-11", you can hear the emergency responders being told a third plane is on its way to New York.

Freedom Tower name changed to One World Trade Center

The reason for the name swapping? One World Trade Center is more marketable, said Steve Sigmund, a spokesman for the Port Authority.

About this BBC "hit piece" story about WTC 7... THERE IS A HUGE CONTRADICTION HERE!

There are BIG mistakes everywhere in this story. Probably the biggest mistake is the way the documentary argued that the NYFD firefighters could not fight the fires in the burning WTC 7 because the collapse of the Twin Towers damaged water lines, and the documentary even stated that THERE WAS NO WATER to put out the WTC 7 fires!!!

But then they argued that Larry Silverstein's comment: ' They decided to pull it ' was referring to 'pulling out firefighting operations'.... but there were no firefighting operations going on in WTC 7, because they previously said that THERE WAS NO WATER !!! Even the firefighters said that they were not allowed to enter WTC 7 ...

BBC just dug itself into a bigger hole.

French officer, in charge of teaching geopolitical strategy, at military school, is fired by the minister of

Defense for hinting that 9-11 was an inside job..

The NORAD Papers

"The NORAD mission is threefold. NORAD's first responsibility is to provide SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL [emphasis mine] of the airspace covering North America, specifically the airspace of Canada and the United States. This mission is based on agreements between the two governments....

The official 9-11 story is that the hijackers were able to steal four passenger jets and crash three of them into buildings because NORAD only searches for threats approaching from outside the borders. As these official NORAD documents from the 1990s prove, that is simply not true. On the morning of 9-11, NORAD's official duties included keeping track of all aircraft over the United States itself.

Now on YouTube: The Lies and Crimes of 9/11: A Canadian View of the War on Terror's Origins

Professor Anthony J. Hall, Paper presented at the 'Edmonton Questions 9/11': Convention and Film, Stanley A. Milner Public Library Theatre, Edmonton Alberta, Canada. September 6 2008.

Complete paper can be found at: http://www.edmonton911.org/mission.html

See the complete series of this lecture in Youtube videos posted here:

Teachers get guidance on how to relay the lessons of Sept. 11

You WILL believe as you are told to believe!!!!!!!



Microsoft Corporation Censors 9/11 Dissent

Webmaster's Commentary:

Microsoft has obviously sold out to the tyrants long ago. Remember NSA_KEY?

MASTERMIND OF 9/11! Rabbi Dov Zakheim: Under-sec of Defense

Is this where Zakheim funneled the trillions???

Could these transmitters controlled the planes of 9/11?

Ruth Madoff Withdrew Funds, Massachusetts Says

Ruth Madoff, the wife of Bernard Madoff, withdrew $15.5 million from a Madoff-related brokerage firm in the weeks before Mr. Madoff's arrest, according to the Massachusetts Secretary of State.

ISRAELIS were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed...

Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, a group of speculators, identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission as Israeli citizens, sold "short" a list of 38 stocks that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending attacks. These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be "in the millions of dollars."

Webmaster's Commentary:

A reader asked a cogent question of how it was possible to know that Bernie Madoff's wife withdrew $15 million days before he confessed to his ponzi scheme, yet nobody ever found out who shorted the stocks of the airlines involved with 9-11.

So I dug this out in reply, and especially in light of Bernie Madoff's scam-capades, decided to relink it here to the front page.

Leading Counter-Terrorism Expert and Former High-Level Official Slams War on Terror and Questions 9/11

Terrell (Terry) E. Arnold was the number 2 counter-terrorism official at the U.S. State Department, and is one of the world's leading experts on terror.

Arnold served as the Deputy Director, Office of Counter-Terrorism and Emergency Planning, at the U.S. State Department. He is also the former Chairman of the Department of International Studies at the National War College.


GW: You write:

"Washington leadership [has] brought us no closer than we were on September 12, 2001 to resolving how [9/11] was executed and by what enemy.

Let's focus on the how question first.

What facts or observations make you doubt that the official government story does not fully explain how 9/11 was carried out?

Terry Arnold: The nature of events in New York. The buildings falling down. I'm not satisfied by the notion that planes hitting buildings would have caused them to collapse. The last building to fall was not even attacked.

Isn't it Time that You Joined the Revolution?

High-Level CIA Officer: It Is Time to Re-Open the 9/11 Investigation

A decorated 20-year CIA veteran, who Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh called "perhaps the best on-the-ground field officer in the Middle East”, and whose astounding career formed the script for the Academy Award winning motion picture Syriana (Robert Baer) said "the evidence points at" 9/11 having had aspects of being an inside job .

Webmaster's Commentary:

No kidding

Largest Swiss Newspaper Asks if Bush Was Behind 9/11

By Elie Peter - Sept 15, 2006, BLICK newspaper, Zurich, Switzerland

(translated from German into English, but not yet published online in English)

2,973 humans died with the attacks of 9/11. "Bin Laden" and "Al Qaeda", the Bush clan cried. The world believed themm. In the meantime even scientists doubt the Bush version. Now, Swiss university professors Albert A. Stahel and Daniele Ganser raise new questions.

"Something is not correct", says strategy expert Stahel in "World Week", and here he refers to the "incomplete" official US Government 9/11 Report of 2004.

The university professor confirms his criticism in BLICK: "Osama Bin Laden cannot be 'the large godfather' behind the attacks. He did not have enough means of communication".

Dr. Stahel doubts that a passenger airliner crashed into the Pentagon: "For trainee pilots it is actually impossible to crash into the building so exactly. Seven hours after the Twin Towers collapsed, the World Trade Center Building 7 next to it also collapsed. The official version: It burned for a long time. Nothing at all is clear."

Raising questions along with Stahel is historian Dr. Daniele Ganser, his colleague at the University of Zurich. Dr. Ganser also calls the official US version "a conspiracy theory".

"There are three theories, which we should treat equally":

1. "Surprise theory" - Bin Laden and Al Qaeda implemented the attacks.

2. "Let it happen on purpose" - The US Government knew the Al Qaeda plans and did not react in order to legitimize a series of wars.

3. "Made it happen on purpose" - The attacks were actually planned and orchestrated by the Pentagon and/or US secret services.

Ganser: "3,000 humans were sacrificed for strategic interests. The more we research, the more we doubt the Bush version. It is conceivable that the Bush government was responsible. Bush has lied so much already! And we already know that the US government planned an operation in 1962 [Operation Northwood] that was approved by the Pentagon that would have sacrificed innocent US citizens for the government's own interests."

As for Ganser and Stahel: "We only ask questions."

Hard drive data recovered from Columbia disaster

Scientists have managed to recover critical data from experiments carried out in space from a hard drive found in the wreckage of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

The hard drive was onboard when the shuttle disintegrated 39 miles up, while travelling at a speed of 12,500mph.

The drive was found and 99 per cent of the data has now been recovered and processed by Ontrack Data Recovery in Minneapolis.

But don;t mention the hard drives from the World Trade Towers.

Government Refuses to Consider Cause of 47 story World Trade Center skyscraper Building 7 Demolition

Government Apologists Keep Moving the Goal Posts

If you have questioned 9/11 for a couple of years, you'll know that the above-described history of goalpost-moving is accurate. If you haven't, google around and you'll probably see what I mean.

FDNY Lieutenant Admitted Plan To ‘Take Down’ WTC 7

Though Rastuccio expresses his opinion that the building had collapsed without the aid of explosives, he admits that a plan had been in place to deliberately demolish the structure.

Comedian Who Questioned "Received Reality" Of 9/11 Dies


Asked if he would support a new investigation into 9/11, Carlin was skeptical, stating, "They don't investigate themselves in this country - it would be a whitewash, it would be like the Kennedy thing, it would be like everything."

"The people who are in charge do what they want and they will always do what they want, power does what it wants to and I wouldn't trust an investigation," Carlin concluded.

We do not need a new investigation. We know they lied. What we need is to decide to DO something about it.

Bush asked about 9/11. Well, not really, but Bush thinks so!

Note that after all that pause, Bush does not actually answer the question that was actually asked!


Q: I know you said there will be a time for politics. But you've also said you wanted to change the tone in Washington. Howard Dean recently seemed to muse aloud whether you had advance knowledge of 9/11. Do you agree or disagree with the RNC that this kind of rhetoric borders on political hate speech?

- Agree or disagree, Bush?

Bush: Yeah, Ah, there's time for politics, and eh, you know... It's just time for politics and I... I ah... t's an absurd insinuation.


Paul Jew Wolfowitz, who became the 10th President of The World Bank Group on March 31 2005, stated in September 2000 that we needed a catastrophic and catalyzing event.

One year later, Larry Jew Silverstein blew up his World Trade Centers with Americans in them and told Bush to blame the Arabs. Then he collected the insurance money.

BBC Set To Launch New Smear Attack On 9/11 Truth

"They dress funny! And they smell bad! You don't want to listen to them!!! Please!!!!"

Bangladeshi High-Rise Mall Fire Hurts 50, Kills 4

Webmaster's Commentary:

"Any second that baby is gonna fall right down into it's own footprint. Just like WTC-7... Any second now... Any second... Yessireebob, gonna come right down... Any second now... Any second... Any second now... Any second... I'm gonna go get a beer."

9/11 theorist not curtailing his research

Jones was energized in November when he and others received a response from the national lab charged by Congress to determine why and how the towers collapsed. The letter contained the following phrase:

"We are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse."

"That," Jones said, "really was progress. It made me believe we could talk with them."

It is striking. After producing a 10,000-page report, the National Institute of Standards and Technology can't explain the collapse. And on its Web site, NIST clearly states that nowhere in its report did it say that steel in the Twin Towers melted due to fires. In fact, the fires reached only 1,000 degrees Celsius. Steel melts at 1,500 degrees Celsius.

9/11 Questioned in Japanese Parliament AGAIN


Councilor Yukihisa Fujita of the Democratic Party of Japan, the main opposition party questions 9/11 in parliament again on April 24, 2008

translation mistakes as follows;

1.The FBI home page shows only Bin Laden. Therefore, "other documents" is translated incorrectly

2.July 5 last year should be June 5, 2006.

3.It is Rex Tomb

4 Foreign Minister is Koumura. But, Deputy Foreign Minister Kimura replied quite a lot.

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